Family Farms - Moravian College

Family Farms - Moravian College

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GIZA, EGYPT– A visit to the pyramids last

spring was a short trip for Allyson Mitchell ’08:

she was already in Aman, Jordan, pursing a self-

designed major in Middle Eastern economics and

policy through Moravian’s international studies

program. While she was there, her coursework

included an Arabic-only language class. She prac-

ticed the language—which she’s been learning

since 2005—whenever possible. “The cab drivers

liked to try their English on me, but I wanted

to speak Arabic, so we’d go back and forth until

someone gave in,” she says. Allyson stayed with a

Palestinian family in Jordan, often accompany-

ing them on visits to relatives. “Family is very

important there,” she notes. Diversions with other

international students included the trip to Egypt

and a desert scavenger hunt. “We had a camel

with us in case someone got tired,” she says. “The

Bedouins all drove trucks, and they stared at us

like we were nuts.” In 2008, Allyson begins an

internship in Washington, D.C., with the U.S. State

Department. She’s also applied for a Fulbright

grant to study in Yemen.

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