A system of physical chemistry - Index of


A system of physical chemistry - Index of


The agreement between theoretical and observed values is good.

The important point about the diamond, as already remarked, is

that it ceases to have any measurable heat capacity at all for about 40°

above absolute zero. This is in agreement both with the thermo-

dynamic theorem of Nernst and the Einstein theory of specific heat.

We now pass to the consideration of the salts KCl, NaCl, and KBr.

Each of these possesses a single well-defined band in the far infra red

measured experimentally by Rubens. This value has been employed

in the equation. The values of C„ and C/. are mean atomic heats, i.e.

one half the molecular heats.

T Absolute.

KCl. /?oi' =218.

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