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THE material for this dictionary was collected in 1911, from

natives of Awka and Onitsha. The words peculiar to each

locality are indicated by A and 0.

The pronunciation varies considerably even in the same

town, and, amongst other letters, b and p, f and v, g

and k

(to some extent), and o, u, u, are interchangeable. In many

words an intrusive w is sounded after b, p, f, m, etc., and

search should be made, e.g., under bw if a word is not found

under b.

I discovered too late that the middle tone was divided (see

Grammar, p. 194) ; consequently in some cases the tones

shown in the Dictionary will be found to show the rise and

fall of the voice correctly, but not the absolute pitch. In

some cases sentences have been added in which numerals

above the vowels show the rise and fall of the voice in the

sentence but ; the

Dictionary has not been revised


as time did not allow the accumulation of sufficient data in

the form of sentences.

Where two or more alternative tonings are found in my

notes, they have, as a rule, been kept,

information as to which is correct.

in the absence of

Where two vowels come together and one is not elided, the

resulting vowel is very long ; this is sometimes marked by A .

Where two forms of a word are found, one of which has e

where the other has a, the former is Awka, the latter Onitsha.

Words beginning with ng, nk, have been arranged under

ng, nk, though the nasalization is often hardly noticeable.

The vowels (a, e) prefixed to verbs show the formative

vowel (see Grammar) ; lu t U, go show how the perfect is

formed a ; following or , e i following or u are often used


only with the first person singular ;

shown in italics in the English-Ibo part.

these inserted vowels are

Probably all words in gb and kp are pronounced with gft

and kp, but the change has not been made where the latter

form was not in the original note.

If tradition is reliable, the people of Oniea are immigrants

from the west, who were driven across the Niger by the

people of Edo (Benin). I have, however, found no evidence

to point to Benin as their city of origin.

, as in English,

b, a velar b.

b, a b pronounced with closed


c, ch as in church.

x, as German ch in ach.

d, as in English,

d, cerebral d.

f, as in English.

f, bilabial.

g, as in English,

g, postvelar g.

y, soft g as in N. German tag.

h, a strongly aspirated h.

j, as in judge.

k, as in English.

k, postvelar k.

1, as in English.

m, as in English.

ih, explosive, almost like iik.

n, as in English.

a, as in father.

e, as in name.

e, intermediate between e and


e,, , as in let, there.

i, \, as in meet, it.

o, as in so.

o, intermediate between o

and o.




ii, ng, as in singer.

p, as in English.

$, pronounced with closed

glottis (after k).

r, as in English.

r-, trilled r.

s, as in English.

s, cerebral s.

s, as sh.

t, as in English,

t, cerebral t.

t, has something of a th

sound ; it is formed by

putting the tongue against

the upper teeth,

v, as in English.

Y, bilabial v.

w, as in English.

y, as in English,

z, as in English,

z, as zh.


after a vowel signifies abrupt


A below a vowel indicates a

specially long, usually con-

tracted, vowel.

Q, o, as in not, all.

u, intermediate between o

and u.

u, u, as in rule, bull.

For Notes, see Grammar, p. 182.






abandon, v., abwanari li.

abandon, (a) bwaya lu.

abandonment, mbwa'ga.

abbreviation, mbenata, ibQnkQnke, ibgnkpilihpi.

abdomen, re/.

able, be, v., (e) kwe,si.

able, be, v., (e) nwe ike.

abolish, v., (a) SQpue.

abortion, cause, v., (e) kwo ime ; (e) me,bi ; (e)kwopu


about, abwdta, qdika (of numbers),

abrasion, nkoifia.

absent, be, v., (e) niri (0) ; (e) nyiri (A).

absorb, v., (a) mi la ; (a) fula.

abstain from, v., (a) yalie ; (a) rapu.

abuse, inyp qnyinyp (A) ;


abuse, term of (for slave), amudoru (A) ; arnudSzi (0).

abuse, v., (a) kg lu gnu; (a) kgca nkQca (0); (a) si

bulilQ ; (e) sobu0.

accidentally, ntumade.

accompany, v., (e) duje ; (short way), (e) duruka ; (follow),

(e) soje.

accomplish, v., (e) mQzie.

according to, dika, si ten a ka.

account for, v., (a) bwa e,go.

(9850) B 2


accumulate, v., (a) tukpobe,.

accusation, obo (A); e,bubo (0); otutu.

accuse, v., (e) bo lu.

accustomed to, be, v., (a) kwana.

across, n'uf^si, n'ufie.

across, ft vie.

Ada (town), Ada.

Adam's apple, u dene akbili(A); akbo akbli (0),

add money to store, v., (a) gainye, ego.

admire, v. y (a) tua n'aringa.

admissible, nkwgli.

admit, v., (e) kwupute.

admonition, Qb^mba.

adopt, v., ...

(e) tinye na nwa.

advanced, be far, v., (e) jimi go.

advice, gdo.

advice by proverb, inii oku.

advise, v., (a) du gdo ; (a) toa gdo.

affable, ncangu (A); asSla (0).

affirmation, okiiku.

afo day, afo.

afternoon, mbw^de; uruluci.

afterwards, QkBo mQsi.

Agolo (place), Agolo.

agree to do, v., (e) kw^kg qnu.

v., (e) dozie oku.

agree together,

agree with, v., (a) di U (unu) ; (e) k wen ye lu.

aground, be, v., (a) ri U ; run, (a) bwa ri.

alarm, ig'ili, akpalajiji (A); akpajuju (0).

alas, QWO, okokoko.

albino, ainyali.

alike, be, v., (e) yie.

all, era, nca, nine.

alone, yi.

altogether, kglo.

always, nib we nine.

ambush, v., (e) CQ lu ainya.


ambush, coming out of, ilk^Qta, utota.

ameliorate, v., (e) dozie lu.

ancestors, ndicie, mwp.

anger, iwe*'.

anger, qnoma.

angry, be, v., (e) we iwe.

angry for nothing, be, (e) sue ikalika.

animal, anumanu.

animal, like duiker (spotted), nwjloba (A) ;

announce, v., (a) gwaputa lu.

annoy, v., (a) da lu.

another, jjzp'.

answer, nz a' (ok u) (A); iza oku (0); Qz^za.

answer, v., (a) ya oku ; (a) za.

answer to two names, v. t (a) zakqdo.


ant, aroro, oica, oji; elulu, ananri, icekuce, obankpi,

ibugbe, ido, inyi (A) ; ikikenkpo.

ant (house), aVor'o.

ant, flying, Skimkpu (A); aku.

ant sp., egfi'.

ant, white, aktka, akwani (A) akwii ;


antennae, Q!Q.

anthill, nkpu.

antimony, Qtanjtjle.

anus, ike.

anxiety, ftuce.

approve, v. t (a) dinyeli golu ; (e) kwe lu.

argue, v., (a) bwaya oku.

argue, v. t (e) ciya

lu oku.

armpit, Svu (A); Svo (0).

arrange, v., (e) dokwaba (0); (e) dokweva (A); (a) kba

lu akBa; alo; (a) tua ; (a) kbakp; (a) kbakwa;

(a) r$ (notu notu).

arrange quarrel, v. t (a) s^d^bq oku.

arrangement, abwa.

arrangement, alo.

articles of dress, ak 6 16.


ascend, v., (a) ligo

ashamed, be, 3rd p. v., ife,le (e) me.

ashes, n|>6'.

ask, v., (a) jua ajuju.

; (a) lita.

ask about, v., (a) jua lu e,se.

ask girl to marry, v., (a) mwado.

ask identity of infant, v., (a) bwalia agu.

ask if one may carry child, v., (e) kukwa ; (e) kukwe.

ask questions, v., (a) bg mpi (0) ; mpu

(A); aboa.

ask unanswerable question, v., (e) do ndudu ile.

asking, jo' (pronounced with half-closed lips).

asking questions, gb^mpu (A) ;

assent, nkwQni.

ibmpi (0).

asylum, e.be, nzolu, nzizo.

attack (sickness), v., (ofigo) (e) vjvi; (e) vigiye.

attack, v., (a) dako lu.

attention, Stoto.

attract, v. t (a) lado.

avarice, ekbanna.

aversion, ik^Q a si.

avoidance of

leper, nsgkbe.

Awka, oka'.

axe, ainyuosi (A); ainyike (0).

bachelor, okbokolo; okokbolo (0).

back, Szu.

back of u. arm, olili mmwa.

back of head, QkburiQnwe.

back, small of, fiso.

backbiting, mbwobwa (A) ;

bad, njQ/, SJQ.

bad (taste), oka.

mbwaci (0).

bad luck, ajaru.

bad, be, v., (a) jo nj.

bag (woman's), akbaibwo, akbakd ; (general) akba.

balance, v., (a) kwuba.

aldness, isihkpoce.


balls of corn, etc., ikb^kgle (0) ;

bamboo, 6hQloibo (A); (JtQsi.

akalu (0).

banana, unele (A); ling' (0); qge.de rftiti.

bandage, (e) kbueie lu.

bang, odH'.

bank, aka.

bar (door), v., (e) mecie (uzp); (a) dacie; (a)

bar road (of game), v., (e) be, do ibe (0); (a) buaci bodo(A),

bar road, v., (e) bueie, li uz^.

barb, nko.

barb (of arrow), ibieb^li (A), ibubunku (A).

bare ground, ani nkiti.

bark, v., (a) bwp lu.

bark (monkey), v., (a) dSdo ; (a) doa lu.

bark vessel, mbobwp.

barking, Qbfibwg.

barring road, rhb^do (0) ;

mbwaci (A).

basket, ab (A); okba' (0).

basket (bambu frame), Skbalata (A).

basket (long), okba ; (doctor's) e,kbe,li.

basket (round), nkata.

basket, piece of round basket, ag^Hga.

basket, makt, v. t (e) bido lu.

basketmaking, mbfdo.

bat, 6 so'.

bat, oso nwangu(A); ngwoso (0).

be, (a) bu lu; v. y (a) di li\ (a) nQ gu; (e) si lu (have


be angry, imp. v., (e) wedu.

be open (market), v., (e) be (A) ; (a) beva (A) ; (a) ba (0).

be sick, 3rd p. v., aru nwolo.

bead, aka.

bead; ejije, enakbo, adigbwa, ako, erulu, aka, igbwo,

nkboloica, nkbulive.

beam (house) fifia (A); ufiQge (0).

bean, agwa.


bear child, v., (a) mua riwa; (a) muta .

bear false witness, v., (a) GO a ikbe,.

bear fruit, v., (a) mia nkpulu.

bear fruit, v., (a) raba hkpolo.

bear many children, v., (a) mwuba umu.

beard, Sfo


beginning to cry, mbgbe.

behave oneself, v., (a) di li ucu; (a) kaba lu aru.

believe, half, v., (e) kwe Sbwuni (0); nkpQiikpo.

bell, mbgle'bwa.

bell (small), ikbo.

bell (small wood), ekwenta (A).

bell, double, ogQiie.



belong to, v. t (e) buga

belong to, v. imp., (a) dili.

lu nke.

bend, trs. v., (a) gwQ lu; (e) Jikgba lu] (a) kbgru; (a)

lQg2 ba; (a) Iqgg.

bend (with fruit), v., (e) rubgke.

bend down, v. t (ai) nyadata ; (ai) nyado.

bend fingers double, v. t (a) si kg b a aka.

bend forward, int. v., (a) kwa igono.

bending, igono.

bending, n do kg b a (A); njikqba (0).

Benin city, Idft (0).

bent, mbwago.

bent, nzo.

bent, be, v., (a) bwagqlo bwagglg.

best, be, v., (e) rulu Qrulu; (e) rue e,rue.

best, do one's, v., (a) kaba aru.

betrayal, gbwamo, ntano.

betrayal, hkete.

better, kama.

better, be no (sickness), v., (a) bwa yali.

between, abwata, Qtiti nab^.

beyond, n'azu aka.

big, abazu; Hkbalakba ; Qrigunne; ime; okbi; Svuvu;


big (living being), mboba (A),

big and round, gba (A); 6 bwa (0).

big white thing, bwa.

big, be, v., (a) bwa akba'.


ka nuku.


bind (broken lirnb) v., (e) bwa.

bird sp., aiya ; alimi irene ; riza; utukb.

birdlime, so.

birth, gmvim\i.

birth mark, Qbj[bi owa (0).

bite, v. t (a) ta.

bite (cloth), v. t (a) taka.

bite (worm), v., (afp), naja aja nata.


bite to death, v., (a) tabu 6.

biting, alo.

biting, without, n'jkj li.

bitter, inu.

black bird, mbwa (A).

black paint, uli.

blacken, v., (e) mgbg o-ji.

blacksmith, Szo.

blackwater fever, (?) eba'.

bladder, akba nwa mill

biame, oa'.

blame, v., (a) $a ot^a.

bleat (goat), (e) be la.

bleating, obfibg.

bleed (nose), v., (uzi imi) (a) bwa (0); (ezi) (A);

uzu .

bleed, cause to, v., (a) kapu akapu.

blind, be, v., (a) kftqri.

blindfold, v., (e) kbucie lu.

blindman's buff, play, v., (e) fie nkwolukpulu (0).

blindness, isi.

blink, v., (a) tabe ainya.

blister, itukbo.

blister, ok b ^ (A);

low away, v., (a)


f oca lu.

blow down, v., (e) butue, lu.

blow nose, v., (e) zie imi ; (a) ma Szuzu.

blow out, v. t (e) kunyua (wind); (e) funyua (mouth);

(e) menyu (hand),

blow up, v., (a) funye nfco, nebwe.

blow up (tyre), v., (a) funye ofolo.

blue, amaloji.

blue (eye), m wan a mwana (A); atolo (0).

blunt, adgrqiiko ; Qd^rgnkp.

boast, (a)

ba lu mba'.

boast, v., (a) kaga; (ai) nya isi.

boasting, mba'.

body, aro'.

body, on we.

body louse, afe a mala (0).

body mark, mbSbu (A); Qbfibu (0).

boil, afcu, oktso (0).

boil (armpit) akba abu; (groin),

ive ovivi.

boil (blind) in groin, Ql (A); e,kpule,kpu (0).

boil, v., (e) sibe ; (e) gue ; (e) sie ; (a) wa.

boil over, v., (a) bwp ; (a) yp ^k^.

boiled (yam), (ji) ogugu (A) ; osisi (0).

boiling over, Qbubwg (A) ; mbwglo.

boiling over, obfibwq, gkSkQ.

bold, atun^gu.

bold person, onye kainya.

bolt (crossbow) uve,le (0).

bone, okbokbo.

book, akukwo.

booty, if (Jnono.

bore, v., (a) kupue lu; (a) supue.

bore hole, v., (a) yopua ; ( a) kbQ pua ; (e) woput? ;

(a) supue.

bore open, v., (a) raye.

borer, ara.

borrow, v., (e) bulu Qgo; (e) zi qzi ; (e) zjli Qztli.


bottle, onSuo (A); kalamam.

bottom (of wall), gbweje aja (0).

boundary, 8 kg.

bow, ofca'.

bow, musical, un'.

bowl, bwambwam.

bowl, large, akbakulu.

bowlegged, qgwplqkba (A); Qbgngadu (0).

box, a'kpati.

box, e,kba (0).

boy, small, nwatakele ; pi. umwaro, uinwaka.

bracelet, e,bwaka, njeaka, gdoaka, Qgo aka, onaka oji,

nebuji, mbeji, o,do oiyo, qdo gsiso (A) akiti.

bracelet, na.

branch, mbanaka; Skbolo.

brain, ovSlo (A), obSlo (0).

brave, ok a' la.

breadfruit, 6k wa..

break, v., (a) bowa lu\ (a) kugwo; (e) tikpg; (e) tuve ;

(a) kwowa ; (e) tikfto ; (long object) (e) tijie ;


break (kola) v., (a) bwajie, li (A) ; (a) kbajic.

break (leaf),'v., (a) kapu akapu.

break (tree), v. t (a) majie ; (hand) (a) kpajie ; (e) tijie ;

(e) tiwa.

break (with nail), v., (e) jiwa (large kola); (e) wa (small


break down (house), v., (a) kbok bo, ; (e) tik^Q ; (a) kwatue ;

(e) nutue.

break into conversation, v., (a) dainye lu.

break law, v., (a)

lua iwu.

break oath, v., (e) lie iyi.

break off (horn), v., (e) tikwQ.

break off (piece), v., (ai) nyaka; (ai) nyakafu (A); (ai)

nyakapu (0).

break strength, v., (e) tiwe ike.

breakfast, v., (a) bwa azi.

eakfasting, ibwazi.

breaking, g w6wa ntTwa (0).

breaking (with teeth), htawa.

breaking down (wall), ibo'.

breaking kola, rijiwa, qwowa.

breaking promise, nto.

breast (female), a la'.


breath, nd (A); ahilii (0); urn?'; uzu.

breathing, iku.

breeze, tkuku.

bride price, figo'.

bridge, akwa".

bright, koli-koli.

bright, become, v., (e) k.

bring, v., (a) kota.

bring, (few), v., (e) wQte (A); (e) weta (0); (heavy) (e)

bute; (child) (e) kute.

bring goats in, v., (a) ya lu.

bring kill, v., (a) kftata ife ; present .

bring news, v., (a) bwaca nkpu.

bring out (mask), v., (e) tiputa (mann).

bring war, v. y (e) se, $go ; ava.

bristle (pig's), aji QZI.

broken wall, ajQZQ.

brood (chickens), ficiputa.

broom, aziza.

brown study, be in, v. t (a) na Qfone; Qlaga (A) ; alune

(A) ;

ife, QZO (A),

browse, v., (a) dobe go afifia.

bruise, ife qfufu (A) ; oziza (0).

brush from head, v., (a) f iaea (A) ; (a) kpacaf u ; (e) ticapu ;

(a) daca isi.

brush off, v., (a) kbacapu

bubble, v., (a) suba.

bud, imifulu.

build (house), v. t (a) lua (uno).

build, v., (a) to a ; (a)

toe a.

; (e) ficapu ; (a) kbapu lu.


bullroarer, ago maun.

bullet, agidi (A) ; agini (A); agili (0), isagili (0) ; jgwe

(0); itgna(O).

bunch of palm nuts, isi aku (A) ; obwe

bundle of yams, ukwii.

burden (ship's), oltli, olulu.

burial, ini ozu.

burial (second), Q kwukwa.

aku (0).

burn, trs. v., (a) bwa; (a) kbo, lu $ko; (a) k^l^le; (e)

n\vue; (e) nwue gu $ko; (a) roa ; (e) sue.

burn, imp. v., (a) bwS.

burn, intr. v., (e) le, go.

burn oneself, v., (e) le $ko.

burning, QbSbwa.

burning hot, be, v., (a) ca gko.

burst, (a) bare ; (a) ware.

burst out laughing, v., (a) dak^pu amu; (a) dapu .

bursting, mbare.

bury, v., (e) nie (0); (e) nyie (A)

bury and lose, v., (e) nif ue.

bush, oifia ; (uncut), oifia qkbo.

bush, bad,


buy (cloth, etc.), v., (a)

buy (land), v., (a) zua.

buy (nuts), v., (a) WQ aku (A); (a) wua (0); (a) wota'.

buy palm wine, v., (e) nue.

buy (slave, land), v., (a) bwa.

buy back, v., (a) bwacigta lu\ (a) bwaciya.

buy by mistake, v., (a) tab a . . . o^a.

by-and-by, ade,me (A), Qingsia, emecia (A).

cake (yam, etc.), ebwagu (A) ;

calabash, long, okiiku.

calabash, mbubu (A) ;

mbfibo (0).

calabash, ba (A); 5bwa' (0).

calf of leg, idemmili ukwu (A).

call, ikboku.

call, v., (a) kbo' ; (a) lado ;

call (pigeon), (e) b lu.

e kue.

call for alose (for oath), v., (a) go hue.

call in, v., (a) kpoba ; (e) kuba.

call together, v., (a) kppkq lu.

calling by name, ufo'.

camwood, fivie.

canary, ngw^se.

cane, Qkwe/ ; oga'.

cannon, obun du.

canoe, obwo (A) ;

care, v. t (a) b wain ye,.

obwo (0).

akala (0).

care for, v. t (e) Jikwaba lu ; (a) kbacapu.

careful, mpa(A), nkpaca; ape (0).

careful, be, v., (a) kpaca go aimya.

carefulness, ntQta.

carry, v., (a) pa ; child (e) kue ; (e) bu lu.

carry big load, (a) bobwa ibu.

carry (child), v., (e) kulu (a pa).

carry child on back, v., (a) kwQ nwa.

carry down, v., (e) bud a lu ; (e) butu>e lu.


carry high, v. t (e) wenie.

carry out (promise), v., (e) nye nkwa.

carry over, v., (e) w.gfQga.

carry over (river), v., (e) buvQga lu.

carry up, v., (e) kugo ; (a) pa gob e.

carrying, a' pa.

carrying heavy load, mbobwa'.

carve, (e) bue, lu\ (a) bp lu; (alose), v. t (a) pia nwo

(knife), v., (a) ka lu.

case, ikb'.

cassava, akbunklo, akfto (0); abaca (A); (prepared)

mbwadoge (A) ; okbokbo (0).

cassava water, mili mbwadoga (A) ; mili akbu (0).

cassava root, Skftolo.

catarrh, Szuzu.

catch, 3rd p. v., (a) mwa.

catch (trap), (a) mwata ; (a) mwado.

catch, v. t (a) nwua ; Ca) riwude ; (a) riwude ; (a) too ; (e) re,,

catch cold, 3rd p. v., azuzu (e) me ; i?., (e) bute azuzu.

catch fire, v., (e) l^do.

catch in the act, v., (a) fulua.

catch thieving, (e) jekpo onye b OIIQZU ori.

caterpillar (yam eating), nkbo.

caterpillar, ovuvu (A) ; qbubu (0).

cat's-cradle, Skpukba.

cause quarrel, v. t (a) kbata oku ; (e) SQ ^s.

cause to laugh, v. t (a) kba amu.

cause to stumble, v., (a) kwa ada; (a) goa .

cave, fib 6.

chain, {ga.

chain (leg), iyaba, Qbl;bwa.

chair, folding, agada.

chalk, Szu.

challenge, v., (a) do a aka.

challenge, v., (ai) yo, (mba).

chameleon, ganoyi (A) o'wuma'gana.

change, v. int., (a) yg ; (e) lie.


change, v., (e) riworue (0) ; (e) nwerue (A).

change (clothes), nworu; (e) yirue.

change colour, (a) ya lu.

change mind, v., (a) ya lu uce ; (e)

lor ue.

change money, v., (a) gainye ggo ; (e) nwonye.

character, 6 in u me".

charcoal, unyi, iceku.

charm, amwa (0) oma ; (0).

chase round and round, v., (a) bwa ivilivi.

chatter, v., (a) goo, esa.

chatter (teeth), v., (e)kuko QZQ ; (e) buko, (0).

chatterer, on ye gu is a.

cheap, di $no ani.

cheapening, mb^nata.

cheek, nti.

cheek, swelled, akbulukbu (0).

cheeky, nrurii, omajijiji.

cheer up, v., (a) bwasa iru ; (a) na.

chest, 6bu (A'l ;

"chest kiss," }ti 6bi.

chew, v., (a) tali e.

chewing stick, a to.

chicken, ovolo.

6bi (0).

chicken, small, uyom (A); uliom (0).

child, riwa (pi. amu).

child, small, otukolonwa (A) ak^oci kf)oci nwa-.

child, strong, oda'.

child that dies young, nwukwo.

chimpanzee (?)gzodumbwa.

chin, aktid).

chip, ilelQnku.

choke (weeds), v. t (e) lubue.

choose, v., (a) ra.

choose, v., (a) SQ, go.

circumcise, (e) b lu ugu.

cistern, well, omi.

co lu ikb.

cite, v., (a)




x;laim, v., (a) ZQ.

claim (land), (a) zua.

claim debt, v. t (a) do, ugwc;.


cloudy sky (?), ulukpii (A); filukpu (0).

club for beating cloth, akande.

clumsy, nunu nunu.

cob, oica.

cobra, eyu (A); own (0).

cock, QbwQne (A); dio,ka (A); gkba (0).

cock that has not crowed, asSla (ebwene), ab&cu (A).

cockroach, ocjca.

cock's tail, Q!Q.

coconut, dry, gkba akilika.

cohabit, v., (a) la.

coitus, a la'.

cold, akbukboyi (A); akpatogi (0); oyi (0).

cold, oyi.

cold, be, imp. v., (a) jua oyi.

cold, make, v., (a) jua oyi.

collarbone, hole behind, abSmwo, okukume.

collect, v., (a) cia li\ (a) krja lu\ (a) kbakp lu; (a)

kbata; (a) gbakqba; (a) ciko; (e) kboko; (a)

kbak^ta; (e) kpQkqbe ; (a)k^akQba; (a) k^ata.

collect, intr. v., (a) lukgba; (e) m^l^a; (a) iiakqba; (few)

(e) c^ta.

collecting, ndokgba (A)

colour, am a la (A).

colour, v., (e) sijie li.

comb, mv' (A) ;

comb (of cock), alo.

nra' (0).

; njik^ba (0).

comb, v., (a) ra isi (0) ; (a) VWQ (A),

come, v., (a) bia 'lu.

come (rain), v., (e) fe, ta.

come and go away, (a) bia lu

come inside, v., (e) fgta.

on a.

come near, v., (a) kpude.be; (e) lube;'(e) nocibe.

come out, v , (a) f uta lu ; (a) pua ; (of hole), v., (a) liputa ;

(of water), v., (a) gup u ; (a) pota.

come up (seed), v. t (a) pua.

come out upon the road, v., (a) pua uzp.


c 2


comfort, ntasi.

comfort, v., (a) tasie.

coming, obtbia.

coming and going away, ibiona'.

coming out, mfota.

command, v., (e) wu iwu.

companion, iibw516; ibe",

conundrum, imi iini.


convalesce, v., (e) do 6dido ; e,do ; aru.

convalescence, nkuntbQ.


ii k a t a.

conversation, iika.

convert, v. } (e) ruvalia li.

convince, v., (e) kwenye.

convulsions, ajo QCOCO, ajp dimbwa (0).

cook, intr. v., (e) yuvu (A) ; (e) ye.

cook, v., (e) si.

cook dry, v., (e) si kg ; twice .

cook well (soup), v., (e) te.k^p ; twice ; (e) t^kw^ba.

cooked food, if gsilesi.

cool, intr. v., (e) fongte.

cool, v., (e) mejunata; (e) me .

cord, odq.

cork, v., (a) kwucie.

corn, gka (A) ; obwado (O).

corn paste, oli.

. . koju


corn patch, gbp gka (A); mbwQtgl^ Qbwadu (0).

corner, Skoko.

corner (hollow), nkuku; (of house), ision, ngwugw^ ;

(of wall), okoto aja; (of jaw), og'.

corner iron, akfta.

corpse, ozu'.

correspond (write), v., (e) de,

cotton, owfilu.

cotton tree, akbo.

cough, v., (a) kwa okwala.

lita lu,

cough, have a, v., (nri), (a) do; (e) hwe okwala;

qdaiiwu; (a) kwala nri (0); nta (A).

count, v., (a) bwa lu (go).

count, v., (a) go a.

count out too much, v., (a) gukpue.

count too many, v., (e) lokbue.

countercharm, mbwalo nsi (A); mbiinsi (0).

counting, QgSgo (A); Qgogo (0).


counting (of year), agugu.

country, mba' ; oifia, bush land (0).

court, mbala, mbal^zi.

cover, ifenkuci.

cover, v., (e) kbo0 lu.

cover, v.,(e) kbucie lu.

cover, take, v., (e) bw^be, lu ^bw^bg.

cover (male of animals), v., (a) bobwa.

cow, ife.

cow's tail, nza'.

cowries for gambling, ub (0).

cowry (big), e,go ayaka (0).

cowry (small), Qgo aiyo (A).

crab, nsiko (A); nrik6 (0).

crack, mbpwa, nkwe.

crack fingers, v., (a) bwa ofio ; (e) setie aka (A) ; (e) se,


crackle, v., (a) ba ite.

crackle (flames), (a) bwa kiti kiti.

crackling (fire), ibite.

craftsman, okwSnka.

craftsman, onw^ne (0).

cramp, tatangw^le.

craw craw, akbfikpa.

crawling (baby), amwiz^le (A); amwize (0)

create, v., (e) k^ lu.

creation, 6kike.

credible, di okukwe.

credulous, ok w^mbwQ (A); okwQka.

creek, owjjli (A) ; o wli (0).

cricket avuzu (A); abozo (0).

crocodile, ajii.

crooked, ng^ligo.

cross, v., (a) gaf^lu ; (e) ge, vQte.

cross (in canoe), v., (e) nyaf^ga.

cross (river), v., e fgkwa lu.

crossbow, akpQde.

cross-roads, abo'/o, abgzi.

crossing, Af (0).

crossing, of uf'.

crossing fingers, nt6bwa, ntoyali.

crow, ugelma.

crow pheasant, 6vu (A); 6bu (0).

crowd, igw.

crowd, 6zo.

crowd (at festival), ql^le.

crown (of plantain), jiju.


crucify (to Abwala), (a) kpobu'g (A).

crush, v., (a) mwapwia.

crush, v., (e) tipia ; (a) zqpia ; (e) tikpq.

cry, Skwa.

cry (baby's), akwanwa (A); ulia (0).

cry, v., (e) be, (akwa) ; (e) be,ke,tQ (A).

cry, v., (a) kwa akwa.

cry (bush fowl), v., (a) ci a li.

cry, (grasshopper), v., (a) ja aja.

6 b ft be.

crying (continual),

crying (fish), ny61o (0).

cunning, mSgo', a'yuyo (A); 5yQlo (A).

cup, akalS'ku.

cup, Jk6', uko', omungo (A); rnpanaka (A).

cup for palm wine, uko'.

cup, king's, iko Qzg.

cure, v., (a) zq ; (a) zua.

cure sore, v., (e) me bug.

curly, ake,ka (A); nkpulgse.

current, icu qko (A); nruru mill (0); $mo (0).

cursing, nkp^li.

custom, odib^ndi.

custom, old, gdinani, gdigkbo, qkpunda.

cut, v., (e) be go; (e) bue lu\ (e) bujie; (a) bwajie li ;

(a) lo a; (e) yie mma.

cut (branches), v. t (a) dujie; (a) toka.

cut (enemy) v., (a) dowaga iru.


cut (hair), v., (e) gQcgf u go ; (a) kpaca gu

cut (wood), v., (e) buji gu ; (e) beji gu.

cut bush, v., (a) subue.

butue lu.

cut down, v. t (e)

cut grass (for goat), v., (a) sunye.

cut hair, v., (a) kg isi (0) ; (a) kbwp (A).

cut in two, v., (e) b& fo* Qboa.

cut off, 1?., (e) bepu #0 ; (e) bufu go', (e) bubu #0; (a)

dokata; (portion), (a) walia.

cut short, v., (e) bQ lu nkQiike,.

cut short, v., (e) b^ngte, ; (e) bgnk^nkg ; (e) bgnkpilikpi.

cut steps in tree, v., (a) mwa ebubu (A).

cut through, v., (a) wapue.

cut through, v., (e) yipue.

cut up, v., (a) ja lu.

cutting, Qbiibu (A); mbwunye (0).

cutting, obiib^'.

cutting off, mbQpu, mbufu, mbubu.

cutting small branches, ntoka.

cutting wood, mbe.

dance, Qgu.

dance, women's, ojo.

dance, v., (e) bwa e.gu.

dance, V., (e) tQ gu gu.

dance well, v., (a) ra ;gwa (0); (a) kwa aiya (A).

dance ornament, mbuniiku.

dandle (child), v., (a) gugua; (a) lakong (A).

dangle, v,, (a)kufeyalie.

damage, Q!U.

dark, bwa' (0).

dark, be, v., (a) zacie ; (a) bwacie.

dark, get, v., ci (e) jiribegwe; (e) run^tevegwe; (e)


.dash for work, v., (e) ne . . . Q!U.

daughter, eldest, ada' (a-da).

dawn, mbg wata (0).


dawn, v., ci (e) fobe, lu; (e) Jibe ; (e) jinata ; (e)


day, nkpulubqsi, 6bo,si.

day, every, kwada kwada (A); gbwen' ubosi (0).

daytime, Qfjjfie.

dead, be nearly, v., (a) sqri.

deaf, be, v., (nti) ci li] (e) ci li riti.

dear, ok'.

dear, rigala, oya'.

death, (Jnwu.

death agony, be in, v., ku ume ngwQle ;

- mwo.

debt, ugwo'.

decay, v., (e) Igkwo.

deceit, Sgogo, iilafu ; nfco'.

deceive, v., (e) bido lu nlafu.

deceive, v., (a) lafue; (a) laputa.


decide, v., (e) CQca lu; (e) cQya lu; (e) loyd li ; (a) ra alo;

(a) tua alo; (e) zukg.

decide on plan, v., (e) lokq.

deep (and small), k$m kgrn.

deep down, npipi ani.

defend, v., (e) zqdo.

defend, v., (a) ZQ.

delay, trs. v., (a) k wo si li.

delay coming,

v., (a) ngka.

delay on road, v., (a) no, gdo.

delay start, vn (e) kosie.

denial, agog Q'

; ngQdo; oka.

deny, v.,- (a) go, agug(j' (0); Sgug^ (A); (a) hi a oka;


tuce ntuce.

descend, v., (e) de,ta lu; (a) ledaba; (a) ledataba.

descend, v., (a) lida ; (a) lidgte..

deserve, v., (e) kwQsi li.

destruction, ntuve (A) ;

dethrone, v., (a) napu

ntuva (0).


dew,igiligQ'(A); igiligi(O).

dew, imu (0).

diarrhoea, o^Slo.

diarrhoea, have, v., (otolo) (a) bwa.

die, v. imp., (e) fe,si#0.

die, v., (a) nwuru go.

different, ice, dice, nice.

different, be, v., (a) pwa ice.

difficult, dintSlo.

dig (person), v., (e) gue ; (animal) (a) tua (gnu).

dig, v. t (a) \,oa.

dig (with hoe), v., (a) kpolie.

dig grave, v., (e) gue ini; (a) kwa aua.

dig (tree) out, i?., (e) gutue ; (e) rotue (A).

dig up (by hand), v., (a) bp lu (0) ; (a) voa lu (A) ; (hoe),

(e) guputa lu.

dig up (rootless yams), (a) bqputa lu.

digging, Sgugii.

digging (up), QbSbo (0) ; QvSvo

diminish, v., (e) dib^lu ; (e) b^ngte.


-P., (e) sue.

dip, v., (a) sunye.

mie mili.

dip (in water), v., (e)

dirt, inyi, atete, abwtdi.

(A); riguputa.

dirt (in water), dlog51o (A); atolo (0).

dirty, di icu icu.

disappear, v., (a) sukbue.

discover, v., (a) cokwudo lu.

disease, oiya'.

disease of bone, mmimi.

disease of yams, idu.

disentangle, v., (a) tofia ; (a) toyalie; (a) tunwa ; (e)

disgust, izize.

dislike, 3rd p. v., aza (e) me ;

izize (e) me.

dislocate (arm) v., (e) fie, pu ; (jaw), (e) cikwQpu,

dislocation (arm), nk^okwa ; (leg), nse,kwa.


disobey, v., (a) jua oku ; (e) rube, isi.

disposed, be, to, v., anuma (e) zu ife nggme.

disregard, v., (a) bwainyerp ; (e) bulu . . .

dissimulate, v., (a) mwado iwe n'afp.

distance, ottte.

distinct, v., (e) me aru aguso^ (0); awusa (A).

ditch, uzp jdei.

dive, v. t (e) dine ;

divide, v., (e)

(e) dina; (a) too, omimi.

k lu; (e) lobwe; (land), (a) wa ; (e) ke;

eboa ; (town), v., (e) ke, bo (0) ; (e) ke,we .

divine, v., (a) bwa lu Ufa.

divination, X fa (A) ;

ava (0).

do, v., (e) me ; (e) melu.

do good to p., v., (e) me, VQ.


do with new strength, v., (e) ]\e ikqf o (me ife).

doctor, dibia, Q, buebu (0) ; gbia.

doctor's trick, an wan si

dodge, v., (a) bwa e"sonsoso (A),

dodge, v., (e) s^li

li isi.

dodging, nsoso (A); nsukbu (0).

dog, nk^ta, anunso (0) ; ajglQko (0) ;

domestic animal, e n u n u (A) ;


Q k lj o k b a (0).

door, mbo (A) ;

awala (0).

door, rizo.

double fist, v., (a) kwu kwu ba aka.

double up, v. t (e) j ik^ba ; (e) re,ko.


down, feathers, abfiba, uluma, ulume (small chicken),

drag, v., (a) kota.

dragonfly, otungwqngWQ (A); ngadanga (0).

draw (blood rubber), v., (e) cita.

draw blood, v., (a) do, lu mwe.

draw down eyes, v., (e) bg lu

draw line, v., (a) ka lu.

draw out, v., (a) dqputa

ainya (0).


draw water, v., (e) kwg lu.

dream, v. t (a) IQ nig.

dregs, UZQ', gro mia (A).


drench, 3rd p. v., (mill) (a) mwa.

dress, \k\ ke.

dress, v., (e)Jikwa lu; (e)Jikwaba lu.

dressed, be, v., (e) ke, e,kike.

drink, ano ife Qlila.

drink, v., a no a lu ; (a) lu ; (little), v., (a) junata agu

mili ; (much), v., (a) lalia ; (part), v., (a) lafgdu ;

(a) nofo (A).

drinking, gljla, Qnuno.

to a.

drip, v., (a)

drive, v., (a) cu a lu\ (from cover), (a) cunie li\ away, v. t

(a) eu a; (a) cupu ; away, v., (e) mesue; in, v. trs. t

(a) cunye ; into corner, v., (e) libido ; (a)

drizzle, Qvolo.

drop of rain, mili aiyp (A); mili aboa (0).

drop down, v., (a) kwapu lu.

drop in, v. trs., (a) fa in ye lu.

drop water (from hand), v. t (a)

droppings (of bird), akbava.

dropsy, ulialu mili (0).

na mili.

n obi do.

drum (long), a'bia, ogw^gu (0) ; bwa, egu ; Qkw^';

okahga ;

drumstick, nkbglo.

dry, kg 16.

ozi (0); QgQde: ufie; ebwa, mbwada.

dry and thin, be, v. t (a) taka.

dry (over fire), v., (a) mi a.

dry, be, v., (e) fie aru (0) ; (a) ta ; (a) kbo nko ;

(a) kglQgp.

dry up, v., (a) tasia; (a) taka.

dry up, v., (a) zuna.

dumb, obwi.

durable thing, if qkbo.

dust (in air), lizu.

dwarf, ak^nri.

dwarf (cretin), n a rig ulo (A); aboluse (0).

ear, fiti'.

early, uzo'.

earth, aja.

earth, anq,, anl.

earth, black, aja ifulu (0).

earth, "face of," ajana.

easy, gf^le, gfq.

eat, v., (e), lie.

eat, v., (e) libQ gu.

eat away (rust), v. t (a) bwancala.

eat to repletion, v., (a) Juputa' In.

eating, ili.

eating, o-ljll


eavesdropping, Qgonali nqnozq (A); ngong (A); nkwana

(A); htawa(O); ntakf)e.


echo, mwabwame, jije (A) ; kwumkwugalo

edge, ikb^lQ.

edge (cloth), nti.

edge (of bush, etc.), 6s 5'.

edge (knife), j[rumwa, onumwa (A),

edge, be on (teeth), v., (e) lie Qze, izize (0); (z) (a) nwq

izize (A).

efficiency, nd6kwa.

egg, akwa'.

egg, small, uf o!6.

egret, Sbwana.

eight, asato (A); isato.

eighteen, mwasatg (A); ilinesat^ (0); buliebonoru

(A); bgleboanoru (0).

eighty, ogunano (A) ;

eke day, ^kS'.

ilinasato (A) ;

elbow, nkuaka (A); nkpiliaka (0).

elephant, enyi.

elephantiasis, ;bi.

eleven, ili nofu, mwonu (A).

eligele fruit, mbQmb^ (A),

embers, o so kg Igko(A); gno k^nko.


embezzle, v., (e) lie, qkwa uzo.

embrace, v., (a) cab e lie; (a) k^obgli; (a) makoo.

embrace, v., (e) ti* omma.

embracing, iicSbe, nkpSbe, minSko.

emetic, gliabwp (A); glianwa (0).

empty, ufolo.

empty, v., (a) kwapu.

empty v., (e) ruca ; (e) kbuca.

empty hands, have, v., (a) bwa lu aka.

encourage, v., (a) Jainye"lu.

encouragement, njali (A); Qjija (0).

end, ikbazu (0); 1st.

enemy, ilo, 6ku.

enemy, onye nji, dip^ke (0).

enmity, nji (A), ekwolo ojiji (0).

enter, v., (a) ba lu; (a) bata (by person standing outside} \

(a) bain ye li ; (a) bwata lu (by someone inside) ; (body),

v., (a) kwana.

entering, inba.

entering, qbuba.

envy, Qkwolo.

equal, be, v. (8) ra; (a) rainye.

equal, be, in rank, v., (e) lue ogo.

eructation, etanko (A) ;

escape, v., (a) bwanaba lu.

escape, intr. v., (e) fionari.

fikolo (0).

evade, v., (a) sgkpe; (a) Igkpe; (a) bakpe.

evaporate, v., (a) fca.

evaporation, ^^;^a.

every day, dadada (A) ; dada (0).

except, bgli so.

exchange, 7i., mb way a; riyata (A); jjgata (0).

exchange, v., (a) bwaya lu; (a) bwayata lu; (e)

li; (goods), (v.), (a) ya lu; (a) yapu lu.

exchanging visits, ngaleta.

excuse, 6s a.

exile, flcSpu.

exile, v., (a) cupu lu.

expect, v., (e) lokw.

expect, v., (a) toba amya.

explain, v., (a) bwazie li.

explain, v., (e) k]5egosi.

explanation, mbwazi.


extinguish (water), v. t (a) gbonyua.

extract secret, v., (e) tiputa n' o,nu.

eye, ainya.

eye, cross-, ainya uvie.

eye, red, ainya ufie.

eyelid, iku.

face, jjru.

face, v., (a) dowagu iru.

face, v., (e) mie qnu.

face (danger;, v., (a) kbaca aka nainya.

faggot, agiliga.

fainting, damba.

fainting person, on ye livu.

faintness, of 6.

faith, okwukwe.

fall, a da' (ad-a).

fall, qdjda.

fall, v. intr., (a) da lu (a da).

fall (flood), v., (a) t^a.

fall (rain), v., (e) zo.

fall (water), v., (e) ruda go\ (e) rudata.

fall down (purposely), v., (a) dapu.

fall down (wall), (e) ]ie ibo (= half).

fall in, unip. v., (e) ]ie li ibo.

fall in single drops (rain), v., (a) toba mvp (A); mbp


fall into, v., (a) dainye.

fall on, v., (e) ze,do.

fall out, v., (a) daf ue lu.


fall out of, v. t (a) dapu lu.

fall sick, v., (a) nwuba.

falling in,

felling, inhfitu.

female, Yvite.

fence, qbwa (A); 6bw& (0).

fence, ogjge.

ferment, v., (a)soa ofofo.


ferry across, v., (a) nyaf^ga; (a) nyafea ; (a) nyifgga.

fetch, v., (a) gawgte lu.

fetch, v., (a) k^ota.

fetch, v., (e) me^a.

fetch (cowries, etc.), (a) gota; (e) wte ; (a) cgta.

fetch water, v. t (e) cue.

fever, have, imp. v., oti (e)ti ; emu


few, be, v., (a) bwafe,.

few, be, v., (e) rikpqsp; (e) rirqnne.

fibre (for washing), asQsa (A); obwo'.

fibre of raphia, &gw$ (A); Sf^le (0).

fidgetting, imajijiji.

fifteen, m wise (A); mise(O); ilinise.

fifty, ogunabonili.

fight, v., (e) kbo; (a) mwainye ;

Qgo; (a) toa ogo ; (a) toba .

fighting, Qgo.

fill, v. y (e) Ju lu.

fill up, v., (e) kujue lu.

filter, v., (a) zata.

find, v., (a) f odu.

find judge, v., (a) CQ ku ; (a) CQ

find quarrelling, v., (e) nulu oku.

finding, mbota.

finding, _p., ntSkpu.

fine, handsome, omwakS.

(a)kwu (0); (aru $ko)

(a) noba Qgo; (a) nu&

lu oku.

finger, first, lac oQfe (0); second, ezaka (0); fourth,

qdoaka (0) oduduaka ;


fingers, snapping, of i (A); QbwanHka (0), gbwaka (0) ;

bwa oyo (0).

fingers, crack (two hands), (a) bwa lt/~aka.




finish, intr. v., (e) guca.

finish, v., (a) kbasili.

finish, v., (a) lusia go.

finish, v., (e) mgpu gu.

finish cooking, v., (e) sizie gu.

finish first, v., (e) bu isi (0); (e) vu ozo (A).

finish looking at, v., (e) fgsi.

finish quickly, v., (e) mgbQpu gu.

finish writing, v., (e) de, pu lu.

finished, gu.

finished, be, (e) be,.

finished, be, v., (a) gu ; (a) guca ; (a) gusia ; (e)



fire, trs. v., (e) sue $ko.

fire cannon, v. t (e) sue obundu ; (a) bu a

firefly, mumwo, nwa.

fish, Szu.

fish, specie,

fish sp., aja'.

fish sp., ejo.

fish trap, jko.

fist, Qkba.

fist, gkb.

af o.

fit, v., (a) di nukwQ.

fit, v., (e) f ulu ka (m).

fit for, be, v. t (a) kwana go.

five, ISQ'.

fix (day), v. y (a) bwa Sbgsi ; (e) kw

fix boundary, v., (a) kba lu 6k e.

fix day for yam feast, v., (a) ka iwa ji.

fix price, v., (a) kba gnu ife; (a) rua gnu; (e) kw qnu;

(a) rua gnu; (a) rudo gnu.

fixed day, aka.

flag, ^kglgto.

flat, nja.

flat, obodobo (A); abaraba (0).

flat breasted, alantako (0).

Hatter, v., (e) \,b.

flesh of a fruit, Sinyolo (A).

flick away, v., (a) kftapu lu.

flint, jgii Qbwe(A); qmo ebw.


float (flshing), qbwama (A); mbwamwa (A); e.ke.lSmu


float, n., (e) SQ.

flock, jgw'.

flog, v., (a) pia gu ; itali (0) ; (e) tie (A),

flog and make cry, v., (e) bue nwata imi (0).

flogging, Qpjpia.

flood, iji.

flood, ncSba.

flood, v., (iji) (e) bu lu.

flood, be in, v., (a) cab a*,

flower, 6 1 15 to, ovulu (A).

flower (corn) nza'.

flower, -v., (a)

ra ifulu.

fluid (oil) golo golo (A); iwii (0).

flute, opu (A); opi (0).

fly, ijiji.

fly, nkp2 folo(A); zi (0).

fly, odudu isi, enyi; agu ijiji, ijiji nyunu aka,

ifufu, bokbo, ebuba, oj^lg go ana.

fly, specie, nzuknzu.

fly whisk, ajata (A); ib^ii (0); aiyo (0).

fly, v., (e) f Q lu.

fly into, v., (e) fne efgne.

foam, v., (a)

soa ofofo.

fold (cloth), v.,(e)Ji li.

fold arms, v., (a)kBakgba aka; (a) kokoba ; (a) fuba .

fold arms, v., (a) kokoba aka.

follow, v., (e) bulutQ ; (e)bulu(O); (e) sobe ; (e) sotaba.

follow, v., (e) so lu; (e) sobQ ; (in line) (e) sonye ; (road),

(e) sibe,.

folly, nsoku(A); nsoku (0).

food, ari; nli(A); nni(O); nlibe,nli.


D 2


foolish, liyiya.

foolish, nkafia.

foot, $kba (A) ; fikwu

forbid, v., (a) nara.

(0) ; okwo


forbid (food), v., (e) ze, (anu); ozize; (a) so,

forbid, person, v., (a) mwa iwu (A); (a) nara (0); thing,

(a) sg nso ; (a) loa .

forbidden thing, a 16.

forbidden thing, nso.

force, ike/, jsike/.

force (door), v., (e) nutue ; (a) kwatue.

forcibly, dike, ngkam.

forehead, eg gdgge (iru) (A); iruife (A); gggn^ge iru.

forget, v., (e) cefue lu ; (e) lovue lu ; (e) IOZQ ; (e) lotero.

forget, v., (e) c z o.

fork (in road), mbara (A); mbSna (0); anakgzi (A);

zi baleto (A); mbwanaka, abo.

fork of legs, a gad a (A) ; ngada.

fork, used in building, fid 6, nkpiwa (A).

forked stick, nganaba (A) ; ngadaba (0).

forty, Qgunabo.

four, eno'.

fourteen, mwano, ilinano.

frame (window), owalambwo (A).

francolin, 8k w a',

fraud, nzubu (A); nzukpu (0).

free slave, v. t (e) we,pu n'oru.

fresh (meat), ulii.

fresh, be (weather), v., (a) junata.

friend (sexual), nun Q (A); oiyi, enyi; (ordinary), nuno,

(0) diai.

frighten, v., (e) jie Qgii.

fringe, iyoyo, nzali.


a wo.

from . . . on, sitena.

front wall, ikbo a] a (A),

froth, ofSfo.

froth (on plant), aroro (A).

fruit, qkba (A); gbakakbakala.

fruit tree (resembles plum), ubjj*.

fry, (fish), QlQm.

full, oju.

full, be, v., (e) ju.

full rnoon, be, v., (e)


zue ba.

funnel, obwanaga, qbwaku (A).

funnel (for palm wine), ami (0).

fur, aji.

gag, e,kwnt (A); nga'.

gag, v., (a) kwa nga (0); (e) kwe, rito (A).

gain, 8ba', ulu.

gain, v., (a) ba lu

gain, u, (e) lie

gall, oniinu (A);


get small, v., (a) bwape,.

f ua.

get strong, (a)

get up, v., (e) binylte.

gill, ncQ mill azu (A) ; afiazu (0).

girl baby, mbo (0).

girl, big, abggqbik ; small, nwabo.

give, v., (e) nye.

give, v., (a) p (A).

give (many), v., (a) cinye.

give advice, v., (a) tunye alo.

give as wife, v., (e) ke.be,.

give back, v., (e) nye civ a.

give ear, v., (a) na nti.

give food to stranger, v., (e) nue.

give in charge, v., (e) nube (qkoko,).

give light, v., (e) ny ive.

give notice, v., (a) ka lu abwa.

give orders, v., (e) nye gda.

give out food (for cooking), (a) in a ari.

give out work, v., (e) kg olu ; e,bwo ; (e) zue,.

give taste of, v., (e) susu ; (e) suto.

give to collection, v., (a) tunye oto.

give up, v., (a) ran at a.

give up plan, v., (e) lopu go.

giving food to boy visitor, m bun ye (A), iboinyenni (0).

gizzard, ke.

glad, be, v., (e) go lu\ (e) golie ; (a) nolia (A); (a)

nwolia (0).

glide, v., (a) lia li ali arii.

glutton, onoko.

gnash teeth, v., (a) ta ikikel^ze.

gnu, mbwa.

go, v., (a) fiitf,

go, v., (a) ga lu ; (e) JQ ; (e) je.be, ; (a) gaba.

go, v., (e) jQgwo

lu '

(e) JQko.

go (after all), v., (a) gazi& li.

go (home), (a) na go.

go a message, v., (e) JQ ije.

go aboard, v., (e) je,bQ nob p.

go ahead, v., (a) ga


lu niru.

go away, v., (e) cipu (0) ; (e) cifu (A).

go away, v., (a) kbopu lu.

go away, v., (a) nabS lu ; (e) jQb^ gu ; (e) cipu gu,.

go away, v., (e) niri.

go away, v., (a) puba.

go back, v., (a) k^uciya lu.

go back, v., (e) sicie,ta.

go behind, v., (e) cie lu azu ; (e) ciya.

go and catch thief, v., (e) je kwudo.

go down (boiling water), v., (a) zuna.

go far, v., (a)

kbate aka.

go faster, v., (a) mwa mpala ; (a) ra ukwu ije.

go first, v., (e) bu uzo (0) ; (e) vu (A).

go home, v., (a) na ; (a) naba.

go home, v., (a) kwalu ife.

go home, (e) si.

go home (of wife), v., (a) kwanaba ife.

go hunting, v., (a) coa lu rita ; (a) cova lu .

go on one side, v., (a) cainye lu.

go on working, v., (a) ga bano (A).

go out, v., (a) fua lu.

go out (match), (e) biike, lu.

go out and return, v., (a) pua.

go past, v., (a) ga lu.

go slowly, v., (a) mega (A); (a) miba.

go slowly, v., (e) me] una t a.

go to claim debt, v., (e) JQ ije ugwo.

go to meet, v., (a) nakwudo.

go to sleep (foot), v., (a) nwu totangwQle.

go to work, v., (e) JQ qlu ; (a) lu qlu.

go up (smoke), v., (a) n$.

go visiting, v., (a) pua

goat, e*wu.

goitre, akbwonu.


gonorrhoea, a tun t a (0).

good, zi, qma, Qzibo.

good behaviour, nk&'ba,

good sense, Qzi lice.

goose flesh, akpato oyi.

grape (?), us likQ (0).

grass, af jfia, ilolo (A).

grass, sp., Skamala.

grass, sp., ami.

grass, sp., at a'.

grass, sp., ukg'.

grass covering (wall), ^do'(f)j ikbu QgWQ.

grasshopper^ igulubg'.

grasshopper, nte.

grater, nkwdko (A); nkwo nkw (0).

grating (teeth), izi (A); ilizi (0).

grave, n., ini.

Great Bear, gd^gunia (0).

greed, ainya uku, oke ainya.

green, ndo.

sue lu imi.

grimace, v., (e)

grimacing, isu imi.

grind, v., (e) gwe.be,.

grind, v., (a) kpoli e.

grind (pepper, etc.), v., (e) eieie li.

grind (corn) a second time, v., (ai) ya.

grinding stone, akangwe.

grinding stone (camwood), Jgufie (0) ;

grindstone, igu oka (A); nne okute (0).

grip, v., (a) d alia. li.

gristle, anu nano ano (0).

groan, Sd.

ground nut, okftanwgkQle (A); opapa (0).

grove, ab'.

grow, 3rd p. v., (e) lue.

grow, intr. v., (e) so uso(A) ; (e) to uto (0).

grow, imp. v., (e) to (A) ; (e) so (0).

okutoka (0).


grow (vegetables), intr. v., (a) kafu akafu.

grow big, v., (a) iua ; (e) to (A) ; (e) so (0).

grow old, v., (a) kaba yu iika ; (a) ka gu .

growing, 6 tS to (A); ostso (0).

guard, v., (a) na ecence (0); (e) ne (A).

guarded, be, v., (e) nQce nee.

guess, Qk 6k a, ^kok^(A); qkika.

guess, v., (a) ka hi ; (a) kg lu.

guess, v., (a) kolia ; (a) kglia (A).

guest, expected, onye qkika abwa.

guide, onye ridu.

guinea corn, QbwafQle (A); Skill (0).

guinea fowl, QgSzi.

gullet, opu akb^li.

gum, v., (a) mwado.

gums, }bwj[li (A); ;bwi (0).

gun, Qbw.

gunpowder, nsi ebw (A) ; no' ebw (0).

gutter (house), mpio (A); Qmilolo.

hail, nkpol^gwe (A); akomiligwe.

hair, ntutu, agilisi.

hair (body), aji.

hair (on neck of ram), qza'.

hair, first, isi udugudu(A); abainya (A); ist ndu(O);

nwandu (0).

hair, soft brown, (isi) mwana mwana (A); abobo aku.

hairy, anwulinwu.

half, mbobg, nkbilikbi.

half of day, $kolaci.

half, be (grown, cooked, etc.), (e) culecu.

half full, be, v., (e) be ugu.

half cook (koko yams), v., (a) mwacue.

halo (solar), gugu.

halo, ikolg mwo, ikolgnwa (0).

hammer, Stutii.


hand, aka.

hand over child, v., (a) kba riwa aka.

handcuff, nkpglo aka.

hang, intr. v., (a) kwa odQ.

hang, v. t (a) kwubue; (a) mwakwuba; (e) robue go;

(bag), v., (ai) uya go ; up, v., (e) kobe; (e) konii;

(e) yie; (after harvest), v., (e) SQ nni; (with loop),

(e) konie ;

hanging, iko (aka).

happen, v., (a) bu lu.

happen, imp. v., (e) Iu0.

happen, v., (e) me, VQ.

harass, v., (a) kbakasi lu aru.

hard, be (oil), v., (a) laru ola.

on shoulder, (e) konye.

hardfisted, afo $jo(A); afo 6si (0).

harmatan, Sgolo.

harvest, owQnni.

hasten, trs. v., (a) cuni^ li.

hasten, v., (e) je, sike.

hasten, v., (a) kaba ukwu.

hatch, (e) hue lu umu.

hate, v. y (a) kbQ go

hatred, asi.

. . . asi.

have, v., (e) nwe lugo.

have to, v., (e) nwe (with inf.); ka (only interrog.).

have many friends, v., (e) nwe iru.

have right on one's side, v., (e) jie qfo^ no

hawk, bw.

haze,ndQ(A); Slulu (0).

hazel (eyes), QgQle (0).

he, q, o.

head, is!'.

head of corn, mba, obwe (A),

head of thigh bone, ace lac i (A) ; aci (0).

head pad, aju.

head wife, nwainye isi ci (A) ;

ana's! (0).

head wife, onyisici (A); qme aku (0).


head, be, v., (e) nwe isi.

head man, be, v., (a) cia qlu ; isi ; (e) eie .

headache, isf Qwowa.

headache, have, v., (isi) (a) wa (slight) iru k$Q $k6.

healthy looking, m^le me,le.

heap, nkokp(A); nkMlu(A); ikbo; ukbotu (0).

heap, nkwo (A) qkwqtQkwQ.

heap up, v., (a) tokqba.

hear, v., (a) nu lu. gu.

heart, likpolSbi.

hearth, gkbopal^nto (A) kbopQnto.

heat, nruru (Jko.

heat matcbet, v., (a)daca (A).

heavy, 816.

heavy, in yi.

heavy, be, v., (ai) nyo alo.

heel, ik^li.

help, Qkb6 (A) ; Qkbokbo

(0) ; akbo

help, v., (e) nye aka; (e) due lu aka.

help (relative), (a) bwalia li.

help down with, v., (e) zie Qzie.

help oneself, v., (a) mwabue.

help out, v., (e) bupu nogu.

help up with, v., (e) bo lu.

help with load, v., (a) kwq ibu.

helper, QZIZO.

helping up with, 6 b ft bo.

hem, v., (a) lila.

hemming, nlila.

here, n'eka.

hiccough, QtukQtu (A):

6 tutu.


hide, v., (e) zizu; (e) zo (nzizo); (e)zobe,; (e) zolu.

hide, v., (a) zonari.

hiding, hziizo.

hiding-place, e, be, nzizo (A); Qbqnzolu (0).

high, esu.

high place, ngongo.



hint, okwa.

hippopotamus, akum, otSbo (0).

hit, v., (a) bwata lu.

hit,v.,(e)tie; (with fist) gkbo; (lowercut) (a)su .

hoarse, ngugii (A).

hoarse, ogogo'.

hoe, go.

hoe, new, ujom (A).

hoe-stick, ggii.

hold, v., (e) Ji."

hold, v., (e) jide.

hold (child in arms), v., (e) kukgbo ; (e) dingnye nwa ; (e)


hold (in hand), v., (e) Jikwa.

hold in, v., (a) kboa na ; (a) kBa na.

hold up hand, v., (e) wenie li aka.

holding in hand, iji.

hole, ogugu.

hole (big), ubo, ukQlo (A) ; (small) SgQle (A) ; (Jggle (0>

hole (in road), mbuze (A); mbulugudu (0).

hole (round), oggle.

hollow (over spine), ukolo (azu) ogatazu.

homesickness, agwa ani.

honour, gift of, nru.

hook little fingers and bet, v., (e) nyenzo.

hop, liwange.nge.le (A); qkbongQne.

hop, v., (a) to lunye Iqkfta' (A); (a) tovalia okba (A)'r

ukwu (0) ; (a) tunyen' (0).

hop (as bird), v., (a) to guge guge.

hope, v., (e) cekwube.

horizontal, ntobwo, uvie.

horn, mpu, (A) ; mpi (0).

horn (of viper), oru (A).

hornbill, greater, ok!56ko, ob^le,

hornet, aji didota (A) ; ajadiSta (O).

hot, 6ko, okbom6ko.

hot (pepper), 6f6.


hot, be, v., (a) di


if, obulu (na).

ignorance, mwano (0).

ignorant of, be, v., (a) ma.

ignorant of road, be, v., (e) vue ainya.

iguana, ayo (A); ngwelawoli (0).

ill-luck, enwawQle (0).

image (2nd burial), ibudu.

imitate (speech), v., (a) nomie oku ; (e) ne unene 1 ainya,

impatience, ainya Qpufa.

impatient, o'roro.

impotent man (with own wife), uruei (0).

impregnate, v., (e) nye ime.

imprisonment, jnonariga.

improve, v., (a) Junata.

impudence, nkpali.

impute, (e) bo lu.

increase, n., oba'.

increase, ub (A); oba" (0).

increase, intr. v., (a) ba lu oba; (a) ba wainye.

increase, intr. v., (a) wainye.

indisposition, fnbwaca (aru).

induce, v., (e) due lu.

industry, icucu, idiucu.

infancy, j[diriwata.

infant, izjle (A); ize (0).

inform, v., (a) gwata lu.

inform, v., (a) katali.

inhabit, v., (a) no, gu.

inhale, v., (e)

inhaling, iriime.

kue ume.

inhaling, nz (A); nkumili (0).

inheritance, ili qko, ili gkbe, (A).

innocent, iliolo.

insect, sp., akS'.

insect, sp., mbe.

insert wrong, v., (e) soru.

instructions, a to.


11 k ali.

insult, oya.

interrogative, suffix kwa, kwo.

interrupt, v., (a) ra oku.


intestines, mb^lima afp (A); ngjli af (0).

iron, Jgw.

iron slugs, Sfolo.

iron, v., (e) de,lita lu akwa.

irritable, ikBokbo (0).



keep, v., (e) dgbg lu.

keep, v., (a) nado.

keep (law), v., (e) jide iwu.

keep (promise), v., (e) dgbe, lu nkwa; (law) iwu.

keep (promise), v., (e) Jide (nkwa).

keep bed, v. t (a)

di rido di nnu akwa*.

keep for breeding, v., (a) kba ife aku ; gnunu.

keep hitting, v., (e) kudide; (e) kugide.

keep law, v., (a) go, do lu iwu; aua ; (e) d^be,

(e) fgdo.

keep off, v., (e) ce.do lu.

keep quiet, v., (a) bwankgte.

keep safe, v. f (e) cQbe lu', (e) cgkwa; (e) cgkwaba.

keep silence, v., (e) kbucie cjnu.

keep silent, v., (e)

rulu iirulu.

keep washing, v., (a) cab a lu.

keep well, v., (e) dokweva (A); (e) dokwaba (0).

keep word, v., (e) ]ie ofu gnu.

key, ugodi.

kick, nkune (A); jbwa qkfa(A); jbwaukwu.

kidnapper, ainy^kbgli.

kidney, akolo.

kill, v., (e) bu0, /%, co.

kill, v. t (a) kbafue lu.

kill by poison, v., (e) kbo .

. . ukbo.

kill tree with fire, v., (a) kpobue.

king, ^z.

king, Qze, nze.

king, be, (e) cie li z.

kingfisher, aiyangongonu.

kiss, v., (e) susu Qnu.

kitchen, okpok^algnto (A) ;

kite (bird), nkw6, agfinkwo.

knee, ikbele (A); nkp^li ukwu.

usSku (0).

knee, ikb^l^ (A); nkbeliokwo (0).

knee, back of, at a.

kneel, v., (e) bue lu nkpiliukwu (0); ikbele (A);

naui (A).

kneel, v., (e) se,kpulu.


knife (long), aj^e^a; (carving) ob wen ye tu ; (double

edged) opio; - - (woman's) mma ku.

knock, v., (a) koa ; (a) koca.

knock (at door), (a) bwa nuzo (0); -- nambo (A).

knock (head), v., (e) tikg (isi).

knock down, v., (e) titue; (a) turapu.

knock head, v., (a) sua isi (0).

knock out (ashes), v., (e) kocapu.

knock out tooth, v., (a) napu gze,.

knocking, okSko.

knock-kneed, mbwaligad a (A) ; pljj bwa.

knot, odoli, izuisi, odedili, nzoci, agadago qkoko,

akaiiwoke, niwaci, nkukoba, li efi, odefinewu,


knot, v., (a) mwa akBo.

knotty (tree), akbokalakpo.

know, v., (a) nialu (0) ; (a) mwalu (A).

knowingly, ainya sii.

koko yam, Qcle (A) akasi ;


koko yam field, gbiibalgde (A); mbobo e,de (0).

kola box, inkwukwu (A); okbulu(A); okbulukbu (0).

lack, imp. v., (a) fu& ife.

ladder, mbe/ (A) ; ogidjgba (A); igulfibe, (0).

lake, QZU agolo (A) ;

lame, olffci.

lame, be, v., (a) ;

ukwu (0).

lament, v., (e) be lu iib.'.

lament, v., (a) kwa oya.

onoku (at Ofuta) (0).

lu a ukwu (e)lo okba (A);

lamentation, ikpe akwa (A) ; ikbonkpu (0).

lamentation, qbuba qta(A); gz^za.

lamp, oligna (A); utukbe' (A); ikbo(O); (Jko (0).

lancet, agSba.




language, a'siisu.

last, ikbazu.

last child, cjdodunwa (A) ; Qdiiiiwa (0).

last, v., (a) tgka.

last, be, v., (e) kbe azu.

last, become, (e) cie lu azu; (e) ciya,

larva, mbwabananemi (A) mbwabanemi (0).

larynx, rikqno.

late, be, v.., (a) kpolea li.

laugh, v., (a) mu& lu amu ; (a) eia li Qci.

ra amu.

laugh instead of cry, v., (a)

laugh much, v., (a) mwuba amu.

laugh with sore heart, v., (a) mu amu iru QZQ.

laughing, amu.

laughing too much, idalida'mu (A); idakefuamu (0),

law, ana, iwu.

lay down, v., (e) nibe.

lay down, v., (a) tgbg; (a) tobwq.

laying information, am a.

laziness, arSso.

lazy, cjbo, umgmba' (A).

lazy (man), akalagoli (A); onye mwo (0).

lazy, be, v., (e) bu ekpa.

lazy, be, v.,(e) IQ ule ; (e)

cue icu.

lazy, become, v., (a) tua Qbo; (gbo) (a) tu; (e) sie qty.

lead, v., (e) due lu\ (e) durupa (0); (e) duruga (A);

(e) duga lu.

lead the way,^., (e) dupu lu.

leaf, aboba, afifia, akwukwo.

leaf growth, uku (ji).

leaf, sharp-pointed, agamebu.

lean, v., (e) be.be, lu.

lean, trs. v., (a) bwa be.be.

lean (thing\ ^., (a) bwagglo bwagglo.

lean against, trs. v., (a) bwabe.be; (e) bvle (A); (e)

bgbgle (0); (person), inlr.v., (a), dab^be; (a)

lean back, v., (a) dab^elu (no past).


lean elbow, v., (e) bwudo; hand, (e) bido (aka); (e)

bikwasi; head (e) tobe.be; (a) tokwasa.

lean on, v., (a) sudo; (a)

leaning, liib^be.

learn, v., (a) mu# amu.

learn to walk, v., (a)

ra ukwu.

lua ukwu.

leave, v., (a) ra ; (a) rapu ; (a) rainye ;

- -

(off), (a)

rapu ; place, (e) si puta ; (a) kwosi go ; (work)

(a) raca (A); (a) rasia ; alone, (a) yalu; in.

possession, (a) raf ue (A).

leech, etii.

left, ak^kbe.

left-handed, be, #., (e) me akgkbe.

leg, Skba' (A); ukwu (0).

leg (above ankle), obobwqna.

lend, v. y (e) nwonye ; (e) zinye.

lengthen steps, v., (a)

leopard, a* go,

kaba ukwu.

lessen (price), v., (e) benata lu gnu.

let fly (arrow),, v., (a) do, fiepu (0); (e) se, uta bwa (A).

let go, v., (a) ralunye.

let grow (weeds), v., (a) racie.



level, e,k ^lesii.

level, j[kbo jru.

level, v., (e) tela; (e) tele (A).

levelling, nkp^li.

lick, v., (a) lac a lu.

lie, a si.

lie down, v., (e)

din a ana.

lie habitually, v., (a) si a li fall fali.

lie on stomach, v., (a) mwakpulu.

life, ndo.

life, ume,ndo(= breath of life).

lift from fire, v., (a) rQ (ite) ; (a) rglu.

lift up, v., (e) sQkpulu.

lifting, rikiini.


E 2


light, n., if

light (day), adj., ifSlo.

light (weight), mfe.

light (lamp), v., (a) munye utukbe.

light fire, v. t (a) furiwe' 6ko ; (a) kBasobe gko ; (a)

monye c^ko.

light from fire, v., (a) mu a


long (rope), mbwantili (A); mbwate,lili.

long ago, mbwQri, nggdQri.

(eyes) long for, v., (ainya) (a) pa ; (a) toa ainya.

look, v., (e) ngneV

look, intr. v., (e) si anadi.

look after (house), v., (e) jide, (unp).

look after, v., (e) te,kwe,be ; (e) cekwa ; (e) cekwaba.

look at (trap), v., (e) fQga lu\ (e) fe,ta lu\ (e) kilie^w (a)

tu ainya ; (and touch), v., (e) neta (mQtu aka). |

look back, v., (a) ya lu ainya.

look different, v., (e) fie ainya.

look down, v., (e) ngda.

look for, v., (a) cq ; (a) cqga; (a) coba; (a) cgze lu ; v.,

(e) tue; s. in eye, v., (a) vua ainya (A); (a) vo

(A) ; (a) b e - (0).

look round, v., (e) neyalie ainya.

look sharp, v., (e) do lu ainya.

look sidelong, v., (e) bue n'iku ; (e) SQ li (A); (a) IQ

ainya (0) ; (a) la (A).

look steadily, v., (e) nedu.

look to another (to do work), (a) da ndamainya.

look stealthily at, v., (e) bwenyeli . . . ainya.

look well at, v., (e) ne, ta.

look well for, trs. v., (a) fucata lu.

looking for s. in eye, QbSbo (0); Svovo (A).

loop, v., (a) mwacie.

loopholed wall, qkbQ.

loose, wolo wolo (0).

loose, v., (a) bwato, lu; (a)dolo; (a) tq

; (a) toye ; (rope),

v., (a) tqpu; (a) tgke,pu; (seam), v., (a) to.ke ; get,

v., (a) tQpu ntqpu; (e) wtiwo awuwo.

loose thing, if 5f iifu.

loot, v., (a) cica.

looting, nctca.

loquacity, Qkulgku, kuku (A),

lose, v., (e) tufue.

lose road, v., (e) fone,te ; (a) kBafie


lose strength, v., (a) cay a ile ; (a) piia ; (a) zuna.

loss, iyi, mfuru, Sfufu.

lost (limb), nkpilikpi.

lost, be, and die in bush, v., (a) nwufu anwafu.

louse, igwu (with nearly closed mouth).

love, afQinma.

low, mbwQmbwe, mbwe (A).

low (place), ^be, di ani.

lower leg (top), nduana (A) ; (lower part) obobwana (A);

^bunuku(O); abobwqna (0).

lower (voice), v., (e) w^dQta ; (price) (e) wetue.

lower price, v., (e) doka minni.

luck, awele, nevade, 6fa.

lump, Skbolukbo.

lump (foot or hand),

lung, mba'.

lying, okasi.

mad, be, v., (a) gQ ala (A) ; (a) poa ; (a) bwa gbu ; (a)

ala ; (a) gu a (A).

mad, be a little, v., (Q) rne rhkonko ainya (0) ;

-(A); ifelife (0).

madness, ala' oiyi(A); ala' gpupu.

maggot, ndu, aroro, ik]5ulu.

make debtor fear, v., (a) mwa 6 bill ugwo.

make excuse, v., (a) kwainye qnu; (a) kwago .

make feast, v., (e) lie olili.

make friends, v., (a) kba lu okba.

make goat's noise, v., (a) mwa gnu.

make good, v., (e) mQzie.

make law, v., (a) maci iwu.

make leg throw, v., (a) kbo, ggQ.

make mat, v., (a) do a ute.

make mistake, vm , (a) mwafie.

make rain, v., (e) SQ mill; (a) ra .

make ready, v., (e) jikwa lu.

make small hole, v. t (a) suye.

make weight, ikbo aka (A).

making string, glilo.

making title, ocici.

making war, gb


mat, utQiika.

matches, ibwoko (A) n^pko.

matchet, og'.

match et, QnSmwa.

matter (from eyes), ati (A) ; nti (0).

meal, azi.

measure, Ssisi.

measure, (of powder), a'badi, (A) ; a'bwadi (0).

measure, v., (e) sie Qsie.

meat, anu.

medicine, $gwo.

medicine (thieves'), !nyime (A) ; tnyima (0).

meet, v., (e) JQ kwudo; (e)J^ko; (e) rngko.

meet, intr. v., (a) kBako lu\ (e) kwude go\ (a) za izu;

(e) zne ; (e) zukgba.

meeting on road, rigaleta.

melt, v., (a) bwazQ ; (e) dQ.

melt, v., (e) mQze.

melt, v., (e) zize.

melting, mbwa'ze, Qdtde.

memorable, nlota.

mend, v., (a) kwacie li.

mend roof, v., (e) k^kwa; (e) kd.

men's house, eba' (obu).

men's house, Sbu.

menstrual blood, mbSla (A) ; Qdinanso (0).

menstruation, oba, QZI, nso.

mention, risikwu.

mention, v., (a) mwa a to.

message, oko.

meteor, nke^gwe, (A),

micturate, v., (a) nyu (wa)

micturate, v., (e)

rue mili.

midday, Qfjfie nabo.

midday, ow^lo.

middle, Qt?ti.

middle, Sgulugu.

riwa mili.

midnight, odt nabp, nand^li.

midrib of oil palm, wa (A).

milk, ala'.

millet, oka nwaijQta (A) ;

millipede, esu.


inari (0).

mince, v., (a) Ja lu ; (e) hue jakajaka.

mind, v., (a) bwainye,.

mirror, enyo (A); ugobwe (0).

misfortune, akoko (A) of of o ;


misfortune, gbgnQb^.

miss (aim), v., (e) fie.

miss fire, v., (e) le, n'ainya.

miss road, v., (e) vwe uzo (0); (e) vwo (A).

missfire, olile.

missile (wood), involo (A); mbo'lo (0).

missing, be (of soldier), v., (a) kbaf ne.

mix, v., (a) gwa (ko) ; (a) yako ; (a) gwpba ; (a) gwaba ;

(a) gwa; (e) gwggwa ; (e)


palm wine, v., (a) ya lu;

bwe,be ; (a) gwobue lu;

water with palm wine,

v., (a) ko& ngwg.

moist, be, v., (a)

da iduli.

money, aku, oko (A).

monkey, species, mbwama.

month, ^nwa.

moon, onyife, onye e,nu (0) 'onwa.

moon, covered by cloud, Qnwanawoifia.

moon, full, ndoju (A);'ndozu (0).

moon, new, onwa, toto popo (0).

moon, with crescent to left, ajQnwa.

moonlight, ife oiiwa, onwa, otiti.

more, azi.

more, wain ye.

morning, mbwasaci (A),

morning, o^S^o.

morsel, nke,piloji (of kola) (A) ; mbike (0).

mosquito, anwo^e^a.

mosquito larva, nj'.


mortar, [kwe (A) ;

6d6 (0).

moth, nwaoiofo ^fo.

mother, nne.

mother's people, ikunne.

motive, ifi.

mould (in earth), v., (a) kpuba mwo.

mould (parasitic), e, vu (A) ; Qbu (0).

mourning, iiru.

mouse, rita'.


neck, onu.


needle, aga, aga', h^o^o.

negative, abum isi aka, isi aka ade (0); ii'aka aka

abwa iviltvi; I am the thumb, if there is no thumb,

the hand is round (shapeless).

ak' afu isi, mia laruna ola;

if hand does not see

head, it can't sleep (A); aka afisi mp laru (0).

- aku ogugo, nanti QdQzu ike (A); till the nut is

finished the jaw does not regain strength.


je mpepi adaderp ago mma ; ago fuya, odubweya

; the walking of a goat does not please the

leopard ;

if it sees one, it kills it.

- mbose ainyi jelu Oye Nimo, je,te, sqbafolo,

afolo, memebe; the day we go to Oyi Nimo market

we come to the house of " I have not got it, if had it, I

would do it."

- nwe,wu si ka nniye ft 6ru, nya borii; the* kid

says his mother is a slave, but he is not a slave.


cjbu nakaka nQgQbu, Abaja na mwa ; akaka,

ebu Aba] a; if they give notice to kill, Abaja people


run, if they don't, they kill Abaja people.

obwenyelu, poor


puts it.

man does not put it; obwenyelu

- okenye Joku, moku; Qiignunu aka amu (0) ;

big man goes to case, says nothing; he who stays at

home is better.

- unonwe, he has no house (cf. onwel' uno, he has a

house) (0).

neglect, v., (a) kbo, go

. . . asi.

neglect, v., (e) neuia; (a) nia.

neighbour, abwatSbi.

neighbouring, abwata.

nest, akwii'.



aga (A); obw6 (0).

odKme (round fence)

tower (0).

(A); ^kwumu (worked from

net (casting), (obu)


net (dip), ob6 gkwQ (0).

new, $fo.

nice, nkece.

night, anase, ucici (A); ainyase (Nibo), ase (Araansi).

night, ndgli (A).

night fishing, ayitu (0).

night jar, lo (a gad a).

nine, ite.ge.te (A); itenani (0).

nineteen, umwatei ge( te i , ilitggQte, (A) ; ilinitenani (0);


ninety, ogunasatonili (A) ; Qgo en nili (0).

nipple, Qn

observe, v., (e) sikwua.

obstacle, ogwe,.


obstinacy, ek ant i (A); kaci obi (A); gkpacinti (0).

obstinate, be, v., (a) mi a ami; omi.

obtain, v., (a) cqta lu.

obwqgulu seed, hkbuluko (A); ihmimi (0).

ochre (yellow), nc&la.

of, nkQ.

offer (to mwo), (a) coa lu aja; (e) gozie; (a) gonye (0) ;

(a) go, (0) ; (a) go, do (A) ; (e) rue.

offering kola,

i b o t o i.

oglisi (for mwo), ndg'.

oil, ni wan Ti.

oil, v., (e) te, mwanu.

ointment, ud^'.

old, nka'.

old (thing), akakbo (A); akSkbolo (0).

old man, agadi


opposite, idaru (A); adaru (0).

oppress, v., (e) mebue.

or, ko'.

or, gbo, qbii.

order, iwu.

order, in, Igte.

order, v., (a) rainy e ; (a) dun ye.

Orion's belt, Jkoletp (0).

other (each), ibie.

other, ozcj.

outside, QZI'.

outside, mbala (A) ;

outside, mbala.

over, qd&ba.

ilo' (0).

overeat, v., (e) lif Qli nli ; (e) lif Qge

overgrowing, nluci.

overgrown, obubu.

kolu akalu.

af o.

overgrown, be, v., (a)

owe debt, v., (e) jie ugwo.

owl, ukwugukwugu (A) ; ohu.hu (0); okuku(OX

owner, diriwenie (0).

Oye day, oyq.

QZO, title,

pack load, v., (a) kwa ibu ife.


v., (a) nya obwo.


paddle, a mala.

pain, v. imp., (a) da lu.

pain, v., (a) dudo lu.

pain, ifofo (A); ivovo (0).

pain, v., (e) si Qsi.

paint face, v., (e) dgtQ

paint marks, gdid.

si iru.

painting body, nsQ (A); |de (0).

palaver, make, (a) ba lu mba'.

pale, turn, v., (a) cay a si a ; (e) m


paling, n c a ; i , y n w u y 1

i, n w u 1 i. y %

palm (hand) $bo aka.

palm keriielj&kii etiti (0).

palm leaf, Jgu, obii igu (0); asanku, okitinku; igu,

Qmu, ogulugu, owa.

palm leaf on top of wall, aku (A).

palm leaf looped, 6gii(A); akwu (0) ;

imakwo (0).

palm leaf mat, akainya, atainye (A).

palm leaves (young) qmii.

palm nut, a'ku.

palm nuts (soft), s6ko (A); aku osu (0); (hard)

okboloko (0).

palm nuts (mashed), Qkok^lo.

palm oil, m wan a (A); ofibo (0).

palm tree, ukete, nku, akbalanku (A); ojelenku (0) ;


palm wine, mwainya, mia (A),

palm wine (sour), inbwaka (A); nwabo (0).

panting, ikwii lime,

pangolin, akabo (A) Skambo ;


tua ume.

pant, v., (a)

paralysis (?), akwukwu (A); imalima(O); kaniakwukwu


parcel, ngugu.

parcel (for sale) ice ice (A); ico (0); Qkp'^ba (ji).

pardon, Syiya.

pardon, v., (a) ya lu.

parrot, ice 6ku, icoku.

part hair, v., (a) rawa.

pass, r., (ai) nyi ; (e) ngfQga.

pass, v., (e) vulu uzp (A) ; (e) bulu (0).

pass by, v., (a) gabuge.

pass through, v., (a) kBafainye.

pass without speaking, v., (a) gafeli n'odi (0);

stopping, (a) ga viga (0) ; bang (A).

patch, y., (a) dac i a lu.

patch, v., (a) macie.


patella, okbakikbglg (A), okunkbiliukwu.

patience, ri did! ; jriibe, isi.

patient, be, (a) taba risi; (a) tado; (a) dido; (a) iiido;

(a) tagide; (a) ta nsi.

path, mbana (0); gte (0).

pattern, hgolu.

pay, v., (e) me, VQ.

pay debt, v., (a) kwulu gu, ugwo.

pay debt, v., (a) kwu& ugwo.

pay for, v., (a) kwu# ugwo.

pay fine, v., (a) ra' nra'.

pay for summons, v., (a) wunye.

pay for work, v., (a) kua ugwo ... olu.

pay out, requite, v., (a) bg kg lu; (a) bg a lu.

pawn, onye rikpa.

do lu nibe.

pawn, v., (e)

peace, udo.

pebble for rubbing house, nkwo' ono (A) ; nte" ono.

peel, v., (a) fuca; (a) kwaca; (a) kpaca.

peg, 8k^.

peg, nkf)6'.

pelvis, os^.

pepper, 6se.

penetrate, cut (knife), v., (a) su nkpu.

penis, amu ;


people of to-day, azi.

pepper dish, obQle Qkwa (A) ; nkpili ite (0).

perch, v., (e) be lu.

perch (fowl), 6bwo (qkoko).

perching, gbtib^.

perhaps, ikgkwe (A); ikgkwo (0).

perpendicular, qkwgto.


perseverance, ucu' ;

persevere, v., (a) tacie; (a) tado.

person, mwade (A) mwadu ;


picking up, n |^6 \, a.

pick out, v., (a) rgpu ; (a) rgta ; (a) rgputa.


pick up, v., (a) kba; (a)kbakqba; (a) kpudo, (e)renie;

(a) tqba; (a) tota ; (a) tofcofca.

piece, mb$.

piece by piece, nibe nibe.

piece (long, narrow), nwagQl^le.

pierce, v., (a) dua lu.

pierce, v., (a)mwa.

piercing, n., ifoawa (A) ; pSwa.

pig, zi.

pigeon, rid 6 (A) ; kpal&kwukwu.

pillar, ide.

pillar (central), okotolom^nu (A) ;

pile on each other, v., (e) do lu, go.

pile up, v., (a) kbokgba.

nd6 (0).

pillow, nfisi (A); oeisi (A); ife ifisi(O); obilisi(O);

oce fsi(A); of ills! (0).

pin (fish) together, v., (e) soko,.

pin crooked, v., (e) sofe.

pinch, v., (a) tu a mbo (0) ; mvo

pinch (seed) v., (e) muto,.

pineapple, nkwolu (A); akwolu (0).

pipe, gko.

(A) ; (e) m\ie mbo.

pirouette, mfgrube (A) ; bokbajulaju (A) ; uv^luv^ (0).

pit, Sgugu (A) ;

pit (trap), Q k b e.

Snunu (0).

pit of stomach, uniQndo ; onunkpolobu (A) ; isinkpolobi


pith, 6 mi',

pity, $bQnQb.

pity, ^b^le.

place, eka.

place in market, Sdu afia.

plait, qkpuk^a.

plait, v., (a) kba lu\ (hair) isi; (a) kbainya .

plait mouth of

bag, v., (a) kba gnu if e.

plan, v., (a) ka lu abwa.

plank, ib


planning, Qkoka.

plant, v., (a) ko; (yams); (e) gbu e\ (e) ZQ (kola, tomatoes,

etc.); (e) bubu lu\ (corn), v., (a) mwa (Qka);

(seed), v., (a) koa (nkpolo) ; (yam), v., (e) nje awa

je; (e) jo (A).

plant peg, v., (a) k$qdo; for Agu, (e) lo Agu.

plantain, ji oko.

plate, aflQ.

plate, aiya.

play, v., (e) gulie e,gu ; (e) gue ; (a) kbalia amu; (a) kb'a

amu ; (a) lova olo ; ball, v., (a) toga,

plaything, ife e,gu.

please, v., (a) ga n'ainya ; (a) ba ; (e) zie .

please, v. y (a) SQ.

please, imp. v., (a) to.

pleasure, Qniiso.

plenty, ?i., mbawainye.

plenty, have, v., (a) cia.

plucking, ikwo (0) nkwo.

plump, t^pu tQpu.

pod. abwQlebg (A); mbobo.

point (gun), v., (e) cido lu.

pointing, rizodo.

poison, Qkunsi.

poison (arrow), dide.

pool, Qdodo.

poor, obiam, obwenye.

porcupine, 4 bint a; (big), Qbiolii (A).

portion, imulimu.

possession, mbfiga.

post, iso.

postpone, v., (a) kaya.

postponement, hkaya.

pot, ite; oko (A); 6bobwa (0) ; (musical), fid u; (palm

oil), nja' (A) mbo ; (0) ; (small), gko ; (soup), ite

ofe,le(A); obobwa (0).

Skukwa (0).

pot rest, Skukwo (A) ;


pot stand, Skilika; (palm wine), ajumfa.

potato, sweet, Qtgli (A); Qkom^ko (0).

pound, v., (a) sua.

pound, v., (a) sukp'q ;

(a) suo (A).

pound (in mortar), v., (a) mwalie; (a) mwapwia; (a)


pour, v., (e) me n ye.

pour, v., (e) me . . . rue.

pour carefully, v., (a) zata.

pour half away, v., (e) b lu ugu.

pour in, v., (a) bwaya lu.

pour in, v., (a) bwainyQ.

pour into (house), v., (e) rubata.

pour into pot, v., (a) wunye.

pour out, v., (e)fQsa.

pour out, v., (e) mgpota ; (e) rngpu.

pour upon, v., (e) kukwasi li.

powder, v., (e) milie; (a) pilie.

powder earth, v., (a) ya lu.

power, um'.

praise, n6bQ (A); itomadu (0).

praise, v., (a) gogoa lu ;

prayer, $kblu.

prevent, v., (a)

(a) lakanp ; (e) j^o.


prevaricate, (e) zobe afo.

press, v., (a) pia ; (a) pipia.

prevent, v., (a) ra.

pressing, mfido.

present (gift), imago,

precipice, ndagugu (A) ; ndalagugu (0).

prepuce, nwa akbi akbokbg.

prepare, v. t (a) kbaca aka nainya; (e) kg lu.

prepare to go, v., (e)kobe(O); (e) ke,nili; (e) ke.be |(A) ;

(e) kolu lu.

press clothes, v., (e) de, lu go, akwa.

preserve, v., (e) dgbfj lu.

prevent from seeing,?;., (e) bwocie.

(9850) F 2


precedence, Jbfrzo.

precede, (e) b u e, lu, go,

present day, nu azi

u z o.

press, v., (a) bwaja ; (a) pia.

pressing a sore, mbike.

price, $n5'.

prison, nga", onqnga.

prisoner who protests innocence, onye agogo.

profit, ulu.

profit, agents', ebwahgenge (A); ibwange.

prolong, v., (a) bwatia li oku.

prolong, v., (e) setie.

promise, fikwa.

prop, mfido.

prophet, & mii ma.

prosperity, o don igugu (A); ^lokoto.

do hi.

protect, v., (e) eg

proud, nga la, oya',

proud flesh, Skbo^ukbo (A) ;

proverb, eo inu.

provocation, icoku.

lu oku.

provoke, v., (a) CQ

provoke, v., (a) ktiasu gu iwe.

prune, (a) doka lu ; (e) buka lu.

puff adder, ubi.

pull, v., (a) k$ua lu ; (e) SQ.

pull (rope, etc.,) v., (a) dq lu.

pull down, v., (ai) nyad6.

pull down (branch), v., (ai) nyatue.

pull down branch, v., (a) nya.

pull gently, v., (a) mia li.

pull near head, v., (e)

pull out, v., edgkpu w.

pull out, v., (a) kbapu.

pull out, v., (a) riie,!; #w.

pull out, i?., (e) niQpu.

do lu nisi.

ebububu alabwa (O).

pull out, v., (a) meta ; off (yams from stick), (a) meta.

pull out (teeth), v., (a) kbaye.

pull out (thorn), v. t (a) kbaputa.

pull over, v., (e)


r lu.

pull up, v., (e) roe ; (e) ronie.

pull out, (e) ropue ; (e) roputa ; (e) rota.

pullet, a didi Qkoko(A); asSla gkoko.

punish, v., (e) nye af ufu.

purposely, moma, ikpacalainya,

purposely, Qmumwa (A); ekbaiealainya (0).

pus, avft'(A), ab


put in line, v., (e), fibg.

put in place, v., (e) fib p.

put knife (in belt), (e) tu mwa.

put load down unhelped, v., (a) mwazie.

put mark, v., (e) yibe ainya.

put mat on leak, v., (a)

kwacitf uno.

put more, v., (a) do wainye.

put near ground, v., (e) bude lu ; (e) budgbe n ani.

put off, v., (a) kaya.

put on (hat), v., (e) kbu lu.

put on cloth, v. t (a) wa Qgqdg.

put on shoulder, (a) nwukwasi.

put on table, (a) nwukwasi.

put out, v., (a) pafuta.

put out (many), v., (e) bute (A) ; (e) but a (0).

put out (tongue), v., (a) liputa.

put right, v. t (e) dozie, lu.

put to flight, v., (a) cuciya.

put together, v., (a) eiko; (e) kp'oko; (e) tiko ;

(a) wukq.

put up (load), v., (e) bunyite ; (e) bulu.

put wood for seat, v., (a) eicie.

putting hand on something, in bid 6, mbikwasi.

putting on clothes, mbwiinye (0).

puzzle, v., (e) finiQ


quarrel, (jkwolo.

quarrel, is Q ogu(A); SSQ (0).

tue ok an a.

quarrel (over share) ; (e)

quarter, Qn 6k o (A); obwe.

quarter, hind, olo.

quarter staff, obi (A); ubwSlo (0).

question, Sf 6 16 (A); If 616 (A); Sfolo (0).

question, Sjuju.

quick, ngwa.


quick (temper), obigku (A); okobi (0).

quickly, qsisq, bwavolo (A); ozibo ozibo (0).

quiet (man), idi (A); odi quietly, aro ani.

(0); mbwigno.

quill (porcupine), ntu.

rain, mili ozizo, mil^gwe.

rain (after sunshine), nseji.

rain hat, okpu tainye (A)

rain (after sun), v., (e) sejie.

; akaihya.

rainbow, e,k gig ke, (A); Qke, nogulugu (0).

rains, early, mili aro (A) ;

raise (head), v., (e) wenili.

mili nd' aro (0).

raise eyebrows, v., (e) me ainya Sgagaga.

rake, v., (a) voa (A) ; (o) bo, lu (0) ; (a) boa lu (0) ; (a) boye

lu (0).

rake fire together, v., (a) kbasobe $ko.

raking, obftbo (0); inboye (0); ovuv^ (A),

ram, bunu.

rank, according to, n'^kwa n'^kwa.

raphia leaf, Sgugu.

raphia leaves, igu (A); midrib, Qf^lQ.

raphia vinifera, ngwo.

rare sight, afu afu.

rash (disease), Q la mwana.

rat, oke, okeke, ^wu, ogini, odu, eyi, etc.

rattle, oyo.

ravage, v., (e) kbolie.

ravage, v., (a) kwalie li ; (a) kwalia (0).

rave (fever), V.,(Q) kwuyalia.

rave, v., (a) zulua.

ravine, mbuzQ* (A); ononfimwo (0).

ravine, mbwombwo (A); ononuinwp (0).

raw, ndo'.

razor, Sgoba.


reach, v., (e) \ue.

reach (year), (a) bwa aro.

reach to the ground, v., (a) kboa /% nani.

ready, be, v. imp., akwa (e) dobe,.

ready, be, v. t (a) kwado.

ready to go, v., (e) jQko ejQko.

rear (fowls), v., (a) kba (gkokg).

rearrange load, v., (a)

tualia ibu.

recall kindness, v., (e) jigonye.

receive, v. s (a) nata go.

receive person, v., (a) na mwade; (a) nata .

receive share, v., (e) kgte.

reckon, v., (a) bwad$lu (0).

reckon, v., (a) gua In qnu ; (a) bwako ; (a) guko.

reckon, v., (a) kbako lu; (a) kbakwa lu.

reckon, v., (e) lokq.

reckon bride price, v., (a) tu& ngo (0).

reckoning bride price, etuhgo.

recognise, v. t (a) gunye ; (e) lony.

recognition, half, nnenwa (A); mfne (0) ;

recover, v., (e) ke,le.

recovery, ride, re.

recovery, ndoci nlQci (0).

red, mme.

mfonu (0).

red, bright, ja.

red yam and koko yam leaf, ibbago (A); mbe*i (0).

red, be, v., (a) ca jaa.

red hot, be, v., (a) gu ^ra.

red hot, be, v. t (e) nwulo.

redness, gctca.

reduce to silence (by accusation), (e)

reflection, onyinyo.

refrain, v., (a) cinie lu aka.

refuge, take, v., (e) zizu ; (e) zolu.

refusal, QJUJU.

refuse, v. t (a) jua lu, yo.

refuse, v., (a) toy a ntoya.


refuse obedience, v., (a) kwa orili (0); qmi.

regret, Sbia (A); oble (A); e.ble (0).

regret, v., uce (e) ce.

regret, v., iro (e) ro.

regret, v., (a) kwa ota.

regret, v., (a) SQ lu ainya.

regret ignorance, v., (a) kwa mwano; mwalo.

reincarnated, be, v., (a) no owa ; ago.

reincarnation, a* go.

reject, t\, (e) nenia.

rejoicing, $no, anoli, aniwoli, (0); {Jnwunwu (0).

rejuvenated, be, v., (e) me aka ewo.

relate, v., (a) kq lu.

relative in law, go'.

relatives, ikunibe,.

remember, v., (e) ce, ta.

remember, v., (e) lota.

remembrance, ricQta.

remind, v., (e) lota.

remove, v., (e) fice (A).

remove with stick (snake), v., (e) kocapu.

render speechless, v., (e) lie gnu.

renew, v., (e) megote ofo.

repairs, Jdozi.

replace stolen thing, v., (e) docie ainya ife.

replant, v., (a) kukwasi li\ (a) kunwo lu.

repose, izuike, QlakQlume (0).

requital, ibobo, ibQmbo (0); o,b6bo (A).

requital, ib^mbo, Qbo.

resemblance, ngqli (A); oytyi (A); n$li (0).

resemblance, oyiyi.

resemblance, ude,.

residing, obtbi.

resin (from raphia), ati.

respect, nsgpulu, ofufe, irubisi.

respect, v., (a) bwainye,.

rest, v., (e)

zue ike.


rest day, oka.

rest house, ong izulike.

retract, v., (a) kBaputa.

retract (oath, etc.), v., (a) bwugbwg.

retract curse, v., (e) kwuvalia.

retractation, m b 5 b Q.

return home, v., (a) kwaciya.

return, v., (e) ciya lu\ (a) ganata lu.

return to first husband, v., (a) nakulu.

revoke, n. t (e) wuye.

rib, nkBesiakoko (A); nkposgngo (0).

rich as, be, v., (a) ra ka.

rich man, ogalainya, qko.

riches, 8ku, aku (A).

rickets (?), abwagala.

ridge (of nose) 5kpolo.

right, akdnli.

ring, mbwaka, aliaka.

ring (foot) Sna okba (A); nja' (A); (foot)


rise (of river), iji.

rise, v., (e) kuniri; (e) kunie go.

rise (river), v., (e) lue.

rite, Qmume.

rivalry, tbwoko.

road, ezi, uzo.

road, be on, v., (e) jekq QjQko.

road, make, v., (a) kwa (uzo).

roar, v.. (a) bwgka lu.

roar (flames) v., (a) bwa kiti kiti.

roast, v., (a) na.

roast, v., (a) roba gu ; (a) roba gu.

roast (corn) v., (a) naba; (a) ruba; (a) ru.

roast (yam), ji qroro.

roast meat, anu arolaro.

rob on road, v., (e) me, ainy^kb^li.

rod, mba ajali.

8na ukwu

oll (on wood), v. t (a) kokoba.

roll, v., (a) kole,le.


roll (hands or feet), v., (e) f ifie ; (self), (e) kbQle.ge.li.

roll up, v. t (e) jikqba lu.

roll up, v. t (a) lukgba.

roll about. v. t (a) nqyalie.

rolls of grass on ridge, ata qtoto (A); ata ok;ke (A).

roller (bird), afigmo Qbala (A); odogfinnono.

roof, inmwaci (A); imaku (0).

roof water, iri mill.

root, akwSla.

root (projecting) ndudu; nkjpesi (A).

root up, v. t (e) roe.

root up (grass) v., (a,) kbQ ikbo; (a) b$; (e) ro.

rope fence, ligjge.

rot, v. t (e) le. ule.

rotten wood, ntite.

rotting, iilS'.

rough, akbokalakpo.

rough, anwulinwu.

rough (skin), aneni (0).

round, ok;lik;li.

round, p?*ep., rube.

round thing, monster, ivilivi.

row (line), usSlo.

rub, v. t (e)

cicie li.

rub, v. t (e) rue ; with oil, (e) kpe of ibo (0) ; (a) IQ

(0); (e) te. mwana.

rub, v., (e) te..

rub camwood, v., (e) rue ufie; (e) te

rub oil, v., (a) kba ude; (e)

rub well, v., (e) te.la; (e) tQtue.

rubber, nci, eso, otoinwa.

rubbing house, ite.

rubbing with sand, ocici.

ruin, v., (a) kbaf ue lu.

rumble, (e) d.

rue ude.


rumbling in stomach, afo odide.

ruminate, v., (a) to oza (A).

run, v., (a) bwa QSO.

run (liquid) v., (a) bwapu; (e) bu nruru (0); (e) cu $ko.

run (liquid), v. t (e) rue.

run (water), v., (a) bwa lu IQ te.

run after, v., (a) bwasp lu.

run after, v., (a) tukpolu.

run away, (a) bwa lu QSO.

run down (liquid), v., (a) go data ; (e) gglQte; (e) kwQde;

(e) rude,.

run and go, v., (a) bwavali.

run off (meal), v. t (a) bwafga afg.

run out, v., (e) tiputa.

run over (liquid), v., (a) juputa' lu.

run past, v., (a) bwabulu.

run fast, v., (a) bwanari.

run round, v., (e) rube,

run round (liquid) v., (a) bwarue.

run stooping, v., (a) bwa ngpngo.

run stooping (and come back) v., (a) bwa adaru (0);

egonsoso (A),

run to bush, v., (a), da oifia.

run to and fro (wife from husband), (a) bwavali.

run to meet, v., (a) bwakwu lu\ (a) bwakp.

run to meet, (a) cokwudo lu.

run to seed, v., (a) kalu akalu.

run together, (a) bwazu.

running, QSO'.

running loop, mwapia, ns^pia (A).

ruse, efcola, ola (0).

ruse, ola.

rust, nca'la.

sacrifice, aja.

sacrifice (for akalagoli),

sacrifice, v., (a) cunye aja.


sacrifice (victim), v. t (a) lo in wo; ; (kola) (a) gQ ; (food)

(e) lie nui .

safe, nwabu.

safekeeping, ric^bq.

saliva, Qnu mili.

salt, nnu.

salt, put on hand, (a) bwa nnu.

saltpetre, akanwu.

salute (of title), v., (e) tue af a ; (e) ke, ne.

salutation, Qk^ne.

salutation, 6 tutu,

salutation, first, ;kbo iru.

same, iyile.

sand, a] a.

sand, ajani.

sand insect, mbe ana (A);' 11^6 ani (0).

sandal, aktiokboko (0) ; akbokbokpa (A).

sandbank, ubom.

ibaba (0).

sandfly, Iboba (A) ;

satiely, nli bwainoinye (A) ; (iku) iwu (0).

saving, QlglQ.

save, v., (a) nado.

save (in trouble), v., (a) napoga.

saw, nkwo (0).

say, v.y (e) kwukwe (A); (e) kwukwa (0).

say, v., (a) si li.

say continually, v., (e) kwue kwu.

say nothing, v., (a) bwa odi.

scar, a pa.

scarce, be, v., (e) ko uko.

scarecrow, uf^le Sbani (0).

scatter, trs. v., (a) bia bwasa; (e) busQsie: (a) kbasa lu\

(e) nuse.

scatter, intr. v., (a) bwaf usie, li.

scattering, inbusQ.

scattering, mbwasa.


scent, v., (a) mwa isi.

scimitar, Sgada.

scorpion, Skbi, odogo gzala (0).

scrape, v., (a) kg lu ; (a) koca.

scrape, v., (a) kwaca.

scrape ears, v., (a) woca riti.

scraping (yams), mbgcg (A); okbukbe, mbeca (0).

scratch, v., (a) do/ mbg ; (a) Jia (0) ; (e) jie (A) ; (e)

kbe, ; (a) kg lu gkg ; (ai) yg .

scratch (surface of ground), see rake,

scratching (body), n^o.

screaming child, omi (A) ;

sea, Sbodi (A), ori mili nnu ;

search, 6 tutu.

ami (0).


season, dry, gkgci ; wet, udumili.

seat outside house, ngwe, ongnuzo (0) ;

seat, raised, kbo (A) ; ukbo


section, top, of wall, oififi aja (A); ibwgle aja.

secret, tell, v., (a) bwa a ma.

see, v., (a)

f ota lu.

see, v., (a) f u go ; (a) f ua lu ; (a) f g lu.

see, v., (e) ketu go.

see (for a moment), v., (a)

f ucali.

mbakwasi (0).

see (passers by), v., (e) bicie uzo (0) ; (e) bucie (A),

see each other, ft, (a) fu tali ainya.

see sight, v., (a) fu& ofu ; alo; (a) fg ife.

seed (used as medicine), 5 da.

seed of obwa, ogili.

seed yam, akftoji.

seed yam, nkpolo.

seek quarrel, v., (a) kbalia li.

seem, ft, (a) di li nka.

seine net, agadabu.

seize, ft, (a) kwako.

seize, ft, (e) me, arnygkbgli.

seize, p. ft, (e) nwu a anwu ; (a) kfta mba.

seize by loin cloth, ft, zuzunye aka.


seize for debt, v., (e) fio ugwp; property (a)

kbaku; (a)kbata(O); (a) kwa nkwukwuluri.

seizing, gnono.

seldom, nggnge,.

sell, v., (e) IQ.

sell, v., (e) le,be.

selling, Qlile.

send, v., (a) raga.

send, v., (e) zie zi.

send, v., (e) zie.

send boy home, v., (a) cuciya.

send in advance, v., (a) k wan aba ife.

send off, v., (e) dumka; (a) dujie li; (a) dugi li.

send to buy, v., (e) se afia.

send to buy, v., (a) tu af ia ; (e) zie

send to market, v., (a) too, afia.

send to plant, v., (a) kwa ogugo Q!U.

sense, uce.

sense, &kol(A); uce akSlo (0).

sensible, amam ife.

separate, v., (a) tgwa.

separate, v., (e) wruka; (e) WQsa.

sept, umunna, Qnoko (A),

serpentine (line), nkpago.

serve, v., (e) f Q lu.

serve, v., (a) na e,f Q.

set (trap), v., (Q) sie oinya.

settle (quarrel), v., (e) dokwa.

settle on (water), v., (e) be na mili.

settle case, u, (a) k ft ado nkBado.

settled (palaver), be, v., (e) b.

seven, as a* (A) ; esS (0).

seventeen, in was a (A) ; belieto^

seventy, ilinasa (A); Qgo eto nili (O) ;

sew, v., (a) kwa.

shade, ndo\

shade, onyinyo.

ilinesa (0).


shade (tree), nkpuk^u.

shake, v., (a) mwarube.

shake, int. v., (a) za unye.

shake, v., (e) zizi^; (e) tice (A); (e) tica (0).

shake hands, v., (a) na aka; (a) n alia .

shake head, v., (e) fifie isi.

shake head, v. t (e) fufe isi; (e) fifio nisi (A).

shake out of pot, intr. v., (a) mwa amwa.

shame, ifgle,

shape, 6dQ 5

shape, oytyi.

shape, oyiyi (A) ;



share, oke, okike (0).

share, v., (a) kbado nkbado.

share, v., (e) kesa.

share (fowl), (a) boa lu\ (a) vo& lu.

share (meat), (a) b^ka lu anu.

share, have no ... in, v., (aka), adgro.

share property, v., (e) ke Qko; (a) toa (0).

sharing (fowl), Sbobo (0); Svovo (A).

sharing (meat), niboka.

sharing, in bo.

sharing, mbuko.

sharing use, mm Qko.

sharp, mbwakanti.

sharp, nko.

sharpen, v., (e) kQtu.

sharpen, v., (a) mu# (0); (e) soe (A); (a) da qdida; (a)

dakwa mma; (a) kba mma Qkwa; {a) pia li;

(ai), ya.

sharpening, imumwa.

sharpening, Qp;pi.

shave, v., (a) ko ; (a) kbwo.

shaving head, nkbu.

sheath, gbomwa (A);

sheep, Sj^u lu'.

shelf, akbata nko.


shell (nut), icele,'; (snail), nk;liku.

shell (palm nut), icQle.

shell (snail), nkilikejuna (A) ; igogu ejuna (0).

shell (beans), v., (a) bowa lu.

shelling, mbSwa.

shelter, mbiibwo.

shelter, v. intrs., (e) bwolu; (e) bukwe ; v. trs., (e)


sherd, QJII.

sherd, nbQleju.

shield, ota, gkbgke (A).

shin,igo(A); igiJlQ (0).

shine, v. t (a) boa n' ainya ; (e) boa abo (black and white);

(a) fia ofia(O); (a) ra 6ra(A); (e) kg iike; (e)tie;

(a) toa; (a) za.

shine on (sun), v., (e) f^wusi ; (a) gbawusi.

shining, n., gbSbo (0) ; ^vfivo (A).

shiny, uke' (0) ; n^ke

ja (0).

shiver, v. f (a) mwa nni.

shivering, Jduli (A) ; igili (0).

shoot (plant), v., (e) pue ome.

shoots (yam), omQji.

shoot, v., (a) bwa lu Qbwe.

shoot s., v., (e) bwabue -lu\ (a) bwabu.

shoot without missing, (a) bwa lu akande.

short, nkpu nkpu.

short, ok bo.

short (fingers or toes), suli suli.

short (road), nkpqfe.

shoulder, v., (e) mekulu.

shout (loud), oom.

shout, v., (a) kboba nkpu; (a) kBg; (e) tie (kbtoa;

(a) kbatoa ; (a) kbaja.

shout, v., (a) na on a.

tue ntutu.

shout, v., (e)

shout loud, v. 3rd pers. plur., (a)

shout loud, v., (a) kba lu o^om ;


fia lu uzu.





shouting, nkpu.

show, v., (e) go si li.

show (road), v., (a) kbasili (uzo).

show off, v., (e) gwece ajgko ;

show pity, v., (e) mqli eb^le.


showing how, gmumwato, Qmumokwa.

shrew, nkakwu.

shrivel up, v., (a) dgnia adgni.

tune li.

shrug shoulders, v , (a)

shut, la'.


shut, ft, (a) kbocie; (e) ke,nke ; (a) de, nkpoiikpo;

nkQnke; -- nkpilisi; (a) kwucie; (ai) nyukudo

(ainya) ; (ai) nyukuba ; (a) nwukuba ; (a) muci.

shut (eyes), r., (a) mu udQne (A),

shut eyes, v., (ai) nyokudo ainya.

shut in, be, v., (a) jjo a to.

shut and turn eyes away, v. t (ai) nyobe ainya.

shutter (window), mbo (A) aku ; (0) Swala ;

sick, be, v., aru (a) nwunwu.

sick, be, v., (a) di li ndo di nime.

sick, be, v., (ai) ya oiya.

sick of, be, v., (a) da lu (oiya).


sickly, be, v. t (e) de, nd (0) ; (aru) (a) pia (A).

sickly person, on ye iy ainya (A) ;

side, Skoko.

side, ikb^le.

side, other, 6fq.

sigh, urn 3'.

sigh, v., (e) kue ume.

sigh, v., (e) ume.


sight (to see), ife n


of 6.

sign (with eyes) (e) bue ainya

signal, arimwa.

signs, making, ob&'bu, oslsQ 1

silence, ibwodi.

silencer (for door), isinya.


okande (0).

; (e) sg niku.

sing, v. t (a) boa lu Sbo ;


?;., (a) riaca.


(a) gem lu qg ;u.

singe off (hair), v., (e) yicapu (O) ; (a) kpy

sink, v., (e) mi na inili.

sink, v\, (e) tikpQ ; (e) zidQ.

Sirius, tgono.

sit, v., (a) nQ ; (a) ngdu (qdo) ; (a) node.

n voku.

sit beside, v., (a) nQciso; -- nyelu; (a) noso nye ;


sit doubled up, v., (e) bvvuru In.

sit down, v. t (a) no dani.

sit down, v., (a) nqdu ani ;

sit singly, v., (a) iiQsa.

sitting down, Qngdo (A); gnodo (0).

situtunga, afifia; obwo.

six, is?'.

-- on s., (a) ng kwasi.

sixteen, mw is i (A); ilinisi(O); bglieno.

sixty, ogunato (A) ; Qgueto

size, 6dQ'.


skewer, nkbesi (A); ara (0).

skin, ak buk bo.

skin (cast), awjjlo (A) ; iwglo (0).

skin (fruit), nib obwo.

skin (to make bag), v., (e) woe (akba).

skin, v., (a) bwa akpukpo.

skin disease (craw-craw), abwa ; ikputu(O).

skull, Qkbokolisi.

sky, igwe'.

slacken, v., (a) tgtunQte.

slander, v. t (e) kwutQ.

slang, akolo (0).

slap, old omuma, icSla.

slap, v., (a) mwa Qla.

slave, QZI, oru.

slave, religious, (5su.

sleep, old.

sleep, v., (a) la ola ; (a) laru .

(9850) G 9


sleep away from home, v., (a) lado.

sleep with eyes open, v., (a) la; (ola) ago; (a) la


sling, v., (e) nya fe,ga.

slip, v., (a) ko fie pu.

slip of tongue, qnu qfifie.

slow, ganoi (A) ; ore,gona (A) ; dainyoi (0) : ure (0).

slow, idgdu.

slow, be, v., (a) jua koyi.

sloping, nkBoru.

sloping, nk().

small, Qbe,le.

small, be, v., (e) pe, mpQ.

small and round, nkilisi.

small and thin, be, v., (e) dikpQ.

smaller, ka mpg.

smaller than, be, v., (a) kili li.

small-pox, kl)Qnta ; okglgk^a

smell, isi.

smell (good), waa.

smell, v., (a) nu lu gu isi.

smell, v., (e) seli isi.

smoke, anwolo.

smoke, imp. v., (a)


kwti anwulu.

smoke, v., (e)

s ok 6.

smoke out, v., (a) fua Qno; (a) who li.

smooth, kwglo kwQlo(A); nkwQmi (0).

smooth, mgle m^le.

smooth, nd^le (A) ; odle(A); n^ela (0).

snail, IJjima; (small), nfuglo (A).

snake, Sgwo'.

snap fingers, v., (a) bwa viyo.

snap fingers (contempt), v., (a) fejie

sneer, v., (e)

li aka.

sue nkpokolo imi.

sneeze, v., (e) ze uz^le.

snore, v., (a) gwq lu ola ; (e)

snoring, eg w ola.

kuc ola.

snuffbox, iikl')o'.

so, nqfo, e!4 (A).

sober, v., (e) j i e m w a i n y a.

sodden, nyali nyali.

soft, buli-buli.


sof t, o n u n o (A) ; onolano auino(O); nlo (0).

soft, tolo tola

soft (food), de.le.de (A).

soft (rotten ), k u 1 u k u 1 u .

soft, become, (e) de,.

soft heart, obfnto.

soil, n., (e) e..

solo in praise, ngjgo.

some, oriwii ; (A) QIIWO.

somersault, ebenebe.

son, eldest, (nwa) di o.kpala.

song, egu, ukwe, abo (0).

sore, n., oinya.

sorry for, be, 3rd p. v., Qbgle . . . (e) me.

sort, e.de.le, etu, e.le.

sound, intr. v., (a) ra (^nu.

sound (water), v., (a) mwa amwa.

soup, ofe, obobo, nsala (0).

sour, mbwakanti.

spade, obu.

spark, eto (Jko (A) ; Qbu ^ko (0).

sparks (from hot iron), afolozu, nsigwe (A).

speak, v., (e) kwue.

speak ill of, v., (e), foe ajo ufu.

speak language well, v. f (a) sopu asusu.

speak quickly, v. t (a) bwabu oku (0); (a) bwavu (A).

speak up, v., (e) kwuputa oku ; (e) kwupu .

spear, r>bwa; (A) Spglepa (0); ab$;

- -

(toy), obona

(A); ekfta' (0); (lozenge head), 6 bo; -- barbed,


specially, so so.

speechless, akl');i.


- -

spider, ududo'; ududo ago, ngadanga;

nka ;

iiganga (A),

spill (from broken pot), v., (e) tukpq mill,

spine (fish), 6gu.

spiral, nko konko (A) ; nkolqko

spirit, mwo.

spit, v., (a)bwa hi asQ.

spitting, gbo'bwa.

splenitis, akbolu (A) ;

splinter, ogu.


a ma (0).

spoil, v., (e) bibie li\ (a) Iqro; (e) medic; (e)

(a) na go n'iyi; (a)

spoil (seed), v. 9 (a) pi a apia.

spoiling, ihbjfbi.

spoilt, be, v., (e) curu.

talia . . . ota.

spoon, ngaji, nkgbo, e,ku, nk^o (0).

spot, agwa.

spot (with rain), v., (a)

to a.

spotted (black and white), eto agwa, ojinoica.

spotted (fowl), kke.

spotted, be, v., (a) bo aboa (0); (a) voa avoa (A).

spread, (a) bwa lu;(&) bwasa.

spread, v.. (e) nu.se.

spread, trs. -v., (a) tabwa.

spread (mat) (a) bwaba (ute); (a) to,

spread (smoke) v., (a) no.

spread, be, v., (e) ko e,ko n'ani.

spread legs out, v. t (a) kbasa.

spread out, v., (a) basa hi.

spreading, mbasa.

spreading, gbfiba'.

sprinkle, v., (e) fqwusi; (a) gbawusi.

sprinkle, v., (a) zak^ mili.

spying, ife ode,ne (0).

squat, v., (e) tukulu.

squatting, ntukuana (A); etuku (0).

squeeze, v., (a) mwalie ; (a) ro.



squeeze out, /'., (a) pifuta (A); (a) piputa (0); (a) pia.

squint, ainya uvie.

squirrel, UZQ (A); obiinu (0); osa, okpokili, nsuenwe.

squirrel, flying, oyii (A); owa amumwa (0).

squirrel, ground, ulili.

stab in stomach, '., (a) bwafo^; (a) bwafue.

staff, ceremonial, Slq.

stagger, v., (e) k]jukpuyalie.

staggering, ngQngo.

stale (fish), ubii.

stammer, v., (a) kufie gnu.

staunch (wound), (e) bwodo.

stand, for drying fish, iikS'.

stand (legs apart), (a) bwajali.

stand a little apart, v., (a) kwuke; (a) kwuce ; (a) kwoga.

stand before, v., (a) nocie iru ; ainya.

stand firm, v., (a) kwusic ike.

stand together, (a) kwukqba gu.

stand up, v., (e) binye 7

upright, ku lu\ Qk^lesu ; (e) nie.

standing up, mbinyi (A); onini (A),

standing up, onini (A); Qkulqto (0).

; (e) niri (0); (a) ku lu

staring, in ^ke (A); inkili (A); inQkainya (0).

star, kpakpando, kik|re (A),

star, umuqnwa.

stars (before eyes) e^o (Jko (A); bu Qko (0).

start, jiibinyJte.

start, v., (e) biny!te.

start, v., (e) kenye; (e) k^kwi.

start (market) v., (e) fibe, (afia).

start home, v., (e) ko lu uno.

starvation, i bug no.

starve, v., (e) bu0 lu

starve to death, v., (a)

stature, ube\

stay, v., (e) hie li\ (e) bi.

stay, v., (a) kusi li


stay, v. } (a) nq gu.

stay long, v., (a) HQ elide.

staying, obibi.

steal, v., (a) loa 616'; (e)

stealthy look, mbenye.

steam, uzii.

stem, 6kf)olo.

step, a ma ok wo.

zue ori.

step (of ladder), okbambe (A); jgulube (0).

step over, v., (e) nyefgge.

bubii riku (A).

steps in palm tree,

sterile woman, aga'.

stick in throat, v., (a) bwado.

stick of yams, ntutu.

stick, v., (a) nyado.

stick on, v., ; (ai) nyadu (a) mwadu.

stick to plan, v., (ai) nya isi.

sticky, nti,kwu (A); ntoku (0); ntako (0).

stiff neck, onu ovivie.

stiff, be, v., (aru), (e) loe.

stiffen, v., (a) bwatia; (a) se, tia.

stile (in fence), gbwa.

stilts, Qk^nQke.

sting (bee) ntii (anwu).

sting, v., (a) bwa lu.

stingy, Skbukba.

stir corn, v., (e) sg oka.

stir fire, v., (a) bwamiwue qko.


bulu bulu.

stitch (in side), nkbo akoko (A); oto ogogalide (A);

nduke (0).

stocks, ;g a.

stomach, afo.

stone, nkpume.

stone, v., (a)

tua okute.

stool, akabo (0).

stool (woman's), oce afia (A); odide'.

stoop, v. t (e) bwb lu


stoop, v., (e) runata; (e) runete (A).

stop, v., (a) ya lit.

stop, trs. r., (a) kwosi li.

stop, intr. v., (a) kwu ; (a) kwolu ;

stop, v., (a) ng gu.

(a) kwu".

stop (bird), intr. v., (e) bube, In ; (e) b gig be,.

stop away from work, v., (a) napu glu ;


-i?., (a)

kusi .

stop from coming, ?;., (e) wucic.

stop hole, v., (e) bwodo.

stop, person, v., (e) c^bfido ; (a) kwusi.

stop rain, trs. i\, (e) fe, mili (0).

li uzo.

stop on road, (e) bucie,

stop on road, v., (a) napo.

stop work, v., (a) racie.

stopper (for pot),

store, small, iyi.

storehouse, nlubu.

ife nza.

store-room, uf?li, ukw!le.

story, akbata (0); akoko (A); akgko; ea (0); asrika


stout, afo okpi (A).

stout, ibu (A); ibii (0).

straight, QW uzo (A); nwuzo (0).

straight, k^lesu.

straighten, v., (e) je tie.

straightness, ikwgto.

strainer, nza.

stranger, obiu.

strangle (half), v., (a) tgdo.

stream, nrupute.

strength, ike.

strength fails, v., (ume) (e)se,pu; (e)kQpu; (e)fe,pu; (e)


strengthen, v., (a) bwa ume.

stretch, v., (e) sQtie

; (a) dQtia ; (neck), (a) mwatia.


stretch, ref. v., (e) bwatie ukwu.

te aru.

stretch, refl. v., (a)

stretching, rh bwatie.

strike cold iron, v., (e)fe, igwe nando, (a) kboa nike ;


strike fire, v., (e) ke qko ;

striking (with hand), otiti.

string, akwSla.


striped, be, v., (a) SQ kwu kwu.

strong, ogali (A); ike (0).

strong (medicine), di ile.

toa .

strong, be, v., (a) ka li aru; (e) koe; (e) le ile; (a)

strong man, fiko.

struggle, rhbwa.

struggle, ozizo.

struggle, v., (a) nu


suffocate, //*. r., (a) l)\vado n'akpili.

suffocate, r., (a) kwu.

suffocate (hand), v., (a) tqbue; (meat) (a) bwado.

sugarcane, 6k bete (A); gkljQte.

suit, y., (a) daba; (e) ftilu ka.(m); (a) ma (aru); (a) di

nukwQ; (e) kwQsi; (e) to.

sulk, v., (a) bwadolu (0); (a) bwadoba iru (A),

sulking, mbwado.

summons, gkbukbe,.

summons, v., (e) kbe lu.

sun, ahwu, ainyaiiwu.

sunset, ainyanwu ada ori mill aiiiyaiiwu ada owa


sunshine, ozanwu (A); anwu omiimii.

sunrise, ainyanwawa (A); ainyanwawata (0).


support, ndo (A) ; nza

support, -t'., (a) zado; (a) zagide.

support (head), v., (e) vie (isi).

surpass, v;., (a) ka li\ (a) kanari li.

surpassing, gkljka.

surprise, el^o ade, etonainya.

surprise visit, nivolo, itu ade.

surprise, v., (a) bia n'odi (0); (a) tua ade, (a) t'oloa.

surprise, v., (a) bwa yali.

surprise, v., (e) lie qnu.

surprise, imp. v., (a) to n'ainya.

surrounding game, nlubudo (A); nlebido (0).

to a atoto.

suspect, v. t (e) tue ntutu; (a)

swarm, ;gw'.

swagger, v., (e) rugQlia.

swear, v., (a) no iyi (A).

sweat, soso, uyfi ^ko(A); okb'6 of iifu (0).

sweat fly, if uf 8.

sweep, v., (a) za.

sweeping, oViza.

sweet, d^gQ d;gQ.

sweet, be, v., (a) to do.


sweetness, otg' (A), 6s'.

swell, v., (e) vi li.

swell (hands), v., (a) zaei0.

swim, v. } (e) gue mill.

swim upright, v., (a) bwa igono; (a) kwa -

swimming, og ii g 11 mili(A.); j,gu mili(O).

swindle, v., (a) zubue.

swing (in walking), (e) rugo.

sympathy, |t a siobi

tabu (for death), odaei (A); idabolo.

tadpole, mbwQli awo.

tail, (jdodo (A); qdo.

take, v., (e),Ji.

take, v., (e) we, (li).

take back, (e) wecic.

take down, (e) we da, (e) we do, (e) buda.

take first, (e) weee li.

take share, (e) wepu (for s.).

take, v., (e) wega.

take (from pot), v., (e) kur.

take (half out), v., (a) kwota .

take (palm nuts), v., (a) kfta hi.

take away, v., (a) puna hi.

. . ugu.

take away, v., (e) we,ga; (e) wQpuga.

take away (after counting), v., (e) gupu hi ; (e) WQpu In.

take away (snake), v., (a) kbafue.

take by mistake, v., (e) we, fie.

take charge, house, v., (a) kwocie uno.

take charge of wife, v., (e) kucic nwunye.

take cloth (from head), v., (a) fuyg.

take companion, v., (a) rainy e mwadu .

; (e) sonye

take down, v., (ai) nyadata.

take down (part), v., (a) tgbe.

take first, v., (a) race.

take flight, v., (a) wa oso.

take hand (to do), v., (a) kudo aka.


take handful, v., (e) bgli li ; (e) bglu.

take hands, v., (e)

zu kvvudo aka.

take in, v., (e) biiwute /// ; (e) buvgte //'.

take in, wood, v., (a) cica.

take inside, ., (e) bubaga In ; (a) pabaga lu.

take name, v., (e) lie a fa.

take oath, v., (a) do lu nisi.

take oath, v.. (a) na izi.

take off (anklet), v., (a) kftapu.

take off (clothes),

(e) yita.

take off (hat), v., (e) kpupu (okpu).

take off edge, v., (e) s o p e.

take off roof, v., (e) rekpu uno.

-v., (a) bopu; (e) wopu; (e) yipu;

take old rope and fall from tree, v., (a) kiqfo nkqfo.

take on hip, v., (e) kue (0) ; (a) kba hwa n'avo (A).

take out, (e) wepntu.

take out (of bag), v., (e) seputa.

take out (of pot), v., (a) gopota ; (a) gota.

take out (some), v., (e) kl'>o beli; (e) wgbe.

take out (some), v., (e) mgb^nata.

take part in, v., (a) la do.

take part of purchase money, v., (e) li oba.

take quickly, v., (a) vuq.

take share, v., (e) zgli.

take something, v., (a) na ife.

take the air, v., (a) na if ufe.

take to give to somebody, v., (a) nagalu go.

take up, v., (e) TQ ; (e) re, pu.

take up, v., (e) wenite lu.

take up (light thing), (e) totonite lu.

take up (heavy thing), (a) painyite lu.

take up (heavy thing), (e) bunyite lu.

take water from pot, v., (e) niQ mili.

take with skewer, v., (a) gos^sia (A); (e) rusisie (A),

taking a handful, mb^li.


taking yam, mbe akanni (0).

talk, v., (e) kwue oku.

talk in sleep, v., (a) zolu& nzolu.

talk in sleep, v., (a) zuliia.

talk language, v., (a) su asusu.

talk somebody out of breath, v., (e) kwuke ume.

talkative, be, v., (a)

ta bull bull.

tall and big, be, V., (e) Tie nnq.

tallness, uto" (A) uso" ; (0).

tally, atoto (A), no6.

taste, intr. v., (e) de n'ile ; (a)

taste, v., (e) de, tu lit.

taste, v., (e) mQtu gnu.

taste, v., (e) n^ue.

teach, v., (a) kuzie li.

teach medicine, v.. (a) sain ye.

tear, v , (a) do ka ; (a) dowa.

tear, v., (e) sQwa.

da mi a.

tear up, v., (a) dqwa In ; (a) doka lu.

tears, ainyamili.

teethe, v., (e) pug ibwi (0); (e) fugo ze (A); ibwili


teething, ipueze (A) ; Q WQ do (A) ; ipwibwi (0).

tell, v., (a) gwa lu.

tell, v., (a) k bat a lu.

tell, v., (e) ze.

tell lie, v., (e) sgta.

tell lie, v., (a)

tua nto.

tell lies, v., (a) si bulile (A),

tell news, i>., (Q) f Qsa oku.

tell news, v., (e) lote.

tell story wrong, v., (a) kgfo nkq fo.

tell truth, v.,(e))ie of u gnu.

telling secret, 6 b warn a.

temper, uko.

temper, be in, v., (e) ko obi.

ten, ili.


tender, become, v., (e) wuwo awuwo.

tendon Achilles, at a (A); ato (0).

tendrils, aka.

termination, 6bubg'.

terror, "Jbobo.

test, v., (a) dama lu.

test, /., (e) sic ligo.

testicles, nkpu ISmu.

tetanus (?), OSQ.

thank, v., (e) ke,ne.

that, ka.

that, nka", nkgno, nkgni, pi. ndeno.

then, e.klio

af u.

they, fa, a.

thick (liquid), bwjdi.

thick (oil), akbotokbo (A) ; abwfdi.

thick set, akpa ukele; uluke; (and short) asunke,

ukenke (A).

thief, 6goli(A); liiboba (0).

thief, 6ri.

thief (foolish), nkeleka (A); olo (A); olo akana (A);

akani ori (0).

thigh, poli pqli okba(A); (jloku, olokwo.

thin, lit oka.

thin person, nne,ni.

thin, become, v., (a) ta aru ; (a) jo ; (e) tikpo .

thing, if$', iv^'.

think, v., (e) dQ ; (e)

lo lu.

think, v., (e) do lu.

think good of, v., (e) 16k ft Q.

think ill of, v., (e) lokbo.

thirsty, be, v., (a) gu mili; (a) gu.

thirteen, mwato, ilineto.

thirty, ilinato (A) ;


this, nk$', nka' ; pi. ndia nuhwa, nu, at'u.

this, nunwa.

thorn, ogu.


thou, ngi'.

thought, jlolo.

thousand, eight, u Ian nil.

threaten, v., (a) ba nib a'.

threaten (rain), imp. v., (e) In?.

three, eto.

throat, Skbeli (A) ;

akbgli (0).

throw, v., (a) ya ; (a) yafu ; (a) tu&.

throw, v., (a) ;

throw, v., (a) to#.

in wa (a) to a.

throw, v., (a) toba.

throw (away), v., (a) $o.

throw (stone) at, v.,

mwa (osisti).

(a) toa . . . (okute) ; (wood) (a)

throw a glance, v., (a) junye ainya.

throw away, v., (a) tuce into house, (a) toba.

throw back, v., (a) tuciya.

throw down (few) (a) wusa ; (sand), .

throw in (to bargain), v., (a) kljo aka.

thrown into, v., (a) tun ye.

throw net, v., (a) woe elili.

throw out chest, v., (a) kwakopu obi; (a) cakopu ; (a)



throw sand, (a) bwaja.

throw something over rope, throw rope over, v., (a)enf^ye ;

(e) bwasa; (e)jikonye.

throw stick (into tree), v., (a) nwatue ; (a) bwatue (A).

throw up, v., (a) tugo.

throw water (on body), v., (a) tukpo mill ; (a) ggkpo .

throwing away, ntufu.

thumb, isi aka (0), isi nkpulaka (A).

thunder, akb a la, ebwe^gwe(A); agbalagada (0).

tic, akbi (A), akolo (0).

tickle, v., (e) y\e ntatalabu (0) ; (e)yie totgle.

tickle (foot), v.,(e)\ie ^zizQ (0) ; (a) hwu .

tickle (insect), v., (a) \ia fuli full,

tickling, to tQ li (A); ntatalabu (0).



top (play), obwa Ql^tgle (A); akbakbwa (0); obwele

tQle(O); Qlqntili (0); nkbonkboze.le (0).

torch, 3 kike.

tortoise, in be (A); mbe.ku (0).

tortoise shell, okbulftkbu.

touch, (e) bi.

touch, v., (e) metu .

. . aru.

touch (for divination), v., (a) do a ogu; (a) na a fa,

touch (one finger), v., (a) lutu.

touching for a moment, obibi.

touchwood (for soup), QSO.

town, Qbo, obSdo.

town, nib a'.

track, okbSlo.

track (animal), ogS'.

track, v., (e) tue gkba (A).

zna afia.

trade, v. f (a)

train up, v., (a) zua.

trap, nkpakana, akbago, Qbo, ibudu, QtolS felo, ag(Jsa,

oinya, oinya enyi ; oinyoso, oinyokpukpo,

oinyakiji, agankwo ; (basket), opio'lo (A); acala

(A) ; uko' (0); nkata (0); (falling), Ibudu.

traverse, v., (e) f Qga /%.

tread (birds), v., (e) isi si.

tread hard on, v., (a) zglidele.

tread in dirt, v., (e) bito lu.

treading in dirt, mbito.

treat badly, v., (e) mebue.

tree, osisi.

trench, nbubo.

trial, ngg'.

trick, v., (a) lata.

trick out of, v., (a) lalia li.

trickster, ony^nto (A), Qkan^o (0).

trouble, Qnuntulu; QSO; iisobu ; uke'.

trouble, v., (a) kbakasi li aru.

trouble, a, ntulu, (a) tuiu.

trouble, be in, v., (e) nwe (>sQka.

true, Qzie; gzioku.

trunk (tree), abazu (0) ;

trunk (tree), fiku 6 si si.

trust, qkwa.

trust, v., (e) cekwubQ.


uvu 6sisi.

try, v., (a) jijia; (e) kike; (a) r-or-oa; (a) kaba aru;

(e)menye; (a) hwa onwunwa; (a) n wane; (a)nwa.

try (strength), v., (a) nwa ike; 6ko.

try to discover, v., (a) bqmbo ; (a) bwa mbo.

try to do, (e) sie ngo ; (e) sinye .

try weight of load, v., (e) ne .

trying, mbwambo.

trying, njiji, nkike, nroro.

tuber, Qna".

tumour, Skbo.

turkey, tolofcolo.

. . ibu.

turn, v., (a) toyalic.

turn (coat), v., (e) yirue.

turn away face, v., (e) wpu iru.

turn back, v., (e) eiya.

turn eyes, v., (e) niQlia ainya.

turn in bed, v., (a) fiyalia.

turn in circle, v., (a) bwa ivilfvi.

turn into, v., (e) rie (ago).

turn over, v., (a) ya lu.

turn pot into basket, v., (a) wu a ji.

turn round, v., (e) doyalie.

turn stomach, v., (e) bwa af o ;

(a) bwalia ; (a) gwogalia.

turn the back, v., (e) ciya lu azii.

turned, be (face), v., (e) fiali (iru) fie (ya).

turning back, fi'ciya (A),

twelve, mwabp (A) ilineboa maboa ;


twenty, oru, ogu.

twenty-one, orunofu.

twilight, b^libeleci (A) ;


-- imp. v., afp (a) bwa fie ;

bilibilici (0).

H 2


twilight (morning), ozo ototo (A) ;

twist, v., (a) fiko lu.

mbaf oci (0).

twist arm, v., (a) Iqkwa aka ; (a) Iqrue .

twist round, v., (a) f iyalia.

twisting string, umwapia, nlgpia (0).

two, eboa, aboa, iboa (0).

two, mbo, nabo.

two hundred, iru (A) iruli ; (0).

tying up, ofifio (A) ;

rizodo (0).

ugly, j 2

ulcer (dirty), anagono (A) ;

ulcer (rodent or indolent), ncice.

anolino (0).

umbrella, ocgndo, ncanwu, nc^ndo.

unable, be, imp. v., oinyi (m).

under, okbula.

under, S, be, v., (a)

no n'okbulu.

underground, mbwane (0).

uneasiness, ice uee.

unless, b^li so (0).

unload (gun), v., (a) kbapu mbo ; (a) gapu

unripe, icueu (A); ueucii (0).

unsheath, v., (a) mi put a.

untie, v., (a) bwatoa; (a) topue; (a) buye.

unwell, be, v., (aru), (a) buacaro.

up, Qnu.

upside down, iJru (A) ;

upside down, nkbudo (0).

ad aru (0).

upside down, be, v., (e) ku, e,kpu.

urge on to fight, v., (a) lainye lu.

use, be of, v., (a) ba le,le; ulu.

useful, banife.

useful, ilonive.

useful, being, iba Ql^le.

useless, nelo r^lo.

valley, mbwumbwu (A) ; iyene (0).

vein, akw&la.

vessel (wood), (>kwa.

vex, imp. v., (a) bwa>ga In obi.

vex, ?;., (a) ta fkpokpo.

vexation, Qbwagobi.

vexed, be, v., (e) loe ilo.

village, quarter, 6bw$.

viper, aboaui, ajuaui.

viper, horned, a 16.

visit, v., (e) f Q lu.

visit, v., (e) fe,ta; (e) fe,ga.

visit, v., (a) nakulu.


visit, v., (a) puku (0) :

; (a) fuku (A).

visit, v., (a) puku ole,le.

vomit, v., (a) bwo lu a'bwo.

vomiting, Qbffbwo.

vulture, ude,ne, akala.

vulva, $to (A) ; (Jro, }kbu (A).

waist, Kku.

wait, v., (e) ce, lu; (e) cgbe lu; (a).yalia lu; (a) kwosi li

wait for, v., (a) kwusi li.

wait for food, (e) eelie li (0).

waiting, SCQ.

wake up, v. t (a) eanie /i.

wake up, v., (e) te,ta ola ; (e) te,te (A).

waking, rieani.

walk about, v., (e) jali.

walk about silently, (a) kufevalitf.

walk angrily, v., (a) ZQ isi isi.

walk backwards, v., (e) ri^ azu (0); (a) pueiya (A);

(e) reciya

walk in bush, v., (a) wa oifia.

walk like child, v., (a) to gage gage,

walk quietly, v., (e) re, ure, ; (e) je nwaiyo,

walk round, v., (e)


walk slowly, v. t (e) JQ bwQlebwgle ; (a) lita; (a)

(a) naeiya.

walk slowly to meet, v., (e) r^kpu; (e) rgbe ; (e) redo,

walk together, v., (a) kba ofii.

walking bent, nkpukpu.

walking stick, nkbo.

walking stick, ubwo'lo (A); ugbolo (0).

wall (inside, of house), nsube ono.

wall (thick), okitikfa, mbwaja (0).

wallet, akbakala (A); akba' asusu (0).

wander, v., (a) b way alia,

wander, v., (e)

f u lu.

wander, v., (e) leca nl^ca; (a) eabue ainya

wander about, v., (a) \ia fuli fuli; (a) sa fufqfe,.

wanderer, $sa (A); os6 (0).

wane (moon), v., (a) Jua nni; (a) bwap;pi; (a) taba.

want, v., (a) CQ hi.

wanting, be, (a) f Q du.

war, ay a (towns), Qgo (families), igQgo (do with guns),

war chief, odftguaya, isi aya (A).

war, make, v., (a) bwa.

ward off, v., (a) kwapu.

warm at fire, v., (ai)nya gko.

wash, v., (a) ea lu\ (a) caca In ; (a) sa (A) ; (a) ca (0) ; (a)

caea; (a) sua; wua aru (0); (a) goa (A).

wash face, v., (a) fig gu iru.

wash hands, v., (a) kwQ.

wasp, Qbu (0); ajadiota (0).

wastrel, ay a la.

wastrel, alansaka.

watch, (e) eee lu nee.

watch, v., (e) yibe ainya.

watch for, v., (e) ke, nkQ.

watching, IICQ.

watching passively, nib!ci (0); mbuci (A).

water, good, id^le (A),

water, running, Jde' (A); Jdei (0).

water, v., (a) yasa


lu mill.

water-hole, mpio (A); ulolo (0).

waterside, lyi.

wave, ebfli, akboli.

wave, v., (e) fe, (aka, akwa).

wax, QkgtQ (A); akbaka (0).

wax (moon), (e) IIQ ebu (0); gvu (A).

we, ainyi.

wean, v., (a) napu ala.

weaned, be, v., (a) ra ala; (a) rapu

wear, v., (a) bwe, (A); (a) bony e (O); (a) kpo (0).

wear, (e) kbulu.

wear, v., (e) yibe af e.

wear (beard), v. t (a) bwa gu lu.


wear (neck), v., (a) wolo iwSlo.

wear (neck), v., (e) yie.

wear inside out, v., (e) yirue.

wear out by washing, v., (a) suka.

weariness, usuyi (A) ; arunkSli (0) ; nt-iji (0).

wearing down a point, nsukbu (A); nsukbo (0).

webbed feet, akwa ok wo.

wedge, mfido.

wedge, v., (a) fa lu.

wedge, v., (a) kbafainye.

weed, v., (a) luea.

week to-day, izute (A); izunta (0).

week to-morrow (past), Qcioku izu (fut.) eei akbo


welcome, nnoa, no.

well (water), ogiigii.

well, be, v., aru (a) bwoea.

well, be, v., (a) di li ndo'.

well-grown boy, akboji akboji (0); akbokili akbokili


wet (salt), odide, (A); dQle.de (0); odide (0).

wet, trs. v., (e) d lu ; (e) f^wasa lu] (e)

wet, be. v., (e) tutue.


wetness, \dim ill.

when, mbwe.

when, sina (0).

where, kgd' eka, ke,b' e,be.

where (relative) gbg.

whetstone, $mu.

while, n'^b.

whip, abwti (A); gt^te (0).

whirlwind, ivejiqku, gkcjci.

whisper, v., (a) sua imalima (0); (a) ta ntamu; (a)

takwu ntakwu; (a) takunye; (a) takwuc.

whistle (mouth), ?;., (e) hue okbolo fifia.

whistling, obftbti.

white, oica.

white (hair), kanka, nka; a wo.

white man, oica, 11 warn be, ke (0).

white, be, v.. (e) iiwue (oica).

white, make, v., (a) ca lu, (a)

caca lu.

whiten, v., (e) me, be, (konwe) oicd.

whitening, Qctca.

why, k^du, Qgini, odino (A),

wide, Sbodobo.

win (case) v., (e) k^ebue.

win case, v., (e)

lie olo.

wind, ;Jfufe.

wind (from bowels), aroro.

wing, nku (A); afi (A);ubwe,ne (0).

winnow (corn), (ai) yqkqba.

wipe, v., (e)

fie a lu.

wipe, v. t (a) fiko, lu.

wise man, qka.

wisli for, v., (a) CQ lu.

witch, amabwa ;


witch, be, v., (a) ta amwosu.

withdraw (words), v., (e) lulue (cjnu).

wither, v., (e) bunwuba; (e) buA*wu; (a) pynvvu; (a)



woman, nwainye(A); okbSro (0) pi. ikbfiro.

wonder, ;tonainya.

wonder at, v., (a) ea ball.

wood, fiko'.

wood, burning, ice kcjko (A); il(jko (fragment).

word, oku.

work , ;T k a i 1 1 v ; i .

work, (Jlu, olo.

work, v., (a) lua.

work in common, qkftokbo.

work on, v., (a) tofia.

world, owa'.

worm, Jdide, okbo, abwota (A); aba idide, idido a'ke,

obwq gu (A).

worm (parasitic), okV>(5.

worry, v., (a) kbokljQ.

wound, v., (a) dudo.

wrap up, (a) fudo.

(corpse), (e) kftii''.

wrestler, okSmbwa, dimbwa.

wrinkle, Skah\ (iru), njik^ba iru (0).

write, (e) de, lu.

writing, odtde.

wrong road, nsifiQ ezi (A); tsifi OZQ.

yam creeper, dry,

yam ground, ana ak'oluji (A);anl ebuluji (0).

yam root, mba' i

j (A).

yam skewer, nd6do, nk^onk^^.

yam stick, SI olo.

yam stick, oni (A); Qbbaji (0).

yam store, ba.


yam, sp.

yam (piece for planting), aw a.

yam, burnt part, nkokgl^ (A); akilikoji (0).


yam, moderate size, akpalaji (0).

yam, piece left in ground, nkwo jyi (A); akbaji ji (0).

yawn, v., (e) ye uyQle.

yaws, Qkuma (A); Sfi (0).

year, sjLrb.

year (complete), mbwaro.

year, last, akavolo (A) akavo ;


year, next, aka nine, argzo (A); akabu.

yell, v., (a) mwa ogole ; (a) dua

yellow, akbg mana.

yellow, do' do' (A); Qdo (0).

yellow, ncSla.

yellow (eye in disease), o ban go (0).

yes, iyS, o, e, m.

yolk of egg, abfiba (A); abfibu, abobo, abnbo(O).

yon, unu.

bird, nnono.

black, oji.

children, umu.

dues, ifenru.

fungus, elo.

first-born, ok pa la.

freeborn, nwa mwadu.

husband, di.

namely, bu.

servant, odibo.

wife, nwunye.






a (0), not (prefix)

aka af u isf, if hand does not see head.

(dkaf u isi, if hand sees head.)

gbu oku nti anu,

Qbu oku nti ganu,

a, cry used to drive away birds,

it is word ears cannot hear.

it is word that ears can hear,

a (A), they

anara atunye akibi nukwu, they never show the size

of elephantiasis by the legs.

alacaba mwana, ece,zo nye bulaku; they lick palm

oil and forget who cut the nut.

aba e,lu ani (A), strong wrestler,

ab^ca (A), cock that has not crowed.

Sbadi, sea (0).

abainya (A), hair (first of child),

abaja (A), cassava,

abamwo, collarbone, hole behind,

abaraba (0), flat (stone),

aba t obi (A), neighbour

okwala abatobi, e,fio nfjfio, QCU ola; neighbour's cough,

if he does not catch it, keeps away sleep,

abazu (0), gale,

abazii, big.

ab^zi (A), cross roads,

abia (0), drum, long.

abia (A), drum (big burial, cow-skin, one end only)

abo (0), pus

6inya lu labo, the wound is discharging.


a bo (0), armpit

agwalumi abo, I say to you "armpit."

a bo (0), song

agwalumi abo, I say to you "song."

Sbo (A), two.

abo (A), forest.

ab' (A), grave,

abo, basket.

abo mbanaka (0), fork of road,

a boa (0), two.

a boa (0), companion

ofu aboa gece, one companion will watch,

aboani, viper,

a bob a (A), leaf,

abobo (0), husk of palm nut.

abobo (0), yolk of egg.

abobo (Ji), mashed yam.

abobwona (0), lower leg (lower half).

SbQdi(A), sea.

abogQbia, girl, big, marriageable,

abologada (0), teeth, molars,

abologam (A), teeth, molars,

abozo, cricket

Sbozo bwankiti nato ajono, if the cricket is silent, 'it

is making a bad hole,

abozo, cross roads,

ab u, bush cat (small civet cat).

abu, belly,

abu idide, worm,

abuba (A), yolk of egg.

abuba, fat.

abuba, down, feathers,

abuba (0), cheek in front of ear

igu anacQ netiti isi, anwutiya nabubaiiti, the louse

they seek in the middle of the head, they catch in front

of the ear.

a bubo (0), yolk of egg.

abvibu (0), husk of palm nut.

abubu (0), yolk of egg.


abudu, rag.

abuganti, ugainya lak^a, a disease.

abuluse (0), idiot (term of abuse).

;ilw it (A), whip

enwelum abwa, I have a whip,

abwa (A), jawbone, lower,

abwa, disease (skin), causes thickening of skin,

abwa (me), arrangement.

abwa agokpa (nkpolobaka), spots all over body,

abwa efofo, causes akbo (goitre),

abwaife ofufu, rash, small,

abwa igwe (0), cloud (jaw of heaven),

abwa ikpele, enlarged knee, with matter like fat in it.

abwa mili okba (A), blister, disease of leg.

abwa oruma, boils, skin and bone disease.

abwa ububo, disease with blisters as symptom,

abwadi (0), sea.

abwadi, measure (cask or keg of powder),

abwala (A), a hairy seed

qkbanko ananakba abwala, qkfta abwala, isi

abaiya oifia (A), who collects wood does not collect

if he collects it he puts his head in the

abwala ;


abwala tobulu, girl, short and fine,

abwanare (0), man can't run, i.e., sort of knife,

abwani (0), jawbone, lower,

abwata (0), between,

abwata (0), about

abwata ili, about ten.

abwata, neighbouring

again abata QZO, I am going to a neighbouring town,

abwata (A), between,

abwata (A), about.

abwata obi (A), neighbouring house ;

abwatSbi (0), neighbour.

see also aba t obi.


abwatobi (A), neighbour.

abwQlebQ (akedi) (A), pod, skin of yam,

abwgnu (0), jawbone, upper.

a b we si, (A), ant

abwgsi siele akbi ngbu lia rakaiyi, mwaiya

ababwo made, the ant says to the scorpion, if he

were as big, he would sting a man to death.

abwj;di(0), thick (oil),

abwjdi (A), thick (oil),

abwjdi, dirt,

ab wig we (A), cloud,

abwo, climbing rope.

abwogala (A), rickets? (disease, bones bend),

abwoni, impotence,

abwota (A), worm,

acala (A), fish trap (long basket),

acala, fish trap (short),

acala, elephant grass

acala nwuru, acala pucie, grass dies, grass grows


a eel aci (A), head of thigh bone,

aci (0), head of thigh bone,

aci, tree (used to make mat, carried under chin for rain ;

shield from arrows).

acica, plantain, dried; koko yam, dried.

Ada (A), Ada.

a da', daughter, eldest

afulum ada, afulum nwada, I saw a daughter,

a da', fall


^fulumiya kodalo add', I saw him fall.

adakada(O), dung beetle

adakada kpolo ugu, siya: ob ibu kinakwiim,

kgbu ainyekb^li; the dung beetle calls to the hill


and says, are you


taking it from me ?

helping me with my load or

adaru (0), upside down, wrong way.

adaru (0), current of water.


addruo (0), come back (ornate language),

ad^ine (A), by and by.

aderobu (A), not deep (ford),

a de.ro.nko, stupid, blunt,

aderucu, lazy

Onye naderucu adalota ji, who is not industrious, does

not eat yams,

adidi gkoko (A), pullet.

^,fa (A), divination

gjnebodo afa, what is the decision ?

fa, name

ke^du iifaiyl ? what is your name?

kgdu a fey a? what is his name ?

afa ? what is the name?


ginfibodo afaii? what is your name ?

afg' (A), garment.

afeamSla (O), body louse (especially in clothes).

afQlq, plate,

afia, market.

fi& obwQ, evening market.

Sfia ubom, market on river-bank,

afiazu (0), gill.

afifia, situtunga (kind of antelope).

af;fya, grass, leaf,

afiqmo Qbula (A), roller (bird),

afo, fish

nk^, bo af, that is afo fish,

afo, belly

afQm nalum,

afo 6fu Ibe aro,

af (a)bwafie, turn stomach

afo abwaliam, my stomach turns.

afo agwoyaliam, my stomach turns,

afo, afo day (4th day of the week)

nka bombosi afo, to-day is afo day.

afo mnia, love. ,

afo odide (A), rumblings in stomach.




$jo (A), "close," hardfisted.

af ok pi (A), stout.

afo $nu, beard.

afo 6 si (0), close, hard-fisted.

afofo (0), misfortune, punishment, suffering.

afofo (A), labour

nwata akwqnazu amwarana ije nafofo, the child they

carry on the back does not know that travelling is labour.

afofo n& o'sorna, loss.

af $ju]u, contentment, satiety (full belly).

Sf 616 (A), fragments of iron, to load in gun.

Sfolo (A), question.

af 616, "so sorry I haven't got it "

(in proverbs).

afglozu, sparks from anvil, fragments of iron (hammered off

when iron is hot).

afombwali afombwali, turning stomach.

afomrna, present.

af u (A), this (adj.).

afu afu, rare sight.

af u-onu oka (A), beard of corn.

afufienti, ear disease.

afufu (A), suffering.

aga (0), sterile woman (when dead take knife and cut open

from navel to vulva) (" gtinyainwanQri," put; knife tin)*

afulum 6bbor6 aga',

I see a sterile woman.

^,ga' (A), sterile woman

afulum nwainye aga',

I see a sterile woman.

aga (A), net (ring), for women's use.

af ulurn aga, I see a net.


(A), needle

afulum aga', I see a needle.

tree species


afum 6sisi ^g a I > see an 3?g& fcree -

| gab a, lion.

agSba, lancet.


disease of stomach.

$gada (0), sword (bent end).

(A), fork (of legs).

agda, chair, folding.

ag^dabwu (0), net (seine).

agadaga gkoko, knot.

agadi, old man, old woman


agadi m\kwd nneya anarqze; aja ebu onwu,

Qnakwa nneya nnazqze agadi, ke,do onye qkanjp,

an old woman is crying for her mother, who is not

there ; sacrifice does not stop death ; she cries for her

mother who is not there ;

old woman, who is worse.

$gaf u, burglar, big thief.

agSla (kpa) (0), branches cut on farm from tree cut


againa (0), clitoris.

agam^bu (0), leaf, sharp-pointed.

aganiQvu (A), leaf, sharp-pointed.

agankwo, trap, hawk-snare.

agangwu (0), crocodile species (like bush crocodile).

agavu (0), thief (master thief, burglar).

agazu, fish trap (short).

agbalagada (0), thunder.

agidi (A), bullet.

agjljga, piece of round basket.

agjljga (nku), faggots, small branches.

agilisi, hair.

agini (A), bullet.

aglisi (0), hair (borrowed from Asaba language).

ago (A), reincarnation

afolum 6nye balago oweka owia, I see a man who is

reincarnated, he names the person whom he reincarnates.

ago (A), farm

ofu onye anasebi egeyaya nago, one man cannot

make a noise in the farm.

ago', leopard

ac6m ntago, I want to hunt a leopard,

afolum ago, I see a leopard.

ago, hunger.

(9850) I 2


tgoba, razor.

agofu (A), big thief.

agog y (0), denial.

Hgogo (A), denial.

ag61o (A), plant.

Ago 16, town.

agom^li, thirst.

ago no, lizard (gecko).

ag^sa, trap (squirrel).

agu (A), desire, will, hunger

onQ do nagu ngwele ; mwa dodo qkwQseya

sitting down is the desire of the lizard, but its tail prevents

it from sitting.

Agu, mischievous sprite,

agu ijiji, fly (mangrove;,

agu isi, skin disease of head,

agu oke, rat (big).

agugo, prisoner who protests innocence,

agiigo, practical joker,

agugozg, side door of house,

agugu (0), counting.

agugu (aro) (A), counting (of year).

agulii, bush-cat (like house-cat).

agunanri (0), big country (used in boasting when person is


agfinkwo (0), kite.

agwa (0), spot.

agwa (A), many-coloured.

agwa, congenital leucoderma (?).

agwa, bean.

agwa ani, home-sickness

namwia, he won't go out, won't talk to people.

agwa ufi ufie (0), red spotted.

agwata, species of bush-cat.

|j,gWQ (A), fibre of raphia ; vinifera leaf, strips of raphia

vine leaf

afftlum agwo, I see fibre of raphia, etc.

', snake

afolum agwp. I see a snake.

agwp oinyacan^m,


snake bit me.

agwugwa, joint work

ay a, war

doing something together,

oba bu aya, many children, much trouble (war).

oburo, je ayitu na ^j^so, npla, it is not going to the

battle of Itu, and not going, it is sleep,

ay a la, wastrel (man who spoils all he touches).

ayglQga (0), good for nothing,

ayitu (0), night-fishing

o,bo je ayitu neje.ro mgbola, it is going to fish or not

going for sake of sleeping,

ayo (A), iguana,

a yoyo, deceit.

Syuyo (A), cunning.

agQlu (A), bush cat.

ah 2, stomach.

Shoho (A), misfortune,

ainya, watching (to seize people).

4Jnya, eye.

ainya atqlo, blue (eyes, sheep).

ainya QgQle (0), hazel eyes, (can't see in strong light),

ainya mwana mwana (A), yellow eye in eba (jaundice,

bilious fever),

ainya q ban go (0), yellow eye in eba (jaundice, bilious


ainya Qpupa, impatience,

ainya sii, with knowledge

inezu ori ainya sii, you steal with effrontery,

ai n y a u f i e ,

red eyes,

ainya uku, greediness (big eyes),

ainya uvie, squint,

ainyali (A), albino,

ainy^mili, tears,

ainyampia, blind in one eye.

ainyanwawa (A), sunrise.


ainyanwawata (0), sunrise (sun has come out).

ainyanwu, sun.

ainyanwu adaorimili (A), sunset.

ainyanwu gdaowa (0), sunset.

ainyanwu onaowa (0), sunset.

ainyanwu ace potqza, sun brings shining, is very hot.

ainyanwu apainite (A), dawn (sun comes up).

ainyanwu odaorimili (0), sunset.

ainy^kbgli, kidnapper, highwayman.

ainyjke (0), axe.

atnyolo (A), body of fruit.

ainyunka (A), smoothing hammer (blacksmith).

atjnyuosi (A), axe.

aiya (A), bird species.

aiya, plates, etc.

aiyahgongonu, kingfisher.

aiyiyo (A), practical joker.

aiyo (0), fly whisk.

a] a, earth, dust, sand

af ulum a] a, I see the earth,

aja if ulu (0), earth (black),

aja', fish species,

a] a', sacrifice

afulum aja, I see a sacrifice,

ajadi^ta (0), hornet species (black),

ajambuwa, wall that divides, in house.

aJSna, earth shrine,

ajani, sand,


ajata (A), fly whisk,

ill luck,

aj^kbilia (0), ball game, players sit.


(0), dog.

broken wall,

aji (O), hair, fur, body-hair (men),

aji (A), hair, fur, body-hair (men)

afulum aji anu, I see the hair of an animal.

a b warn aji, I have hair.


aji, (tree)

dfulum dstsi aji, I see an aji tree,

aji didota (A), hornet species (black),

aji Qzi, bristle (pig),

ajii (A), crocodile (cataphractus)

afftlum ajii, I see a crocodile.

(Ijo (A), head-pad,

a jo, disease, headache, giddiness, vomiting, and then pain in

$jo, bad.

centre of sternum.

$jo QCOCO, giddiness, convulsions (eyes turn ; recovery in

two days).

ajodimbwa (0), convulsions (small child),

ajoifia, bad bush

qbwo onye kpanari onye na nko, osi nya bata

more wood than

n'ajoifia, if one companion gets

another, they say he goes to the " bad bush."

ajoka (A), very bad

ngwele si nwanniye, ka fameli isibalia, na ife

gnu kulu, qn ajoka, lizard tells his brother to

communicate by head signs, for what the mouth says is

very bad.

a j on wa, moon, (with crescent facing to left), (great person


ajqmwo, bad mwo.

aj u (0), pillar of house (side),

aju, head-pad

nwm aju, I have a head-pad.

agamevu adimmwa n'aju, thorn leaf is not good for


aju, grass roof (of house).

g,ju (jioko), crown (of plantains),

ajuani, viper.

Sjuju, question, demand.

ajum?a (A), pot stand (palm wine),

aju vie, wall partition in women's house (to separate wives'



aka, bead

aka nafum ofu naka, a bead hurts one of my hands.

aka', hand, side, bank

mwadu Qdeji akyea asamyelu ibie oiyi ;

a man does

not take his hand to choose another a friend,

ka idalianaka, that you hold (join) hands (to do work,

work together).

aka, insect, lives in wood, bites

aka talakam, insect bites my hand,

aka nafum ofu naka, insect bites me in one hand.

aka (0), date, counting

Qnabo aka anagab uzo, abo ikpel' oifia, if they give a

date for clearing the road, they only brush the side of

the bush.

aka (ji, ake.de, etc.), tendrils.

aka nine, next year.

aka ntagide (0), greedy person.

aka nkpilikpi, lost arm, lost finger.

akaokute (A), handle of small hand-stone.

akabo (0), stool, e.g., oce akabo.

akabo (A), pangolin.

akabu, last year.

akainya (A), work, toil, energy, strong man.

akainya, palm-leaf mat.

akg,nwu, mineral used in making snuff, potash.

akaiya (A), himself

nwQ galainya amalife, oliesg aku nke nnaiya

gbatalu; mwa Qmalife gbataku akaiya;

mbwe nnaiya nwurulu; olie nkennaiya, olie

nkeya; obue dika dikannaiya;

the son of a rich

man is a fool, he eats only the property his father

collects ; but if he gets sense he collects property him-

self ;

when his father dies, he eats his father's property,

he eats his own ;

he is as his father.

akaje, joking, laughing at something.

akakbo (A), thickset and short.


akakb6, short.

akakbo ($ka) (A), old (thing), last year's,

akaktip nangulo (A), idiot, dwarf,

akakbolo (0), old (thing), last year's

orii ofulu ka eji akakbolo Qgo inibeya; o,se

n'a obose nkeyu Qbulujom ; a slave sees them take

an old hoe to bury one of his fellows, he says on his day

they will take a new one.

aboluse (0), dwarf, idiot.

(0), cake (yam, corn, etc.)

nwrn aka!6ka, 1 have a cake,

akalk (0), ground nut balls.

k$la, line, straight,

akala, wrinkles, lines,

akalagoli (A), lazy man ; evil "spirit."

akalaka (0), cup.

akalaka, lines of hand,

akaliru (A), wrinkles, lines

nwm Hkal!ru, I have wrinkles,

akalolia, hand attached to forearm,

akamala, grass (tall, used for mats, grows near water).

Skanibo (0), pangolin,

akande (0), club for beating cloth.

akangQne, withered arm.

akani (0), foolish anger.

Skani ori (0), kleptomaniac, foolish thief (imitates thief),

akankwafo (a ma), inflammation of spleen,

akankwu afu, inflammation of spleen,

akanli (A), right, right hand,

akanni (0), right, right hand,

akanri, dwarf, deformed (very short and broad),

akanzo, finger disease (swells one month or more).

akangwQ, grinding stone.

akangwe,oka (A), hand stone (small),

akanwoke, knot,

akaru, growing big.

ak^si (0), koko yam.


akataka ji, big yam.

akavo (0), last year.

akavolo (A), last year.

akba, corner iron.

akba, speechless.

akbi abu (0), boil in armpit

enw&lum akba abu, I have boil in my armpit,

akba, bag.

akb& abudu, gunny bag (for salt or rice).

akBa afa (0), divining bag

dibia kolu, onyelu akba afa, if a doctor starts, he

hangs his divining bag.

akba asusu, traveller's wallet.

akb& avu (A), boil in armpit,

akbakgbo, heap

akbakg bgko mglia riib^ku, nwane.ga, nya nabu

gkokQ, buku o/wa, a heap of fire roasts the tortoise,

son of Anega if it is a ;

fowl, there is plenty of bambu.

akb& nwa mili, bladder,

akbafu, boil in armpit,

akbago, trap (leopard, etc.).

akbaibwo (A), bag.

akbaka (A), anvil (blacksmith's),

akb&ka (A), bag.

akbaka, tree species.

akbaka (ah wu) (0), honeycomb, wax.

akbakala (A), wallet (for traveller),

akbakbwa (0), top (used with whip),

akbakulu, bowel (large)

akbala, thunder

onye nQniQrQ ife iyi, adato akbala Qgu;

not sworn iyi, does not fear thunder,

akbala] i (0), yam, moderate- sized,

akbalakba (0), long,

akbalanku (A), palm tree (very big).

Skbalata (A), basket (bambu frame),

akbana, dung (of bird).

who has

ak bank wo, beetle,

akbanti (0), man with big cheeks,


a k bat a (gnu) (0), story.

akbata 6yi (0), "goose-flesh" (hairs stand up),

akbata nko, shelf,

akbatakba (0).. big.

akbati (A), box.

akbatoyi (0), cold,

akbgde (0), cross-bow.

akl')i(A), tic.

(0), throat.

(A), throat.

akin, scorpion.

likbj odogo gzala (0), scorpion,

akbo (0), yams (red), grated.

kbo (0), cassava

e*riweliim g,kbo, I have cassava,

akbo (A), knot,

akbo (A), seed yam.

Skbo, cotton tree.

$kbo, tumour, swelling

$nwlum akbo, I have a tumour, swelling,

akbo, chin

^nwelurn akbo, I have a chin,

akbo aka (0), person with big forearms,

akbo akbgli (0), Adam's apple,

akbo akpili, goitre,

akbo aro, buttock,

akbo mili, varicose veins of calf,

akbo osisi, lump, excrescence on tree.

akbo otiitu (A), blister,

akboji (0), portion of yam left in ground


akboji (0), small yam, seed yam left in ground,

akboji akboji (nwa), (0), well-grown boy.

and allowed to

akbgji ji (0), piece of yam left in ground,

akbokalakpo, big swellings, rough (skin), knotty (tree).


akbokbo (0), prepuce, skin.

akbokbp (A), skin.

akbokboko (0), boot, sandal.

akbokbok^a (A), boot, sandal.

akbokili kbokili (nwa), (0), well-grown boy.

akbola, tympanites.

akboli, wave.

akbolo, atresia vaginae.

akbolu (A), spleen, inflammation of.

akbomana, yellow.

akbqmwana (A), fawn (colour).

akbotokbo (A), thick (oil).

akbo^ukbo (A), proud flesh in marks; rough skin (small


akbukba, stingy person,

akbukbo (0), skin,

akbukboyi (A), cold,

akbulukbu (0), swelled cheek,

ak bunk ^l 9, cassava,

akbwibo (0), woman's market bag.

a'kbwonu, goitre,

ake (0), hunch, hump (top of back),

akeka, ant.

akka, ant, white,

akekbe (A), left hand

onye angro, ika nenye uzo nakwa akkbe, who is;

not where they put the door, takes his left hand to push,

akgkbe, left, left-hand.

ake,k (0), story.

ak^ko (A), story,

akgle, drum-sticks.

akQleko (A), part of yam (burnt),

ak^lgko, dry creeper of yams,

akelikoji (0), part of yam (burnt),

akeze (0), toothache.

akjka, mark, scratch, engraved ornament as ant, marks (ort

chest, belly).



akikoyigoi (A), chisel (blacksmith),

akiti, bracelet (hand or foot),

akifcukbo (0), blister,

ako (A), riches,

ako, bead (very black).

&ko, edible clay.

Sk6, money, riches.

Sko, palm nut (after husk is removed),

ako etileti (0), palm kernel.

Sko nkpii, flying ant.

akokfr, story.

Skoko, misfortune,

akoko, corner, angle, side,

akokglo (A), part of yam (burnt),

akolo (0), tic

enwSlum akolo, I have a tic.

akolo (0), things for dress (cloth, beads, etc.)

1 have ornaments.

e"nwelum akolo,

akSlo (0), sense (lit., kidneys)

eriw61um ak616, I have sense,

akolo (esu) (0), " back slang"

as61um ak616 w^ku, I speak back slang,

akomilifgwe (0), hail (nut-sky-water),

akgni, lump on back, in children,

akpa (0), dumb

akpk ra ato Qgd

drum in his mouth,

ngnu, a dumb man does not hold a

akpa ukele, thick set (tall or short),

akpa uluke, thick set (tall or short),

akpacalainya (A), on purpose,

akpajuju (0), fear (small),

akpflla (0), thunder,

akpala d;bia, stork.

akpalaji, yam, long, moderate sized; seed yam.

akpalajiji (A), fear (small).

kati (0), box.


akpQde (0), crossbow,

akpiliaka, pulse,

akpili nta, larynx,

akpili oku, gullet,

akpocikpoeinwa (0), small child,

akpokpa (A), " cat's cradle "


Skpukba (0), cat's cradle "


ak^ukpa, " craw craw."

akii (0), shutter (window),

aku (A), property

oci QSO etufu aku,'amwarana ogu na koka doli

onye gbataleya;he spends all quickly, does not know

thorn that pricks him who collects property,

akunwa buzq, Qgo ikbazu, wealth of children comes

first, money second,

aku, palm leaf on wall used to protect the top of the wall

from the weaker,

akukwa (0), fireplace, pot-rest,

akukwo (A), fireplace, pot-rest.

Skukwo, book leaf,

akukw^ndo, green (leaf),

akum, hippopotamus,

akum, convulsions,

akumunwainye (0), granny knot,

akunk^u (A), flying ant.

akunwa (0), many children,

akwa (0), cloth

ikbakfa si na qbwo onye nato yakwa, the

ikbakfa says one of its companions takes off its


nym akwa inw^lu, give me the cloth which you have,

akwa (A), lamentation

nwoke anarebakwa makanaya nife nafene, a man

does not lament because he and something have a



akw&, egg

Qfionoli si nya ku na nuono VQ vigalo, nakw&

diya nike, asi nya 111* amwosai, Ofionoli says he

says that a bird flying across has eggs in its rump ; they

say he has eaten witch medicine.

nym akwa' inw^lii (0), give me the


egg that you

akwa', bed, bridge

nyem akwa" inwelu (0), give me the bed that you


akw& uku, waist cloth.

akw& ukwu (0), webbed feet,

akwala, guinea worm,

akw | la, string (from palm rib), blood vessel, cord of guitar,

vein, root.

akwala nku, palm fibre (from midrib),

akwalaka, vein,

akwaldnku, root of palm tree,

akwani (A), ant, white,

akwanwa (A), cry (of baby),

akwolu (0), pineapple,

akwii (0), ant, white.

Skwu, palm nut (before^husking).

akwtf (0), palm-leaf looped used for decorating the shrine

of an alose or for frightening aj omwp.

akwu', farm (deserted),

akwn', nest,

akwii oifia, big bush.

akwu okboloko (0), palm nuts (hard, strong),

akwu QSU (0), palm nuts, soft,

akwuku (A), epilepsy,

akwukwp, leaf.

akwukwu (A), idiot, idiocy,

akwukwu (A), paralysis.

al|', breast, breast milk,

ala qd;da (A), fallen breasts,

ala oii (A), madness.


ala Qpupu (0), madness,

alagolo, dirt

kulu mill izizi, kute alogolo (A), take the first water,

take dirt ; cf. ekue na mill izizi, ekulalolo.

alambalagada (A), fallen breasts,

alambologo (0), fallen breasts,

alanano, supernumerary breasts (four),

a Ian da (0), fallen breasts,

alaniozoka (0), word used to deceive small boy (send him

to house to fetch it when he is to be got rid of),

alankita, rabies,

alansaka, careless, wastrel,

alantako (0), girl with flat breasts,

alawu (A), wood used by blacksmith,

al^lf (0), injury, suffering,

alele, man whose only child dies,

algle, suffering.

M^le so (0), alas ! (bite fingers, etc.).

alenu, bitter milk, in a nursing mother,

ali, round.

ali ainya, profuse secretion of tears,

aliaka (A), ring.

ali, about (suffix).

alili (A), tree (?).

alimi irene (0), slow person

Jeli ka alimi irene, you go slowly (to small boy),

alimi irene (0), bird species (water).

aliwolo(Qze) (0), toothache,

alo (A), heavy

oinyedum alo, he is heavy for me.

d!6 (A), viper (horned).

alQ (A), comb (of cock),

iilg (A), staff (ceremonial)

oji alo, he carries alo.

alo, biting

ecetelince alo, ot a, if they remind a giant rat to bite,

it bites.

dlo understanding an argument,

a 16, forbidden thing or act


efi obqlonye mwql eboa, asi ii'obul' alo, the cow

of a small man has twins ; they say it is forbidden

(favourite son can take liberties).

Qmel alo, he has done a forbidden thing,

alp ok pa (0), comb, of cock,

alo QbwQiie (A), comb,

alo ji, yam, moderate-sized.

alogSlo (A), dirt (in water),

alqkba (A), comb (of cock).

a!616 (0), tree,

alolo (0), dirt (in water).

Slolo, yam-stick,

alose, see Vol. I, p. 26, sq.

ft lii lu (0), breath (visible in cold weather), mist.

Jlulu(O), haze.

inflammation of

ft ma', spleen,

Qhwelum ama, I have inflammation of spleen,

ft ma, laying information,

am a (0), reporting crimes,

ama (0), time

ft in a 'nyijije, about the time we go.

ama (A), open-handed person,

ama (isi), long (?).

a ru a ok wo (0), step

$wQlum ofu ama 6kwo, I take one step,

ftma ukwv. (A), step.

$mabwa (A), big witch ; tall man used to catch many people

together in the night ; flogged people and they


amadialakwaaja (A), inside of sole of foot,

a mafia (QZC), toothache,

a in a la (0), open-handed person,

amala (0), favour

fa mglfirn amala, they do me a favour,

amala (A), colour.


fell sick



a ma la (0), paddle

Qnwglum amal& eji ainyi obo, I have a paddle for

our canoe,

amaloji, blue grey,

amamife (A), sensible man.

amamive (0), sensible man.

amani, time,

amanpala (0), step.

amaunulu, the first title (see Vol. I),

ami (0), small child always crying for something,

ami (0), tube for palm wine (put in tree)

enwelum ami nje ic;nkwo, I have a tube to go and

put calabash on palm,

ami (0), genitals (woman),

ami, grass, tall (used as straws for tasting palm wine)

enwSlum ami njl ami mwainya ^g^lp, I have a

straw I take to drink palm wine from (raphia).

amu, penis

$nw31um amu, I have a penis,

jjlmogono (A), ulcer, with pus on surface.

amSma (0), lightning

afulum amoma k6selo. I see lightning drawing itself,

amu, laughing

amulum amu, I laugh, I laughed,

amu, penis.

amudezi (0), property (term of abuse for slave),

amu dor u (A), property (term of abuse for slave),

amuibi, elephantiasis,

amuize (0), small boy before he gets sense,

amuize (0), going on all fours.

Smiima, prophet

afulum 6nye amuma, I see one who is a prophet,

am urn a (A), lightning,

^mumwa, purposely (he knows).

amuQno, growths in pubic region, three or four fistulas.

|mwa (O), medicine (protective)

Qgu amwa, I have protective medicine.

amwa dfia, toothache.


arawafolo, sterility in male.

amw&ni (A), time.

amw$msi (0), time.

amwizgle (A), small boy before he gets sense.

amwizgle (A), going on all fours.

amwSsu, witch

af A lu in amwosu nocici, 1 saw a witch in the night,

an^' (A), earth, all land, plot of ground

afulumu ana, I see the earth.

o,li qgu ana, neli qgu qkbo, who eats twenty pieces

of ground, will eat twenty fists.

ana nwoke nadgro, nwainye netenku, in no man

land, women make palm wine (A); cf. ani mwadu

nadero, mbeku cilgzo (0).

ana (A), law.

ana Skqluji (A), yam ground (already planted),

ana anakoji (A), ground for yams,

ana uno (A), house land,

anabwagali (A), stirring, confusion,

anabwali (0), stirring, confusion,

anagala, long (tree, etc.).

anaka, branch,

anak^zi (A), fork (of road),

an a la (0), half deaf

anala onye nti ike, mgno aselutu ifi enya nainya,

half deaf that does not hear, take out penis and flog his eye.

an a* si (0), head wife (the name is probably taken from the

Asaba language)

enwelum anasi, I have a head wife,

aneni (0), taking share before elder,

aneni (0), rough (skin),

ani (0), earth,

ani, earth (place for planting yam, etc.)

afulum ani, I see the earth,

ani ^buluji (0), yam-ground (already planted),

ani Qne, buji (0), ground for yams.


K 2


ani nkiti, bare ground.

anim (A), tortoise- wife.

3,nima (A), rotten piece of yam that has been used as seed.

.auiuo (0), soft.

i.anoa'go, morning twilight.

:anokata (A), after a time.

anolino (0), ulger, with pus on surface

enw&lum anolino oinyam, I have an ulcer, a sore,

an on do, raw meat,

angruga (A), after a time,

anu, meat

enwSelum anu ngell, I have meat which I shall eat.

anu arolaro, roast meat,

anu nano ano (0), gristle.

a-num (0), tortoise (wife),

an urn anu, animal, alive animals.


anumoyQlo(A), plantain, small fruit and many,

anuno (0), domestic animal

efi si nie!6go ogo ifera gacie dide oto teto, ngbo

niya bu anuiio, the cow says it is old enough for them

to chase it three mornings because it is a house animal,

anu n so (0), dog, forbidden animal,

an unwo (A), garden,

anwulu (A), soot

gbuluna oro nato anwulu, ka osi aniya $ko, mwa

if okagwo idingiya, buttocks take soot to warm

themselves, they will be bigger than a basket of corn,

aiianri, ant (big, black).

ISbnase, night.

aiiQli (0), rejoicing,

dnoli (A), joy.

an wans!, doctor's trick,

anwqboba (A), bee.

Siiwoli (0), joy

enwelum anwoli, I am glad,

an w 8 16 (0), smoke (tobacco)

anw616 nakwum nainya, smoke that comes in my eyes.

Snwolo (A), smoke (tobacco),

a ii w g {$ \, a (0), mosquito.

anwqtfOfca (A), mosquito.

Snwu, bee

afulum anwu, I see a bee.

a*nwu, sun.


tihwu, mosquito,

anwu, sun (hot sun)

afulum anwu k66namu, I see the sun shining.

anwu acabuem, sun beats, kills me.

anwu o mil mu (0), sunshine (hot sun).

Snwuli (0), joy (for self or others),

an wul in wu, rough, hairy cloth, leaf, etc.

$ pa, carrying,

fypa, scar

enwfilum apoinya, I have a scar,

apatapa, buttock,

ape, di, careful.

SpQlipa (0), spear, long with oval head,

apiam mili, diver, small (bird),

apileto (A), mud.

apipia (A), whip, small.

Spiti (0), mud.

dpi to (A), mud.

ara, skewer, yam fork, gimlet, borer

enwSlum ara, I have a skewer, yam fork,

araba (A), wood used by blacksmith, Griff onia Barteri.

arheli (A), companion,

ari, food.

Urimwa, signal.

arinze (0), arinze mai, asking (?) is for you (asking help).

ar6, body

$16 dla naru, he has a sore (or injury).

enwe'lum ar6, I have a body.

aro digi? are you well? how are you? (^dim, I am


aro dikwoii? are you well ? (is your body well ?).


aro, body

arodim, I am well.

arodirn mwa, I am well.

aro di ainyi, we are well,

aro fat, ainyolum aroro, I am fat.

aro nkwqmi (0), level, smooth (skin),

aro obubu (0), overgrown person,

aro ovuvu (A), overgrown person,

jrg, year

abwalum aro, I reach the (new) year.

year (name taken when a man sneezes)

nkpQniQnu ka anakpQ aro edebu aro, bad names that

you call the year does not kill the year,

aroro, lumps on face,

aroro, wind (from bowels),

aroro (0), fat.

aroro, ant.

fyroro, roasting (corn).

Sroro oica, ant, (sugar), (small).

Sroro oji, ant.

arSso, cowardice, laziness (postponing work), (lit. sweet


^hwelum arosq, I am lazy.

arQzo (A), next year,

arii ohwu (0), disease,

aruani, quietly (do a thing),

arunkfili (0), lassitude, weariness,

ariinsdli (A), lassitude, weariness.

aVor-o, maggot in rotten meat, ant (house)

ehwelum ar*6r w 6, I have an ant.

as a, (A), needle,

asa (A), seven.

asSla, affable.

asljla, cock that has not crowed,

aspa qkoko (0), pullet,

asanku (A), palm-tree or leaf (first growth).

asa to (A), eight.



asQsa (A), dry leaves put in pot before cooking; lufa

a si, lie

(washing fibre),

fasil' asi', they tell a lie.

ji eluo ak$' bunue; mwa na okwesengupu bu asi,

it is true that yams grow big ; but that they can't be dug


is a lie.

ft si, hatred

fakbolum asi, they hate,

asunke, thickset and short.

Ufsusu, language

asulum as^isv obldd, I speak the language of the country,

at a' (0), grass species,

ft ttl (A), grass species,

ata (A), knee, back of.

atk uku (0), knee, back of.

atd (okba) (A), tendon of Achilles,

atainye, leaf mat.

atanefunwata, hydrocephalus.

atani, dormouse (?) (small, reddish-coloured), Graphiurus

crassicaudatm dorothece, lives on tree and in hole of tree,

atani, dormouse (?) (large W. African), Graphiurus hueti.

atani, dormouse, Graphiurus lorraineus, lives on tree and

in hole of tree,

ataokba (A), knee, back of.

ataok^ke (A), rolls of grass for ridge of roof of house (before

putting on),

ataglolo (A), rolls of grass for ridge of roof of house (before

putting on).

ataqtoto (A), rolls of grass on ridge of roof of house,

a^e^a, knife (long, for war),

atete, dirt.

ati (A), resin (from raphia).

ati ainya (A), matter from eyes,

at 6 (0), comparison, advice, instructions

Qde ji ncici am a 6 oiya, they don't compare a rodent

ulcer to sickness.


afco (A), boil (small),

at 6 (A), fish species.

shut in.

3, to', being

a to, bush cow

afulum ato nimoifia, I see a bush cow in the bush,

a to, chewing stick

enwe'lum afco nal^a, I have a chewing stick,

ato (atoku) (0), "Tendon of Achilles "

^nweluni a^okwu, I have the " Tendon of Achilles."

Stole (0), sheep.

& o 16 (A), sheep,

ato to (0), attention

atolum atoto wgwglia, I examine well before taking

(to take),

atoto (A), tally.

au, boil (small),

atuggu, bold man, boldness,

atulu, sheep

atulu sile; rikita, nwanneya, naya talgrisi abggo;

nagi aiyerata risi aboiya; the sheep says, dog, his

brother, is patient to shave you, but you are not patient

to shave him (i.e., younger brother is forgiven),

at |int a (0), gonorrhoea,

ava' (0), divination.

avQ 5

(0), garment,

avo, stomach (variant form, Nibo).

avo, stomach (variant form, Nibo).

avu (A), pus.

avu (A), armpit,

avu busk cat (small civet cat),

avu nabwa (A), pus from small boil.

avu n^ru (A), pus from small boil.

avulQvu (aku) (A), husk of palm nut.

avuvu (ji) (A), mashed yam.

avuyu (A), cricket.

awa (0), piece of yam (koko yam) for planting,

awa (A), piece of yam (koko yam) for planting.


awaj (0), mixture of, mixing of, yam, oil, hot water, etc.

e,buem awai okwu, I talk quickly,

awaia (A), mixture of yam, oil, hot water, etc.

$wali (0), door, native.

& wala (0), shutter (door panel ?).

awQ (A), mixture of, mixing of, yam, oil, hot water, etc

aw^le, luck.

awe,ze (A), small fry of fish bwill

a who, stomach.

aw{j, white hair,

a wo, stomach,

awg, frog

afolum &wo, I see a frog,

a wo di nbala (A), frog (brown) in bush,

awglo (0), leopard.

awglo (agwo) (A), cast skin (of snake),

awu ainya, boil near eyes,

ayaga (A), nonsense.

Syiyo, beggar.

za, disagreeable sight.

aze, also,

azi (0), child

azi nanwoli n'ototo, onye gbalo anase afa, a

child is glad in the morning, who can divine for the

night ?

azi (0), not

e,bo luzq cube QWUJI nuno, maka nciei abwa, ma

mafuzia, drive the black goat into the house first,

because night is coming and you will not see it.

atani si nwunye bokwanum Qgu, kayang n'uii^,

maka apu ^bu imamaziya, the rat tells his wife to

dash him for dancing that he may stay at home ;

goes, she will not recognize him.

amaVim, I don't know.

ej^zina, ^jgna, don't go.

abwazina, don't run.

abwakwazina, don't run.

if he


azi (0), not

o lu azie, it does not reach.

eriwe azim ume, I am tired.

Szi, eating, meal

^zi azi, not eating (one's fowls, goats, etc.).

azi, present-day people, living generation (cf. umuazf).

azi', more, also

we,le azi', take more,

azi', person with poor appetite,

aztza (0), broom,

aziza (A), broom

nweluin aziza,, I have a broom,

azo (A), pillar of house.

a*zo', back

afulum azoza, I see his back.

anuremergge, azu, di na nwunye abulu nwanne,

husband and wife are brothers.

it takes no time ;

in we azu, to have something behind one.

n'azu aka, beyond,

azu, fish

afulum azo, I see a fish,

azu Qlili (0), fish (electric)

enwelum elili, I have an electric fish,

cizii gbo, fish species,

azu, post of house.

a*zu (0), many

azu ka go, very much money.

azukulazu, plenty of fish,

azunde (A), post,

azuzu, catarrh

azuzu (e), me, catch cold, have a cold,

azuzfi (0), fan.

(a)ba, enter.

(a)ba (0), be open, begin (market).

(a)ba lu, enter

oba no no, he enters the house.

obala nono, he enters the house (by person standing


(a)ba lu a fa, give name.

(a)ba lle, be of use


(a)ba lu ^!Q!Q, gain,


he is no use.

(a)ba' ile, crackle (fire).

(a)ba lu mba', boast.

(a)ba mba, threaten, quarrel with.

(a)ba lit mba', make palaver.

(a)ba n'ainya, please (with work).

(a)ba oba, be many.

(a)ba lu oba, increase (into)

fa ba oba, they are increasing in number.

(a)ba ulu, be of use

he is no use.


(a)baca, peel husk, scrape, saw.

(a)bainye li, enter

qbanye no no, he enters the house (by someone outside),

(a)bakbe, evade, walk round,

(a)bakwu lu, run to meet,

banife", useful,

(a)bare, burst

obwa abare, the calabash burst.

obwa aware, the calabash burst (too much water),

(a)basa lu, spread out.

(a)ba wainye, be many

fa ba wainye, they increase,

be (0), home, house

bonye bu bonye,

home is home.

(e)bQ(A), cry

ebwe fulu hwa qkoko, co, fu buluya, nwqkoko

bemiye, bennaiya, si naya nakbqnkpu k'ora noP

qnuya, nobosQ na ife jienye gareya, a hawk sees a

chicken, catches it and takes it off; the chicken cries : "my


father ; it says " I cry that all may hear

mother, my

my voice, not because what caught me will let me go."

(e)be, be finished, settled

ndo be, life finishes.

the palaver is not settled.


(e)be (A), nearly (suffix).

, cut, part of body, cloth, string, yam (for planting)

elili, he cuts,

lelili, he cut the tree.

(e)be lu, perch

6b, it perches.

(e)b n a mill, settle on (water).

(e)be/ lu, (call, of goat, pigeon)

ewu qb^, the goat bleats,

rido ebe, the pigeon calls,

(e)b^ hi 3 bo a, cut in two.

lu rigu, circumcise (cut half); pour away half and

leave half


it is half full.

b, catch by leg.

(e)bQ lu nk^nkg, cut short,

(e)be, nni, eat.

(e)bQ lu u b, lament

eje*lum be oyim, obelum libe*


I went to the

house of my friend, he lamented that he had no


(e)bebe lu, lean, begin to cry.

(e)b^b^le (0), leaning against,

(e)bedo ibe (0), bar road,

(e)beji gu, cut (wood).

(A), cry continually.

, stop (flying thing).

bli (0), less (small),

(e)beli nli, take handful of food.

bli, unless, except

b^li so ma ngi nohwe ijeko, unless you go yourself.

bglibQleci (A), twilight (morning and evening),

bglieboanoru (0), eighteen.

bQlieno, sixteen,

belofunoru (0), nineteen,

belohunoru (A), nineteen.

(e)blu. take handful (of food).

elyeto, seventeen.


(e)be,nata lu (gnu), lessen (price).

(e)be,ne, settle

nwofi si ijiji: inebenenni; muriai inwelu; a yaw's

child says to the : fly "You settle on my food, are we


sharing it ?

(e)bnta, diminish,

(e)benete, cut short,

(e)benkpilipi, cut short,

(e)beiikerike, cut short.

(e)be,pugQ, cut off (part of body, cloth, string, yam (for


obQpu isi, he cuts off' (the) head,

(a)beva (A), be open, begin (market),

(e)bevagwo (A), be openY begin (market)

afia be fagwo, the market is open.

(e)bQVfjle (A), leaning against.

(e)bi, touch and take hand away.

(e)bi, stay, live,

(a)bia lu, come

g Mango, he is coming, he is on the way.

he will come,


(a)bia mbwasa, scatter (trans.).

(a)bia n'odf (0), surprise, come unexpectedly,

(a)bia nonyo (A), put one's head in, look (no, now quickly ;

nyo, look),

(a)bia lu ond, come and go away

abiaromona, I haven't come to go away again,


(e)bice, keep

li, spoil,

ogQli bue diya; osi naiya gebice uno; olue mbgsi

diya nwuru, osi naiya ganwuru, a woman kills her

husband and says she will have his house ; on the day

he dies, she says she will die too.

(e)bicie ozo (0), see passers-by,

(e)bido lu, begin,

(e)bido aka, lean hand.


(e)bido lu aka, put hand on something,

(e)bido lu (nlafu), deceive,

(e)bidonu, begin (unipers.\

(e)bi(e) li, stay, live

agam ebi nwantinti oge, I shall (more

stay than five days).

(e)bie obi

so that you cannot answer).

(e)bo (A), wear (ring, trousers, coat).

(a)bg (0), scratch (ground), rake,

(a)b^, dig up (by hand); root up (grass); cut up


(e)bo lu..., help up with....

(e)bo lu, impute

anam e,bo QCO, I impute murder,

(a) bo abo(a), be black and white; be spotted.

(a)bg a boa, ask questions,

(a)boa, abqlum, pay out

abolumi, I pay you out.

(a)boa lu afa (A), give name.



ainya (0). look for object in eye.

(e)bo ainya, draw down eyes,

(a) bo nipi (0), ask questions,

(a) bo mpu (A), ask questions,

(a) boa (0), scratch (ground), rake,

(a) boa lu (Sib 6), sing (song),

(a) boa n'ainya, shine (black and white),

(a)boa (qkoko), share (fowl),

(a)bobwa, cover (animals),

(a)bobwa ibu, carry heavy load,

(a)bgye (0), scratch (ground), rake,

(a)bgka anu, divide up meat,

bokbajulaju (A), pirouette.

bokbampa(A), cunning

bokbampa alo gbafolu dike, cunning kills the strong


bokbo, fly (brown),

(a)bgko, pay out

abokolumi, I paid you out.

(a)bokwasa, lean head,

(a)bqmbo, try to discover,

(e)bonye, carry load and give,

(a)bonye (mbwaka) (0), wear (ring),

(a)bonyua, extinguish (water),

(a)bopu, take off (clothes),

(a)bowa, shell (beans), break.

(a)bu, be, happen

ogabu, it will happen.

(e)bu, plant

e.buljmji, I plant yams.

(e)bu lu, carry

bum nis;m, I carry on my head.

(e)bu lu, be stout

ebugom ibu, [ am stout.

ebugom ibu, I carry load.

(e)bu, disregard

ngibulu mili JQ, you don't mind the rain.


(e)bu lu, carry, contain (thing as subject)

ubo nuwa obukibu, that canoe is carrying a load.

obulu ibu, it's too big.

(a)bu abu, sing (solo or duet).

(e)bu Qb^nQbe", turn catherine-wheel.

(e)bu ekba, to be lazy

obo ekba, he is lazy, never earns anything.

(e)bu isi (0), finish first.

(e)bu Ji (0), plant.

(e)bu mbu, be hot.

(a)bu nibu, hurt, pain, 3rd per son.

(e)bu, flood

iji(e)bu oifia, the bush is flooded.

(e)bu qgo bia (0), come to fight

onwu bu Qgo abia, death does not come fighting (or to


(e)bu gno, starve (carry mouth).

(e)bu ovivi (0), whistle

asi nwata bu ov^v}, amu QSQ biya, they tell a child to

whistle and it wants to laugh.

(a)bu orue, be hunter.

(e)bu ozo, be first, go first,

(a)bua lu obundu, fire cannon,

(e)bubaga, take inside,

(e)bube lu, stop (bird, flying thing).

(e)bubu, cut off (part of body, cloth, string, yam (for

planting) )

obubu isi, he cuts off his head,

(e)bubu, plant,

(e)bucasi(a) lu ibu, get fat.

(e)bucie ozo, e,zi (A), see passers-by,

(e)bucite li ozo, bar the road, stop, live on the road,

(e)buda, take down (thing on shelf, etc.).

(e)buda lu, put down, carry down (not on ground),

(e)buda lu ani, put down on the ground.

(e)bude,be n'ani, put near ground.

(e)buQ gu, kill

^buenye, I kill it.

(e)buQ yti, kill

obuenye, he kills it.


biiQ, bu$, kill it.

(e)bue In, carve (with knife arid mallet), cut

Qbulum elcgka, I carved a door.

Q bunko, he cuts wood,

(e)bue ainya (A), make sign (e.g., wink) to a person (with


(e)bue ikbgle, kneel,

(e)bue jakajaka, cut up.

(e)bue n'iku, look sidelong (raise eyebrows), make sign


(e)bue lu nkpilioku, kneel

bugikpele nani, kneel down.

(e)bue nwata imi (0), flog boy and make him cry.

(e)bue lu 66, kill.

(e)bue lu okbolofifia, whistle (mouth),

(e)bue lu ono, starve,

(e)bue lu umu, hatch, sit on.

(e)bufu (jo, cut off (part of body, cloth, string, yam (for

planting) )

Qbufumji (ebufunji), I cut yams,

(e)buga iike(m), belong to.

(e)buji yu, cut (wood)

Qiiebuji ani, he cuts down bush,

(e)bujie nk^nkQ, cut too short,

(e)bujile, break

onyala bujile ummwaya, osina ummwaya bwa

Qboa, a madman breaks his matchet and two.

says he has

(e)buka lu, prune, cut branches,

(e)buke, get big (fire)

(e)buke, go out

gko ebiike, match lights and goes out.

(e)buko Qye (0), chatter (talk),

(e)bukwe, stop

ebukwem bg;, I stay in your house.




(e)bukwe, shelter, take refuge (intrans.).

bull -bull (0), sickly, soft.

bull ebon or u (A), eighteen.

(a)bulugo, become.

(e)bulu (0), follow.

(e)bulu, put up load.

(e)bulu gu, carry

ebulugum nisi, I carried on rny head,

bulu-bulu, stirring, round and round,

(e)bulu Qgo, borrow,

(e)bulu ibu, get fat.

(e)bulu ozo (0), pass,

(e)bulu go OZQ, precede.

(e)bulute (0), follow,

bunduk, cannon.

(e)bunite, take, take up (something heavy).

(e)bu nruru (0), run (liquid) (trans, and intrans.).

(e)bunyite, put up load,

(e)buiiwu, wither,

(e)bupu, carry out

bupum nogu, pa fu tarn ogu, carry me out of thorns

(help me out) ?

(e)busesie, scatter (trans.).

(e)buta (0), put out (many),

(e)buta, put out, carry out.

(e)bute (A), put out (many),

(e)bute, bring (heavy thing),

(i.e., leave me alone),

(e)bute azuzu, catch cold, have a cold,

(e)butue, blow down, carry down,

(e)butue, cut down,

(e)buvega, carry (over river),

(e)buvete, take in, carry in.

(e)buwute, take in, carry in.

bwa' (0), dark

ucjei abwa, night

bwa (A), big white thing.

is dark,


(a)bwa (A), dance

riwannaiya nabufie nabwa agidebwom, the child

for whom the father dances ufie, dances agidi.

(a)bwa, run

abaloji, oji akwolo; mwa obolu inwade, Qbwalu,

if they quarrel over a kola, it stands still ; if they make

palaver for a man, he runs,

(a)bwa (A), scrape

ejiri ife anabwa nariti, adwanainya ;

n'ainya, ainya akborg, they


don't take an ear-

scraper to scrape the eyes ; if they do, the eyes are


(a)bwa n a mbo (A), knock at the door

ii wa nnaya zilolo nabwa namb6, child sent by the

father to steal knocks at the door,

(a)bwa, curse

azi fiwai, may all hate you.

(e)bwa, bind broken limb

ebwa okwo jileji, a broken foot.

ebwa okba jileji, a broken leg.

(a)bwa, burn

(a)bwa ono, burn house.

(a)bwa oko', light fire,

(a)bwa, burn (unipers.)

ko' abwa, the light burns,

(a)bwa, buy (slave, land),

(a)bwa, make war, shoot

a b wan a, don't make war.

(a)bwa, wrestle

abwamu nib a, I wrestle,

(a)bwa lu, spread,

(a)bwa lu, sting

abwesi abwam, ant stings me.

(a)bwa q,buba, get fat.

(a)bwa adaru, run stooping and come back,

(a)bwa lit a fa, divine.


L 2


(e)bwa afo, turn stomach

obwayaliam afo, it turns my stomach for me.

(a)bwa lu aka, be empty; crack fingers (two hands)

abwam aka, I have empty hands.

gbalo aka ya na, he has gone with empty hands,

(a)bwa akba', be big.


(a)bwa akande, shoot without missing, Freischiitz."

(a)bwa a ma, tell secret,

(a)bwa |rQ, reach (year)

ogogbwaro aro (will reach), he is not a year old yet.

(a)bwa lu asQ, spit,

(a) bwa aVi, breakfast (eat breakfast),

(a)bwa be be, lean something,

(a)bwa be be, lean against (trans.).

(a)bwa bulu, run past before ; (shoot and kill),

(a)bwa bu, be mad.

(a)bwa ebwQ, fire gun, shoot,

(e)bwa ebwgni, hunt,

(a)bwa (efi) akBukbo, skin (cow),

(a)bwa 3 go, account for (money),

(a)bwa e,gu, dance.

(a)bwa esonsoso (A), run stooping and come back, dodge,

ezi (a)bwa (A), bleed (nose),

(a)bwa igono (A), swim upright,

(a)bwa ikble, kneel

nwa Qgu bwa ikbele n'ani on olo nneyaala, the

kid kneels to suck its dam.

(a)bwa lu ivilivi, turn round in circle ; chase round and


(a)bwa lu izu, consult,

(a)bwa kiti kiti, crackle, roar (flames),

(a)bwa ncala, rust.

(a) bwa rigqngo, run stooping,

(a)bwa nkete, keep quiet, be idle.

abwam nkgte, I keep quiet, am idle,

(a) bwa nkiti karulu, keep silent when spoken to.

(a) bwa nkiti rulu, keep silent when spoken to.


(a)bwa hi nun, salt (spit on hand)

abwalunnii, I put salt (on hand) [for burn, prevents


(e)bwa nt a, hunt,

(a)bwa 5 bq si, fix (day),

(a)bwa odi, say nothing,

(a)bwa In ofio, crack fingers, snap fingers

abwam Qfi, oyo, I crack fingers,

(a)bwa In rig 6, help (save from flogging),

(e)bwa ono, run home,

(a)bwa oru, buy (slave).

(a)bwa oso, to run, escape (from prison), run away

onabwgso, he is running.

a b wan (a) QSO, don't run away,

(a)bwa In Qtg(A), be naked,

(a)bwa In $to, be naked, loose cloth,

o^olo (a)bwa, have diarrhoea,

(a)bwa oyo, snap fingers.

(a)bwa iib (0), cowries for pitch and toss (eta ego),

(a)bwa ume, strengthen (someone), feed, etc.

(a)bwa uyo, snap fingers.

uzu (a)bwa (A), bleed (nose),

uzi imi (a)bwa (0), bleed (nose),

(a)bwaba(nte), spread (mat, etc.).

bwabolo (A), quickly,

(a)bwabu, shoot,

(e)bwabu, shoot.

(a)bwabu oku, speak quickly; take word quickly,

(a)bwabwa, open (wound),

(a)bwabwa, spread (trans.).

aro (a)bwaca, be well,

(a)bwaea nkpu, bring back news,

(a)bwaci bo do (A), bar road (of hunted animal),

(a)bwaearo, be unwell.

(a)bwaciya, buy back person or law (run back),

(a)bwac^la lu, buy back (person or law) run back.


(a) bwad a, choke (with meat, etc.).


(a)bwado, stick in throat.

(a)bwado In, reckon.

(a) b wad 5 In (0), sulk.

(a)bwado lu nak^ili, suffocate (trans.) (take by the


(a)bwafie (A), be mistaken

dibia bwafie, osi owelena, if a doctor is mistaken, he

leaves by the back of the house.

(a)b waf o af o, run off a heavy meal, stab one's self in stomach,

(a)bwafoa afo, run off a heavy meal, stab one's self in

stomach; abuafom afqm, I run my belly small (after

eating too much).

(a)bwafue, run off a heavy meal, stab one's self in stomach,

(a)bwafusie, scatter (intrans.).

(a)bwagQlo bwagolo, lean (object.) (be bent)

osisi Qbagolo bagolo, the tree is bent,

(a)bwagu, (a)bwa lu, wear

abwam afonu, I wear a beard,

(a) b way a, pour, put in (liquids, etc.).

(a)bwaya(lo), abandon, leave behind,

(a) b way a mbwaya', contradict,

(a) b way a In obi, vex (unipers.)


(a)bwaya oku, argue, exchange words,

it vexes him.

(a)bwayali, be no better (sickness).

(a)bwayali, run, go; run to and fro (wife


(a)bwayalia, wander (vagabond),

(a) b way a lu, exchange,

(a)bwaye, untie.

(a)bwainy, mind, respect, care for

abwainye mili, not to mind the rain.

(a)bwaj2, throw (sand),

(a)bwaja*, press.

(a)bwajali, stand with legs apart,

(a)bwajie li (A), break (kola, corn), cut.

from husband's


(a)bwaka (A), have empty hands

obu anarabw aka, the obu has not empty hands (i.e.,

every town has a chief),

(a)bwakp, reckon together, join together

(a)bwakwado, run to meet.

(a)bwale,te, run down (water).

(a) b wali a ago, ask identity of new-born child, divine,

(a)bwalia (of u Q!U), help (son) to get wife or title,

(a)bwalu go, count

kambwa e, go, let me count the money,

(a) b warn nambo, knock at door,

(a)bwam nozo, knock at door,

(a)bwambo, try to discover,

bwambwam, tin bowl ;

zinc, white light metal,

(a)bwanyali, confuse, surprise, cause to wonder

o bah all, it confuses.

qb tin all, iD confused,

(a)bwainyem, (stand on) tiptoe,

(a) b wan aba lu, escape (from prison), run away

abwanabakwana, don't run away,

bwanaga (0), funnel,

bwanakuku (A), pigeon

akftatanko eji esi udgne, ewglisie bwanakuku, they

collect wood to cook a vulture, and take it to cook a


(a)bwanari li, abandon,

(a)bwanari li, run past,

(a)' b wane a la, eat (rust)


it rusted,

(a) b w a ii w u b a i r u, photograph ;


(a) b wan ye lu, pour, put in (liquids, etc.).

(a)bwape,, get small, be few

qbwape, I haven't many, much,

(a)bwap^be wane.

(a)bwapu, run (liquid) (trans, and intrans.}.

(a)bwari, run aground,

(a)bwarue, run round (water).


(a)bwasa, spread.

(e)bwasa, throw something over rope.

(a)bwasa lu, open, scatter.

(a)bwasa lu akwa, open cloth.

(a) b was a iru, cheer up, laugh (spread face).

(a)bwasQ lu, run after.

(a)bwata lu, enter

Qbata nono, he enters the house (by someone inside),

(a)bwata lu, hit.

(a)bwatia (sike) aka, stiffen arm.

(a)bwatia li 6ku, prolong (palaver),

(a)bwatia li ukii, stretch (legs out),

(e)bwatie okwo, stretch (something).

(a)hwatQ lit, loosen, untie, open

abwatolum aka, I open my hand.

abwatolum odq, 1 loose the string,

(a)bwatue (A), to knock seed down,

(a)bwaunwue qko, put coal in fire,

(a)bwa 6k u (A), speak quickly,

(a)bwaware lu, burst,

(a)bwaze, melt (trans.).

(a)bwaz lu, melt (unipers.).

(a)bwazie li, explain,

(a)bwazu, run together,

(e)bwe, mix.

(e)bwe, tire

arii ebwem, I am tired, discouraged,

(a)bwe, (mbwaka) (A), wear (ring).

, mix (paint, nca, mud).

lu ^bwQbe,, stoop, take cover (hunting, war).,

(e)bwenyeli . . . ainya, look stealthily at.

(e)bwenwuba, wither,

bwjdi, thick (liquid),

(a)bwo abwo, boil over (intraiis.).

(a)bwo lu, bark.

(a)bwQ lu abwo, vomit,

(e)bwoeie lu, prevent from seeing.


(e)bwodo, staunch (wound), stop opening.

(e)bwodulu, prevent.

jib wok a //', Itark, roar.

(e)bwolu, shelter, take refuge (intraiw.)

imika Sbwolo, let me shelter, take refuge,

(a) b won ye, wear (ring, trousers, coat),

(e)bwudo, lean (elbow),

(a)bwubwo iyi, retract oath, magic (a lose),

(e)bwudo nkpili aka (0), lean elbow,

(e)bwudo nku (A), lean elbow,

(e)bwuru, sit bent over knees.

ca (A), not

ca ajum, I don't agree.

(a)ca (A), be ripe

iteiikba bid' aka nobu, n'aku gaica, oil pot takes its

hand to cover its heart and nuts will be ripe.

(a)ca (A), wash (plates, etc.).

(a)ea In (0), wash, make white.

(a)ca akwu evulevu, be too clever

evulevu lelumwa tulqbo, evulevu sells matchet, takes


(a)ca Ja, be red.

(a)ea ok 6, be burning hot (body),

(a)eaba', to be in flood

orimili acaba, the river is in flood,

(a)caba, keep washing,

(a)cabali, wonder at

oicamba, T wonder,

(a)caba mba, work for

ncabali, can I work for you ?

(a)cabe, get big (fire),

(a)cabelu (0), embrace,

(a)eabue ainya, to see.

(a)caca In, wash (make white)

acacam oica, I clean, make white.


(a)caya ile, lose strength, colour.

(a)eayaya akwu, be (too) clever.

(a)cayasia lu, turn pale.

(a)cainye hi, go on one side.

(a)cakpu obi, throw out chest.

(a)canie li (enu), wake up.

(a)caniri, jump up, to stand up \vithout knowing in a great


(e)cQ In, wait


wait a bit.

(e)ce lu ainya, wait on road (ambush).

(e)ce lu nee, watch.

(e)ce lu riti, listen,

uce (e)ee, regret

uce nece, he is regretting (what he has done),

(e)cebe (A), watch

aru nQgu cebelu fiwaiya, body of she goat watches her




ci ainya (0), blind, regularly, close fitting,

cili nti (0), deaf (shut ears)

uwoke cili nti, a deaf man.

ci (A), shut (suffix)

inecie, shut it.

ikpacienye,, did you lock (shut) it.

(e)ci nti (A), to be deaf (unipers.)

Qcilim nti, nti acilim, I am deaf (my ears are shut

for me),

(a)eia, to have plenty, collect

ci iny^me (pi. of nwunye), to have several wives,

(a)cia li (bush fowl) (call of)

okwa acia, the bush fowl call,

(a)cia isi, put one's head in.

(a)cia isi, be headman,

(a)cia li oci, laugh,

(a)cia olu, be headman,

(a)cia li (0), come back,

(a)cica, loot; take wood into house (finish),

(a)cicapu obi, throw out chest,

(e)cicie, rub, grind, e.g., pepper, leaf (with wood in hand) ;

(put wood where people want to sit),

(e)cido lu, point (gun); put glass to mouth; put


(a)cie, turn.

horn on

(a)cie lu azu, go behind, turn back (become last of line),

(e)cie li qze, be king

(e)cie li isi, be headman

(e)cie lu isi, put one's head in.

(e)cie li oci, suck blood,

eieta, back.

(e)cifia aro, hurt (get bruise),

(e)cifu (A), go away.

ciga, back (suffix)

Qcucigava, he drives them back.

(e)ciya, return, turn back, go behind (become


last of


(e)ciya, decide, make up mind,

(e)ciya lu azu, return (turn the back),

(e)ciya In, oku, argue, consider case,

(a)ciko, collect, put together, mix.

(e)cikwQpu, dislocate (jaw, knee), fall down,

eimbo (A)

onye Mwolo sele na Qka amake eimbo, eka anabulummwa;

a Mwolo man says where they suck the

calabash, there they cut with the knife,

(a)cinie, begin to march, start.

(a)cinie lit, aka, hold hand, refrain,

(a)ciriie lit aka, hold up two hands,

(a)cinye, give (more than one) without counting,

(e)cipu (0), go away,

(e)cipu yii, go away; (lu, present).

(e)c;ta, collect a few (yams),

(e)cita lu, draw (blood), suck out, draw water from roof,


ciya, back (suffix).

(a)co lu, want,

(a) co ln t look for.

(a)cg In oku, find a judge,

(a) co a, drive.

(a)coa lu a] a, offer (to witch or mwo).

(a)coa iktiQ, tell tales (falsely),

(a)cga ikjje, cite, call before court,

(a)coa lu lit a, go hunting,

(a)coa oku, drive away (palaver),

(a)cqba (A), look for

nwoke CQba oku, Qnoba nwainye mwa oku govaya-

he marries

ago, oegba ebo; if a man wants palaver,

a woman ; if palaver is hungry for him, he marries-


(a)cgba, look for.

(a)cQga, look for.

(a)cgku oku, find a judge.


(a)cokwudo In, discover, run to meet.

(a) c glu ikpe, cite, call before count.

(a) c Q lii oku, provoke.

(a)cQta, fetch, find, obtain.

(a)cova In nta, go hunting.

(a)cQzea In, look for (something that is gone).

(a)cu lu, drive.

(e)cu QCII (A), fail

ncici se na nku yabQle anarecu ecu, syphilis says

the palm tree that it cuts never fails,

(a)cua. (a) co a, drive away,

(e)eue lu, fetch water,

(e)cue icu, be lazy,

(a)cuciya lu, put to flight (send small boy home who wants

to follow mother),

(e)eulecu, be half grown, be half cooked, be half changed;

(of person) have half developed breasts or genitals

oculeeu, yams are not half grown, or, yams are not half


(a)cunie li, hasten, cause to hurry (trans.), drive animal

from bush


I hurried him.

(a)cunye aja, sacrifice,

(a)cunye, drive (goats) in.

(a)cupu hi, drive out, exile,

(a)cupu lu (ewu), drive away (goat),

be blackened,

(e)curu, be spoilt ;

(e)curu lu, be half done ;

be half cooked

ji ecuru, yams are not ready ; yams are not half done.

da, de, not

UdQne adaju ok$ mwo, the vulture does not refuse to be

sent by the mwo.

onye ajuju adefu uz, one who asks can't miss the way.

(a)da lu, fall

adam ada, I fall.

qdalu ada oware,

it fell down and broke.


(a) da lu (0), pain (unipers.)

ifanadam, that pains me.

adakami, I hurt you, cause you sorrow,

(a) da ebulite, join (intrans.)

fa na fa ada ebulite, they join.

(a)da iduli, be moist; be cold.

(a)da ndada (0), fall

agadinwaiyi da ndada nabo, ag



(a)de nkpilisi, shut.

(a)de nkponkpo, shut.

- debe (A), keep (suffix).

d Qbe, finish (suffix)

alad^bem, I finish drinking,

kpo de,be no fu, stop calling,

kpo dgbQ nkpu nofu, stop shouting,

g, come near (mffix)

g, call (him) near.

lu, keep, preserve,

(e) de.be, lu iwu, keep law.

(e)de,be lu (rikwa), keQp (promise),

(e)dedebe, stop writing.

de,ge (0), many.

ge,, soft, sweet, gently.

lu, write to an end.

(e)delita In, correspond (letters) (only plural),

get answer,

write and

(e)delita lu akwa, iron (clothes) (when two or more people

are together).

(e)d^lu (jo akwa, press clothes,

(e)d^pu lu, finish writing.

(e)dQta, descend, climb down,

(e)d^to si iru, paint face, rub dirt on face.

(e)dQtu lu (n'ile), taste.

(a)di (A), be

iti ware, n' ite di n'eke (A), pot is broken, pot

the market.

ainya adjgo oniyala keya lie, ngw^le,

is in

nobo uno

di okg, the madman's eyes were for eating the lizard,

but there was a house near,

dio, this is.

a dim ndo di nime, I live an inside life (I am sick),

adim ndo di nim'ono, I keep in the house,

adim ndo di nienu akwa, I keep my bed.

adililim ndo, I am still alive,

adililim mm, I still agree with you.


(a)di (A), be

kekedi, how are you ?

adim gin ma, I am all right,

adilimi mwa, I was good to you.

idit'u ?, are you alive, how are you.


I am well.

ainyi digommwa, we are well.

kekisidi, how are you? how do you do ?

arodi ainyi, (ansiver) I am well.

(a)di gwe, be many.

(a)di na ntite, be far.

(a)di ncu, behave one's self.

(a)di n'ikpo, be many.

(a)di nka, seem.

(a)di nukwe, fit well.

(a)di oba, be many.

(a)di Qbe, be difficult

abumbudo, ukwe, adadi qlu gkukwe, the song

I sing, the chorus is not difficult to sing.

(a)di $ko, be hot.

di, husband.

Many Ibo adjectives require di before them, the following

are some examples :

di a iii, low.

di ape (0), careful.

di bQmba (A), in the town

hko di be,mba nege bemba ite, woad in the town

cooks a pot in the town,

di cibe (A), near.

di ^ke,, IQSU, opposite, straight (road, stick, etc.).

di icu icu, dirty (person or clothes).

di ikpe kul^to, just.

di ile, strong (medicine, palm wine, head, eic.).

di le,te, in order, level,

di nce,z (A), forgettable,

dinka, clever carver.




di nkg, sharp (also used as metaphor)

Qtugonko, it is sharp.

okpugo nko, it is not sharp,

di nkp'gf e, short (road) (jump over),

di nlota, memorable,

di nk pa (A), strong.

dihwQnie (0), master, owner,

di qbele o,lu (0), not difficult (small work),

di oh a, be many,

di ogoli nwaiyi, woman who makes palaver with her

husband and calls him di ogoli.

di ogoli nwaiyi, man who makes palaver, etc.

di okukwe, credible,

di qkpala (0), man with title,

di gkpala (A), son, eldest,

di qkpara, eldest son.

di olu nwampe, slightly damaged, not very hard,

di Qno ani, cheap,

di onuno (A), soft,

di ota ota, guilty.

di ncu, hard-working,

diai (0), friend (possibly derived from di amyi, our

husband, and now used only as a term of respect)

diai, ainyi akwQ aka gelienwe, ka ge,lisi enwe

bia kwol' aka, my friend, shall we wash our hands

and eat monkey, or eat monkey and wash our

hands ?

(e)diblu, dimmish

odibeli vegweya, he is just beginning to get better,

dibya, doctor,

dice (0), different.

dide, against (suffix)

okudidqm, he spoke against me.

dide, continue (suffix)

!], keep going on.

(a)dido, be patient.

if 5, go on with the thing,

di ji (A), farmer


ainya diji natum pu mmwa nkp, the eyes of the

farmer sharpen the matchet.

dika, according to, like

dika etu esi dilia, according to him.

site,na k'uceya esidi, according to him.

dika tat a, from to-day on.

apale ozu nwonye QZQ, qd^ka apa uku nko, if

they take the body of another man's child,

carrying a bundle of wood,

dike, by force.

d^ki uku (A), disease (boils on small children),

(e)dikpo, be small and thin,

(a)dili, agree with

odtliya (0), he agrees with him.

^d^liya (A), he agrees with him.

(a)dili, belong to (pres. only).

(a)dili rido', be well (in reality, a past form of di)

aru dili nnu,

adilim rido,

dimbwa (A), wrestler,

dimbwodi (0), convulsions,

dimbwodu (0), convulsions (small child),

(e)dina, dive,

(e)dina ana, lie down.

(e)d in ainya nwa, hold child in arms (lying),

(e)dine, dive.

it is like

(e) din en ye nwa (A), hold child in arms (lying),

dint a, hunter

dinta ajakutegi, ojakulu bweya naba, if a hunter

shoots nothing, he takes his gun and goes,

dintolo, difficult.

(a)dinyeli go lu, approve, agree, to follow someone (some-


diqke (0), enemy,

dig k pa (A), cock.


M 2


do, think

ogbwenye lijuo afo ya, odo na ya cili ozo, a poor

man fills his belly and thinks he has made QZO title.

do, du, quickly (suffix)

ne,do, look quickly.

(e)do (A), pack

gdom, I pack.

(e)do (A), think

gdorn, I think.

(e)do, push.

(a)dq lu, pull (bow, rope, pole, etc.).

(e)do lu ainya, clear eyes, look sharp (i.e., be careful),

(a)doa aka, challenge someone (touch


(e)do aro, convalesce,

(a) do ebwe (0), fire a gun

oiiwu a dado e,bw, death does not fire a gun.

(e)do do, convalesce,

(a) do fiepu (0), let fly (arrow),

face or chest with

(a) do kpwenka, move out of way (trans, and intrans.), take


(a) do. mbo, scratch,

(a) do lu mme, draw blood.

(e)do ndudu ile (A), ask person what he does not know.

(e)do lu riibe, pawn.

(e)do lu nisi, put near head, under pillow,

nri (a) do, have a cough.

(e)do 6 did 6, convalesce.

(a)dQputa lu, draw out (trans.).

(a) do, ugwo, claim debt, hold person in market,

(a) do (wain ye), put mud (more),

(a)doa lu bark (monkey)

Cjdolu, it barked,

(a)doa lo gdo, advise, tell,

(a)doa at 4, make mat.

(a)doa iite, touch person with stick for divination,

(a) do, be lu go afifia, eat (leaves), browse, break leaf.

akwa (e)dobe, be ready

akwa dobgru, I am ready.

dobbe (0), lead


osisi nwel'afa, k' oiyi ngdudgbQ oiyiya, tree gets a

name, friend take his friend there,

dobuge (A), behind

dibia lijuo afo; opala akoaya dobuge azu, the

doctor fills his belly and carries his bag on his back,

cf. dibia liju afp, agota nkf>ologu (0), the doctor

fills his belly and pulls out splinters,

(e)doeie ainye ife, replace stolen object.

(a)dSdo, bark (monkey)

qdSdo, it barks.


it barks.

(e)doyalie, turn round (trans.), push with stick,

(a)dginye oljwa (0), put down basket (in market),

(a)doka lu, prune, cut branches

adokamya, I have cut, pruned, the tree,

(a)dgka lu, tear up, break in two.

(a)doka nninni, lower (price)

onadoka nninni afia, he does not reduce his price, he

does not agree quickly,

(a)dokata, cut off (branch).

(e)d$kpu lu, pull out (of big thing),

(e)dokwa lu, go, settle palaver, reconcile,

(e)dokwa, settle (quarrel),

(e)dokwaba lu (0), keep well, arrange,

(e)dokweva (A), keep well, arrange.

(a)dolo nisi (0), touch head, take oath ; (A) (0), offer to

mwo after touching head

dolo nisi, take this oath.

adolum nisi, I touch my head,

dolide (0), support falling wall,

(a)dolo, loose,

one on another

(e)dolu go a] a, put

Qdolum aja, I build a wall, i.e., put layers of mud.

and old.

(a)dgnia adqni, shrivel up ; get dry


(a)donye okba (A), put down basket (in market).

(a)dotia, stretch.

(a)dowa lu, tear up, break into two.

(a)dowaga iru, face; not salute enemy on road.

(e)dozie, put right.

(e)dozie lu, ameliorate.

(e)dozie oku, agree together.

(e)dozie oku, settle palaver.

du, interrogative suffkn.

(e)du, lead.

(e)du lu aka, help.

(a)dua lu, pierce.

(a)dua odo, give advice.

(a)dua ogoli, yell.

(a)dudo, pain, wound.

(e)due lu, lead, conduct, induce

akbam ndu, I come back from leading someone,

(e)duga lu, lead, conduct (show road),

(e)dugi, accompany, take, escort


he escorted him.

(a)dugie, cut (big branches),

(e)duje, accompany,

(e)dujie, accompany, take, escort

gdujie nono, he escorted him home,

duli-duli, slow,

(e)dulu go, lead home (wife),

(a) dun ye, order, command,

(e)dupu lu, lead the way, lead person,

(e)duruga (A), to lead, conduct,

(e)duruka, accompany (a little way, i.e., send off),

(e)durupa (0), to lead, conduct.

e (0), yes.

e (0), they

asi k Qwel ucici oku oinyoeo maka ci ofo, they say

people take the night to talk murder palaver, before



e, sign of passive

etuva ite, bakuta iyi azu, the pot is broken, turn the

back on the water,

eba', fever,

eba', men's room.

e,bamba, admonition, warning.

e,bazi, asking question.

Q, place, where

k d 'e b e I j e k 6, where are you going ?

di ani (0), ford, shallow place (low place),

diggu (0), fearsome place,

nzizo, asylum, hiding-place.

be nzolu, asylum, hiding-place.



mourning, regret

m, I am sorry,


", great misfortune.




(0), hiding-place.

(A), hiding-place.

eb?li, waves, on river or sea.

Qbili, shaking.

Qbinta, porcupine.

biolu (A), porcupine (big one).

e,bo, town; properly a subdivision of o bo do.

ebo ewu(O), sharing goat.

qbSa', two.

Qbmpu (A), asking questions,

ebota, wanderer,

ebota QSO, wanderer (?).

bu (0), mould (parasitic).

bu, tree species, used for alose, plates, etc.

bu (Jko (0), "stars" (before eyes), matches.

Qbuba, fly (sand-fly).


ebube, fear

gbube ago nece ago, fear of the leopard is his protection

(i.e., a big man is safe),

gbube, fine

6di ebube madu, he is a fine man.

^bube(m), walk " like gentleman."

bub6, false accusation

6 b 61 urn ebubo, he accuses me.

ebubo koinyommwa,


slander is worse than a cutlass

Qbiibu (0), marks

etu ebubu, cutting of marks.

^bubu (A), marking with knife where cut is to be made,

^bubu, carving (with knife and mallet),

gbiibu, cutting tree.

Qbuburiko (A), steps in palm tree,

ebububwa labwa (0), proud flesh in marks.

bubwe,le (A), lip.

gbubwele, slow,

^bubwgle ono (0), lip.

ebudam, taking down (thing on shelf, etc.).

ebumbu (0), fall of leaves.

(Jbuiiu, ram.

Qbunuku (0), lower leg (top half),

ebwa (0), drum,

ebwa, many

n no no ebwa gtakwulu, many birds are perching,

ebwa, buying.

bwa aboba, getting fat.

e*bwa akande, shooting without missing,

ebwa akba', being big.

ebwa akbukbo, skinning (animal),

ebwadara, running stooping, coming back, dodging,

ebwa QbwQ, shooting.

Qbwa Qbweni, hunting,

ebwa Q go, counting,

ebwa igono, swimming upright.


ebwa izu, consulting.

ebwa obqsi, fixing (day).

ebwa 6fi, cracking fingers.

Qbwa ogadoga (A), palm wine kept till sour.

ebwa 6k& (A), bad (taste).

^bwaokwo, binding broken limb.

ebwa oru, buying slave.

gbwa qto, being naked, loosing cloth.

ebwaoyp (0), snapping fingers (sign of astonishment).

ebwa ume, strengthening, feeding, etc.

ebwaba, spreading (mat, etc.).

ebwafa, divining.

e,b waffle (A), guinea corn.

e*bwag(a) obi, vexing.

ebwagada (A), crooked

ebunu se na mbwe ife ji mebege bu mbwe ya tQ

lova afia izizi; fazotaleya ebwagadu mpu;

iyatowqzq nkibo, azutalofeya amuibi; the ram

says what ruined him was when he sent them to market

first ; they brought him a crooked horn ; he sent again,

and they brought him elephantiasis.

Qbwa'go, asking identity of new-born child ; divining.

ebwagobl, vexing."

ebwagu (A), cake (yam, corn, etc.).

gbwaya, confusing.

Qbwaka, being empty, cracking fingers.

e,bwaka, bracelet (on arm).

ebwak^ti k;ti, crackling, roaring (of flames).

bwa, helping (son) to get wife or title.

bwama (0), laying information, reporting crimes.

Qbwamfe, lightening.

Qbwamo (A), conspirator, warning.

Qbwamo (A), betraying.

bwanaka (0), snapping fingers (sign of astonishment).

ebwancala, rusting.

^bwangenge (A), making agent's profit, cutting.

, keeping quiet, being idle.


bwanozo, knocking

at door.

Qbwansoso (A), running stooping, coming back, dodging.

Sbwanta, hunting,

ebwanggngq, running stooping.

Qbwaro, reaching a year,

ebwasa a gad a (A), sitting with legs open,

ebwasi ngad^ (0), sitting with legs open.

bwatiaka, stiffening the arm.

ebwaze, eating breakfast,


enwelum bwg, I have a gun.

Q, hawk (fowl)

enwelum bw',

I have a hawk.

Qbwene (A), cock that has not crowed,

gbw^ni, hunter,

gbwejgwe (A), thunder.

Qbweli a] a (0), bottom of wall.


ubosi (0), every day, always,

i (A), fish species.

Q b w i z u, consulting.

e*bwodi, saying nothing,

e'bwijgo, helping (saving from Hogging).


(azoa) (0), sort



like this thing.

Qdi, bush cat, civet cat.

Qdfdo, poison for arrow, spear.

djle, sort, kind.

di nan so (0), menstrual blood (being in forbidden thing).

do (0), yellow crocus (from do tree).

Qdo' (A), tree species.

do' Q do' (A), yellow crocus (from Qdo tree).

Qdoaka, challenging someone (touching face or chest with


Qduqdo, advice.

e,fe, opportunity, time,

gfe,, chance,

^fe,, easy,

efi, fish (kind of)

enw61umu azu efi, I have an efi fish,

efi (A), cow

enweluin efi, I have a cow.

efi obu, pneumonia.

^fjfie, daytime

jili efifie Jide e,gu oji mwaka ucici abwa; take

daylight to catch the black goat, because night is


gfifie nabo, late afternoon,

ef io, fool, joker (A)

ouye efio bu anu, obu ofke yali, a joker kills an

animal ; it is a fool who wonders,

onye Qfio amwa na hwanniye b,u obia, a fool does

not know his brother is a stranger.

Sfolo (0), question,

efu aka, swelled hands,

(e)fuju ainya, pay penalty (A)

otaku, gnwgge mbanaka, nke, qkbo no^nu afujuo

auiya, he chews nuts; if he has none in his hands, the

one in his mouth pays the penalty.

fulefu, ignoramus, good for nothing, nothing.


QgQde (0), a dance

onye Ibo si, n'qbulu n'agwalia nQgu QgQde, maiya

atuku neke, an Ibo says if they tell him to dance

QgQde (stooping), he orders a waist in the market.

QgQde, drum, wood, like ekwe.

QgQdQge (A), front.

QgQdQge (iru) (A), forehead, front.

QgQdege (0), standing on tiptoe.

QgQli (0), change of mind.

QgQn^gQ (0), front.

QgQnQgQ iru (0), forehead,

egigalia, bait stick in trap (ibudu).

Qgo (0), cowry

Qgo ayaka (0), cowry (big).

ggo mbudambo (0), cowry (big).

gno ego (0), six cowries.

ekpQtQnabo (0), 12 cowries.

QkpQteto (0), 18 cowries.

ekpQteno (0), 24 cowries.

okueto (0), one penny (180 cowries).

ngugu go, okuili okueto, three pence (780 cowries).

rigugu etp (0), one shilling (2,160 cowries).

ngugu mise (0), five shillings.

akpa, ten shillings.

orucami, ten shillings.

akbili, five pounds (5).

oruakpa, ten pounds (10).

oruakpanili, thirty pounds (30).

oruakpazili, one hundred pounds (100).

nnoakpa, two hundred pounds (200).

Qgo aiyo (A), cowry, small.

Qgo (A), cowry

Qno Qgo, six cowries.

Qganabo, twelve cowries.

QgQmasa, one penny (42 cowries).

QgQn^li, sixty cowries or one uku.

uku, sixty cowries.


(A), cowryuk

u isQ, three pence (300 cowries),

ukungsg, three pence (300 cowries),

afia, one shilling (1,200 cowries),

oruku, one shilling (1,200 cowries),

orukumise, five shillings,

afianese, five shillings.

iliQgo, one pound (1).

ilinano, two pounds (2).

i mafia, five pounds (5).

nno afia, twenty pounds (20).

Qgo aka, bracelet (cowries),

egpala, being mad.

Qgoko (A), money to be gentleman, rich man.

Qgqsabainya (0), money to be gentleman, rich man.

(A), stick lor hoe.

(A), song (solo).

QZU (0), play (games).

(0), game,

eg if, ant species.

Qg u (A), goat.

gu (A), song.

gu (0), drum.

gu, dance.

e,gu, danger.

Qgu, fear.

^gugu, halo (sun or moon).

Qgwo gkba (A), knock-kneed,

eyala, being mad.

yu (A), cobra, spitting.

ejQlQku, an arrangement put outside house to keep witch


ejiji, bead (red),

ejimba, pincers

uzo gbufulumu amara ejimba (A), a clever black-

smith does not use pincers; cf. uzo k^opuni

jink pa (0).


ejo (0), fish species.

Ju, potsherd.


^juna, snail.

eka (A), place, where, when

kedeka ijQbe, where am I going ?

eka onye nata gali aku ka onafi gali gnu, where one

chews palm nut, he uses his mouth,

eka onye nwelu ainya, eka osi af uzo, where a man

has eyes, he says he sees the road,

^kabwa, notice.

Qkaciobi (A), obstinacy,

gkati (A), obstinacy,

gkba (0), box.

ekl5a' (0), spear (play),

ekba, lizard (red head).

kBa, fish.

Qkbaical ainya (0), purposely (he takes care),

ekbale amu (A), game,

ek Banna, avarice,

qkbe (0), pit for animal, or in war.

Qkbe (0), time

e.kpe, nwa ji tewa ite, kiji ajuya, it is not

when a child breaks a pot that they question it.

^, loopholed wall (on farm to keep cows)

afulum kb, I see a loopholed wall.

', yam species

enwelum kb, I have an QkbQ.

Qkblima-(A), burglar, big thief.

(0), crossbow.

(A), shield (wicker),

u, prayer,

e.kbe.nta, small-pox.

, highway robber, burglar,

farm thief.

(A), help (in palaver), work together (pulling log,


fakbolum ekb6, they do work together,

afu, then.

ekt>o Qinqsi, afterwards.

e,kbo ife (A), crying things.

ekftqnto, jump.

ekbukQle, thickset (tall or short).

gkbwgle, prayer.

ke, gizzard.

gke*, eke , day

mb6si eke, eke day.

tata bu' k, to-day


is eke.

ke, snake species

afulum k$, I see an Qke,.

Qk^lgke (A), rainbow.

Qke.lemu (0), float (for fishing)

Qk^lesu, level,

qk^ng, salutation,

e.ke.ne.ke, (0), stilts.

gk^noguhigu (0), rainbow,

e.ke.nogulugu (0), python.

kQtQ (anwu)(A), honeycomb, way.

ek^li, meteor (big, with tail).

ko, bellows,

eko, sore on penis.

Qko dka, clapping hands.

Qkom^ko, sweet potato,

ekonu (0), abuse, quarrel.

Qkpac'inti (0), obstinacy.

kpazu (0), end.

pit for animal,

afu (A), then.

obwQ, steersman

akum nawa obwg, si nanya ^kpe, obwQ, amala

s^lu mili, the hippo that breaks the canoe says, if he

were steersman, the paddle would float in the water.

e,kpobe Qi) (0), parcel, lot for sale.

Qkpueza (A), faintness, death swoon (from hunger).

kpule,kpu (0), blind boil (no matter) in groin ; enlarged

gland in groin ; pain in groin

from sore foot.


gku, soup spoon.

|kuku, loquacity.

Qkulgku, loquacity, calling

e k ul k u anasebu e, dibia, calling does not kill the doctor,

^kulo, bird species.

ekulu mili, plover, goggle-eyed,

ekulu oifia, bird, like pigeon.

Q kit II si, poison.

Qku^to (0), standing up.

qkwana, gravedigger.

gkwe/, cane,

qkwe/, drum, drumstick

enwelum ^kw, I have a drum,

ekwekwe cglobo, diaphragm.

(A), bell, small wood.

(A), gag.

ekwo (0), jumping,

gkwodg (A), hanging.

kwolo, envy, enmity, palaver, quarrel.

Ekwonoba noka sele siduinye onye nan^ro, kaikbe

beboenya, Ekwonoba of A wk a told them to give him

one who was not there, he could beat him in argument.

ele (A), so.

el, antennae.

, perpendicular.

(0), repose,

e,le, colour (sort, kind)

1 ifea, like this thing.

e,le nafu (A), sort.

Q!Q obw^ne (A), antennae,

ele Qkba (0), antennae.

^lekwasi (0), something to stand on (to raise one),

el^le,, profit, saving.

e,lgm, fish fry.

elembala (0), sherd

ani tu, elembala, aput^na, the earth uncovers a sherd,

it comes to the top.

li efi (A), knot,

eliabwo (A), emetic.

(0), emetic.

Qh'li (0), tie-tie

(A), tree species.


elili Qde, bQfiye iiwenwe naka, bush does not break in

the hand of a small monkey.

(Jriw^lum ellli, I have tie- tie.

Qlili (0), net (casting)

Jnwe'lum (Jlili, I have a casting net.

elili, electric fish.

Qlili (0), tree species,

elili eji (A), knot (fisherman's eye).

Q!O, fungus.

$16 (A), necklace of tie-tie.

e,lo a gad a, nightjar.

elo okba (A), lame (walk larne) ;

walk on toes (bad foot),

elo ukwu (0), lame (walk lame); walk on toes (bad foot),

e, hi lu, ant (driver ant),

emecia (A), by and by.

e.me'i (0), manatee,

e, m e n y i (A), manatee.

emerigQzie (A), after a time,

e, me, si a, by and by, after

eniQsia |;a onu kulunjo, eku Qmwa, when a man has

spoken ill, he speaks well.

me sili (0), after

ykoko elo nQgabu okp gmejeli Qbu lu nwunye ;

afonQrg nka, the fowl thinks it will be a cock after

never saw that,

being a hen ; they

^mua oka, planting (corn),

emuke, (A), open (wound).

Qniume', cult act, e.g., second burial, title.

(jmwa aro, suiting,

emwa n'oinya, catching (in trap),

emwa 6 bill, making debtor fear,

emwakbo, knotting.




Imw .Anting *kb6,

vauh^, j,.


/(/to, thr id,

f;n', four.


erirone, not big


nwata Qrirone, the child is not big.

too much,


ero qko (A), hot.

ruh'i, coral, bead (red)

enwelum erfrlu, I have a red bead,

esa" (0), seven

$ii we lii m umu esa', I have seven children.

$SQ (0), quarrel

munya n(Js

(js{j, sacrifice (for akalagoli).

esilesi, cooked food,

dku, he and I have a quarrel.

esisile, lumps on palate, congenital.

so, birdlime

Snwelum $s6, I have birdlime,

eso, rubber (from oto, oto akwali tree).

QSO, trouble.

4su, millipede

enwelum 6s u, I have a millipede.

Qb6 (^su, it is a millipede,

esu, high

$d' esu, it is high.

(Ha (0), story.

e^ji, shooting at target for prize.

e*ta, being dry.

efcuade, surprise,

eta ^ go, pitch and toss (game).

qt^U (0), whip,

e tank (A), eructation.

Qt$ (A), as, such,

"etinyamwangri" (0), put knife in. (See &ga, sterile


Qtlti, middle

de netltl, it is in the middle.

Qtiti nab, between.

etitici (A), night, before midnight (after 11.0 p.m.).


eto, three.

etoafia, sending to buy.

eo agwa, spotted, black and white.

eto ak;ka (A), different marks.

eto ice, throwing.

eto inu, proverb.

eo oko (A), stars (before eyes), sparks from flint, etc.

etoagwa (A), mark.

etokwalonoXO), three things piled on one.

etola (0), ruse.

etola (A), ruse.

eonainya (0), surprise.

etonkwcV (A), three things piled on one.

etu, leech

enwelum etu, I have a leech,

etu, like, as.

etu, leech,

etii', sort, kind, colour, shape.

ebiibu, cutting of marks.

ofo (0), such as

like this,

u (A), hiccough,

etuku (0), squatting,

etungo, reckoning bride price,

e, vejicjku (A), yam, in magic.

^VQjioku (A), ant species,

evclo (0), drizzle.

QVII (mwa, tu) (A), mould (parasitic).

Qvulevu, idiot, nothing, empty month,

ewo, alas!

ewo, fresh.

QWQdo (A), teething,

ewu (0), goat

ewu na nobwo, aratigu, a goat in a boat does not eat

palm leaf.

(A), fear.

QWU, famous


afaiya ewijzugo $bnj.n$, his name is famous in every


gwucimo (0), exclamation of fear or astonishment (oh my


gwuzo (A), straight.

e"y$ (A), disease, not mortal (fingers, chin and all body

swell, and body turns white),

eyi, bush-rat

afulum eyi, I see a bush rat.

eyi (ngana), rat (giant), Cricetomys ganibianus ; lives in

hole in field,

eyi qkbo, bone disease.

e"yl uce, suddenly, without premeditation,

eyi (ucu), rat (giant); Cricetomys gawibianus ; lives in field

iii deep hole.

e*yile*yi (0), good for nothing.

Qzagwo, snake (white, black marks).

e"z (A), disease (patient is ill in rainy season; when dry

season comes he gets better).

z$, priest, king

ezudo, priest of Udo.

ezana, priest of Ana.

afulum z, I see the king.

z', tooth

afulurn ^z, I see a tooth.

e*ze agwo (A), snake (white, black marks).

eze izizi (A), teeth, first set.

eze ogede jioko (0), plantain, small and many,

ezeya, supernumerary teeth.

ezenkwaba, teeth (third set).

znu (A), moon.

zi (0), slave.

zi, outside

6bu Qzi, it is outside.


zi, road

obu zi, it is the road.

QzJ, eaves, under (outside house),

gzi, menstruation, menstrual blood,

gzioku, truth.

Qzi okwukwo (A), beaten track.

zi oma, good manners, good road.

Qzibaleto (A), fork of road.

o (A), too

isi si gnu; ebukwegi; olu ka Qbuel' onu, ebukQ

disi ezibo, the head says to the mouth, let him cut

you off; when they cut off the mouth they cut off the

head too.


6bu qzie, it is true.

6k u (0), true,

eziga (A), teeth (third set).

ezioku, true, truth

ababum enyi bwezioku; mwan' obu talia nuzo

nkwasi, it is true I have killed an elephant,

but a

lie that I carried it to the road.

onye si na mill gz oka' kulu ezioku; mwana

qbulu ozu nani bokwasi, who says too much rain

falls speaks truth, but who says it dug up a corpse tells

a lie.

Qziuce, good sense.

QZU (0), stick for hoe.

QZU Agolo (A), lake.

f a, they.

(a) fa, wedge (put in).

(a) fainye, push in, drop in.

(e)fe, serve (master), obey.

(e)f$ lu, fly (bird, arrow), jump.

(e)l' lu, jump.


(e)fq lu, go to see person, serve (master).

(e)fe, aka, akwa, wave (hand), shake (e.g., water from) hand.

(e)fe igwe nando, strike iron (when it is cold).

(e)fe mili, drive away rain.

(e)fe riza, wave cow's tail.

(e)fe,do, keep law.

(e)fe,ga lu t look at (trap).

(e)fe,ga lu, traverse, cross (river, etc.), visit (trap).

(a)feja gu, visit ([sick] person).

(e)fejie li aka, shake-hand, snap fingers (sign of contempt).

(e)t'e,kwa lu, cross river, road, etc. (by person or animal).

- felo (A), cross (suffix).

(e)fne ef^ne, fly into soup (fly), fly into house (bird),

(e)feosa mili, sprinkle water,

ume (e)fe,pu, strength fails.

(e)f Qse (akwa), spread (cloth).

(e)fQsa ok n, spread (tell) news

- n'ani, pour out on ground.

(e)fe,si, pass away, finish looking at

ume ya efesigo, he is dying (his breath is passing away).

(e)fta, took at (trap).

(e)f Qta, come, go inside (house), come over

feta nuno, cross wall, come inside.

ofetago ili nli, he has gone across to chop.

mili fta, rain is coming, river comes through hills.

of^tana, it's coming from there,

(a)fqta gu, visit ([sick] person),

(e)fewosa lu . . . n'akwa, wet, sprinkle, spread water . . .

on a cloth.

(e)fewusa, shine on (sun),

(e)fewusa, sprinkle (water).


(e)fi, be firm

akukwa di eto, ofili; when three supports are tliere

it is firm.

(a)fia of ia (0),

? shine.

(a)fia hi ozo (uzu), shout loud (of more than one person),

(a)f^aca (A), brush from head,

(e)fiali, be turned (face),

(e)fibe (afa), put in row, put out (for divination), begin

efibem afia, start market.

efibem Qgu, start dancing,

(e)fibe (akukwa), put out supports,

(e)fica hi, wipe,

(e)fieapu, brush off, wipe,

(e)fice (A), remove (rust), wipe,

(e)fie, miss (aim)


(e)fie lu t tie.

I miss it.

(e)fie ainya, look different,

(e)fie aro (0), be dry.

(e)fie nwolukpulu (0), bandage eyes (of a man who runs

after people)

(In dry season " it " catches people who change places if

" it "

guesses name.)

(e)fiedo, fasten,

(e)fiekpado, tie tight,

(e)fielya, be turned (face),

(e)fi^pu, dislocate (arm), fall down,

(e)fifie, roll (with hands), (with foot),

(e)fifie isi, shake head,

(e)fifio nisi (A), shake head.

(a)f iyali lu, twist, turn round, turn in bed.

(a)fiko lu, twist, wipe,

(e)fim^ efimQ, puzzle.

(e)f io, tie cloth (put round without tying),

(e)fio, tie.

(a) fig gu iru, wash face.


(e)fio ugwp, claim debt, seize something from someone for

debt, seize person,

(e)fionari, escape (game)

ofionari, it escapes.

fg, leave over (suffix)

alafqlum main y a, I left some of the palm wine,

(e)fito (n'ani), put heavy thing in place, defecate (child)

and sit down on faeces.

(a)fp benata (ibu), lighten (load of yams).

(a)f oa (A), come out

mwauii foa, obodi abwal^sp, masks come out and fools

run away.

(a) foa, go out, get strong,

(a)foa lu ofolo, blow,

(a)foa oja, opu, blow flute,

(a) foa (Jko, blow fire.

ci(e)fobe lo, dawn

ci Qfobe, day dawn.

ci ejibe, day dawn.

ci gejinata, day will dawn.

ci fonata, day dawns.

ci ejiribegwe, day is getting dark.

ci erunQtevegwe, day is getting dark.

ci akpodafuvagwe, day is getting dark.

ci ejirigo, day is dark.

(a)f oca, peel, husk (banana, corn).

(a)f oca In, blow away, " seize," " finish."

(a)fodu, find

nsileko si ndqmwo; onye afodo lo uzo, fobamwo,

a bush cat says to the mwo, who sees the road sees the


afodum akwukwo efulevu, I find the book that was


(a)fgdu, be wanting

qf^du ototo nab p, tliere are still two days,

(e)foe lu ajo ufu, speak

ill of

(a)folo, surprise, come unexpectedly.


(e)fonete, cool (liquid, etc.), get clear (sky), lose road,


fotolum (0), game, hunt the slipper."

(a)fu (0), see

afQm, afum ife, see something new.

afoam, afum alo, see something new.

ainya adaforiti, eyes can't see ears.

afulumi, I see you.

afulumi nainya, I love you.

mfui nainya, I like you.

(a)fu (0), pinch

onye yi akbokbukwu amalu ^be, onafwia ;

ofu na

nuvadu si na akbokbukwu omaka, who wears a

boot knows where it pinches ; another man says it is

too fine.

(a)fu(A), blow

oke iiQli onye nafwia, rat eats the one that he blows.

f u, wrong (suffix]

ibafu qso, you run badly.

Qcufu anu, he drove away the game.

(a)fu ofo (0), hurt, pain.

(a)fua(A), go.

(a)fua ife onwunwe, lack something (impers.)

Q,fu ofu anadaco, he sees something, he does not want,

(a)fua ofu, see wonderful things,

(a)fua QgQ,do isi (A), tie cloth on head,

(a)fua Qno (eyi), smoke out.

(a)f uba aka, cross, fold (arms),

(a) fuc a, blow.

(a)f ucali, see (for moment),

(a)fucata lu, look well, and find.

(a)f ucata lu, husk (corn, beans),

(a)fucil isi, tie cloth on head.

(a)f udo, wrap up ; looking out for game,

(a)fudo a fudo, be tight,

(e)fue lu, wander,

(e)fufe isi, shake head,

f ufii (0), game, with whirling dish.

see much,

(a)f ugali, see (at distance).

(e)fugo Qze (A), teethe.

(e)fugo ib will (A), teethe.


(e)f u go nko, be many (but not very many).

(a)fuyQ lu, open out; take off cloth (from head); open pot

of palm oil.

(a)fujue ainya, suffer (fill eyes); see wonderful things,

(a)fuku, visit.

(a)f ula, consume, eat all up.

(e)fulu, suit, fit

(e)fulu kam,

it suits me.

(e)f ulu kai, it suits thee.

(e)fulu kia, it suits hirn.

(e)f ulu kainyi, it suits us.

(e)fulu ka unu, it suits you.

(e)f ulu kaf a, it suits them.

qfulu kam, he sees me much.

ot'ulu kam, it suits me.

(a)f ulua, catch red-handed ;

see in the act.

(a)f unwe qko, light fire (on ground),

(a)funw^ lu (Jko, blow the fire,

(a)funye n^q nebwe, blow up.

(a)funye lu ofolo, blow up (cycle),

(a)funyua, blow up (mouth),

(a)futa lu, see, come out.

(a)fut'ali, see each other

ainyi futali ainya (nyaf u), we see each other.

(a)f wota lu, see, come out.

ga (A), pass over

ejune ji ile qmma aga n'ogu, the snail takes a good

tongue to pass the thorn; cf. ogu ejuna adabwa

mme, the snail sheds no blood,

ga (A), go

agwo bwa, ogaliUlo 5gulugu, the snake goes but

waits for its middle.


ga (A), go

munai gaije, you and I will go.

ga, big (suffix).

( a )ga, (go) take


take it to him.

wegeleya (A), take it to him.

(a)ga lu, go past.

(a)ga n'ainya, please with work.

(a)ga lu niru, go in front; go on ahead.

(a)ga qfuma, march well together.

(a)ga viga (0), pass without stopping,

(a)gaba, go past.

(a)gabano, go on working, pass without stopping,

(a)gabuge, pass by.

(a)gafeli n'odi (0), pass without speaking,

(a)gafelu lu, cross over, pass over (road),

gain ye, till.

galagugu (0), pain in groin from sore foot.

gana gana (0), shaking

oiyim, kangwai n'oso dice, gana gana dice, my friend

I tell you, running and shaking yourself are different,

(a) g a n at a, return,

ganoi (A), slow (boy),

ganoyi (A), chameleon,

(a)gapu mbo, unload (gun).

gare, back (suffix).

(a)gawete lu, fetch.

(a)gazia li, go after all, (i.e., after refusing).

(a)gba, plait.

gbakakbakala (0), fruit.

(a)gbakgba, collect.

gbamalaje (0), word used to deceive small boy (send him

to house to fetch it when he is to be got rid of),

(a)gbawusi, sprinkle (water),

gbgle (0), go slowly

nkita gbqle gbgle, ngkboli akwa qkoko. a dog

that goes slowly takes hen's eggs and eats.


gbwakanti, piquant, sharp, bitter, sour.

ge, not

ojQbe bq ogalainya, ot age ose, ota oji, who goes to

a sick man, if he does not eat pepper eats kola (A).

ojeft qkenye, Qgu imi, Qgwe onu, who goes to a big

man, shakes nose or mouth (0), (i.e., takes snuff or kola),

enyi me ife, umma ebu enyi; mwa enyi emeg ife,

ndo abulu nkeya, elephant does something, knife

kills him, elephant does nothing, his life is his own.

gqdu, why.

akpili (e)gk() (0), be thirsty.

(e)gQkjbo mill, throw water on body with hand (no soap),

(e)gele oku, listen.

SQlqle,, very small.

(e)gQlete, run down a little (liquid),

(e)geveto, cross over, pass over (road),

gi (A), not

n wa qriginne, abgba ife em^lu nnaiya; ife

emelu nnaiya e ing ye,, if a child is not big, they take

him for what his father has done and do the same to him.

gi, thou, thee

anamenjgi ainya, isi Qgu nenobu, I look at you as

a goat skull looks at the obu.

gide, still, motionless (suffix).

(a)gigado, get hold loosely.

go, up (suffix)

kambago ugu, let me climb the hill.

(e)go (0), count

okute iiQtiaku, nagoiya, onu mwa onatala, ada-

goiya, stone that breaks palm nuts counts them, but

the mouth that chews them does not count them.

(e)go, buy (yams).

(e)go lu go, buy.

(e)go lu, be glad.

(a) go agu, be hungry, be dying of hunger.

(a)go lu Sgugo (A), deny.

(a)go lu agugo' (0), deny.


(a)gQ ala (A), be mad.

(a)gokqba, pick up, collect (cut grass),

(a) go in wo (0), offer to mwo.

(a)go mwo, sacrifice, offer (kola),

ago' (n)agu, be hungry

ago nagum, I am hungry.

ago agogom, I am hungry.

ago golum, I was hungry.

ago qgaguin, I shall be hungry,

(a) go a, pick up, count,

(a)goa a da, cause to stumble,

(a)goa afa, give name,

(a)goa ala (A), be mad.

(a)goa aro (A), wash,

(a)goa Qgu, sing,

(a)goa gu esa, chatter.

(a)gQbue, call for alose to swear (for another),

(a)gobugu(m), be hungry, be dying of hunger,

(a)godata, run down (liquid), (a little),

(a)ggdo, keep (law)

ag' gdolum ana, oyglo isi aku n'aka ; onye mebiein

ani, nkbolaku adabweya, he who keeps the

law, catches a head of nuts in his hand ; he who breaks

it, a nut falls and kills him.

(a)ggdo lu ana, keep law (only used in proverb),

(a)ggdo lu iwu, keep law.

(a)ggdo mwo (A), offer to mwo.

godu (A), before (suffix).

(a)godu, wait,

(a)gogoa lu, praise.

(a)gQnye mwo (0), offer to mwo.

(a)gopoto lu, take out, pull out (of pot).

(e)gosi li, show.

(e)gosi . . . eb^le, show pity.

(a)gosjsia (0), turn contents of pot into baskec

(a)gos;sia (A), take out with skewer.

got a, up (suffix).


(a)gota, fetch (cowries), (yams from fire).

(e)gota, buy.

(a)gota In, take out, pull out (of pot).

(e)gotQ, buy.

(e)gotQ, send to buy.

(e)gozi mwo (A), offer to mwo.

gu, red.

(a)gu lu, finish (unipers.), use up, be finished

ogueasia, it is finished.

obucasia, he kills (finish).


it is finished.

in ill agusia, the water is finished.


it will be finished.

ike isu nni gu onye, ona cu ewu, if strength to

pound food is at an end, he chases goats.

(a)gu agu, be finished, completed,

gu, not (used in proverbs).

(e)gu egii (0), play.

(e)gu (A), cook

gbu ainyi di n^nwe nadaka, onye negulu fa'; qbu

ainyi di nQz6 ada laca zi olume, we are monkeys

and macaques, who cooks for us ; we are chimpanzees

and don't suck limes,

ike (a)gu, tire

ike a gum, I tire.

(a)gu lu mili (n)agu, be thirsty.

(a)gu qra, be red hot.

(a)gua a fa, name,

(a)guca, be finished,

(e)gue, boil,

(e)gue, dig (person),

(e)gue, play.

(e)gue lu mili, swim.

(e)guf ue (A), make hole in wall (and go through),

(a)gugoa hwa, dandle child, keep from crying.

(a)gukQ, reckon,

(a)gukpue lu, count out (too much money).


(e)gulie Qgti, play.

(a)gunye, recognize.

(a)gupu, come out of water.

(e)gupu lu, take away after counting (yams, cowries).

(e)gupue, make hole in wall (and go through).

(e)guputa, dig up (with matchet or hoe) yams with


boputa ]i, dig up yams that have no roots,

be finished,


(a)gusi go, finish (intrans.).

(a) gut; a lu (qnu), reckon (many things),

(e)gutue, dig (tree out),

(a)gwa, mix (corn and guinea corn),

(a)gwa, tell

gkoko gwa udgne, siya, di ndidi; nyabu qkoko,

cetakwQ nno, nyanamwo; ngibu ude,ne abia nata

guge guge, the fowl says to vulture, be patient, she is

a fowl, remember that I hatch, you vulture come


(a)gwa, mix.

(a)gwa lu, sell,

(a)gwaba, mix.

(a)gwak(J lu, mix.

(a)gwaputa lu, announce, warn one another in quarrel not

to do so and so, threaten,

(a)gwata lu, inform,

(e)gwe, grind (pepper),

(e)gwe ini, dig grave,

(e)gwebe, grind (on stone).

(e)gwece ajeko, try to attract attention, show off.

(e)gwece ngwece, show off.

gweleaweli (0), lizard (iguana),

(a)gwo (0), cure,

dibia nagwo otolo, odgbel' afoya noso, a doctor who

cures diarrhoea keeps his belly elsewhere.

(a)gWQ lu, bend (trans.)

agwoinya, I bend it.

(a)gwo a la, be beaten too much,

(a)gwo, lu ola, snore.


(a)gwqba, mix, bend forward and walk knock-kneed,

(a)gwobue lu, mix.

(e)gwqgwa, mix (medicine),

(a)gw^ta, pick up, collect [banana bark (cut)].

gali, about (suffix)

njegali, walking about.

(a)ya, throw.

(a)ya lu, bring goats in at night, go past.

(a)ya lu, change colour.

(a)ya lu, mix palm oil (old and new).

(a)ya lu, pardon, set free.

(a)ya lu, powder earth for tomato bed.

(a)ya lu, stop.

(a)ya lu ainya, look back

ayazilim ainya, I looked behind me (and did not see


ayalum ainya nazu, I looked behind (and saw him).

(a)ya n' ainya, please (with work).

(a)ya lu uee, convince,

(a)yafu, throw.

(a)yainye Qgo, change money, add money to store,

(a)yako, mix.

(a)yalialu, wait

ayaliallmu, I wait.

agalialimu, I waited,

(a)yalu, leave alone, stop doing thing

ay an en e ibia, he never stops coming,

(a)yalu, exchange (goods),

(a)yalu, abstain from

I abstained from food.





(a)yapu lu, exchange (goods),

(a)yasa lu mill, water.

(e)ye lu fiti, listen

gyQlum fiti ifiku, I listen to what you say.

(e)ye oye, (be) open.

(e)ye Qnu, open mouth.

(e)ye Qnu, tell someone something

QyQm Qnu, I answer.

yem QIIU, say that again.

( e)K uge>, yawn.

(e)yece,fu go, cut (hair)

gyecefulum isi, I cut hair, string, paper.

eyecefulum ntutu, I cut my hair (only hair),

change, be transformed,

a da, stumble.

(a)yo Qk^, boil over (intrans.)

(a)yopua lu, bore hole.

(a)yu lu iru, turn over, change colour.

(e)yuyu (A), cook (intram.).

(a)huo oho (A), hurt, pain.

i, thee

nwannem, agwagomi, kangwaii atgrofu, "my

are not

brother, I have told you," and " let me tell you/ 3

the same,

i, only (prefix)

Qibunko, he is only going to cut wood.

Q;bi nonica, he is going to stay at Onica.

ibaba (0), sandfly.

ibaelele, being of use.

ib (0), household

ndia buib^m, these are my people,

ibe, companion.


ibQ (A), household

abwesi siele nwunniye nyesi ite qsis^; mwakana

ciemekwe jiri ibefa ebu QCO, the ant says to his

wife cook quickly for fear night should come when

their people do murder,

ibe, piece, bit (wide),

ibe akwa, crying,

^be on g (A), house with one roof,

ibeji (A), yam, long and thick.

ibeli(O), fly whisk,

ibelibe, bit, piece (small),

ibgnkgnke, cutting short,

ibgnkpilikpi, cutting short,

ibeqji (A), lobe of kola,

ibeoji, piece of plank.

Jbi, elephantiasis,

ibi a la, enlargement of breasts,

ibi eb^li (A), barb of arrow,

ibi nwainye, enlarged labia.

ibie (0), another, each other

otalo Ibie alo, they bite each other.

otalo nwatai }bie alo, they bite each other.

onye nwe ggo bu oiyi ibie, rich men are each other's


ibite, crackling (tire),

ibi on a', coming and going away,

ibo, breaking down of wall by rain,

iboa (0), two.

ibob& (A), sandfly

Jbobo, requital.

|bobo, fear (great).

ib^ji (0), pulling out yams before they get root,

ib^ji, piece of plant,

iboinyenni, giving food to boy visitor.

Jbgmbo (0), requital.

Jbmpi, asking questions.




ibotoi, offering kola to alose.

ibu (0), stout

obul' Ibu, he is stout.

ibu(O), load

b6 nuku ibu, it is a big load.

6bu ibu, he carries a load,

ibu ikb^le, kneeling.

Jbu isi (0), finishing first,

jbu oifia, flooding,

ibu gnu (0), fasting

ebum qnu webia, I came without breakfasting,

ibu ulu, blackwater, or bilious fever,

ibubunko, barb of arrow,

jbudu, trap, falling slab, trap for squirrels, big rats, etc., part

of trap which falls when loosened,

fbudu, bamboo image for second burial,

ibudu afia, line of market women,

ibugbe, ant.

jbuibu, getting fat.

ibuQno, starving,

ibiimbu, being hot.

ibunkpi li ukwu, kneeling.

Jbwannu, salting.

Jbuzo, beginning, preceding,

ibiizo, going first,

ibwa gkpa (A), kick (backwards),

ibwa ukwu (0), kick (backwards),

ibwa Qnwe (0), exchange,

ibwange (0), cutting thing to be shared into pieces, instead

of dividing property.

ibwange (0), making agent's profit, cutting.

ibwazi, breakfasting, breaking fast.

ibwe,gulu, midrib of palm leaf with top cut off.

ibwele a] a (0), last section on top of wall.

, gums,

i (A), gums,

ibwoko (A), matches.


tbwoko, rivalry, in eating or drinking.

\c& akwu, being clever.

ic ainya nalinali (A), hazel eyes (can't see in strong light).

ice different.

ice ainya, waiting on road, ambushing.

ice ice (A), parcel, lot for sale.

icek^ko (A), burning wood (all wood burning in fire).

ice lice, thinking, considering.

iceku, charcoal.

icekuce, ant.

icele (A), nutshell.


shell of palm nut.

u, parrot

iceokijm, my parrot,

ice/uce, watching.

ici oci (0), marks of cuts made for drawing blood,

icimbo (A), marks of cuts made for drawing blood,

ico (0), parcel, lot for sale,

icqoku, provocation.



!Jde' (A), running water (from rain).

ide a] a (A), game of catching (players throw sand).

Jde (uli) (0), painting (body).

idgdu, slow.

idi (0), running water (from rain).

idgle (A), good water.

idle, fish species.

idemmili ukwu (A), calf of leg, big soft place.

idi (A), quiet man.

idi alo (A), heavy.

idide, worm.

idideake, worm (big black).

id ike, strength, firmness.

;dima (0), burglar, big thief.

Jdimili (0), wetness.

\d\rn ukwu, swelled leg.

jdinanwata, infancy.

Jdinanga (0), imprisonment,

idmfe, lightness.

idioba, being many.

Jdiucu, diligence.

idiyglokwu, swelling of foot.

term of.

ido, ant (lives on kola and plum tree).

jdu gdo, advising, telling.

idoifia, running into bush.

id gay a, having sickness, being sick of, falling sick of.

idqnri, having cough.

Jdozl, repairs.

idu (A), old bush.

idu, disease of yam leaves, spoils roots.

IdS, Benin City, Edo.

idiudo, being well.

Jdfima (0), trench- trap (pillar-trap for fish)

Ezi ngni iduraa mwa Qpo^arg ; onaba si nya poa,

Ji agulia, a pig falls into a ditch and can't get out ;

it says when it gets out, all its yams will be gone.

(0), old bush.


tf$' (A), thing.

ife di itinkpu (0), wonderful things.

ife Qgu (A), plaything.

ife ifisi (0), pillow.

ife itonainya, wonderful thing.

ife kelife, locomotor ataxia, rheumatism.

ife n$n, "sight."

ife nkjli, "sight."

if nza (0), thing for taking oath.

ife nza (A), stopper for palm- wine pot.

ife 6de,ne (0), spying.

ife ofufu (A), bruise, swelling.

ifQ Qktio, durable thing.

ife qlila, drink.

ife no no, hard thing.

ife qnono, booty.

if 6nwa, moonlight.

ife gsisc; (A), pleasant thing

ife Qslso bu Qgu, being pleased is medicine,

ife otito (A), swelling, on foot or hand,

if^le, shame,

if e,le (0), shameful

okenye edeje ije ife,le, an old man does not go a

shameful journey.

if en be, pawned object, "pawn "


ifenkuci, cover,

ifenngne (A), sight,

ifi, confession (of adultery)

asam Ifi, I name co-respondents,

ifl, motive, sake.


disease ?

if oawa (A), piercing,

if 6f 6 (A), pain.

Tfolo (A), question.

ifSlo, light (of day).

ifuQze (A), teething.

Jfiife, wind, gale.


ifufu, sweat-fly.

iful?fu (ji) (A), mashed yam (small pieces).

if u lii (0), earth (black).

Jga, chain.

; Jga stocks.

igbenwa (A), file (blacksmith).

jgbwQnu (0), fish species (not to be caught in Onitsha.

Nkisi river).

igbwo, bead (long, English),

igili (0), shivering, fear, fever,

igili (0), hot-tempered man.

igili (A), madness,

igiligg' (A), dew.

igilfgi (0), dew.

igillgSgolo (0), mist,

igiligogolo (A), mist,

igo (A), shin.

igQ go, war (with guns).

ig6go ejuna (0), shell of snail,

igol' ife (0), crying things,

ig^jlo, (0), shin,

igono, bending,

igono, Sirius or Orion.

ig5ri (0), small boy.

Jgu, palm leaves, raphia leaves

ewu ngbwiya naiya atigu, a goat hears his companion

eat palm leaf,

igu Qbwe (A), flint for gun

bo igu ebwe, it is a gun-flint.

j[gu mill, swimming,

igu oka (A), grindstone, large.

;gu qra, being red hot.

igu fie, grinding-stone (for camwood, corn),

igugu, sand.

j[gulube (0), ladder.

igulubQ' (0), ladder.

! g u 1 u b $', grasshopper.

Jgw, iron.

gwe (0), bullet.




, flock, many, crowd

linwu, swarm of bees.

igwe bu ike, union is strength.

Tgwe', sky.

igwu, louse

bu Igwu, it is a louse,

iya a la, be mad.

iyata (0), exchange,

iyofe, powdering earth for tomato bed.

iyofe, stopping,

ija ainya, pointing gun.

IJQ, journey, walking.

ije ikpe kulq t, just, going to court with good case,

iji, holding (in hand),

iji, rise (of river),

iji m;li (A), flood,

iji uku (0), tickling the ribs.

ijij).. %.

ijiji nyunu aka, fly (bite causes swelling at once).

ijiji onyu aka (A), fly (on mangrove).

jjjru (A), upside down, wrong way.

ijuese, asking question of doctor.

ikba sikba (0), holding tight.

ikbdkba (0), small bird (claps wings).

^kbamu, playing.

ikbamu, joker.

ikbankSta, conversation.

ikbankjliko, man who plays with everyone and every-


ikbanganga, man who plays with everyone and every-


ikbazu, last.


Q, case, judge, judgment

ikbe a dam' QZQ, the court does not condemn a king

(or chief).

ikbem arum, I am innocent.

ikbe, backbiting, abuse.

ikbe,kle (0), corn balls.

(A), knee.

edge, side.

ikb^le mill, waterside.

ikbe, liana (A), ball game, players sit.

ikbo (0), heap.

ikbo (0), lamp.

ikbo, bell (small).

ikbo aja (A), wall, front.

ikbo aka (A), make weight, bit for luck.

ikbo iru, first salutation.

jkbo^ru, level.

; kboj.ru, opening down (e.g., pot), opening back, opening up

(e.g., leaf).

tkbokbo (0), fish species.

ikbokbo (0), person always vexed, fussy person.

ikbo(ko) (A), heap.

jkboko, being hot.

ikbonkpu (0), weeping,

point of being caught.

ikboku, call.

lamentations of hunted man on

ikbqnto (0), jump.

ikbotukpo abwa (0), disease (skin) (craw-craw).

ikbu gw (0), grass on top of wall (protection).

jkbuci, being silent.

ikbugkbe (A), game "prisoners' base."

?kbukbo (A), fish species.

ikbutu (0), disease (skin) craw-craw.

ikbutu, snake (khaki brown).

ike (0), perhaps.

ike (0), strong


qrilike, he is strong.

idku ike? have you strength ? (how are you ?).

ike' (0), buttocks

ike osisi (0), stem left in ground,

ikedike osisi (A), stem left in ground,

ikgkwe (A), perhaps,

ikenga. See Vol. I.

ikgwo; (0), perhaps.

ki;ke, spotted (fowl, etc.).

jk^ke, dress.

ikikeji (A), tying yams in bundle,

ikikenkpo, ant (black, big head).

ik;li okba (A), heel.

^li okwo (0), heel.

(0), cup.

k 6(0), fish trap.

j.ko', cup.

iko (akpa), hanging (a bag),

ikolq mwo (0), term of abuse, halo round ajonwa (crescent


ikolq Qnwa (0), halo (moon).

Jkoleto (0), Orion's belt (three bachelors),

ikpacalainya (A), on purpose,

ikpanna (0), greedy person,

ikpe akwa (0), weeping, lamentations of hunted man on

point of being caught,

ikpeazu, last.

jfkpgle (A), near side of road,

ikpelipe, slice,

ikpqasi, aversion,

ikpulu, maggot in rotten meat.

ikputu (0), disease (skin) (causes thickening of skin),

iku, eyelid.

iku mili, drawing (water, etc).

Jku 6ku(A), call,

iku ume, drawing breath, breathing.


ikuibe, ants' nest, shaped like a mushroom.

ikuku, breeze.

ikulubem, white skin (not leprosy).

ikwa debe, preparation (packing).

ikwa 6k 6 (A), hunch, hump (middle of back).

ikwusi (A), rich man

atqba ikwusi ikwusi dqba okba n'afia, the rich man

puts his basket in the market ;

man ;

fear holds back the poor

e,gu ikpete ikpete Ju aifia, gu e,de,bwe

obwenye ad oinyoba.

jkwe (A), mortar,

jkweabo, singing chorus.

j[kwe;siani, submission, humility,

jkwo, plucking.

Jkw6 igono, swimming upright.

ikwgto, straightness, uprightness (physical), standing up.

ikwoume, panting (blowing of breath),

ikwu (0), relatives, people.

;kwiimu (0), net (worked from tower)

ikwumum, my net.

ikwunibe, (0), mother's and father's people,

ikwunne (0), mother's people.

ila ola, ice uce, when you sleep, you take thought. .

Jladi, coitus.

Ijlainya, looking sidelong,

lie' (0), tongue,

ile (0), trunk (elephant),

lie/ (A), tongue

inadumnduduilQ, you are asking me things I don't know,

ile el?le (A), profit, saving,

ile $ko (0), burning wood.

ilelQnkii, chips,

ili (0), eating,

ili (0), ten.

ili (A), ten (in counting),

ili nofu, eleven,

ili oriirii QSC, forbidden thing.

(A), inheritance,

ilinanp (0), fourteen,

ilinasa (0), seventeen.


ilindo (A), top of tree, cut down or coming into leaf.

ilineboa, twelve,

ilinesa, seventeen,

ilinesato (0), eighteen.

ilinet$, thirteen,

ilineno, (0), fourteen,

ilinise (0), fifteen,

ilinjsi (0), sixteen.

ilinite,nani (0), nineteen,

iliqko, inheritance (eating property).

ili616 (A), not guilty

, he is not guilty.

, ninety.

ilizi (0), grating teeth on sand,

ilo (A), trouble, pain (mental), anger

oba aro ilo ilo, he caused me trouble.

i!6, trunk (elephant).

i!6', outside,

ilo, enmity.

il^ko (A), burning wood (fragment of),

ilolo (A), grass.

Jlolo, thought,

ilonive, utility, useful,

imabuif e, person of superior knowledge,

imabuife, thing known before,

imajijiji, fidgetting, shaking,

imaku (0), knot (single loop to loose),

iuiakwu (0), palm-leaf looped (a lose),

imakwu (0), nailing on lid.

i ma lima (0), idiocy,

imalima (0), paralysis,

imeju kobu, hole in liver,

imeju, liver.

qziza, enlarged liver.


imQJulu, liver.

imelime (0), many.

imQse (0), sacrifice (for akalagoli).

imi, nose.

imi ndapia, flat nose.

;mi qko, being hot (keeping hot).

imifulu, bud.


flat nose.

imggo (A), kindness, present.

i m 6 k w e, game with Q k w e ; hiding in hand .

imu, dew.

j mud mu, laughing.

1m ill imu (A), together.

imumwa, sharpening.

{mwa ab 6 ba, getting fat.

imwaisi, smelling, scenting.

imwSmpala, going faster.

in a do, keeping, saving.

in ago', cunning.

^naife, exchanging, taking thing (spoilt thing


ine, spectacle.

inaniyi, spoiling.

ine,kinya (0), staring,

ingke (A), staring,

in eke, are you ready ?

for usable

in-line, small thing ; i n e 1 1 n a, big thing

nsi leko me, lakpanqkoko, sienimi d^nile, si ineline

dio, inelina ogesianade (0), bush cat takes fowl

dung and smells, tastes, says : small thing is so, how

would big thing be ?

ini (0), grave,

ini (A), grave.

iniglo (A), game, hiding and finding thing in sand,

^nigkwe (0), game, hiding and finding thing in sand.

JnSozu, burial.

, journey, walking.

ink ili (A), staring.

;no Qgo (0), fighting.

;nf}nanga, imprisonment,


terms of.

inu, proverb

inu bu Sbubo^ eji eli oku, a proverb is a leaf they use

to eat words (i.e., explain),

inu, bitter.

inu inu, bitter,

inu inu, riddle, conundrum,

inu oku, advice by proverb,

inyejme (0), man who makes woman pregnant,

inyg iwu (0), making law, commandment,

inyi (A), grave,

inyi (A), wood used by blacksmith; sasswood poison obtained

from which was in use for ordeals,

inyi, dirt,

inyi, ant species,

inyi (alo), heavy,

inyi ci ainya (A), blind,

inyi ci ainya (A), close-fitting,

inyi ci ainya (A), regularly,

tnyima (0), thieves' "medicine.

Inyime (A), thieves' "medicine."

inyo qnyinyo (A), quarrel, abuse,

inanti, giving ear.

inari (0), millet,

in we okwala, having cough,

inwulo (0), being red hot.

inwulo (A), being many,

ipelipe, piece.

Jpotowa, coming into world,

ipu izizi (0), teeth, first set.

ipupkpulQbwada (0), teeth,

ipwibwi (0), teething,

ira igwa, dancing well,

ira isi, combing,

ire le (0), drawing in stomach.


ire ere (0), drawing in stomach.

ire ume (A), drawing in breath, drawing in stomach.

irle (0), drawing in stomach.

irene (0), slow.

Jri mjli, roof water.

ir'ngko, being hot.

;ro, mashing with water.

iro, lifting from fire.

iro ice uce, uneasiness.

;ro irq, sung introduction to story.

iro libwgne (A), plucking.

iroku, interrupting.

irolo, deciding case.

iro no, sounding.

iru (A), two hundred.

iru (A), slaves

af uluni |ru, I see slaves.

Jru, face

afulum iru, I see a face,

iru eze, point of teeth, teeth, incisors,

iru nabo, two sides

Qi'iru nabo nbu qkenye, eating two sides kills the big


jriibe, isi, patience, bowing head,

irubisi, respect for.

irubweke, bending (with fruit),

irubweke, obeying,

irud^mili (A), current of water,

iruife (A), forehead.

iruli (0), two hundred ; that is, iru ili, ten times twenty

irume (0), drawing in breath,

irumm a (0), tine face.

Jrummwa, edge of knife.

j;sS (A), seven

nwelum urnu Is a, I have seven children,

isagili (0), bullet.

(0), eight,

isatp (A), eight.

is', five.

ise, ogii (A), quarrel.

JSQ 6k u quarrel,

is! (0), six.

is? (A), six.

isi (A), blindness,

is!, end.

tsi, smell.


is!, head, head of house.

onebu isi, I have a heavy head (I cannot bear to look

at it).

isi buwe (A), may your head break.

isi bow a (0), may your head break.

6nye" isi ndllisi isi mwadisi, a blind man smells six

men's heads,

isi, blind in both eyes,

isi Sboboaku (0), soft brown hair.

isi aganampio, lumps on head,

isi ay a (A), war chief,

isi aho (A), stomach.

jsiaihia (A), one million, 1,000,000 (limit of mark),

isi akala, fcetor.

isi akbakpulu (0), stomach,

isi akbakulu, stomach,

isi ake,ka (A), curly hair, strong hair,

isi aku (A), bunch of palm nuts

isiano, corner of house:

isijkbo (A), raised seat, step,

isi mwanamwana (A), soft brown hair,

is! ndu (0), hair (first of child),

isi ndugudu (A), hair (long, of man),

isi ndu ndu (0), hair (long, of man),

isi nkpulgse (0), curly hair, strong hair,

isi nkwoica, baldness.




!si ftza (A), middle of bunch of palm nuts used as brush

(soft head).

isinwaiye (0),

isi qbo, laziness.

head woman,

isi 6k u (A), end of a word, beginning of a word,

is? otiti (A), headache,

isi owa, headache,

isi 2 wow a, headache.

\si ukbo (0), raised seat, step,

isici (A), head woman.

i ozb (0), other road, wrong road.


(0), force,

isikpo, seat (in house).

isinjQde.be, end.

is^nkpoce, baldness,

isinkpolobi (0), pit of stomach.

isinkwQca, baldness,

isinkwu, corner of house,

isiqto, laziness,

iso, post (small),

isuimi, grimacing,

itabu (A), death, misfortune,

it an si, being patient,

ita'siobi, sympathy (giving strong heart),

ite, pot

afulum Ite, I see a pot.

ite kpu gkpu, ? upside down.

itQ of^le (A), pot for soup,

ite, ono, rubbing house.

itQge.te, nine,

itgnani (0), nine,

it^nku (A), making palm wine,

itqnzu, rubbing chalk,

iti 6bi, beat (of heart).

\ti obi, touching chests ("chest-kiss"),

itokwa, ordering (cloth),

itoakwa, ordering (cloth).

itoare, giving out food (to cook).

itqko (A), pot.

itomadii (0), praise.

itona (0), bullet.


jtonainya, wonder.

itu ade, surprising, coming unexpectedly.

itu um^ndo (0), drawing breath after one is thought to be


Jtuado, making arrangement,

itubwakaka (0), clasping hands, fingers intertwined (one


jtuce, anxiety, regret.

itu^le, cock's tail (long),

jtiikbo, blister.

i turn bo, pinching (with nail, with finger),

ituomimi, diving,

itutu (A), shouting

itutu kal' itutu, wolu nnefi akba, si ka 5we,lu

balia oke,mpu, shouting surpasses shouting; if they

take a big cow to make a bag, he says give him a big


^' (0), thing.


ive Qsilesi, food, cooked,

ive dimfg, light thing,

ive ofufu, loose thing,

ive ovivi, boil in groin,

iveji^ko (0), yam.

ivejioko,, ant species.

ivejiqku, whirlwind,

ivilivi (0), round thing (in fable, monster without feet

and hands).

ivilivi (oji) (A), round kola, no place for breaking,

ivita QWU (0), female (sheep or goat),

ivite, e,gu (A), female (sheep or goat),

ivovo (0), pain,

ivii (A), load.

(9850) p 2


ivu (A), stout.

ivu osisi (A), trunk (of tree).

ivuQzi, missing road.

ivulivu, piece.

ivulu (A), flower.

ivuozo, missing road.

ivuzo (A), finishing first.

iviizo, going first.

jvwiizo, missing road.

iwa uzo Jdei, ditch.

iwe"', anger

iwe bu alo (A), iwe bu nso (O), anger brings the

forbidden thing.

iwe akakoo (A), foolish anger,

twgle, acacia (leaf and fruit as fish poison).

iwQpuainya, connivance,

iwo (A), tying on body,

iwo, skinning.

iwoifia, walking in bush or field,

iwqja, cutting, breaking (kola),

iwoji, breaking (kola),

iwqlo (0), cast skin (of snake),

iwolo, wearing on wrist or neck.

IWQSO, taking flight, running,

iwii (0), fluid,

(iku) iwu (0), satiety,

iwu, order, commandment, law.

iwu nkwukwu, anger, dislike,

iya, yes.

iyaba, chain (small).

iySbwa, chain (small, for key).

iyQle, same

mu naiya iyele, mu niya iyele, I and he are the


iy^li (0), earring,

iyene (0), steep.

iyne (0), valley.


i'yi, small stone (thief swallows one as ordeal)

akbi si naya bu ofunairiya na nnaiya iyi, the

scorpion says he is a proof that his father is a protective


atoa ogii, obulu iyi, if you put medicine, it is a


iyi, loss.

iyi, spoilt person or thing.

iyi, waterside (small water).

iyi anwu, bee's hole.

iyi totqli (A), tickling the ribs.

iyoyo, fringe, border, tuft.

iyoypka (0), beard of corn.

iza oku (0), answer.

ize (0), child not old enough to have sense.

ize, (A), breathing in.

ize Qzi, (0), change road.

ize ume (0), sigh.

iz^le (A), dodging.

izl (A), child not old enough to have sense.

izi (A), grating teeth on sand.

izi okwukwo (0), beaten track.

izize, disagreeable sight.

izize, disgust.

izo isisi, walking angrily, i.e., not looking at anyone.

izu (A), meeting

obial' izu, amwag' ife ekulu, he comes to a meeting

and does not understand what they say.

;zuikQ, repose.

izuisi (A), granny knot.

izukw^ta, a week to-day, i.e., to-day is 5 days a week.

izulike (0), rest-house.

izunta (0), week to-day.

izuta, week to-day.


ja, cry used, as call to cow.

ja', cut. (leaf).

Ja, bright red.

(a)] a In, cut up, mince

ajam anu, I mince meat.

ajam aja, (e)bue jakajaka, I cut up meat, tobacco,

cassava (for offering).

(a)ja aja, bite

afo naja aja, worms bite (him).

(a)ja aja, grasshopper cries

ngadS jaja, the grasshopper chirps.

(a)jainylu, encourage (in fight) (pres. only)

yqlu, give (strength).

(e)Jali, walk about (place)

QJalim iiobodo, I walk about the quarter,

jangom (A), cup (big), jug.

(eVje b we lebwele, walk slowly.

(e)je ebwQni, hunt.

(e)je e,gu, go to dance.

(e)je ije ugwo, go to claim debt.

(e)JQ lu, go.

ejem ije, go a message, go on business.

(e)je lu (qlu), go

to wr ork.

(e)je nwaiyo, walk quietly.

(e)je sike, hasten.

(e)jbe, go past.

ii, go away (lu,pres.).

nobo, go on board.

(e)ljecenli, wait for something to eat, go to house to beg.

(e)jegwo lu, go.

(e)j^ko, meet (two ends).

( e )JQ ko > g

QjQkQm ejQkq, I am ready to go, I am just going.

(e)jeko ejeko, be on road, go on road (pres. only).

(e)jekpQ onye ebe onezu ori, catch fragrante delicto.

(e)jkwudo, meet,

(e)jekwudo, go and catch thief.


(e)jeli akwa, tie cloth (wearer),

(e)jerube lu, walk round

ejerubem okilikili nobodo, I walk round the


ji, yarnin

QkQji, you are tying yams.

jikuluji, all the yams,

ji abia, yam species.

j|. nru, gift to wife's father at end of year,

jiogugu, yam, boiled,

jiqroro, roast yam.

ji ostsi (0), yam, boiled.

(e)ji, take

fagejjye,, they will take go.

fadejieje, they don't take go.

(e)ji K, fold cloth.

(e)ji li, hold person.

(e)ji li, hold (in hand), something light.

(a)ji iwe, feel angry.

(a)ji oji, break kola.

(e)ji uce nabo, hesitate

anara eji uce nabo alo ji, one does not hesitate about

planting yams,

(a)jia in bo, (A), dig nail in.

(e)jide, hold, hold on to

ofibo nejidem mwainya, palm oil sobers,

(e)jide iwu, keep (law),

(e)jid^ lu (nkwa), carry out, keep to (promise), hold

ejidelum onp, I look after a house,

(e)jie ibo, fall down (wall) (half),

(e)jie li ibo, fall in (unipers.) of hole, wall,

(e)jie ikqfo me ife, do with new strength,

(e)jie mbq (0), dig nail in.

(e)jie ofu gnu, keep one's word, stick to one's word (tell

the truth).

(e)jie ofu gnu, tell the truth,

(e)jie ogu, touch person with stick for divination.


(e)jiegpo no 9 go, have reason to (fight), have right on

one's side.

(e)jie ugwo, owe debt,

(e)jigonye, recall kindness,

(a)jijia, try.

(e)jikoba lu, get ready.

(e)jikQba lu, bend double, roll up.

(e)jikoba lu kainyina, get ready to go.

(e)jikonye, throw rope on tree, throw rope over house,

(e)jikpado, clasp (person) tight.

(e)Jikwa lu, dress, make ready.

(e)Jikwa lu, hold in hand,

(e)jikwaba lu, care for, look after, dress,

(e)jimi, be far advanced

ci ejimigo, 8.30 at night, is far night,

(e)jiwa, break with nail (big kola).

j6' (0), ash, refuse.

Jo kalesera, worse,

(a)jo aru, get thin.

(e)jo awaji (A), plant big piece of yam.

(a)jo njp, be bad.

(a)jo, lu ojolo, fear (work)

an am ajo ojoi, I fear for you.

(a)jo lu ujo', fear,

ju' (A), ash, refuse.

(e)ju, be full.

(e)ju lu, fill, be full (unipers.)

nnijulum, food fills me.

iteju, the pot is full.

(a)ju lu, refuse,

(a)julu, refuse (pres.).

(e)ju nni, refuse food.

(e)Ju nni, wane (moon).

(a)ju okwu, disobey.

jua(O), ash.

(a)jua lu ajuju, ask.

(a)jua lu se, ask for, ask about.

(a)jua lu oyi, be slow.


(a)jua lu oyi, make cold (be slow)

are a slowcoach.

ijukoi, you are too cold, i.e., you

obosi tata jukoi, to-day

is too cold,

(a)juju (A), ask

nwa juju, anarefu ezi, child asks and does not miss-

the road.

(a)junata, ba fresh (weather), get fresh, get better,

(a)junata agu mill, take small drink, e.g., satisfy thirst

(3rd pers.)

a no jue, drink fills him.

anoam, I drink.

(a)junye (ainya), throw a glance and pass,

(a)juputa' lu, run over, eat to satiety

Q juputa' nuno k6m, it runs over the mouth.

ka (0), let, when, that

qyim, kangwai kw^ni, n'qmwa seli nti, qmwa-

SQ!I nyahwu nyanwu, my friend, let me tell you, if

it is good for the cheek, it is good for chewing,

okokuolo, kagwalu kekenya nwunye, osi k^buluta,

btileci, the bachelor when they say they will

give him a wife, says let it be either to-day or


ya kam kwulu, that is what I say.

ka, past, more than

okaderigma, is it enough ?

okatgria, is it enough ?

okagurie, it is enough ?

onye zili e,zi anaraka onye zilie, he who is sent is

not greater than he who sends him.

ka aru, serious (case), strong (case),

ka mpQ, smaller,

ka nuku, bigger.

ka, interrogative suffix of past tense.


- ka, better than (suffix)

falokali unu nolo, they work better than you.

(a)ka, spoil.

(a)ka, draw line.

(a)ka, guess.

(a)ka IQ, be bigger

ok ale lie, he surpassed him in size.

okale ainya, he surpassed him in size.

(a)ka lu, carve (marks), (knife alone).

(a)ka lu, give notice of day.

(a)ka iu, be bigger than.

(a)ka lu abwa, plan, give notice

gkokabwa, person one has arranged to call by another


(a)ka aru, be strong.

(a)ka iwa ji, fix day for feast of yams.

(a)ka gu nka, grow old

Q/ka gu nka, he was old.

(a)kaba aru, try.

(a)kaba lu aru, behave one's self,

(a)kaba lu aru m, do one's best,

(a)kaba gu nka, grow old.

(a)kaba utewu, hasten, lengthen steps,

(a)kado, (A), please

ifu ainya mbwada kado orue, seeing

pleasure of the hunter.

(a)kafu akaf u, grow (intrans.) [of vegetables],

(a)kaga, boast,

(a)kaya, put off, postpone,

kak^ne, guess!

akala, line,

(a)kala, get on (day),

k a lam am, bottle.

the duiker is

(a)kalu akalu, be overgrown, be run to seed (vegetables),

kama (A), better

Qkoko si: okama bu amu Qto, bu amu qro, kaiya

moko d6 ofu, the fowl says it is better to have penis

and vulva separate, let him have one.


kanuikwukwu (0), paralysis,

karnakwukwu (0), idiot, idiocy,

kama ijie, instead,

kamwa, better

ikV>akV>a si na kamwa qkoko gasqnariya, nabwa

rikpologili nofe, the ikbakba says it is better that a

fowl should be sweeter than he and melt like ogili in

the soup.

(a)kanari, be bigger than,

kanka (A), lasting,

k a nk a (A), white,

k a iik am (A), reply to boaster

inwel'isi kankam, you

have the head of kahkam.

(not the fine things you say),

(a)kapu akapu, cut line and cause blood to run, break leaf

of tree.

(a)kari yo nkd, be older,

(a)kaso (A), please more

ife noda ka so nne, kali nna, the mother loves her

child more than the father.

- kata, go on (suffix of past tense]

alakatam qgii ofu qnwa, I have been drinking

medicine for a month,

(a)kata lu, inform,

(a)kba, collect, pick up and transplant

gnwe si: gdianamma, nyabulu qmugwo jb

okbalili; the monkey says, it is well that she goes

early after parturition to collect food,

(a)kfta, take nuts,

(a)kba lu, plait,

(a)kba lu, tie (yams), (basket),

(a)kba lu akba, arrange

asi na akba akba, ala nute, mwa akba gakba ala

nan a, they say they arrange and sleep on mat, if they

don't arrange, they sleep on the ground,

(a)kba lu akba, make friends

mu nai nakbakpa, 1 make friends with you.


(a)kba lu akba, plait bag.

(a)kba lu alo, arrange.

(a)kba ife aku, keep animal ( ? ), for sake of breeding.

(a)kba ife gnunu, keep animal (female), for sake of


(a)kba(m) mba, seize (person),

(a)kba lu nabo, hold in armpit.

(a)kBa lu naka, hold (in hand),

(a)kba lu nanti, hold behind ear.

(a)kba lu navu (A), hold in armpit,

(a)kba lu nukwu, hold behind toes,

(a)kba lu nubu, hold on shoulder,

(a)kba nwa ii'avo (A), take child under armpit,

(a)kba nwa nuka, hand child to another and go off to

work without saying " Have newborn child to look after

(and cannot stay)."

(a)kba ofii, walk together always,

(a)kba lu 6ke, make a boundary, put peg hillock

onwu anara akba oke, death cannot make a


(a)kba gkokq, rear fowls,

(a)kba gnu ife, fix price,

(a)kba onu ife, plait mouth of bag.

(a)kba lu otom, shout loud (pi.).

(a)kba ude (0), rub nut oil.

(afaya) (a)kba ude (A), be famous,

(a)kba umwa Qkwa, sharpen,

(a)kbaca (0), brush something from head (front to back);

feel all over head for foreign object,

(a)kbaca lu go, be careful,

(a)kbaca lu go ainya, be careful,

(a)kbaca aka n ainya, face (danger), get ready,

(a)kbacapu, brush off.

(a)kbacapu, take care of.

(a)kBacie lu nti, close the ears (not listen)

akbacilum nti rnenye,, I shut my ears and do it.

(a)kbado nkbado, settle palaver.


tJi)Urado nkbado, share (good things).

(a)kl)afanye, pass through (opening), wedge.

(a)kbafie (oz), lose way (of fowl).

(a)kbafue lu, be lost (seized by enemy), kill, ruin.

(a)kbafue lu, take away (snake, millipede).

(a)kbaye, pull out (tick).

(a)kbaja, shout.

(a)kbajie, break, cut (kola, corn).

(a)kbakasi lu aru, trouble, harass.

(a)kbakp In, collect (trans.).

(a)kbako lo, meet (intrans.).

(a)kbakQ lu, reckon, make arrangement.

(a)kbakqba, pick up, collect.

(a)kbak^ba aka, cross, fold arms.

(a)kbakgta, collect.

(a)kbaku, claim debt, seize something from someone for

debt, seize person.

(a)kbakwa lu, reckon, make arrangement,

(a)kbalia li, seek quarrel (with bigger person)

fakbali ainyi, they seek a quarrel with us.

(a)kbalia amu, play,

(a)kbapu, take off (anklet) ; take out (cowries), pull out

(teeth) ; brush off, flick away (with stick or hand) ; go


(a)kbapu mbo, unload (gun),

(a)kbaputa, pull out (throw),

(a)kbaputa, retract

qua akbaputalia okii nonu, he takes word from his

mouth (retracts).

(a)kbasa, scatter (trans.), spread legs,

(a)kbasili (ozo), finish making arrangements,

(a)kbasili (ozo), finish making object,

(a)kbasili (ozo), show (way),

(a)kbasobe $ko, rake fire together, light fire,

(a)kbasu gu (iwe), provoke, remind someone of bad


(a) k bat a, collect (firewood).


(a) k bat a In, tell.

(a)kbata ife, bring back (find or kill).

(a)kbata oku, cause palaver.

(a)kbatalonya (0), claim debt, seize something from some-

oiie for debt, seize person,

(a)kbate aka,gofar.

(a)kbatoa, shout,

(e)kbe lu, judge.

(e)k be lu, summons,

(e)kbe azu, go

(e)kbQ mbg, scratch.

(e)kbQbe lu ilo, beg.

(e)kbe,bue, win case

ekbebuem, I win.

behind and be last.

(e)kbbwo lu, beat, win case,

(e)kbegosi, explain,

(e)kbegosi, complain to.

(a)kbQ, split,

(a)kbo (A), reach

akwQ n'azu mwa' qkba nakbum nani, rap um,

k an] ili qkbarri jebe, they carry me but my foot

reaches the ground, let me go, let me take my feet and


(e)kbo, clear away dirt,

(a) k bo, discuss

akbokata onye Qkokabwa, onye amakbqlo amalu,

speak of a certain person

of it.

(a)kbo', fight (many against one),

(a)kbo, buy (cloth, vessels, basket),

(a)kbo, call (shout)

uzu nakpo, there is a shouting,

too much and he knows

(a)kbo aka, throw in (to bargain)

owelof u kbolum aka I buy one

Qgolum ofu Qkoko ;

fowl, he takes one more and gives me.

women in selling ogili seeds, lift up more in hand, and

give into bargain.

(a)kbo akw a, buy cloth.


(a)kbg Qg, make leg throw (wrestling).

(a)kbQ fiepu, slip, move (from middle, from top).

(a)kbp ikbo (0), root up (grass with hoe).

(a)kb(j iru, confront

iru n'iru kppfa, call him face to face.


roll one's self,

n.ko, be dry.

(a)kV)o nkpu, shout (fire, etc.).

(a)kbo, (go) nku, be dry (tree, yam),

(a)kbq lu ko, burn,

(a)kbg pua lu, bore hole,

(a)kbo, ubu, shrug shoulders

QZQ nu n'ibeya gnwuru, Qkbq nubu,

if a chief hears

that his companion is dead, he shrugs his shoulders,

(e)kbo ... ukbo, kill (many) by poison,

(a)kboa jgwe nacaea, strike iron (when it is cold),

(a)kboa igwe nikg, strike iron (when it is cold),

(a)kboa lu nani, reach to the ground,

(a)kboa lu npno, hold (in mouth),

(e)kboaja, throw (sand),

(a)kboba nkpu, shout (fire, etc.).

(e)kbobQli, take out (some),

(a)kbocie.. shut,

(e)kboe lu, cover

iji(e)kpolu afia, the flood covers the market.

(a)kbokbQ, break (house),

(e)kboko, put together, mix.

(e)kbokQ, collect,

(a)kbok(jba, pile up.

(e)kbokobe, get cluster of seed, get cluster of fruit,

(e)kbolie, ravage.

(a)k'bglu yo . . . a si, neglect, hate (child).

ume(e)kbopu (strength fails), be very weak,

(a)kbori, be blind (of eyes),

(a)kbgru, turn, bend.


, cut (wood).

(e)kBu, open.

{e)kbu lu, put on (hat).

aro gko (e)kbu, have fever.

(e)kbuca, empty.

{e)kbucie, stop the ears.

(e)kbucie lu, bandage, blindfold, cover the eyes.

(e)kbueie Qno (silence), be silent

bucie gno, shut your mouth.

banonk^te, keep silence.

(a)kbudo, gather chickens (and cover).

{e)kbue, wrap up (corpse).

(e)kbulu, wear.

(a)kbuo isi (A), cut hair.

(e)kbupu, learn thoroughly.

(e)kbupu, open, unlock.

(e)kbupu, take off (hat).

(a)kbwo, shave (head, chin).

(a)kbwo ikbo (A), root up (grass).

ke, how

k^do kime, how are you ? how do you do ?

k^kgdo, how do you do ? how are you ?

qdumwa, (answer) I am well.

ke (A), much, many (suffix).

(e)kQ, settle

anara eji cjnu ofu onye ek oku (A), they don't hear

one man's mouth to settle a case ; cf. adano gnu ofu

onye ara 618 (O).

(e)kQ, become bright

ubosi Qkgca, the weather cleared.

(e)ke lu, create.

(e)ke lu, share, divide.

(e)ke lu, be ready, get ready.

(e)kQ Qbo (0), divide quarter (palaver), so that titles are

made separately.

eboa, divide (land).


(e)ke Qbwo glu, give out work.

(e)ke Qkike, be dressed, be decorated.

(e)k$ nke, watch for.



(e)kgnke, shut.

(e)kgwe, divide town (palaver),


kgzi, how.

(e)kike, try.

kike re (A), star.

(a)kilia li, be smaller (than other),

look at.

(e)kilie gu,

(a)kimwo lu, replant,

kjta (0), now.

kit a ade (0), since this morning, a long time,

ko', or.

ko, (interrogative suffix).

- ko, together (suffix)

ainyi nwgko Qnwgko, we own jointly.

ko, must (suffix)

ainyi inako, we must know.

so that titles are made

ko, going to (suffix)

alakom mainya, I am going to drink palm wine.

k, together (suffix)

kpoko fanine, call, them all together.

ainyi je,ko n oka, we are going together.

fabiko, they live together (in one house).

(a)ko (A), collect

ogonogo elili akglu aronabo, aiejidikigwe kai^jji

kali, a long rope they collect for two years, is it to tie

heaven or earth ?

(a)ko, shave (head, chin).

(a)ko, guess.

(a)ko lu, plant,

(a) kg lu, complain,

(a) kg lu, scrape,

(a)ko, lu, relate

kankg akoko, let me tell a story.

(a)ko lu akiko, tell story.

(e)ko gko, climb (creeper).

(a)ko ji, plant

akqlumji, I plant yams.

(a)ko isi (0), cut hair.


(e)ko Qko n'ani, spread on ground (yams, calabash) (intrans.).

(e)ko nko, be scarce.

(e)ko obu (obi), be in a temper (get strong heart),

(a) kg Qk$, cause to prick up (ears) (A)

QinQsie ka nzeci, nako nti Qko, afterwards let me

tell you, that makes the ear attentive,

(a)kq hi Qko, scratch.

(a)ko lu gno, quarrel, abuse.

(e)ko lu ono, start for home, go away.

(e)ko Qnuma, feel angry,

(a)koam igono, swim upright,

(a)koa ngwo, mix water with palm wine,

(a)koa nkpolo, plant (seed)

(a)koa, knock,

(a)koa lu aka, clap hands.

(a)koa awusa n'aro, get cold shivers at expectation,

(e)kobe (0), get ready to go.

(e)kobe, hang up, hook up (clothes, things with straps,

hooks, etc.).

kobu (0), or.

(a)koca, clap hands,

(a)koca, knock,

(a)koea lu, scrape.

(a)kQca nkQca (0), abuse, insult, tell lies.

(e)kScapu, take snake from roof with stick,

(e)kocapu, knock out (ashes from pipe),

(e)koe lu, be strong.

(a)kqfo nkofo, take old QtQ to climb, and fall down,

(a)k^fo nkofo ;

tell story wrong,

(a)kokoba, roll string on wood, roll cotton on wood,

(a)kokoba aka, cross, fold (arms),

koli-koli, bright,

koli-koli, all finished,

(a)kolia, guess.

(9850) Q 2


kQ 16 (A), dry.

kqlo, altogether.

koloa (A), all (suffix).

(a)kglogo, be dry.

(e)kolu, get ready, start.

(e)konie,hangup, hook up, make loops and hang up (clothes,

things with straps, hooks, etc.).

(e)konye, hang (on stick), hang (on shoulder).

k(>ni kom, deep and small (plate, etc.).

(e)kopute, pick up, collect (clothes hung up), (take bag-


(e)kosi, not start on journey,

(a)kpa amu, play,

(a)kpa In amu, cause to laugh,

(a)kpa isi, plait hair, comb and put in order,

(a)kpaba, mould (in earth),

(a)kpabg (0), close up

ife nabo oro nem' ani; oganani, oboinyonto;

ogainerigto, gkpaboliya, two things the anus does

to the ground if it is going to sit down, it opens ;

it shuts and draws in.

if not,

(a)kpaca, peel, husk (roasted koko yams),

(a)kpaca gu, cut (hair)

akpaculum isi, I cut hair (string, paper).

akpaculum ntutu, I cut my hair (only hair or


(a)kpaca lu ainya, be careful,

(a)kpacafu (A), brush from head,

(a)kpacapu, brush from head,

(a) kp ainya isi, plait hair,

(a)kpajie, break across (with hand).

(a)kpakQba, collect (few, light).

kakand6, star,

kpalakwukwu, pigeon,

(a) k pat a, collect (different places).

(e)ke ofibo (0), rub with oil.

kpo, big.


(A), thoroughly (suffix)


I know well.

ong a dak 6, house broken altogether,

kpocinwa (0), small child.

(a)ko, call

ikppm iru (n)ototo, you wish me good morning first,

(a)kpo (mbwaka), wear (ring),

(akbgli) (a) kpQ riko (A), be thirsty,

(a)kpo nyqko (A), singe off hair,

(a)kpo (Jko, be hot

iruakpo(m) Qko, I have slight headache.

irum nekpo oko, my face is warm.

(a)kpQbakQ, join up.

(a)kp obeli, embrace.

(a)kpQftu (A), crucify (sacrifice to abwala).

(a)kpqbu, starve to death.

(a)k^)Ql5u, take fire to kill tree.

(a)kpQcie lo riti, stop the ears.

(a)kf)odo lu y nail.

(a)kpQdo, plant peg

(lo agu, make agu, plant pegs.)

(a)kpodo nkpo n'ani, to plant a peg in the ground.

(a)kpokQ lu, call together (join up ?).

(e)kpQkQbe, collect.

kpokpalala, holding tight, thing (long and slender) thing,

(a)kpokpj, spoil house,

(a)kpokp^, worry,

(a)kpgle le, burn,

(a)kpgle le, roll along

akpglenyem, I roll it.

(a) k poli a li, be late.

(a)kpQlie, dig with hoe.

(a)kpglie, grind,

(a)kpopu lu, open (box),

(a)kpoputa, draw out.

(a)kpota, drag, bring, fetch,

(a)kpgtu lu nkpQtu, make noise.


(a)kpotoa, shout.

(e)kpu $k]:>u, be upside down

ite k]5u k^)u, pot is upside down,

(a)kpua lu, pull,

(a)kpuciya lu, go back.

(a)kpudQbe lu, come near,

(e)kpuye, open (pot, box).

(e)k;pukpuyalie, stagger,

(e)kpupu 6kpu, take off hat.

ku, to meet (suffix).

(e)ku lu, carry child (on shoulder).

(e)ku eku, call

dibia anarabia mwa Qkuroiya eku (A), a doctor

does not come without being called; cf. dibia adapota

onwie mwa ak^gija (0).

(a)ku ume m wo, be in death agony, groan.

(a)ku ume ngwQ le, nkenu, be in death agony (breathe like a

lizard ;

nkenu, small red bird that lifts head frequently).

from cord.

(a)ku feyalie, dangle, hang

(a)ku feyalie, have no relatives and walk about without


(a)ku lu Qto, stand up.

(a)kua aiya (A), dance well,

(a)kua ogo . . . Q!U, be fit for work, full grown,

. (a)kua ogwo . . glu, pay for work,

(e)kuba, cause to enter (person), call in.

(e)kuba, call in, cause to enter,

(e)kuca ola (0), snore

Onje ibi nekucal' ola, abatobi si n'ola agarava

n'ainya, an elephantiasis patient snores, the neighbours

say sleep does not come to their eyes,

(e)kucie li nwunye, take charge of wife, take over wife,

(e)kudide, keep talking,

(a)kudo (A), meet

Qbulu mbwe ekengu bu afia, mwa ikudo ago ife

nuzo, it is when Ekengu is big that thing on the road.

you meet a bad


(a)kudo lu, nail.

(a)kudo lu aka, clap hands for dance, anticipate a request.

(a) kudo lu aka, take hand to do (a thing).

(e)kue (0), take on hip.

(e)kue, call.

(e)kue lu, blow (of wind)

ikuku neku, the wind blows.

ekuem okbo ofufu, I fan.

(e)kiiQ lu, draw (water), take soup from pot, take water from


(e)kue ola, snore,

(e)kue lu ume, breathe in, sigh,

(a)kufie Qno, speak low.

(e)kugide, keep hitting,

(e)kugo, cany up.

(a)kugwo, break,

(e)kuyalia li, withdraw curse,

(a)kujie, break in two (long object),

(e)kujue lu (ite), fill up.

(e)kujue lu (mili), fill up.

(e)kuko e,ze, chatter (talk),

(e)kukgba, hold child in arms (lying),

(e)kukwa, ask if one may carry child,

(a)kukwasi li, replant,

(e)kukwasi li, pour upon,

(e)kukwe, ask if one may carry child.

kulQto (0), standing up.

kulu kulu, soft, rotten,

(e)kulu, carry (child),

(a) kulu gu QkQlesu, stand upright,

(a)kulu gu ugwo, pay debt,

(e)kumba*, shelter (trans.).

(e)kl}mba, I carry in

Qkolumba, I carry in.

(e)kuniri, rise, stand up

e,kunigom, I stood up.

(a)kuhwo, replant.


(e)kunyua, blow out (wind),

(a)kupue lu, bore,

(a)kusi nebe, stay in place,

(a)kusi Q!U, stop working,

(e)kute, bring (child, water),

(a)kuwa, stop (intrans.).

(a)kuzie li, teach.

kwa, (suffix of interrogation).

(a)kwa, clean koko yams.

(a) kwa (0), miss

$kwa n'isi, okubu gcHo, if it misses the head, the

shoulder waits,

(a) kwa, push,

(a) kwa, sew.

(e)kwa, put.

(a)kwa a da, cause to stumble,

(a)kwa lu akwa, cry.

(a) kwa ana, dig grave,

(a)kwa debe (0), prepare (pack, keep),

(a)kwa ibu, pack load,

(a)kwa ife, pack load and run.

(a)kwa igono, bend forward (intrans.).

(a)kwa lu m u an o, regret (ignorance),

(a)kwa lu mwalo, regret (ignorance),

(a)kwa nga(O), gag.

(a)kwa nkwukwuluri, seize person or thing for someone

else's debt.

(a)kwa lu odg, be hanging,

(a)kwa ogugo olu, send to plant,

(a)kwa lu okwala, cough,

(a)kwa qno, obey under protest,

(a)kwa qno, refuse obedience (habitually),

(a) kwa orili (0), obey under protest,

(a)kwa orili (0), refuse obedience (habitually),

(a)kwa ota, regret,

(a) kwa lu oya, lament

onakwoya, he laments his losses (comes out and shouts

every day).


(a)kwa ozp, make road.

(a)kwa ugwg (qkoko), pay for.

(a)kwaba, move into new house.

(a)kwabainye, push in.

(a)kwaca lu, scrape, peel husk (yams).

(a)kwacie li, mend, patch, repair.

(a)kwacie lu on 9, put mat on leak.

(a)kwacie lu ono, take charge of house.

(a)kwaciya lu, return home.

kwada kwada (A), every day, always.

(a)kwadebe, keep well.

(a)kwadebe, prepare, get ready.

(a)kwado lu, be ready.

(a)kwado lu, push.

(a)kwago gnu, make an excuse.

(a)kwago gnu, tell you so.

make an excuse.

^a)kwainye gnu,

(a)kwako lu, join clofch.

(a)kwako lu, put one on another.

(a)kwako lu, seize.

(a)kwakopu obi, throw out chest.

kwakwu (0), deserted farm.

(a)kwala nri (0), have a cough.

(a)kwala nta (A), have a cough.

(a)kwalia, devastate.

(a)kwalie li, ravage.

(a)kwalu if e, go home (of stranger).

(a)kwana, be accustomed to keep watch.

(a)kwana, enter (body)

oje akwanago naru, he is fit to march, walk (recovery

from fatigue, stiffness).

(a)kwanaba lu ife, go home (of wife),

(a)kwanaba lu ife, send things on in front,

(a)kwapu lu, parry, ward off, push off.

(a)kwapu lu, drop down,

(a)kwapu lu, empty out.

kwasi, upon.


- kwasi, down upon (suffix).

kwasi, repetition (suffix}.

(a)kwatue, break down (house),

(a)kwatue, force (door),

(e)kwe, agree, approve

ikwe, you agree ?

(e)kwe abu, sing chorus,

(e)kwe abwuni (0), half believe,

(e)kwe nkpgnkpo, half believe,

(e)kwe nisi, nod (backwards),

(e)kwe obgsi, fix (day),

(e)kwe rito (A), gag.

(e)kwe lu gnu, price, say price,

(e)kwe, lu ukwe, sing chorus,

(e)kwedo, tie securely.

(e)kwe,kg, tie securely,

(e)kweko gnu, concert, agree to do.

(e)kweko gnu, tie two sticks together,

(e)kwenye, convince,

(e)kwenye lu, agree with.

(e)kwQrg (A), hinder

gsoso ngsu ewu mwa aji ekwesama, the goat

sweats, but its hair hides it.

(e)kwesi li, be able, deserve, fit, suit,

(a)kwo, carry (on back),

(a)kwg, ride

egu ogboma nafcolu efi, uci ci gkwglia nazu the

witch fears the cow, rides on its back at night,

(a)kwg, wash hands,

(a)kwo lu, pull out (grass),

(e)kwo e,kwo, (a) be many (on road); (b) be much (of


(a)kwo igono, swim upright,

(e)kwo ime, abort (cause to),

(a)kwoba lu, bang, balance,

(e)kwgdg, run down (liquid),

(a)kwoga, stand a little apart.

(a)kwokwoba aka, double fist.


(aro) kwqlo kwglo (A), smooth, (skin) level.

kwolu, back (suffix)

oti kwolum, he hits me back,

(a)kwolu, stop (intrans).

(a) kwolu go, stop,

(a)kwqlu ibu, help (with load).

child on back,

(a)kwQlu nwa, carry

(e)kwopu riwa, abort (cause to),

(a)kwosi li, wait.

(a)kwosi li, delay (trans.), stop (trans.).

(a)kwosi go, leave off



(e)kwue lu, speak,

(e)kwue lu Qkwu, say continually,

(e)kwue lu oku, talk,

(e)kwuyalia li, rave (in fever),

(a)kwuke, stand a little apart,

(e)kwuke ume, talk till tired,

(a)kwukoba gu, stand together,

(e)kwukwa (0), say.

(e)kwukwasi, talk again,

(e)kwukwe lu (A), say.

kwumkwugalo (0), echo,

(e)kwupu lu oku, speak up.

(e)kwuputa lu oku, speak up.

(e)kwupute, admit,

(a)kwusi, stop for, wait for.

(a)kwusite li ike, stand firm.

(e)kwutQ, slander.

la, shut, closed.

(a) la, cohabit.

(a) la, drink.

(a) la (ola), sleep.

(a) la (ola) agu, stay with eyes open (like leopard).

(a) la ainya (A), look sidelong.

(a)lanwago, stay with eyes open (like leopard).

(a)labandi, have connection.

(a)laca lu, lick.

(a) la dp, take part in palaver

oku alado, there is a palaver,

(a) la do, sleep away from home,

(a)lado, attract,

(a) la do, call to.

(a)lainye lu, lead on (to fight) (2 others),

(a)lafqdu, drink part,

(a)lafue lu, deceive, make fool of.

(a)laye (0), open (wound).


(a)lakanq, praise.

(a)lakono nwa (A), dandle child, keep from crying.

(a)lalia, drink much.

(a)lalia li, trick out of.

(a)]amdi, have connection

alalumdi, had connection

(a)laputa lu, deceive,

(a)laputa lu, seize,

(a)lara lu, keep,

(a)laru ola, sleep,

(a)laru ola, be hard (oil)

man u ola rola, this oil has got hard,

(a)lata, trick.

(a)lata, catch (fowl) by deceit.

(e)le, burn (trans.).

(e)le, (go) take.

(e)le, give (in compensation).

(e)le, sell

onelek'ife, she always has things for sale.

gne Igke Qlemgle, she has always something to


(e)le go, burn (intrans.).

(e)le n'ainya, miss fire.

(e)le lu qko, burn one's self.

(e)le lu ule, be lazy.

(e)lQ lu ule, rot.

(e)lebe lu, sell

anasa esi cuo ite, wle le,be n'afia, they don't use a

fa damacu

pot and take it to sell in the market ; cf.

ite, ewelia gele nafia (0) ; they don't use a pot and

take it to sell in the market.

(e)lQca nlQca, wander,

(e)lece niece, give one's self airs (woman),

(a)ledaba, descend, climb down,

(a)ledataba, descend, climb down,

(e)l^do, catch fire (intrans.) (from something).

(e)lQkwo, go bad (teeth).


(e)le,kwo, rot (tree) and fall.

lele, must (suffix)

ejekglelQm, I must go.

- let a, each other (suffix)

Juleta onwe unu, ask each other.

(e)li (A), climb

adaka elilenu, abid' elile e,nu; amal onye Qggdo di

nukwe, adaka climbs, monkey climbs; they know

which the cloth fits.

(e)li, eat, prevent

ije dimbu adeli Qgo, going in a hurry does not eat


(a)li li ali ani, glide (snake),

(e)liju (A), satisfy

anara e,tuce k'afufu si e,bue, wele liju afo, you

don't think that trouble comes and kills, and takes

something to fill your belly; cf. e,detu uke eliju afo

(0), you must not think of ill luck, if you want to fill

your belly.

(e)li li olili, make feast, eat feast.

(e)li oriiru QSC, eat forbidden thing (unknowingly),

(a)lia go, climb.

(a)lia fuli fuli, tickle (insects),

(a)lia li ugu, ascend hill,

(e)libe gu, be eating (food),

(e)libido, leave behind (a few),

(a)lida lu, descend,

(a)lid^te, descend,

(e)lie li, carry, contain (thing as subject)

ubo nuwa nel'ibu, that canoe is carrying a load,

(e)lie lu, eat.

(e)lie a fa, take name.

(e)lie li el^le,, gain (take part of money given for buying),

(e)lie e,ze izize (0), be on edge (teeth),

(e)lie iyi, break oath,

(e)lie ^zizQ (0), tickle (foot),

(e)lie n'e,ko, say one can do something after eating much.


(e)lie nni mwp, sacrifice, offer (food).

(e)lie li oba, " eat" part of money given for buying.

(e)lie gkwa ozp, " embezzle "

(eat on way).

(e)lie li olo, win case, be not guilty, beating.

(e)lie gnu, surprise (3rd person).

(e)lie gnu, render speechless

qbu oku HemQnu,

(e)lifQgQ afo, eat too much.

(e)life,li (uli), eat too much.

(e)lifli (uli), climb across,

(a)ligo IK, ascend,

(a)lila, hem.

lili, continuation (suffix)

it is a word that I cannot answer.

Q noli lib em, he is staying in my house.

qnolilinabem, he is staying in my house.

ogebililibem, he must go on staying in my house.

oganolilibem, he must go on staying in my house,

(a)liputa In, come out (from hole),

(a)liputa lu, put out (tongue),

(a)lita lu, walk slowly, come,

(a)lita lu, ascend,

lo (0), red hot.

lo (A), many.

1 ? (0), boy.

(e)lo lu, think

tjlom nofo, I think so.

Ejeke si ne,lo Qgu e,go nabo nelo nabo gdo Qgouano,

Ejeke says six cowries in twenty places twice is forty.

(a)lo aniya (0), look sidelong.

(a)lo ji (0), plant yams

abu onye jiso okolqbia, ka gji alo Ji, a song a man

knows as a young man, he can take to plant yams.

(a)lg mwo, sacrifice, offer (victim).

(a)lQ nl$, dream.

(a)lo ofibo (0), rub with oil.

(a)loa, (stand on) tiptoe

aloam ego, I stand on tiptoe.


(a)loa lu, cut (thing)

aloam aro, I cut myself,

(a)loa nso, forbid, ban.

(a)loa 616', steal,

(e)lobe ilolo, consider (intrans.).

(e)lobue, divide food in two (one for to-day),

(e)lobue, divide party in three or four (for work),

(a)loca, clean farm,

(e)loe, be tired (3rd pers.)

aru eloem, I am tired,

(e)loe ilo, hurt, pain,

(e)loe ilo, be vexed,

(a)lqgq, bend,

(a)lggoba lu, bend,

(e)loga li, make up mind.

(a)lQkbQ, evade, walk round,


think ill of.

(e)lokbQ. think good of.

(e)lokbue, count too many.

(e)lokq, reckon, decide on plan (go home to think over),

(a)lgkwa aka, twist arm.

()lokw^ (ikekwo), expect,

(e)lolu, think,

(e)lony^, recognize,

(e)lopu go, give up thinking of (doing),

(a)lqru lu, spoil.

(e)lorue, change one's mind,

(e)lorue, decide one can do something,

(a)lqrue aka, twist arm.

(a)lota lu (A), clean farm,

(a)lota lu, get, obtain,


(e)lota Iu 9

(e)lotalu (nya), remind,


tell news,

(e)lotero, forget (not remember),

(a)lova lu olo, play.


(e)lQvo, (A), play

nkita na nwanneya Igv^lo; odika QZQ adgrg, dog

and his brother play, it is as though they had no teeth,

(e)lovue lu, forget.

(e)lozQ, forget.

(e)lu lu, reach

Qlu8, is that far enough?

OZQ iiuwii olulu oka, ozo nuwa lulu oka, this road

leads to Awka.

lu (0), (e), reach, be able

e,zi si na elugo kaya gemebi akwa, mwa na nca

riwel' ike isucapia, menstrual blood says, it can spoil

cloth, but soap can wash it clean,

ainyameluro, I don't see you.

(e)lu lu. grow (umpers.)

on a Qlumbaji, it is growing big yams (farm).

jim neso nenye.m, I grow yams.

(e)lu In, rise (river) (unipers.).

(e)lu (ju ogo (okenye, etc.), reach old age, be old.

(a)lu oka, contradict.

Szu (e) lu (A), be content (3rd pers.).

(a)lua, put small stick upright on something,

(a)lua, spoil,

(a)lua, work, do

so ya naluya, he is doing it by himself,

(a)lua lie aro, hurt,

(a)lua hi iwu, break law.

(a)lua lu oka, deny,

(a)lua ukwu, lean on (of lame man),

(a)lua lu ukwu, be lame,

(a)lua qlu, go to work,

(a) lu a lu ono, build house,

(e)lube (ono), come near,

(e)lubue, peg

(e)lubue, choke (weeds),

(a)luca, weed,

(a)luca lu, clean well.


animal down till it dies,



(e)]ue, happen

(e)lue, threaten (hawk).

(e)lue, threaten (rain)

mill elue, river is full, rain is coming.

(e)lue ogo, be equal (in rank).

(e)lue ogo, be rich, healthy, strong.

(a)lukgba, roll up (mat).

(a)lukoba, come together

okpulukbu lukoba, clouds collect.

(e)lulue lu onu, withdraw (saying).

(a) lusia go, finish.

(a)lutu, touch with one finger.

(e)lutu, get as share.

m (0), yes.

ma (0), not (with future signification)

onye fulu ibi amasQkwq n'aru amasekeya, n'omat

aru QZQ, k(Jdi kodi, an elephantiasis patient can't say

he is well fed ; he will not be thin again but stays as

he is.

(a)ma (0), be the fault of

nwofi si n'ikbe amarg nniye, mwa amaro nniya;

na nniya akg gu nni kaoge juafo, nniye jibe, po

nkbilikbi ji sikoli eci maka ago bia, the yams

boy says the matter is neither his mother's nor his

father's fault ; his father gives him food to fill his belly j

his mother gives him half a yam because he will be

hungry to-morrow,

(a) ma, be ignorant of

nwangwQle ama nniye, a little lizard does not know

its mother,

(am alum, I know.)

(a)ma, jump.


(a) in a Stzuzu, blow nose,

nuiboa (0), twelve,

maea (A), know well

amaearn ifowa, kqlo ji nobo qkfta, kwgn afu onu,

he who knows the world plants yams under his feet and

ties them to his beard,

madu (0), flock, crowd,

mainya Qgolo (0), palm wine (strong),

(a)majie, break across against tree, etc.

(a) maka (0), know well

ymakam ife, k'asia lacankpili akeya, oluri gnu,

he knows everything, they tell him to lick his elbow but

his mouth does not reach,

in a k a (0), because

abwainyerqm maka mill,

I don't mind the rain,

maka gidu (0), why.

maka g;ni (0), why.

(a)makoo, embrace,

(a)malu (0), know, learn

agadi ada akanka nQgu, omalu t, an old man is

not too old for a dance he has learnt,

(a)malu, nail on.

(a)malu, wear cloth,

(a)malu a to, mention

amwalurn ato ef u inadu, I mention seeing a man.

mapia, box with top squeezed in.

(a)maula, slap.

(a)maunwue $ko, put coal in pipe

mba (0), lung,

mba (0), wrestling, struggle,

mba' (A), lung,

mb^,, entering house,

nib a', no.

mVa', town (people and land),

mbq,, tree species, Holarrpena wulfsberyii.

mba, sunstroke,

mba', making palaver.


R 2


mba, head of corn.

mba', boasting.

mba', quarrel.

mba, a'bwala, jaundice (?).

mba a] ali, rod.

mba' (ji), root (of yam).

mba oifia, bush country.

mbaca (A), clear sky, clearing up.

mbacalameka (A), wood used (by blacksmith).

mbaf oci, daybreak, 6 a.m.

mbago (A), koko yam leaf (cooked with red yam).

mbaica (0), scraping (yams).

mba] a, pressing.

mbaji, yam, long and thick.

mbakqba (0), together.

mbakwasi ono (0), wall of house (big, outside).

mbakwasi ono (0), door, outside, part for sitting on.

mbala (A), menstrual blood.

mbala, outside.

mbala, compound, court.

mbala, upright supports in trap (ibudu).

mbalgzi, compound, court.

mbalo (A), outside.

mbalobu, part of house, not women's quarter.

mbalqgowe (A), cross frame

oke nabwa mbagq logwe, amwara n'akBo obiye

dinani, rat runs on the cross frame of a house, and does

not know that (the lump of) his chest is on the ground

(i.e., he may fall).

mbSna (0), fork in road.

in ban a (0), path (side of big road).

mbana ozo (0), fork of road.

mbanaka (A), branch.

mbanaka (A), fork in road.

mbanaka (A), forked stick.

ihbanozo (0), fork (of road).

lii bar a (A), fork in road.

mbare, bursting.

n'ibasa, spreading out.

(u)mbawa, peel husk (beans).

in ba wain ye, being plenty.


in be (A), being open, beginning (market).

mbe/ (A), ladder.

mbe, cutting wood.

n'l be, tortoise.

mbe, insect used with birdlime.

mbQ, fly species.

liib^, pieces of things.

mbQ, rat.

mbQ, leather.

mbe afo, disease, lasting one to three years, causing pain,

constipation, but no vomiting ; the patient bears no


mbe agoragwa, jam, mixture,

m beak a, handful.

mbQ akanni, taking lump of mashed yam.

mbe akwa, crying.

mbQ ana, insect in sand (makes small heap),

mbe anunu, mouse, lives in field.

mbQbe, leaning.

mbQdo (0), barring road (of hunted animal),

mbeca (0), scraping (yams).

mbQCQ (A), scraping (yams).

mbSi (0), yam, red, cooked with koko yam leaf; yam, red

or white, mashed,

mbei (0), yam (white) grated,

fribeji, cutting (wood),

mbeji, bracelet,

inbeku (0), tortoise.

mbQlQbQ, stopping (flying thing),

mbelebwa, bell.

mbQli, taking handful (of food),

fruit of Qlili tree.

(A), fruit of QligQle tree.


nibembwe (0), low (tree, house).

mbQnata, lessening (price), diminishing.

mbenata, cutting short.

in ben on o, disease like yaws.

mbenyQ, looking stealthily at.

mbeoica, small grey mouse (lives in roof of house and in


rhbepu, cutting off (part of body, cloth, string, yam (for


m b eve (A), wearing (ring),

mbjbi, spoiling.

mbfci (0), seeing passers-by.

mbido, leaning hand,

mbido, deceiving.

mb?do, making basket,

mbido, beginning,

m bike (0), small piece,

rhbike (A), pressing a sore,

mbikwasi, putting hand on something,

mbiiiuku (0), cloth worn by small boy, dance ornament

worn by children,

mbinyg living with.

mbinyQ (A), living with, standing up with,

mbinyite, getting up, starting.

mbitQ, splashing head in dirt,

mbo (0), baby (female) (till mother conceives again)

enwelu mbo, I have a girl baby,

mbo (0), pot (of palm oil, water),

mbo (A), shutter (window),

mbo (A), two.

mbo (A), marks of cuts made for drawing blood,

mbo (A), sharing,

in bo, trying to discover,

mbo', one.

mbo, nail,

mbo, nail,

mbo oji, ? door


mboba(O), thief.

mboba (A), big (youth, cow, etc.).

mbobq, half.


in l>olQ, retracting (oath, magic (a lose)).

mbobo de (0), koko yam field.

mbobo, bark, pod, skin.

in b o b w a, back biting

inbobwa kansi e,le, backbiting is worse than poison (A);

ntano kansi e,le (0).

iftbobwa', carrying heavy load,

mbobwo, bark vessel,

mbobwo (oggde), banana skin; yam skin,

in bo go (A), yam, red or white, mashed; cooked with koko

yam leaf.

iTibqye, scratching (ground) ; raking,

nib^ka, dividing up meat,

mbokatambqkata (0), game with sand,

mboko, paying out.

m b 81 6 (0), piece of wood, as missile,

inbolo (A), piece of wood, as missile,

mbonye, carrying load, giving load,

m b on ye (0), wearing (ring),

mbota, finding,

mbowa, crack.

mbSwa, shelling (beans); breaking,

mbowata (0), dawn,

inbu, having toothache,

mbuba, big young man.

mbubaga, taking inside.

mb3bo (0), calabash,

mbubo (A), garden,

ifibiibu (A), calabash.

mbSbii (A), mark on body, scar,

mbubu, cutting off (part of body, cloth, string, yam (for

planting) ).

mbiibwo, shelter cover, leaf side, to house,

mbuci zi (A), seeing passers-by.


in bud a, putting down, carrying down (not on the ground).

mbud, putting near ground.

mbudo, kneeling.

mbufia, mark like burn, discharges pus.

mbufu, cutting off (part of body, cloth, string, yam (for

planting) ).

mbuga, belonging to.

mbuye, untying,

mbuji, cutting (wood),

mbuji, bracelet (big, ivory).

mbukQ, getting big (fire),

nib like, cutting (and giving share),

m b like,, going out (match),

mbuke, falling of branches by own weight,

mbuke oifia (A), branches, cut on farm from tree cut


mbuko (0), sharing, having in common.

mbuk6 (A), sharing, having in common,

riibulu (0), following,

hole in road.


mbulutQ (0), following.

mbunsi (O), antidote, counter charm (worn on wrist).

mbunuku (A), dance ornament for children (cloth of


mbiinye (A), giving food to boy visitor,

mbunye, (naka), putting something on arm.

mbunyite, putting up load.

mbusQ, scattering (from scatter (trans.) ).

mbuta, putting out, carrying out.

mbute (A), putting out (many),

inbutu, blowing down, carrying down.

mbu"tu, cutting down,

riibuwute, taking in, carrying in.

mbuvQga, carrying (over river).

mbiizQ (A), ravine, deep cleft,

mbwa (A), black bird,

mbwa (A), gun.


mbwa (A), wrestling, struggle.

mbwaba, spreading (mat, etc.).

mbwabananemi (A), larva, of butterfly.

mbwabanemi (0), larva, of butterfly.

mbwabebe, leaving something.

mbwSbo, speaking quickly (taking word quickly).

riibwabu, running past, before.

mbwa'bu, shooting and killing.

iftbwaca (aro), being unwell.

inbwaca (nkpu), bringing back news.

m b w a c a, cleaning (place).

mbwaci (0), back-biting.

mbwaci (A), barring road (of hunted animal).

mbwaciQta, buying back (person or law), running back.

mbwa da, drum.

mbwa da, duiker.

inbwado, sulking.

mbwSdo, sticking in throat.

mbwadoba iru (A), sulking.

mbwa doge (A), cassava (rotted in pot).

nib wad 5 lu, sulking.

mbwafu (A), removal

mbwafu okbokolo, r'adana qkwa

ofu ite na ofu

Qko, the flitting of a bachelor, what is it like ? one

cooking pot and one soup pot.

mbwafu, scattering,

m bw a g a', contradicting,

mbwago, bent,

mbwag^lo, leaning,

mbwaya', exchanging,

mbwaya, arguing, exchanging words,

mbwaya, pouring, putting in (liquids, etc.).

mbw&ya', abandoning, leaving behind,

mbwayali, running, going, running to and fro, wandering,

mbwayali, being no better (sickness),

inbwainyq, minding, respecting, caring for.

mbwa'inye, caring.


mbwaja (0), thick wall, strong young man.

ihbwaja, standing with legs apart,

mbwaji (A), breaking, cutting (kola, corn),

mbwaka (A), palm wine, kept till sour,

mbwaka nwe biambiam, short man (mbwaku).

mbwaka nwikbimbim, short man (mbwaku).

mbwaka, ring

Qiiwelum umbwaka, I have a ring,

in bwako, joining together.

mbwSku, running to meet.

mbwakwasi, something to stand on (to raise one),

mbwakwata, 4.0 a.m. in the morning,

rnbwakwudo, running to meet,

inbwa'la, row, line.

mbwalgre (obaja wololo), disease of abdomen,

mbwalete', running down (water),

mbwaligada (A), knock-kneed.

mbwalo^nsi (A), antidote, counter charm (worn on wrist),

mbwama, monkey (one who tells).

mb wain bo, trying,

mbwamo (A), cutting thing to be shared, into pieces ; instead

of dividing properly,

mbwamwa (A), float (for fishing),

mb wan aba, escaping (from prison), running away,

mbwanari, abandoning, running past.

mbwani (0), underground

qko n^li mbwani, mbwani naco isi ajuani n'isi

esu, fire catches underground, ground looks for head of

snake and head of millipede,

mbwani, making mud.

mbwani, drying of leaves,

mbwani (A), standing on tiptoe,

inbwanni, turning

nibwantili (A), long (rope, etc.).

mb wan we (A), exchange,

mbwapg, getting small,

mbwapia, swelling of gums

f uf u in mortar,

mbwapu, running (liquid).

mbwaro (0), complete year.

mbwaro (A), complete year.

nibwaru, running round (water).

111 b was a, opening, scattering.

mbwasaci, morning

nibwaso, running after.

mbwata, entering.

mbwata, hitting.


8 a.m.

mbwat^lili (0), long, rope, etc.

in bw a tie, prolonging (palaver), stretching out (legs).

mbwat'6, loosening, opening.

mbwato, untying.

mbwavo (A), speaking quickly.

rnbwaze, melting.

m b w & z i, explaining.

mbwazu, running together.

id b we, low (tree, house).

mbwe, when.

mbweani (0), underground.

ihbwe ba bwara, time one does something (e.g., dance,

shoot gun, etc.).

mbwQli a wo, tadpole.

mbwe.de anase, afternoon, 5.0 p.m.

mbwQlima afo (A), intestines.

mbwQmbwQ (A), low (tree, house),

mbwenine (A), every day, always.

a long time,

mbwQri, since this morning ;

mbweri, long ago, a long time,

mbwiqno (A), quiet man.

mbwo (A), door, native

af ulumu ihbwd, I see a door,

mbwobwa (A), backbiting.

mbw6bwo (akedi) (0), pod, bark, skin of yam.

111 b woe i, preventing from seeing,

mbwo do, staunching, preventing, stopping opening,

liibwqka, barking, roaring.


mbwoko (A), bush, big.

mbwqlo (0), boiling over.

mbwQlo, dropping from tree after climbing.

mb womb wo (A), gutter, ditch, big ravine.

mbwonye, wearing (ring, trousers, coat).

(0), uncultivated edge of farm, in second year

part of farm planted with corn.

o obwadu, uncultivated edge of farm, in second

year part of farm planted with corn,

mbwudo, leaning elbow,

mbwumbwu, valley,

rhbwunye,, making cut for medicine.

ihbwunyQ, putting on clothes, etc.

mbwuru, sitting bent over knees,

(e) me, happen

ife me ite nya me mill (0), what happens to the pot,

happens to the water; cf. ife me ite oniQ mili


me (A), red (blood).

m, blood

afulum nag', I see blood.

m nabwa', blood runs.

(e)mg, do

imedaga, how are you ? how do you do ?

anqm, (answer), I live, I am well.

kedu kunumQ, how are you ? how do you do ?

aro di ainyi, I am well (answer).

(e)me ainya agagaga, be a bully.

(e)me ainya agagaga, open eyes, raise eyebrows.

(e)m.Q ainy^kbgli, seize (rob on road) (market people).

(e)me aka ewo, be rejuvenated.

(e)me akekbe, be left-handed.

(e)me aru aguso (0), distract, disturb.

(e)me aru awusa (A), distract, disturb,

aza (e)me, dislike

azani nemem, I don't like you.

azanim nemei, you don't like me.


(e)mg ebgle (0), have pity

umm;'i rku odeine e,bQle Ji, the cooking

pity on the yams.

(e)me fe.le.fe.lQ (A), be a little m;id.

ifele (e) me (m), be ashamed.

(e)me ifelife (0), be a little mad.

izize (e)me, dislike, disgust

i/i/ei n erne m, I don't like to look at you.

izize, disagreeable sight ; cf. ozi (bwa).

(e)me In . . . koju oyi, cool.

(e)me mpo (?), play the big man.

(e)me nkonko ainya (0), be a little mad.

(e)me ome,life, leave title unfinished.

(e)me o me, life, complete title.

(e)niQbe lu oji, make black.

a lu, take something out (leave a little).

gu, finish quickly

niQbepo if a, make haste and finish that thing,

(e)mebi ime, abort (cause to),

(e)mebie li, spoil,

(e)mebie lu, be wrong,

(e)mebie li ani, break law (proverb}.

(e)mebie li iwu, break law.

(e)mebie (konwe), oica, make white (?).

(e)rnebue lu, cure sore,

(e)mebue lu, oppress,

(e)mebue lu, treat badly,

(e)mecie lu, close

emecilum gno, I close your mouth,

(e)meci li ozo, bar a door,

(e)megoto lu qfo, renew,

(e)meye, open (door),

(e)mejunata lu, go softly,

(e)mejunata lu, make cooler,

(e)meka lo, succeed, do well.

(e)niQko, meet (two ends),

(e)mekulu, shoulder.

knife has no


ingle-m^le, healthy-looking person.

mele-niQle, smooth,

(a)mel; gu, pull out (something tied),

(e)meli . . . ebQle, show pity.

(a)niQli nwa, suckle

amelim, suckle (pres.).

amelim, suckled (past).

(e)niQlia li (Qgo), exchange,

(e)me lie, powder,

(e)melie li, conquer, win.

(e)melu, do.

(e)melu mili, get water from pot with cup.

(e)melua aro, hurt,

me* me, red

Jr um n n w u u m e em e, my face is (looks) white red ;

(e)menye, pour,

(e) men ye, try.

(e)menyua, extinguish (lamp, etc.).

(a)memyua lu qko, put out (hurt) fire,

(e)mepota lu, put out, pour out (liquid, small object),

(e)m^pu, put out, pour out (liquid, small object).

(e)mfjpu, finish learning.

(e)niQpu gu, finish

emepuin (alopum) qlo,

I finish first.

(a)mQpu lu, pull out (small thing),

(a)mepua lu, walk slowly,

(e)mepue, open.

(e)mQsie, be finished.

(e) me, sue lu, drive away (market, etc.) (ants),

(a) met a lu, pull out (tooth, knife) (yams from stick).

I blush,

(e)niQta lu, collect, fetch oil, etc.

(e)metalo (A), do wrong

amutanwa naboroiiwa, ejiliebo ifennaiya

m^talo, if a man gets a child that is not a child, they

take it to pay back the father's ill deeds.

(e)mQtQba, spoil.

(e)mtu lu aru, touch

einetum osisi aru, I touch the tree.

(e)mgtu lu qnu, taste.


(e)me,VQ In, give out over and above; make payment

(e)mve lu, happen.

lu, do something good to person.

lu, melt (thick oil), etc.

(e)niQzie li, make good.

(e)mzue go, finish, complete,

(e)mezue lu, accomplish.

mfsiinye, pushing in ; dropping in.



(a) mi a ami, be obstinate, be cross-grained,

(a)mia ami, dry (meat),

(a)mia nkpulu, bear fruit,

(a)mia omi, be vexed at favouritism,

(a)mia omi, be obstinate, be cross-grained,

(a)miba, go slowly, e.g., through bush,

(e)mie li mili, dip in water,

(e)mie li na mili, sink,

(e)mie gnu, pout.

(a)mifue gko, suck (pipe), know how to smoke,

(a)miga (A), go slowly (e.g., through bush),

mikalo (0), lizard,

(a)mila, absorb, drink all.

(a) mi la, consume, eat all up.

mili aboa (0), drop of rain,

mili aiyo (A), drop of rain.

m\\i akbu, water from cassava cooking in pot.

mili aro (A), early rains,

mili gologolo, clear blue water.

mili mbwadoga (A), water from cassava cooking in pot,

mili nd'aro (0), early rains,

mili ofufe (A), clearing up.

mili 6m lima, sounding (of water), shaking in pot and com-

ing out (water),

nuliozizo, rain,

m^li ozuzo (A), rain,

miligwe (0), rain,

(a)miputa, unsheath.

mise (0), fifteen.

mkBesiakoko (A), rib.

mkpankpanu, fragments of meat,

mm a, mwa, good

idikwqmma? how are you ? how do you do?

an am ofuma, (answer), lam well.

inokwa mma ? how are you ? how do you do ?

anqm, (answer), I live, I am well. .,

mmSko, embracing.

mmauhwu, putting coal in pipe,

mme" (0), red (blood)

ife dime, red things,

ihm^bg, making black,

mm Q b i , being


mmbi, spoiling.


in fire,

ifimQbu, curing sore,

mmgbu, treating badly.

mmgkp, sharing use, working together, copulating,

mmeli, conquering, winning,

ihmeli, powdering.

mmli, suckling.

i, pulling out (something tied),

o, getting water from pot with cup.

in men ye, pouring,

rhm e n y e, trying,

mmepo, walking slowly.

mniQpu, pulling out (small thing),

mrngsu, driving.

mme^a, collecting, fetching oil, etc.

mine (a, pulling out (tooth, knife) (yams from stick).

mniQ^o, touching,

mrngto, spoiling.

ihmQvo, doing (something) good to person.

mmQvo, giving out over and above, making payment,

nim^li nnu (0), sea.

rhmimi (0), seed of obwggulu.

mmimi, disease (tuberculosis of bone),

mmwaci (A), loop (fixed),

mmwaci, looping,

ihmwacu, half cooking koko yams.

mm wade (A), man, person living,

mmwado (A), man (person),

mm wad o, catching (in trap),

mmwado, sticking, gumming, fastening down,

mmwado, asking girl to marry one.

mmwafie, making mistake.




m in w an iri, jumping up.

mmwan.nl, i'ear.

(a)mo a mo, learn.

(a)moa (0), sharpen.

(a)moa lu, learn.

(a)moa lu ndgne (A), shut eye (contempt ?).

mobu (0), or.

(e)moe mbo, pinch.

mo ma, on purpose.

(a)m on ye lu 6k 6, light fire.

m pain ye, beginning to march, starting.

mpanaka (A), cup.

mpe (A), giving.

mpQ, being small.

mpi (0), horn.

mpio (A), gutter, of house.

mpjpia, pressing.

mpo, big man.

mpotg,, come out.

riipoto, koko yam leaf.

mpu (A), ant hill

nwannono si n'ana be na mpu; eka OHQ kwa, kono,

a small bird flies from the ground, settles on an ant hill ;

where it stops, there let it remain,

mpu (A), horn.


nue na nwaiya anaramu qko elife, mother and child

don't light a lamp to eat.

(a)mu, produce

atolo si; nafadebo mutalu nwa ; qsS gana gana

bulofu, the sheep says they two produced the lamb,

but the shaking sickness takes it.

(a)mu amu iru QZ^, laugh with sore (hungry) heart.

(a)mu ukpe (O), light lamp

nwanne na nwanne adamu ukpe eli nni, brother

and brother do not light lamp to eat.

(a)mua lu, learn.

(a)mua lu am u, laugh

ainulum amu, I am laughing,


(a)inua lu nwa, bear child,

(a)mua lu $k6, light matches from fire

afiwu namu, sun shines hot.

(a)mucie (ainya), shut (eyes).

(a)mu ju, be bom full,

(e)mue mbo, pinch (with finger),

muku (A), carry

aiyaram Qkwgle, namu ku nwa n'okba, wezaba

nwerenwa, I don't agree to carry my child on my

foot I answer I have no child,


mu mo, nwa (0), star,

mumgnwa (0), firefly,

mumwohwa (A), star,

(a)munye Qkokbe, light (lamp),

(a)munye oliqnu, light (lamp),

(a)munye utukbe, light (lamp),

(a)muta, sharpen,

(a)muta, bear (child).

(e)mutQ, pinch (seed), try if hard.

mvQ, placenta

ife di benwa nahwamve, what is the child's is kept

for the child,

mve (0), light things,

mvetqte (0), lizard (small),

mvo' (A), comb.

mv ainya, pulling eyes,

(a)mvo lu, stay in mouth (proverb).

mvota (0), telling someone that his commission is executed,

mvoto, surprising, coming unexpectedly,

mvudo (0), finding,

mwa (0), if, but

ngwe,le si nenu da nani, to ainya madu, QfQrg,

osi' : kiaja ohwia mwa madu ajaziya, a lizard

falls down to the ground, looks for a man and sees none ;

he says he will praise himself, if no one praises him.

(9850) s 2


ebujerem mpWQma onye oke, mwa aemagaralom

oye nkpilisi, did not break a man's knife nor carry

the half back to Oye market,

mwa, well

adimwa, I am well,

qdumwa, all right,

(a) mwa (A), know

atqlo omwanu omwale, mwato Q!U ofgke ofe

nye aka noifia, if a wise man is advised, he follows it

but a fool waves his hand in the bush,

(a)mwa (A), be ignorant

dinta amwa na mbwada bu gbia, the hunter does

not know the duiker is a doctor,

(a)mwa, hold catch (unipers.)

agwa ono n am warn, shyness, slight fever (fear of out in strange town),

(a) mwa, jump


enwe fu ka ibeya namwa, omwaba, a monkey sees

that its fellows jump, it jumps,

(a) mwa, reach out.

(a) mwa, suit

ani amwaria aru, this place does not suit him.

ani amwaligo aro, he is getting accustomed to this


(a)mwa obili (ugwo), make debtor fear,

(a)mwa IJbuba (A), get fat.

(a)mwa lu akbo, plant akfto.

(a)mwa lu akbo, knot.

(a)mwa amwa, (water) shaking pot and come out.

(a)mwa amwa, sound (water),

(a) mwa lu afco, compare,

(a)mwa ebubu (A), cut steps in palm tree,

(a)mwa fie, make mistake

amafielum, e,me,fielum, I made a mistake,

(a)mwa lu ikpe, condemn,

(a)mwa isi, smell, scent,

(a)mwa iwu (A), forbid person (to do).

(a)rnwa (ji), put in yam sticks,

(a)mwa (mili), drench,

(a) raw a mpala, go faster,

(a)mwa nni, shake, shiver

aro amagom nni, I shiver,


(a)mwa ogoli, yell,

(a)inwa (qka), plant (corn),

(a)mwa lu Qkwa, notify, warn,

(a)mwa lu qla, slap.

(a)mwa gnu, make goat's noise, suck in air.

(a)mwa gnu nni, stammer, stutter,

(a)mwa .

. . os?si, throw (wood),

(a)mwa lu QSO, suck teeth,

(a)mwa (qto), throw (mud),

(a)mwa(ta), catch (in trap),

(a)mwa lu ube, pierce (spear),

(a)mwa ve, jump over.

mwab (A), twelve.

(a)mwabu lu, help one's self, carry load unhelped.

mwaci (A), knot (single loop, to loose),

(a)mwacie lu, loop,

(a)mwacue lu, half cook, (koko yams),

(a)mwado, catch (after animal is taken out of trap),

(a)mwado lu, ask girl to marry one.

(a)mwado lu, catch (unipers.) in trap,

(a)mwado lu, stick, gum, fasten down,

(a)mwado iwe n'afo, dissimulate,

mwafia, loop, running,

mwaye, revocation (of law),

mwayu (A), getting tender,

mwainya, palm wine,

rush and seize.


(a)m w ai n y e lu, attack, fight

fa mainye madu nabo, they attack two men.

(l)mwaji, putting in yam sticks,

mwaka (A), for, because.,

mwakana (0), for, because.



lie on stomach.

(a)mwakwuBa, tie to cow, hang,

(a)mwakwasi, jump upon,

mwale, "I don't know"

mwale nevuzo na onarjkbe azu, I don't know,

is in

front, not behind (A); cf. mwanu mwazidim

nebuzo, no, dikbazu (0), ignorance is the beginning

not the end.

(a)mwalie, pound (mortar),

(a)mwalie, squeeze,

(a)mwalu, beat (sun, rain),

(a)mwalu (A), know,

mwana (A), palm oil.

mwana, children's disease,

mwana anu (0), fat.

mwana gologolo (A), fluid,

mwana mwana, top of bottle,

mwananu (A), fat.

(a)mwaniri, jump up.

mwaniwu (0), palm oil.

mwano (A), oil.

mwano, ignorance,

mwano, fourteen.

mwanu (A), palm oil.

mwanu (A), pot (of palm oil, water).

mwanu, oil.

mwanu iwu (0), fluid oil.

mwapia, ground nut seed, without kernel.

(a)mwapwia, crush, pound.

(a)mwarube, shake something.

(a)mwarube lu, shake (person).

mwasa (A), seventeen.

mwasato (A), eighteen.

(a)mwatia, stretch neck.

mwato, thirteen.

(a)mwatue, throw (stick) into tree.

mwaun (A), mask.

invvaun (A), spirit (person dead),

mwtiwu (0), getting tender,



na (A), sign of habitual

ifitewu anareli nkpoga, a she-goat does not eat and

go away.

ani nwoke iiad^rq, nwainye njli nru anu, in

no man land, women take the gift of honour,

na, upon

akba Qf o anainya n'obi, a new bag is carried on the


na qbo, because (that it is).

(a)na, cheer up [when heart has been in mouth].

(a)na, go.

(a)na (0), go away

oinya na, apuya adana, the sore goes, its scar


(a)na, shout

ona "a" nare^bu Qbwe,, shouting "ah" does not kill a


(a)na go, go (home)

oriaka nako, is he going home ?

onaki nako, are you going home ?

fan a ga na, they will go home.

kana, let us two go home.

qnago, he has gone.

onabago, he is on his way.

(a)na a fa, give stick to doctor to throw.

(a)na aka, shake hands.

(a)na In aru pko, be hot.

(a)na a tune (A), be in brown study.

(a)na ecence, to guard, watch.

(a)na eig, have opportunity,

(a) n a efone, be in brown study.

(a)na Qloga (A), be in brown study.

(a)na ife, exchange, take thing (spoilt thing


(a)na ife QZO (A), be in brown study.

(a)na ifufe, take the air.

(a)na iyi, take oath.

for usable



(a)napu(nwa)ala, \vean.

(a)napu qlu, stop away from work.

(a)nara (0), forbid person (to do), stop person.

(a)nara lu, prevent, forbid.

nari, better, more than (suffix)

fa lunar i unu qlo, they work better than you.

nari, down

odanari, he falls down.

Qdanarinada, he falls further than I.

nata, never (suffix)

manjenata, I shall never go there,

(a)nata, receive (person, thing),

(a) nata go, return.

ubQleju, sherd,

nbubo, trench, gutter.

nc,a (0), all.

hcjjba, being in flood, keeping washing.

ric|be, getting big (fire),

nc&be, embracing,

ncaya, turning pale,

fie ay ay a, being clever,

ncainye, going

on one side,

ncala, yellow (in sky or stone),

ncala, rust, ochre (?).

ncani, waking up.

ncan^ri, jumping up.

ncanvu (A), affable, good humoured,

ncanwu (0), umbrella,

ncanwu, umbrella.

, waiting

a bit.

, waiting, keeping safe.

ncQ, guarding

anam ec^ncQ, I am going on watch.

ncQbQ, waiting, keeping safe,

nee bid 6, stopping for, watching for..

ncQca, making up mind,

iice'do, defending, protecting, keeping off (rain, sun, arrows).

ncSfu, forgetting.

ncQgali (0), change mind.


ncQya, making up mind.

nc^kwa, putting away, keeping safe.

ncekwube, trusting, hoping.

nceli, a disease.

n 65 16, waiting for something to eat ; going to house to


ncQmjliazu (A), gill,

nc^ndo, umbrella.


Q', leaving behind (forgetting),

ncf, rubber (from odala tree),

hcjba, collecting a few (yams),

hctca, looting, taking wood into house,

nelce, tertiary syphilis, rodent ulcer of any sort (may be

inherited ; exacerbation at puberty in both sexes),

ncici, probably dormouse, Graphiurus crassicaudatus doro-

thece, grey mouse, fluffy tail, prominent eyes

hole of tree,

iictci, rubbing, grinding, e.g., pepper, leaf (with

want to sit.

hand), putting wood where people

ficiya (A), turning back, going behind (becoming


; lives in

wood in

last of

ncjya, arguing, considering case, deciding, making up mind.

ne?do, pointing (gun); putting glass to mouth; putting

horn on phonograph,

ncjli, having plenty, collecting.

nc?ni, holding up hand, refraining.

ne?ni, beginning to march, starting.

ncfnyQ, giving (more than one without counting),

nctpu (0), going away,

ficiputa, hatch (of chickens), covey,

nctta, drawing (blood, rubber) ; sucking out ; collecting

water from roof,

ricjvia (0), abrasion,

ncpkarnma (A), two balls on string as plaything.


iicgta, finding, obtaining.

nculii (A), idiot (term of abuse), girl with flat breasts.

nculu, amenorrhoea.

ncSlu, being half grown; being half cooked; being half

changed (of person) ; having half developed

breasts or


ncSni, hastening, causing to bush.

hurry; driving animal from

iieSnye, driving in (goats),

ncfinyg, sacrificing,

neupu, driving away,

ncuru, being spoilt, being blackened,

nda, joining.

ndSba, adapting itself, suiting,

nd^be, leaning back.

ndSea, brushing something from head, making hair good.

ndSci, covering hole, patching; jumping and falling back,

ndadaganda, everlasting.

nd&f u, falling out (of something) ; falling out and being lost,

ndagugu (A), valley (precipitous, may be only one way),

ndainye, falling into, breaking into palaver (conversation)

without knowing,

ndaka, paining.

nd&kpo, falling upon, attacking (2 people fighting),

ndalagugu (0), valley (precipitous),

fid ali, gripping arm, hands,

ndama, trying, testing, gripping (to see if man is


ndSpu, bursting out laughing.

ndSpu, falling out, down (intention) ; falling out of bed.

Sdata, getting by singing, getting by dancing,

ndaweke, quail.

nde,b, keeping, preserving,

rideji (A), steep.

nd^ka, writing to an end (with an object),

n dele (A), smooth.

nde,li (A), night, before midnight (after 11.0 p.m.).

idgli, line, row.


fid 8 lit a, ironing (clothes), corresponding by letter.

ndeno (A), these (adj.), those, them (pron., plural of that).

ndpu, finishing writing.

ride, re, recovery, after sickness.

ndta, descending, climbing down.

nd^to, painting face, rubbing dirt on face.

nde, to, tasting.

ndezalose, priests.

ndi, sign of plural, e.g.

ndi, forms noun with verb

iikita si na mwadu bu ndi nwel' ike na fa

amwara no,, the dog says that men are things that have

buttocks and can't sit down (i.e., can't enjoy wealth),

ndi QkwQnsu (0), people who sacrifice fowl to ike nga so

that those whom they killed in war may not kill them,

ndi ngkaja (A), divider.

ndi nke aja (A), people who tie bundle on wall,

ndi Qga (0), divider,

ndi a (A), these (pron.).

ndiago, farm people, i.e., the m wo of the people who

formerly cultivated a farm,

ndici uzu (A), emeritus (blacksmith),

ndicie, ancestors (mwo).

rididi, patience, patient

afiamala si nwaiya, dikwan ndidi, n'ife n'aru (Jko

k'ujuloyi, the louse says to its child, be patient, what

is hot gets cold,

nd^li, agreeing with,

ndine, lying down,

rid 6' (0), raw

nkita kbq ewu, siya: wesilgsi nasuazi, rnineli

jindo, the dog calls to the goat and says, cooked food

suits you, but you eat raw yams,

ndo (0), shade (of house)

anwu ka nanqlu welelie, an Q!Q nando lie, they

work in the sun to get food, and are in the shade to eat it.

ndo (A), support.


mig (A), haze.

ndo' (A), shade (of house).

ftd$' (A), four pegs of oglisi (tree) (for mwo).

ndo (A), pigeon.

ndo (A), breath (visible in cold weather); mist.

ndo', life.

ndo, fork, for handing up materials for house building.

ndo ono, pillar of house (central).

ndod6 (A), punch (noun) (blacksmith).

nd6do, yam skewer.

ridoci, recovery (sickness), replacing.

ndodoigwe (0), gimlet, borer.

ndoju, full (moon, hole, cup).

ndokgba (A), doubling up.

ndokwa, settling palaver, keeping things properly, doing

things properly.

ndoinye, putting down basket (in market),

ndqni, shrivelling up, getting dry and old.

nd'osa (A), village that is dying out.

ndowaniye, putting mud (more),

ndozi, ameliorating.,

ndqzo, full moon,

ndu, larvse found on tombo tree,

n d u, living man

obu ndu nume, he is a strong youth,

ndu, skin disease (parasitic),

nduana (A), lower leg (top half),

ndudo', paining, wounding,

ndiidu, root above ground, bit of bush stem,

n d 3 j e, accompanying,

nduke (0), stitch in side,

ndumqdo (0), advice,

ndumqdo (A), advice,

ndunye, ordering, commanding.

(e)ne (A), look

mbe sele onye afugo ka aruhwuluya,

si buke

yan^ne nu ataui ofoloya ^ko, tortoise says "that

he who is sick should look at the rat who makes fire."

(e)ne (A), look like


. . . ka onye nelurq kqze, adasi buenye k'ebulQze,,

one who does not look like a king

him as they take a ? king."

does not


say, take

(e)ne ebu (0), wax (moon).

(e)ne ecence, to guard, watch.

(e)ne QVU (A), wax (moon).

(e)ne ibu, try weight of load.

(e)ne, ibu, wax (moon).

(e)ne . . . qlu, give work, ask for work.

(e)ne unene 1'ainya, imitate (speech).

ne.be,, here while

qbwenye ti aku ta, asi ofu'dgnni ngbe, ; mw'

Qgalainya ti akuta, asi nya nggo bugie ota de,

be, do onaro, if a poor man breaks a nut and bites it

they say, " he sees food here "

; if a rich man does so

they say, " ah, he wants it, it is years since he ate


(e)necem lu nee, be guarded, watched.

(e)neda lu, look down.

(e)nedo, look well at.

(e)nedu lu, look steadily.

(e)nefega, pass.

(e)neyalie li ainya,

u'eka (A), here.

look round.

ne,ku (0), big.

n^kumbanaka (A), branch (big).

nelor^lo, useless.

(e)nene lu, look.

(e)nene lu, taste.

nni (0), thin person (sick).

(e)nenia li, despise, reject, neglect.

(e)nenie li, despise, reject.

nenu, on the top of, up

nwannono akwa nenu oji cifo hwaodafi nwuro,

small bird cries on the top of the iroko; the son

of a big man dies at dawn.


nwata toa nnaiya iiQnu, Qgqdo aiyokboya ainya r

the child lifts his father up and his cloth breaks his-


nere (0), slow (boy),

(e)neta, look well.

(e)neta (mgtu aka). took (and touch),

nevade, chance

Abulu ngvade, if we have the chance.

nfiQpu, sprain ; dislocating (arm),

n f i e, rolling with hands,

fif ifie, shaking head,

rifiky (A), twisting, wiping,

hfisi (A), pillow,

nf uru (A), loss.

(?)ni(A), cry (as child).

ni ; up (suffix).

(a)nia lu, neglect,

nibe nibe piece by piece,

(e)nibe, lay . . , down,

(e)nibe, tie (goat, fowl).

(e)nibe li umuaka, put (child) to let it sleep.

nice (0), different,

(a)nido, be patient,

(e)nie, stand up.

(e)nie li (0). bury,

and loose,

(e)nifue, bury

n'ikbo, many.

n'^k^li, swallowing whole, without biting,

nine (0), all.

niri (0), living with,

(e)niri, go, go away, start.

(e)niri, get up, stand up.

eniri (0), stand up.

- nit a, up (suffix}.

nja' (A), pot (of water, palm oil),

nja, flat, inside not deep, throwing chest out.

njak' obi, heart not deep, middle not deep.

nja', ring (leg).

njali (A), encouragement.

hjSli, walking about (place).

njg', mosquito larva.

njeaka, bracelet (brass, long).

njQdQbe, end.

nji' (A), enmity.

njiji, trying

njfkqba, bending, doubling up.


njfkqba, collecting together.

njikqba iru,

njikwa (0), cleanliness, keeping in good condition.

rijiwa, breaking with nail (big kola).

fijq', bad.

nla', cloth-beetle.

nlabudo (A), surrounding animal.

nlaca, licking.

rilado, attracting.

ii la do, calling to one (child, etc.).

nlado, taking part in palaver.

rila do, sleeping away from home.

nlafu (A), deceit.

nlafu, deceiving, making fool of.

nlali, drinking much.

nlali, tricking out of.

nlaru, being hard (oil).

nlebido (0), surrounding animal.

n 1 e, k w o, going bad (teeth).

nli (A), food.

nli ainya, disease of eyelashes.

nli bwamoinye (A), satiety.

nli ok iliko, phthisis.

nli qro, fistula (anus or vagina).

nlibe, sore on penis, scrotum.

nlibQiili (0), food, being eaten as food.

nlibido, few left behind.

nlila, hemming cloth.




rilile, gentle, low (speech).

nlilisi, baldness.

nlo(O), soft.

nlobu ay a, dividing forces.

rilobud (A), thieves' "medicine."

nlgci (0), recovery (sickness), replacing.

nlSfu, forgetting.

nloya, making up mind.

nloyali (0), change mind.

rilokbo, thinking

ill of.

rilokbg, thinking good of.

nloko, reckoning, deciding on plan (going


nlokwa, expecting,

home to think

nig pi a, twisting (string).

nloru, changing one's mind and deciding one can do, some-


11 18 1 a (A), cleaning farm,

rilota, remembering.

nlSta, getting, obtaining.

rilotg, telh'ng news.

rilo^o, touching with one finger.

nlSzo, forgetting.

nlubu (A), room (private), storehouse.

nlubu, choking (weeds).

nlubu, pegging animal down till it dies.

nluci, overgrowing of road by grass.

nliitu, getting as share.

nna, father.

nna (0), master, owner (father).

afulumu nnam, I see my father.

nnata, receiving (thing).

nnata, returning (thing ?).



afulumu nnm, I see my mother.

Okoye, Ademwuli, si na ife jinie nafibo buna ibo


ekwesQ iven! eku ma nniye QkwQrq ife boku,

Okoye, son of Ademwuli, says, what keeps his mother

in the Ibo market is that they don't agree to what she

says, and she doesn't agree to what they say.

nne, plenty, big.

nne okute (0), grindstone, large.

nnefi (0), big cow (mother cow).

nnQne, looking.

nne,ne, tasting.

nnni (A), taking share before elder.

nne,ni (A), thin person (sick).

nngni, neglecting.

nnenku, palm tree (big).

nne,nwa (A), half recognition.

nne 6k u, true.

nnewu (0), she-goat

akwukwo nngwu talu, ka nweya nata, the leaf the

mother goat eats is eaten by the kids.

nni (0), food

enwelumi'i nni, I have food.

olilinni adade k' qlulia, eating food does not hurt like


nni ije, step.

nnibg, laying

for it.

. . . down.

nii^ri, getting up, standing up, going away, starting.

nno, lour hundred.

nno nabo, eight hundred.

nnoa, welcome.

nnono mili, small plover.

nnu (0), salt.

nnu, four hundred

adinnu eji defi, they are four hundred and cannot catch

a cow.

nnii, salt

afulumu nnu, I see salt.

nnu ataba (A), mineral used in making snuff, potash.

nnu dglgde (0), wet salt.

(9850) T 2.


nn u gdide (0), wet salt.

nnyadata, bending down, taking down (thing hanging).

nhyado, pulling down, bending.

nnyado, sticking.

nnyaka, breaking off piece.

nnyido, tying.

no (A), hear

ka eno-

agono katalo, kpgcieriti, si na ifunainya

nanti mwa, the leopard hears so much and stops its

ears, saying that seeing is better than hearing,

anarano asa, cile asa wgnakba, who does not hear

seven, takes seven to put in a bag.

nQ, live, be

ingfu ? are you alive ? (how are you ?).

angf u, (answer) I am well,


(a)nq, be

I am well,

aiiQin umwa, I am, I was all right.

Qnoinye.lum. kanai oiya, he was near me wT hen I was


(a) no, live in, inhabit

Qno nono nazulike, he lives in the rest house.

(a)n, spread, go out (smoke)

anwulu nano, smoke goes up.

(a)ng, sit.

nQ dani,

sit down,

(a) no, gu, stay, stop

ajamanQ nwantinti oge, I shall stay a short time (of

any length of time),

(a) no, do (0), wait

ozu nano. do QnQ gwini, Qt^bqlo; mwa mwadu

amanqdo ^n gwini, obwanaba, a corpse waits

while they dig the grave and lies still a man does not


wait but runs away.

(a)nQ nokbulu, be under someone.

(a)nQ gdo, delay, stop on road

aiiQna nozo, don't stop on road.



n' ok b ft lu, under.

ii'okwa n'okwa, according to rank.

(a)nokwasi, sit down on something.

(a)nolo, marriage (woman in husband's house, and man in

own house),

nonq (0), soft,

(a) no nye, sit with, sit close.

(a)nQsa lu, sit singly,

n'oso, apart.

(a)nQso nye,

sit beside,

(a) no, so nyelu, sit beside,

(a)nota ani, sit down

anotam ani, I sit down,

npiqlo snail (small),

npipi ani, far down in ground,

npoga, small elephantiasis,

npoko (0), matches,

nra' (0), comb

nwelum nra', I have a comb,

lira, fine,

nra, being equal.

riraca (A), leaving work, everything to someone,

iiraca (A), cleaning bush,

riraye, boring,

nrai (0), partition,

nrainye (0), judgment, decision,

nrai nye, leaving.

nrainye, taking, sending companion for journey

rirapu, leaving.

nrQciyazu, walking backwards,

nr^kpo, doubling up.

nri, cough, like whooping-cough.

ririk6 (0), crab,

nroca, cleaning (place),

nrogo (A), fish (electric),

nrgputa, choosing out, electing.

nror6, trying.


, honour, gift of honour to parents

in law

awkalum If^nru j$bnnm, a gift of honour to go to

my mother's people,

nriipute (0), stream (from spout),

rirtiru rnjli (0), washing away (by river), current, fast;

dashing of water,

nruru qko, heat, hot.

nsala (0), one who can play.

ns$po (0), village that is dying out.

rise, (uli) (A), painting (body),

riseji, rain after sunshine.

riskb616, lifting up (by hand),

u, kneeling.

, contracting, narrowing.

nsQkwa, dislocated leg.

nseliazu, bustard.

nseQgo, bringing war.

n sepia, loop,' tied,

nsi ebwQ (A), gunpowder,

n si fie, Qzi (A), other road, wrong road,

nsigwe, fragments of iron (hammered off when iron is hot),

nsiko (A), crab.

nsiko, cooking till dry, cooking twice,

nsiliko, bush cat (like house cat),

nsiku, mention.


stricture and venereal diseases,

nso (0), short

uzo Qgo adiro, nso, the road to wealth is not short.

ft so (A), back, small of.

nso (A), near.

ns$, forbidden thing


6 bun it is



ns, menstruation,

nsobu, trouble,

he is forbidden.

nsogaligada (A), bow-legged,

nsqkbe, evading, walking round.


n s Q k b e, avoidance of leper.

nsQkpulukwQsile (0), respectable (respect fits him).

risQku, fool, folly

bo omy ns6ku, he is a fool,

nsope, pinning crooked,

nsope, taking off edge (of wood).

nsQpulu, respect for.

nsoru, putting in wrong way.

nsoso (A), dodging pursuer, stepping out of way.

risote,, following,

nsube ono, house wall (inside),

nsuei, carrying staff and wearing down point.

nsiiQnwe, squirrel (Euxerus erythropus).

nsuji (A), lassitude, weariness,

nsuka, wearing out in washing,

nsukbo (0), carrying staff and wearing down point,

nsukbu (0), dodging pursuer, stepping out of way.

nsukbu (A), carrying staff and wearing down point

n sun ye, cutting grass for goat,

risunye, dipping.

nta, mouse (Epimys daltoni) lives in hole in field,

nta', hunting

agamunta, I am hunting,

ntaci, perseverance,

ntako (0), sticky, viscous (as gum),

ntak^e (0), eavesdropping,

ntaku (0), gentle, low (speech),

ntaku, sticky, viscous,

ntano (0), betraying, warning,

ntano (0), conspirator,

ntasi (obi), comfort,

ntatalabu (0), tickling,

ntawa (0), eavesdropping,

ntawa (0), breaking with teeth,

nte", grasshopper (black),

nt^' ono (0), pebble (for rubbing house).

n^Qla (0), smooth.


(aro) ntQle (0), level, smooth, (skin),

rite, to, taking care in painting,

ntewukp mbag6 (A), grater, for yams,

fit;, ear

obu nti nkpo, he can't hear well,

htl, cheek.

nti ainya (0), matter from eyes,

nti (akwa), edge (of cloth).

ntibSlp (0), man with big cheeks,

ntibumbada, osprey.

ntiji (0), lassitude, weariness,

ntjku (0), calling for help.

nt;kwu (A), sticky, viscous (as rubber),

ntinti (A), man with big cheeks,

ntiputa, running out (of room) ; coming out (masker),

ntiti (A), beating floor.

htSti (A), beater (for floor),

ritite, rotten part of cloth, tree,

ntite, rubbing house,

rititu, knocking down,

ntiwa (0), destruction,

ntiwa, bursting,

nti we (A), destruction,

nto (A), toll,

nto (A), ashes.

nto, mortal disease caused by eating bad meat,

n^o", ashes,

nto, breaking promise, failure to perform engagement

t61um nto, he breaks his promise,

hfco, scratching body.

n{6 ani, insect in sand (makes small heap),

nto anwii, sting of bee.

n6' ebwe, (0), gunpowder.

ntobaime (A), man who makes woman pregnant,

nfcobe, (0), putting medicine in gate.

$ (A), praise.


n to, be (A), putting medicine in gate.

nt6bwa, crossing fingers.

ntgbwo, horizontal (not in hand).

ntqci (0), putting medicine in gate.

StQdo, strangling (but not killing).

nt6do, being sweet, nice.

ritoga, putting in different places.

ritoga, throwing ball backwards and forwards.

nt6fia, working slowly, i.e., in spite of weariness, so as to

get done.

nt6yali, turning, turning over,

ntovali, disentangling,

ntogali (A), crossing fingers,

fit ok a, thin (person) with craw-craw,

ntoka (A), cutting small branches,

ntolafo, swelling of hands, feet, and belly,

ritopo, untying.

ntot6 (0), tally

$wlum 11^6^6 go, I take a tally (i.e., one for each ten).

nt6t o(0), needle,

ntoto, husking (beans).

nt6ta, coming out of ambush.

ri6ja, picking up

anamaga n^ota, I can pick something up.

ntoo, long ribs (of house).

nt6ta, picking up, counting.

11^0^0, needle,

ntoto (ji), stick (of yams),

ntu, gout. (?)

ntu anwu, sting (of bee),

ntu bi (A), nail,

ntu Qbi (A), quills of porcupine,

ntu ebinta (0), nail,

ntu ebinta (0), quills of porcupine,

ntufii, loss, throwing away,

ntukpu, running after, and finding,

ntukuana (A), squatting,

ntumade, accidentally.

ntunuku, sciatica (?)

K tii tii, hair,

nu (A), this (adj.).

nu, ever (suffi.


n'uso (A), near.

nuta, never (suffix}

man] en u tie, I shall never go there,

(e) n u t u e, force (door),

(e)nutue, break down (house),

nya (A), him, her

mwabQgQbia forg Qtoya, isi ebuenya n'ana, if a

girl does not see her genitals, her head knocks her down,

(ai)iiya, spread,

nya (A), yesterday

ojebe tata, okwudo onye nya, he goes to-day and

catches a man of yesterday,

(ai)nya alo, be heavy

oinyem alo, it is heavy for me.

(ai)nyafea, ferry,

(e)nya fega, cross in canoe,

(e)nya fega, ferry across,

(e)nyafega, hang on back, sling (gun),

(ai)nya isi, boast,

(ai)nya isi, stick to plan,

(ai)nya la obwo, pull down branch,

(ai)nya In obwo, paddle,

(ai)nya $ko, warm something at fire,

(ai)nyadata, take down (thing hanging),

(ai)nyadata, bend down,

(ai)nyado, stick

ainyadomie, I stick it with gum.

(ai)nyado lu, pull down, bend,

(ai)nyadu, stick on (active),

(ai)nyaka lu, break off piece

ainyakanko, I break off a branch (out of things not

regarded as single whole),

(ai)nyakafu (A), break off.

(ai)nyakapu (0), break off.

(a)nyakapu, break (tree),

nyali nyali, sodden, soft (as meat of small kid).

(ai)nyalu yo (akba), hang (bag),

(ai)nyatue, pull down (branch).

nye, finish (suffix}


obinye nonp, he has finished living

in the house.

- nye, into (suffix)

Adabanye n6n6no, ; odanye* n6ndno, he falls into the


(e)nye lu, give,

{e)nye lu afuf u, punish, give pain,

(e)nye lu aka, help,

(e)nye awaji, plant big piece (of yam),

(e)nye lu ime, impregnate,

(e)nye lu ive, give light,

(e)nye nkwa, carry out (promise)

QnyQm nkwa mkw^li, I give the thing that I promised

you, i.e., I carry out my promise,

(e)nyenzo, bend, hook little fingers and bet.

(e)nye gda, give orders,

(e)nyeeiya lu, give back,

(e)nyefege, step step

taking oath).

over . . .

nyelu, with, of rest

Qnoinye_lie, he lives with him.

(ai)nyi, be satiated,

(ai)nyi, pass

oinyi, I can't, i.e., it passes me.

(e)nyido, tie.

(e)nyie li (A), bury,

(a)nyifega, ferry,

(e)nyirili eniri (A), be absent,

over alose (means of

(ai)nyobe lu ainya, shut and turn eyes away,

(ai)nyukudo ainya, shut eyes

ainyukudum ainya, I shut my eyes.

agam ainyukud ainyam, I shall shut my eyes.

oinyokudolum ainya, he shuts his eyes,

nyukudo, shutting,

(ai)nyuwa (nwa mili), micturate

kanje nyuwa nwa mili,


nza (0), support.

nza, bird (small, eats qdodo seed)

afulum nwannono nza, I see a small bird,

nza, strainer

enwelumu nza oba, I have a calabash strainer,

nza', cow's tail,

nza', flower of corn,

nza amwala (0), bird species,

nza ogu (A), bird species (many coloured),

nza' oku (A), answer,

nza' on{> (0), prop for house,

iizaca, shining (moon),

nzaea, sweeping,

nzaci, filling open space,

iizaci, swelling (hands and feet),

hzako, sprinkling,

nzakgdo, answering to two names,

nza la (A), cock that has not crowed,

nzali, fringe, border, tuft,

nzali obwadu (0), beard of corn,

hzata, filtering ; pouring water carefully

not go with it.

ri z Q (A), breathing in.

rize, king.

rizqdo, falling on person,

nze do, defending, protecting,

nzize, melting.

nzfzo (0), man who has hidden and been found,

so that dirt does

nzo, bent.

nzoci (0), granny knot,

nzodo (0), alleging that article asked as present is already


nzodo (0), tying up.

nzodo, pointing (gun, hand),

nzgdo (A), denial.

nz6kwi (A), tight,

nzokwudo, clasping hands (one person).

nzokwudo, taking hands.

nzqti (A), underground.

fizu, chalk.


fi/u ;iko (0), clay, edible (for pregnant woman).

nzu ako (0), chalk (for pregnant woman).

nzu okbo (A), chalk, clay, edible (for pregnant woman).

nzubu (A), fraud, buying two at price of one in market.

nzukenzu, fly that flies into eyes at night.

rizuk, deciding.

rizuko, joining together, meeting together.

rizuko, knowing what to do.

nzukpu (0), fraud, buying two at price of one in market.

hziizo, hiding.

(a)na (0), roast

adanaba o,ka, alaca oloma they don't roast corn and

suck limes,

(a)ria nti, give ear.

(a)naca In, singe (hair),

(a)naca lu (aji), singe (fur),

nbulugudu, valley (steep sides, precipitous).

(e)he (A), clear, step over

anaraci o,kba nabo Qne ogwe, no one takes two legs

to step over an obstacle,

nga' (0), gag.

nga, loop holding up trap (ibudu).

ngS', prison,

ngd, tree species.

ngabuge,(A), seeing person passing on road,

ng'ada, fork (of legs),

ng^daba (0), forked stick,

ngadanga (0), dragon fly.

n g a 1 i g a, contemptible,

ngaji, spoon.

nga la, proud, dear (of price),

ngala, dear (not cheap),

ngalajiji (0), bush-cat species,

ngaleta, clasping hands, fingers intertwined (one person).


ngalajiji (0), fear (small).

ngaleta (0), exchange of visits, meeting on road.

rigalo, exchanging (goods).

ngana, kind of bush rat.

ngana ba (A), forked stick.

rigata, proud.

rigata, dear (in price).

ngavuga(O), seeing person passing on road.

rige, I shall.

rigQde.ri, long ago, a long time.

ngede,ri (A), since this morning, a long time.

nge, nge,, one by one, seldom.

ngi (A), you

ngi bu nwannono, jfgbeno, ige,vu akbalgso, you

are a small bird, you fly and perch, and will fly into the


ngjga, basket (with cover).

ng;ge, (A), rope barrier (on farm, etc.).

ngigeale (0). fool, idiot.

ng;go (0), solo in praise of someone,

ngjgo (0), one man singing praise of someone, solo song in

praise of chief, etc.

ngigo (0), rope barrier (on farm, etc.).

ngigo (A), solo in praise of someone,

ngjli af o (0), intestines,

ngi U 2' curved, crooked, wavy.

figo', bride price,

ngo', trial, test,

rigogo, consolation, soothing,

ngolo (0), crying (fish, etc.).

ngolo, picking out yams,

ngolu, pattern,

ngono (A), eavesdropping,

ngongo, high place,

ngo, ngo, staggering (drunkenness).

ngSpo, coming out of water,

rig 6 si, showing.


rigosjsi (0), turning pot into basket.

ngosjsi (A), taking out with skewer.

rigofca, reckoning.

ng6ta, fetching (cowries, yams from fire).

hg6ta, buying.

ngu, tree.

ngiigo (0), praise of chief, etc. (solo song).

rigugu (0), bundle

di bu Qlili, na nwunye bu ngugu; lili tibelu,

ngugu abatp, the husband is the cord, the wife is the

bundle ; if the cord is cut, the bundle is open,

ngugu (A), consolation, soothing,

ngugu, hoarse.

rigupu, taking away (after counting) yams, cowries,

rigupu, making hole in wall (and going thvough).

ngiiputa, digging up (with matchet or hoe),

rigutu, digging (tree out),

figwa (0), quickly,

ngwa rigwa, quick,

ngwako, mixing,

ngwaliggdo (A), knock-kneed,

ngwe (0), wall, front,

hgwe onomuzo, wall of house (outside),

ngwelanwu, lizard,

ngwglawoli (0), iguana,

ngweloifia, lizard,

ngwelgkpa aja. gout or rheumatism,

ngwqse, sun-bird, canary,

fig wo (0), white spots on body,

fig wo, Raphia vinifera (tree)

enwelum uku ngwo, I have a tombo tree (Eaphia


ngwo so (0), bat (small)

afulum ngwoso, I see a bat (small),

ngwugwo (u no), corner of house,

ngwulo, big house (open),

riyasa, watering.




nyata (A), exchange.

nyiya, foolish.

n yqli (A), resemblance to parent.

n hot a (A), worth mentioning.

ii h u do (A), finding.

nka' (A), this (pron.).

nka" (A) that (pron.).

nka (A), white.

nka', old

'akarigom nka, they

iik|ba, behaving

ukafia, foolish man.

one's self,

are older than I.

nkaga, boasting,

nkaya, putting off, postponing,

nkakwu, shrew, large, Crocidura manni \


lives in house and

nkakwuago, shrew, Crocidura species, lives in field,

nkakwu oji, shrew (large, long mouth), Crocidura manni,

lives in field and in house,

n'ani nkiti (0), bare ground,

nk'apu, bleeding,

nkata (0), conversation

akpatankata, onye ainuato, onye dalibi aonwiya

testicles the

ainya nukwu, if they talk about big

elephantiasis patient looks at his feet,

I had a conversation,

enwelum nkata,

iik^ta (0), fish trap (for stakes),

nkata (0), net (woman's basket-net)

Skat a (kpa), conversation,

nkata (kpa), basket,

nkata, basket (round)

enwelum nkata, I have a basket,

nkba, seizing,

iik ft a, narrow,

rikfta, short

nkba nakbam, I am short of (money),

nkbaca, clean person.

nkbaca, cleaning yam (roast).

nkbSca, getting ready.

h k b a* c a, facing (danger).


nkbaca, brushing something from head (pointing to back)

feeling all over head for foreign object,

rikbacainya, being careful,

rikbaeainya, being careful,

iikbaci, closing the ears (not listening),

iikbaji, breaking, cutting (kola, corn).

iikbSko, collecting.

nkbSko, meeting.

nkbQ-li, impudence,

nkbali, insult,

nkba'sa, scattering,

nkba'sa, spreading legs,

nk bat a, telling.

nkbgl^uku namoce (0), tree, used for ajom wo.

nkb^li liku (0), knee,

iik be si ite (A), skewer, yam fork.

nkbilikbi(O), half.

nkbilikbi(A), half,

nkbilise (A), half,

nkbilisi, half.

nkbj[liukwu (0), knee,

nkb Qko (A), fish fence,

iik bo, caterpillar that eats yams,

nkbg (A), snuff-box,

nkbo, wedge

abum abia, nkbo adenabia abia edenwisi, 1 am a

drum ; if there is no wedge the drum has no head,

nkb 6, walking stick.

nkbg otaba (0), snuff-box,

nk boko (A), heap,

nkboli (0), impudence,

nkboli, being late.

nkbqli, digging with hoe, levelling

nkbqli, grinding.


with hoe.

u 2


nkBolo (A), grain, lump.

nkBqlo, drumstick.

nkboloica (0), bead (red and white).

nkbonaka (0), ring.

nkbonakoko (A), stitch in side.

nkbonakoko, pleurisy.

nkbonkb6zle (0), top (made of seed, no pin, no whip).

nkbqnkpo (A), stem left in ground.

nkbQnto, jump.

rikfto^o, jump.

nkbgpu (0), foot, sore ; yaw's foot.

nkbgru, sloping, bending, curving.

nkbii, shouting

fangtinkpu, they shout,

nkbu, shaving head.

nkBii, anthill

afulumu nkpu, I see an anthill

nkbuci, being silent,

rikbudo (0), upside down,

nkbulu (A), heap,

nkbulive (A), bead.

nkbulufie (A), bird species, all red (seen early morning),

nkbuluko (A), seed of obwqgulu.

nkBumkbu, short (road, man).

nk' (A), this (adj.), that (adj.).

nkQ' (A), this (pron).

nk, of.

nke, one who

anama nwuru jekulu nke nwurugwolo anwuru,

one who does not know how to die goes to one who is.

dead already and dies,

nkece (A), nice

Iru nkece, nice face,

nkece (A), smoothing with knife.

nkglgka (A), kleptomaniac, foolish thief (imitates thief),

rik^ni (A), that (pron.).

rikno (A), that (pron.).

nk^piloji, small piece (of kola).

rik^te, sharpening.

nkete, nothing.


iike"te, leading men into trap to be seized.

nkgtjgwe, meteor (sky dog).

hk^to, seeing.

nkgwe, crack.

nk][ke, trying.

nktli, looking at.

nkjlj, being smaller (than other).

nkilibisi, stem left in ground.

nkilikSku, nonsense.


snail shell.

hkilisi, small and round (as seed).

nkjjsi (0), good (only in speaking of

river at Onitsha).

nkita (0), dog.

a kind of cloth and a

nkitalulu, venereal disease.

nko (A), bending matchet.

ffko'. wood,

nko, sharp (fig),

nko, sharp,

nko, barb (of spear),

iik 9, sloping (straight) on side.

nkoak& (A), clapping hands,

nkobe, hanging up, hooking up (clothes, things with straps,

hooks, etc.).

nkSbe, getting ready to go, starting.

nkQbo (A), spoon,

nkoifia, abrasion,

nkoja (0), jump (with fear),

nkokqnko (A), spiral.

nk6kpa (A), club (war),

fikokwasi, replanting,

nkoliomvu, great bustard.

nkSlo, club (war),

nkolo, club (war).


nkolQko (0), spiral.

nk5ni, making loop and hanging up.

nkgnko, finger disease, nail disease (swells one month or


nkqno, larynx.



nkpoliyi (A), small stone (thief swallows one as ordeal).

nkf>olo (0), grain, lump.

nk$olo, seed yam.

rikpqlp (A), stocks (prisoner, madman).

rikpqlp aka, handcuff.

dkpolftbi, heart.

rikpoloigwe (A), hail (sky-nuts).

nk^ol^nk^o, snake (two-headed, black, short, makes head

and tail meet if it is struck).

nkf)onko (A), yam skewer,

iikpppu, foot disease,

nkpqpu, boring,

n k p o s Q n g o (0), rib.

rikpota, coming out of ambush.

nkpQto, noise,

rikpu nkpu, short.

nkpukpu (A), hunch, hump (top of back),

nkpukpu, walking bent (as old man),

nkpukpu, rheumatism, chronic,

shade of tree,



hkpulSmu (A), testicles,

red like venous blood.

iikpulu, bed of yams (in field),

likpulu, piece,

nkpulu, piece of money,

nkpulu. seed

ezinkpulu nada ezinkpulu, good seed falls good seed,

nkpulubosi, day (counting one by one),

nkpume, stone,

nkpuwa (A), fork, for handing up materials for house


ii ku (A), joint

osingo anaralaca hku akeya,

fiku, wing

nnono nwQlinku, a bird has wings,

nku afi (A), wing, cut off.

nkudka, elbow.

trier can't lick elbow,


nkfiba, sheltering.

fikudo, taking hand to do something.

fikudo, clapping hands for dance (anticipating in request).

nkiido, nailing.

nk3fle(Av), fan.

rikugo, carrying up.

nk fig wo, breaking.

nkuja (A), jump (with fear).

nkuko, chattering (talking).

nkukoba (A), knot.

nkuku (0), big things

ili obgle iliengku, you eat small, do you eat big

things (A) ?

cf. olienkgnta, olignkuku (0).

nkuku (A), corner,

nkuku, fool, idiot,

rikuku (0), corner (of hollow box),

nkuku, foolish, absurd,

nkukwa, asking if one may carry child,

nkukwas'i, pouring upon,

nkune (A), kick (backwards),

nkuni, lifting up, standing up.

nkunSbg, convalescence, slight improvement, waking up.

nkunili (mili), (ume) (0), breathing in.

nkuso (0), jump (with fear),

nkiisu (A), jump (with fear),

nkwa, promise, promised thing,

nkwado, being ready,

nkwa do, pushing,

nkwadobe (0), beginning,

nkw adobe (A), beginning,

nkwago (A), bird, white, like hawk,

fikwako (0), buying all sorts of things to eat.

nkwali, ravaging, devastating,

nkwana (A), eavesdropping,

nkwano, entering (body),

nkw an 6, being accustomed to keep watch,

nkwgli, admissible.


nkwgni, singing loudly,

nkwgsi, fitting, suiting.

rikwQsi, being able,

nkwo, plucking,

nkwo (0), plucking,

nk wo (A), day of week


6bgsi nkw9, nkwo day.

nkwo (A), grinding camwood,

nkwo (0), saw.

n kw (A), kite.

nkwo (A), heap, one after another.

nkw6' (A), three things piled on one.

nkwo jiji (A), piece of yam left in ground,

nkwo nkwo (0), grater (for yams),

nkwo nkwo, musical sticks,

nkwo' ono (A), pebble (for rubbing house),

nkwode (A), current of water,

nkwoga, standing a little apart,

nkwokwoba (0), fist

azu aka adimwa nkwokwoba, the back of the hand is

. no good for the (inside of the) fist.

nkw51u (A), pineapple,

nkwonkwo, joint,

rikwuba, hanging, balancing,

rikwuci, corking, shutting (of small mouth),

n k w u c i, talking again,

nkwudo, meeting,

nkwukwa', saying.

nkwukwoba (0), clenching fist,

nkwukwu (A), box, wooden, long,

nkwute, to be spoken of.

nkwute, proclaiming.

(a)iiQ iyi (A), swear,

(a)noa lu go, drink,

(a)noa lu go (a la), suck (milk), drink,

(a)nofg, drink part.


(a)nolia (A), be glad.

nqli (0), resemblance to parent.

(e)nomie(oku), imitate (speech).

npaea (0), careful.


npoko (A), fish traps (for stakes).

npokpoala (0), man with breasts like woman.

nf)ok'wa, dislocated arm.

nwa', son, daughter

enwelum nwa, I have a son.

nwa aboggbia (A), girl, young (fourteen years).

nwa akbi (A), prepuce.

nwa kpokili kpokli, plump child.

nwa nuku nuku, plump child.

nwa okoko (A), chickens

gl^bglu nwa okoko, katoba ainya utoya, they don't

sell chickens to look at their growing (afterwards).

nwa omi, lizard species (smooth).

nwa uzu (A), beginner (blacksmith).

(a)nwa lu, try.

(a)nwa ike(m), try (strength).

nwa imi ani, flat nose.

(a)nwa lu iyi, swear.

(a)nwa oko, try (strength).

nwa omugwo (A), infant

nwa omugwo sile na mbwe ciye ji mebie ife, bu

mbwe eji kute mill izizi aganaiya nyenys

nisigafuenana, a small baby said its ei ruined is

when they first brought water to give him, and past

round his head and pour on the ground.

(a)nwa onwunwa, try.

nwabaraba, dried cassava.

nwabo (0), girl, young (fourteen years).

nwabo (0), palm wine kept till sour.

nwabo (A), girl, small, unmarriageable.

nwabuu, safe, quiet.

nwabwam ejije (A), echo.

nwaciefo efo (0), moth,

nwacigfo gfo (A), butterfly,

hwada, woman of family,

nwadi Qkf)ala (0), son, eldest.


e (akwa), small piece, long, narrow (cloth),

i, small line,

iiwagelufie (A), bird species,

nwaguku, bird, that causes qkurn a.

nwainye (A), woman,

nwainye (A), granny knot,

nwainye dime, pregnant woman,

nwainye isici (A), head wife,

nwaiyo, slow

nwaiyo bu ije, slow and sure wins the day.

nwambe, rat, black (?) Epimys rattus lives in hole in field

and house.


white man.

hwamwadu, free born,

nwandu (0), hair,

(a)hwane, confront,

(a)hwane lu, try.

hwahgehggle (A), hop.

nwankeleke (A), (word used to deceive small boy) send

him to house to fetch it when he is to be got rid of.

nwankpukpololo, snipe (bird),

iiwangwo (A), kind of knife. (?)

hwata, child

obwenye bu hwata, the poor man is a child,

hwata nruru, omajijiji, omwakalikali, cheeky boy

(boy who sees people eating and comes near without


nwatake,le, boy (small),

hwatakele, child,

hwat^te (A), lizard (small),

nwgzalaja (0), inside of sole of foot,

i (e)hwe . . . have to.


(e)hwe lu ike, be able.


(e)nwe iru, have many friends.

(e)nwe iru, change face, i.e., in health.

(e)nwe lu isi, be head.

(e)nwe ka .

. . have

(e)nwe lu ndo, live.

(e)nwe Qdanwu, have a cough.

(e)nwe okwala, have a cough

gnwe okwala, not having cough,

(e)nwe (Jsqka, be in trouble

to (only used interrogatively).

Q n wel' Q SQ,ka, he is always in trouble (i.e., children all die),

(e)iiwegu di, marry (of woman),

(e)nwelu, catch

azu kali azu, onwelu azu no, one fish is bigger than

another ;

it catches the fish and grows,

(e)iiwelu go, have,

(e)nwelu gu di, marry (woman),

(e)nwelu ewu, take charge of goat.

nwenQngwa (0), dog.

(e)nwerue (A), change.

nwo, again (suffix).

nwomekalo (0), lizard, small striped,

(e)nwo lu, be ill

aro Qnwunwu ;

nahwum, I am ill.

(a)nwQ izizQ (A), be on edge (teeth),

(a)nwo oka, husk corn,

nwoba, being sick,

nwobala, bush- cat (like house-cat),

nwobulu (0), cat

oiyi bu oiyi nwobulu na nkita, friends like cat and dog.

nwokbulo Qmubo (A), baby,

n wok bo, woman of family,

nwoke, man (male),

(a)nwolia (0), be glad,

aro(a) nwolo . . . (m), be sick


I have been sick,

nwoloba (A), duiker-like animal, spotted,

nwoiunkpulu (0), game of catching, catcher shuts eyes.

nwomikalo, lizard,

(e)nwonye, change money,

hworu, changing.

nw6ru, change (of clothes),

(e)nworue (0), change,

nwota, buying (small things). .

(e)nwu, burn (lamp),

(e)nwu 16 (0), be red hot.


(e)nwu 16 (A), be many,

(a)nwu ;zize, (A), tickle (foot),

(e)nwu ^ko (A),

akftatanko, onwugu $ko ; apagareya nqifia ekbataleya,

they collect firewood, it does not light ; they take

it back to the bush where they got it.

(a)nwu totangWQle, "

go to sleep" (foot),

(a)nwua (0), catch, get.

(a)nwua anwii, seize (person),

aro nwiiba, begin to be sick,

(a)nwude, catch,

(a)nwude lu, catch,

(e)nwue, burn,

(e)nwue, be white,

(e)nwue lu oiea, be white,

(e)nwue lu, gu

fiwuwu, beginning to rot.

nwuwu, getting loose.

riwuzo (0), straight.

o (0), yes.


oa, ery used to drive away hawk.

oba (0), prosperity

elili gba na mi oba, rope of chief brings prosperity,

oba" (0), increase,

oba" (0), thickly populated district,

ob^ (0), person with many children

dmotjalo 6m 6 nob a', he has had many children,

oba' (0), menstruation,

oba* (0), calabash

enwelum obwa, I have a calabash.

>ba (A), calabash.

Qba (A), big and round,

ob'a' (A), menstrual blood.

ob&', plenty, populous quarter,

oba, yam store.


> J ...

oba/, gain, profit.

oba', increasing.

oba idQ (A), gutter, ditch.

gba m;li (0), fish species (long tail, poisonous), bush


qbaca (0), clear sky, clearing up.

obakitikiti, smallpox,

^bala, piece of raphia midrib (for arrow).

gbSla, blood,

gbalabwa, being stung.

gbSlo, plenty,

o bank pi, ant (stink -ant),

j^banaji, yam heaps in double steps,

obe' (0), disease (boils on small children)


obe,le (0), small

obQlani, mbe'ku cilozo; in a small country the tortoise

makes ozo title.

{JbQlQbwa, chain (big).

obe, lemma, knife (small).

objgle Qkwa (A), pepper dish, for grinding.

obQlobwo (A), canoe (small).

*>bi (0), king's house, chiefs room.

6bi (A), long stick for fighting, quarterstaff.

6M (A),

6bi (eji amaji), stick, long, for making hole for yam stick.

obi ndide,, nausea.


Qbo (0), or

or I.

ngi bo mu, you

obo (A), spear, with lozenge-shaped head,

obo, lazy, laziness

onye pbo amwa no lu nagu agu, a lazy man does

not know that work comes to an end.

6bu onye gbo, he is lazy,

obo (A), false accusation

obolum obo, he accuses me.

gbo, revenge

bu onye b 6, he is a revengeful man.

ob(j', musical instrument (stick).

bo aka, palm.

ob6 gkwe, (0), net (dip) as on Niger,

qbolona, if.

gbo oka (A), uncultivated edge of farm, in second year

planted with corn.

b'6a, companion.

boba' (0), being open, beginning, opening (in market).

Sboba'(A), bush (bad),

oboba (ay a), making war.


throat disease.

gbSbo (0), looking for object in eye.

pbobo (A), requital.

6 bob 6 (A), pepper soup, soup without palm oil.

Sbobo, sharing (fowl).

obSbo, digging up (by hand), cutting up goat.

QbSbo, drawing down eyes.

gbSbo, being, happening.



Qbobwana (A), lower leg (lower half),

obobwona, leg above ankle,

obodi (0), fool

atolo oka, omalo; atolo obodi, ofeji aka, advise

a clever man, he knows, advise a fool, he snaps his


obodi jisi eti mwo mwa maro., ignoramus knocks his

head against a mwg and does not know.

obSdo, open space, town,

obodobo (A), flat stone,

obodobo, wide.

obog6 (0), duck.

o,b$gu (A), duck,

qbqgu mili, teal.

$bokwo (0), sole

ob816 (0), brain.

of foot.

obolodo, women's quarters of house,

obSma (0), big witch tall ; man, used to catch people in the

night, many together ; flogged people and they


^bgrnrnq, (0), sheath.

gb6mwa (A), sheath,

obona (A), spear (play),

qbgngada (0), bow-legged man.

6bu (0), crow pheasant,

obu (A), chest.

6bu (A), king's house, chiefs room,

obu (A), net (casting),

obu (A), sept.

obu, men's room,

obii Qlili (A), net (casting).

6bu ezi (0), menstrual blood.

6bu igu (0), palm leaves,

obu ok I) a (A), sole.

gbua agQl;ga (A), spear, long, with oval head,

qbuba (0), shooting.

Qbuba (A), bush, bad.


fell sick



obuba, needle.

6 bub a, tree species.


obfibw^, tiring.


stooping, taking cover (hunting, war).



qbubwp, boiling over.

qb ue l)ii (0), doctor.

qbujinko, wood cutter.

obukbg, wasting disease.

qbulu (na)(0), if

Olikobue si

mwa nwa





ife k'esie,me ibie,

keniye n'qrunniye

n'ebakosilie, 0. says if they do as they do it to each

other and a child dies, they take it to its mother and put

it in her womb, where it came from.

obulu (ono) (0), small house.

obundii, cannon. (?)

qbiinko, axe ?

obunu (0), squirrel, big.

obunu, squirrel.

obuoinyomma, dagger.

obutiitu (0), blister, disease of leg.

6bwa (0), game (jumping from spring-board and turning


obwa (0), barrier, fence.

obwa (0), big, round.

obwa (0), calabash.

bwa' (0), stocks (for prisoner, madman).

qbwa (A), barrier, fence.

Qbwa, style (of fence), fence round farm or door.

cjb'wa Qle.te.le (A), top (used with whip).

Qbwa Qg6, one who comes to help in fight (quarrel).

venereal disease.


Qbwada'nalana (0), roast corn.

obwado (0), corn, maize.

obwakpia, a disease (?).

^bwSku (A), funnel.


x 2


Qbwaku (A), funnel.

obwala (A), line, straight (people in, animals in).

6bwa*ma, telling secret.

Qbwama (0), laying information.

gbwama (0), reporting crimes.

gbwamfe, light (weight), it is light.

Qbwamwa (A), float (for fishing).

Sbwana, egret.

gbwan^ga (A), funnel.

obwanokoko, crane (white).

obwanta (A), hunter.

obwe' (0), quarter.

6bwe (A), quarter.

obwe (A), head of corn.

6Bw, village, quarter.

oBwe, market.

6bwe aku (0), bunch of palm nuts.

(JjbwQlebwa (A), chain (small for key).


obwo (A), situtunga (kind of antelope).

6bw6', dry leaves put in pot before cooking.

gbwQ' qgo, open place for fighting.

6bwo qkoko, perch (for fowl).

gbwoba, burn, sting.

QbwQgu (A), worm.

obwqgulu, tree species, pumpkin.

6bwQnta' (0), canoe (small).

qca, white.

oca', cob (a kind of antelope).

qcanoji (A), spotted, black and white.

oceafia (A), stool (woman's).

oee isi, pillow, wooden.

ocQndo, umbrella.

qei ay a (A), war chief.

oc^ca', cockroach.

Qctea, being red

Q etc a, washing, making white.

Qclca (Jko, being burning hot (body).

ocjee, regretting.

ociee, listening.

oetci, being king (being headman).

octci, being headman (putting one's head in).

ocici, coronation, making title.

oclei, sucking blood.

QcjcJ, darkness.

oeici, call of bush fowl.

ociel, rubbing with sand.

Qcici, (?) laughing.

(0), looking for.

(0), wanting,

ocic^ko, being burning hot (body),

ocisi (A), pillow.

^ co, killing, murder, murderer.

QcKco (A), wanting.

oc5cu, fetching water.

, driving away.


u, offering (to mwo).

telling tales (falsely).

ociicu, being lazy.

ocffcu, going hunting.

Qda (0), game, " touch wood."

$da, medicine for keeping sickness from door.

6 da, seed (medicine).

oda, bang, noise (of gun).

oda", child (big and strong)

6namu odanwa, he has a fine child.

Qda, falling down.

daba, falling in.

od|ba, over, other side.

odaci, dead man, tabu (he fell and closed road, i.e., died and

set up a tabu).

odado, asking person what he does not know.

odala, tree.

ode', shape, colour.

j, becoming soft,

uli (0), paint marks.


jdfdf), pulling (bow, rope, pole, etc.).

odtdg, drawing blood.

odtdo, putting one on another.

odido, pawning.

g dido, putting near head under pillow.

qdtdp, claiming debt, holding person in market.

6 dido, clearing eyes, looking sharp (i.e., being careful).

odigbwa, bead (green).

qdika, about

gdika ili, about ten.

odikodi (0), tireless

$dikgdi bwamba, qdik^d' apukuliye,