Residential Property Services - Ober-Haus Real Estate

Residential Property Services - Ober-Haus Real Estate

Residential Property Services

It’s So Much Easier With Ober-Haus

We know that everyone’s needs are different. Whether you want to

buy, sell or rent, it’s important that you get the best advice possible.

With the expertise of hundreds of Ober-Haus real estate professionals

to draw from, our extensive database of thousands of homes and

homebuyers, and the region’s largest property listings newspaper, we

can help you quickly, easily, and professionally.




Are you planning to buy a home?

Buying a home is one of life’s most exciting experiences - and one of the most challenging. Working

with an Ober-Haus professional can save you time, money and trouble. Our clients know that our real

estate advisors can show them a better selection of homes than they can find on their own.

Ober-Haus offers buyers a broader selection of housing alternatives than they would otherwise find.

Using an Ober-Haus real estate agent saves time, and makes buying a home much easier.

While there are plenty of real estate agents to choose from, for the most efficient and reliable service

choose Ober-Haus.

When buying a home, you can be certain your professional Ober-Haus agent will provide you more

service and more expertise. Isn’t that a guarantee you want, when you’re making the biggest investment

of your life?

Are you thinking of selling your home?

Selling your home can be one of the most difficult and important steps in your life. Your home is

almost certainly the most valuable asset you own. You need to make sure the job is done professionally,

and that you get the right price out of the sale.

Getting the price you want means more than just being a smart negotiator. Getting the price you

want requires exposing your home to the widest possible range of buyers. It means advertising your

home to the right group of buyers. It means having a professional real estate agent who works with

banks to get buyers the financing they need. It means having an agent who knows how to close the

deal. It means having an Ober-Haus agent working for you.

When you are selling your home, Ober-Haus has more services to offer you than anybody else.

Would you like to rent a home?

Renting a flat or a house should be easy and enjoyable. Especially when you work with an Ober-Haus

broker, who will listen to your needs and then show you the largest selection of homes to choose


Ober-Haus has been helping our clients rent homes for over fifteen years. Our greatest skill is really

listening to what you want, and then helping you to find the right home. Our service will save you

time, and get you the results you want.



Do you want to rent out your home?

When you rent out your home, you want to make sure you find a good tenant and get the rent you

want. Don’t make mistakes! Make sure you hire a professional real estate agent who will do the job

right, sign a correct lease, and avoid trouble.

Would you like to invest into residential property?

Historically property investment has always been the best long-term investment. With property

prices in the Central Europe rising rapidly, and with prices still having a long way yet to grow before

they reach Western European levels, almost everyone sees property investment as one of the best

and safest investments in the region. Still, choosing the right property to invest in is key to getting

the best returns.

Ober-Haus professional real estate agents can help you choose the right property to invest in, as well

as help you lease your investment property out for strong long-term cash flows.

Ober-Haus will help you lease and manage your investment property, and can help you with tax

advice that may save you lots of money down the line.



Do you need a property valuation?

If you need a loan, you also need a property valuation. Ober-Haus valuations specialists can come

to your property, and, for most residential properties, give you a bank accepted valuation in one or

two days.

And, since all banks and financing institutions accept Ober-Haus valuations, you know that the product

we give you will get you the financing you need.

Property management

The Ober-Haus property management team minimises hassles for residential property owners.

Ober-Haus takes care of all traditional aspects of property management, including collecting rental

payments, apportioning service and/or utilities charges, concluding maintenance contracts, and

overseeing repairs and restoration work.

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