SGVDS-Summer NL '08-A - San Gabriel Valley Dental Society

SGVDS-Summer NL '08-A - San Gabriel Valley Dental Society

Human Resources

A Guided Tour Through Policies and

Your Customized Employee Handbook

Mari Bradford

CEA Presentation Review

On Wednesday, May 22, 2008 at Almansor Court, SGVDS

was pleased to host Mari Bradford from California

Employers Association (CEA) as she presented “Human

Resources–A Guided Tour Through Policies and Your Customized

Employee Handbook.”

Mari is our Human Resource Hotline Manager located in CEA’s

Sacramento office. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in

Organization Communications from CSU Sacramento and her PHR

from SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management. Before

joining CEA, Mari spent the last ten years working as a HR Manager

for a major contract manufacturing company and a Fortune 500

software development company.

The seminar highlights included the purpose and function of an

employee handbook.

This handbook can help you determine what your

obligations and responsibilities are as an employer,

what reasonable accommodations employers are

expected to make for their employees, and how the

employee is expected to make his or her finest efforts

while working in the dental office.



She discussed the purpose of the handbook and then went on to

discuss employee classifications and the policy against harassment.

Hours and pay, salary and merit reviews along with work hours

and schedules were talked about with benefits and leaves of absence

and eligibility for paid time off. Another topic was employee

responsibilities. On the job issues discussed were an open door

policy, job evaluation, illness and injury and the environmental


The comments on the presentation were very positive. Attendees

stated that it was great, informative, and very usable informationeveryone

will benefit. Mari was wonderful and absolutely

outstanding as a speaker. We will be sure to get her back in 2009 to

update all anticipated changes we will have to endure. ▲

Human Resources—

Your Customized Employee

Handbook CD—

Non dues revenue opportunity for

the SGVDS.

As part of the HR hotline contract

between SGVDS and the California

Employers Association (CEA), the CEA

has created a sample employee

handbook CD for SGVDS to sell to its

members. It is easy to read and the

California Employers Association stands

behind it!

Members may purchase their Handbook

CD for $100 from the SGVDS Society

office. Call 626-285-1174 for further


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