Tuesday, June 2 2009



08:00-18:00 Registration

08:30-10:00 Officers Meeting

10:00-12:00 ESPR Oncology Group Session

Pulmonary nodules depiction : CT Technique

Hervé Brisse

Lung nodules analysis and interpretation

Cathy Owens

Lung nodule surgery in children

Gonca Topuzlu Tekant

Diagnostic cases

Rick van Rijn

Derek Roebuck

Anne Smets

Claudio Granata

13:00-13:30 Official opening

13:30–15:00 Scientific Session 1 : Foetal and Neuroimaging

Chairpersons: Fred Avni (Belgium), Maria Argyropoulou (Greece )

13:30 O1- Prenatal diagnosis and outcome of fetuses with infantile hepatic hemangioma (IHH)

Stephanie Franchi-Abella, Guillaume Gorincour, Danièle Pariente

GRIIF, CHU de Bicêtre. Service de Radiopédiatrie

13:40 O2- Fetal MRI in the evaluation of clubfoot

S Servaes, A Hernandez, L Gonzalez, AF Jawad, T Victoria, A Johnson

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)

13:47 O3- The role of prenatal US and fetal MRI in the assessment of VACTERL association

Marianna Tagliabue, Dorothy Bulas, Rhonda Schonberg, Kenneth


Ospedale S Gerardo, Monza, Italy, Children National Medical Center, Washington DC, USA

13:54 O4 - Fetal surgery in myelomeningocele : Pre and post surgical imagin (US-MRI) evaluation :

Case (preliminary) report

F Zennaro, G Pelizzo, M Gregori, G d Ottavio, P P Guastalla

IRCCS Burlo Garofolo Trieste

14:01 O5 - The virtual cranial autopsy

H Martin 1 , D Martin 1 , B Tingberg 2 , O Flodmark 1

1. Department of Neuroradiology, Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden

2. Department of Pediatric Emergency, Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden

14:08 O6 - Interest of MRI in the prenatal detection of associated brain anomalies in fetuses

diagnosed with isolated uni or bilateral clubfoot

Mn De Milly, N Belarbi , E Vuillard , P Souchet, Jf Oury , M Elmaleh, G Sebag

14:15 07 - Assessment of the brain lesions in term neonates with TGA

: Magnetic resonance study

Yevgeniya Yershova, Tetyana Yalynska, Andrey Maximenko,Illya Yemets

Children's Cardic Center

14:22 08 - Efficient transcranial Doppler sonography screening in a newborn sickle cell disease


S Verlhac, F Bernaudin

Radiology CHI Creteil France

14:32 09 - Sonologists vary in their use of diagnostic labels for white matter lesions seen on

cranial scans of severely premature infants : The Elgan study

SJ Westra, K Kuban , A Leviton

Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA

14:42 010 - Imaging appearances of x-linked hydrocephalus

David Lee, Eric Faerber, Joseph Piatt

St.Christopher’s Hospital For Children Philadelphia,USA

14:49 011- Fiber tracking of molar tooth sign

Laura Merlini, Joel Fluss, Benedict Rillet, Magalie Viallon, Maria Isabel Vargas, Sylviane


University Hospital of Geneva

15:00 – 16:15 Scientific Session 2 : Gastrointestinal System

Chairpersons : Alan Daneman (Canada), Pedro Daltro (Brazil)

15:00 012 - Nasogastric tubes and videofluoroscopic swallowing studies

Mutaz Alnassar, Kamaldine Oudjhane, Jorge Davila

The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada

15:10 013 - Necrotizing enterocolitis: optimal radiographic view(s) for diagnosis and


J Fogel, M Reed, M Seshia

Departments of Radiology, Pediatrics and Child Health, Faculty of Medicine, University of

Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

15:20 014 - Eosinophilic esophagitis : Fluoroscopic findings with endoscopic and pathologic


Emily Lorenz, Larry Binkovitz, Carlos DiLorenzo, Samir Kawash

Nationwide Children's Hospital

15:30 015 - Use of sonography in the evaluation of the cervical and thoracic esophagus in


F Bakirtas Palabiyik, S Bayramoglu, N Turan Guler, S Daglar , T Cimilli

Bakirkoy Dr. Sadi Konuk Training and Research Hospital, Radiology Department, Istanbul

15:37 016 - Estimation of effective dose for fluoroscopic pneumatic intussusception

reduction in modern practice

J Kapur, OM Navarro, F Bin-Hussain, K Thomas, A Daneman

The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada

15:47 017 - Abdominal lymphadenopathy in children with tuberculosis presenting with

respiratory symptoms

Shaun Scheepers, Savvas Andronikou, Ayanda Mapukata, Peter Donald

University of Stellenbosch

15:54 018 - Clinical predictors of a diagnostically accurate ultrasound in children with

suspected appendicitis

Carina Man*, Suzanne Schuh*, Arun Mohanta*, Amanda Murphy*, Rahim Moineddin**,

Andrea S Doria* et al

* The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada, ** University of Toronto, Canada

16:01 019 - The value of ultrasound in differential diagnosis between neonatal obstructive

hepatitis and congenital biliary atresia

Yinzi Su, Xinyu Yuan, Yulin Zhang

Capital Institute of Pediatrics, China

16:08 020 - Colon agenesis beyond the cecum-additional plain image findings

Alan E Oestreich

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

16:15-16:45 Coffee Break

16:45-17:45 Symposium : Company Meeting




Low dose pediatric CT

Sedat Alibek

The University Hospital of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany

Experience of a pediatric radiology department

with a new ultra low dose 2D / 3D Xray imager

Guy Sebag

Robert Debré Hospital, Paris

20:00 Welcome Reception

Wednesday, June 3 2009

08:00-18:00 Registration

08:30-10:45 Scientific Session 3 : Chest

Chairpersons : Veronica Donoghue (Ireland), Lane Donnelly (USA )

08:30 021 - Optimising reference mAs in CT chest imaging

Carolyn Young, Andrew Taylor, Catherine Owens

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Trust

08:40 022 - Relationship of reference mAs and image quality in CT chest imaging

Carolyn Young, Alistair Calder, Andrew Taylor, Catherine Owens

08:50 023 - A specially prepared natural sponge as a reliable, realistic and

inexpensive lung phantom for image quality studies in computer tomography (CT)

Claus-Peter Wallner , Karl Schneider , Ullrich Mueller-Lisse ,

Murry Kohn,Maximilian Reiser

Institute for Clinical Radiology, University of Munich

09:00 024 - Congenital multilobar emphysema, a characteristic lung growth disorder

attributable to filamin a gene mutations

Peter A Taylor, Megan K Dishop, Timothy E Lotze, George B Mallory, R Paul Guillerman

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital, Texas Childrens Hospital

09:07 025 - The chest imaging of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) caused by

pulmonary disease in children

Xinyu Yuan, Surong Li, Wenliang Yu

Capital Institute of Pediatrics

09:14 026 - An examination of the association between HRCT findings and pulmonary

function in children with CTD associated diffuse lung disease

James Carmichel, Karen Rosendahl, Clarissa Pilkington, PaulAurora,

Catherine M Owens, Kiran Nistala, Emma Scase

Great Ormond St. Hospital

09:21 027 - Radiological changes post lymph node enucleation for airway obstruction in

children with pulmonary TB

AT Maydell 1 , P Goussard 1 , S Andronikou 2 , F Bezuidenhout 1 , C Ackermann 1 , RP Gie 1

University of Stellenbosch, Tygerberg Hospital, Cape Town,South Africa 1 , University of Cape

Town, South Africa 2

09:28 028 - Radiographic manifestations of primary tuberculosis in childhood : The value

of serial radiographs in latent and active pulmonary TB

R Singaroyan, T Win, A Raghavan

Sheffield Children's Hospital

09:35 029 - Superior cervical extension of the thymus : A common normal variant that

should not be mistaken for a mass

Norma S Costa, Lane F Donnelly, Tal Laor

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, USA

09:45 030 - A software tool for automated classification of funnel chest

Erich Sorantin, Laszlo Papp, Reka Juhasz, Sonja Travar, Stefan Pokall, Alexander Kolli

Department of Radiology Graz, Austria

Scientific Session 4 : Oncology

Chairpersons : Catherine Owens (UK), Sebuh Kurugoglu (Turkey)

09:55 032 - Imaging in high-risk hepatoblastoma (HB)

DJ Roebuck

Great Ormond Street Hospital, London,UK

10:05 033 - DWI to assess chemotherapy response in solid tumours

Kirsteen MCDonald, Oystein E Olsen, Neil Sebire, John Anderson

Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, UK

10:15 034 - Whole-body MR imaging, including diffusion-weighted imaging, for

staging malignant lymphomas in children : Direct comparison to CT initial


TC Kwee, HME Quarles van Ufford, FJ Beek, MA Bierings, WP Mali, RAJ Nievelstein

University Medical Center Utrecht

10:25 035 - Normal bone marrow signal distribution on body-dwibs in a healthy

paediatric population

Lil-Sofie Ording Müller, Derk F M Avenarius, Petter Eldevik

University Hospital North Norway

10:32 036 - Added value of abdominal cross-sectional imaging (CT or MRI) in staging

of Wilms’ tumours

Kirsteen Mcdonal, Kieran Mchugh

Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, UK

10:39 037 - Imaging of ovarian teratoma in children : A 9-year review

Mohammed O Alotaibi, Oscar Navarro

University of Toronto, Hospital for Sick Children, Canada

10:45-11:15 Coffee Break

11:15-12:00 ESPR Lecture

Current Status and Applications of Nanotechnology: Radiology

Ekmel Ozbay ( Ankara, Turkey )

12:00-13:00 Honorary Members and Gold Medal Awards

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-16:40 Scientific Session 5 : Neuroimaging

Chairpersons d Jean-Francois Chateil (France), Murat Kocaoglu (Turkey)

14:00 038 - Cerebral magnetic resonance imaging and cognition of non handicapped,

low birthweight adults : A population based controlled study.

Morten Duus Odberg 1 , Stein Magnus Aukland 2, Karen Rosendahl 3 , Irene Birchow Elgen 4

Institute of Clinical Medicine, Section for Paediatrics, University of Bergen & Department of Child

and Adolescent Psychiatry, Haukeland University Hospital Bergen, Norway 1 , Institute of Surgical

Sciences, Section for Radiology, University of Bergen & Department of Radiology, Haukeland

University Hospital,Bergen, Norway 2 , Institute of Surgical Sciences, Section for Radiology,

University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway & Department of Radiology, Great Ormond Street Hospital

for Children, London, UK 3 , Institute of Clinical Medicine, Section for Paediatrics, University of

Bergen & Department of Paediatrics, Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen, Norway 4

14:10 039 - Growth rates of tectal gliomas in children and young adults assessed by

serial tumor volume measurements

Korgun Koral, Barjor Gimi, Lynn Gargan, Amir Kerschenovich, Daniel Bowers

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

14:20 040 - Imaging characteristics of pilomyxoid astrocytomas,comparison with

pilocytic astrocytomas

Ji Hye Kim, Myung Kwan Lim, In Ho Lee, Honh EO, So Young Yoo

Samsung Medical Center, Sungkyunkwan University

14:27 041 - Anatomical location and noninvasive magnetic resonance spectroscopic

imaging biomarkers in pilocytic astrocytomas

L Porto, M Kieslich, D Schwabe, U Pilatus, E Hattingen

Uniklinikum Frankfurt

14:34 042 - MRI and DWI findings in children with hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis :

endency for symmetricity

E Senocak, KK Oguz KK, B Ozgen , S Aytac, A Cila, A Gurgey

Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine

14:44 043 - Functional MRI findings in chinese (non-alphabetic) reading dyslexia

children : What is different from alphabetic-language dyslexics?

Winnie CW Chu, Sarah SH Luk, Defang Wang, Lin Shi, David KW Yeung, Mary Waye, PW

Cheng and Anil T Ahuja

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

14:54 044 - Impact of susceptibility weighted imaging in management of pediatric

neurologic diseases

Aylin Tekes, Gulhan Ertan, Jason Schroeder, Thierry Huisman,

Johns Hopkins Hospital

15:04 045 - Diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging for demonstration and

characterisation of borderzone necrosis in paediatric tuberculous meningitis

Nadir Omar, Savvas Andronikou, Ronald van Toorn, Manana Pienaar

University of Stellenbosch, South Africa

15:14 046 - Accuracy of CT scan in the diagnosis of non-tuberculous bacterial

meningitis and its complications in children : A retrospective study.

RP Singaroyan, DJA Connolly, A Raghavan

Sheffield Children's Hospital, Royal Hallamshire Hospital,UK

15:21 047 - Imaging of petromastoid canal in children on high-resolution temporal bone


Korgun Koral, James Sayre, Edgar Suter, John McMenamy, Neil Fernandez,

Timothy Booth

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

15:31 048 - Persistent conductive hearing loss in children : Evaluation with temporal

bone CT

Aylin Tekes, Stacey Ishman, Katherine Baugher, David J Brown, Sandra U Lin,

David E Tunkel, Thierry AGM Huisman

Johns Hopkins Hospital

15:41 – 15:55 Break

15:55 049 - Utility of high resolution MRI of the orbit in pediatric patients

M Basile, M Mortilla, N Decaminada, M Cappellini, C Fonda

A Meyer Children's University Hospital-Firenze-Italy

16:02 050 - MRI findings of charlevoix-saguenay patients from Turkey : Additional

pyramidal tract abnormalities on imaging

Kader Karli Oguz, Goknur Haliloglu, Ersin Tan

Hacettepe University Department of Radiology, Department of Pediatric Neurology,

Department of Neurology

16:09 051 - White matter changes in MRI in children with complex migraines

Monica Rebollo Polo, Eoghan E Laffan, Daniel L Keene, Hazar Tabban and Husain Naser

Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario

16:16 052 - Multinational clinical evaluation of gadobenate dimeglumine in children

referred for neurologic MR imaging

Matthew J Kuhn, Emilio Cianciulli, Claudio Fonda, Mieczysaw Pasowicz,Pei-yi Gao

Southern Illinois University

16:23 053 - Multiple cerebral aneurysms and intracranial haemorrhage as complication

of aicardi-goutieres syndrome (AGS)

B Bernardi 1 , C Garone 2 , C Bortolotti 3 , C Sturiale 3 , A Stafa 4 , V Marchiani 2 , E Franzoni 2

Pediatric Neuroradiology, Bologna, Italy 1 , Child Neuropsychiatry Unit, Paediatric Dept.

University of Bologna, Italy 2 , Trauma and Emergency Neurosurgery Unit, Neuroscience Dept.

Bologna, Italy 3 , Neuroradiology Unit, Neuroscience Dept. Bologna, Italy 4

16:30 054 - Value of a flowchart in diagnosis of pediatric cerebellar neoplasms

for reviewers with different experience levels

Korgun Koral, Betul Derinkuyu, Meltem Koral, Behroze Vaccha, Barjor Gimi,

Lynn Gargan, Abdulnasser ElHajeri, Dave Roy, Daniel Bowers

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

16:40 – 17:00 Coffee Break

17:00 – 18:00 Scientific Session 6 : Genitouroniary

Chairpersons : Kassa Darge (USA), Richard Fotter (Austria)

17:00 055 - Sonographic characterization of pediatric nephropathies with

proteinuria : Are there specific patterns?

M Hackx, F Avni, K Ismaili, N Damry, K Vandenhout, M Hall

Erasme Hospital

17:10 056 - Renal ultrasound screening of 5359 children after exposure to

melamine tainted milk products in Hong Kong

Winnie CW Chu, Stella S Ho, Hugh S Lam, Pak C Ng, KT Wong, William Wong, Dorothy FY

Chan, Chi K Li and Anil T Ahuja

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

17:17 057 - Ureteric jet doppler waveform : Is it a reliable predictor of

vesicoureteric reflux in children

D Kljucevsek 1 , T Kljucevsek 2 , T Kersnik Levart 3 , RB Kenda 3

Children’s Hospital, Paediatric Radiology Unit, University Medical Centre, Ljubljana,

Slovenia 1 , Clinical Institute For Radiology, University Medical Centre, Ljubljana,

Slovenia 2 , Children’s Hospital, Department Of Paediatric Nephrology, University Medical

Centre, Ljubljana, Slovenia 3

17:27 058 - Hypervascular Wilms tumor on imaging : Beware acquired von

Willebrand syndrome

PA Taylor, PA Baxter, M Chintagumpala, JG Nuchtern, DH Mahoney, J Teruya, DL Yee, RP


Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital, Texas Childrens Hospital ( TCH )

17:34 059 - MR urography (MRU) in children : Simplifying the functional analysis

Dmitry Khrichenko, Kassa Darge

Dept. of Radiology, CHOP

17:44 060 - Ureteropelvic junction obstruction in children due to fibroepithelial


Kassa Darge, Pasquale Casale

Dept. of Radiology, CHOP

17:51 061 - Specificity of ipsilateral uterine deviation in adnexal torsion

Jenna Harmon, Larry Binkovitz and Julie Stephens

Nationwide Childrens Hospital

18:00 – 19:00 General Assembly

20:00 Cultural Evening

Thursday, June 4 2009

08:00 – 18:00 Registration

08:30 – 10:20 Scientific Session 7 : Musculoskeletal

Chairpersons : Paolo Toma (Italy), M. Ines Boechat (USA)

08:30 062 - Carpal “erosions” in children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis : MRI vs.


Rikin Hargunani, Øystein E Olsen, Patricia Woo, Clarissa Pilkington, Rod Jones,

Amaka Offiah, Catherine Owens, Karen Rosendahl

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, London

08:40 063 - Cartilaginous change in JIA : A new ultrasound finding

Rikin Hargunani, Catherine Owens, Karen Rosendahl

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, London

08:47 064 - Juvenile dermatomyositis : A review of presenting MRI findings and

correlation with clinical outcome data

Patricia E Ladd, Kathleen H Emery, Daniel J Lovell, Tal Laor, Shelia R Salisbury,

Kevin E Bove

Cincinnati Childrens Hospital

08:54 065 - Diagnosis of rigid spine muscular dystrophies : The role of MRI

E Mercuri 1,2, E Clement 1 , AC Offiah 1 , A Pichiecchio 2 , M Rutherford 3 ,G Vasco 2 ,

F Muntoni 1

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children 1 , Catholic University, Rome 2 , Imperial

College London 3

09:04 066 - The effect of growth on the medial collateral ligament (MCL) and

medial femoral condyle (MFC) of the knee

Patricia E Ladd, Tal Laor, Kathleen H Emery, Shelia R Salisbury

Cincinnati Childrens Hospital

09:14 067 - Subcutaneous annular granuloma - A differential diagnosis not to forget

in expansive lower leg soft tissues lesions of young children

T Riebel, I Scheer

Ped. Radiology, Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin

09:21 068 - Whole body MRI in infantile hypophosphatasia – Imaging characteristics

in 3 cases

M Stenzel, C Beck, H Girschick, M Beer

University Hospital Würzburg

09:28 069 - The relationship between ultrasonographic findings and the pain during activity

in Osgood Schlatter syndrome

Zeynep Erhuner 1 , Ugur Toprak 1 , Derya Ozer 2 , Gul Baltaci 2 , Sevinc Bostanoglu 1 ,

Mehmet Alp Karademir 1

Ankara Numune Training and Research Hospital 1 , Hacettepe University School of

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Sports Physiotherapy Unit 2

09:35 070 - Assessment of power doppler in the diagnosis of Osgood Schlatter


G Ananthakrishnan, TF Beattie, AG Wilkinson

Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh, UK

09:42 071 - Use of the axial oblique method for femoral anteversion assessment

Delma Jarrett, Amy Oliveira, Paul Mitchell, Brian Snyder, Paul Kleinman

Children's Hospital Boston

09:52 072 - Pediatric orthopedic applications for o-arm intraoperative imaging :

Are ALARA principles being followed?

Anjum Bandarkar, Dorothy Bulas, Tom Fearon, Laurel Blakemore,

Patrick Kaszubski

Childrens National Medical Center, George Washington University Medical Center

Washington DC

09:59 073 - Child abuse vs. rickets - Controversy and contribution

Alan E Oestreich

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

10:06 074 - A study of the patterns of humeral fractures and the probability of

physical abuse in children

S Harave, C Landes

Alder Hey Children's Hospital

10:13 075 - Femoral neck irregularities in 18-year olds - A common finding

: Preliminary results

Lene Bjerke Laborie 1,3 , Trude G Lehmann 2,3 , Ingvild Engesæter 2,3 ,

Deborah Eastwood 4 , Lars B Engesæter 2,3 , Karen Rosendahl 3,4

Dept. of Radiology, Haukeland University Hospital, 5021 Bergen, Norway 1 , Dept. of

Orthopaedics, Haukeland University Hospital, 5021 Bergen, Norway 2 , Institute of

Surgical Sciences, University of Bergen, 5021 Bergen, Norway 3 ,Department of Radiology,

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, London, WC1N 3JH, UK 4

09:00 – 10.00 Mini-Symposium of the ESPR Uroradiology Task Force – New Proposals for

Procedural Recommendations in Cooperation with the ESUR Paediatric

Working Group

Chairpersons : Michael Riccabona ( Austria ), Fred Avni ( Belgium )

Introduction Statement by the chair

Urinary Tract CT in Childhood – Procedural Recommendation

Paediatric MRU – Procedural Recommendation

Kassa Darge, Michael Riccabona

IVU in children – procedural recommendation

Maria Luisa Lobo, Michael Riccabona

Conclusions and summary

Fred Avni, Michael Riccabona

10:20-10:50 Coffee Break

10:50-11:50 CT Task Force Meeting


Cathy Owens

The ESPR CT-Project

Richard Fotter

Dose Reduction with Dual Source CT

Cathy Owens

The pediatric perspective of volume-CT

Richard Fotter

12:00-13:00 Scientific Session 8 : Cardiac

Chairpersons : Goya Enriquez (Spain), Suat Fitoz (Turkey)

12:00 076 - Dual source ECG gated cardiac studies in neonates

Carolyn Young, Catherine Owens, Andrew Taylor

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Trust

12:10 077 - Pulmonary hypertension in paediatrics

Carolyn Young, Catherine Owens, Andrew Taylor

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Trust

12:20 078 - Radiation dose management in pediatric cardiac CTA : A quality

improvement study

SJ Westra, M Kalra, B Liu, S Abbara

Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA

12:30 079 - Echocardiography, cardiac catherisation and cMRI in the follow up of

fallot patients – Performance Evaluation

E Sorantin, A Gamilllscheg, G Ehrlich, N Zuba, S Travar

Department of Radiology Graz, Austria

12:37 080 - Pre and post-operative evaluation of aortic coarctation with magnetic

resonance tomography

T Yalynska, R Tammo, Y Yershova, N Rokitzkaja, O Kondrachuk

Ukrainian Children Cardiac Centre, Kyiv

12:47 081 - Morphologic and functional evaluation of the Extracardiac right

ventricle to pulmonary artery conduits : MRI study

Oleksandr Kondrachuk, Tetyana Yalynska, Yevgeniya Yershova, Nadija Rokitska,

Illya Yemets

Ukrainian Children's Cardiac Center

12:54 082 - MRI assessment of branch pulmonary arteries and aortic

roots following the arterial switch operation

S Maroo

Royal Hospital For Sick Children,Glasgow

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-16:00 Scientific Session 9 : Miscellaneous

Chairpersons : Rick van Rijn (The Netherlands), Eva Kis (Hungary)

14:00 084 - Evaluation of dynamic airway measurements on cine MRI with varying

depths of dexmedetomidine anesthesia in children

Mohamed Mahmoud, Rupa Radhakrishman , Lane F. Donnelly, Todd Nick, Yu Wang,

Eileen Beckman, Akila Rajagopal

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

14:10 085 - Does CT have an additional diagnostic value over us in the evaluation

of acute inflammatory neck masses in children?

Katya Rozovsky, Benjamin Kopelevitz, Nurith Hiller, Natalia Simanovsky

Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Center

14:20 086 - Incidental thyroid abnormalities identified on neck ultrasound for non

thyroid disorders

Shivaram Avula, Alan Daneman, Oscar M Navarro, Rahim Moineddin, Stacey

Urbach, Denis Daneman

Hospital For Sick children, Toronto, Ontario; University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario

14:30 087 - Exposure levels from paediatric multi-detector row CT: Results of the

2007 – 2008 SFIPP survey

HJ Brisse, B Aubert

Institut Curie, Paris France and Medical Radiation Protection Expertise Unit,

Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire, Fontenay-aux-Roses, France

14:40 088 - Dose reduction in scoliosis follow-up using a new slot - Scanner

radiographical system

Sylvain Deschenes, Guy Charron, Gilles Beaudoin, Marie-Claude Miron, Stefan Parent,

Hubert Labelle, Josee Dubois

University of Montreal

14:50 089 - How much is the radiation awareness among pediatricians in Turkey ?

: Preliminary results of an ongoing survey

Ayse Secil Eksioglu, Cigdem Uner

Dr. Sami Ulus Children's Hospital

14:57 090 - Detection of epidermal thickening in GJB2 carriers with epidermal US

P P Guastalla, F Zennaro, P Gasperini

IRCCS Burlo Garofolo Trieste

15:04 091 - Non-contrast enhanced MRI of abdominal vessels before renal


Kate Park, Oystein E Olsen, Stephen Marks, Kirsteen MCDonald

Great Ormond Street Hospital

15:11 092 - Evaluation of interoperator variability of TSE-STIR whole body MRI

(WB- STIR) in Pediatrics

Maria Beatrice Damasio 1 , Alessia Maccagnano 1 , Claudio Granata 1 ,

Maria Chiara D'Auria 1 , Angela Pistorio 2 and Paolo Tomà 1

G Gaslini Children's Hospital, Genova

15:18 093 - Pharmacokinetics and safety of 1.0 m macrocyclic gadobutrol in MRI in

138 paediatric patients – A multinational multicenter trial

W Hirsch 1 , Z Jirakova-Trnkova2, M Schultze-Mosgau 2 , G Hahn 3

University of Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany 1 , Bayer Schering Pharma, Berlin, Germany 2 , Carl

Gustav Carus Dresden University of Technology, Dresden, Germany 3

15:28 094 - Safety and image quality achieved with gadobenate dimeglumine in

pediatric subjects referred for routine contrast-enhanced MR imaging

Guenther Schneider, Hellmut Schuerholz, Peter Fries, Miles Andrew Kirchin,

Marcus Katoh, Arno Buecker

Saarland University Hospital, Homburg, Saar Germany

15:38 095 - Thoraco-abdominal pediatric CT - single acquisition with biphasic

intravascular injection of iodinated contrast

Tristan Zand, Luca Spadola, Mehrak Anooshiravani, Laura Merlini, Solène Ferey,

Sylviane Hanquinet

Geneva Children Hospital

15:45 096 - The incremental diagnostic yield of low-dose CT angiography for the

evaluation of early vascular complications after liver transplantation in children

Els L F Nijs, Jeffrey Hellinger, Kassa Darge, Elizabeth Rand and Monica Epelman

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

15:52 097 - Comparison of paper print and soft copy reading in plain paediatric


AT Maydell 1 , S Andronikou 2 , C Ackermann 1 , AF Bezuidenhout 1

University of Stellenbosch and Tygerberg Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa 1 , University

of Cape Town, South Africa 2

16:00-16:30 Coffee Break

16:30-18:00 Scientific Session 10 : Interventional

Chairpersons : Derek Roebuck (UK), Devrim Akinci (Turkey)

16:30 0101 - Drainage of deep pelvic abscesses in children using transrectal

ultrasonography and fluoroscopy guidance

Korgun Koral, Betul Derinkuyu, Elizabeth Lagomarsino, Joseph Murphy

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

16:40 0102 - Aspiration and drainage of abdominal fluid collections in children

Tahir N, Barnacle A, Roebuck D

Great Ormond Street Hospital

16:50 0103 - CT image guided percutaneous drainage of abdominal abscesees in


Botsa Evanthia 1 , Koutsogiannis Ioannis 2 , Sotiropoulou Evaggelia 3 , Stathopoulos

Konstantinos 3 , Thanos Loukas 3

Agia Sofia Children's Hospital Athens

16:57 0104 - Untraditional routes of imaging guided fluid drainage in children

Lucia Fontalvo, Paula Hernandez, Els Nijs, Ganesh Krishnamurthy, jAbhany Srinivsan,

Anne Marie Cahill, Marc Keller

Childen's Hospital of Philadelphia

17:07 0105 - Prognostic value of length of an asymptomatic period after first

balloon dilation of esophageal stricture in children for outcome of procedure

Jiří Lisý 1 , Michal Rygl 2 , Martin Vyhnánek 2 , Marie Hladíková 3 , Jiří Šnajdauf 2 ,

Miloslav Roček 1

1 Department of Imaging Methods, 2 Department of Children Surgery, 3 Dept. of

Informatics, University Hospital Motol, Prague,Czech Republic

17:17 0106 - Radiologic percutaneous gastrostomy and gastrojejunostomy in


T Ciftci, D Kaya, D Akinci, M N Ozmen, O Akhan

Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine

17:27 0107 - Trans-hepatic central venous access in children : Review of 10 cases

Lucia Fontalvo, Paula Hernandez, Marc Keller, Ganesh Krishnamurthy, Els Nijs, Anne

Marie Cahill

Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia

17:37 0108 - Comparison of results of surgical and balloon-burst pyeloplasty in


B Adikibi, GAM Mackinlay, WG Manson (deceased), AG Wilkinson

Royal Hopsital for Sick Children, Edinburgh, UK

17:47 0109 - Cutting balloon dilatation of congenital ureteric strictures

B Narayanaswamy, WG Manson (deceased), AG Wilkinson

Royal Hopsital for Sick Children, Edinburgh, UK

17:54 0110 - Acute limb ischaemia (ALI) from veno-arterial reflux (VAR) during

sclerotherapy of soft tissue venous malformations (VMS) in children

Philip John, Joao Amaral and Amin Alzahrani

The Hospitasl for Sick Children, Toronto

18:00 – 18:30 Closure of The Congress

21:00 Annual Gala Dinner

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