A system of physical chemistry - Index of


A system of physical chemistry - Index of



For the radial force exerted on an electron by the nucleus and the other

electrons we get—

Denoting the kinetic energy of an electron by T and neglecting the

electro-magnetic forces due to the motion of the electrons, we get on

equating the centrifugal force on an electron to the radial force—

— = -

-5(E esn)


or T = — (E - eSf^.

From this we get for the frequency of rotation—


I /e(E - es,^

The total amount of energy W which must be given to the system

in order to remove the electrons to infinite distances apart from the

nucleus and from each other is—

7tE 97P flP

W = - P - ;?T = -

-(E - - -

es,) (E = -

es,\ --(E = «T .

es,,) (6)

But it is evident at once that in adding up all the terms which go to make up the

above expression we have counted each potential term twice over. Thus, the

potential between i and 3 appears when we are considering electron i by the term

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