A system of physical chemistry - Index of


A system of physical chemistry - Index of


energies lie between € and c + ^e, and whose general velocities of translation

lie between uvw and u + du^ v + dv. iv + dw, as—

C .^ .€>''- ^ .€'(' + '''> I^'^didudvdw . . . (14)

where C is a constant.

As an important particular case, expression (13) reduces for one

internal degree of treedom to—

Bt?-'/*V€ ... (is)

Equation (15) forms the basis of the expression of Marcelin and

Rice for the rate of decomposition of a molecule referred to in Chapter

VI. under the heading " Reaction velocity from the standpoint of the

quantum theory". The expression for the velocity constant on the

basis of statistical mechanics is given by Rice {Brit.

Ass. Report, 1915,

P- 397).

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