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Family Farms - Moravian College


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February 10

Choral Concert with

Bobby McFerrin

FOx HALL, 7:00 P.m. • It’s an incredible

evening of unique choral sounds, as the

moravian College and Central moravian

Church choirs are led by singer,

composer, and ten-time Grammy award

winner Bobby mcFerrin in a program of

largely improvised vocal music.


Dave Zinczenko ’91 EdITOr-IN-CHIEF, Men’s HealtH Magazine

photo By ann Marsden

People magazine recently named you as

a “smarthrob.” Is that a clever word you

wish your writers had coined, or does it

make you cringe a little?

I can’t complain too much about the label

“smart.” The throb part, I don’t know about.

Did you see appearances on Oprah as

part of the job description when you

started as editor-in-chief?

I saw part of my job to be raising the

profile of the magazine—to get it talked

about, to make people more aware

of the great work that the team was

doing. And let’s face it, the media

industry is personality-driven. So to

get publicity for the magazine, I had

to create a public persona that represented

what the magazine stood

for. And what’s not to like about the

Men’s Health guy? Knowledgeable,

fit, a go-getter . . . I can play that

role on TV because I try to live up

to it in everyday life.

People sometimes poke fun at the magazine

for its attention to abs and great

sex. Could you mention a story that really

shows how the magazine breaks new

ground, giving men information no one

else is giving them?

Don’t knock abs and sex: abs relate to

March 13 – 16

The Laramie Project

ArENA THEATrE • The moravian

College Theatre Company takes on

what may be its most moving and

powerful project yet: a theatrical collage

that explores the death of hate

crime victim matthew shepard, and the

cruelty and compassion that surfaced

in the aftermath.

visceral body fat—the number-one health

threat for guys. And sex is a key indicator of

emotional health for a guy. But every issue

goes far beyond those core areas. We’re at

work right now on a profile of three Iraq

war veterans, showing how their experience

in Fallujah brought about huge changes in

their mental states and in their lives. The

story powerfully demonstrates what each

of us, and our country, owes these guys. We

put them in harm’s way—physically and

psychologically—and they’ll be suffering the

effects of that the rest of their lives. Will we

offer them the help they need? It’s a huge issue,

and it’s a largely male issue, because the

victims are most often guys.

If you were to take over our magazine—

which would be one whiplash-inducing career

move—what immediate change would

you make to it?

Cancel this profile. I feel like Woody Allen,

sometimes: I wouldn’t want to join any club

that would have me as a member.

Finally, and awkwardly, for our readers

who haven’t found their prince charming

yet: are you still an eligible bachelor?

I’m single, although I am currently seeing

someone, and no, she doesn’t have a machine

gun for a leg.*

*À la Zinczenko ex-gf Rose McGowan's character in

the film Grindhouse. —pop culture ed.

March 20 – April 30

Faculty Show

PAYNE GALLErY • Always a visual treat,

this exhibition of work by Art department

faculty offers a range of works, from traditional

subjects and methods to cutting

edge techniques and sensibilities.


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