Child & Family Connections

Child & Family Connections

Child & Family Connections

Serving Kane/Kendall Counties

What is Child & Family Connections?

Child & Family Connections (CFC) provides developmental screenings and

evaluations at no cost to families who have concerns about their child’s development.

• CFC serves children ages birth to 3 years old.

• CFC is the starting point for the referral process to the Part C Early Intervention (EI)

Service System in Illinois.

• CFC provides a written plan to help a child learn and grow if the child meets the State

of Illinois criteria for development delay.

Why & Who Makes a Referral? What happens next?

• A Child’s first few years of development are very important so any concerns should

be addressed as soon as possible. CFC will assist the family in scheduling evaluation

and assessments and results will determine a child’s further needs, if any.

• A family member, doctor, clinic, teacher or anyone concerned about a child’s

development can make referrals to CFC.

• A Service Coordinator (SC) will be assigned to the family. The SC will link the family

to services to begin assessing and evaluating a child and continue with a written plan if a

child has special needs.

Child & Family Connections Staff

• SERVICE COORDINATOR – Assists the family with guidance through the EI

process, offers choices in providers, and explains and helps understand the rights of

Individuals with Disabilities Act.

• PARENT LIAISONS – Parents of a child who has been through EI and can offer

assistance and information to best help your child and family.

• PROGRAM MANAGER – Supervisor of Service Coordinators and Parent Liaisons.


parents, providers, and community agencies that plan, evaluate, and implement the EI

Service System in the Kane-Kendall County area.

Any birth to 3-yr. old child may be eligible for:

• Assessments/Evaluations

• Service Coordination

• Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP)

Early Intervention Services may include:

• Audio logy

• Assistive Technology

• Developmental Therapy

• Health Services

• Medical Diagnostic Services

• Nursing Services

• Nutrition Services

• Occupational Therapy

• Physical Therapy

• Psychological Services

• Service Coordination

• Social Work Services

• Speech-Language Therapy

• Translation Services

• Transportation

• Vision Services

Call CFC – Kane & Kendall If a child is thought to have a developmental delay in:

• Language

• Thinking skills

• Large/small muscle skills

• Social/emotional skills

Children with developmental concerns are important to us.

Early Intervention Services may:

• Encourage and support development

• Prevent diagnosed conditions from becoming more severe

• Improve the overall functioning of a child at high risk of becoming developmentally


• Provide families with support and information

Child & Family Connections

Service Kane and Kendall Counties

179 Oswalt Ave.

Batavia, Illinois 60510

Phone: (630) 761-9227

Toll Free: (888) 282-0997

Fax: (630) 761-9810

CFC is one of many programs of DayOneNetwork, Inc.; a private, not-for-profit,

community based agency providing service coordination and advocacy services to

persons with developmental disabilities of all ages.

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