Summer 2012 Activity Guide - Town of Pasadena

Summer 2012 Activity Guide - Town of Pasadena

Pasadena Parks and Recreation

Activity Guide

Summer 2012

Live... Breathe... Grow...


The Crown of the Valley


Recreation Director

Wanda Wight (686-2075)

Pasadena Fitness Centre

Patsy / Susan (686-3445)

Sport Alliance Coordinator

Amy Cull (686-2305)

Summer Program Coordinator

Jennifer Ward (686-2135)

Minor Soccer Association

Kelli Lannon (686-2070)

Minor Baseball Association

Paul Briffett (686-5021)


Program registration forms for all programs in this activity guide

are available at the Recreation Centre, Town Office and online at

A registration night for these programs will be held at the


Recreation Centre on Thursday, June 7 , between 7:30 and


9:30pm. Beginning on June 8 , completed forms may be dropped

off with payment at the Recreation Centre.

All program schedules will be available on Registration Night

Don’t forget to bring along MCP numbers!

Active Kids Club

What: After School Program

Where: Pasadena Recreation Centre

When: During the month of June

Why: Just For The Fun Of It

Time: After School to 4:30pm

Mondays & Wednesdays

Grades 3, 4, 5 & 6

th th th th

June 11 , 13 , 18 , & 20 .

Tuesdays & Thursdays

Grades Kindergarten, 1 & 2

th th th st

June 12 , 14 , 19 , & 21 .

Program includes basketball, tennis, soccer,

fitness, hikes, arts & crafts, scavenger hunts

and other recreational activities.

Program is offered Free of Charge.

Registration is ongoing at the Recreation

Centre between 1:00pm - 4:30pm

For more information

please call Jennifer Ward at 686-2135

or email

Sponsored by

Pasadena Parks & Recreation

Kinder Gym

Wednesdays 12:30 - 2:00pm

th th th

on June 6 , 13 & 20

Program is offered at the Recreation Centre

and is open to all preschoolers.

To support this program,

dedicated participation from

parents/guardians is required.

Program is offered FREE OF CHARGE.

Sponsored by the Family Resource Centre.

Grand Opening

Forest Road Playground


Wednesday, June 27 at 6:30pm

As part of our June is Recreation Month

activities, please join us for the official

opening of the new playground located

on Forest Road.

Playgrounds Make Fun Happen!

A Community for Kids Festival


Saturday, June 9

rd th

The 3 Annual “A Community for Kids Festival” will be held on Saturday, June 9 , from

11:00am – 2:00pm at the N. W. Bennett Sports Field. The festival is a show-case for

different Pasadena based groups to demonstrate their activities to the families of Pasadena

and surrounding communities. Come on out and support your local groups and see what is

available for your family. Summer Program information table, bouncy castles, live

entertainment, all topped off with a delicious BBQ.

For more information or to get your group involved in this event please contact:

Wanda at 686-2075 / email

Jana at 686-2882 /

Canadian Tire JumpStart

Canadian Tire believes that physical activity should be a priority in the lives of Canadian

children. Unfortunately, one in three families can’t afford to enrol their kids in organized sports

and recreation. That’s why they created Canadian Tire JumpStart, a charitable program that gives

all kids a chance to play, get fit and develop important social skills. The program is communitybased

and helps kids in financial need participate in organized sports and recreation such as

baseball, soccer, hockey, gymnastics, summer programs, swimming, Girl Guides, and Boy

Scouts. National in scope but local in focus, Canadian Tire JumpStart delivers support to

children through a Canadian-wide network of local chapters, made up of a variety of community

leaders committed to helping kids get active, such as Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA, and Parks

and Recreation Departments. These community partners are joined by Canadian Tire Associate

Dealers and Petroleum Agents, and together the chapters identify children in financial need who

would benefit from the program. To date, there are 300 Canadian Tire JumpStart chapters in

communities across the country. Since its launch in February 2005, Canadian Tire JumpStart has

helped give more than 330,000 kids in financial need the chance to play.

If your family or any family you know are experiencing financial need and have youth

between the ages of 4 - 18, please call Wanda Wight, Chairperson of the local chapter at

686-2075 or email to find out more about this program.

Forms are available at the Town Office - Confidentiality is Guaranteed.

Strong Communities include Strong Kids


The Kinder Kamp program is open to preschoolers

born in 2007 and consists of 4 weekly theme camps.

Sessions are held on Monday & Wednesday

between 1:30pm & 4:00pm.

nd th

Fee Structure #1 - Sports .......................July 2 & 4

th th

$10.00 per child / per week #2 - Discovery Daze..........July 9 & 11

#3 - Creative Arts......July 30 & August 1

th th

#4 - Outdoor Adventure....August 6 & 8

th st

The Kinder Kamps will be held separate from the Summer Camp Program,

however, some activities may be combined.


Summer is a time when children can enjoy the fun of being a kid. Pasadena Summer Day Camps offer a safe

and fun program in which campers make friends, learn life skills, experience teamwork, and simply have good

old-fashioned fun. Our camps are led by enthusiastic leaders ready for summer fun!

The Summer Camp Program will operate from 9:00am - 4:00pm Monday through Friday. All children will

be encouraged to stay during lunch break and will be responsible for providing their own snacks and lunches.

The camps are open to children ages 6-11 (born 2001-2006). Theme parties, crafts, tennis, nature walks and

many other special activities will be scheduled during each camp. A special event will be scheduled each Friday

at no extra charge to participants. All camps are designed to emphasize “fun and participation” which children

are sure to enjoy.

Fee Structure:

$40.00 per week - 1 child

$60.00 per week - 2 children*

$75.00 per week - 3 or more children*

*children in same family attending same camp

Children may register for a maximum of 3 Summer Camps. If they wish to register for an additional camp, they

will be placed on a wait list and notified if there are vacancies.


Absolutely NO REFUNDS after July 2 without a Doctor’s Note.

#1 - Olympics Camp July 2-6

We will be hosting our own “Mini Olympics” in which participants will take part in a variety of competitions


in order to earn points for their team. Wednesday, July 4 is our theme day: Sports Day. Be sure to dress up

in your favourite sports clothing. This camp will conclude with a field trip to Deer Lake for a day of swimming

and bowling.

#2 - Cirque du Soleil Camp July 9-13

This week is dedicated to the creativity of our campers. Campers will be in charge of planning a talent show

and presenting it to our leaders: just like the real Cirque du Soleil! The days will also include dance, music,


charades, and drama. Wednesday, July 11 is our theme day: Wacky Wednesday! Get in touch with your wild

side and dress completely Wacky! This camp will conclude with a field trip to Deer Lake for a day of

swimming and bowling.

#3 - Space & Science Camp July 30-Aug 3

Get ready for an exciting week full of wonder and discovery! Campers will be scientists for the week and will


have a blast with hands-on experiments and games that are out of this world. Wednesday, August 1 is our

theme day: Space Day! When we return from our intergalactic adventure, this camp will conclude with a field

trip to Deer Lake for a fun day of swimming and bowling.

#4 - Outdoor Adventure Camp August 6-10

This week is all about exploring the great outdoors and getting closer to nature. This camp will be packed full

of nature walks, special outings, and fun activities and games while we learn how to be Earth-friendly!


Wednesday, August 8 is our theme day: Goin’ Green Day! This camp will conclude with a field trip to Deer

Lake for a fun day of swimming and bowling.

* It is very important to note that on sunny days we will be taking full advantage of the beautiful weather and

participating in outdoor activities: trips to the playground, afternoons on the waterslide, relay races in the field,

nature walks, and fun team sport activities.

T-ballers & baseball participants may leave the camps for their scheduled practices with parental consent.







The Pasadena Parks and Recreation Department will


be offering a Wacky Wednesday Night on July 4 ,

th st th

July 11 , August 1 , & August 8 .

Bring your children to the field between 6:00pm &

7:30pm for a fun-filled evening. There will be

jumping castles, special entertainers, hoola-hoops,

parachutes, and other activities that will get your

child’s heart rate up. You can work out on the

outdoor gym or sit and chat with other parents while

our enthusiastic leaders entertain your children.

Friday Special Events

Each Friday, youth registered in the Basketball and Beach Volleyball

Programs will have the option to participate in special events in

conjunction with the Summer Day Camp Program.

Special Event Friday will consist of a trip to the Deer Lake Recreation Complex for a day of

swimming and bowling. Due to staff/participant ratios, participants must register in advance at

the Recreation Office. There will be a registration fee of $7.00 per Friday Outing.


Get into the swing of things with tennis!

The Pasadena Parks and Recreation Department is offering a drop-in

tennis program beginning on July 2nd. The program is being offered

free of charge, and is open to children from kindergarten to grade 6.

The Little Aces Tennis Program is recommended for children who are

trying the game for the first time. We will have different levels of play

and progression which will focus on fundamentals and basic play.

Goals and objectives include:

- Instill a love of sport and being physically active

- Introduce tennis with the appropriate sized balls, racquet and court

- Promote self-confidence in an enjoyable, safe environment

- Developing the 5 fundamentals (grip, set-up, impact point, hitting zone and recovery)

- Introduce hand-eye coordination (striking an object), fundamental movement skills

- Introduce fundamental movement skills (walking, running, jumping, catching, throwing)

- Introduce fundamental motor skills (agility, balance, coordination and reaction speed)


Come and enhance your basketball skills this Summer with the Youth Hoop-La

Program. The program is being offered by the Pasadena Parks and Recreation

Department and is open to youth in grades 4 through 9. Participants will be instructed

on ball handling, shooting, passing, defence and rebounding. Fun games will be held

during the week and a tournament at the end of the program. Registration for the


Youth Hoop-La will take place 7:30pm on June 7 at the Recreation Centre and is

being offered free of charge. Official dates and times of practices will be announced

at registration.


This Outdoor Basketball Program is being offered for Senior High School

Students. For more information on the program, please contact Brittany

Flynn at 686-2135 or email


To build the foundation for physical literacy, children need to be introduced to the FUNdamentals.

These are fundamental movement skills and fundamental sport skills that children learn through FUN

activities that maintain their interest and encourage their love of sport and activity.

Children won’t develop into

high performance athletes or

stay active with recreational

activity if they don’t have

physical literacy, and they

won’t have physical literacy

if they don’t get the

FUNdamentals. The

FUNdamentals include a

wide variety of fundamental

movement skills and

fundamental sport skills that

should be learned at young

ages in four different

environments: earth, water,

air, and snow and ice. With

these basic skills children

gain the ability and

confidence to practice any

sport or physical activity

they choose.

Research strongly suggests

that the FUNdamentals

should be learned before the

adolescent growth spurt

begins. After the start of the

growth spurt, it becomes

much more difficult for the

body to develop fundamental

skills and the ABCs of

agility, balance, coordination

and speed. Athletics,

gymnastics and swimming

are good sports for

developing FUNdamentals.

The key to learning the

fundamentals is FUN. Young

children learn best when the

activities are fun, and having

fun helps them to develop a

love of physical activity and


Travelling Skills Object Control Skills Balance Movements

- Boosting Sending - Balancing/Centring

- Climbing - Kicking - Body Rolling

- Eggbeater - Punting - Dodging

- Galloping - Rolling(ball) - Eggbeater

- Gliding - Strike - Floating

- Hopping - Throwing - Landing

- Ice Picking - Catching - Read Position

- Jumping Receiving - Sinking/Falling

- Leaping - Catching - Spinning

- Poling - Stopping - Stopping

- Running - Trapping - Stretching/Curling

- Sculling Travelling with: - Swinging

- Skating - Dribbling(feet) - Twisting/Turning

- Sliding - Dribbling(hands)

- Swimming - Dribbling(stick)

- Swinging Receiving and Sending

- Wheeling - Striking(bat)

- Striking(stick)

- Volleying

Three sports are especially good for developing the FUNdamentals: athletics, gymnastics and swimming. Athletics teaches children

to run, wheel, jump and throw. Gymnastics builds the ABCs of athleticism - Agility, Balance, Coordination, and Speed. Swimming is

the foundation for all water-based sports, and it also helps children to become safe in and around water.

Pasadena Parks and Recreation is offering a beach

volleyball program to the youth of Pasadena in

grades 6 through 12. Sessions will be led by Parks

and Recreation Summer Staff under the direction of

the Sport Alliance Coordinator. Practices will

include skills training, learning about the game,

along with some friendly competition. This program

is being offered free of charge, however, youth must

register. Registration is scheduled for 7:30 - 9:30pm


at the Pasadena Recreation Centre on June 7 , 2012.

Official dates and times of practices will be

announced upon registration.

Pasadena Days


Watch for more details on Pasadena’s Sand Dive 2012

in the Come Home Year / Pasadena Days Booklet.

This promises to be a great event - Mark your


calendar for the July 27 weekend.



Adults interested in playing Beach Volleyball on

Monday and Wednesday evenings at the town courts,

please call Amy Cull at 686-2135. Pending interest,


a drop in program will begin on July 2 .

Registration Fee - $40 per child (Maximum $75 per family)


Registration Date - June 7 th

7:30pm - 9:30pm

at the Pasadena Recreation Centre

The Pasadena Minor Soccer Association is a non-profit, volunteer organization for the fun enjoyment and


physical fitness of the youth of Pasadena. It is offered to youth ages 3 - 16 years (born between Jan 1 1996

th & June 30 2009) and is operated at the Soccer Pitch on Tenth Avenue. There will be various programs

offered through this system including House League and All-Star Play. Also, various special events and

tournaments will be scheduled throughout the Summer. Currently we are in need for executive members,

coaches/managers for our “Travel Teams” as well as contact reps for each of our divisions U4 through to

U16. If you are interested in volunteering, please call Kelli at 686-2070 or email


Summer League: Summer program will begin Tuesday, June 12 and will run for 10 weeks. All players must

wear soccer cleats and shin pads. Please bring a water bottle to every game. The summer program will consist

of a warm-up, skills and a game every night! House league teams will be set up with a “playoff finale” at the

end of the program.

Staff: In order for this organization to keep costs to a minimum, we apply for grants and hire students for the

summer program. These students perform to the best of their ability and accordingly we ask that any

comments or concerns be brought to the attention of either Kelli Lannon or Wanda Wight for follow-up with

the coaches and executive.

Coaches: Coaches are required for our travel teams. There are several tournaments and games throughout the

Spring and Summer and in the past we have been somewhat lacking in the Volunteer Department. If you are

interested in coaching a team U8 through U16 or joining the executive, please contact Kelli Lannon at 686-

2070 or Wanda Wight at 686-2075. We would like to be able to host more tournaments and have more teams

attending tournaments but it is only possible if more people volunteer. Please note that as a coach you can

have a time on the field that is convenient for you and your players!

Pasadena Parks and Recreation is offering a

Mountain Biking Club available to youth in grades

4 - 8. This program will be offered free of charge

and will be led by Parks and Recreation Summer

Staff under direction of the Sport Alliance

Coordinator. The club will be available to riders of

all ability levels with a focus on having fun.

Sessions will include trail rides, cycling skills,

bicycle safety, and special events. To register,

please visit the Recreation Centre on June 7th between 7:30 & 9:30pm. Official session dates


and times will be available on June 25 .

*Please note that helmets are mandatory.


G.I.R.L. Run Club

Girls Into Running for Life

The G.I.R.L. Run Club is a non-competitive run club that is about

being active, meeting new friends and having fun! The G.I.R.L.

Run Club provides a safe, respectful and inclusive social

environment for junior high girls to learn how to be active, eat

healthy and feel good about themselves. Our focus is on effort

and participation; not being the fastest or best.

The G.I.R.L. Run Club is a free supportive physical activity program that provides an environment

that embraces body diversity and allows girls to gain confidence in themselves; understand the

connection between healthy eating and fueling their bodies for physical activity and health; and make

new friends.

Girls in grades 6 to 9 (2011/12 school year) are eligible to participate in the G.I.R.L. Run Club! The

Run Club starts on July 2 and operates for 10 weeks where the Girls will participate in a 5 km noncompetitive

fun run!

For more information please contact Sabrina Brock at 686-3466 (, or


drop by to the Recreation Centre on June 7 between 7:30 and 9:30pm during registration night.




Program will begin on Monday, May 28 , 2012 and will operate Mondays from 6:00pm-7:30pm. It is open

to players age 7 - 15yrs. This is an optional league meant to provide instructional baseball to help improve the

skill level of all players. Fees for Spring League are $10.00 per player.



The Summer Baseball Program begins Wednesday, June 27 , 2012. Minor baseball is open to all male and

female players born between 1994 - 2008 inclusively. Players are registered into divisions according to their

age. Summer League will operate Monday to Friday each week for seven weeks. Due to the risk of injury to

players, baseball will not be operating during wet weather.

Blast Ball players use a soft bat and ball to make playing safer, and when Blast Ballers

step on the bases they will hear a sound that will certainly get their attention. We feel

it makes the game a little more fun for the younger players.

In order to keep registration fees at a minimum, Pasadena Minor Baseball applies for

federal grants to hire students to run the Summer program. These students perform to

the best of their ability. Accordingly, we request that any concerns, comments, or

suggestions for improvement or changes to the program be brought to the attention of

either Paul Briffett or Tina Oake for follow up with the coaches and association


To run a successful program for 80 plus kids requires a lot of volunteer time and effort. Volunteers to run this

program are urgently needed, particularly for the younger age groups. Please take the time and help support

baseball in our community so we can continue this sports opportunity for the youth of our area. PMB has one

of the most successful baseball programs in the province. Last year Pasadena teams placed extremely well in

rd th th

Provincial tournaments. This year Pasadena will host Mosquito AA Provincials on August 3 , 4 , & 5 .

st nd rd

Registration fees for the summer program are $65.00 1 player, $35.00 2 , $25.00 3 , with the maximum

$125.00 per family. Fee includes a T-shirt, insurance and registration in Baseball NL. T-shirts will be ordered

after registration. PLEASE NOTE: Players registering after that date cannot be guaranteed a T-shirt.

Summer League


Thursday, June 7 , 2012


7:30pm@ Rec Centre



The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 68, will be holding a Wreath Laying Ceremony on July 1 at the

Memorial Monument located in front of the Town Office. The service will get underway at 10:50am

and everyone is encouraged to attend. Following the Wreath Laying Ceremony, an Open House will

be held at the Pasadena Legion located on Main Street.

The Canada Day Celebration is scheduled

to begin at noon at the Pasadena


Recreation Centre on Sunday, July 1 .

The day begins with a Canada Day Parade

from the Recreation Centre, along

Midland Row, Fourth Avenue, the

Canada Trail and back to the Recreation

Centre. Children are encouraged to

decorate their bikes or wear a costume for

the parade.

Canada Day Funding

provided by

Town of Pasadena


Canadian Heritage



Pasadena Recreation Centre (Noon)

Bike Parade & Opening Ceremonies

- Flag Raising and cutting of Birthday Cake

- Singing of National Anthem

- Greetings from Dignitaries

- Distribution of Flags, Pins & Bookmarks

- Costume & Best Decorated Bike Contests

- Poster Contest (bring along poster for judging)

Pasadena Ski & Nature Park (1:00pm - 3:00pm)

Seniors Walk & Afternoon Tea

Free Face Painting & Jumping Castles

Orienteering Meet & Nature Hike

Community BBQ - Free Hot Dogs & Drink

Healthy Snack Table

Pasadena Beach (6:00pm - 10:30pm)

7:00 - 8:00pm Sand Castle Building Contest

7:30pm Entertainment by Nick Hamlyn & the Mayhem

Dusk - Spectacular Fireworks Display



The Pasadena Days Committee is excited to be partnering with the 2012 Come Home Year

Committee to offer our residents and visitors a Celebration of Summer unlike any other!

In addition to sponsoring the traditional events of Pasadena Days, we will also be sponsoring the

local entertainment throughout the entire Come Home Year Celebration.

Watch your mailbox in July for our Come Home Year / Festival Booklet

containing a complete schedule of entertainment and events.


Nick Hamlyn & the Mayhem


Lorraine Curnew

Pappa String

Joe Russell Band

Beach Bums

The Handsome Nappers

The Jodi Rice Band

Mixed Tapes


If you are interested in volunteering for our joint celebration of Summer or require information

regarding booth rentals, please call Wanda at 686-2075 or email

Proud Sponsor of Pasadena Days

One of the many festivals and events we’re part of this year in Atlantic Canada.

Come join us at the Atlantic Lottery Dome from July 27 to 29 to get to know us better.

We look forward to seeing you at the Field!

Hotel California


The original tribute to The EAGLES draws crowds of all

ages with different musical styles: New Country, Classic

Rock and Dance, featuring hits such as Life In The Fast

Lane, Take It Easy, Desperado, Get Over It and many more.

The EAGLES' great harmonies have been enjoyed by

audiences at festivals across North America and around the

world. Hotel California is sure to be a hit at Pasadena Come


Home Year. Drop by the field on Saturday night July 21 ,

you are sure to have a Great Time!

Playing Live July 26 th

at N.W. Bennett Sports Field

Advance Ticket Price - $30.00 (includes HST)


On sale 7pm on June 11 at the Pasadena Recreation Centre

300 Limited Tickets Available




ON OR BEFORE JUNE 30 , 2012.

Pasadena Come Home Year is proud to announce the Much Music Video Dance.

With big screens, dance floor lighting and special effects, live on-screen VJ Host, and all the best

music videos, a night of entertainment and fun is guaranteed! The event will be


held at Pasadena Academy on July 23 , 2012.

Pre-teen dance (Grade 6 and under)

6:30pm - 8:30pm

(admission $3.00 with bracelet / $5.00 without bracelet)

Teen dance (Grade 7 – Grade 12)

9:00pm – 11:30pm

(admission $5.00 with bracelet / $8.00 without bracelet)

Pasadena Come Home Year 2012

July 20th - 29th

Come Home Year Bracelets

NA - (Free ages 5 and younger)

$10.00 - Children ages 6 - 12

$20.00 - Youth ages 13 - 18

$40.00 - Adults ages 19 – 64

$30.00 - Seniors ages 65 and better


• Purchase a bracelet for a chance to win one of our Major Prize Draws

• Bracelets cover 10 days admittance on N.W. Bennett Sports Field

• CHY sponsored off-site events will have discounted rates for bracelet wearers

• Some on-site happenings will offer discounts to bracelet wearers

• Some on-site activities will be offered free of charge to bracelet wearers

Order a CHY bracelet prior to June 15, 2012

and your name will be automatically entered to win some Great Prizes!

The first 300 people to order a bracelet will also get a Loot Bag of goodies.

CHY bracelets will available for pick beginning on July 18th (exact details to follow)

Daily Rates (without a CHY bracelet)

FREE - Ages 5 and younger

$2.00 - Children ages 6 - 12

$3.00 - Youth ages 13 - 18

$5.00 - Adults ages 19 - 64

$4.00 - Seniors ages 65 and better

Thursday, July 26 th – TROOPER CONCERT – Gate Price to be determined

(Advance Tickets $30.00 - Free with CHY bracelet ordered/paid for on or before June 30 th )

Weekend Evening Rates (without a CHY bracelet)

Friday, July 20th & 27th, Saturday, July 21st & 28th

(gate closes at 6:00pm - reopens at 7:00pm on Saturday, July 21st & 28th)

FREE - Ages 5 and younger

$5.00 - Children and Youth ages 6 - 18

$10.00 - Adults and Seniors ages 19 and up

• HST included in above bracelet prices & daily rates

PLEASE NOTE* Off-Site Events by other groups may have general charges


Family Registration Form

A bracelet gives you unlimited access to all events on N.W. Bennett Sports Field including all

Bands. It DOES NOT cover events by groups, businesses or organizations at other locations in

Pasadena and does not include games, rides and booths on the field.


____ Single ____ Family

Other Family Members:


Phone No.(s):


PCHY Committee

18 Tenth Avenue

Pasadena, NL

A0L 1K0

ph: 709.686.2075

fax: 709.686.2507


Age Number of Persons

Ages 5 & under ______ No Charge

Ages 6 - 12 ______ $10.00

Ages 13 - 18 ______ $20.00 per person

Ages 19 - 64 ______ $40.00 per person

Ages 65 & better ______ $30.00 per person

Total: $_________

Payment Options:

By mail with cheque made payable to Pasadena Come Home Year to the address above.

Through an email money transfer to

In person at the Pasadena Town Office with payment of cash or cheque.


Bracelet package will be ready for pick up beginning on July 18 , 2012.

If you are available to help out during the event please indicate below:

Available: Yes____ No____

Additional Contact Info:___________________________________________

“No matter where you wander, no matter where you roam, the Crown of the Valley is calling you home”

Booth & Vendor Rental Rates

Rental Rates for 2012

Booth (Volunteer/Business)

Booth (Youth/Students)

$100.00 ($113.00 HST included)

$75.00 ($84.75 HST included)

Trailer/Vans $300.00 ($339.00 HST included)

Rental fees are for the entire 10 day event and are due no later than June 15th.

If fees are not received by this date, we cannot guarantee you a booth / field space for CHY.

Check out the complete rental form on our website or drop by the Town Office to pick up a copy.

Local Business & Community Group Sponsored Events

It’s not too late to get your group involved in the Come Home Year schedule of events, however,

time is quickly running out. The committee is now at the stage of finalizing the event's schedule

and is pleased to invite your group to get involved by offering an event during the ten-day

celebration. It's a great opportunity for your group to raise funds, gain community exposure,

promote our town, and to welcome family and friends who are coming home.

When setting event fees, please consider that this is a family oriented festival and many families

will have high travel costs in addition to the Come Home Year festivities. As well, we are

encouraging groups to offer an activity at their facilities free of charge for the youth wherever

possible. For your consideration, listed below are some types of events that may be of interest to

your group:

o Community Bake Sale, BBQ, Breakfast, Luncheon, Supper

o Sing-a-Long, Variety Show, Skit Night, Flea Market

o Community Bingo, Texas Hold'em, Card Game, Dart Tournament

o Scavenger Hunt, Teddy Bear Picnic, Bike Rodeo, Orienteering Meet

o Sport Tournament, Adventure Tour, Recreation / Leisure Pursuits

o Garden Party, Beach Party, Community Bonfire, Family Hike

All events will be listed on our website, facebook page and in our Come Home Year Booklet. The

fee has been set at $25.00 per event and application forms are available online and at the Town

Office. All events will be scheduled on first come basis, and the submission deadline is June

15th, 2012. Please note, there will be No Charge to list events that are being offered Free of

Charge by non-profit groups and organizations.

Check us out online!

Just click our CHY link on the Town of Pasadena website

Come Home Year Sponsorship Opportunities

We will be promoting our event through different media outlets as well as through the production

of a festival booklet to be sent out to every residence in our town. This booklet will be an

opportunity for your business to purchase advertising space and show your support. Check out our

information package on our website for booklet advertising and corporate sponsorship packages

for you to consider either in coin or service to help support this event. Please note that the

deadline to become a sponsor is June 15th. If you have any questions regarding our online

information package, please contact Wanda Wight at 686-2075 or email or

Trish Wicks at 686 5544 or email

How can your business become a sponsor and acknowledged in our booklet?

Festival Friend – minimum $25.00 monetary or prize donation

Business Advertisement - Rates starting at $100.00 (plus HST)

Corporate Sponsorship - Packages starting at $500.00 (plus HST)

Volunteers will play a huge role to ensure the success of Pasadena Come Home Year 2012.

If you are interested in volunteering, simply fill out the online application available on our website

and email it to Paper applications are available at the Town Office.

For more information on Come Home Year please contact Wanda Wight at the

Town Office.

Telephone: 686-2075


In person at 18 Tenth Avenue

Sneak Peak of CHY

Entertainment & Special Events

Trooper * Hotel California * Electric Jam Band * Pappa String

Shanty * Much Music Video Dance

Golf Tournament * Beach Volleyball Tournament

Horse Shoe Tournament * Softball

Silent & Chinese Auction * Flea Market

Heritage Fair * Magic & Hypnosis Shows

Antique Car Show * Motorcycle Show & Shine

Screech In * Talent Night * Fun Walk / Community Parade

Opening & Closing Fireworks

Canadian Tire JumpStart June is Recreation Month


Draw a picture of your favourite recreation activity(s) and enter to win a new bike,

compliments of Canadian Tire JumpStart

Canadian Tire JumpStart Drawing Contest Information Sheet

Please Print Clearly

Name of Participant: ____________________________________________

City/Town the participant resides: __________________________________________

Participant’s Age: ________________

Male or Female: __________________

Phone Number: __________________


The Deadline for this contest is June 30 , 2012

• Children must be in grade 1-6 to enter

• The winner will be chosen on creativity and uniqueness

• The drawing must be placed on a sheet of paper 8.5"x11"

• Drop off your drawing along with the information sheet below at the Fitness Centre

Pasadena Parks & Recreation will forward all entries to Recreation NL

For more information visit

Please circle the group you will be placed in:

Group 1 - Grade One to Grade Three Group 2 - Grade Four to Grade Six

What is your favourite recreational activity: _____________________________________

We believe that no kid should be left on the sidelines and all should be given the opportunity to experience

the positive benefits of organized sports. KidSport provides support to children in order to remove financial

barriers that prevent them from playing organized sport.


By providing kids with an opportunity to participate in sport programs, KidSport encourages:

* developing early physical activity habits that will help increase the probability that kids will remain active

in adulthood

*getting kids active in sport programs when they are young to develop a strong and healthy community for

the future

*helping to create these opportunities for sport participation and playing a significant role in supporting many

under-represented families in Canada facing economic obstacles


We know we are making a difference. Our program enables more kids to play organized sports and is

fulfilling a need for the families we support, but there are still too many kids left on the sidelines. We have

a vision to ensure that no child is EVER left watching from the sidelines simply because their family couldn't

afford the cost. The following principles guide our activities:

* The inclusion of ALL children in sport;

* Children leading healthy, active lifestyles;

* The community working together to assist children;

* Working to foster activities that inspire strong life skills (team play, fair play, and self-esteem); &

* Collaborating with other local organizations to address social issues affecting our youth.

Telephone: 709-579-5977



(All prices include taxes)

19 Tenth Avenue, Lower Level Rec Centre

Telephone: 686-3445


Adult Senior Student Family

1 Month $35.00 $33.00 $30.00 NA

3 Months $80.00 $75.00 $70.00 $200.00

6 Months $140.00 $130.00 $120.00 $350.00

1 Year $260.00 $220.00 $200.00 $600.00

DAY PASS Adult - $4.25 Student / Senior (55+) - $3.25

PUNCH CARDS (5 Day Pass) Adult - $18.00 Student / Senior (55+) - $14.00


Monday-Thursday 8:00am - 9:00pm

Friday 8:00am - 7:00pm

Saturday 8:00am - 4:00pm

Sunday 10:00am - 6:00pm

Youth must be 14 years of age to visit the Pasadena Fitness Centre.


Buy 1 Month Membership - Get the Next Month Free

(Offer Valid June 2012 Only)


Throughout the year, Pasadena Parks & Recreation relies of funding from various levels of

government to help support programming and special events. To ensure that we receive sufficient

funding for these activities, numerous proposals and funding applications have to be prepared each

year. Listed below are some of the grants approved during the past year:

Summer Student Grants (for various programs)

Approved Funding

� Canada Summer Jobs - Town of Pasadena ($6,125.)

� Canada Summer Jobs - Pasadena Minor Soccer ($10,928.)

� Canada Summer Jobs - Pasadena Pride ($2,732.)

� Canada Summer Jobs - Come Home Year ($2,732.)

� SWASP Community Component - Come Home Year ($2,520.)

� SWASP Community Component - Pasadena Minor Soccer ($2,520.)

Awaiting Funding Approval

� Student Employment Program (non-profit component)- Pasadena Parks & Rec

� SWASP Paid Component - Town of Pasadena

� Student Employment Program (Level 1,2,3) - Pasadena Minor Soccer

*please note other groups may have also received funding (ie. Pasadena Minor Baseball / Ski Club)

Canadian Heritage

Celebrate Canada - Awarded a grant of $3,980. for the 2012 celebration

Building Communities through Arts & Heritage - Awarded $16,400. for 2012 Pasadena Days

Seniors Recreation Grant - Provincial Department of Tourism, Culture & Recreation

Received $2,500. in 2011 for recreation programming for seniors.

Small Capital Grants Program - Department of TCR


Awarded $3,000. grant for Spring Toys at 10 Avenue Playground

Community Recreation Development Grant - Department of TCR

Received maximum grant of $5,141. for Recreation Programming in 2011/2012

Special Event Grant - Department of TCR

Awarded $1,000 for the 2012 Pasadena Winter Carnival

Awarded $1,000 for the 2011 Pasadena Strawberry Festival

Miscellaneous Funding

Jumpstart Funding of $8,200. was received to assist local children participate in recreation.

Sogo Active Grant of $800. for Girl Fit Program

Eat Great & Participate Grant of $100. for Girl Fit Program

Pasadena Days - $10,000 sponsorship from Atlantic Lottery (2011 - $2,500. / 2012 - $7,500.)

If you are involved with a Volunteer Group within the Town of Pasadena and would like some

direction when applying for grant programs, the Pasadena Parks & Recreation Department

may be of assistance. For more information, please call Wanda at 686-2075.

Trails and Green Spaces Committee

The Pasadena Trails and Green Spaces Committee

is a citizens committee organized by Town

Council to review and offer recommendations on

the preservation and development of green spaces

and trails within the town.

The Pasadena Trails and Green Spaces

Committee are continuing to do excellent work in

identifying existing trails within the town as well

as planning new ones. A draft master plan has

been done and during this Summer the committee

anticipates being able to hold a public forum and

update residents on the project. A map of all

existing trails has been done and the committee is

finalizing ways to ensure connectivity and create

a remarkable walking/hiking experience.

In April, committee members were appointed for

a two year term. Jim Taylor (Chairperson), Wayne

Fillier, Henry Mann, Lem Mayor, Wally Skinner

and Derrick Anthony (Council Representative).

Residents are encouraged to submit their

suggestions to or contact the

Town Office at 686-2075.


Summer and Fall at the Pasadena Ski and Nature Park can

be an educational, as well as, a physical workout. The

Botanical Plant and Wildlife Index, created by Henry Mann,

Professor of Biology at the Sir Wilfred Grenfell University,

can be picked up at the entrance to the lodge grounds to help

with some Nature Interpretation during your hike. This

excellent guide contains sketches and descriptions of items

of flora and fauna found throughout the 6 kilometers of

hiking trails.

Check us out at

Healthy snack choices

Snacks keep children and youth energized

between meals.

• Fresh, canned, frozen or dried fruit

• Berries, yogurt, and granola

• Fruit smoothies

• Veggies with dip

• Yogurt, yogurt tubes, frozen yogurt

• W hole grain crackers, pitas, soft tortillas,

small bagels, cereal or granola bars,

lower fat muffins

• Cheese and cheese strings

• W hite or chocolate milk

• 100% fruit or vegetable juice

Planning healthy meals

The best way to make the healthy choice the easy

choice is to serve food from Canada’s Food Guide.

This includes:

• Vegetables and fruit

• Grain products: rice, bread, cereal and pasta

• Milk and alternatives: milk, yogurt, cheese

• Meat and alternatives: fish, poultry, meat,

peanut butter, eggs, beans, nuts and seeds

What Moves you?

Children like to play, be active, and just have

fun! Eating healthy food and drinking healthy

beverages along with physical activity help

children feel better and have the energy to be

active. You can work with parents, caregivers,

coaches, leaders, and volunteers to promote

and serve healthy food choices during

meetings, practices, tournaments, field trips,

events, and in community, recreation, and sport


Quick and easy meal ideas

• Chili, whole wheat dinner roll, yogurt,

apple and water

• Meat and vegetables on a whole wheat

tortilla with cheddar cheese, fruit cup

and milk

• Turkey on whole grain bread with tomato

and a slice of cheddar cheese,

blueberries and water

• Chicken and vegetable soup, whole

wheat crackers, vanilla pudding and

100% fruit juice

• Bean salad, carrot sticks and dip, whole

wheat dinner roll and chocolate milk

For more information about Eat Great and Participate


For healthy food ideas, check out Canada’s Food Guide at


Vandalism of our parks and recreation facilities costs our taxpayers

hundreds of dollars each year. Please help us protect our investment in

parks and recreation facilities by reporting any unusual or unrealistic activities to

the police or the staff at the Pasadena Town Office.


• Always keep your dog on a leash and under close control.

• Clean up after your pets to keep the walkway clean for other walkers.

• Place litter in garbage receptacles or take it with you.

• Protect wildlife, plants and trees.

• Leave flowers and plants for other people to enjoy.

• Keep unnecessary noise to a minimum.

• Respect the privacy of people living along the walkways.

• Leave only your footprints and take nothing but photographs.

Please Keep Animals off Recreation Playing Fields

For sanitary reasons, animals are not permitted on any playgrounds or recreation playing fields.

Please Respect our Smoke Free

Outdoor Recreation Grounds

Why smoke-free outdoor sports and recreation?

To protect athletes, spectators, officials and volunteers from the harm caused by second hand smoke.

To ensure that our children realize that smoking is not a part of an active, healthy lifestyle.

To encourage everyone to live a smoke free life.

To enjoy our outdoor sport and recreation areas we must be assured that we can breathe good, clean,

healthy air.



The most popular summer activities for children are biking, swimming, walking, and going to the

playground. These are great ways to have fun and stay fit, but they can also cause serious injuries. The

good news is that most of these injuries can be prevented by following these safety tips.

To learn more, visit

Top Tips - Bike Safe

• Make sure your child wears a bike helmet on

every ride.

• Keep your child off the road until at least age 10.

• Choose to ride on streets where the speed limit is

lower and where traffic is less busy.

• Teach bike safety to your child. Ride with your

child when she is young and teach safety rules as

you go.

Top Tips - Walk Safe

• If your child is under age 9, make sure he crosses

the street with an adult or older responsible child.

Walk with your child and teach him how to cross

the street safely.

• Have your 9 year old show you that she knows

how to cross the street safely. Take walks together.

Ask her to point out the risks and tell you what she

would do.

Top Tips - Swim Safe

• Actively supervise your child when he is in the

water (even teens should be supervised).

• Stay right beside your child under age 5 at all times

if she is near water or in the water. For extra

protection, put her in a life jacket.

• Make sure your home swimming pool is

surrounded by a 4-sided fence at least 4 feet (1.2m)

high with a childproof gate. .

Top Tips - Play Safe

• Use playgrounds with a deep, soft surface such as

wood chips, sand, pea gravel or rubber material.

• Remove all drawstrings from your child’s clothing.

Remind her not to tie skipping ropes or anything

else to the equipment.


The Coed Softball League is back into the swing of things and has six

teams registered for this season. Games are held Sunday and Thursday

evenings at the softball fields on Tenth Avenue. Drop by and check it out!


The Fitness Park is unsupervised - Use at Your Own Risk.

Please follow Safety Instructions at the Fitness Park.

Equipment is recommended for individuals 12 years and older.

The usage of the equipment is for healthy people only.



Throughout the year the Parks & Recreation Office

coordinates Babysitting Courses through St. John Ambulance.

Registered Nurse Judy Burridge facilitates these courses and may

be contacted for more information at 688-2658. The next course

will be scheduled by Ms. Burridge in the Summer or Fall when there

are enough youth interested. To put you name on the call list,

please call the Fitness Centre at 686-3445.


All playgrounds are regularly inspected by the Town of Pasadena.

Should you see problems or have concerns regarding the safety

of the playgrounds, please call the Town Office at 686-2075

or email

Attention Parents: Playgrounds are unsupervised.

For your child’s safety, we recommend adult supervision of young children.




7:00pm MONDAY JUNE 11 th

Trooper Tickets go on sale

Purchase Bracelets

Book a CHY Booth

Book a Table for Flea Market

CHY Merchandise Table

Volunteer registration Table

Schedule an Event

General Information Available


The Town of Pasadena has a new website - please check it out and let us know what you think!

The new website has great links to businesses, weather, media, real estate, community groups

and organizations. If you know of a site that should be linked to our page, please drop us an

email at and we will check it out.

You can now easily contact the Mayor, Council and Town Staff through their email accounts.

There are also links on the Contact Us page of our website.

Mayor Gary Bishop

Deputy Mayor Gemma Walsh

Councillor Derrick Anthony

Councillor Sharon Evans

Councillor Otto Goulding

Councillor Barry Walsh

Councillor Tom Wheaton

CAO Brian Hudson

Works Superintendent Stewart Foote

Recreation Director Wanda Wight

Operations & Program Clerk Sharon Brown

Clerk II Debbie Dower

Live... Breathe... Grow...

Town of Pasadena

18 Tenth Ave

Pasadena, NL, Canada A0L 1K0

phone. 709-686-2075 fax. 709-686-2507


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