Strength. Speed. Spirit. – SEDA Kayaking & Canoeing

Strength. Speed. Spirit. – SEDA Kayaking & Canoeing

Performance Composite

Kayaks and Canoes

Strength. Speed. Spirit. •


Fiberglass (FG):

Kevlar ® (KEV):

SEDA Kayaks & Canoes


Our fiberglass layup is a great value for paddlers first

moving into composite boats. Multiple layers of 45

degree biased fabric. Resilient under repeated abuse

and light enough to portage with ease.

Our full Kevlar ® layup with three Kevlar ® layers delivers

high strength and structural rigidity with minimal

weight. An excellent choice for touring and racing

paddlers who are looking for the strongest build at

reduced weight

Kevlar ® is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company





Courtesy of Bernardo Rodrigues


Kayak Features

Contoured grab handles

Reflective life lines

Deck bungees

Fiberglass hatches w/ neoprene covers



Thank you for considering our fleet of performance composite kayaks and canoes. All SEDA boats

display three key characteristics that set them apart on the water.

Strength: Our robust build process delivers the strongest boat for your dollar. With triple-layered

fiberglass seams or multiple Kevlar ® reinforcements, SEDA boats withstand the punishment of

rough seas and coastlines. Join the countless paddlers who have proudly owned a SEDA kayak or

canoe for over 20 years!

Speed: SEDA designs prioritize speed without sacrificing stability. Our long waterlines, low decks,

and smooth hulls with shallow V-bottoms are key to speed and hence safety on the water. If you

plan to race, you will likely be competing against another SEDA boat for a podium finish.

Spirit: Our kayaks and canoes are fun to paddle, easy to control, and versatile enough for a variety

of activities. And don’t forget, they are also light enough that the hardest part of the journey isn’t

putting the kayak on the car.

> > > > Strength, Speed, Spirit...SEDA!





Hybrid (HYB):

Carbon/Kevlar ® (CRB):

Hatch retainers

Watertight fiberglass or Kevlar ® bulkheads

Adjustable footbraces

Molded fiberglass seat



8 9


Our hybrid layup blends the economy of fiberglass with the

lightness of Kevlar ® . Replacing some of the fiberglass layers

with Kevlar ® is a great way to achieve a lighter and stronger

boat without the premium of a full Kevlar ® layup.

The choice for racers looking for optimum performance.

Reinforced with multiple backing layers of Kevlar ® , our

Carbon/Kevlar ® layup creates the stiffest hull possible for

the ultimate in responsive paddling.





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Generous foam thigh braces

Triple inside seams, single outside seam

Optional rudder on singles, standard on tandems

Day-hatch option on select models







Ikkuma 17

Touring Kayaks


Custom carbon/carbon build

Length: 15’ (4.6m) Beam: 22” (56cm) Cockpit: 33x16” (84x41cm) Capacity: 300lbs (136Kg)

FG: 43lbs (19.5Kg) HYB: 40lbs (18Kg) KEV: 37lbs (16.8Kg) CRB: 35lbs (15.9Kg)

Length: 15’ (4.6m) Beam: 24” (61cm) Cockpit: 33x16” (84x41cm) Capacity: 325lbs (147Kg)

FG: 44lbs (20Kg) HYB: 41lbs (18.6Kg) KEV: 38lbs (17.2Kg)


Length: 16’6" (5m) Beam: 25” (64cm) Cockpit: 36x19” (91x48cm) Capacity: 455lbs (206Kg)

FG: 48lbs (21.8Kg) HYB: 44lbs (20Kg) KEV: 40lbs (18.1Kg) Day-Htach: +2lbs (0.9Kg)


Length: 17’ (5.2m) Beam: 22” (56cm) Cockpit: 33x17” (84x43cm) Capacity: 350lbs (159Kg)

FG: 46lbs (20.9Kg)

Skeg: +2lbs (0.9Kg)

HYB: 43lbs (19.5Kg) KEV: 40lbs (18.1Kg) Day-Htach: +2lbs (0.9Kg)

Lightweight, quick, and nimble go hand-inhand

with SEDA’s new Atajo. Flush hatches

and recessed fittings accent this basic/

intermediate touring model which is outfitted

with plenty of deck bungees and lifelines.

Designed with smaller paddlers in mind, the

Atajo responds quickly to lean turns and

braces. The Atajo’s hull delivers comfortable

control while its narrow width punches easily

through wind chop. In conjunction with our

Kevlar ® layup, the Atajo is an extremely

lightweight touring kayak that is a pleasure

to load and launch.

The Gypsy is a perfect kayak on which to hone

touring techniques. The Gypsy sports a narrow

bow that cuts through the waves while at the

same time providing a stable beam. Additionally,

the Gypsy possesses a sharp and low stern

that works to limit weather helm in a crosswind.

With its generous packing space, the Gypsy

will carry your equipment with ease as you

venture beyond your shoreline.

With its enlarged cockpit opening and

tremendous buoyancy, the Viking-MAX is an

ideal choice for larger paddlers.Updated with

flush hatches, recessed fittings, and a day

hatch option, the Viking’s gear carrying

capacity lends itself well to longer trips.

Additionally, its fish-shaped hull provides a

smooth passage through rough waters. The

choice of many adventurers plying waters

from Alaska to Patagonia, the Viking is a stout

kayak that will make the miles slip effortlessly

beneath your keel.

Inspired by the Inuit word for fire, the Ikkuma 17

is a modified Greenland design that will ignite

new energy into your touring adventures!

Designed by Stuart Mounsey, the Ikkuma 17

displays an aggressive chine and moderate

rocker that deliver comfortable handling in

chop and currents. The Ikkuma 17 generously

carries its beam forward delivering ample

buoyancy and stability. With the addition of

its foiled carbon skeg blade, the Ikkuma 17

conveys a unique blend of control, agility,

and speed.

800.322.SEDA • 619.336.2444 • FAX 619.424.8842

3 •






Recreational Kayaks


Length: 14’ (4.3m) Beam: 25” (64cm) Cockpit: 33x16” (84x41cm) Capacity: 280lbs (127Kg)

FG: 45lbs (20.4Kg) HYB: 41lbs (18.6Kg) KEV: 36lbs (16.3Kg)

Length: 16’6" (5m) Beam: 25” (64cm) Cockpit: 54x17” (137x43cm) Capacity: 455lbs (206Kg)

FG: 53lbs (24Kg) HYB: 49lbs (22Kg) KEV: 45lbs (20.4Kg)

Tandem Kayaks

Forward cockpit seating options:



Foam Seat


FG Seat

Length: 18’ (5.5m) Beam: 25” (64cm) Stern Cockpit: 40x17” (102x43cm) Fwd Cockpit: 29x15” (74x38cm)

Capacity: 500lbs (227Kg) FG: 64lbs (29Kg) HYB: 59lbs (26.7Kg) KEV: 54lbs (24.5Kg)

Length: 21’ (6.4m) Beam: 29” (74cm) Stern Cockpit: 33x16” (84x41cm) Fwd Cockpit: 33x16” (84x41cm)

Capacity: 850lbs (385Kg) FG: 82lbs (37.2Kg) HYB: 76lbs (34.5Kg) KEV: 72lbs (32.6Kg)

Updated with flush decks and a new forward

compartment, our Vida is the perfect lightweight

recreational kayak for quick weekend trips. The

Vida exhibits a roomy cockpit in addition to

forward and stern watertight compartments.

Tracking is a breeze with the retractable skeg and

its shallow V-hull delivers a broad initial stability

that behaves gracefully in chop and swells.

Getting away has never been easier with this

light and responsive addition to the SEDA fleet.

xThe Revenge combines the

speed of a composite

touring kayak with the ease

of sit-on-top paddling.

Utilizing the same stable

hull as our expedition-proven Viking, the

Revenge demonstrates great sea worthiness

and lightness not seen in plastic sit-on-top

kayaks of this size. The Revenge comes

standard with a generous foam high-back seat

and thigh braces and is a favorite with sport

fishermen and recreational paddlers alike.

The Amigo truly embodies its name by

letting you bring a friend along for the

ride. More compact and lighter than fullsized

tandem kayaks, the Amigo easily

converts from a single to a tandem in

moments. Paddling with children has

never been easier and many paddlers

even bring their pet along for the ride

up forward. The forward cockpit comes

standard with a removable foam seat

but can also be ordered with an optional

full fiberglass seat and front foot braces

which will add about 3lbs.

The Tango is a full-sized tandem kayak

popular with guides and outfitters for

its cargo carrying capacity. The seats

are spaced far enough apart to facilitate

a synchronized paddling and to allow

the addition of a 3rd watertight storage

compartment amidships. Designed with a

flared bow and continuous V bottom, the

Tango provides added stability and reserve

buoyancy. With numerous race wins in

rough water conditions, the Tango is a

fast and seaworthy addition to any fleet.




Relaxing after a paddle at Lake Mead.

Adventure/Race Kayaks

Length: 17’ (5.2m) Beam: 24” (61cm) Cockpit: 33x16” (84x41cm) Capacity: 400lbs (181Kg)

FG: 46lbs (21Kg)

Day-Hatch: +2lbs (0.9Kg)

HYB: 42lbs (19Kg) KEV: 39lbs (17.7Kg) CRB: 37lbs (16.8Kg)

Length: 18’ (5.5m) Beam: 21” (53cm) Cockpit: 33x16” (84x41cm) Capacity: 475lbs (215Kg)

FG: 48lbs (21.8Kg) HYB: 44lbs (20Kg) KEV: 40lbs (19Kg) CRB: 38lbs (17.2Kg)

Custom carbon/carbon build raced by Jon Brindle of San Diego

Length: 19’ (5.8m) Beam: 21.5” (55cm) Cockpit: 33x16” (84x41cm) Capacity: 450lbs (204Kg)

FG: 47lbs (21.3Kg)

Day-Hatch: +2lbs (0.9Kg)

HYB: 44lbs (20Kg) KEV: 41lbs (18.6Kg) CRB: 39lbs (17.7Kg)

With its sleek lines and comfortable beam, our

popular Swift model continues to lead the pack

with its speed and stability. The deck layout

includes flush hatches, recessed fittings, and an

optional day-hatch for paddlers requiring quick

access to their essentials. The Swift displays a

beautifully flared bow with low profile fore and

aft decks. A popular choice with beginner and

intermediate paddlers, the Swift is ideal for those

ready to step into a longer, faster kayak.

Our narrowest design, the Impulse brings the

speed of our Glider to a slightly shorter hull.

Carrying a slender V the length of its hull, the

Impulse delivers good secondary stability with

resistance to weather helm. The Impulse adds a

touch more volume in its bow and stern when

compared to the Glider. Experienced paddlers and

racers looking for speed in a kayak that is a little

easier to launch and load will love the Impulse.

The flagship of the SEDA fleet has received an

exciting new deck layout including flush hatches,

recessed fittings, and an optional day-hatch

behind the cockpit. These sleek updates are

capped off with subtle scallops just forward of

the cockpit to give paddlers a little more room

with their stroke when going for speed. With its

narrow beam and razor bow entry, the Glider

consistently delivers top finishes wherever it

competes. The Glider’s bold design updates

deliver a whole new level of performance and

functionality for intermediate and advanced

paddlers alike.

800.322.SEDA • 619.336.2444 • FAX 619.424.8842

5 •






Keep essentials securely stowed with

our convenient storage hatch in both

the bow and stern compartments.

Standard with each SEDA canoe.

The Scamp is a compact day canoe that will

deliver years of fun exploring lakes and rivers. Its

wide beam ensures stability for a lazy afternoon

of picnicking or sightseeing. A popular choice

for day trips, the Scamp provides ample room

for a couple yet is maneuverable enough to be

paddled by one person during those solo fishing

excursions. The Scamp’s light weight makes

loading and launching a breeze. Shown here with

optional webbed seats.

Length: 14’ (4.3m) Beam: 38” (97cm) Mid Depth: 14” (36cm) Capacity: 650lbs (295Kg) FG: 56lbs (25.4Kg) HYB: 52lbs (23.6Kg) KEV: 47lbs (21.3Kg)

Standard: PVC Gunwales, Endcaps, Ash Yoke Options: Cane Seats, Webbed Seats, FG Seats

The Scout is a midsized canoe perfect for a

couple on a long camping trip or a family of four

on a entertaining day trip. With its shallow V hull

and generous bilge, the Scout delivers excellent

straight line tracking and high carrying capacity.

At home in lakes and bays, the Scout will open a

new world of adventure for you and your family.

Shown here with optional webbed seats.

Length: 16’ (4.9m) Beam: 36” (91cm) Mid Depth: 15” (38cm) Capacity: 750lbs (340Kg) FG: 60lbs (27.2Kg) HYB: 55lbs (24.9Kg) KEV: 50lbs (22.7Kg)

Standard: PVC Gunwales, Endcaps, Ash Yoke Options: Cane Seats, Webbed Seats, FG Seats

Our largest canoe, the Wanderer is perfect for

family camping and showing children the wonders

on the water. Boasting generous carrying capacity,

the Wanderer easily holds four adults or a large

amount of gear for extended trips. The Wanderer’s

17'6" length delivers straight tracking while its

shallow V facilitates kind handling. Family

weekends on the lakes and rivers have never been

more fun! Shown here with optional webbed seats.

Length: 17’6" (5.3m) Beam: 36” (91cm) Mid Depth: 14” (36cm) Capacity: 1000lbs (454Kg) FG: 65lbs (29.5Kg) HYB: 60lbs (27.2Kg) KEV: 55lbs (25Kg)

Standard: PVC Gunwales, Endcaps, Ash Yoke Options: Cane Seats, Webbed Seats, FG Seats

Champion adventure racers Paul Romero and Karen Lundgren of Team SOLE

training in their Seda Tango. Courtesy of Bernardo Rodrigues.

Courtesy of the Jacobi Family at Tailwind Outdoor

Custom Options

SEDA can help you paddle away from the crowded

world of plastic boats that all look and perform the same

Gelcoat Options

When choosing your kayak or canoe, you can select from our array of

standard gelcoat colors for your deck. Want a color you don’t see here?

Give us a call and we can get it for you.

Standard Deck Colors

SEDA Blue Purple Yellow

Green Red Ivory

Light Blue




Rudder Options

SEDA kayaks are available with several rudder and footbrace options. Our

tandems come equipped with a Feathercraft ® K2 rudder while our solos

come with the Standard SEDA rudder. All models come with Werner ®

sliding footbraces unless requested differently.

Standard SEDA Rudder:

Our standard rudder is made from lightweight

aluminum and provides smooth and easy

movement when raising or lowering the blade.

This system will add approximately 4lbs including

footbraces to the published weights.

Feathercraft ® K1 Rudder:

A step up in performance from our standard

rudder, the K1 provides a foiled blade for

maximum efficiency. This rudder system will

add approximately 5lbs including footbraces to

the published weights.

Feathercraft ® K2 Rudder:

This comes standard with all SEDA tandem

kayaks. The K2 provides a large foiled blade

surface for optimum control.

Werner ® Sliding Footbraces:

Aluminum rails slide back and forth to control the

rudder and inside cutouts help remove sand.

SmartTrack ® Toe-Control Footbraces:

Ergonomically designed toe-operated footbraces

allow for solid bracing while steering. Easily

adjusted while seated in cockpit.

Trim Options

Mix and match colors! Come up with a custom touch and select a different

color for your kayak trim (seam and cockpit). Our kayaks come standard

with black trim or you can choose from our list of gelcoat colors for a

look that is all your own.

Fade Options

Also consider one of our many fade options

to add some artistic style to your special

kayak! Our fade process wraps around

the seam and subtly blends into the deck

gelcoat for a unique look.



Choose a color for your

seat and coaming.



Blue/Light Blue


Continuous seam color

wraps around the hull.


Completed Appearance

Depending on your choice of construction materials, your kayak will look

like one of the following combinations.

Fiberglass (FG) or Hybrid (HYB): Both the FG and HYB kayaks appear

similar from the outside. However with HYB construction, you will see the

full layer of Kevlar ® on the inside of the deck and hull.

White gelcoat standard on hull.

Can combine with any trim option.

Kevlar ® (KEV):

Clear hull standard showing the

stunning golden weave.

Can combine with any trim option.

Carbon/Kevlar (CRB):

Clear Carbon hull standard.

Can combine with any trim option.

Deck gelcoat based upon

your color selection.

Deck gelcoat over three

layers of Kevlar ® .

Clear Kevlar ® deck standard.

800.322.SEDA • 619.336.2444 • FAX 619.424.8842


Performance Composite Kayaks and Canoes

All specifications described within are subject to change without notice.

SEDA Products > Your Paddling Partner Since 1969

Dealer Information:

Front and back covers: Courtesy of Bernardo Rodrigues

SEDA Main Office 2244 Main St. Suite 7 • Chula Vista, CA 91911 •

800.322.SEDA or 619.336.2444 • FAX 619.424.8842

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