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Labrador Eskimo Village

Holds Own Against North

Tbi. i. one of a . erie. of article. profiling

Canada'. main ethnic cammunitie. and the ir

contribution. to Canadia n life.


ST. JO HN'S, NOd.-Meet younq Fred LyQIl,


Seal·hunter, Arctic chcrr &.henn Qn, weIJQre

worker , and quiet , .a be rminded lriudenl 01


Equally al home in Enqlah-or EKimo .

Thil monlh Fred ', home lawn becQme Le bec ­

dar '. most northerly outpost 01 c:iYilization.

Home to Fred i. the ulimo Yil!aQe of Nain ,

lOme two-third . of the way up Ihe Labrador

coostline. It won the Most Northerly title Irom

Hebron, 0 community 100 mil.. to the north , jUlt

beyond Lcbrcdcr 's tree line . But il wa ln 't a ny

IOrt of conte,t.

For Hebron had jull!died .

It became Qn ukimo qh c.t lown thi' mont h.

Ku . Veel B••at y Spot

Fred LYQll ', Nain -a rugged beauty lpot 01

qlQnt rocke ry, "ubby treel-ill d09Qedly holdino

ita own oqaiNt the north .

If Ihe Oreal are development. planned lor

UnOQ.,Q, pill over into Labrador, Freel', villa qe

01 400 can hope lor a boom.

If Ihey don 'l Na in, 100, ma y qo.

The lall 01 50 EKimo !Qmili.. in Hebron were

rnettled tm. monlh in NQin and communitie, 10

the lOulh : Ma kkovik, Hcped a l• . Two compl ele

..ttlemenl. ha ... now been trantplQnled by Ihe

Fred Lyall ezamin.. E. limo cribbage board

carve d from . eal tulie . Tiny figurine. repr e .

. e nt polar Mar, walru s, and man.

province 10 centralize medical , communiCQtion


" But ther. , reaUy 100 much lile in Nuin to

think 01 marino our community ," l a ya Ihe 22·

neeri nq at North Wnt Ri.,er' . VOCQtional Sch ool,

near Goo.e &y.

Summertime In terp r et...

yea r-old youth who qrew up with ulima youn9 ' Fred ill Q ,ummertime inte rpret er and aid e 01

lII:en, amonq ulima waya .

Nain Jar the Northern AHQir' Branch 01 Ihe

The Lyal1.l are one 01 10 white lamilie' in 100 provin ce . MOlit 01 the white ..ttlera here work in

cooll!a l hamlet.

adminillralion or filhinq under Ih. branch.

More youn9 men 01north and central Labrador Fred hopes 10 work in Labrador alter 9radua.

Qre .,en lurinq to lorqer centr.. loday in quelll:01 lion. John ny hopei 10 be a teacher like hi. lilll:e!

education. Fred ', in third year comme rce 01 St. Beatrice. " In Labrador, naturallyl"

John ', Memorial Uni verli ly. Here at biqh 'Chool

from 00 own villaqe i.I Johnny Ford, 19, whOM

"Lcbrcdcncne are dille rent from Newfound ·

Ionde ra," Iohnn y will 'ay proudly. He 'QW hi.

la mUy once li.,ed with Hebron', UldmOli. fir" reQl wban centre, SI. John'., for Ihe firlll:

O ne 01their cloee chum . , ukimo loch TuttQuk,

22, ca me do wn IQlI! yeo r to lII:udydi...l enqi -

time tm. Fa ll. "People in Lab rador Qre friendlier,

eleeer .'

l OS

No, no' what you may think; This is "Zippie,"

treating a spot of impetigo

The school children come to clinic, and

leam how to care for themselves. Grade 3

very proud of the results of a

hair-combing session

Zipo..-ohMoougok hal helped to core for

baby Ikkusek. 6 week, premature but

here weigh,"g .4Y1lbs. and ready fOf'home

Amalia Igloliorte not on ly t.elp , to keep

the nursing ,tolion clean. but ebe lecrns

to care for really sick patients. and to

cap e with sucfl thing, 0' M". Ford ',

intravenous fluid,

Klara Barber i, interested in matemity

nursing, but here she just keep, an eye

on Ma ud and Pauline. 0' they admi re

young Richard White, their new brother

Sid Dicken, the Janitor, amoog his ather jabs

cares for the trout nets, rowing over the bay

twice each day to see what we shall have

for dinner

Matilda Tuglavina is ooly three years old,

so it is a comfort to be allowed to help with

the washing up, instead of staying in the

word alone

Mrs. Benigno Lid, a patient herself, helps

amuse Peter Okuaihiajuak, who hod pneumonia,

while Noroh and "lippie" get supper

'- n

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