2012 Summer - Valley of the Sun Jewish Community Center


2012 Summer - Valley of the Sun Jewish Community Center


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July/August 2012 • Volume 10, Issue 4

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Open House

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Jewish Community Fair

August 12 | 11 am - 2 pm

Our Jewish Community Fair is a great way to see the JCC in action and check out Jewish

life in the Valley of the Sun. Representatives from local synagogues, Jewish agencies, schools

and groups will be ready to answer questions about all our community has to offer.

Try out one of our new...

• Group Fitness Classes: 8:30 am - 12:30 pm

• Active Adult Brunch: 10 - 11 am

FREE and open to the community. Call the

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Code: AE01 | Sponsored by:

• Volunteer Appreciation: 10 - 11 am

• Family Fun: 11 am - 2 pm

Kids Activities • Face Painting • Bouncies • Fun

Special one day offer -

10% off program registration*

*Applies to new program registrations and payments made on August 12, 2012. Some exclusions apply.

May not be combined with any other offers or promotions. Valid August 12, 2012 only.

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4 Letter from the

President & CEO

4 New Members

5 Mickey Lit Reading


12 Spotlight on the J

Your JCC Staff

6 Club J

15 Tributes

17 J Perks

16 Members of

the Month

President & CEO

Stuart Wachs | ext. 1101


Debbie Siebels CFO | ext. 1210

Marcia Fiedler Bookkeeper | ext. 1207

Sylvia Quiroz Accounts Payable | ext. 1116

Sami Wade Accounts Receivable | ext. 1209


Alisa B. Chatinsky Development Director | ext. 1203

Nancy Cooper H/R Director | ext. 1217

Harriet Colan Office Manager | ext. 1213

Joyce Horowitz Executive Secretary | ext. 1226


Nicole La Cour Graphic Designer | ext. 1286

Lili Zrihen Web & Social Media Specialist | ext. 1122


Suzanne Swift Program Director | ext. 1201

Adult Services

Erin Searle Adult Services Director | ext. 1205


7 Taglit-Birthright Israel Trip

10 Why We Give - The Kurs

Course Listings

9 Fitness & Group Fitness

13 Adult Programs

14 Aquatics

480.483.7121 Cover Picture: Megan Narde

Early Childhood Center

Deena Boone ECE Co-Director | ext. 1705

Dani Hibert ECE Co-Director | ext. 1706

Fitness, Aquatics & Membership

Dae Williams Fitness & Aquatics Director | ext. 1278

Lisa Robins Group Fitness Director | ext. 1281

Lisa Owens Membership Sales Director | ext. 1287

Cynthia Lupiloff Habonim Concierge | ext. 1290

Susan Ference Membership Coordinator | ext. 1291

Israel Center

Tamar Farber Israel Center Director | ext. 1109

Sports & Recreation

Anthony Petterson Sports & Rec. Director | ext. 1280

Alex Sachs Youth Sports & Maccabi Delegation Head | ext. 1703

Youth & Camping

Deborah Winegarden Youth & Camping Co-Director | ext. 1276

Mitch Cohen Youth & Camping Co-Director | ext. 1277

Laura Taylor Youth & Camping Office Manager | ext. 1275

Scholarships Available for

all Youth Programs

Regardless of faith or ethnicity.

Call Cynthia Lupiloff at ext. 1290

for more information.

Volume 10, Issue 4


July/August 2012

JCC Centerline is published three

times per year by The Valley of the

Sun Jewish Community Center.

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Valley of the Sun Jewish

Community Center

12701 N. Scottsdale Rd., Ste 203,

Scottsdale, AZ 85254

www.vosjcc.org 3

Hope your summer is off to a great start.

When I was getting ready to move down

to Phoenix everyone said “Just wait for the

summer, it is so hot!” I have to say I am enjoying the heat so far and

it definitely beats the humidity in Minnesota or other cities I have

lived in. Summer at the JCC is off to a “hot” start with Day Camp

starting up, 40 young adults are attending our Taglit-Birthright Israel

Trip, preparation for the JCC Golf Tournament Fore the Kids is getting

underway and members such as our June member of the month John

McCombs are keeping in great shape and enjoying the facilities.

I am privileged to have come on board as the new President & CEO

of the Association and of your JCC. My first three months have been

incredible. I have found this to be a very welcoming community.

Thanks so much to all of those that have welcomed me and wished me

the best of luck; it has meant a lot to me.

This summer also brings some planning and changes as we look

to continuously improve our programs, service delivery and most

importantly the experiences you have every time you come to the JCC.

I am very excited to be part of the renaissance of our JCC and Jewish

community. My vision for the JCC is an organization which provides

experiences that enrich the lives of our members, participants and

community. My first focus will be on building a solid foundation from

which we can springboard our growth and fulfill our mission. During

the coming months we will be evaluating our departments looking at the

services we provide, the manner in which we provide them and creating

strategic plans to move ourselves forward in a manner of excellence.

I look forward to seeing you around the J and working with many of

you as we head down this new exciting chapter in the JCC’s and our

Jewish community’s life. To be truly successful in serving the needs of

our community, inspiring life balance and creating vibrant pathways

for Jewish life will take all of us. As is said in Peirke Avot – “It is not

your duty to complete the work, but neither are you excused from it”.

I am fortunate to have a great staff and wonderful board leadership.

Please refer your friends and neighbors to join the JCC, please make

your annual gift to the JCC to help us serve the community and please

come and enjoy all your JCC has to offer. Thank you for your past

commitment to the JCC, for your future participation and for being a

valued part of our family.


Stuart Wachs,

President & CEO


Jewish Community


President & CEO


new members

April 2012

Judy & Robert Bass

Michelle Breit

Hillary & Daniel Burns

David Davidoff

Sean Deacon

Susan Engelson

Omer Falach

Shaouli Falach

Joshua Farrington

Karla Fathing

Kathy & Jay Friedman

Candice & Mark Gimbel

Tyler Griffin

Nancy Harbin

Joanne Howden

Natalie & Mordechay Iskhakov

Lisa Rose & Christie Jacques

Adam & Vanessa Jaffe

Joshua & Heidi Kaplan

Warren Kaplan

Steven & Vicky Absalom Kaufman

Rina & Thomas Kim

Erik & Sarah Larson

Jackie & David Lester

Clare & Kun Feng Lin

Jill & Nicholas McCabe

Tom & Meri Moffett

Sherry Moore

Aimet Morales

Stephen & Scott Murphey

Randi Orchard

Parker Pushor

David & Linda Schnitzer

Cindy & Jeffrey Schweikert

Susan Silver

Michael Silverberg

Kathy & Ken Grant Trainor

Rhoda Waisel

Rob Wax

Marc & Andrea Weingel

May 2012

Arielle Abed

Chris Arnold

Andrew Bart

Alon & May Bohm & family

Wendy & Matt Chandross & family

Ryan Christensen

Alina Chu

Kim Cohen

Jordan Darling

Kimberly DeClue, Richard Ferris

& family

Hilary & Douglas Cooper & family

Dylan Courtney

Dawn Hamberg, Alan Davis & family

Jordan Dunatov

Tamar Elkabats, Aharon Zarger

& family

Danny Fossey

Adam Arkeils & Dorit Futerman

Suzanne Graham & Family

Allison Goozh, Zach Wagner & family

Audrey & Amiel Greenberg

Thomas Hale

Troy & Tabitha Harling & family

Eric Hatch

Todd & Karen Herzog & family

Tim & Tammy Hirsch & family

Angela & Jeremy Kisner & family

Ilanit & Daniel Levitin & family

Jacqueline Mast

Austin Moore

Derek Nalette

Elizabeth & Shawn Naughton

& family

Kim & Mark Neidich

Parthavi & Pratik Patel & family

Shawn Perona

Brandon Reyes

Herman Scheller

David & Linda Schnitzer & family

Lynn Schumacher

Bridgette & Matthew

Shay & family

Barbara Shelley

Kevin Sherrill

Thomas Simpson

Laurie Steen

Travis Steiner

Stephen & Vicki Wallach

Brandon Welner

June 2012

Jennifer & Matthew Ain

Ali Asayesh

Jon Basha

Priyanka & Raj Menon Bhargava

Erika & Jacob Brown

Limor & David Caspi

Anna & Donell Chimonas

Tracy Cohen

Lindsay Cohen

Martin Corpus

Jason Diamond

Tia Diamontopoulos

Wendy & Mel Dryman

Tessa Gittleman

Paul & Sandi Goldstein

Ashley Hall

Jody Hanover

Carmen & Luis Hashimoto

Amanda Hays

Cynthia & Tayler Heath

Sarah & Charles McHugh Hemmati

Julissa Herrera

Loni Hill

Lambeth Hochwald

Connor Huntington

Kelly Huntington

Cory Irvine

Patricia Johnson

Angela & Erik Josephs

Leonora Ketyer

Ronda & Sheldon Kottle

Jeremy Lerner

Liam Levinson

Sharon & Joe Luber

Cliff Marg

Danielle Markovitz

Justin Markowitz

Sarah Crow & James McCabe

Roslyn & Jack Met

Danny Nelson

Brad & Tammar Pasternak

Nancy Pollinger

Shelly Post

Jessica Roberts

Aliza & Paul Rosenberg

Gabrielle Rozio

Emily & Todd Schwedt

Dereck Shrader

Dan Shtutman

Amber Nann & Frank Shulman

Gennaro Silvestro

Kathy & Paul Simmonds

Nancy Sneirson

Lanni Solochek

Kelly & Robert Titus

Ellen Tourine

Steven Tuchman

Nolan Weinstein

Jamie & Tim Willson

Mickey Lit Reading Corner

Seven years ago the Early Childhood Center dedicated

the Mickey Lit Reading Corner in memory of Mickey

Lit, a JCC preschool teacher for more than 28 years.

During Mickey’s years of teaching, she touched so many

lives. Children that were in her classroom many years ago

are now sending their children to the J.

The Ungar family in particular has now enrolled their

children in the preschool. On their first day back in

August, Suzanne Ungar walked by the reading Corner

and immediately recognized Mickey’s name and beloved

painted giraffe in the library. She shared her experience

with co-director, Dani Hibert, As we passed the Mickey

Lit Reading Corner, it made me feel at ease, knowing that I

remember my wonderful preschool experience, and know that

my son Emmett will be given the best here. Suzanne also

remembered Mickey reading to her, I have fond memories

of her voice, particularly of her reading to us at story time.

In addition to Mickey Lit leaving such a profound

impact on her students throughout the years, she also

left the school some of her teaching tools and books.

Recently, Marla Geser, Ethical Start coordinator, came

across a box of Mickey’s items and found beautiful

hand drawings representing some of the Jewish

holidays. Marla stated I wanted to preserve the drawings

and showcase them to the children and parents for years

to come. The Early Childhood Center has now framed

the work and they are on display in the hallways of the


Mickey was a valued and treasured teacher and the

Early Childhood Center would like to thank Mickey

for all of her hard work and dedication through out the

years. Truly it is amazing that one teacher can have such

an impact on past and future generations.

the Parenting Place

workshops • safety programs • parenting lounge & more!

Come Play With Us! Visit our indoor Parenting Place and hang out with your children.

www.vosjcc.org 5


Children & Club J = Peace Of Mind!

Summer Camp 2012

We have something for Everyone!

Sports Camp

Itty Bitty TM Sports Camp

Gymnastics Camp

Cooking Camp

Performing Arts Camp

Strong Girls Camp

Mad Science Camp

Lego Camp

Live, Grow &

form Lifelong


it all starts


Register today. Call Shemesh Day Camp 480.634.4949 or Kochavim Day Camp 480.659.7769.

Give your children a summer experience that they will never forget!

Choosing the right afterschool program is more than simply finding

a safe place for your children when the school day ends. It means

finding a place where your child can have fun while being creative and

actively engaged in activities that encourage new friendships, learning

experiences and opportunities for personal growth. You want to find a

place where your child is listened to, treated with care, respected and

where they want to come to hang out with friends and learn.

Club J at the JCC offers all of this and more. We provide a quality

afterschool program that offers unique and exciting opportunities for

children in grades K - 5 in a comfortable and nurturing environment.

Through the leadership of dedicated staff, Club J participants are treated

to afternoons of fun and games while still completing their homework.

As noted by Club J mom Susan, “Club J continues to bring me so much

peace knowing that my children are secure and safe. They both have so much

fun. I have always said to anyone who is in need of an aftercare program to

consider Club J. Every time I come to pick my children up from Club J, I

can see in their smiling faces what a wonderful afternoon they have had and

that they enjoyed interacting with your staff. Everyday it seems that the time

they have spent at Club J has made a difference in their world! This is a gift

to our family and for that I will be forever grateful.”

As you can see, Club J makes a huge impact in the lives of children everyday. We are

committed to fostering a child’s growth and development in a place where a kid can be a kid.

For more information on Club J please contact

Deborah Winegarden or Mitch Cohen at 480.634.4949.

Tennis Camp

Basketball Camp

& More!

Desert Boogie 2012

Living Energy presents the 8th Annual Back to School

Bash for Valley 5th - 7th graders including music,

dancing, fun, snacks and prizes! Parents’ lounge hosted

by our sponsors is free to parent’s of attendees.

Tickets: $10 in advance, $15 at the door

Purchase advance tickets online | www.desertboogie.com.

Advance ticket sales close on Friday, September 7, 9 pm

Questions: info@livingenergy.com or call


Sponsored by:

Jewish Youth




Sunday, September 9

6:30 - 8:30 pm

at the JCC

A Gift of a Lifetime

Highlights of the Phoenix Community Taglit-Birthright Israel Trip: June 10 - 21, 2012

On Sunday, June 10, fourty young adults gathered at the Los Angeles

International Terminal, anxious and excited for a trip of a lifetime! I,

Erin Searle, Director of Adult Services & Cultural Arts, along with

Tamar Farber, Director of the Israel Center, were about to travel 15

hours with 40 Jewish young adults to the Holy Land, the Land of Milk

and Honey, Eretz Yisrael.

The gift of a Taglit-Birthright Israel trip is an invaluable gift for those

who are lucky to receive it. A combination of funds from the Israeli

Government, individual donors and philanthropists and local Jewish

communities worldwide, including the Jewish Community Association,

contribute to Taglit-Birthright Israel in order for it to be possible to send

thousands of young Jews to Israel each year. Each Taglit-Birthright Israel

trip is coordinated by a trip organizer; this year’s Phoenix community trip

was coordinated by Kenes-Awesome Israel. A fairly new player in the Taglit

world as a trip organizer, having run trips for about three seasons thus far,

they arranged a comprehensive itinerary that was both fun and educational.

As we toured the land of Israel, we breathed the air of our ancestors,

touched the walls of Jerusalem, wrote notes to place in the Kotel (Western

Wall), and tasted the unique flavors of the Land of Israel. The journey

around Israel first took our group to the South where we had a Bedouin

experience inclusive of dinner in Bedouin tents, desert camel riding and

an overnight under the stars. While waking up early in the morning is

usually not a highlight for many young adults, this group was excited to

wake up and hike Masada the very next day. After floating in the Dead

Sea (did you know it is the lowest place on earth?) the group was ready to

see what other parts of Israel had in store for them.

The next few days took our bus North where we experienced the

beauty of the Golan Heights, kayaked on the Hasbani River and had

our mifgash, or encounter, with our Israeli soldiers. The soldiers joined

our bus for about four days, where they participated in programming

just like the Americans and thus, the American participants were able

to meet and connect with Israelis their own age. The experiences and

sharing between the Israelis and Americans were among some of the

most indescribably beautiful parts of the trip. The learning, exchange of

information and connections that were developed will be the memories

that many remember for their lifetime.

Driving into Jerusalem and stopping to say the Shehecheyanu blessing (the

blessing that celebrates special occasions) was a very spiritual and emotional

experience for many of us this summer. Being in Jerusalem for the first time

in your life, after hearing about it in Hebrew School for years was exciting and

unbelievable for many of our participants. Seeing the sunset across the Jerusalem

stone, it was evident that Jerusalem really is the City of Gold, “Yerushalaim

shel Zahav.” From the happiness and joy found in Jerusalem, there is also the

sadness that comes from visiting Yad Va’shem, literally meaning hand and name,

which is the name of the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Israel, as well as

Mt. Herzl, the final resting place of Israeli dignitaries and fallen soldiers. The

exploration between history and memory is a vital part of the Taglit-Birthright

Israel experience. The impact of the Holocaust has on Israeli society and culture

is important to understand when learning about our homeland. The final day

of our journey was spent in Tel Aviv. We visited Independence Hall – where we

had the opportunity to sit in the exact same seats as the leaders and dignitaries

who sat and heard the declaration of the State of Israel on May 14, 1948.

As it is stated on the Taglit-Birthright Israel website: The trip aims to strengthen

participants’ Jewish identity; to build an understanding, friendship and lasting

bond with the land and people of Israel; and to reinforce the solidarity of the

Jewish people worldwide. It is undeniably evident that this trip does exactly

that and more. Our group first met on May 2nd for an orientation session and

one participant said “am I crazy for travelling to a foreign country with 39

strangers?” And while everyone else laughed it off nervously, I knew that they

had no idea how close they would get on the trip. While the trip is only 10

days long, the bonds and connections formed – from the airplane flight to the

bus rides, sharing a camel hump together, and emotions at the Kotel (Western

Wall), this group of young adults from Phoenix were unquestionably no

longer strangers.

As we return “home” from our homeland, our participants reflect on their

journey of a lifetime. Memories they will never forget, and experiences that

they will tell their friends and family in hopes of keeping those memories alive

forever. While the Taglit-Birthright Israel experience is over for this group, the

journey and exploration of their Judaism continues.

Taglit-Birthright Israel received an allocation for 2012 from the Jewish Comminity Association and the Israel Overseas Council.

www.vosjcc.org 7

John C. Lincoln Healthcare

& RBC Wealth Management

Lead the Summer Camp Scholarship Fund

The JCC was

recently awarded

two, $5000

scholarships to help

our kids.

The John C. Lincoln

Health Foundation

grant provides

scholarships for

Shemesh day campers and opens up a world of opportunity. Many of

our scholarship recipients would be spending their days home alone

if not for the generosity of John C. Lincoln employee giving program

Lincoln GIVES.

Our friend Allan Flader of Flader Wealth Consulting Group helped

us garner a $5000 grant from its parent corporation RBC Wealth

Management to use towards camp and Club J afterschool program


Your gift puts the smile on the face of a youngster and provides a

strong Jewish connection and brings hundreds of children together

to learn, explore, laugh, be entertained and feel inspired.


In addition, the following individuals made a gift to the Robert

Gottschalk Memorial Scholarship Fund to assist with camp and

preschool scholarships.

Allan & Sharon Bulman

Paul & Flo Eckstein

Richard Epstein &

Judy Ackerman

Michael Feinstein

David Frazer

Terry Gentill Koosed

Selma Glass

David & Naomi Goodell

Mark Gotfried

Irving & Reesa Gottschalk

Clarence & Adeline Gould

Jonathan & Rachel Hoffer

Pam Kaplan

Michael Lanes

Terri Leon

Kenneth & Jill Leshin

Gregory & Sandra Meyerson

Leonard & Phyllis Miller

Harold & Phyllis Morgan

Mike & Stacy Moskowitz

Steven & Diane Ozer

Herman & Vivian Rosen

Al & Fran Sachs

Joel & Mary Shapiro

Paula Sherman

Kristen Smolensky

Errol & Berry Sweet

Jay & Gail Weiss

As of 6-21-2012

Please join these businesses and individuals and make a gift today!

Visit www.vosjcc.org/donate.

Luxury Senior Living in Scottsdale

Abundance of

Things to Do...

Between weekly live entertainment, Sunday

Brunch, daily movie in our dedicated movie

theater, writing workshops, museum trips,

poker games or sitting down with a group

of friends by the pool –– your toughest

decision will be how to fit it all in!

independent living & assisted living NO BUY-IN!

TOUR TODAY! Call (480) 451-1800

11415 N. 114th Street in Scottsdale, AZ


Fitness & Group Fitness

STOTT Reformer

Pilates Small Group Training

Group Classes | 1 - 5 participants

Pilates Punch Card Choose your card and

design your schedule.

4 pack: M: $80 NM: $100 Code: SW0019

8 pack: M: $150 NM: $170 Code: SW0020

12 pack: M: $195 NM: $225 Code: SW0021

Drop-In Rate: M: $30 NM: $40

STOTT Reformer

Private Pilates Training | In the Pilates Studio

60 - Min Session M NM Code

1 Session $65 $90 SW0502P

3 Pack $193 $270 SW0503P

6 Pack $363 $540 SW0504P

Private 360 Tower Training,

Dance & Sports Specific Training

with Gaby Banuet

30 minutes M NM Code

1 Session $39 $50 SW0025

6 Sessions $200 $280 SW0026

60 minutes M NM Code

1 Session $65 $90 SW0028

6 Sessions $363 $540 SW0029

Junior Private/ Duet Reformer,

360 Tower, Dance & Sports

Specific Training

Junior Private | Under 18 | 1 Session

M: $59 NM: $79 Code: SW0065 Junior

Duet 2 participants | Under 18 | 1 Session

M: $40/pp NM: $79/pp Code: SW0066

WOW – Women On Weights

Tuesdays & Thursdays | 10:30 am | 12 classes

Dates Codes

May 8 - June 14 | 12MAY SW0024

June 19 - July 26 | 12JUN SW0024

M: $145 NM: $290 Drop-in: $16 & $26

JCC Ballet & Dance Center

Gaby’s Principles of Training:

• Stretch & Alignment • Ballet • Dance

• Pilates • Cardio Barre

12 weeks | 1 class/week

M: $90 NM: $100

Junior Kids Ballet

Mondays | 4 - 5 pm

Session 1: April 16 - July 2 Code: SW0031B

Session 2: July 9 - Sept. 24 Code: SW0031A

JCC Cycle Club | Sunday Mornings | 7 am | JCC parking lot

Meet at the JCC every Sunday for early rides. Club developed by members looking to improve

their technique, while sharing their passion and dedication for cycling. Free to Members

For full class descriptions please refer to the Summer 2012 Program Guide.

For information call: Fitness: Dae Williams ext. 1278 or e-mail

dwilliams@jewishphoenix.org Group Fitness: Lisa Robins ext. 1281 or e-mail lisar@vosjcc.org

Adult Ballet

Mondays | 5 - 6 pm

Session 1: April 16 - July 2 Code: SW0033B

Session 2: July 9 - Sept. 24 Code: SW0033A

Personal Training

Private Sessions Members only.

60 minutes Fee Code

1 $65 SW0502

3 $193 SW0503

6 $363 SW0504

30 minutes Fee Code

1 $39 SW0526

3 $110 SW0527

6 $200 SW0528

Buddy Sessions

60 minutes Fee Per Person Code

1 $48 SW0508

3 $136 SW0509

6 $262 SW0510

30 minutes Fee Per Person Code

1 $24 SW0560

3 $68 SW0561

6 $131 SW0562

Small Group Sessions (min. 3/max. 5)

60 minutes Fee Per Group Code

8 $800 SW066

12 $1,150 SW067

Teen Personal Training

19 years or younger. Members only.

Private Sessions

60 minutes Fee Code

1 $42 SW0512

3 $126 SW0513

6 $252 SW0514

30 minutes Fee Code

1 $21 SW0534

3 $63 SW0535

6 $126 SW0536

Buddy Teen Sessions

60 minutes Fee Per Person Code

1 $40 SW0516

3 $120 SW0517

6 $240 SW0518

30 minutes Fee Per Person Code

1 $20 SW0530

3 $60 SW0531

6 $120 SW0532

Yoga Personal Training

Whether you are interested in Candle Light,

Hip Hop, or Restorative Yoga, we have the

class for you. Members only. 20 years & older.

Private Sessions

60 minutes Fee Code

1 $65 SW0502Y

3 $193 SW0503Y

6 $363 SW0504Y

Buddy Sessions

60 minutes Fee Per Person Code

1 $48 SW0508Y

3 $136 SW0509Y

6 $262

Group Training

The Group Fitness Movement Studio is now

open, offering cutting-edge fitness programs.

• Suspension Training on TRX

• Gliding • Ballet Barre

• Dance Intensive Training

• Pilates Floor Work and Stretching

• Beaming ** STOTT Reformer Training --

exclusively available in the Pilates Studio**


Reserve your beam at the Welcome Desk.

Free to members—check offerings on current

Group Fitness schedule.

TRX Suspension Training

Giving you a complete full body, training.

30-min. workout. Register at the Welcome Desk.

Sessions M NM Code

1 $15 $20 SW0048A

6 $72 $110 SW0048B

12 $120 $195 SW0048C


July | Stretch & Massage Month


Stretch & Release Master

Class with Sue

Sunday, July 22 | 10:30 am | Social Hall

With a deep concern for helping people move

through daily life, this 45-minute class will help

create more energy, eliminate pain and release

excess tension as it balances the body. All

fitness levels encouraged!

www.vosjcc.org 9

Why We Give - The Kurs

It’s all in the Family! by


There is a Hasidic saying,

“Everyone should carefully

observe which way his

heart draws him, and

then choose that way with

all his strength.” This is

certainly the case with

the Kur family, Kimberly,

Norm and boys Brian (9)

and Ethan (7), who, over

the years, have immersed

themselves in Jewish giving.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, it was Kimberly’s

parents who encouraged her to get involved in the

Jewish Federation. Kimberly recalls, “I immediately felt

plugged in. I felt that sense of community, belonging

and warmth that appealed to me.” It was a different

feeling from the secular community work she had

done previously, having deferred law school to work

for a national activist organization focused on ending

homelessness and poverty.

During Kimberly and Norm’s courtship, Kimberly

continued to take on new challenges as a board member

of the Young Leader Council of the Philadelphia

Federation. Soon after, Norm’s employment brought

them to Arizona, where the Jewish Federation of Greater

Phoenix immediately engaged Kimberly and Norm

in local causes. Norm supported Kimberly in all her

leadership roles, and as she became more involved, he

learned by osmosis. Kimberly and Norm participated

in many national and regional young leadership

conferences, and Kimberly served on UJC’s National

Young Leadership Cabinet. All the while Kimberly

continued to assume new positions first as a member

of the Federation’s Young Leadership Division Board

and later the Women’s Philanthropy Board. By 2009,

Kimberly was involved in full-time work, synagogue

and the Federation, not to mention, raising two young

boys. She was presented with the amazing opportunity

to become a Wexner Fellow that year and participated

with Norm in two of the summer institutes and engaged

in an intensive two-year course of study with 19 cohorts.

When it was time to complete the program with a mission

to Israel, Norm stayed behind to help their oldest son

Alisa B. Chatinsky

JCC Director of


transition through his first overnight camp experience, but

was none-the-less inspired by the program and Kimberly’s

dedication to the Jewish community and Israel.

In 2010, Kimberly joined the Valley of the Sun Jewish

Community Center board of directors. It was an easy

transition because of the family’s involvement in the JCC

since day one. “The J is our kids’ home away from home,”

Kimberly explained. “The boys have been involved in

almost every youth program which has given them a

positive sense of self and the community,” she added.

Brian shared that his favorite time at the JCC was “the

alone time I get when mom and dad work out.” Brian also

enjoys taking karate with Noel Washington every Tuesday

and Thursday, while brother Ethan loves to play basketball.

The boys have great pride in seeing their name listed as

donors—for the original campus campaign, as charter

members of the JCC and their picture on the Wall of

Honor for Habonim Society donors. Kimberly and Norm

have instilled the responsibility to give back. Brian and

Ethan have a share/save/spend allocation process for their

allowance to teach them tzedakah. They also participate

as a family in donorschoose.org, an online charity to

connect people to classrooms in need. Brian explained,

“Some people need more than us. It’s fun to give.” The

boys are also participating in tamhui, which stems from

a medieval practice when Jews donated to a community

collection plate, and those in need could take from

the collection. At Congregation Or Chadash Religious

School, they are designating portions of the collection for

donation to five worthy charitable organizations.

The Kur family is dedicated to the success of the new

Jewish Community Association and the JCC. Kimberly

is a member of the Association board of directors, and

Norm, in addition to serving on the finance committee

of their synagogue, serves on the JCC’s youth sports

committee. They believe the Association is critical to

building a welcoming, vibrant and sustainable Jewish

community that strategically allocates resources to

positively impact the lives of those in need. Drawn

through the passion in Kimberly’s heart and Norm’s

unwavering support, the entire family has been guided

to Jewish philanthropy—strengthening our community,

improving lives and teaching tzedakah.

Support the J

with Your Annual Gift

Help ensure financial stability and continuity for the future of our Jewish community with your annual gift.

Scholarship Society | $10,000 +

The Crystal Family Foundation

Judith & Robert* Gottschalk & Family

Platinum Members | $7,500 - $9,999

Donna & Joel Kramer Family

Dottie & Murray Goodman

Kathy & David Tinkelman Family

Debra Berkowitz, Gary Weiss & Family

Gold Members | $4,000 - $7,499

The Shirley Bielsky* Family

Jean & Harold* Grossman Foundation

Suzanne & Steven Hilton & Family

Brooke & James Levy, Family Donor Fund

Stacy, Bill, Samantha & Gabrielle Richman

Fran & Al Sachs

Penny & Robert Sarver & Family

Sara, Bob, Adam & Jeffrey Silver

Benée Hilton-Spiegel &

Jay Spiegel Families

Irit, Jonathan & Maya Tratt

Silver Members | $2,000 - $3,999

Sandy & Edward Adler

Yvette & Steven Arnold

Candy & Joel Arthur

Dan, Tiffani, Dylan, Emily & Riley Bachus

Cindy & Adam Brooks & Family

Dr. Yoon Cohen & Mr. Scott Cohen

Amanda & Brian Donarski & Family

Theresa & Arthur Ehrenreich

Alison, Michael, Nora, Sadie &

Joshua Feinberg

Brenda, Jim, Megan & Courtney Fried

Lois & David Goldman

Stephanie & Adam Goodman

Helen & Steve Gubin

Anita & Jerome Gutkin

Susan & Jonathan Harris Family

Shari & Irwin Kanefsky

Rich Kasper & Julia Rosen Family

Kimberly & Norman Kur & Family

Karen & Franklin Lewkowitz

Phyllis & Len Miller

Stephanie, Jeff, Ethan & Ella Mindlin

Mintz-Delgado Family

Colette & Benjamin Myers Family

Karen, Rob, Arielle & Maia Nagle

Diane, Steve, Danny & Jackie Ozer

Elisa, Jonathan & Hailey Pinkus

Jennifer & John Rawicz & Family

Leiba & Danny Schwartz

Shannon, Matthew, Zachary

& Samantha Sonder

Suzanne & Richard Swift & Family

Mary & Larry Trachtenberg

Donna & Rudy Troisi & Family

Susan & Bill Levine

Sheila Schwartz

Barbara & Barry Zemel

Nancy Waldman & Andrew Filipowicz & Family

Stuart Wachs Family

Gayle & Jay Weiss

Jill & Lee Weiss

Ann & Ted Zinman

Matanah Society | $600 - $1,999

Vicki and Howard Cabot

Sheila Corwin

Peg & Neil Hiller

Esther Sue & Robert Karatz

Elaine & Michael Kates

Sue Jaffee & Neal Kurn

Sondra & William Myers

Evelyn & Bob Patterson

Joel Price & Judy Sussman

Robert Roos

Morton Scult

Julee Landau Shahon

* of blessed memory

New Society Members

For more information contact Alisa Chatinsky ext. 1203.

www.vosjcc.org 11

Spotlight on the J

Yom Ha’Zikaron

The social hall was packed for the Yom Ha’Zikaron ceremony in honor of

Israel’s Memorial Day for fallen soldiers. The crowd which included many

teens from Hebrew High experienced a meaningful and emotional event

and connected to one of Israel’s most sacred days. Several members of the

community participated in the ceremony and spoke about their personal

experiences. Mr. Eyal Lev spoke about his cousins, two brothers from the

same family that both fell in defense of the State of Israel and described some

of the emotions that his bereaved family members have experienced. Among

the many volunteers who took part in the ceremony were several teens that

sang or played an instrument. Some of these teens have recently received

Grossman Israel Experience scholarships for a trip to Israel and they chose

to give back through volunteering on Yom Ha’Zikaron.

Yom Ha’Atzmaut

Over 2,000 people attended Israel at 64-

Celebrating the Arts while enjoying the many

activities, performances and fun atmosphere.

School children from across the Valley came

to the JCC with a purpose – either to perform

songs that they had been rehearsing in class or

to see their art work displayed in the building.

Children enjoyed many educational workshops;

including “green screen” photography where

they could chose their favorite location in Israel

and take a picture of themselves there. The Yuval

Ron Trio had the audience up on their feet dancing in circles to the tunes

of well known Israeli-Yemenite songs. Many participants who attended the

screening of Israel Inside commented that the movie was both educational

and inspirational and that they would like it screened again. Stay tuned for an

additional screening of Israel Inside in the Fall.

Fitness Expo

For the third consecutive year,

The JCC fitness department

has hosted the 2012 FitnessFest

Conference, April 19 - 22nd , at

our beautiful Campus.

Highlights of the weekend included sweating to Alex McLean’s QiGnition

dance workout, TRX master classes on the gym floor, Master Trainer Brett

Klika’s Body Weight Bootcamp with 90+ participants hooting and hollering,

and of course the sunshine sparkling over the many aqua workshops held at

our beautiful saltwater pool.

A huge applause to YOU, our JCC members, who were gracious, patient

and understanding to allow us to showcase our state-of-the-art facility to

more than 300 fitness professionals from across the country. A special thank

you to the entire FitnessFest staff and volunteers, Amy Abernethy, Dae

Williams, Leah from Levi Café, and our amazing security, maintenance and

housekeeping staff, who without, none of this could be possible.


Women’s Seder

On Thursday March 29 th , over 80 women

participated in the 3 rd Annual Women’s

Seder led by Rabbi Elana Kanter. Rabbi

Kanter led a moving and emotional service,

inclusive of clips of Debbie Friedman and her music. Each woman was

given a tambourine to use as they sang “Miriam’s Song.” Brandeis National

Committee co-sponsored the event, but women who attended were

affiliated with Brandeis, Hadassah, the JCC and many other organizations

in the Valley. The women who attended spanned generations as mothers,

daughters and grandmothers. The event was spiritual, uplifting and joyous.

A time of reflection and thanks, Rabbi Kanter surely inspired the women

who participated in the Seder. It seems as if every woman left excited and

looking forward to next year’s Seder.

Congratulations Pre-K Class of 2012!

Love, the ECC

Flader Wealth Consulting Group

2398 E. Camelback Rd.,

Ste. 700

Phoenix, AZ 85016

(602) 381-5388

(866) 697-6958


Committed to the Well-Being of

Our Clients and Our Communities

As one of the nation’s leading investment and wealth

management boutiques, there is a lot RBC Wealth

Management can do to help enhance your financial

well-being. And like you, we are glad to provide

volunteer and financial support to worthy causes that

make the Phoenix area a better place to live and work.



© 2011 RBC Wealth Management, a division of

RBC Capital Markets, LLC, Member NYSE/FINRA/SIPC.

11-PH-495_3.54x4.78 Create ad.indd 1 12/20/11 11:53 AM

J Gallery

Yom HaShoah –

Community Days of


April 16th - 22nd was the Community Days of

Remembrance commemorating the Holocaust.

This year was especially meaningful as we honored

WWII veterans. There was an art exhibit during

the week displaying vintage photographs of WWII

veterans with their stories of the war. We watched

the movie, The Rescuers, generously brought to us

by Margery and Peter Arnold. The documentary

traces the journey of Stephanie Nyombayire, a

young Rwandan anti-genocide activist who connects

with Sir Martin Gilbert, the renowned Holocaust

historian, to travel across 15 countries and three

continents interviewing survivors and descendants

of the diplomats who rescued tens of thousands of Jews from the unspeakable horrors of the

Nazi death camps. The documentary highlights 15 different non-Jewish diplomats, some

even involved with the Nazi party, who risked their lives to save thousands of Jewish people.

While Nyombayire embarks upon this quest in an effort to uncover potential solutions for

the ongoing genocide in Darfur, what develops from her journey with Gilbert demonstrates

the ways in which the inherent good of the human spirit can surpass institutional evil no

matter what the circumstance may be.

On the actual day of Yom HaShoah, Thursday April 19th , we held a 12-hour Reading of

the Names, where volunteers representing different synagogues and groups from across the

Valley volunteered their time to read names of victims who perished in the Holocaust. There

was a short ceremony where Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane and Stuart Wachs, CEO of the

Jewish Community Association spoke. During this ceremony participants read poems and

prayers honoring Jewish War Veterans and commemorating the Holocaust. The community

was invited to listen to Harry Adler speak about his story as a German Jewish refugee who

returned to Europe as an American G.I. He met his wife, Ella Adler, a Holocaust survivor

while serving in the Army. He told his story and those in attendance were lucky to hear him

speak about his life and the lessons he learned from the Holocaust. The day culminated in

the community wide Yom HaShoah Commemoration, hosted by Congregation Beth Israel.

Over 500 people attended the event. The lessons of the Holocaust remembered each year, are

applicable to every generation, and every person – Jewish or non-Jewish…we must remember

the atrocities and learn from them, just as Nyombayire did in the documentary The Rescuers.

Look for Upcoming Artists

The inaugural year of the JGallery was off to a great

start. Karen Bell-Zinn, Freddie Lieberman and Lee

Zoloto all had the opportunity to exhibit their art

over the past few months. While the gallery is taking

a break this summer, it will start up the beginning

of September. Be on the look out for fabulous new

artist exhibits starting this Fall!

The JGallery provides space for local Jewish artists to

display their work. Proceeds benefit both the artist

as well as the JCC.

For more information about upcoming artists or to apply

for an exhibition, contact Erin Searle, erins@vosjcc.org.

Adult Programs

Let’s Talk: A Current Events

Discussion Group with Lee K.

Monthly | 1st Wednesday | 1:30 - 3 pm

Join Lee as he facilitates a stimulating

discussion of the events of the week.

Drop-in at the J

June 6 | August 1


Please Note: No July meeting

Mature Mavens Dinners

Monthly | 3 rd Thursday | 5 pm

Meet up with friends and socialize over

dinner. Dinner is separate checks.

Reservations required by calling the JCC.

Date Location Code

July 19 Olive Garden



August 16 Paradise Bakery ACS4

Doubletree Ranch Rd/Scottsdale Rd

NEW Widowed Community

Support Group

Weekly | Thursdays | 6 - 8 pm | at the JCC


Meet and talk with other individuals who have lost a

spouse. Contact Jim Schwartz for more information:


www.vosjcc.org 13


JCC Minnows Youth Swim Lessons

Group Swim Lessons Saturdays & Sundays • 6 Months - 12 years

This innovative program brought to you by the JCC will provide children with the foundation for swimming while making them

“swim safe.” Group classes are a 4:1 ratio per instructor, ensuring that each swimmer is given individual focus.

Level One Beginning Swimmers

Sat 10 - 10:30 am SA00GS1A | Sat & Sun 10 - 10:30 am SA00GS1A1

Level Two Advanced Swimmers

Sat 10:30 - 11 am SA00GS2B | Sat & Sun 10:30 - 11 am SA00GS2B2

Tots & Water | Saturdays & Sundays • 6 Months - 3 years

Tots & Water is a unique parent/tot program that focuses on safety, motor skill

development and swimming. The class consists of up to five swimmers and

parents. The child learns through song, parent/tot interaction, games and

one-on-one time with the instructor.

Sat 11 am - 11:30 am SA00GS3A1 & SA00GS3A2

11 am - 11:30 am SA00GS3B1& SA00GS3B2

Pre-registration is required. Ages 6 months to 36 months may participate. Inquire at the Welcome Desk.

Camelback Coaching Elite

Masters Teen/Adult

If you need a break in the middle of the day

what better way to spend your lunch hour

than with an aquatic work out.

Instructor: Anne Wilson

Mon, Wed, Fri: Noon - 1 pm

M: $50 NM: $75

To register, call Anne Wilson 480.363.3867.

Competitive Swim Lessons

Logos Work With Type Treatment for Printing with Applications (omit Grey Boxes)

one of our technique coaches to

see how far the proper stroke can take you.

Sessions M NM Code

6 $155 $215 SA00PCST6

Aquatics Personal Training

Participate in high intensity swimming,

weight training and cardiovascular testing.

60 minute sessions

Sessions M NM Code

6 $363 $426 SA0504

30 minute sessions

Sessions M NM Code

6 $200 $252 SA0528

Deep Water Aerobics

Members Only.

Focus on cardio conditioning, improved

flexibility, strength, endurance and

balance. All fitness levels welcome.

Sunday - Friday: 8 - 9 am

M: Free Code: SA0002

Developmental & Competitive Swim Team Program

Ages 5 - 18 | Ages 5 - 9 | 8:30 - 9:15 am | Ages 9/10 & Over | 9:15 - 10:15 am

Swimmers must be able to swim 25 yards freestyle and backstroke to join our entry level

developmental group.

All groups, including highly competitive groups require an evaluation for group placement.

Fees, practices days and times vary depending on group placement and practice choices.

Monthly fee is paid to the JCC. Additional annual registration fees for all swimmers are

payable to Swim Neptune. Additional monthly fees payable to Swim Neptune may apply to

swimmers in the competitive program, including USA Swimming meet entry fees.

Classes missed due to summer vacation plans do not preclude participation. If you miss

one or more weeks of swim team you can make up each week with a week of clinic for free

or pay for additional weeks.

Clinics: After summer season, our weekly stroke clinics run for 6 weeks.

Contact: Helen at Swim Neptune 480.695.0667. Registration forms are available at the

Welcome Desk.

New, Lower Prices for

Group Lessons!

M: $80 per month: 1 time per week

$150 per month: 2 times per week

NM: $160 per month: 1 time per week

$320 per month: 2 times per week

Call or stop in for details about our new

Program Rate option for non members.

Program Rate: $115/month: 1 time per week

$230/month: 2 times per week

Shallow Water Aerobics

Members Only

Class offers strength training and

cardiovascular benefits with zero gravity

impact. Buoyant equipment provided.

Daily: 9 - 10 am M: Free Code: SA0002

Swim Lessons - All Ages

Swim lessons are available for children and

adults year-round in our heated pool.

Private Swim Lessons

30 minute sessions

Sessions M Code

1 $32 SA0017

3 $85 SA0018

6 $155 SA0019

Fun Day Sundays

11 am - 2 pm

Every Sunday, the JCC aquatics

staff hosts Fun Day Sundays with

games, prizes, a water slide and

fun for the entire family. Ice cold

lemonade is served pool-side to

help beat the heat of summer.


To: Susan & Steve Ference

Mazel Tov on the marriage of your son


Suzanne & Richard Swift

To: Sandi Feuer & Family

In loving memory of Ronni.

Cynthia & Steve Lupiloff

To: The Slepian Family

Mazel Tov on Scott’s Bar Mitzvah.

Cynthia & Steve Lupiloff

To: Abe Weinstein

In honor of your 95th Birthday.

Marlene & Norm Bogen, Dorothy

& Robert Bramoweth, Joan & Jon

Goldberg, June & Ron Goldman, Laura

& Ron Miller, Lev Pompushko & Sandra

Ruskin, Sylvia & Eugene Sands, David

Kahn & Lynne Sklar

To: Dr. Sidney Zuber

With best wishes for a speedy and

complete recovery.

Shari & Irwin Kanefsky

To: Howard Cabot

With best wishes for a speedy and

complete recovery.

Shari & Irwin Kanefsky

To: The Mindlin Family

In memory of Paul Steinman.

Sharon, Matthew, Zachary &

Samantha Sonder

To: Andrew & Brenda Gorman

& Family

In memory of Ruth Geisler your beloved


Sharon, Matthew, Zachary &

Samantha Sonder

To: Patti Evans

In memory of your beloved Father.

Suzanne & Richard Swift

To: Anita Gutkin

Mazel Tov on your Bat Mitzvah.

Leonard Frankel, Fran & Al Sachs

To: The ECE Co-Directors & Staff

You are wonderful!

Alison & Michael Feinberg

To: Shlomit & Seymour Gruber

Mazel Tov on the birth of your

daughter Sivan.

Suzanne & Richard Swift

To: Elaine & David Hirsch

In memory of your beloved Father.

Suzanne & Richard Swift

To: Robin & David Seitz

Mazel Tov on your son Brian’s Bar


Suzanne & Richard Swift

To: Ron Burton Family

In loving memory of Ron Burton.

Elaine & Joel Bernick

Congratulations JCC

on 60 years of making us all feel that


14850 N Scottsdale Road, Suite 155

Scottsdale, AZ 85254



Raymond James &

Associates, Inc.

To: Marie Siegel

In memory of your beloved Son Dr.

Robert Siegel.

David Kahn, Marilyn & Ray Steinberg

To: Rana Schwartz

In honor of your Special Birthday.

Paula & Larry Schleicher

To: Rabbi Micah & Michelle Caplan

Mazel Tov on Brianah’s Bat Mitzvah.

To: Andrea & Scott Quen

In beloved Memory of your Father.

Susan & Steve Ference

To: Tina Firetag

In loving memory of Jules Firetag’s


Dan, Danielle & Julia Feinblum

To: Randi & Alan Jablin

Mazel Tov on your marriage.

Shari & Irwin Kanefsky

Make a


• Birthdays

• Weddings

• Anniversaries

• Bar Mitzvahs

• Get Well

• In Memoriam

Your tribute helps

support the JCC and

is a lovely way to

show you care



or call ext. 1213

The 4 th Annual JCC

Scottsdale Firecracker Triathlon

& Duathlon

Will be held Sunday, July 8 th at 5:30 am.

Register online at trifamilyracing.com

www.vosjcc.org 15

Members of the Month

June John McCombs - A JCC Fit Dad

John has been an active member since August

2004. He and his wife Robin, are parents to 4

beautiful, athletic children. John has made

fitness a priority his entire life.

My goal is to live forever or die trying! Fitness

helps me maintain an active life style and I hate

to think of what my health would be if I didn’t work out.

Congratulations John!

July Sheila Berkowitz - A JCC Fit Grandmother

For more than four decades, Sheila has made

fitness a priority in her life. Originally from

Elizabeth, New Jersey, Sheila has continued her

fitness regime in sunny Scottsdale, with husband

Bob, and calls the JCC her home for fitness.

Sheila’s secret to her wellness success is making fitness a part of her daily

life. I truly feel tired and listless when I miss a workout.

Sheila’s future goals and ambitions are to stay healthy, vibrant and fit.

She strives to be an inspiration to her grandchildren.

Sheila’s advice to fellow JCC members... “It takes 21 days to make a

lifestyle change a habit… Do what feels good to you!”

Congratulations Sheila! Thank you for being an inspiration to us all.

Quinoa Pizza Bites


1 cup uncooked quinoa

2 large eggs

1 cup chopped onion

1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese

2 teaspoons minced garlic

1/2 cup fresh basil, chopped

(or 2 tablespoons dried)

1/2 cup cherry tomatoes, diced

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon paprika

1 teaspoon dried oregano

Pizza sauce for dipping


Place the quinoa and two cups of water in a covered pot. Bring to

boil and then simmer for 20 minutes or until quinoa is tender.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Mix all ingredients, except pizza sauce, in a medium mixing bowl.

Distribute mixture into a greased mini muffin tin, filling each cup to the

top (one heaping tablespoon each), and press down gently to compact.

Bake for 15 to 20 minutes. Cool for 10 minutes before removing

from the pan. Serve warm with sauce for dipping. Sourced by: Fitsugar.com


Our JCC Membership


We know that it is hard to improve on

a good thing, but we’ve added more

value to your JCC membership. As a

thank you to our members, the VOSJCC

is pleased to present these discounts

and special offers from participating

local businesses in our community.

To take advantage of these discounts,

show your valid JCC membership card

at the time of purchase.

For more information on how to become a

J Perks Member call Lisa Owens at

480.634.4909 ext. 1287 or

e-mail at, lisao@vosjcc.org


Avy Merovitz

Avydal Shaved Ice

10% off hourly event rate. 602.421.3707

Benjamin Caldarelli

Benjamin College Consulting LLC

Free initial consultation


Jill Leshin

The Traveling Tutor LLC

50% off diagnostic reading evaluation


Ora Kurland

Ora Kurland Tutoring

Free consultation for tutoring services



Michelle Brown

Joint Health Fitness

10% off initial session or series


Aaron Shuster

Sunrider International

10% off products



David Owens

David Owens Farmers Insurance

$10 gift card for every referral or

insurance quote 480.277.6081

Jeff Lewis

Carry A Smile Flipbook

10% Discount for JCC Members


Jacque La Cour

Web Design Services

10% Discount for JCC Members


Gregg Bonn

Premier Southwest Insurance


Free insurance evaluation and quote


Robyn D. Young

Robyn D. Young CPA LLC

15% off tax preparation or consulting

services (first engagement only)


Beth Katz

Katz Design Group

Free initial consultation


Gary Zimtbaum,


10% discount on any repair or

upgrade. Flat rate $135 for malware

removal (includes discount) – and we

save your data necessary.


Steve Dietrich

The Logo Man

10% off any promotional products,

5% off printed or embroidered garments


Rudy Troisi

Reliable Background Screening


Randy Brick



www.vosjcc.org 17

Jared Shapiro

Infinity Solutions



Elsa Brett

Reilly’s B & B for Dogs, LLS

10% off boarding fee www.elsabrett.com

Toni Drugmand

Sit Means Sit 10% off dog training

services (not applicable for equipment

or products) www.nomoreleash.com

Real Estate

Sandy Adler

Best Arizona Homes


Sammy Glassman

The Williams Real Estate

Group/Sunbelt Realty

Portion of commission donated to

the JCC upon closing




Foothills Sports Medicine

Rehabilitation to get you back out there!

Located inside the JCC- 2nd floor

Sharon Friendly

Leave No Stone Unturned

10% off earrings, necklaces or bracelets


Bounty Hunter Biltmore

Alli Goozh

25% discount (excluding artwork)



Senior Services

Larry Esrick

Affordable Home

Care Solutions


Visit us online at

www.foothillsrehab.com or call

480.634.4908 for more information.

Sharon O’Keefe

Brookdale Place Paradise Valley

Complimentary dinner for two at

Brookdale Place, Paradise Valley


Foothills Sports Medicine is excited to be

a part of the JCC and proud to introduce

our Physical Therapist Ian Chapple.

Come in for a free injury or

running assessment! Call

480.634.4908 to

schedule today.

We accept most insurances.

“The Therapy helped me tremendously and it was gratifying to

witness the continual progress I made.” -Louise Epperson

Freedom Inn Scottsdale

Assisted Living & Memory Care

Complimentary dinner for two at

Freedom Inn, Scottsdale



Richard Fisher

Peppers Car Service

10% off regular rates



Larry Schleicher

Best Ride Airport Service

5% of each fare donated to the JCC



Available for all

Youth Programs

Regardless of faith or


Call Cynthia Lupiloff

at ext. 1290 for more

information, or e-mail:








(602) 971-0337

July 15 & August 5

5 - 8:30 pm

Adults Only


Make the JCC pool your summer destination.

• Live DJ

• Tiki Bar - First two adult beverages on the house!

• Pool Concierge

Family Pool Party

11 am - 2 pm

Join us July 15 as we

celebrate going green!

For information and to register call Welcome Desk, 480.483.7121 ext. 1230. Free!

The Ramsey Social Justice Foundation Presents

Valley of the Sun JCC 14


in partnership with Young Jewish Phoenix

th Annual

F re

Silverado Golf Club

Sunday, November 11 | 8 am

Contact Harriet Colan

at harrietc@vosjcc.org for

more information.

Benefits children’s

programs & scholarships

Summer Stress?

Unwind with a therapeutic massage at JSpa today!

Summer Special:

Buy 2 one-hour sessions and receive a 3 rd free.

Contact the Welcome Desk for more information.

Discover a Haven

for all Your Senses

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities Available

Contact Alisa Chatinsky at alisac@vosjcc.org or call

480.483.7121 ext. 1203 for more information.

www.vosjcc.org 19

Membership Offer

Try us out for free! Come on in for a 7 day pass on us!

* Offer expires July 31, 2012 • 12 month membership commitment. May not be combined with any other offer. *NEW members only.

Call the Membership office at 480-634-4909 or e-mail, membership@vosjcc.org.

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