A system of physical chemistry - Index of


A system of physical chemistry - Index of



is indicated by the maximum in the intensity curve obtained in measurements

of the amount of energy radiated from a heated body.

In the foregoing we have considered a number of problems, atomic

heats of soHds, molecular heats of gases, and radiation phenomena,

from the point of view of classical statistical mechanics as expressed in

the principle of equipartition of energy between degrees of freedom.

In each case we find that the conclusions arrived at on this basis hold

over a limited region, but fail to give a complete explanation of the

phenomena observed. It is obvious that some additional hypothesis

must be introduced, or rather, we must be prepared to discard the

principle of ^^w/partition and substitute for it some other kind of

partition law. An attempt to do this has been made by Planck in his

quantum hypothesis, which will be discussed in the following chapter.


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