Report of the JSA President / Jefferson Lab Director

Report of the JSA President / Jefferson Lab Director

Hugh Montgomery; March 30, 2012



• Infrastructure


• 12 GeV Project Progress

• Future Directions EIC

• Strategic Planning

• Funding Discussions

March 2012 Page 2

TEDF Construction - $72.2M

Additional Federal Investments

in JLab Infrastructure

March 2012 Page 3

Utilities Infrastructure

Modernization - $29.2M

CEBAF Center Add & Rehab -

$78-92M (Planned)

Experimental Nuclear Physics Program

March 2012 Page 4


HDice, delayed

has reached 35 mK

in lab

12 GeV Upgrade will allow access to new scientific discoveries

• Total Project Cost $310M

• Upgrade accelerator and

infrastructure to allow delivery of 11

GeV to three existing experimental

halls and 12 GeV to a new hall

• Construct new hall and completely

new, large scale experiment (GlueX)

• Upgrade equipment in other halls to

permit exploitation of new energy


12 GeV Upgrade Project

March 2012 Page 5

12 GeV Upgrade Schedule

March 2012 Page 6

Two short parasitic installation

periods in FY10

6-month installation

May – Oct 2011


12-month installation

May 2012 – May 2013

Hall A commissioning start

October 2013

Hall D commissioning start

April 2014

Halls B/C commissioning start

October 2014

Project Completion

June 2015

12 GeV Upgrade – Highlights

• Hall D – equipment installation in progress

• Two high-gradient 12 GeV cryomodules installed

and delivering high quality beam; third moved to tunnel

• CHL-2 compressors/coolers/skids in place

Third C-100 Cryomodule

transferred to tunnel

Central Helium Liquefier-2


• Superconducting magnets under construction

• All major detector systems under construction

– All 48 Hall D BCAL modules on site (U. Regina)

• Performance Index: schedule 95% ; cost 96%

March 2012 Page 7

Hall C Dipole

Prototype Coil

Hall D Interior

Hall B Pre-Shower


Physics – Hall D

• The Hall D Solenoid was installed.

• The 48 Hall D Barrel Calorimeter (BCal) segments were


March 2012 Page 8

Hall D U. Regina

March 2012 Page 9


Physics – Hall D (Continued)



March 2012 Page 10


Physics – Hall C

The Spectrometer support carriage parts are fully contracted and starting

to arrive.

March 2012 Page 11

Physics – Hall B – Drift Chambers

At ISU: Reg.1 #2 almost

completed. They're hiring their

3 rd and 4 th stringers for parallel

stringing of the two chambers.

At ODU: Reg.2 #2 being

shipped at JLab soon, #3

and #4 almost done.

March 2012 Page 12

At JLab: Reg.3 #1 on the spit,

stringing has started.

Physics – Hall B – Silicon Vertex Detector

• Sensors are being manufactured by Hamamatsu.

• Staves are being assembled by Fermilab.

• Several external technical progress reviews have been


March 2012 Page 13

Hall B SC Magnets

Two existing contracts have been terminated due to QA

and schedule

• We have assumed the three machine shop sub-contracts

• Five truck loads of equipment have arrived at JLab

• We are in the process of setting up an in-house conductor

soldiering line

Hall B Torus

• We have an oral agreement with Fermi for cold mass fabrication

• Planning for Cryostat assemble has not started

Hall B Solenoid

• BNL is interested; site visit and engineering discussions in


• We are also starting discussion with three industrial vendors

March 2012 Page 14

Hall C Q2/Q3/Dipole

• After 18-months of set-up,

subcontractor appears

ready to start 3-month

conductor soldering

production run.

• Prototype short Dipole

winding started (one year


• Funding and schedule

issues remain to be settled.

Hall C SC Magnets

March 2012 Page 15

12 GeV Project: CHL-2 Cold Box Delivery (50T)

March 2012 Page 16

Future Projects

• Super Bigbite Spectrometer (SBS)

- Successful review in Oct. 2011

- Updated project management plan submitted Dec. 2011

- Final discussions in progress (reporting, change control, etc.)

• MOLLER (PV e - -e - scattering)

- Submitted to DOE-ONP Sept. 2011


- Chinese collaboration still developing

- CLEO solenoid under negotiation

- Directors review in Fall 2012?

• HPS (Conditional approval - HEP)

- Parasitic test run in progress

March 2012 Page 17

“White Paper” Outline

Physics Opportunities with the

12 GeV Upgrade at Jefferson Lab

• Overview (3) – Pennington/Ent/BMcK

• Meson Spectroscopy and Structure (5) – Meyer, Dudek

• Nucleon Structure and Spectroscopy (10) – Meziani, Richards

• QCD and Nuclei (5) – Weinstein, Miller

• The Standard Model and Beyond (5) – Kumar, Essig

• Appendix A: Experimental Equipment (10) – Young

March 2012 Page 18

JLab MEIC Design

• The present JLab EIC design focuses on a medium CM energy range up to 65 GeV, however,

retains an upgrade option to reach higher energy and luminosity

• EIC reaches 6x1033 cm-2s-1 luminosity for a full acceptance detector at a 60x5 GeV2 design point,

and double this luminosity for a 2nd large acceptance detector. Proton energies up to 100 GeV are o.k.

(with luminosity scaling with γ).

• The present MEIC design takes a conservative technical approach by limiting several key design

parameters within state-of-the-art. It relies on regular electron cooling to obtain the ion beam


• CASA has established extensive collaborations with scientists worldwide on MEIC design and R&D.

It also works closely with the physics community.

March 2012 Page 19


0 mrad

50 mrad

EM Calorimeter


MEIC: Full Acceptance Detector




March 2012 Page 20

ion dipole w/ detectors

electron FFQs

2+3 m 2 m 2 m

Central detector

Solenoid yoke + Muon Detector



Solenoid yoke + Hadronic Calorimeter



2m 3m 2m

7 meters

EM Calorimeter

Hadron Calorimeter

Muon Detector

Detect particles with

angles down to 0.5 o

before ion FFQs.

Need 1-2 Tm dipole.


Three-stage detection

Detect particles with

angles below 0.5 o

beyond ion FFQs and

in arcs.

Need 4 m machine

element free region

Very-forward detector

Large dipole bend @ 20 meter from IP (to correct

the 50 mr ion horizontal crossing angle) allows for

very-small angle detection (

EIC White Paper Steering Committee

Goal: Community-wide science paper on the US EIC for the next LRP

Overall Editors:

A. Deshpande (Stony Brook), Z-E. Meziani (Temple), J. Qiu (BNL)

Gluon Saturation in e+A:

T. Ullrich (BNL) and Y. Kovchegov (Ohio State)

Nucleon spin structure (inclusive e+N):

E. Sichtermann (LBNL) and W. Vogelsang (Tubingen)

GPD's and exclusive reactions:

M. Diehl (DESY) and F. Sabatie (Saclay)

TMD's and hadronization and SIDIS:

H. Gao (Duke) and F. Yuan (LBNL)

Electroweak physics:

K. Kumar (U Mass) and M. Ramsey-Musolf (Wisconsin)

Accelerator design and challenges:

A. Hutton (JLab) and T. Roser (BNL)

Detector design and challenges:

E. Aschenauer (BNL) and T. Horn (CUA)

Senior Advisors:

A. Mueller (Columbia) and R. Holt (ANL)

March 2012 Page 21

Va. Developments

• Two Va. budget initiatives:

- 0.5M increase in annual funds

- 3.0M FEL equipment upgrade

• JMU Workshop – May 16, 2012

Science Enabled by Photon Sources:

Local Research Interests in Virginia

March 2012 Page 22




Jefferson Laboratory Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

JSA (contractor

assurance, risk

registry, …)

March 2012 Page 23


SC Annual Lab



Jefferson Lab Strategic Plan

The goal is to produce a concise document, perhaps not

more than 20 pages, which would start with a vision

statement and a set of goals for the laboratory as a whole

and would then delve deeper into what we do, developing

visions, goals, and outcomes at multiple levels.

The intent is that we engage our owners, both the science

and operations components of the lab, the laboratory

leadership more broadly, the staff, and the user

community, essentially all of our stakeholders, in the


March 2012 Page 24

Strategic Plan Status

• Held town meetings with Physics, Theory, Accelerator, FEL


• Also held one for “Technology Development and Technical

Infrastructure” – cryo, accelerator R&D, detector development,


• Open town meeting with users March 16

Lab leadership retreat in Summer 2012

• A comprehensive plan is the goal: < 1 year

March 2012 Page 25

Budget Situation

• FY 12 Budget

- Ops constrained by FY11 strictures, hard to generate reserve

- run in progress and will complete

- 12 GeV project $50M (Baseline = $66M)

• FY13 President’s Budget

- Ops ~constant

- 12 GeV project $43M

- UIM start $2.5M

• Mar 9 NSAC meeting

- Expected subcommittee to consider priorities under budget


- No charge…

Concern about status of basic/fundamental

science funding

March 2012 Page 26

Jefferson Lab Open House

March 2012 Page 27

Jefferson Lab

Life is exciting, operations and the 12 GeV

Project and the Science Lab Infrastructure

(TEDF, UIM) Projects provide well rounded


The 6 GeV era is coming to a (successful)


The 12 GeV era is nigh.

March 2012 Page 28

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