A system of physical chemistry - Index of


A system of physical chemistry - Index of



It is evident that the arrangement (3) (2) has the same number of

complexions as the arrangement (2) (3), and that either of these two

arrangements or distributions possesses the maximum number of complexions.

But the number of is complexions identical with the thermodynamic

probability of the particular distribution under consideration.

Either of the systems (3) (2) or (2) (3) possesses the maximum probability.

Either distribution represents therefore the equilibrium distribution.

The distribution (3) (2) or (2) (3) is the most likely

distribution of five letters scattered at random between two squares.

The equilibrium distribution in the above is system ten times m.ore

likely than the distribution (5) (o) or the distribution (o) (5),

for the

latter only possesses one complexion whilst the equiUbrium distribution

possesses ten.

The choice of five letters has somewhat obscured an important

point in that we are led to two distributions of equal maximum

probability. To find a closer analogue to the actual case of molecular

systems containing an enormous number of molecules it is better to

choose as the simplest model the distributions of six letters between

two squares. With this system we have the following distributions

and corresponding complexion-number for each distribution :—

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