Hospitality Happenings Newsletter and Calendar - Oct-Nov-Dec

Hospitality Happenings Newsletter and Calendar - Oct-Nov-Dec

In Touch


Dear Friends:

Even though the

days are still warm,

the unmistakable

feel of fall is in

the air, and with it

comes the excitement

of a new year

of sports, events,

good friends, and

the hustle and bustle

of the students on

campus. It’s a great time of the year and I

always look forward to it.

This issue contains our usual fare of a great

recipe, beverage corner, and the calendar

full of wonderful things to do. In addition,

we have an exciting announcement about

The Dining Room at the Inn, and an article

about some strategies we’re taking to lesson

our carbon footprint even further. It’s a

challenge worth talking about and one that

we are happy to take on. Our Where Are

They Now candidate this time is Rachel

Louie, a fantastic young woman making her

mark in the Washington D.C. market.

Remember to send back your comments and

story ideas. Don’t forget about our delicious

holiday buffets and check out our special

hotel packages for the holiday season. Why

not let our staff help you plan the perfect

Happy Valley getaway? Just let us know

what you want to do, and we’ll make it



Jim Purdum, General Manager


It isn’t easy being green . . . and that’s exactly

how Smiley prefers it.

After 32 years of service to Hospitality, one

would think that Jim Burket would be ready to

slow down, maybe even retire. But this past

July, he was given a new title -- Director of

Facilities -- that will present him with an entirely

new set of mandates. “One thing is for sure,”

he says with a smile, “I’ve never had to step

outside of this organization to be challenged.”

The task this time is to reduce energy cost

enough to recover the full cost of several major

energy conservation projects over the next

several years. “What this means,” Burket says,

“is that we are going to reduce our carbon

footprint as much as possible with less waste

going to the landfill, less water and less energy

used for heating, cooling, and lighting. Everything

is on the table, not just in The Inn and The

Penn Stater but also in dining halls, restaurants,

and other service areas.”

Two years ago, a building-by-building energy

audit was done, and according to Burket,

many issues were revealed. “We found lots of

things that could be improved to save money.

For example, all the light fixtures and bulbs

were replaced and new shower heads and

commodes were installed in every hotel room.

In addition, a new energy management system

for heating and air conditioning was put in

place. Some of the savings come from just

managing our schedules better; that is, not

paying to heat or cool rooms not being used,”

he said.

For this fiscal year, three goals have been set

for Auxiliary and Business Services of which

Hospitality Services is just one department.

continued on page 2

Penn State Hospitality Services

200 West Park Avenue ~ State College, PA 16803

Wine Corner

This issue includes a special lamb recipe from Chef Monk. When it comes to pairing wine with

lamb a few guidelines are appropriate, but ultimately let your palate rule your choice.

Strong red wines are particularly delicious with lamb. Though lamb has a more subtle flavor, it is

a red meat and does pair quite well with red wines.

Your preparation of your cut of lamb will alter the specific wine you need. For example I recommend

a Pinot Noir with a lightly flavored preparation, such as a roast or a steak. Consider

serving a stronger red wine such as Merlot, Syrah or Red Zinfandel with more strongly flavored

dishes. Ethnic dishes with spices, and flavorful herbs and garlic partner well with very strong


My pick for this coffee and cardamom lamb shank is a Casa Marin Syrah from Chile (The Wine

Spectator 92 points). Serve it with any lamb dish and it will be a hit. Why? Lamb has a very

robust and earthy flavor. Syrah is the lamb of wines. It is very earthy and complex flavors will

partner well with the natural flavor of the meat and the rich spices.

So for your next dinner party sit down and relax and let the pairing to us.

The Challenge...continued from page 1

(1) Increasing engagement – getting everyone

involved in the sustainability effort. All staff

will have to do one thing to help the process;

(2) Communicating the mission to all staff and

making them aware of the issues and solutions

as well as making sure everyone is aware of

the progress we’re making and the best

practices in use around the institution; and

(3) Reduce the environmental impact of

printing across the enterprise.

Not the most glamorous, but certainly the

biggest item to take on was the laundry. Penn

State creates four million pounds of laundry

each year . . . FOUR MILLION POUNDS . . .

and cleaning it all is a formidable task. Burket

notes: “We studied the laundry situation

extensively looking for the best way to meet the

needs of the hotels and the other

departments that depend on laundry services.

Ultimately the decision was made to refurbish

some existing equipment and replace older,

less efficient systems and relocate the operations

to The Penn Stater. The reduction in utilities is

projected to be substantial and eliminating trips

from a central facility to the Penn Stater will also

represent a substantial savings.

Steam consumption is another area of focus.

Smiley explains: “You don’t think of steam as

a utility, but we purchase the steam we use for

heating and cooling from Penn State’s West

Campus Power Plant. We’re looking at how

we can use less by verifying and checking our

equipment frequently to be sure it’s working

the way it should; we’re also looking at putting

meters on some equipment to see how it’s being

used and work to minimize consumption which

helps the system serve other campus needs

more efficiently.

—Shad Heim, Certified Hospitality Specialist

An important point to be made, says Burket,

is the fact that after the energy audit, many

projects were identified, but if a project could

not generate a return on the investment, that

project was dropped from consideration. “As

an Auxiliary enterprise, we couldn’t justify

everything,” he says, “but every project that

we decided to do will not only help the

environment but reduce utility bills as well

which makes everyone happy to participate.

It’s really exciting to actually see the positive

results of these major projects.”

Smiley beams

as he talks

about this latest

change in his

career. “It

fits me very

well, and I’m

excited and


about the


This kind

of tough


is exactly what I like

and keeps my job fresh. Literally no two days

in 32 years have ever been the same, and I

really like Jim’s (Purdum) style of leadership.

There’s never a doubt about what he wants

and that’s a good structure for me. We almost

always see eye-to-eye, and if I can make this

work, we’ll all benefit from the savings while

helping the environment at the same time”.

Where Are They Now?


Providing a seamless

visit is what Rachel Louie

strives to do every day

at her job as Conference

Services Manager at the

Monaco, Washington,

D.C. Hotel (A Kimpton

Hotel). “Once a client

books at the hotel, it

becomes my responsibility

to arrange all the details

and to service the group

once they’ve arrived,”

Rachel says. “I work

closely with the front desk,

housekeeping, banquets,

and accounting departments

to iron out any

wrinkles in the planning.”

According to Rachel,

when she began to think

about going to college,

she wanted to be in a

career within which she

could use her passion for

making people feel

important and comfortable.

She notes: “I realized very

early on that these were

huge components of the

hospitality industry, and I

was hooked! The ability

we have as hoteliers to create spectacular

moments for guests is so strong and the satisfaction

that comes from it is indescribable.”

When she first began as a student in the

hospitality curriculum, her ultimate goal

was to become a general manager at an

eco-friendly hotel, but as her college career

expanded, she realized that the industry and

its opportunities are much more vast than

she had originally thought and her aspirations

have now grown. “My Penn State experience

and education helped me grasp the bigger

picture and to realize that the opportunities in

this industry are endless.”

Rachel began at The Penn Stater where she

was a front office intern from January to

August of 2009. She was hired in August

of 2010 to be a front desk agent. “Being in

such a stable and professional setting,” she

notes, “I really developed my professionalism

and was able to create my management

style based on the strong managers I had

as my examples. Also, with so many repeat

guests, I learned how to create connections

and really provide a welcoming environment.”

After graduation in 2011, Rachel was hired

by Kimpton as a manager-in-training. After

training, she became Conference Services

Manager, where she was surprised by the

responsibilities entrusted to her. “I was

surprised by the empowerment I had to

shape my team and my own career,” she

says. “At first I was shocked by the flexibility

I had, but then I began to embrace it. I was

truly able to apply everything I had learned

through my HR&IM classes, my Penn Stater

jobs, and the study abroad in my own way.

These experiences created a phenomenal

platform upon which to start my hospitality


“I have realized,” Rachel adds, “that my

biggest opportunities have been the ones I

didn’t plan for. I strive to always be focused

on advancing my career and developing my

skills, even if it means taking advantage of

an atypical opportunity.”

O C T O B E R 2 0 1 2

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday


Event: Chefs

on Stage


Blue Sky Riders,


Hockey: PSU vs.


Women’s Soccer

vs. Indiana

Concert: Tiesto, Club Life,

College Invasion, www.

Talk: Energy, Security & Stability,

Paterno Library, 4 p.m.



Event: Naturally Concert:

Event: Black

Green: The Journey Ben Taylor


2 3 w/Grace Webers, 4 5 Monster Hunt Benefit, 6


Education: Home

School Day,


In The Mood,

Theater: Sweeney Todd!

(10/16 through 11/2)

Field Hockey:

PSU vs. Bucknell

to Zero Waste,

Concert: Kalichstein-

Laredo-Robinson Trio,

Men’s Soccer vs.

16 Bucknell 17

Education: Home

Women’s Volleyball

10 11 School Day, 12 13 u

Event: Central PA

vs. Purdue

Crossword 14

Event: WeatherFest,

Competition, www.mid-

Event: Dark

Football to

23 in the Park, 24 Grapes with 25 26


Event: Centre

29 Pilobolus Dance Region Trick 31




InnSide News: Chef Monk Steps Into the Driver’s Seat

Andrew Monk has worked in kitchens around the

world. But as The Nittany Lion Inn’s new executive

chef, his focus is all local.

In May, Monk took the reins at The Inn, where he

has served as sous chef for six years. Since being

at The Inn, Monk’s focus has been on introducing

fresh, local ingredients to the existing menus of both

restaurants. “I’m looking forward to the opportunities,

challenges, and possibilities this new position

will give me,” he says, “and seeing what else our

local market can provide.” In addition, Monk feels

that working with local farmers and businesses fits

with Penn State’s mission as a land-grant university.

Transitioning to a more locally focused menu offers

many benefits for The Inn’s restaurants. Monk says

Theater: Doug

Event: Haunted

18 Varone & Dancers, 19 Bog Walk for Kids, 20 21


Football: PSU vs. Northwestern

Event: Meet the Birds of


Concert: Zack

Brown Band,

Men’s Soccer vs. Akron

Discovery Space of Central PA

Theater: Met Opera Live in HD:

13 Event: Way Fruit Farm Fall

Concert: Jodi Benson,

Theater: the Merchant of Venice,


Event: Aaronsburg Dutch Fall Festival

or Treat Night

Event: Fall


Pumpkin Carving,

Gary Eberle,

The Dining Room

Event: Ghosts &

Goblins: Haunted Cave

& Trail,

(10/5 through 10/27)

Event: Ghosts &

Goblins: Haunted Cave

& Trail,

(10/5 through 10/27)

Please note that this is just a sampling of the sporting events,

exhibitions, and activities in the Centre Region. For a

complete listing or information, see calendars on the web

pages or

it supports a healthy culture that addresses some of the

health-related issues facing Americans today. It also

exposes the mind-set to Hotel, Restaurant, and

Institutional Management students who are working

or interning with The Inn.

“We can impact them, and they can carry it on to their

careers,” Monk says. “They are always looking for ways

to keep it fresh. We can lead by example and it spirals


Monk was classically trained at The French Culinary

Institute in New York. His real-world experience came

from service in kitchens in Hawaii, Cannes, Istanbul,

San Francisco, and Lima, but he now calls State College

home and plans to stay.


Event: Bellefonte

Fall Festival/Annual

Black Moshannon, 7 p.m. Halloween Parade

Event: Punkin Chunkin Event: Tussey MountainBack

Festival, Bald Eagle State 50 Mile Run, www.tussey-

Park, noon

Event: Children’s Halloween Trail,

Tour: Beaver Stadium, 865-0044 to book

27 u28

Football: PSU

vs. Ohio State

Event: Costume



Check for great packages!

N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 2

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday



u26 u27 u28 u29 u



Kids Corner,

A Leahy

Family Christmas, 30


Our Kitchen



The Dining Room

Culinary Team

Cardamom and Coffee Lamb


• 5 lbs lamb shank

• 8 cups water or low sodium beef stock

(to cover shank)


• ¼ lb carrots

• ¼ lb celery

• ½ lb onion

• 1 sprig rosemary

• 2 tsp thyme

• 2 cups red wine


• braising liquid (see below)

• separated fat (see below)

• flour

• 2 cardamom pods

• 3 tbls whole coffee beans

• ½ lb tomatoes diced

1. Salt and pepper shanks

2. Add to a thick bottom pan

pre-heated to medium

3. Sear on all sides


1 Volleyball vs. 2

Event: Kids


Women’s Volleyball Event: Golden

Ron Carter Trio,

5 6 Corner,

vs. Illinois

Eagle Day at

7 8 9 10 11

Hawk Mountain,


Bruce Springstein,


Banjo Summit 2,



Concert: Nittany

Valley Symphony,

u u

★ ★




A holiday gift for everyone -

Penn State Hospitality Services

Gift Card. Order today online


Theater: In the Red

Event: Run for Shelter 5K,

& Brown Water,

(11/7 through 11/15) Men’s Hockey vs. Air Force


Wrestling vs.

Football: PSU

13 St. Lawrence 14 15 Lehigh 16 vs. Indiana 17 18

String Quartet,

Event: Kids Corner,

Theater: In the Red

& Brown Water,

(11/7 through 11/15)

u19 u20 u21 u22 23 24 u


Football: PSU vs.


Wisconsin 25

Buffet at The Dining

Women’s Volleyball

Room: 814-865-8590

Thanksgiving Buffet at The

Penn Stater: 814-863-5090

Women’s Volleyball vs.

Ohio State



Event: Birds of Prey,

vs. Michigan State

Women’s Volleyball vs.

Michigan State

4. Add Mir Poix and lightly carmelize

5. Add red wine and reduce by ¾

6. Place in a crock pot set to low with water/

stock just covering for 6-8 hours or until

tender (or) Use sear pan with water/stock,

cover with foil and place in a 325 degree

oven for 2 hours or until tender.

7. Remove Shanks


1. Remove the fat from the braising (cooking

pan/pot) with a ladle and mix with flour

until a paste like consistency forms (AKA

a Roux). This should be about a 1 to 1

ration by weight. Set aside.

2. In remaining braising liquid place coffee

beans and cardamom pods in a tied sachet

(coffee filter or cheese cloth). Simmer

for 20 minutes

3. Wisk Roux into simmering braising liquid

and mix well.

4. Add fresh diced tomatoes and simmer for

another 10 – 15 minutes.

5. Remove sachet. Reheat lamb in sauce if

necessary. Serve.

This dish goes well with rice, potatoes, or late

summer and fall vegetables. Try a farmers’

market eggplant roasted with olive oil.


Theater: Great

Mountain Red Sky


Event: Historic Harvest

Festival, Millbrook

Marsh Nature Center


Robert Liller

Philadelphia, PA

Eita Lee Nurick

Lafayette Hill, PA

Della Cohen

Woodbury, New York

D E C E M B E R 2 0 12

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday






Nittany Valley





All you have to do is fill

out the form below, clip it,

and send it in. We’ll put all

the names in a hat and in

October, November, and

December we’ll choose one

lucky person to enjoy a free

weekend here in the Centre

Region (certain weekend

restrictions may apply).

If you would like to receive

periodic announcements from

us about dining and event

specials, please fill in your

Become a fan of ours on Facebook.

Follow us on Twitter!

Event: Kids Corner, Theater: Tap Dogs, Event: Pearl Harbor Remembrance

4 5 6 Day Tribute, 7 8

10 u11 u12 u13 u14 u15 u

PSU Wrestling

vs. Lock Haven 16

PSU Men’s Hockey

u17 u18 u19 u20 21 22 u23

u24 u


Christmas Day 25

Buffet at The Dining u26 u27 u28 u29 u30


Room: 814–865-8590

Christmas Eve

Buffet at The

Penn Stater: 814-863-5090

Event: First

Night State

College Celebration

e-mail address below. Your e-mail

address will be kept confidential

and will not be used for any other

purpose nor will it be given to

anyone else for any reason.

Comments about our newsletter/

your wine suggestions:





Name (please print)







Clip this coupon and mail to:

Norm Brown

Sales and Marketing

Penn State Hospitality Services

200 West Park Avenue

State College, PA 16803

Event: Wreaths,

Swags & Dried


Men’s Hockey vs.

Arizona State


The Kid,” Tour,


Arlo Guthrie’s 1 “Here Comes 2

Event: Winter Craft Market, Mt. Nittany Middle School


Event: Bellefonte Victorian Christmas,

Event: Festival of Trees, Central PA Institute of Science & Tech, 814-238-8283

vs. Robert Morris


Robert Liller

Philadelphia, PA

Eita Lee Nurick

Lafayette Hill, PA

Della Cohen

Woodbury, New York

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