Complete April packet - City of North Liberty

Complete April packet - City of North Liberty

North Liberty



Meeting Information Packet

April 6, 2010

6:30 PM

City Council Chambers

If you would like additional information, larger-scale

maps, or other information before the meeting,

please contact Dean Wheatley at 626-5747 or at



April 6, 2010, 6:30 PM




4. SITE PLAN: Request of Mike Waltz to approve a site plan for a new Okoboji Grill restaurant

located at the northeast intersection corner of Sara Court and Jordan Street in the Corridor

Commercial subdivision.

(Lots 33 and part of Lot 32, Corridor Commercial Part Two B, and Lot 38, Corridor

Commercial Part Four)

a. Staff Review

b. Applicants Presentation

c. Public Comments

d. Questions and Comments

e. Recommendation to City Council

5. REVISED SITE PLAN: Request of Alan Arzu to approve a revised site plan for a planned

building addition at the Frog Hollow Day Care, located at the northeast intersection corner of

Dubuque Street and North Front Street.

(Auditor’s Parcel 99073, 410 North Front Street)

a. Staff Review

b. Applicants Presentation

c. Public Comments

d. Questions and Comments

e. Recommendation to City Council

6. REZONING: Request Midwest Development Corporation to rezone property located

generally at the southwest corner of Jones Boulevard and St. Andrews Drive from RS-4 and

RS-3 (Residential Single-family) to RS-4, RS-6, RS-7 (Residential Single-family) and RD-10

(Residential Duplex).

(Lengthy legal description, to be subdivided as Harvest Estates II)

a. Staff Review

b. Applicants Presentation

c. Public Comments

d. Questions and Comments

e. Recommendation to City Council


8. OLD BUSINESS – Update on Liberty Medical and Commerce Multi-family


9. NEW BUSINESS – Road Safety Audit (attached) for your information

10. CASES UNDER DEVELOPMENT – Liberty Medical and Commercial multi-family site



Agenda version: 3/24/2010

Jasper Avenue

Herky Drive





Kansas Avenue

Not Named

Lininger Lane

K ansas Avenue

St. Andrews Drive

Futu re City Park

Zeller Street

Harvest Estates II


Not Named

Alexander Way

270th Street

Havest Estates II Rezoning

Jones Boulevard

Jones Blvd

Fairvie w Lane

Highway 965

Penn Street

Ashley Court

2008 Aerial Photography

No scale

Jones Blvd

Dubuque Street

Zeller Street

Fairview Avenue

Okoboji Grill

Site Plan

Dubuque St

Jordan Street

N Front St

Front Street

April 2010 Cases

North Liberty Road

Frog Hollow

Revised Site Plan

Tartan Drive

Not Named

Juniper Street

Dubuque Street

Frog Hollow Day Care RSP

Sara Court

Okoboji Grill Site Plan

Not Named

Hemingway Drive

March 30, 2010


To: North Liberty Planning Commission

From: Dean Wheatley, Planning Director

Subject: Site Plan Approval Request for Okoboji Grill.

(Lot 33 and part of Lot 38, Corridor Commercial Part 2A)

Your North Liberty city staff has reviewed the subject submission, and offer comments presented in this

memo. The staff review team includes the following personnel:

Ryan Heiar, City Administrator

Tracey Mulcahey, Assistant City Administrator

Tom Palmer, City Building Official

Scott Peterson, City Attorney

Kevin Trom, City Engineer

Dean Wheatley, Planning Director

This request is to construct a new restaurant building in the Corridor Commercial area north of

Forevergreen Road and east of Highway 965. The Corridor Commercial area features high quality

development such as Core Fitness, Collins Credit Union, and others. It is important that this development

meets that quality standard and contributes to the overall image and quality that North Liberty has striven

to establish. In many recent developments the city has recommended gable or hip roof lines rather than

flat roofs as shown on these plans, to continue a design theme in North Liberty of personal scale and

residential character emphasis. In fact, almost every building already constructed in the Corridor

Commercial area and even in the Highway 965 corridor features a peaked roof, and the new Kum & Go

store completely changed its building plans to accommodate that request. Exceptions to this general

theme were the new commercial building at Liberty Centre, where the tradeoffs for flat roofs were

mechanical equipment hidden behind tall parapet walls and 100% masonry building elevations, and the

new City Tractor development where the buildings were large enough to make peaked roofs impractical.

This owner has been requested to consider a peaked roof but has declined. It is important to note that

peaked roofs are not required by North Liberty ordinance, but the Zoning Ordinance specifically grants

the following authority: “To require modifications to building materials, architectural features, or

orientation on the site beyond those requirements explicitly enumerated in this section, considered to be

consistent with the goals and objectives of the City of the North Liberty Comprehensive Plan; or to deny

any site plan if such modifications are not made by the petitioner.”

The site layout is logical, although it is immediately apparent that the number of parking spaces far

exceeds North Liberty standards and the parking drives are wider than minimum standards. The owner

understands that the plan exceeds minimum requirements and feels his business needs the parking

configuration shown. The commercial design standards regarding pedestrian-scale development is

proposed to be met through the large landscaped area in front of the building and walkways extending

from adjoining sidewalks through the parking lot and to the building. Parking areas are somewhat

softened through landscaped and bermed areas parallel to Sara Court and Jordan Street.

The building is nicely scaled and detailed, and features outdoor seating areas as indicated on the building

elevations. The use of awnings in the locations shown will help establish the desirable pedestrian scale

and character, but a peaked roof in the building design would be more consistent with North Liberty

design character. The owner has identified potential problems with such a roof system, but staff believes

those can be overcome without significant difficulty. Note the following photos of other Okoboji Grill

restaurants featuring peaked roof systems. At the end of this report are two photos submitted by the owner

for consideration: first is an example of roof-top equipment mounted on a peaked roof system, and second

is an example (Granite City) of the look the owner plans to achieve.

Technical ordinance requirements have been met, and the site plan is recommended for approval, subject

to consideration of the roofline by Commission and Council.

This page: pictures by owner of roof-mounted equipment on peaked roof system, and of design goal.


GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The Ecolume ECA/ECW is a rectilinear arm-mounted area luminaire. The precision segmented optical

systems provide required light levels, even illumination, wide pole spacings and glare control. The housing is dieformed and the door frame is

extruded aluminum. The Ecolume luminaire is completely sealed and gasketed, preventing intrusion from moisture, insects and contaminants.

CUTOFF PERFORMANCE: Flat glass lens luminaires provide full cutoff performance. Sag lens Luminaires using 3V/QV optics set to

lower socket position or Mallmaster® optics provide semi-cutoff performance. Other sag lens luminaires provide cutoff performance.




Enter the order code into the appropriate box above. Note: Gardco reserves the right to refuse a configuration. Not all combinations

and configurations are valid. Refer to notes below for exclusions and limitations. For questions or concerns, please consult the factory.


ECA14 14" Square Arm Mount Luminaire

ECA18 18" Square Arm Mount Luminaire

ECA23 23" Square Arm Mount Luminaire


Horizontal Lamp

Pulse Start MH

Magnetic Ballast


Electronic System

MasterColor® Elite

Electronic System

Pulse Start MH

Electronic Ballast

Standard MH

Magnetic Ballast*

High Pressure Sodium

Magnetic Ballast




Arm mounting on round poles is designed to mount to poles

measuring 3.5"OD or larger.

2H Type II

3H Type III

FH Type IV Forward Throw

BLC Backlight Control

EC18" only. 400MH/PSMH require

BT28/E28 lamp.

QH Type V

100MH 6,8

150MH 6,8

14" 18" 23"

200MH 7,8 E 250PSMH E 400PSMH E 450PSMH 9 E 875PSMH

320PSMH 10 E 750PSMH 9 1000PSMH 9

175PSMH 4 E 350PSMH 10 E 775PSMH 9

60CMPE 11 140CMPE 11

90CMPE 11


HS12 Internal House Side Shield

F Fusing

LF13 In-Pole/In-Line Fusing

PCT14 Locking Type Photocontrol Receptacle

with Photocontrol

PCR Locking Type Photocontrol Receptacle

PCB14 Button Photocontrol


Mast Arm Fitter

Pole Top Filter 2 3 PTF3

/8" X 4"

Pole Top Filter 3 - 31 PTF4

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Pole Top Filter 31 /2 - 4" X 6"

AP16,17 Adjustable Knuckle - Pole Mount

AT17 Adjustable Knuckle -Tenon Mount

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ECW14 14" Square Direct Wall Mount Luminaire

ECW18 18" Square Direct Wall Mount Luminaire

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ECWA18 18" Square Wall Mount with Arm

ECWA23 23" Square Wall Mount with Arm

Vertical Lamp

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QV-RNC 1,2 Type V Vertical Lamp, Reduced Nadir Candlepower 23" only.

RNC (Reduced Nadir Candlepower) option should be specified only in applications requiring extreme maximum to

minimum uniformity ratios (5 to 1 or =lower). Reduced luminaire efficiency will result in lower average footcandle levels.

3SV 1 Type III Vertical Lamp Mallmaster® Semi-cutoff (23" only)

QSV 1 Type V Vertical Lamp Mallmaster® Semi-cutoff (23" only)

210MCE 11 E 315MCE 11 E 210MCE 11 E 315MCE 11 E

250PSE 11 E 320PSE 10,11 E

175MH* 250MH* 400MH* 400MH* 1000MH

70HPS 4,5 150HPS 4,5 250HPS 400HPS 1000HPS

100HPS 4,5 400HPS 750HPS

* 175MH, 250MH and 400MH not available for sale in the United States.

(Note 19) QS / Q924 Table

HID Lamp Watts Max Quartz Lamp Watts

175 watts or less 100 Watts

Above 175 watts up to 400 watts 150 Watts

QS , QST, Q924 and QT924 options not available above 400W HID.


1 Single Assembly

2 Twin Assembly

2@90 Twin Assembly at 90º

3 Triple at 90º

3@120 Triple at 120º

4 Quad Assembly

Use “1” for ECW and ECWA wall mounted units


QS 19 Quartz Standby

QST 19 Quartz Standby - Timed Delay

Q924 19 Quartz Emergency

QT924 19 Quartz Emergency - Timed Delay

GDR 20 Provision for Gardco Demand Response

SG 21 Sag Glass Lens


MasterColor® Elite







Wattages marked

with E below

meet federal energy

efficiency standards

applicable to 150 watt through 500

watt metal halide luminaires only.

1. 14"/18" vertical lamp optics are supplied

standard with high temperature resistant

thermoplastic sag lens. 23" vertical lamp

optics are supplied standard with sag glass


2. 18"and 23" 3V/QV optical systems feature

an upper (factory set) cutoff socket position.

For wider spacings, a lower (field

adjustable) semi-cutoff socket position

may be set.

3. 14" vertical lamp optics require a medium base

lamp. Not Available with 480V.





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PSE types only.

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4. Requires mogul base lamp in horizontal optics and medium base lamp in vertical optics.

5. Not Available in 480V.

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11. 200 - 277V only.

12. Supplied standard for FH/FV.

13. Kit includes In-Line Fuses.

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16. Only available with single and twin luminares @ 180°.

17. Not available with 23” units.

18. In lieu of glass - Not available with 23” units.

19. See QS/Q924 Table.

20. Available only with 14” 175PSMH or 150HPS and 18” 250PSMH through 400PSMH or

250HPS through 400HPS wattages. Includes dual-level capacitor and wiring to connect

to Gardco Demand Response System.

21. 18” or 23” only. Supplied standard with 23” luminaires with vertical optics.

Emco Lighting 1611 Clovis Barker Road San Marcos, TX 78666 (800) 227-0758 (512) 753-1000 FAX: (512) 753-7855

© Copyright 2009 Philips Group. All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured. Emco Lighting reserves the right to change materials or modify the design of its product without notification

as part of the company’s continuing product improvement program.


Emco Lighting is a Philips group brand


GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Each EMCO Ecolume is a cutoff luminaire for

high intensity discharge lamps. Internal components are totally enclosed, rain-tight,

dust-tight, and corrosion resistant. No venting of the optical system or electrical

components is required or permitted. Lamping requires no lifting or hinging of the

luminaire housing, disturbing wiring or exposing uninsulated live parts.

Emco Lighting 1611 Clovis Barker Road San Marcos, TX 78666 (800) 227-0758 (512) 753-1000 FAX: (512) 753-7855

© Copyright 2009 Philips Group. All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured. Emco Lighting reserves the right to change materials or modify the design of its product without notification

as part of the company’s continuing product improvement program.


Emco Lighting is a Philips group brand


HOUSING: The housing wrapper is one-piece dieformed aluminum. The housing

has an integral reinforcing spine and no welded corners. Silicone seals provide a

weathertight seal at all points of material transition.

LENS: A mitered, extruded anodized aluminum door frame retains the optically

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section, high compliance, memory retentive extruded silicone rubber. A non-yellowing

drop acrylic lens is provided standard on 14" and 18" vertical lamp and a sag glass

lens is provided on 23" vertical lamp luminaires. A single flush 1/4 turn captive fastener

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OPTICAL SYSTEMS: The segmented reflector system consists of two levels of

highly specular aluminum facets precisely aligned to achieve specified photometric

distributions. The entire optical system is field rotatable in 90° increments. The

position-oriented mogul base socket is glazed porcelain with a nickel plated screw

shell. A lamp stabilizer is standard on 3H and QH 400W MH and PSMH units.

ELECTRICAL: All electrical components are UL recognized and factory tested.

Electronic and magnetic HID ballasts are high power factor. Magnetic HID ballasts

are the separate component type. The ballast is mounted on a unitized tray and

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C Arm Length

D Arm Height

E Drop Lens




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Single Twin 180° Quad





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LABELS: All luminaires bear UL or CUL (where applicable) Wet Location labels.

WARRANTY: Emco luminaires feature a 1 year limited warranty. See Warranty

Information on for complete details and exclusions.

FULL CUTOFF PERFORMANCE: Full cutoff performance means a luminaire distribution where

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A (W & WA)

B (W & WA)

C (WA only)

C (W only)

D (W & WA)

E (W & WA)

F (W & WA)

G (W & WA)



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14" sq 18" sq 23" sq

35.56cm 45.72cm 58.42cm

7" 10" 14.5"

17.78cm 25.40cm 36.83cm

8" 11" 14"

20.32cm 27.94cm 35.56cm

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5.08cm 5.08cm 5.08cm

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12.70cm 12.70cm 12.70cm

7" 7" 7.38"

17.78cm 17.78cm 18.75cm

2.25" 2.25" 4"

5.72cm 5.72cm 10.16cm

4" 4" 6.5"

10.16cm 10.16cm 16.51cm

Wall Mount with Arm (WA)



Direct Wall Mount (W)



Wall Mount Plate





MasterColor® Elite


March 30, 2010


To: North Liberty Planning Commission

From: Dean Wheatley, Planning Director

Subject: Revised Site Plan Approval Request for 410 North Front Street (Frog Hollow Day Care).

(Auditor’s Parcel 99073)

Your North Liberty city staff has reviewed the subject submission, and offer comments presented in this

memo. The staff review team includes the following personnel:

Ryan Heiar, City Administrator

Tracey Mulcahey, Assistant City Administrator

Tom Palmer, City Building Official

Scott Peterson, City Attorney

Kevin Trom, City Engineer

Dean Wheatley, Planning Director

The original site plan was approved by City Council on October 9, 2007, and a revised site plan was

approved in 2008 to reflect several refinements made after approval. The current revision includes the

addition of a new building section shown as “proposed” on the current approved plan, as well as

additional parking at the northeast corner of the site. The building addition is consistent with the existing

structure, and the additional paved area creates more parking opportunities for the day care and the

adjacent church, with which there is informal parking sharing. Construction on the site to date has been

consistent with approved plans.

The revised plan is recommended for approval with no conditions.

Note for owner:

Evidence of the additional easement needed for the new drive extension should be provided prior to

Council action on this revised site plan.

March 29, 2010


To: North Liberty Planning Commission

From: Dean Wheatley, Planning Director

Subject: Request of Midwest Development Corporation to approve a rezoning of property located

generally south of St. Andrews Drive and west of Jones Boulevard (formerly approved as “Glynmoor”


(Lengthy legal description, to be subdivided as Harvest Estates II)

Your North Liberty city staff has reviewed the subject submission, and offer comments presented in this

memo. The staff review team includes the following personnel:

Ryan Heiar, City Administrator

Tracey Mulcahey, Assistant City Administrator

Tom Palmer, City Building Official

Scott Peterson, City Attorney

Kevin Trom, City Engineer

Dean Wheatley, Planning Director

Background and Statistics

This request is to rezone an area currently zoned RS-3 and RS-4 to a different layout of zones:

RS-4, single family: about 50.07 acres, 67.3%.

RS-6, single family: about 6.85 acres, 9.2%.

RS-7, single family: about 6.92 acres, 9.3%.

RD-10, duplex: about 10.58 acres, 14.2%.

A “Good Neighbor” meeting was held to allow any


interested party an opportunity to comment on this


rezoning prior to submission, and many people attended


to voice concerns. After the Good Neighbor meeting, in


response to storm water runoff concerns heard at that

time, residents in the area were invited to a special

meeting led by City Engineer Kevin Trom, who explained

the nature and details of storm water management in the area. Also contributing was Doug Frederick,

engineer for the developer. That special meeting, attended by about 12-15 people, has been broadcast on

NLTV and is available for viewing at the city’s Website. Good neighbor emails and written comments

received are attached to this report.

The owner is not requesting approval of a subdivision plat at this time, but has submitted plans showing

the anticipated/proposed layout to help the city and interested parties understand how streets and lots

would lay out with the zoning as requested. Comments should be limited in general to the zoning itself,

although some zoning concerns will affect any subdivision plat and need to be identified during this


The property is shown as “residential” on the Land Use Plan, and so in a general sense the request is

consistent with that policy. The zoning districts requested by

the owner are common in North Liberty. For example:

RS-4 is found in Broadmoor, Fox Run, Fox Valley, Arlington

Ridge, and Aspen Ridge.

RS-6 is found in Deerfield, Broadmoor, Windsor Farms, West

Lake, and Arlington Ridge.

RS-7 is found in Cedar Springs and other smaller areas.

RD-10 is found in The Boulders, Cedar Springs, West Lake,

Liberty Centre, Deerfield, Autumn Ridge, and Creekside.

Land Use map for the vicinity

Subdivision Ordinance Provisions Affecting This Development

The request for a variety of zoning districts is not unusual. In

North Liberty, neighborhoods with a mixture of zoning

districts include Cedar Springs, Broadmoor, West Lake,

Deerfield, Autumn Ridge, Liberty Centre, Penn Meadows, and


The Subdivision Ordinance requires the establishment of a 20’ landscaped buffer strip along the arterial

frontage of lots backing onto arterial streets. All lots along Jones Boulevard and St. Andrews Drive will

need to include this buffer at the time of platting, which will provide some measure of privacy for those

lot owners as well as a more appealing view for owners of property across the arterials.

Jones Boulevard is classified as a “minor

arterial” in the city’s Major Street Plan, and St.

Andrews Drive is classified as a “collector.” As

such, these streets are designated to carry more

traffic than “local” streets found within

subdivisions. This developer will be required to

contribute cash toward the eventual

reconstruction of those streets, and in the case

of the realignment of St. Andrews Drive will be

required to absorb that entire cost.

A storm water management system will be

required to control water runoff from this site to

surrounding properties. The existing farm fields

have no storm water management in place.

Zoning Ordinance Provisions Affecting This


Zoning in the vicinity

The RS-7 district includes the following

requirements related to this development:

1. A maximum of 10% area of the single-family residential district may be zoned RS-7. The development

must be a minimum of 40 acres for the inclusion of RS-7 zoning.

2. It is preferred to have a transition of RS-6 single family residential district adjoining the RS-7 zoned

lots to serve as a buffer between RS-3 and RS-4 zoned lots.

Also, the 25% front elevation masonry requirement for other residential districts does not apply to the RS-

7 district.

Staff Comments Regarding the Proposed Development Layout

Storm water impacts. Concerns regarding storm water management have been addressed by an

extensive engineered system planned as part of the development. 8.19 acres, or about 11% of the total

development area, is devoted to 3 management areas that may be developed as ponds or dry-bottomed

spaces to slow and improve storm water. In addition, the development will include the standard system of

underground storm water pipes and land grading to ensure that water flows in the correct directions for

the system to work. It is very probable that this development will improve the existing storm water

situation in the vicinity, especially to the extent of problems originating on the development ground. In

combination with planned Jones Boulevard improvements that include replacing the open ditches with

curb and gutters, storm water issues will be largely controlled.

Street/Traffic impacts. Both Jones Boulevard and St. Andrews Drive are major streets in the city’s

Major Street Plan and in the JCCOG Major Street Network. As such, these streets are expected to carry

significant amounts of traffic in the future. The proposed project accommodates this and provides no

direct driveway access to those major streets, as directed by city staff in conformance with standard North

Liberty practice. JCCOG has prepared a trip generation study to estimate the impact of the development

on streets in the area, and concludes that traffic on Jones Boulevard will increase from 1,320 vehicles per

day (vpd) to 2,655 vpd near Penn Street and from 610 vpd to 1,530 vpd near Forevergreen Road.

Compared with other arterial streets in the area, the traffic estimates on Jones Boulevard after the

subdivision is built would still be relatively low and well under capacity of over 12,000 vpd.

As part of the subdivision review process, the developer will be required to relocate the intersection

of St. Andrews Drive and Jones Boulevard, and will also be required to pay a standard part of the costs to

reconstruct those two roadways adjacent to the development. St. Andrews Drive is not currently

scheduled for reconstruction, having been recently regraded for improved drainage and sealed. Jones

Boulevard is scheduled to be reconstructed from Penn Street to St. Andrews Drive in year 2011, and from

St. Andrews Drive to Forevergreen Road in year 2013 in the most recent Capital Improvements Program.

Concerns regarding speeding on the roadways are valid citywide, not directly related to the new

development, and should not be a rezoning consideration.

Concerns have been expressed by neighbors about having street entrance to Jones Boulevard and

about the impact of headlights on properties there, but staff supports the connection to promote good

circulation, and notes that the intersection is centered on the lot line across Jones to minimize the impact.

There are already over 100 T-type intersections in the city, and headlight impacts are not substantially

different from 4-way intersections when centered as proposed.

Land use impacts on adjacent properties. Probably of most concern to area property owners, yet

hardest to objectively address, is the type of zoning being proposed – the specific districts and their

locations in respect to surrounding properties. While most would agree that it is not reasonable for the

developer of property within the corporate limits to be held to lot sizes established in unincorporated areas

adjacent to city growth, the impacts of the new development should be ameliorated as much as possible

within standard city development practices and policies.

The developer has proposed lots along Jones Boulevard roughly equivalent to the average size of

existing lots on the opposite side of Jones, and has included a substantial green space frontage. Staff

believes that the transition is handled well. Lot #1 of the Sentman Addition is proposed to be buffered on

2 sides by a substantial green space.

The proposal for RS-4 lots along St. Andrews Drive will provide an appropriate opposing frontage for

lots in the neighboring Harvest Estates subdivision, and a transition within the development to the higher

density lots proposed. The larger lot Kasper property north of St. Andrews Drive is buffered from the

proposed development by a green space area approximately 100’ in depth.

The last common boundary with nearby residences is with the Chipman’s Addition rural subdivision

(see map at right). This area of 2.5-3 acre lots, platted in 1969, is not within the corporate limits. The

street through the subdivision and abutting one long side of the proposed development is a substandard

private gravel drive with 2 fronting homes plus one other with a side yard line toward the development.

The developer cannot be required to front lots on the private drive or to connect new streets to it, so the

only option is to establish rear lot lines

along the drive. The lots proposed by the

developer are large city RS-4 lots

appropriate for buffering rural lots,

especially in this case where the rural lots

could easily be further subdivided in the

future. Additional landscaping along the

private drive, installed as part of the

proposed development, would help address

this awkward area. The westerly row of lots

in Chipman’s Addition includes 4 homes

located a substantial distance from the

proposed development.

Land use and zoning recommendation.

We have attempted to address some of the

concerns heard at the Good Neighbor

meeting in this report, but there remain very

good questions about the nature of

development in North Liberty: Do we need

more large-lot single-family development to

balance out what many think is too much multi-family? What is the right type of development in this part

of the community (and elsewhere)? The Comprehensive Plan text is not very helpful here, as the

development complies with the “residential” land use plan designation. Text of the Plan could be used to

both support and oppose the development as proposed. Looking at the bigger picture, the overall gross

density of the development can be roughly compared to others in North Liberty:

• Harvest Estates II as proposed: Approximately 17,243 square feet of land per housing unit.

• Deerfield neighborhood (single-family and duplex only, including Deerfield Park):

Approximately 13,550 square feet per housing unit.

• Broadmoor neighborhood (including Broadmoor Park/Pond and all condominiums):

Approximately 13,300 square feet per housing unit.

• Cedar Springs neighborhood (mixed use area, not including large steep lots): Approximately

20,050 square feet per unit.

In general, cities prosper and are considered economically and socially healthy places when they

accommodate a variety of housing types. Cities and neighborhoods with uniform development of one or

only a few types, whether it is multi-family, single-family, or others, are sometimes highly desirable for a

target population but are often boring and unappealing, slow to sell unless demand is very high for the

use, and difficult to resell for the same reason. Throughout the United States and elsewhere,

neighborhoods historically have included a variety of housing types and residents with a mix of incomes.

Such neighborhoods often contain larger homes as well as smaller, more affordable units on a variety of

lot sizes. Today, newer developments that include a mix of households with different income levels can

take on a variety of forms, from all residential lots of varying sizes to combinations of retail, residential,

office, public, and other uses. The variety of housing options draws a wide range of buyers, including

empty nesters, singles, families with children, and professional couples. Neighborhoods that include a

mix of housing types and price points provide greater affordability and wider appeal by offering products

at a variety of price points. Knowledgeable developers offer an assortment of housing types at a range of

price points to reduce the overall risk of the project and help increase absorption rates. The mix of

housing products widens the scope of the target market and allows developments to respond more flexibly

to changing market conditions.

The development as proposed is about 67% RS-4 and is almost 86% single-family detached zoning.

Because there is no multi-family proposed as part of this development, all residents are expected to be

owners, a significant statistic for some when considering neighborhood desirability and development in

North Liberty.

In many cases the city will encourage duplex zoning along major streets to provide somewhat of a

buffer or separation from single-family homes, but in this case the developer has ringed the site with

single family lots and moved the duplex zoning to the interior of the site to address concerns voiced at the

good neighbor meeting.

In summary, the development provides a generally-desirable mixture of different single-family and

duplex lots while respecting surrounding properties. It is expected to control storm water management in

the area, and will contribute to planned upgrading of major streets. Although not a quantifiable measure,

it is not unreasonable to assume that a majority of the new homes built in the development will equal or

exceed the value of those surrounding it, especially those new homes nearest the existing homes. The

developer has been very responsive to the recommendations of staff and to the concerns of neighbors,

refining the development plan over the past several weeks rather than pushing ahead at the earliest

opportunities. Staff recommends approval of the request, subject to the following conditions:

1. That the final reading of the rezoning be held until the preliminary plat is ready for approval, so that

final adjustments can be made to the zoning district legal descriptions based on the plat.

2. That landscape plans are developed for the West Hauer Drive, Jones Boulevard, and St. Andrews

Drive frontages for approval with the preliminary plat, so that drainage needs can be taken into


3. That a 25% masonry requirement be enforced for the RS-7 zoned area to be consistent with the other

subareas within the development.

Harvest Estates II Rezoning Request

Good Neighbor Meeting and Development Comments

Emails and letters on the following pages were received around the time of the good neighbor meeting

for Harvest Estates II. Since that time, the Harvest Estates plan has been substantially modified by the

developer to address these comments and those received at the good neighbor meeting. Some of the

comments seen here may not apply to the current plan, but they are all part of the record and not

filtered for content. In addition, the following list of good neighbor meeting comments was compiled by

staff and the developer’s engineer following the meeting:

• General comments:

City should not allow more development until it does a better job dealing with issues in the

area – storm water, streets, traffic flow.

� Any housing density proposed to be higher than what is already surrounding the development

is inappropriate.

� New CCA elementary school cannot handle all the children that any new development would

bring, so nothing new should be approved.

� Questions as to why the City took the NW part of the property instead of the Northeast part

� Concerns that no improvements have been done to Jones Blvd.

� Concerns regarding the condition of St. Andrews. It was explained that St. Andrews (to the west

side of Harvest Estates I) would be reconstructed with this development. Then questions arose

as to when the remainder would be paved.

• Specific comments regarding the development and its layout:

� Connect Whipple Court to Gwinnett Street rather than end in cul‐de‐sac.

� Place trees and berm along Hauer Drive as buffer.

� Delete landscape island median at intersection of Jones/St. Andrews and remove the current

one because of snow removal, turning difficulties, etc.

� Use trees as a buffer along Jones on lots that back up to Jones.

� Require builders to submit an elevation of back of homes along Jones Blvd.

� Concern of the safety of the proposed intersection of Franklin Street with Jones Blvd. (Cited site

distance at Franklin and Jones blvd.)

� Site distance problems on Jones for driveways.

� Concerns about headlights flashing in homes.

� Houses along Jones should front Jones but access home from Franklin.

� Owner of Northwestern most lot of Hauer Addition would like a fence to keep people out of his


� Put duplex lots in middle of subdivision and single family along 270th

� Concerns regarding headlights from vehicles using Stone Circle flashing in homes to the North

� Concerns regarding stormwater and detention basins

� Concerns regarding the commercial areas. Are they necessary and concerns regarding possible

uses of those lots.

� Owner to North would like to see some other use rather than commercial for lot 33.



March 2, 2010

ROLL CALL. At 6:33 p.m., Chairman Mausser called the meeting to order. Commission

members present: Anderson, Detlefson, Frost, Haack, Mausser, Wilkerson; absent - Moore.

Others present: Tracey Mulcahey, Glenn Meisner, Tom Salm, Brian Wayson, Carter Kurdlre,

Corinne Lemmage and other interested citizens.

AGENDA APPROVAL. Frost moved, Haack seconded to approve the agenda. The vote was:

ayes – Mausser, Haack, Wilkerson, Anderson, Frost, Detlefson; nays – none; absent - Haack.

Motion carried.

PUBLIC COMMENT. No public comment was received.

COUNTY REZONING WITHIN FRINGE AREA. Mausser presented information regarding the

request of Sharon Sass to rezone property at 2359 Mehaffey Bridge Road NE from AR

(Agricultural Residential) to RMF (Residential Multi Family).

Applicants Presentation. Glen Meisner from MMS Consultants presented the applicant’s

request. The owner is willing to limit the number of units to four.

Public Comments. No public comments were offered.

Questions and Comments from the Commission. Wilkerson stated that she is pleased to hear that

the owner is willing to limit to four units.

Recommendation to City Council. Wilkerson moved, Detlefson seconded to recommend

approval to the City Council with the stipulation of a maximum of four dwelling units. The vote

was: ayes – Detlefson, Wilkerson, Haack, Anderson, Mausser, Frost; nays – none; absent -

Moore. Motion carried.

MINUTES. Haack moved, Anerson seconded to approve the minutes from the February 2, 2010

Commission meeting. The vote was: ayes – Haack, Anderson, Mausser, Detlefson, Frost; nays –

none; abstain – Wilkerson; absent - Moore. Motion carried.

OLD BUSINESS. Mausser stated that after the meeting tonight a discussion of the

comprehensive plan is planned.

NEW BUSINESS. No new business was offered.

CASES UNDER DEVELOPMENT – Harvest Estates II Rezoning and Plat is still pending.

ADJOURNMENT. At 6:40 p.m., Frost moved, Anderson seconded to adjourn. All ayes.

Meeting adjourned.

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