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Murex HBsAg Version 3

Murex HBsAg Version 3

Murex HBsAg Version

© 2007 Abbott / Printed in the UK / Murex HBsAg Version 3 ABBOTT Diagnostics Division 9F80-01/ 9F80-05 E D04GE34GB Murex HBsAg Version 3 GE34/36 Enzyme immunoassay for the detection of hepatitis B surface antigen in human serum or plasma Note Changes Highlighted Key to symbols used: 8°C Lot: Store at 2°C to 8°C 2°C Use by Caution, see instructions for use (potentially infectious) Legal Manufacturer For in vitro diagnostic use Consult instructions for use Catalogue number See Reagents section for a full explanation of symbols used in component naming

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