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Integrity at work.SM - Memphis Chemical

Integrity at work. SM

Integrity at work. SM


Trusted for Nearly a Century

Since 1911, NSS has been helping make the world a

cleaner, healthier, and more comfortable place. As the

only privately owned and operated full line floor care

equipment company in the United States, NSS provides

high quality, heavy-duty commercial and industrial floor

care equipment in the US and 60 countries around the


NSS’s principle-centered leadership has resulted in a

stable enterprise, which operates with core values of

integrity, friendship, and goodwill. These strong beliefs

are reflected in the way we do business every day.

Product Solutions to Meet Real World Demands

At NSS, we don’t just produce products—we work to

provide our customers with solutions and systems that

deliver real world value. It all begins with our product

development process.

We spend time with our customers and end-users

to understand their issues and needs. We meet with

them, interview them, and observe them in their work

environment. Based on this input, prototype machines

are created and field-tested by real operators. With new

input from the field-testing, we redesign and refine, and

field-test again. The end result is innovative, functional

products which are easy to use and easy to service.

Problem-free Equipment Built to Last

NSS has always employed the philosophy of design

simplicity—uncomplicated solutions that avoid

unnecessary, trouble-prone gadgetry.

That’s why our machines last longer and need fewer

repairs. When repairs are needed, design simplicity

makes NSS machines easy for technicians to service.

The result for our customers is significantly longer

equipment life, less downtime for service and repairs,

and lower machine lifecycle costs. When you purchase

NSS equipment, you are truly making an investment in an

asset that will be around for years to come.

Reliable Delivery and Exceptional Support

Getting the right equipment where and when it is needed

is critical. That’s why we are diligent to ensure reliable,

on-time, complete delivery of orders.

ISO 9001 certified, our manufacturing facility in Toledo,

Ohio maintains a large inventory of machines that are

ready for shipment. NSS also manufactures in Boone

County, Kentucky and maintains warehouses in California,

the United Kingdom, the Middle East, and Asia. Most

parts are shipped within 24 hours.

Once our products are in your hands, NSS stands

behind them fully—with highly-trained customer service

personnel, technical support, training seminars, and a

comprehensive warranty. Over 400 Distributors and

Service Centers are authorized to provide field service in

North America.

For more details about NSS or how you can benefit from

our product solutions, call 800-677-1663, or visit us at


Charger Series

Battery Burnishers

The Function Defines The Form

Don’t let the squared edges fool you. NSS Chargers

are full-featured, leading-edge technology battery burnishers

in a tight package. The fold-up head not only allows

standing pad changes, but shortens the machine by 35%,

allowing it to fit into the smallest possible storage locations.

Pop the hood and you’ll find our steady-speed machine

controller. This controller, specially designed for battery

burnishers, keeps the pad spinning at a constant speed no

matter what the charge on the batteries. Gone are the days

of inconsistent results as the batteries discharge, a problem

common in other battery burnishers on the market today.

The quiet and safe operation of NSS Chargers has made

them the burnishers of choice for many big box retail stores,

healthcare facilities, and schools.

These feature-rich burnishers were designed to excel in five key areas:

Enhanced Productivity

• The optional sulky attachment provides greater productivity.

• Chargers are available in 20 and 27-inch widths.

Greater Convenience

• No operator adjustment is required for a consistent, high-gloss shine.

• The head assembly flips up 90° for more compact storage.

• Pad changes can be made from a standing position.

• Its offset body keeps the operator centered in the workpath for greater visibility.

• A digital readout displays remaining battery charge life.

Easier to Service with Enhanced Durability

• Electronic components are grouped behind the back panel for easy access.

• The digital readout can display service codes to speed problem diagnosis.

• The heavy-duty roller chain and sprockets drive system is extremely reliable.


• The recyclable 12-gage steel body minimizes waste.

• An enhanced Vac-Trac system captures more pad dust and finish powder.

Even Better Shine

• For a uniform, high-gloss shine, the pad speed and pad pressure are consistently maintained.

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The head flips up 90° from

the operating position for

easy pad changes.

The six 6V batteries provide

up to 3 hours of runtime

with no loss of pad speed or

burnishing performance.

The sulky attachment increases


Galaxy 1500

Cord-Electric Burnisher

Damp Strip and Burnish With The Same Machine!

The Galaxy 1500 is a durable, economical cord-electric burnisher that

performs two different jobs, thus saving money in equipment expenses.

The unique floating handle and spring rod design allow the machine to be

used for both damp stripping and burnishing. And the Galaxy 1500 does

both jobs with the high-quality hard floor efficiency you’ve come to expect

from NSS.

Damp Strip

With the handle adjustment lever in the locked position, the high-pressure

setting allows the Galaxy 1500 to be used for damp stripping. In this

mode, the operator can spray a small amount of cleaner on the floor, then

use the Galaxy 1500 to remove the topmost layer of floor finish. This

procedure is especially useful for intermittent hard floor maintenance.


When the machine’s handle adjustment lever is in the unlocked position,

the Galaxy 1500 is a high-speed burnisher that delivers the unsurpassed

“wet-look” shine long associated with NSS burnishers.

For optimal Indoor Air Quality, the Galaxy 1500 is available with a Vac-Trac

filter. The Vac-Trac filter collects the floor finish powder and pad dust often

created by high-speed burnishing. The dust collection system eliminates

the need to dust mop the floor after burnishing and keeps harmful dust out

of building ventilation systems.

The unique features of the Galaxy 1500 set it apart from other economical

burnishers. The stainless steel handle prevents corrosion, and the chromeplated

deck resists the effects of harsh floor finishes and chemicals. Built-in

transport wheels at the rear of the unit assist in transporting the Galaxy

1500 in and out of buildings and vehicles.

The Galaxy features a convenient

handle adjustment lever, located

comfortably near the control


The built-in transport wheels

make the Galaxy a breeze to take

anywhere needed.

Locking the spring rod turns the

Galaxy 1500 into a fixed handle

damp stripping machine.


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Automatic Scrubbers

NSS autoscrubbers are famous for their quality, performance,

and simplicity. Each is built for the rigors of heavy-duty

commercial and industrial use. Instead of trendy bells and

whistles, NSS designs in reliable mechanisms to simplify

operator training and reduce service repair requirements.

Oversized solution and recovery tanks mean less filling and

emptying, saving time and labor dollars. Powerful vacuum

motors and swing squeegees assure excellent water pick-up,

even on turns. Breakaway squeegee assemblies—straight

and curved are available—install quickly and minimize

the potential for damage. And for added convenience,

standard on-board battery chargers simplify recharging.

Champ ride-on scrubbers are designed for safe operation.

The open operator compartment provides maximum forward

visibility. A single, non-slip drive wheel turns 90 degrees in

both directions, providing incredible maneuverability.

Wrangler ® autoscrubbers set the standard for reliability

and durability. Ask a service technician and you will find

NSS equipment stays on the job longer and needs fewer


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Champ 2929

Highly maneuverable!

• 29-inch/74-cm scrub path

with a 33-inch/84-cm curved


• 29-gal/110-l solution tank

and oversized 32-gal/121-l

recovery tank

• 1 HP drive motor with two

forward speeds

• 2 HP brush motor, 300 RPM

brush speed

• Six 6V, 225 AH or 325 AH


Champ 3529

Works fast, built to last

• 35-inch/89-cm scrub path

with a 46-inch/117-cm

curved squeegee

• 29-gal/110-l solution tank

and oversized 32-gal/121-l

recovery tank

• 1 HP drive motor with three

forward speeds

• 2.5 HP brush motor,

adjustable 220-300 RPM

brush speed

• Six 6V, 325 AH batteries

• Options include lights and

a bumper kit

Champ 3329

Just the right size!

• 33-inch/84-cm scrub path

with a 33-inch/84-cm curved


• 29-gal/110-l solution tank

and oversized 32-gal/121-l

recovery tank

• 1 HP drive motor with two

forward speeds

• 2 HP brush motor, 300 RPM

brush speed

• Six 6V, 225 AH or 325 AH


Wrangler 3330 DB

Productive and


• 33-inch/84-cm scrub path;

straight or curved squeegee

• 30-gal/114-l solution tank and

33-gal/125-l recovery tank

• Two 0.75 HP brush motors and

a 0.75 HP vacuum motor

• Six 6V batteries—choose

225 AH or 325 AH

• Low profile side skirt,

bumpers, and power

deck optional

How big is your floor?

Up to 15,000 ft 2

Up to 1,394 m 2

15,000-20,000 ft 2

1,394-1,858 m 2


1708 AB Wrangler

2008 AB

Wrangler 2730 DB

Rugged and


• 27-inch/69-cm scrub path;

straight or curved squeegee

• 30-gal/114-l solution tank

and 33-gal/125-l recovery


• Two 0.75 HP brush motors

and a 0.75 HP vacuum motor

• Six 6V batteries—choose

225 AH or 325 AH

• Variable speed drive system

and three scrub pressures

Wrangler 2016 DB /


Maneuverable, mid-size


• 20-inch/51-cm scrub path;

straight or curved squeegee

• 16-gal/61-l solution and

17-gal/64-l recovery tank

• 0.75 HP brush motor and a

0.75 HP vacuum motor


• Offset scrub head for

superior edge cleaning

• Battery-powered wheel drive

(DB) or pad drive (AB), and

cord-electric pad drive (AE)

models available

20,000-40,000 ft 2

1,858-3,716 m 2


2016 DB/AB

40,000-50,000 ft 2

3,716-4,645 m 2


2625 DB

50,000-70,000 ft 2

4,645-6,503 m 2


2730 DB

70,000-90,000 ft 2

6,503-8,361 m 2


3330 DB

90,000-140,000 ft 2

8,361-13,006 m 2


Wrangler 2625 DB

Mid-size with large

scrubber features

• 25-inch/64-cm scrub path,

straight or curved squeegee

• 25-gal/95-l solution tank;

27-gal/102-l recovery tank

• Two 0.75 HP brush motors and

a 0.75 HP vacuum motor

• Four 6-V, 225 AH batteries

• Variable speed propulsion and

three scrub pressures

• Compact body designed for


Wrangler 2008 AB /

AE & 1708 AB / AE

The best values in

compact scrubbers

• 20-inch/51-cm or 17-inch/43

cm scrub path; 32-inch

straight squeegee

• 8-gal/30-l solution and

10-gal/38-l recovery tank

• 0.75 HP brush motor and a 0.5

HP vacuum motor

• Ergonomic handles, two 8-inch

rear wheels, and swivel front

casters for maneuverability

• Battery-powered (AB) and

cord-electric (AE) models


Choose your NSS scrubber.

Champ 2929

140,000-200,000 ft 2

13,006-18,580 m 2

Champ 3329

200,000+ ft 2

18,580+ m 2

Champ 3529

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Battery Burnishers

NSS battery burnishers were designed to help customers

achieve a high-gloss shine while escaping the hassles of

propane machines. The concerns with propane—frequent

repairs, high maintenance costs, disruptive noise levels,

indoor carbon monoxide emissions, exposed hot engine

parts, and other safety issues—were only tolerated since

there were no better options. Now that has changed.

Charger battery burnishers have the power and pad

pressure to produce a high-gloss shine. Even better, quiet

operation allows scheduling flexibility to burnish in occupied

facilities anytime, with minimal disruption to customers and

co-workers. To maintain indoor air quality, every Charger

includes a Vac-Trac system to collects floor finish powder

and pad dust.

Chargers are built for ease of operation and long life. Heavyduty

steel structures provide a solid, durable foundation.

Standard on-board battery chargers assure convenient and

consistent recharging anywhere there is a plug available.

And using the correct charger helps to maximize battery life.

Each machine is designed for easy pad changes—just one

example of the many operator-friendly features designed

into every NSS Charger battery burnisher.

Advantage NSS

TWISTER is a revolutionary system that

transforms dull terrazzo, natural stone,

and polished concrete into glossy,

brightly polished floors. For

ongoing maintenance, TWISTER

pads are used with CLEANER in

a wet, low-speed process. For

periodic restoration, TWISTER also

works in a high-speed, dry process.

Because of their pad speed,

pressure, and durability, NSS autoscrubbers,

battery burnishers, and cord-electrics are

optimal for the TWISTER system, yet still

versatile for all your cleaning needs.

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Charger 2717 DB / AB

Enhanced productivity

and durability

• Consistently produces a high

gloss shine without the need

for operator adjustment

• 27-inch/69-cm work path

• 3.6 HP pad drive motor

delivers 1700 RPM pad speed

• Six 6V, 325 AH batteries for up

to 3 hours per charge

• Hinged 90° head mechanism

for compact storage and

standing pad changes

• Quiet operation—only 71 dBA

—means minimal disruption

Charger 2022 DB / AB

Compact and


• 20-inch/51-cm burnishing path

• 2.5 HP pad drive motor delivers

a 2200 RPM pad speed

• Six 6V, 225 AH batteries for up

to 3 hours runtime

• Hinged 90° head mechanism

for compact storage and

standing pad changes

• Available with variable speed

wheel-drive (DB) or padassist

(AB) propulsion

Available summer 2008

ADD: Sulky

Boost productivity and


• The sulky attachment allows

the operator to ride behind

the burnisher, reducing

operator fatigue

• Increase productivity without

the expense and maintenance

of a ride-on burnisher

• Rider-like productivity numbers

• Sulky latches to the back of the

machine for maneuverability in

tight places

Cord-Electric Burnishers

NSS cord-electric burnishers produce a high-gloss shine

and are built to last for years to come.

All NSS cord-electric burnishers have a powerful 1.5 HP

motor and a built-in pad driver for smooth, balanced, and

safe operation. Each is designed for quiet performance,

operator comfort, and simple usage. The Flexiwall shield

controls dust and prevents the cord and debris from

contacting the rotating pad. And the standard safety lockout

mechanism helps prevent accidental or unauthorized use.

The brilliant finish from the ultra high-speed Charger 2500 is

comparable to that produced by big battery machines. The

Charger 1500—a hallmark of the NSS line—is unmatched

for its durability and versatility. The 7-year warranty on these

Chargers speaks for itself. The Mustang 1500, Mustang

1500 Vac-Trac, Galaxy 1500, and Galaxy 1500 Vac-Trac are

outstanding performers, and outstanding values too.

Galaxy 1500

Damp strip and burnish

with the same machine

• Damp strip with the handle in

the locked position

• Burnish with the handle in the

unlocked position

• 20-inch/51-cm workpath

• 1.5 HP motor and 1500 RPM

pad speed for productivity

• Built-in wheel carriage for easy

transport on stairways

• Available with improved

Vac-Trac filter for great IAQ

Available summer 2008


Charger 2500

The Ultra High-Speed


• Produces a brilliant, high-gloss


• 20-inch/51-cm workpath

• 2500 RPM pad speed

• 1.5 HP motor for long life and

exceptional results

• Adjustable pad pressure for

optimal burnishing

• 7-year limited warranty

Charger 1500

Versatile, and built to be

the best

• Use to burnish, spray buff, or

damp scrub

• 20-inch/51-cm workpath

• 1500 RPM pad speed for a

wet-look shine

• 1.5 HP motor and a unique

pad driver with inertial steel

plate tackle any job with ease

• 7-year limited warranty

Mustang 1500

Dependable and affordable

• Produces a high-gloss shine

• 20-inch/51-cm workpath

• 1.5 HP motor and 1500 RPM pad

speed for prodcutivity

• Available with Vac-Trac filter for

great IAQ

• Built-in wheel carriage for easy

transport on stairways

• Safety-yellow bumper protects

furniture and fixtures

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Floor Machines

NSS floor machines are famed for quality, reliability, and easy

operation. Is there a difference? Absolutely. Heavy-duty

yellow safety cords are just one example of the engineering

and quality built into every NSS floor machine.

A variety of machines are available to meet your job

specifications and price point. Optional solution tanks

speed scrubbing and bonnet cleaning. And a safety lockout

mechanism restricts unauthorized or unintended operation.

Perform a wide variety of floor care operations—for both

hard floors and carpet—with NSS floor machines. Use to

polish, spray buff, scrub, or wet strip hard floors. Add a

bonnet to clean carpet between extractions. Whatever your

budget or application, NSS offers a durable floor machine

to meet your needs.

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Mustang Series

Dependable and


• Precision-balanced for smooth

operation and maneuverability

• 1 or 1.5 HP, 66-frame motor

• Straight line planetary gear

system efficiently transfers


• 300 DS model operates at 300

RPM to polish/spray buff or at

180 RPM to scrub/wet strip

• 17-inch/34-cm or 20-inch/

51-cm work path

Maverick 300

Ultimate versatility

• Variable speed—from 200 to

310 RPM—for multiple uses

• Powerful 1.5 HP, 66-frame


• Durable triple-idler planetary


• Structural foam pad driver

• 17-inch/34-cm or 20-inch/

51-cm work path


Built to be the best

• Incredibly durable,

dependable, and powerful

• Rugged, polished cast

aluminum motor mount and


• Heavy-duty 1 or 1.5 HP


• 11:1 planetary gear drive

• Structural foam pad driver

• 17-inch/34-cm or 20-inch/

51-cm work path

Galaxy Series

Durable and economical

• Durable, chrome-plated

base and handle for

extended life

• Ergonomic handle

adjustment and cord release

• 1 or 1.5 HP, 66-frame motor

• 300 DS model operates at

300 RPM to polish/spray

buff or at 180 RPM to scrub

wet strip

• 17-inch/34-cm or 20-inch/

51-cm work path


NSS sweepers keep your facility looking its best—inside

and out. Built for long life, each model is easy to use

and maneuverable. Three sweepers are available to clean

any application or floor surface, including hard floors and


Choose the Manta RS 36 ride-on to sweep large areas

quickly. The Sidewinder 27 MB is compact battery-powered

walk-behind sweeper, ideal for large areas. Replace your

push broom with the Sidewinder 27 and sweep five times


Sidewinder 27

Versatile and economical

• Increases productivity—up

to 5 times faster than a push


• 27-inch/69-cm workpath

• 1.4 cu ft/40-l easily

removable hopper

• Durable and lightweight

• Use indoors or outdoors on

carpet or hard surfaces,

even in damp conditions

Advantage NSS

Manta RS 36

Ride-on efficiency


• Sweep large areas quickly,

indoors or outdoors

• 37.4-inch/95-cm total workpath

• Huge 3 cu ft/85-l hopper

• Heavy-duty 0.5 HP drive motor

for speeds up to 3.5 MPH

• Two 12V, 145 AH batteries

provide up to 2.5 hours


• On-board battery charger

simplifies recharging

Sidewinder 27 MB



• Battery-powered brushes provide

for a highly maneuverable


• 27.5-inch/70-cm total workpath

• Large, 11.3 gal dry /43-l hopper

• 12V, 115 AH battery provides

hours of continuous operation

• On-board battery charger

recharges anywhere a plug

is available

NSS has always been driven by the belief that

the act of cleaning should “do no harm” to

our customer-operators or the environment.

The features of our

“human engineered”

products protect the

health and safety of

the operator. Durability,

longevity, and flexibility

are designed into every piece of NSS

equipment. Because our products are built

to last, you’ll find NSS equipment hard at

work for years—and even decades—after

competitors’ products have failed and made

the trip to a landfill.

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Wet/Dry Vacuums

NSS offers three lines of wet/drys to provide options

for any need and budget. Choose from the extreme

performance BP Rangers, the affordable Colts, or the

economical Designers. All are versatile machines, handy

for jobs ranging from dry spill pickup to stripping solution


The latest addition to the NSS line is the versatile, cordless

Colt 800 PB. This battery-powered wet/dry is ideal for use

in occupied areas, for stripper recovery, or anywhere an

electrical outlet is unavailable. It’s a great machine!

Standard on all BP Ranger and Colt models, NSS’s

patented noise reduction system means quiet operation

without diminishing vacuum performance. All BP Rangers

and most Colt models have a tip-dispose base. Optional

front mount squeegees, available on all BP Rangers and

Colts, dramatically boost productivity. For enhanced IAQ,

a HEPA filter is available on most Colt models and the

Designer 16.

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ADD: Front mount


Boost productivity and


• Recovers liquid up to four

times faster than using a hose

and squeegee tool

• Ideal when stripping large

areas or drying flooded floors

• Toe-operated squeegee leaves

a clear path

• Available on BP Ranger and

Colt models as well as the

Designer 16

BP Ranger

Unmatched performance

and durability

• Powerful 2 HP bypasscooled

vacuum motor

• 50% more waterlift and

5 to 10 times longer life than

typical wet/drys

• Patented noise reduction

system assures quiet

operation—65 dBA

• 12.5-gal/48-l stainless steel

or 14.5 gal/55-l rotocast

polyethylene tip-dispose


• Customize with tool kit sold


Colt 1250 S / 1450 P

Affordable high


• Powerful 1.23 HP bypass

cooled vacuum motor

• Patented noise reduction

system assures quiet

operation—only 62 dBA

• 12.5-gal/48-l stainless steel

or 14.5 gal/55-l rotocast

polyethylene tank

• Tip-dispose tank for easy


• Customize with tool kit sold


ADD: HEPA Filtration

Further enhance IAQ

• Removes particles as

small as 0.3 microns at

99.997 percent efficiency for

maximum Indoor Air Quality

• Ideal for healthcare,

restaurants, and hospitality


• Available on Colt 800 PB,

1250 S, and 1450 P models

Colt 800 PB

Clean up anytime,

anywhere—wet or dry!

• Cordless design eliminates

trip/fall accident risk

• Quiet—as low as 62 dBA

• 0.75 HP, 3-stage vacuum motor

• 8-gal/30-l tip-dispose tank

• Two 12V, 115 AH batteries

and on-board battery charger

• Built-in tool caddy

• Ideal for wet entryways,

flooded floors, stripper pickup,

and occupied areas

• Customize with tool kit sold


Designer 16

Strong suction, big value

• Dual 1.23 HP, 2-stage bypasstype

motors provide strong


• 16-gal/61-l wet recovery


• Non-corrosive, dent-proof,

blow-molded polyethylene


• Easy transport base for moving

up and down stairs

• Includes 10-piece wet/dry

tool kit

Designer 4

Economical and versatile

• 1.23 HP, 2-stage bypass-type

motor provides strong suction

• 4-gal/15-l wet recovery


• Stainless steel tank for long life

• Lightweight—only 19 lbs.

• 4-caster base for


• Includes 7-piece wet/dry tool kit

Advantage NSS

NSS has engineered a unique

system to muffle vacuum noise,

leveraging the benefits of

roto-molding. To quiet the

motor on the BP Rangers

and Colts, suction air

(black arrows) is squeezed

through narrow openings

and released into larger

chambers within the

powerhead—much like a car’s

exhaust system.

Colt 800 P

Compact, affordable


A separate stream of clean, fresh air (red

arrows) cools the motor, protecting it from

moisture and debris.


• Powerful 1.23 HP bypass-cooled

vacuum motor

• Quiet operation—just 62 dBA

• 8-gal/30-l rotocast polyethylene

tank for long life

• Drain plug for easy emptying

• Front-mount squeegee optional

• Customize with tool kit sold


Designer 7

Solid, economical performer

• 1.23 HP, 2-stage bypass-type

motor provides strong suction

• 7-gal/26-l wet recovery capacity

• Non-corrosive, dent-proof, blowmolded

polyethylene tank

• Includes a standard 10-piece

wet/dry tool kit

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Carpet Vacuums

NSS carpet vacuums have earned a reputation for great

performance, reliability, and long life. The legendary Model

M-1 “Pig” ® —the most productive, most durable and most

versatile vacuum available—remains a classic after decades

on the market. It has the power to thoroughly and safely

clean areas up to 25 feet in the air. That means your staff

keeps their feet on the ground and off of ladders, a true

safety benefit.

The Pacer 30 is the commercial industry standard in widearea

vacuums, period. The Pacer two-motor uprights are

easy to use and provide superior cleaning power. The

lightweight, ergonomic Pacer 112/115 UE models have set

a new quality standard in single-motor uprights, a product

category dominated by mediocre, unreliable machines.

For superior productivity when spot vacuuming, choose

the cordless Pacer PB, the only PacVac designed from the

beginning to be battery-powered. With NiMH batteries

and a patented instant trigger, the Pacer PB will run up to

2 hours on a charge, covering up to 30,000 square feet per

hour. Sound incredible? It is. Thanks to its quiet operation,

the Pacer PB is ideal for use in healthcare facilities, 24/7

operations, and for cleaning occupied areas, day or night.

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Pacer 214 / 218 UE

Powerful, easy operation

• Dual motors—one each for

suction and brush—for

maximum vacuum


• Automatic shut-off protects

brush motor if jammed

• On-board attachments and

built-in wand for detail


• 3-stage filtration for great IAQ

• Available in 14-inch/36-cm and

18-inch/46-cm widths

Hose and tools

sold separately

Model M-1 “Pig”

Legendary durability—

only from NSS!

• 1.5 HP bypass-cooled motor

provides incredible suction

• Extra large 12-gal/53-l

debris filter bag

• “Scrap trap” collects nails

and other large debris

• Cleans up to 25 ft overhead

without the risks of ladders

• Ideal for continuous-duty

cleaning applications

including construction


• 7-year limited warranty

Pacer 30

The wide-area standard

• 30-inch/76-cm work path

• Powerful dual 1-HP vacuum

motors for cleaning muscle

• Quiet—only 69 dBA

• Maneuverable for easy


• Simple adjustment for

different carpet pile heights

• HEPA filter assembly


Pacer 112 / 115 UE


• Powerful 1.5 HP motor

and chevron-style brush for

thorough cleaning

• Lightweight, ergonomic

design for operator comfort

• Easy, dust-free bag changes

• Reliable mechanical clutch

disconnects brush if jammed

• Detachable suction tube

makes clearing clogs simple

• Available in 12-inch/30-cm

and 15-inch/38-cm widths

• HEPA filter standard

Pacer PB

Supercharge your

vacuum process!

• Unrivaled spot vacuuming

productivity—up to

30,000 sq ft per hour

• 0.5 HP, 2-stage, 24V motor

• Quiet—only 65 dBA—for

use anytime

• Ergonomic harness for

operator comfort

• 3-stage bagless filtration

system assures great IAQ

• 1-2 hours runtime per set of

NiMH batteries

Designer Dry

Economical light-duty


• 1.23 HP motor for maximum

cleaning performance

• 4 gal/17-l of debris capacity

• Exceptionally quiet—69 dBA

• Convenient top-carry handle

• 8-piece accessory kit


How fast do you want to clean?

5,000 ft2 465 m2 10,000 ft

Model M-1 “Pig”

with 16-in carpet tool


929 m2 Pacer 214/218 UE

Pacer 112/115 UE

0 ft2 0 m2 *Based on one hour of cleaning time.

15,000 ft2 1,394 m2 Advantage NSS

Pacer 30

Outlaw B/V

The Pacer PB uses powerful Nickel Metal

Hydride (NiMH) batteries.

This is 21 st Century

technology—the same

battery chemistry used

in the latest hybrid cars.

Uniquely comfortable

• Triangular body design maintains

suction as bag fills

• 2-stage, flow-through motor

The distinction is dramatic. NiMH

batteries have up to twice the charge

densities of lead acid batteries. That means

more power and greater productivity—1 to

2 hours runtime from each set of batteries.

Since a Pacer PB can cover up to 30,000 sq ft

per hour, the payback is undeniable!


• Comfortable and lightweight

just 10 lbs/4.5 kg

• Adjustable for right- or left-hand


• 400 cycle model available for use

in aircraft

Choose your NSS vacuum.

20,000 ft2 1,858 m2 Pacer PB (Spot Vacuuming)

25,000 ft2 2,323 m2 30,000 ft 2

2,787 m 2

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Carpet Extractors

NSS extractors keep your carpets looking their best. There

is a machine to meet every carpet cleaning need, each

constructed for maximum performance, durability, and

long life.

The Pony 20 SCA, Stallion 12 SC, and Stallion 8SC selfcontained

extractors are the choice for fast, effective

cleaning. These NSS automatics complete your job in half

the time of a tank extractor. Their tank-over-tank design

improves sight lines and keeps the machines balanced from

job start to finish. Both machines can be used with optional

upholstery and stair cleaning tools and a 3-jet wand.

The Predator CX 300 HP is NSS’s deluxe, dual pressure hot

water tank unit. Four additional models of Predator tank

extractors let you choose hot- or cold-water cleaning in two

different size units. The handy Predator CX3 features a third

tank for clean rinse water. For floor applications to ceiling

applications, the Aero plus dryer speeds drying time by as

much as 50 percent.

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Stallion 8SC

Maneuverable, compact


• 16-inch/41-cm cleaning path

• 8-gal/30-l solution and

recovery tanks

• 100 PSI solution pump

cleans deep

• Powerful 3-stage vacuum

motor with float shut-off

• Floating brush automatically

adjusts to different carpet

pile heights

CRI approval for

Predator CX 300HP

Pony 20 SCA

Powerful, large area


• 22-inch/56-cm cleaning path

• 20-gal/76-l solution and

recovery tanks

• 100 PSI solution pump for

deep cleaning

• Powerful 3-stage vacuum

motor with float shut-off

• Variable speed propulsion


• Built-in spray wand

Stallion 12 SC

Excellent mid-size


• 18-inch/46-cm cleaning path

• 12-gal/45.5-l solution and

dual 6-gal recovery tanks

• 100 PSI solution pump

cleans deep

• Powerful 3.5 HP, 2-stage

vacuum motor

• Low-flow solution switch

uses less water, conserving

water without sacrificing


12-Gallon Predators

Three high-performers

• 12-gal/45-l solution and

recovery tanks

• CX 300HP features

adjustable pressure—75 PSI

and 300 PSI, a 3-stage 2 HP

vacuum motor, and a heating

element for 212° F/100° C


• Predator 150 models deep

clean with a 150 PSI pump and

dual 2-stage 1.25 HP vacuum


• CXH 150 includes a heating

element; CXC 150 uses cold



8-Gallon Predators

Powerful and


• 8-gal/30-l solution and

recovery tanks

• 100 PSI pump powers

solution deep into the nap

• Dual 2-stage 1.25 HP

vacuum motors

• Solid-state circuitry for

trouble-free operation

• CXH 100 includes a heating

element; CXC 100 uses cold


Predator CX3

Spots away!

• Rugged three-tank carpet


• Dual 1-gal/3.8-l solution

tanks—separate solution and

rinse water

• 2.5-gal/9-l detachable

recovery tank

• 55 PSI pump for penetrating

stubborn spills

• Also ideal for upholstery and

car detailing

Aero Plus

Faster drying—floor to


• Three speeds for up to 2500


• Three positions for floors,

walls, or ceilings

• Reduces drying times by up

to 50 percent

• Durable rotocast

polyethylene body

• Stacks three high for greater

airflow and efficient storage

• Use for drying carpets, bare

floors, upholstered furniture,

and ceilings

NSS’s AquaForce pressure washers include hand-carry models,

cart electrics, gasoline-powered, and large diesel-fired units.

Each is an exceptional value providing power, ease of use, and


1500A and 1500 AHT

Electric hand-carry pressure

washer – cold and hot

water models

• 2 HP electric motor

• 1500 PSI of water pressure

• Delivers 2 gal/7.5 l per


• Ground fault interrupter for

operator safety

• 1500 AHT model accepts

water up to 180 degrees F

1000MX and


Electric pressure washer

with cart – cold and hot

water models

• 1000 PSI of water pressure

• Delivers 2.2 gal/8 l per


• 1000MX features dual

chemical injection for tough


• 1000MXDE features a

powerful CAT pump; accepts

water up to 180 degrees F


Electric diesel-fired

pressure washer –

hot water

• Uses conventional electric

power (120V, 20 amp circuit),

diesel-fueled heating coil

• 1450 PSI of water pressure

• Delivers 3.5 gal/13 l per


• 5-gallon fuel tank

• Thermal relief valve



Gas-powered mobile pressure

washer – cold water

• 6.5 HP Honda gas engine

• 2500 PSI of water pressure

• Delivers 3.2 gal/12 l per minute

• 3-gallon /11-l chemical tank

• Thermal relief valve


Electric pressure washer

with cart – cold water

• 2 HP motor

• 1450 PSI of water pressure

• Delivers 2 gal/7.6 l per minute

• Dual chemical injection


Gas-powered mobile

pressure washer – cold


• 5 HP Honda gas engine

• 2000 PSI of water pressure

• Axial pump delivers 3 gal/

11.4 l per minute

• 3-gal chemical injection tank

• Insulated trigger gun, wand

and 40-foot hose included


Gas diesel-fired pressure

washer – hot water

• 13-HP gasoline engine, diesel or

kerosene-fueled heating coil

• 5-gal/19-l removable fuel tank

• 3000 PSI of water pressure

• Delivers 4-gal/15-l per minute

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Tools & Accessories

Like our machines, NSS tools and accessories are abuseresistant

and built to last. Attention to detail, functionality,

and user-friendly operation are hallmarks of our wide array of

tools. Our offering is extensive—you will find unique tools for

specialty applications that can’t be found anywhere else.

Just pick up an NSS tool—feel its heft in your hands—to

see the quality difference. In fact, many of our tools are

formed with cast-aluminum bodies and brass fittings and


A key feature of NSS tools is their curved uniflow design,

which maximizes airflow and pick-up. Our attention to

ergonomic principles means that NSS tools are designed for

safe and efficient use.

At NSS, we have over 25 tool kits designed to meet different

customer needs. Wet or dry, for ceilings, walls, or floors, we

have a the right kit to help you get your job done more easily,

more quickly, and more safely.

We have confidence in our tools. That’s why many are backed

by a 10-year warranty, which speaks volumes about their life

expectancy and quality of construction.

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Gulper Tool

Pipe, Wall, and

Shelf Brushes

Bare Floor Tool Kit

Floor & Lite High-Up Kit

Carpet Tools

Extended Length Wand

Squeegee/Bristle Flip Tool

Super Flex Vacuum Hose

NSS ® Enterprises, Inc. Limited Warranty


Effective for machines purchased after May 1, 2008.

NSS Enterprises, Inc. (NSS) warrants its new machines against defects in material and workmanship under normal use, service and

maintenance (defined in the NSS Operation and Maintenance Manuals) for the warranty period as detailed below. This warranty is limited to

machines and products that are purchased from an NSS Authorized Distributor or directly from NSS and is limited to the original end-user. Under this

warranty, NSS will repair or replace, at its option, any covered part which is found defective in material or workmanship during the applicable warranty

term. This repair or replacement shall only be performed by an NSS Authorized Distributor or Service Center. All shipping charges for replacement

parts or repaired machines will be the responsibility of the original end-user. When requested, machines and/or parts must be returned to NSS for

inspection to obtain this warranty. NSS reserves the right for final determination of warranty coverage.

The start date of this warranty is the purchase date by the original end-user from an NSS Authorized Distributor or directly from NSS, subject to proof

of purchase. If proof of purchase is not available, the warranty begins six months from the date the machine was shipped from the factory. Parts

repaired or replaced under this warranty are warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period. When covered, a maximum of 4 hours travel

time will be allowed. When out of the continental USA, Labor, Freight and Travel may have different considerations.

NSS will not be liable for any other or additional damages, including but not limited to indirect or special consequential damages arising out of or in

connection with the furnishing, performance, use or inability to use the machine. The buyer agrees and understands that the remedies provided under

this limited warranty are the sole and exclusive remedies available to the buyer. NSS reserves the right to change its warranty policy without notice.

This warranty shall not apply to:

1. Damage incurred during shipment.

2. Any product that has been subject to misuse, abuse, negligence, overloading or accident.

3. Improperly used products or use of the product for other than its intended purpose.

4. Failures due to lack of mandatory maintenance as described in NSS Operation and Maintenance Manuals, Videotapes and/or Wall Charts.

(e.g., lack of scheduled lubrication or inadequate flushing of chemical solutions.)

5. Any machine modified from its original design (unless authorized by NSS) or repair services performed by non-authorized service centers.

6. Damage or failure resulting from the use of corrosive or incompatible chemicals.

7. Replacement of ordinary wear items including but not limited to: bumpers, belts, carbon motor brushes, electrical components exposed to

moisture, filter bags, hoses, casters, wheels, gaskets, seals, cords, circuit breakers, switches, check valves, solenoids, pumps, squeegee

blades, M-1 fans and fan hoods, and shoes on NSS manufactured cast aluminum tools.

Product Parts Labor Travel Exceptions

Polyethylene Roto-Molded Tanks & Components 10 Years 1 Year 6 Months

NSS Manufactured Cast Aluminum Tools 10 Years 1 Year Does not include shoes

Tools and Accessories 1 Year

On-board Battery Chargers 2 Years 1 Year 6 Months

Batteries 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year Battery mfr’s warranty, contact NSS for referral

Service Parts for out-of-warranty machines 90 Days


Champ and Wrangler Series 3 Years 1 Year 6 Months


Charger 2500 & 1500 (cord electric) 7 Years 1 Year 6 Months

Charger 2716, 2717 and 2022 (battery) 3 Years 1 Year 6 Months

Mustang 1500 3 Years 1 Year

Commander (Propane) 3 Years 1 Year 6 Months 2 Years parts on Engine, Battery, Fuel System

Floor Machines

Thoroughbred Series 7 Years 1 Year 6 Months 1 Year parts for machines with additional weights

Maverick, Mustang, and Galaxy Series 3 Years 1 Year


Manta RS 36, Sidewinder Series 1 Year 1 Year 6 Months travel for Manta RS 36

Wet/Dry Vacuums

BP Ranger Series 7 Years 1 Year 6 Months

Colt Series 3 Years 1 Year

Designer Series 1 Year 1 Year

Carpet Vacuums

Model M1 “Pig” 7 Years 1 Year 6 Months

Pacer 30, Outlaw B/V, Pacer PB 3 Years 1 Year 1 Year parts on Pacer PB Battery Charger

Pacer 112/115 UE 2 Years 1 Year Includes Belt

Pacer 214/218 UE 1 Year 1 Year 2 Years parts on Motors and PC Board

Carpet Extractors, Spotters and Dryers

Pony 20 SCA, Stallion 8 SC, Stallion 12 SC 3 Years 1 Year

Aero Plus 3 Years 1 Year

Predator Series 1 Year 1 Year

Pressure Washers

AquaForce Series 1 Year 1 Year

If a problem with NSS equipment develops during the warranty period, first contact your NSS Authorized Distributor or Service Center.

NSS Enterprises, Inc., 3115 Frenchmens Road, Toledo, Ohio 43607-2958 USA (419) 531-2121 Warranty Sheet #9090034 Rev 05/08

NSS European Distribution Centre, Unit 11, Pinfold Trading Estate, 55 Nottingham Road, Stapleford, Nottingham NG9 8AD England (44) 0115 939 1568

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Here’s How To Schedule a Demonstration, Place an Order, or Get More Information

To schedule a demonstration at your facility, or to place an order for NSS equipment,

contact your local NSS Distributor. To find the distributor nearest you, please

call NSS at 800-677-1663.

NSS®, Wrangler®, and “Pig”® are registered trademarks of

NSS Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved.

Twister is a trademark of HTC, Inc. All rights reserved.

Appearance and specifications of machines are subject to

change without notice.

Availability of specific product models varies by country.

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