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Night and Day Images of Old Des Moines

The Central Library’s Special Collections area houses a plethora of valuable materials related to Des Moines and Iowa. Included are county histories, old

city directories, Des Moines area high school yearbooks, historical bound periodicals, and photo collection books issued in the early 1900s. History lovers

can now find many images that capture a small bit of Des Moines’ history and culture, freezing a moment in time. Recently volunteer Rebecca Preston,

worked with librarians Marci Behm and Joe Hyman, to scan these remarkable images found in souvenir books.

The library’s Local History Collection is a great resource for home restorers/researchers, historians, genealogists, and students. Digitization of these

amazing resources is important because:

1. It allows us to make the item more easily accessible to the staff and public.

2. We can share them via Flickr ® , send them via email, and post them onto sites like Facebook ® .

3. It protects the original materials from damage since fewer people are actually handling the original item.

Digitizing items at archival grade is time consuming, but we are working diligently to create and grow a centralized digital library for DMPL’s special

collections. Future projects include digitization of city directories, yearbooks, historical news articles, and the creation of a centralized inventory of

historical items. Read more via the Local History blog at: View additional images on our Local History Wiki via

FLickr ® at:

Acting Library Director

Sally Wisdom

Des Moines Public Library

Board of Trustees

Susan Voss | President

Jason Grinstead | Vice President

Barb Hildebrandt | Secretary

Kevin Techau

Jule Thorsen

Moving Forward on

Franklin Avenue Library Expansion

Franklin Avenue residents may have noticed the great progress that has been made over the

summer on the library’s renovation. The block walls are up and framing has been completed

on the new story time room. The expansion continues to be on schedule with an expected

reopening in late spring or early summer next year.

The Friends of the Franklin Avenue Library are already beginning to make plans for tours and

programs to showcase the library’s many new LEED features. Library users can look forward

to a new children’s room, a new study area complete with fireplace, comfortable seating with plenty of plug-ins for laptop users, and three times the

number of public internet computers will be available. Teens will enjoy a new space reserved just for them. The enlarged floor plan also includes private

study rooms, conference rooms and a meeting room with increased seating.

If you would like to be a part of welcoming the library back to the neighborhood, stop by the Franklin

Avenue Library and become a Friend! Contributions to the project are still needed and can be made

through the Des Moines Public Library Foundation. To donate, visit the library’s web site and click on

Donate Now. For further information, call 515-248-6402 or email:

Meet the Director Candidates - October 12

FALL 2010 no.26

Following the retirement of Saul Amdursky, the Des Moines Public Library Board of Trustees engaged

library consultants Gossage Sager Associates to conduct a search for a new library director. Initial

interviews were conducted remotely using Skype September 20 and 21. Finalists have now been

selected and personal interviews for the position will take place October 12 and 13. The public is

invited to meet the candidates Tuesday, October 12 from 5:30-7:30 PM in the Grand Meeting Wing at

the Central Library.



Baby Rhyme Time

ages o - 18 months.

Occurs weekly for babies and caregivers

featuring rhymes, songs, bouncing, and

a story or two. (Formerly named Lap Sit.)

Central Library - Fridays, 10:00 AM

Franklin Library - Tuesdays, 10:15 AM

South Side Library - Tuesdays, 10:15 AM

Family Storytime

entire family

Bring the entire family together early in the

evening for fun stories. It’s a great way for

parents and children to listen to stories and

enjoy a relaxing time together. You can even

wear your jammies!

South Side Library - Mondays, 6:30 PM

Preschool Storytime

ages 3-6

Encourages children to make new friends

and develop their imaginations. All six

library locations offer regularly scheduled

preschool storytimes to fit the scheduling

needs of daycares, parents, and other


Central Library - Wednesdays:

Day Cares - 10:00 AM / Families - 10:30 AM

East Side Library - Thursdays, 10:30 AM

Franklin Ave. Library - Mondays, 10:15 AM

Forest Ave. Library - Wednesdays, 10:15 AM

North Side Library - Tuesdays, 10:30 AM

South Side Library - Thursdays,10:00 AM

Toddler Storytime

ages 18 mo. - 3

Introduce children to books with fun

activities like finger plays and songs.

Central Library - Thursdays:

Day Cares - 10:00 AM / Families - 10:30 AM

Franklin Ave. Library -

Wednesdays, 10:15 AM and 10:50 AM

South Side Library - Wednesdays,10:00 AM

No Storytimes December 20 - January 2.

2 | 515.283.4152

Storytimes at the Library:

Where Literacy Begins

Story times are a great way to introduce your young child

to reading and books. Our trained children’s specialists

conduct a variety of story times every week for children

from birth to six years old. During story times babies,

toddlers and preschoolers will listen to stories, look at pictures, hear flannel board tales, sing songs,

and learn finger plays. All of these tools used during story times teach children words, rhyme, rhythm,

colors, numbers, and the alphabet.

Great experiences for children! Youngsters learn about the world around them as they listen

to stories and they begin to understand that their feelings, such as fear, anger, and jealousy, are

shared by other children just like them. Stories can often help children learn how to overcome some

of those feelings.

Fun for parents and caregivers too! Story times are a great way to meet other parents and

learn how to share stories with your child. After a few weeks attending story time, you may begin using

the rhymes and finger plays that you hear to entertain your child—they come in handy during long car

rides or in a long line at the supermarket. Give them a try as you wait for dinner at a restaurant or in a

stress filled moment at the doctor’s office! Library story times may last only thirty minutes a week, but

the lessons, learning, and love of literature that develop will last forever.

Practice print awareness with your children daily! As you go about your day, take time

to point out words on signs, buildings, menus, lists, etc. and say them aloud to your child as you

point them out. This helps your child begin to understand printed words have meaning. When sharing

books with your child, show the front cover and point out the title and author of the book, let the child

see you turn pages (and let them help!), and occasionally point to words as you read them on the

page. This will strengthen the connection between the spoken and printed word. So, snuggle up and

read. Find out the story time hours and more about print awareness on our website at

Beaverdale Fall Festival Parade

Thank you to the Friends of the Franklin Avenue Library

for sponsoring library bookmarks for the Beaverdale

Fall Festival parade on Saturday, September 18. Franklin

Avenue Library page, Joe Simmons, who wore The Cat in

the Hat costume was a big hit in the parade. Everyone

had fun in spite of the light rain.

Parade watchers greeted Franklin Avenue Library staff and The Cat in the Hat at the Beaverdale Fall

Festival parade. Pictured, l. to r.: Kris Sheaffer, Joe Simmons, and P. J. Mullen.

What has pink fur, a green nose,

cool glasses, and hangs out at the

Forest Avenue Library? It’s ROSIE!!

Rosie and the outreach van, along with DMPL library assistant

Sue Woody, are all part of a free service operating out of the

Forest Avenue Library. This past summer Rosie made her debut

appearance at an Iowa Cubs game during Home Run Reader

night, strolled in the Iowa State Fair parade and was quite the

star at the annual Forest Avenue Fall Festival!

Rosie is all about reading! She even has her very own web

site featuring all kinds of cool tips for parents and caregivers.

Teachers, kids, and parents -- visit Rosie’s web site often for

Reading Recommendations, Fun Activities, Early Literacy Skills,

and great advice for parents! For more information, email Sue

Woody at

It’s Never Too Late to Learn How to Read

More than just a hard worker, Jerry Shillinger, a Des Moines native, has

nearly thirty-three years of experience working for the city of Des Moines

but he has also demonstrated a real desire to learn. As a child, he suffered

a head injury, fell behind in school, and never learned how to read. Jerry’s

parents divorced and his mother raised four boys and worked two jobs. As

he progressed through school, he continued to have trouble learning to read. “Everyone just passed

the buck,” he said, so he dropped out in eighth grade. Jerry went on to serve in the National Guard

for twelve years before starting his current position working for Des Moines Solid Waste.

When asked what finally convinced him to ask for help, Jerry said he had become worried about

losing his job. The city’s public works department was paring down, so he asked his daughter to help

him find a place where he could learn to read—and she suggested the library!

He credits the librarians at the Franklin Avenue Library for putting him in touch with the Drake

University Adult Literacy Center. When Jerry first started working with the tutors there, he couldn’t

read a three-letter word but, he says, “I didn’t let anything stand in my way.”

Five years after his first tutoring session (one hour, one night a week), Jerry tells about being able

to get his wife the first anniversary card he knew how to read. He laughs and says that he couldn’t

choose which one to get so he got both! Jerry offers great advice for adults who don’t know how to

read: “Don’t wait. There’s help out there!” Just ask a librarian!

Writers’ Workshop: How to

Organize Your Book, Part 2

Guest author Carroll Stoner will share tips on how to organize

your book for those interested in writing nonfiction. Join us

on Monday, November 1, at 6:00 PM. Central Library Meeting

Room One. Preregister.

Literacy Across A Lifetime

Literacy advocates from a variety of community organizations

shared information about their literacy initiatives during a

panel discussion at Central Library on September 8. Pictured

are: Archie Willard - National Literacy Leadership Awardee

and longtime adult literacy advocate; Angela Connolley - Polk

County Supervisor; Georgia Sheriff - Drake University Head

Start Director; Molly Olinger Topf - Reach Out and Read - Iowa;

Tyler Weig - Everybody Wins! Iowa; Mike Hutchinson - Dollar

General Central Iowa Manager; Elisabeth Buck - Director - Iowa

Workforce Development; Laura Walth - Des Moines Public Library adult programming librarian;

Steven Pritchard - Former literacy student, author, and owner of Pritchard’s Book Cafe; (not pictured)

Anne Murr - Drake University Adult Literacy Center

Civic Engagement at the Library

Citizens will have the opportunity to discuss public issues in moderated monthly forums on Saturday

mornings beginning in October and continuing through March. The first forum will be held on

October 16, with a focus on “America’s Role in the World.” Future session topics will be chosen by

those who have responded to an opportunity to choose the topic. Watch the library’s web site for

details. To participate, please register online or call 515-283-4957. (Limited to

25 registrants.)

Literacy in a Different Way

Tuesday, October 19, 6:00 PM, Central Library | Author Lisa Ossian is the codirector

of the Iowa Studies Center and teaches history at Des Moines Area

Community College. She will discuss The Home Fronts of Iowa 1939-1945, a

fascinating look at the war years in Iowa and the resilience of Iowans as they

answered the call to support the war effort.

Laura Walth, Archie Willard, Anne Murr

Words Overheard

from Our Staff and Our


Today’s technology offers an increasing

number of ways for the library to learn

what our customers think and say about

us. Here’s a collection of stories gathered

from a variety of sources ranging from

comments to staff and email responses, to

postings by Facebook fans and tweets on


Jeneane Moody who works at the

Franklin Avenue Library noted that the

library was mentioned during a recent PTA

meeting that she attended. Jeneane shared

this comment: Parents have been very

pleased with the book recommendations and

suggestions that our staff offers.

Recent message as seen on

Twitter ® : The kids are playing library right

now, and are both the librarians. They made

scanners for the books out of Legos!

Sue Woody, who travels on the

Rosie Outreach van, shared this

cute story: On my walk at Gray’s Lake

yesterday I saw a young girl and her mother

walking towards me. I was watching them

because I was pretty sure the girl was wearing

a summer reading t-shirt (she was!). Both

their heads were down and as I passed them,

I realized that the mother was reading a

chapter book to her daughter and they were

totally engrossed in the story while they were

walking the lake!!

Email response about our Dear

Reader service: I feel as though I am

familiar with most of the services offered by

the library, but stumbled upon this today

and I am thrilled! What a cool opportunity

to sneak in a little extra reading. This is

especially awesome as I have a smart phone

and a lot of time I end up waiting places so

now I will have something to catch up on as

opposed to surfing You Tube ® clips. Well

done DMPL!

Franklin Avenue Library

Children’s Librarian Stephanie

Fruhling: This morning in Baby Rhyme

Time, a mother told me the rhymes I’ve been

teaching have become “a lifesaver” for their

family. Their family was at Adventureland

last weekend, and she said it started raining.

While they were waiting for the rain to end,

the mother said the only thing that kept her

fidgety one-year old calm and occupied was

doing some of the Baby Rhyme Time rhymes.


4 | 515.283.4152



and Muggles!

Michael Cassin,

Director of the Center

for Education in the Visual Arts, Sterling

and Francine Clark Art Institute will

present a lecture about art and magic at

the Central Library on October 26, at 6:30

PM. Make your reservations at lectures@ or 515-271-0313.

Principal Employees

Race to Central Library

Visitors to the Central Library last month

may have noticed a flurry of downtown

workers racing among the shelves. Upon

investigation, we discovered that our

neighbors at Principal Financial were

hosting their own “Amazing Race” right

here at the library. Participants were given

various clues and then had to locate the

correct answers that were hidden within

the library’s collection. Seems there is just

no limit to what library users can “find” on

our shelves!

Facts and a FAX

Now Available at East

Side Library

Reference customers know that they can

find all kinds of facts at the library. Now

customers at the East Side Library can also

find a FAX! The library recently introduced

a new public FAX machine for customer

use! Staff and customers report that the

new service is easy to use. Please note that

the machine requires credit or debit cards

as it does not accept cash.



Catch the Beat

Teen Read Week, which began in 1998, is an initiative of the Young Adult Library Services Association

(YALSA). Libraries across the country celebrate Teen Read Week with a variety of special events and

programs aimed at encouraging teens to read for pleasure and to visit their libraries for free reading


Why is it important to encourage teens to read? For a lot of reasons! Teens have so

many options for entertainment, it’s important to remind them to spend time reading for pleasure:

it’s free, fun, and can be done anywhere! Research shows that teens who read for fun have better

test scores and are more likely to succeed in the workforce. Also, it’s a great chance to let your

school or your public library communities know how important teen services are! Let teens know the

possibilities that exist within our doors, and within the covers of books.

In addition to all of the teen programming the Des Moines Public Library locations conduct weekly,

the library will be celebrating Teen Read Week with a special contest. Every time a teen reads a book,

they can fill out a short review form (available at the library) and enter in a drawing to win a $25

Target gift card. All six locations will have a winner! The event runs from October 4-October 30 so

teens have almost a month to get in some reading. Listening to audiobooks also counts!

Check out our new Teen Pages!

The library’s new teen pages offers book lists and interesting

reviews, sure to entice even reluctant readers! There are book/movie

trailers, fun program highlights, and links to college information

and homework help. Find us by clicking on http://

Wendy Delsol—October 18, 6:30 PM

Celebrate Teen Read Week with Wendy Delsol, author of Stork (October

2010), its sequel Frost (September 2011), and the adult novel The

McCloud Home for Wayward Girls (August 2011). She lives in Waukee

with her husband and two sons.

Recognizing and Rewarding Our

Teen Volunteers

The Library had 88 teen volunteers to help with the

summer reading program this year! The volunteers

worked with staff to sign up the participants, give out

prizes, help at programs, and do other tasks as needed.

Volunteers who worked at least five hours over the

summer were invited to an after-hours pool party at

Birdland Aquatic Center on August 6. About 25 teens

were able to attend the event and all of them reported having an awesome time. Four staff members

were on hand to feed the teens, provide craft activities, and conduct fun games. Other than taking

time out to eat, however, all the teens wanted to do was swim. They couldn’t believe they had the

whole pool to themselves for two hours!

Des Moines Public Library Foundation Opening doors. Books. Minds.

Foundation Director to Retire

It is with truly mixed emotions that I am announcing my retirement as

Executive Director of the Des Moines Public Library Foundation effective in

December. For more than seven years I have enjoyed learning and sharing

what a remarkable resource the library system is to our community. It is

extremely satisfying to know that I have helped raise the funds needed to

make sure those resources remain available to our citizens.

There are no words to express my thanks to all of you for your continued

commitment over the years. Our libraries continue to provide amazing services and programming

to the public because of you. The search for my successor is under way and I have no doubt that that

person will come to love the library system, its people, and its services as I have.

Shirley J. Patterson, CFRE - Executive Director

Ten Years of Bringing AViD Authors to Des Moines

The library celebrated the Authors Visiting in Des Moines (AViD) Author Series’ tenth anniversary

this year by bringing eleven amazing authors to the city. The series kicked off with Peter Hedges and

introduced the community to ten nationally recognized authors between April and June. This year

we had the opportunity to wrap up with an AViD Extra! by hosting the national book launch of Sara

Gruen’s Ape House. The AViD series remains strong because of your attendance, feedback

and support.

AViD is funded each year by the Des Moines Public Library Foundation with support from local

sponsors. We are pleased to recognize Humanities Iowa, Wells Fargo, Nationwide, Douglas and

Deborah West as well as Drake University, Hoyt Sherman Place and the Iowa History Center at

Simpson for their support of this series.

Teen Services ROCK at the DMPL!

The Central Library has been conducting teen programs since opening the new building in 2006. The

programs have been very successful and this past January the library received a grant to increase

teen services throughout the system. The East Side Library, Forest Avenue Library, and North Side

Library now have staff who dedicate time to planning and implementing programs to get teens into

the library. Central already had a dedicated staff member just for teen services and the youth services

librarians at Franklin and South Side serve youth from ages 0 to 18.

Changes and Improvements

>The Central Library has moved its teen area over to the northeast side of the second floor, where the

collection has grown and there are tables/chairs for studying or socializing quietly with friends.

>The South Side Library is planning a much needed update to their teen loft.

>The Franklin Avenue Library hosts “Teen Zone” once a month, where teens can play Wii, munch on

snacks and check email on wireless laptops.

>The Forest Avenue Library has its “Teen and Tween Internet Café” once a month, where teens can

use library laptops to stay in touch with friends, do homework or play games.

>The North Side Library transforms a space into “The Lounge” monthly, where teens are invited to

hang out, read magazines, play games, or check emails on the library laptops.

>North Side, Forest and South Side now all have teen book discussion groups.

>Every location conducts Make-It-And-Take-It craft programs where teens can make such fun items

as locker decorations, erasers, soap, shrinky dinks, seashell trinket boxes, scrapbooks, and jewelry.

>New games have been added to the popular Wii and Xbox consoles.

Board of Directors

President: Kent Herink

Vice President: Ellen Hubbell

Secretary: Beth Hummels

Treasurer: Scott Wilgenbusch

Immediate Past President:

Cyril Mandelbaum

Shelley Brody

David L. Brown

Christine Cownie

Cara Carter Hulick

Norbert Kaut

Tom McKlveen

Elizabeth Nelson

Cynthia O’Brien

Susan Patterson Plank

Kay Riley

Rachel Stauffer

Angela Stewart

Susan Voss

Acting Director: Sally Wisdom

Executive Director: Shirley J. Patterson

Please give in a manner that

is comfortable for you:

• Give to us online - OR -

• Use the enclosed envelope and mail

it to us at: 1000 Grand Avenue

Des Moines, Iowa 50309

• Contact the Des Moines Public Library

Foundation at (515) 248-6401 or

248-6402 to charge a gift to your VISA

or MasterCard.


The following donations were received by the Des Moines Public Library Foundation between June 5, 2010 and September 17, 2010.

In Honor Of

Abby & Thomas Cownie

Deborah and Michael Becker

Schneider Grandchildren

Patricia and James


Sally Wisdom

Barb and Paul Friedman

In Memory Of

Bill (a great dog)

Pam and Jeff Deitrick

Linda and Steve Roe

Mary “Jean“ Cate

Peggy A. Aerisolphal

Molly and Nick Benson

Phyllis Blood and

Francis Melton

Mary and John Blyth

Lisa and James Brincks

Leslie and Rob Bruckner

Cheryl Burgett

Joe Bustad and

Ann Cosimano

Tracy Calhoun

Victoria Campbell

Catherine and Stephen Cate

Ellen R. Cleveland

Linda and Warner Coffman

Rita and Dave Collison

Mollie and Kevin Cooney

Amy and David Curtis

Julie and John Darlington

Judy and Lawrence Deutch

Mary and Greg

Ellen Dockum

Eileen Enbusk

Kim and Todd Frazier

Judith and Jackson Gilmore

Joyce and Joe Gitch

Gordon Graham

Dorothy and Dwayne Hall

George Heckathorn

Janet and Donald Holms

Krissi and Scott Johnson

Roger Kennedy

Chad Kuhse

Doug Kunert

Dixie and Carl Larson

Keith Lippincott

Bill Maffucci

Ethel Manuel

Rob Masters

Jeri and Kevin McGinnis

Charles Notis

Nora Nurre

Tracy and Joe Ollendick

Joe and Tracy Ollendick

Peggy O’Neill

Patricia Overton

Kendall and Joy Palmer

John and Kathlene Parenza

Becky Pitman

Carla Porter

Richard and Anne Reasons

David Roszak

6 | 515.283.4152

Douglas and Valerie


Dale and Diana Smith

Jon and Lynette Starek

Elizabeth and William


Susan Svenson

Ray and MaryAnn Swesey

Kevin and Beth Tubbs

Amy Ventling

Larry and Patrice Webber

Kris Whetstone

Trampus Wihlm

James and Geraldine Wilson

Patricia Cooney

Jim and Mary Cooney

Nora Crumb

Iowa State Education


Priscilla and Ronald


Lorraine Lau

Jacquelyn Murphy

Shirley Waddill

John Estes, Jr.

Eleanor Archer

Vicki and Russell Baker

Margot Burnham

Betty and John Cady

Chris and Charles Campbell

Linda Carter - Lewis

Bertharena and

William Cropp

Ann and Ted Davidson

Lois and George Eichacker

Representative Wayne Ford

Sadye Fristo and

Delora Jones

Willona and Steven Goers

Sylvia and Ralph Green

Carolyn Greufe

Rev. Chester Guinn

Hamilton’s Funeral

Home, Inc

Lois and Donald Hartline

Leona and Frank Harty

Susan and William Heng

Dorothy and

Harlan Hockenberg

Jean and Eugene Holmes

Ellen and John Hunter

Carolyn Hunter

Patricia Iles

Phyllis F. Jagiello

William Jagiello

Lucile and Russell Johnson

Sandy Jordan

Jan and Steven Kaiser

Winifred M. Kelley

Dorothy and Michael Kelley

Guy Koenigsberger

Ann S. Kreager

Kristi and Bill Lozier

Mary Lou Lynch

Joanne and

Roderick Macdonald

Joan Mannheimer

Mona and Gordon Mccann

Paul F. Morrison

Billie and Catherine Newton

Shirley J. Patterson

Karolyn and James Raddatz

Martha W. Rasmussen

Pat and Dennis Rehder

Beverly Robinson

Charles Rohm

Sharon Ann

and Harvey Rucker

Kay K. Runge

Christina and Dane Shelton

Christine R. Terhune

Carla D. Tibboel

Lorna and Fred Truck

Ivy M. Ward

Catherine G. Williams

Sally Wisdom

Ruth Goodman

Cyril and John Mandelbaum

Jeanette and Harry Herowitz

Shirley Wittenstein

Albert Trumpy

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Walker

Ted Wood

Sylvia Peterson


Up to $99

Peggy A. Aerisolphal

Arnis Akselis

Eleanor Archer

Justin L. Armbruster

Vicki and Russell Baker

Aaron Bauch

Laura Baumgartner

Deborah and Michael Becker

Molly and Nick Benson

Barbara and Bruce Bergman

Gary Bisignano

Jack Blom

Phyllis Blood and

Francis Melton

Mary and John Blyth

Theodore Bolten

Matthew Bral

Colleen and Larry Breheny

Lisa and James Brincks

Patrick and Janet Broderick

Tina Brooks

Rob and Leslie Bruckner

Cheryl Burgett

Margot Burnham

Joe Bustad and

Ann Cosimano

John and Betty Cady

Tracy Calhoun

Charles and Chris Campbell

Victoria Campbell

Linda Carter - Lewis

Christine Chandavong

Ellen R. Cleveland

Warner and Linda Coffman

Dave and Rita Collison

Christopher Connelly

Kevin and Mollie Cooney

Deborah Cox

Melissa and

David Kay Crabill

Amy and David Curtis

Mark Alan Dauterive

Ted and Ann Davidson

Jill and David

DeForest Colvig

Pam and Jeff Deitrick

Judy and Lawrence Deutch

Mary Ellen and Greg


Bert Drost

Nancy and Art Dunbar

Joan Duteau

Jeramie Eginoire

Eileen Enbusk

Sara Erickson

Rep. Wayne Ford

Todd and Kim Frazier

Jann Freed

Sadye Fristo and

Delora Jones

James Fredrick Fromm

Jon Fussell

Mark Garrett

Judith and Jackson Gilmore

Joe and Joyce Gitch

Mark Godwin

Steven and Willona Goers

Gary Goudelock

Gordon Graham

Mark Gregory

Kathryn A. Griffin

Elizabeth Grismer

Rev. Chester Guinn

Nanette Hall

Jason J. Hall

Dorothy and Dwayne Hall

Lois and Donald Hartline

Frank and Leona Harty

Diane Hawn

Nicole Hayter

George Heckathorn

Sara M. Hegner

Dennis Henderson

Susan and William Heng

Dorothy and

Harlan Hockenberg

Robert Hoelscher

Jean and Eugene Holmes

Donald and Janet Holms

Jennifer Hulse

John and Ellen Hunter

Joe Hyman

Patricia Iles

Vicki Ingham

Iowa State Education


William Jagiello

Phyllis Jagiello

Gary Janssen

Marion and Paul Johnson

Lucile and Russell Johnson

Audrey Jones

Sandy Jordan

Donna Jordan

Jan and Steven Kaiser

Winifred M. Kelley

Dorothy and Michael Kelley

Roger Kennedy

Kristopher Klop

Marcia Klueppel

Christopher Knox

Guy Koenigsberger

Priscilla and

Ronald Kosednar

Ann S. Kreager

Chad Kuhse

Doug Kunert

Dixie and Carl Larson

Darwin Larson

Kenneth W. Larson

Lorraine Lau

Deanna R. Lehl

Kathleen Leonard

Keith Lippincott

Jacqueline Lloyd

Michael Ludwig

Erik Lundy

Joanne and

Roderick Macdonald

John Madison

Bill Maffucci

David Malo

Ethel Manuel

Rob Masters

Edward McAtee

Mona and Gordon Mccann

Kenneth Britt McCoy

Pamela Jean McDowell

Jeri and Kevin McGinnis

Karen McGregor

Virginia McNichols

Stephen E. Moehlmann

MOMS Club of Des Moines

Paul F. Morrison

Jacquelyn Murphy

Kathleen and Gene Needles

Robert Newman

Catherine and Billie Newton

Charles Notis

Nora Nurre

Tracy and Joe Ollendick

Shari Jo and John Olson

Peggy O’Neill

Patricia Overton

Joy and Kendall Palmer

Jerry Charles Palmer

Kathlene and John Parenza

Becky Pitman

Carla Porter

Beverly J. Porter

Martha W. Rasmussen

Diane Sue Rauh

Doug and Carla Rawson

Kenneth and Donna Reams

Richard and Anne Reasons

Randall Rees

Pat and Dennis Rehder

Beverly Robinson

Jeffrey Robinson

Steve and Linda Roe

David Roszak

Harvey and

Sharon Ann Rucker

Douglas and Valerie


Toni Sarcone

Children and Teens read for a total of 47,000 hours during this year’s Summer

Reading program! We can’t say thank you enough to our 2010 sponsors who make

this program happen. If you know someone who sponsors Summer Reading, please

add your thanks to ours!

Kids at South Side are entranced by juggler,

Jason Huneke.

Kerry Schneider

Christina and Dane Shelton

Quintin T. Smith

Tracy Smith

Dale and Diana Smith

Jon and Lynette Starek

Paul Studer-Estermann

Julie Stundins

Elizabeth and

William Sullivan

Susan Svenson

Donald Swan

Ray and MaryAnn Swesey

Linda and Mike Taylor

Christine R. Terhune

Tyler Thompson

Carla D. Tibboel

Fred and Lorna Truck

Mr. Antonio G. Tuazon

Kevin and Beth Tubbs

Frank Andrew Uhlman

Shirley and Dirk Van Zante

Amy Ventling

David Viggers

Shirley Waddill

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Walker

Scott Wallace

Laura Walth

Ivy M. Ward

Patrice and Larry Webber

Elaine and

William Wedeking

Kris Whetstone

Trampus Wihlm

Catherine G. Williams

Geraldine and James Wilson

Mr. Warren F. Young

Jason Zilk

$100 - $249

Marian and Saul Amdursky

Barnes & Noble Booksellers

Mrs. Marjorie Connors

Bertharena and

William Cropp

Julie and John Darlington

Lois and George Eichacker

Judy and Marshall Flapan

Sylvia and Ralph Green

Carolyn Greufe

Hamilton’s Funeral

Home, Inc

Betty and Alden Hebard

Carolyn Hunter

Karen A. Kuhn

Kristi and Bill Lozier

Mary Lou Lynch

Sylvia Peterson

Musician Dino O’Dell had kids rockin’ at the

Franklin Avenue Library/Merle Hay Mall.

Karolyn and James Raddatz

Charles Rohm

Robert Schulte

Patsy and John Shors

Glenn R. Stine

The Book Store

Lois and Jack Watson

Marylee and Tim Woods

$250 - $499

Shelley and Martin Brody

Bruce Campbell and

Beverly Evans

Catherine and Stephen Cate

Denise and Alan Holck

Rachel Stauffer and

Jim Lawson

Sally Wisdom

$500 - $999

Julie and Woodward Brenton

Mr. and Mrs. Caplan

Humanities Iowa

Shirley J. Patterson

Eleanor Perry

$1000 - $9999

Bank of America Foundation

Kathleen and Sal Bognanni

Balloon hats became “costumes” for kids

acting out a story at the North Side branch.

D.M. Kelly & Co.

Davis, Brown, Koehn,

Shors & Roberts, P.C.

Friends of the

Franklin Avenue Library

Barbara and

Michael Gartner

Ellen and James Hubbell III

Hubbell Realty

William C. Knapp

Charitable Foundation

Mark Movic and

Susan Skinner


Prairie Meadows

Principal Financial

Group Foundation, Inc.

Kay and Bob Riley

Townsend Vision, Inc.

Deborah and Douglas West


Up to $99

Mary and Jim Cooney

Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Davis

Barb and Paul Friedman

Cyril and John Mandelbaum

Joan Mannheimer

Laura Person

Melissa L. Primus

Patricia and

James Schneider

Shirley Wittenstein

$100 - $999

Rachael Binder

$1000 - $9999

Ellen and James Hubbell III

Matching Gift

The Meredith Corporation


Shirley Van Zante

Wellmark Blue Cross

and Blue Shield

William Jagiello


Opening doors. Books. Minds.








Closures: All six locations of the DMPL will be closed in recognition

of the following holidays:

Columbus Day: Monday, October 11. (Staff Inservice Day).

Veterans Day: Thursday, November 11.

Thanksgiving Day: Thursday, November 25 and Friday, November 26.

Christmas: Wednesday, December 22 through Sunday, December, 26.*

New Years Day: Thursday, December 30* - Saturday, January 1.

*Please note: Employees will be taking December 22 and December

30 as furlough days (unpaid) in conjunction with holiday closures as

part of the city’s budget reductions for FY 2010-2011.

Central Library

1000 Grand Avenue 515.283.4152

Mon - Wed: 9 AM - 8 PM | Thu - Fri: 9 AM - 6 PM

Sat: 9 AM - 5 PM | Sun: 1 PM - 5 PM {Sept. - May}

Pick Up Window

Mon - Fri: 4 PM - 6 PM | Sat: 3 PM - 5 PM

East Side Library

2559 Hubbell Avenue 515.283.4152

Mon - Thu: 10 AM - 8 PM | Fri: 1 PM - 6 PM

Sat: 10 AM - 5 PM | Sun: CLOSED

Forest Avenue Library

1326 Forest Avenue 515.283.4152

Mon: Noon - 8 PM | Tues - Thurs: 10 AM - 6 PM

Fri: CLOSED | Sat (1st/3rd): 10 AM - 5 PM


Franklin Avenue Library/MHM

Merle Hay Mall, Suite 210

3800 Merle Hay Road 515.283.4152

Mon - Thu: 10 AM - 8 PM | Fri: 1 PM - 6 PM

Sat: 10 AM - 5 PM | Sun: CLOSED

Ongoing Opportunities for Lifelong

Learning @ your Library!

Meet Iowa Author Larry Stone, author of Gladys Black:

The Legacy of Iowa’s Bird Lady, when he discusses and signs

his book at 6:30 PM on Wednesday, October 20 at the East

Side Library. Books will be available for purchase from The

Book Store. Sponsored by the Friends of the East Side Library.

Eagle’s Nest on Display

Stop by the East Side Library during the month of October to

see the life-sized eagle’s nest, courtesy of Iowa’s Department

of Natural Resources.

Remember Our Veterans

Meet Major Chuck Larson: Join us at 6:30 PM on Tuesday,

November 9 at the Central Library as Major Chuck Larson

discusses his book, Heroes Among Us: Firsthand Accounts of

Combat from America’s Most Decorated Warriors in Iraq and


Socks for Soldiers

During the month of November, the Des Moines Public

Library Staff Association has set a goal of sending 100 pairs

of socks to our troops for the holidays. If you would like to

participate or learn more about this program, email sdearly@

Photgrapher Joan Luffring-Zug Bourret

Join us on Wednesday, November 3, 6:30 PM, at the

Central Library for a program by this award-winning Iowa

photographer who first began her career in 1945.

Insight newsletter is edited by Jan Kaiser and designed by Toni Sarcone.

North Side Library

3516 5th Avenue 515.283.4152

Mon: Noon - 8 PM | Tues - Wed: 10 AM - 6 PM

Thurs: CLOSED | Fri: 10 AM - 6 PM

Sat (2nd/4th): 10 AM - 5 PM | Sun: CLOSED

South Side Library

1111 Porter Avenue 515.283.4152

Mon - Thu: 10 AM - 8 PM | Fri: 1 PM - 6 PM

Sat: 10 AM - 5 PM | Sun: CLOSED

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