Untitled - The Campaign for Fresno State


Untitled - The Campaign for Fresno State

ear Friends,

The California State University, Fresno Donor Honor Roll recognizes the many contributors to Fresno

State who made a gift from July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011.

I am pleased to recognize and thank the following individuals, corporations and foundations for

the annual gifts they made to the University. Please take a moment to review this impressive list of

donors as they have contributed to the ever-growing reputation of our students, faculty and staff, as

well as to our many educational and research programs, scholarships and facilities.

On behalf of the entire campus community, we extend our deepest gratitude to our alumni, donors

and friends.



John D. Welty



We sincerely appreciate the generosity of our donors. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of our donor

lists. Should you have any questions about your listing, please contact the Office of Advancement Services: Telephone

559.278.7459 or email lreyna@csufresno.edu


James R. Akridge, Ph.D.,

and Sharon A. Akridge, Ph.D.

Louis J. and Jane Amendola


Jim and Pamela Anton

Craig and Pattie Apregan

Henry J. Barkett and Octavia Diener

Paul E. Besselievre Jr.

and Carol A. Besselievre

Brian B. and Linda G. Bowman

Brenton B. Bradford

Richard and Lu Caglia

Roy Christopher, D.F.A.,

and Dorothy Christopher

Lou S. Cohen, D.D.S.,

and Debra A. Nalchajian-Cohen

Jerry Cook

William and Deborah Covino

Christopher Delgado

Herbert and Melinda Depp

Nerces L. Dermenjian

Nat M. DiBuduo Jr.

and Marilyn J. DiBuduo

Theodore G. and Arpie Dick

Larry S. and Gayle Dickenson

Robert E. Duncan, L.H.D.,

and Linda L. Duncan

John Dunn, Ph.D.,

and Mary Anna Dunn

Katherine Flores, M.D. and

Juan Flores

Edward and Sandy Foraker

Arnold Gazarian, D.D.S.,

and Dianne Gazarian

Michael J. Giovannetti, Ed.D.,

and Silvana R. Giovannetti

Abram and Madeleine Goldman

James Hallowell, L.H.D.

and Coke Hallowell, L.H.D.

Eric Hanson, M.D.,

and Darlene Hanson

Alan Corbett Hine, C.L.U.,

and Ann Hine

John and Lollie Horstmann

Rodger B. Jensen, L.H.D.

and Margaret M. Jensen, L.H.D.

Larry P. and Patti Ann Johanson

Richard Johanson, L.H.D.,

and Althea Johanson*

Bill L. and Maurine Jones

Ellen Junn, Ph.D.

Isabelle Kabrielian

Edward M. and Jeanne C. Kashian

Debra J. Kazanjian, J.D.

Aram H. and Margie R. Keith

Hal Kissler and Maureen Lewis

The Honorable Annette LaRue

Claude C. Laval III and Betty Lou Laval

Roger Linkey and Ellen Jamra

Lee M. Lockhart

John P. and Kara Loiacono

William Lyles, L.H.D., and Anne Lyles

Daniel R. Martin

Michael Matson

and Cynthia Teniente-Matson

J. Mike and Corinne McGowan

Tom and Karen McGowan

Roxie M. Moradian

Kong Moua

Richard A. and Colette Murray

Omel A. and Tina B. Nieves

The Honorable Robert H. Oliver

and Stephanie Oliver

Kenneth E. Olivier

Paul H. O’Neill Sr.

and Nancy J. Wolfe O’Neill

Harold A. and Edna Parichan

R. Michael Patton, P.E., and Ellen Patton

Robert F. and Kathryn S. Price

Eric G. and Kimberly Rawn

Yrma Rico

James and Anna Shekoyan

Mark A. and Daina Shuster

Maxwell A. Shuster Jr. and Judy Shuster

Helen Smades

Peter N. Smits, Ph.D.,

and Susan Smits, Ed.D.

Robert Smittcamp

William and Linda Smittcamp

Richard and Karen Spencer

Ray Steele Jr. and Mary Lou Steele

Charles and Roxanne Stephenson

Kyle T. and Terri Stephenson

Leonard Szafaryn Jr.

Gerald L. Tahajian, J.D.,

and Geraldine A. Tahajian

Carl and Barbara Ueland

Timothy Vaux and Catherine Frost

Riley C. Walter, J.D.,

and Kristine C. Walter

The President’s Circle for Excellence provides

annual, discretionary funds that the university

president uses to enhance and support campus


John D. Welty, Ed.D.,

and Sharon Brown-Welty, Ed.D.

Margaret W. Whitten*

Richard H. Whitten Jr., M.D.,

and Kay Whitten

Allysunn Walker-Williams

Joe and Laura Williams

Leo and Laura Wilson

Emory Wishon III, J.D.,

and Sydney Wishon

Dennis R. and Cheryl Woods

Jack Woolf, L.H.D., and Bernice Woolf

as of July 7, 2011

* Denotes the individual is deceased


Alma Flor Ada

Henry Madden Library, Arne Nixon Center

Marilyn Pool Allen

College of Arts and Humanities, Marilyn Pool

Allen Endowed Scholarship

Anonymous ‡

College of Arts and Humanities, Music



College of Arts and Humanities, Theater Program


College of Health and Human Services


Craig School of Business, Student Portfolio

Investment Fund


Henry Madden Library, Arne Nixon Center


Lyles College of Engineering


Lyles College of Engineering


Lyles College of Engineering

Juliet A. Broughton Ansley

Smittcamp Family Honors College

R. Larry and Bonnie Archer

Lyles College of Engineering

Philip J. and Carol Arena

College of Social Sciences, History Department

Simon R. Avakian

College of Science and Mathematics

Ronald Alan Avedisian

Bulldog Pride Scholarship Fund

Thomas R. Barfknecht

College of Science and Mathematics, Biology


Ernie Beal

California State University, Fresno Foundation

George Beal

California State University, Fresno Foundation

Norm Brazelton ‡

Lyles College of Engineering

Shirley Harnish Brinker

Henry Madden Library

Wayne A. Brooks

Craig School of Business, Verna Mae Brooks

Memorial Scholarship

Gerald and Carol Bryan

Craig School of Business

Berge and Alice Bulbulian

California State University, Fresno Foundation

Michael Cart

Henry Madden Library, Arne Nixon Center

William and Helene Chan

College of Science and Mathematics, Professor

Kenneth W. Chan Memorial Endowment Fund

Roy and Dorothy Christopher

College of Arts and Humanities, The Roy and

Dorothy Christopher Endowment Fund

Jenny Craig

Craig School of Business

John Fowler Dixon

College of Arts and Humanities, Department of


Mary Carolyn Dobbs ‡

Kremen School of Education and Human


Raymond and Jacqueline Doumanian

College of Arts and Humanities

Mary Anna Dunn

California State University, Fresno Foundation

Tawfic and Linda Farah

Henry Madden Library, Arne Nixon Center

Thomas and Anna Ferdinandi

Craig School of Business, Real Estate and Land

Use Institute

David and Bernice Fraysher

Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and


Geoffrey and Patricia Gamble

College of Arts and Humanities

Clifford O. Grant Jr. and Jean Grant

College of Social Sciences, Department of

Sociology; College of Arts and Humanities,

Choral Music

William E. and Elvira C. Griffith

Craig School of Business

Patricia L. Grilione

College of Science and Mathematics, Lyles

College of Engineering

Richard and Vivian Haas

College of Science and Mathematics Biology


James and Coke Hallowell

College of Arts and Humanities

Bernadette Hansen

Bulldog Foundation, Bernadette and Kenneth

Hansen Fund

Eric C. and Darlene Hanson

California State University, Fresno Athletics


The Heritage Society recognizes those individuals

who have included Fresno State in their

philanthropic plans.

Marjorie S. Heagy

College of Science and Mathematics, Harry A.

Heagy Endowment Fund

Dale and Shirley Hewlett

Kremen School of Education and Human


Harold L. and Shirley L. Hill

California State University, Fresno


Dale and Patricia Hillman

Henry Madden Library

Sarah Horton

College of Science and Mathematics, Edward V.

Tenney Award

Sheri Lyn Humphreys

California State University, Fresno Foundation

Richard and Althea Johanson*

Craig School of Business

Dolores Jordan

Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and

Technology, Lowell Jordan and Jordan Family

Endowment Fund

Sam* and Lena Kalfayan ‡

California State University, Fresno Foundation

Rosellen Kershaw

College of Arts and Humanities

Robert and Betsy Kimball

Craig School of Business, Real Estate and Land

Use Institute

Robert and Joan Kincade

College of Health and Human Services,

Department of Nursing

Hal Kissler and Maureen E. Lewis ‡

Craig School of Business; and California State

University, Fresno Athletics Department

Marion Kremen

Kremen School of Education and Human


Lydia Kuhn

Henry Madden Library, Arne Nixon Center

Sylvie Lariviere-Traub

California State University, Fresno Foundation

Walter “Fritz” and Sally A. Lauritzen

California State University, Fresno Foundation

Linda Leonard

California State University, Fresno Foundation

Barbara Logan

California State University, Fresno Foundation

Antonio A. and Sandra L. Lourenco

Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and

Technology, Department of Viticulture and



Dana Zupanovich Lucka

Renaissance Scholars Program

William and Anne Lyles

Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship,

Save Mart Center

Vonnie Witham Martini ‡

Bulldog Foundation

Gerald R. and Marguerite L. McMenamin

College of Arts and Humanities

Carla J. Millar ‡

College of Arts and Humanities, Scot C. and Carla

Jean Millar Endowed Scholarship Fund

Roxie M. Moradian

California State University, Fresno Foundation

Richard A. and Colette M. Murray

Smittcamp Family Honors College

Neuss Family Revocable Trust

Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and

Technology, Ag One General Endowment Fund

Robert H. and Stephanie Oliver

Oliver Family Scholarship Fund

Donald Orosco

Craig School of Business, Real Estate and Land

Use Institute

Gary Gordon and Marlene L. Peacock

College of Arts and Humanities, Jordan College of

Agricultural Sciences and Technology

Alex and Caty Perez

California State University, Fresno Foundation

Frederick and Linda Richburg

California State University, Fresno Foundation

Elmer “Bud” and Jan Richter

Kremen School of Education and Human


King Richter

Craig School of Business

Yrma Rico

California State University, Fresno Foundation

Peter Erle Robertson

Bulldog Pride Scholarship Fund

Evelyn Sanoian

California State University, Fresno Foundation

Joanne W. Schroll ‡

Fresno State Alumni Association; College of

Health and Human Sciences, Kinesiology


David K. Scott

Bulldog Pride Scholarship Fund

Linn Warren Shipley and Terryl D. Butler

California State University, Fresno Foundation

John and Dorothy Sirman ‡

Bulldog Foundation, John Sirman Memorial

Men’s Golf Scholarship

James W. Slinger

College of Arts and Humanities, James Slinger

Endowment for the Promotion of Critical

Thinking Skills

Earl Stansfield and Muriel Smittcamp*

California State University, Fresno Foundation

John H. Stanfield II

College of Social Sciences

Ray Steele Jr. and Mary Lou Steele ‡

California State University, Fresno Foundation

Evelyn Tregoning

College of Arts and Humanities, Armenian

Studies Program

Timothy R. Vaux and Catherine Frost

California State University, Fresno Foundation

David J. Veale

College of Science and Mathematics, Department

of Psychology

Bette R. Ward

College of Health and Human Services,

Department of Nursing

John D. Welty and Sharon Brown-Welty

Kremen School of Education and Human


Margaret W. Whitten* ‡

California State University, Fresno Foundation

Gilbert and Lillian Wilmer

College of Social Sciences

Dennis and Cheryl Woods

Bulldog Foundation

O. James and Judith E. Woodward III

Henry Madden Library

‡ Denotes new member during 2010-11

* Denotes the individual is deceased

The Heritage Society recognizes those individuals

who have included Fresno State in their

philanthropic plans.



Conrad Facundo Aguilar

Louis J. and Jane Amendola

Anonymous Donor(s)

Farid and Cheryl L. Assemi

Robert A. and Angie Berry

Byrum and Wanda Bingham

Wayne A. Brooks, Ph.D.

James and Yuko Brumm

Michael Cart

Gary A. Castro

Malinda Ellen Chouinard, L.H.D. and

Yvon Chouinard

Larry P. and Carol Clemmensen

Ron Colburn

Col. Edwin J. Cook* and Evelyn Fuqua

Cook, Ph.D.

Joan Otomo-Corgel, D.D.S. and Richard

Thomas Corgel

Andrew Cummings

Shirley Cummings

Edward F. Diener, Ph.D. and

Carol I. Diener, Ph.D.

Michael Layne and Mary Frye Draper

Larry R. and Sharon Duncan

Fred and Denorah L. Fagundes

Roger L. Fluegel

Gerald Forest

Susan P. Furze*

Bill and Lydia Gargan

Arnold H. Gazarian, D.D.S. and

Dianne Gazarian

Patricia L. Grilione, Ph.D.

James D. Hallowell, L.H.D. and

Coke Wanda Hallowell, L.H.D.

Eric C. Hanson, M.D. and

Darlene Hanson

Brett W. Hedrick

John E. and Lollie Horstmann

James H. and Jennifer Ann Huelskamp

Frank Lee and Doris Jean Hull

Phyllis Ann Irwin, Ed.D.

Patrice Moehle Isom

Rodger B. Jensen, L.H.D. and

Margaret M. Jensen, L.H.D.

Richard A. Johanson, L.H.D.

Michael Kahn

Hal Kissler Jr. and Maureen Lewis

Larry K. and Alcie D. Kitahara

Alden C. and E. Laverne Knapp*

Alpheda T. Knorr*

Larry Michael and Dawn R. Lee

The Lyles Family - William Lyles, L.H.D,

Anne Lyles, Gerald Lyles and

Nanette Lyles

Barry W. and Peggy Maas

Logan and Kara Mankins

Harry Moordigian Jr., D.D.S.

Steven M. and Stephanie Moore

Mark A. and JoAnn K. Nickerson

Omel A. and Tina B. Nieves

John and Katie Ostlund

Kirk and Kris Parrish

W. Vern and Hedy Pletz

Frances Ricchiuti

Bud Richter, L.H.D. and

Jan Richter

Frank Roque

Walter Sepetjian*

Eric Shannon

John and Mary Shehadey

Richard A. and Sue Shehadey

George and June Shitara

The Smittcamp Family -

Earl Stansfield Smittcamp, LHD,

Robert E. Smittcamp,

Robert L. Kimball,

Elizabeth S. Kimball,

Lee R. Copeland, M.D.,

Carol V. Copeland,

William S. Smittcamp and

Linda Smittcamp

Stanley L. and Darlene M. Spano

Richard K. Sparks Jr.

Richard F. and Karen Spencer

Ray Steele Jr. and Mary Lou Steele

Rod W. Stubblefield, CLU, ChFC and

Carol Stubblefield

Tang Tan

Barbara Taniguchi

William R. Tatham Jr.

Jeffrey D. and Kimberly A. Thiesen

Frederick A. Treat

David A. and Mary Ellen Tyckoson

Carl P. and Barbara Ueland

Paul J. Vincent, Ph.D. and Kathy Vincent

Riley C. and Kristine C. Walter

Margaret W. Whitten*

Michael G. and Susan Woods

Jack L. Woolf, L.H.D. and

Bernice M. Woolf

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $10,000 or more during the fiscal year.

* Denotes the individual is deceased.


GIFTS OF $5,000 – $9,999

Nancy S. Aaron

Richard M. Aaron

Lois A. Adams

Deborah S. Adishian-Astone

Anonymous Donor(s)

Mark Richard Astone

Debra Jean Bagdasarian

Robert Bagdasarian

Henry J. Barkett

Daniel Glen Barpal

Gail Baum

Elizabeth Anne Costa Berberia

Gene S. Berberia

Dwayne Adele Berrett

Richard D. Berrett, Ph.D.

Carol Ann Biedermann

Harald G. Biedermann

Charles D. Boyer, Ph.D.

Dorothy J. Burnes

Jerry L. Burnes

Joanie Carveth

William L. Carveth, M.D.

Dorothy B. Chamberlain

Olen Chamberlain

June Clendenin

Jeffrey Cox

Herbert Duane Depp

Melinda D. Depp

Octavia G. Diener

Jacqueline Doumanian

Raymond S. Doumanian, D.D.S.

Cynthia A. Downing

Thomas H. Downing, D.D.S.

James Frank Drake, D.D.S.

Thomas J. Ebert

Catherine Frost

Karen L. Fullerton

Leslie Warren Fullerton

Eloise M. Gaykian

Harry Gaykian

Michael Joe Giovannetti, Ed.D.

Silvana Rose Giovannetti

Lanora Helene Iacobellis

Sam F. Iacobellis, D.S.

Bill L. Jones

Maurine A. Jones

Edward M. Kashian

Jeanne Catherine Kashian

Eric Kozlowski

Ronda Michele Kozlowski

Victor E. Kral

Genelle Marie Kumpe

Matt Kumpe

Annette La Rue

Betty Lou Laval

Claude C. Laval III

Cheuk Kwan Lui

James K. Martin

Jeannette Martin

Craig Martinez

Juliette Martinez

Lela Mayfohrt

Marty Mayfohrt

Marvin A. Meyers

Dant Edward Morris

Kenneth Dean Newby

Suzanne Lee Newby

Mike S. Nury

Zary Nury

Mart B. Oller IV

Gordon M. Park

Susan L. Park

Ellen Davis Patton

R. Michael Patton, P.E.

Antonio Petrosino

Josephine Petrucci

Vincent E. Petrucci, D.S.

Cheryl Rebensdorf

Jerald Rebensdorf

Pat V. Ricchiuti

Vinci Ricchiuti

Peter Erle Robertson

Michael L. Rosvold

Daina K. Shuster

Mark A. Shuster

Tony Souza

Terry Specht

Kiyoko Uyeno

Timothy R. Vaux

Jim Weakley

John D. Welty, Ed.D.

Sharon Brown Welty, Ed.D.

Darryl Wayne Zuber

* Denotes the individual is deceased.

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $5,000 to $9,999 during the fiscal year.


GIFTS OF $2,500 – $4,999

William Lee Adanalian

James S. Anderson

Raymond P. Angelillo

Barbara A. Archer

David R. Archer

Ann Marie Arends

Darnell Austin

Karen Jane Bak

Tom Barcellos

Edward Scott Barcus

Ruth Anne Barcus

Stephen M. Beck, D.D.S.

Jay Beckstead

Marge Bilsten

Philip Vance Blohm

John Bonadelle Jr.

Lisa Emily Bonadelle

Brian B. Bowman

Linda G. Bowman

Brenton B. Bradford

Keeley Bramer

Rhonda C. Bramer

Robert Allen Buckenberger

Shirley Ann Buckenberger

Dick Caglia

Lu Caglia

James A. Caldwell

Toni A. Caldwell

Rick Camarillo

Sally Hernandez Camarillo

David Carpenter

Shari Carpenter

Joe Carrasco

Maria Carrasco

Ben Carroll

Carla Carroll

Dorothy Christopher

Roy Christopher, D.F.A.

Don Coe

Terri Coelho

Velma Coelho

Lynne Marie Cosyns

Richard A. Cosyns

Dave Counts

Deborah Covino

William Covino, Ph.D.

Joe Cruz

Jody Daly

Thomas P. Daly

Mike Degroot

Edward L. Deis

Marian M. Deis

Tom Dewitt

Pat DiCiccio, D.D.S.

Arpie Dick

Theodore George Dick

Gayle A. Dickenson

Larry S. Dickenson

Dawn L. Diestelkamp

Judy Dowd

Robert M. Dowd

Paula Dragoo

William M. Dragoo

Linda Lee Duncan

Robert Emory Duncan, L.H.D.

Edward Dunkel Jr.

Kelly Dunkel

Frederick A. Elmore, M.D.

Dan Ewell

Brad S. Fischer

Linda Fischer

Sal Flores

George P. Foster

Chris Freier

Jimmy D. Galloway

Teresa A. Galloway

Raul Garcia

William R. Gentle

Maria Giampaoli

Ray Giampaoli

James F. Goertzen

Janice F. Goertzen

Bobby Underwood Gran

Karla Ann Gran

Ronald A. Grossman

Betty L. Haak

Harry Habib

Duain Hamlin

Linda Hamlin

Shirley Harpain

Beverly A. Hogue

Ted J. Hogue Jr.

Lawrence Holody

M. Ranae Holody

Veronica Irene Jachens Palmer

Lori Jackson

Mike Jackson

Janine Jenkins

Michael Jenkins, Ph.D.

Josie Jones

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $2,500 to $4,999 during the fiscal year.

Richard Jones

Beverly T. Kaprielian

Herbert Kaprielian

Momoe Katano

Sam Katano, M.D.

Mark J. Keppler, J.D.

Linda R. Kobajashi

Ben Krikorian

Clarice Krikorian

Steven Charles Kuhtz

Thomas G. Kusel

Ocie Larralde

John R. Lawson

Ben Letizia

Besley Arnet Lewis Jr.

Mary Ann Lewis

Eleanor M. Lockhart

Lee McLain Lockhart

Carolyn Lombardi

Tony Lombardi

Lorenzo Lopez, M.D.

Charles Tim Lord

Janet A. Lord

Linda Lowy

Frank Lusk

Edward W. Lynch Jr.

Jeanette Maroot

K. Phillip Maroot

Vincent L Marshall

Daniel R. Martin

Mike Martinusen

Michael Matson

Jeffrey Scott Mayer

Melanie Mayer

Judy E. Mc Ferson

Tom K. Mc Ferson

Corinne McGowan

J. Mike Mike McGowan

Justin Gary McKeighan

Rudy B. Medina

A. Paul Mello, M.D.

Karen L. Mello

Daniel D. Miller

Margaret Miller

Michael A. Milnes

Patricia Moglia

Christine Mendrin Mohoff

John William Mohoff

Roxie M. Moradian

Donnie Morris


GIFTS OF $2,500 – $4,999

Elma Lidia Morris

Carol B. Munshower

Donald A. Munshower

Sylvia Nakamura

Todd Neves

Kevin O’Connor, Ph.D.

Kathleen J. Oliaro

Paul M. Oliaro, Ph.D.

Debra J. Olsson

Richard O. Olsson

James P. O’Neal

Linda O’Neal

Edwin R. O’Neill

Kristan O’Neill

Cleta Lavonne Ortiz

Joe Ortiz

James G. Palmer

Edna Parichan

Harold A. Parichan

Melvin Pereira

Mike Perez

Douglas Gene Perkins

Michelle Perkins

Jeff Perry

Terri Lynn Petrucci

Vincent Peter Petrucci, D.S.

Daniel R. Pishione

Jodell Pishione

Jennifer E. Porter

Rick Porter Jr.

Jonell Price

Kathryn Sue Price

Philip David Price

Robert F. Price

Howard B. Priest

James R. Provost

Kay Provost

Judy Reinhardt

Walter Richard Reinhardt

Yrma G. Rico

Lesly L. Rife

Robert J. Rife Jr.

Elaine Wilson Rosenfield

Stanley Rosenfield

Darrel Richard Rustigian

James M. Schmidtke

Jennifer Isom Schmidtke

Bonnie J. Schultz

Richard D. Schultz

Mark Shannon

Trevor Jack Shannon

Beverly A. Shearer

Richard M. Shearer

Luanne Silkwood

Gary Eldridge Simpson

Robert G. Simpson

Sharon Simpson

Peter N. Smits, Ph.D.

Susan Smits, Ed.D.

Emil H. Stagnaro

Leonard A. Szafaryn Jr.

Gerald Lee Tahajian

Geraldine A. Tahajian

John Tapia

Dana P. Taylor

Donna S. Taylor

Marilyn R. Taylor

William A. Taylor

Cynthia Teniente-Matson

Carol N. Thaxter

James F. Thaxter

Jeanne Joanne Thomas

John R. Thomas

Gregg Tonneslan

Paul A. Toste, D.V.M.

Susan Lee Petersian Toste

Barbara Troisi

LeRoy Tucker

Linda Tucker

Jeff Tuel

Ray Urushima

Sharon Vick

Thaden Vick

Della Wathen

Diane C. Watters

Richard C. Watters

David J. Weiland Jr.

Lillian Weiland

Scott Bradley Wells

Kim Wescott

Rick E. Wescott

Kay Whitten

Richard H. Whitten Jr., M.D.

Nancy Wieda

Paul A. Wieda

Keith L. Wilcox

Sandy L. Wilcox

Eric J. Wilkins

Kristine Wilkins

Joe Williams

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $2,500 to $4,999 during the fiscal year.

Laura B. Williams

David H. Wilson

Lynn Winter

Prescott B. Winter, Ph.D.

Emory Wishon III

Sydney Wishon

Wade Wong

Cheryl Woods

Dennis R. Woods

Christopher R. Woolf

Sarah C. Woolf

Donnie Zamorano

John D. Zelezny, J.D.

Lynnette C. Zelezny, Ph.D.

DeWayne Samuel Zinkin Sr.

Sandra Jean Zinkin

*Denotes the individual is deceased.


GIFTS OF $1,000 – $2,499

Juan Acosta

Jeff Adolph

Jack Walter Ahart

James R. Akridge, Ph.D.

Sharon A. Akridge, Ph.D.

Mary Beth Alaga

Michael L. Alaga

James Earl Aldredge, Ph.D.

Bruce G. Allbright III

Melissa G. Allen

Charles Allison

Sharon Allison

Lena Altebarmakian

Varoujan Altebarmakian, M.D.

Willie Alvarado

Mary Alves

Rick Alves

Colleen Anderson

Diann Anderson

Hilda Anderson

Mark Edward Anderson

Rose Estelle Anderson

Anonymous Donor(s)

Elsa Q. Arada

Esmeraldo Arada

Joseph Todd Armas

Dorothy C. Arnold

Richard L. Arnold

Charles V. Arokiasamy, Ph.D.

Edward Aslanian

Eleanore M. Aslanian

Richard Audler

Aaron Avedian

Hugh Hanna Awtrey II

Mary Frances Awtrey

Lee Greta Ayres

Shelley Ayres

Lynn Diane Bailey

Bob Bakman

Sandra Jo Bakman

Kathleen F. Balderama

Amberse Monroe Banks

Carol S. Banks

Charles C. Barber

Erin Elaine Barger

Vincent H. Barger

Mark Barlow

Daniel Ronald Barrows

Julie Renee Barrows

Jean Barsam

Bret M. Bastrire

Linda Susan Bastrire

Cliff Bauer

Linda Bauer

Gregory J. Baxter

Jane Baxter

Margie Baxter

Marvin R. Baxter

Penny K. Baxter

Russell Ben Baxter

Ernie Beal

Paul Beare, Ph.D.

Arlene Gail Beazley

Nelson R. Beazley

Bagdasar Bedoian

Diana J. Bedoian

Darrell E. Bettencourt

Micki L. Bettencourt

Sam Bettencourt

Peter Binning

Gayle Susanne Black

Stephen Robert Black

Christopher Blumen

Robert Boccasile

Sue Boccasile

Bonner Boel

Dee Boel

Wayne William Boos, C.P.A.

Mark M. Borba

Peggy K. Borba

Myrna Borchardt

Ronald Borchardt, M.D.

James Vernon Boren Jr.

Erik Bowen

David A. Brager

Kerry Lynn Brager

Diana L. Brelsford

John B. Brelsford

Donald N. Bricker

Ruth A. Bricker

Deborah Marie Bristol

John Scott Bristol

Scott Britten

Ronald Brown

John Omar Browning

Sandra Browning

Harry Bryden

Patricia Bryden

Floyd B. Buchanan, Ed.D.

Joanne Quinn Buck

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $1,000 to $2,499 during the fiscal year.

John Thomas Buck, D.D.S.

Elizabeth Ann Buettner

William Oliver Buettner

Alice Bulbulian

Berge Bulbulian

Audie Burgan

Ian Andrew Burnett

Sharon L. Burnett

Josie M. Burriss

Glen Lee Burrow

Wanda Burrow

Dan A. Bushey

Sandra Bushey

Daneece Byrum

Jeannine Campos Grech

Alan Hugh Cannon

Domingo Cano

Frank L. Cantrell, M.D.

Teresita Cantrell

Charles Capparelli

David W. Cardona

Mary G. Cardona

Karen Therese Carey, Ph.D.

Virginia Casarez

Yvonne K. Cashion

Michael Orin Castro

Denise Cederquist

Derlbert Cederquist

Anit Siu-Fun Chan

Helene E. Chan

William Chan

Honora H. Chapman, Ph.D.

Mark Robert Chapman

Tamara Ann Chapman

Joe Michael Chin

Michael Howard Chooljian Jr.

Denyse Chubb

Jack Chubb

Rodney Efren Clark

Harold Cline

Kay Cloud

Rosemary Cloud

Jodean Coakley

Ryan Cochran

Tim Cockburn

Allan Cohan

Jeanette Colburn

Joseph Concheck

Doroteo D. Contreras

Jon Michael Contreras


GIFTS OF $1,000 – $2,499

Mary L. Contreras

Susan Elain Contreras

John Conwell

Ariann Lee Cooper

Douglas Cooper

Dorothy Cornacchia

Nick Cornacchia

Gerri Nadine Cortez-Ahart

Aleen M. Cotta

Melvin Cotta

Norma J. Cox

Sidney Bruton Cox

Lloyd A. Crask

Joe Criscione

Larry Sidney Cruff

Sharon A. Cruff

Clora Ann Crum

Dennis Crum

Penn Cummings

Shirley Cummings

Daniel Nelson Cunningham

Melinda Cunningham

Ben Curti

Angela Doris Dal Pezzo

Peter Dal Pezzo

Eldon I. Daniel, C.P.A.

Maxine Daniel

Chad Daniels

Peggy Daniels

Edwin S. Darden Jr.

Janice L. Darden

Frederick Dau

Leslie Dau

Donald D. Dauer

Brenda S. Davis

Kimberly Fawn Davis

Stephen Owen Davis, M.D.

Stanley Day

Brigid Ann De Jong

Richard N. De Jong

Janice Debenedetto

Richard N. Debenedetto

Alison DeGroff

Douglas W. DeGroff

Randolph L. Delerio

Audrey Demirjian

Melissa Ann Der Manouel

Michael Forrest Der Manouel Jr.

Mike Der Manouel Sr.

Bob Der Mugrdechian Sr.

Jake DeRaadt

Nerces Leon Dermenjian

Randy Dhindsa

Jerry B. Di Buduo

Carlos Dias

Carol A. Dibuduo

Steven R. Dick

Jeffrey R. Dickey

John Adrian Diepersloot

Susan Diepersloot

William E. Dietzel

Angela M. DiLiddo

Nick DiLiddo

Eric J. Dinneen

Anita Dodson

David C. Dodson

Aaron Dominguez

Patty Doyland

Russell A. Doyland

Daniel Doyle

Marjorie A. Doyle

Carol Dunbar

Dennis M. Dunbar, Ph.D.

Bob L. Duyst

Trudy E. Duyst

Jim Easton

Ruth Edginton

Tom Edginton

Diane Eggebraaten

Ray Eggebraaten, C.S.R.

Carolyn J. Ehn

Robert C. Ehn

Dale E. Ellis

Jamie G. Ellis

Rose M. Emler

Nick Enns

Brant Enock

Roger Ens

David J. Estermann

Gene L. Estes, Ed.D.

Myrna Estes

Michael Christopher Ezaki

Sharon Y. Ezaki

Audrey M. Fagnani, Re.D.

Ralph Fasi

Yvonne Fasi

Edwin Ward Fichtner

Patricia Louise Fichtner

Alan Fields

Carol Fields

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $1,000 to $2,499 during the fiscal year.

Bill B. Fischer

Jane E. Fischer

Philip M. Flanigan

Janice Fleming

Carol Anne Fogderude

Eric K. Fogderude

John Foley

Edward R. Foraker

Sandy Foraker

Thomas William Forath

Nancy T. Ford

Paul Fortier

Pamela Marie Franco

Paul Chris Franco

Patrick Frank

Kenneth Froelich

Joanne Gaede

Ken Gaede

John Gahvejian

Judy A. Gaither

Rick Gaither

Rita Gallinetti

Dennis Neil Galloway

Janet A. Galloway

L. Steven Garberson

Linda Garberson

Betty Gardner

Charles Gardner

Jim Gardner

Bruce Garlock

Chester A. Gaudaur Jr.

Flora Gaudin

Sam Geil

Shirley M. George

William Bernard George

Donna Giannetta

Gary G. Giannetta

Gayle Lynn Takakjian Gilbert

John Franklyn Gilbert

Carol Gilio

Dan Gilmore

Brian J. Ginsburg, M.D.

Myrna Ginsburg

Francis E. Glaser Sr.

Lynne Enders Glaser

Madeline L. Glenn

Trevor D. Glenn, M.D.

Dorothy Glim

Robert John Glim

Eloise Golden


GIFTS OF $1,000 – $2,499

Patrick A. Golden, M.D.

Abram F. Goldman, Ph.D.

Madeline Goldman

Erin D. O’Neil Gomes

James A. Gomes

John Michael Gomes

Sharlene M. Gomes

Luz Elva Gonzalez, Ph.D.

Beatrice R. Goodier

Gordon C. Goodier Jr.

Lynda G. Gray, M.D.

David F. Griffin

Frances Lee Griffin

Elvira C. Griffith

William Edward Griffith, CLU, ChFC

Christine Gromis

David Paul Gromis

Daniel Lee Grossnicklaus

Janet Elaine Grossnicklaus

Virginia G. Guerrero

Mimi Gunner

Richard V. Gunner

Irene Gutierrez

Sam Gutierrez

Xavier J. Gutierrez, D.D.S.

Betty Ann Hagopian

Julia Hagopian

David Lee Hall

Karen L. Hall

Mike Toshiro Hamasaki

Glenn I. Hananouchi, M.D.

Sarah L.S. Hananouchi

Bernadette Hansen

Ken Hansen

Melinda Hansen

Diana Harden

Stuart H. Harden

Donald Ramond Harmon

Jill Harmon

Bennie Harrell

Fred Harrell

Robert S. Harrell

Carole Harris

John C. Harris

Aretha Hartley

Michael Scott Hartley

Beverly J. Hartman

Harvey E. Hartman

Cathy Ikuko Hashimoto

Robert Hawkins

Susan Jill Hawksworth

Barbara Hayes

Gerald Hayes

Larry Haynes

Dorothy Hedman

Lambert D. Hedman

Sue Ann Hedman

William Delano Hedman

David Joseph Heinz

Donald L. Helman

Janice Lynn Helman

Derck Heniford

Cindy Henley

Gerald W. Henley

Bradley E. Herrmann

Sue Herrmann

Les Hershberger

Dave Hicks

Rebecca Hicks-Morales

Joan Hill

Robert Hill

Dale W. Hillman

Patricia A. Hillman

Alan Corbett Hine, C.L.U.

Setsuko Saiki Hirasuna

Ellen L. Hirth

Robert M. Hirth

Larry Hobson

Eric VanZant Hoggard

Sarah Hoggard

Wanda Holderman

Bob Hoskins

Sally Hoskins

Gary Houghton

Leland E. House

Dennis D. Housepian

Sallie Anne Housepian

Catherine Anne Herron Houston

Craig R. Howard

Douglas Lee Howard

Tammy L. Howard

Ronald E. Howe

Arthur Everett Huff, D.M.A.

Judith Huff

Hal H. Huffsmith

Jeanne Huffsmith

Dorothy Hunter

Franklin Hunter

Linda T. Hurst

Mark Justin Hurst

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $1,000 to $2,499 during the fiscal year.

Joseph Hushek

Kathleen L. Hushek

Beverly D. Hutton

James B. Hutton

Joe Igoa

Dale Ikeda

Deborah Ikeda

Fred G. Ilg

Michael Illingworth, M.D.

Joong-Bin Im

R. Imai

Richard J. Imfeld Jr.

Sheril Vieira Imfeld

Geraldine J. Irola

Kirk L. Irwin

Teresa K. Irwin

Larry Isheim

Phyllis Isheim

Donna M. Iturbe

Raymond M. Iturbe

Amy Jennifer Jackson

Daniel S. Jackson

Daniel W. Jackson

Don Jackson

Kay M. Jackson

Rick Jackson

Tami Jackson

Edward H. Janzen

Karen V. Janzen

Marilyn R. Janzen

Robert Jenkins

Carolyn Jensen

Dorothy D. Jensen

Douglas B. Jensen

Reynolds A. Jensen

Robert W. Jensen

Cregg S. Jerri

Terri Jerri

Jamie Sue Joaquin

Kenneth (Tony) Anthony Joaquin

Floyd Johnson

Lois A. Johnson

Morgan H. Johnson

Sue A. Johnson

Bryce Jones

Guillermina Jones

James Richard Jorgensen, C.P.A.

Laura Jorgensen

Donald Jorgenson

Bette Jory


GIFTS OF $1,000 – $2,499

William Jucksch

Ellen Junn, Ph.D.

Lisa Lynn Jura

Michael William Jura Jr.

John T. Kahaian Jr.

June M. Kahaian

Jane F. Kardashian, M.D.

Harry P. Karle, Ph.D.

Charles Kasparian

Haig Kasparian

Kathy Kasparian

Debra J. Kazanjian

Carol Anne Kelly

Stan Kemmer

Shirley Kepler

Tom Kepler

Wayne Kerwin

Linda Khachigian

Luther Khachigian

Bob Kirchner

Eric D. Kirk, D.D.S.

Norman J. Kizirian

Pamela Sue Kizirian

Satinder Klair

Sukhdev Singh Klair

Judith Ellen Knapp, Ph.D.

Sam Kodama, D.D.S.

Karin B. Koobatian

Steven D. Koobatian, Ph.D.

Gerald Kuipers

Judith L. Kuipers, Ph.D.

Guy F. Kuncir

Vicki Kuncir

Harry Kuramoto

Yoko Kuramoto

Leslie Labrucherie

Robert P. Labrucherie

Brian Ladd

Edward Allen Lane

Jean Ann Lane

Donald George Larson

Sally Ann Lauritzen

Walter (Fritz) L. Lauritzen

Rosemary A. Lawrence

Elise Almadene Layne

Larry Daniel Layne

Marcia Lee Lazar

Ray Lazar

Ingrid LeBlanc

Maurice A. LeBlanc

Edyth G. Ledbetter

John Keith Ledbetter

Cynthia Lee

Frances Wong Lee

Frankie G. Lee

Stephen Craig Lee

Gaynelle F. Lemmon

Paul Lemmon

Jeff Levinson

Joseph W. Levy

Sharon Levy

Robert C. Lewis

Nancy Liggett

Marguerite Lindley

Maxine Lindner

William L. Lindner

Herbert Lion

Isabel Lion

Beng Wong Liu

Fred LoBue

Debra L. Long

Mitchell J. Long

Patrick B. Longan

Kevin Timothy Lord

Jerry T. Lowmiller

Velma H. Lowmiller

Marian Lenore Luis

Patrick A. Luis

Diane Lushbough

Harrison E. Madden, Ph.D.

Katy Madden

Kurt Madden

Marina Magdaleno

Manjula Mahanty

Satya D. Mahanty, Ph.D.

Rajeev Malhotra

Thomas E. Mallory, Ph.D.

Robert P. Maly, M.D.

Sally Jean Maly

Jeff J. Mancebo

Glen P. Margosian

Gayle Mariucci

Steve Mariucci

Charles Franklyn Markarian

Joyce Ann Markarian

Drayton G. Marsh

Barbara J. Marshall

Linda Mastro

Vince Mastro

Andrew Maxwell, M.D., Ph.D

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $1,000 to $2,499 during the fiscal year.

Martin Mazman

Karen Mazorra

Martin L. Mazorra

Michael E. Mazzei

Patrick Mazzei, D.D.S.

Gerald R. Mc Menamin, Ph.D.

Marguerite Lawton Mc Menamin

Jim McBee

Kay McBee

John P. McCann

Patricia A. McCann

Jean McClelland

Rod McClelland

William Rodney McClelland Jr.

Jack McGaughy

Elizabeth Medeiros

Manual Medeiros

Lorri Meendering

Jesse Mejorado

Teri Ann Mejorado

Rodney Melikian

Denise Melton

George R. Melton

Raul Mendoza

Edna V. Metzler

Dan S. Milinovich Jr.

Joan Marie Milinovich

Jason W. Miller

Terry C. Miller

Loris Mitchell

William D. Mitchell

Charlene Miyakawa

Kelvin Akio Miyakawa

Joan Montague

Paul R. Montague, M.D.

Frank Moore

Harry Dale Moore

John Moore

Margaret E. Moore

Patricia Joan Moore

Ruth E. Moore

Vernon J. Moore

Charles Morales

Dwayne E. Morine

Pat Morine

Andrea Mostes

Justin Wiliiam Mostes

Daniel Joseph Mueller

Deborah Sue Mueller

George M. Murphy


GIFTS OF $1,000 – $2,499

Linda Murphy

Colette M. Murray

Richard A. Murray

Barbara Jean Myers

Robert E. Myers

Jeffrey T. Naito

Roberta A. Naito

Corky Nakayama

Charles S. Nalchajian, D.D.S.

Esther J. Nalchajian

Roland Nale

Debbie Nard

Dennis G. Nard

Theodore R. Nassar, M.D.

Larry Newsome

Matt Nichols

Harold H. Nikoghosian

Janice L. Nikoghosian

Krikor Nishanian

Michelle Anne Nishanian

Brian Nishimura

Eugene Nord

Cathy L. Noyan

Mehmet F. Noyan Jr.

Kenneth B. Nunes

Patricia A. Nunes

Edward O’Dwyer

Susan E. O’Dwyer

Kathleen A. Ogle

Patrick C. Ogle

Chris Ohanesian

Gary Charles Ohanesian

Ellen Matsuye Okada, C.P.A.

Dorothy Oken

Stan Oken

Jim Olson

Mary Olson

Doris Jean O’Neal

Nancy J. Wolfe O’Neill

Paul Henry O’Neill Sr., L.H.D.

Steve Orlando

Kevin O’Rorke

Arlene Pacheco

Jerry Pacheco

Dan Pafford

Shelia L. Pafford

John Paige, C.P.A.

Harry Pappas

Stella Pappas

Craig Randall Pares

Patty Parks

Steven Parks, M.D.

Allan Pedersen

Myrna Pedersen

Eric M. Pederson

George Pehlvanian

Peggy Pehlvanian

Donald Peracchi

Judith E. Peracchi

Basil J. Perch

Kathleen Louise Perch

Alexis Martin Perez

Caty Perez

Patrick Peters

Ronald B. Peters

Stacy Joan Peters

Jennifer Petersen

Mark Leonard Petersen

Roger Peterson

Dino Petrucci

Lonnie Frank Petty

James S. Phillips

Patricia R. Pickford

Cathy Pierce

Dolphus Dwayne Pierce II

Judy Pierre

Philip R. Pierre

Jay Thomas Pierson III

Daniel Pishione

Teresa Plachta

Walter James Plachta

Bette Anne Poirier

Patricia Grell Porter

Richard Porter

Curtis Post

Ramona Post

Dorothy Powell

Larry Lowell Powell

Cecilia Pursell

Cheramy Qualls

Lynda Nankervis Qualls

Stanley A. Qualls

Wes Qualls

Jerry Radinoff

Albert Ramirez

Ryan Ramirez

Preston D. Rash

Fred Rau

Jayne Regert-Wamhof

Jonathan Dale Reid

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $1,000 to $2,499 during the fiscal year.

Keri A. Reid

Maealene Reid

Samuel F. Reid

Dale T. Reitz

Karla Louise Reitz

Arthur Reker

Marilyn Terese Renna

Russell Renna

Leticia Reyna Cano

Dennis D. Reynolds

Jeanene A. Reynolds

Mark A. Reynolds

Vincent A. Ricchiuti

Frank A. Rice

Roberta G. Rice

Charlotte Rickman

Garrett Rickman

Linda Ridenour

Lisa Ann Riedle

Richard Rithaporn, M.D.

Yooppadee Rithaporn, M.D.

Marguerite Ritter

Robert W. Ritter

John Rivera

Monica Rivera

Dawn Roberti

Gino Roberti

John A. Robertson

Karyn Robertson

Cheryl Bishop Robinson

Marlene B. Robinson

Mike Robinson

Roderick Hitchcock Robinson

Sally A. Robinson

William Victor Robinson

Henry Anthony Robledo

Joan E. Robledo

Risa Rodemeyer

Stephen A. Rodemeyer, Ph.D.

Jimmie Lee Gaines Rodgers

Rebecca Rogers-Petrunt

Paul Wesley Rohrer

Carol Rollin

Paul Rollin

Carrie Rowell

Dale Rowell

Donna Rowell

Jeffrey Dale Rowell

Michael Rubio

Ron Rudolf


GIFTS OF $1,000 – $2,499

Brian Ruffino

Rodolfo Ruiz Jr.

Melissa J. Russell

Michael Frederick Russler, Ed.D.

Rebecca Mae Russler

Cheryl Rutherford

Nolan Rutherford

Janet L. Ryan

Brenda Sabbatini

Gary M. Sabbatini

Jim G. Sabbatini

Robin Sabbatini

Roy Bruce Sabin

Howard Sagaser

Frances F. Salazar

Robert G. Salazar

Victoria Salisch

Andrea M. Salvador

Jerome F. Salvador

Dennis Sanchez

David Sandlin

Mitch Sangha

David Aram Sarabian

John B. Satragni

Barbara F. Sauerbrei

Harold Thomas Sauerbrei

Ken Sawatsky

Clarice Scarry

Rod Scarry

Susan Scarry

Patricia Schiff

William M. Schiff, M.D.

James W. Schlievert

Susan Foin Schlievert, Ed.D.

Sally Bianco Schneider

Timothy Gene Schneider

Frederick E. Schreiber, Ph.D.

Thomas E. Schroeder

Bob Schumacher

Marjorie L. Schumacher

Mike Schwan

Carol Ann Scott

Gordon Glenn Scott

James R. Scroggin

Lisa B. Scroggin

Danny Seely

Jeff Segars

Sarah Sellers

Tim Sellers

Kimihiro Sera

Arthur Seredian

Lily Seredian

Marlon Serimian

Fernando Serpa

Anthony J. Sesock

Anita M. Shanahan

Eric Shannon Jr.

Lonnie Shapiro

Myron Shapiro

Del Shebelut

Kim B. Short

Andrea Shubin

Scott Shumaker

Judy Shuster

Maxwell A. Shuster Jr.

Ronald Sidoli

Paula J. Siegel

Cherie Silva

Randy Anthony Silva

Linda Silveira

Mike Silveira

Caroline Ramirez Simis, D.B.A.

Peter Simis, D.B.A.

Bonnie Ann Simonian

Dennis L. Simonian

Jeff Simonian

Adriana N. Slaniceanu, Ph.D.

Helen Smades

Charles E. Small

Dustin Joseph Smith

George Mark Smith

James M. Smith, Ph.D.

Michelle Denise Smith

Michelle J. Smith

Sherry J. Smith

Teri Smith

Jack M. Snauffer, M.D.

Vatche Soghomonian

Michael Sonksen

Daniel Souza

Joyce Souza

Al Stanford

Chris J. Steele

Dee Ann Stein

Fred G. Stein

Luree Stetson

Danny Stewart

Becky Stirewalt

Clyde Stirewalt

Kenneth E. Stocks

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $1,000 to $2,499 during the fiscal year.

Sandra Diane Stocks

Jack Stone

Dennis M. Stubblefield

Saundra S. Stubblefield

Janet M. Sunderland

Steven K. Sunderland

Brett Sutton

Sterling Swartout

Lisa Renee Swertfager

Robert Edward Swertfager

Ken Swinger

Marilyn Swinger

Lindsay S. Takeda, D.D.S.

George Tamura

Janet Tamura

Cary Tanner, M.D.

Harvey M. Tatsumura

David Edward Taylor, M.D.

David S. Taylor

Elizabeth T. Taylor

John Taylor

Susan Taylor

J.M. Telford

Henry Teraoka

Jean M. Teraoka

Jayne Thaxter

Steven Thaxter

Michelle Thompson

Odes C. Thompson

Deborah V. Tinnin

Lee Tinnin

Roger Toews

Brad Richard Tomasini

Colleen Kay Torgerson, Ed.D.

Stephen R. Torgerson, D.D.S.

John Travinsky

Tom Tsaris

Mark Hoyt Turmon

Tiler Turmon

Barbara Turner

Dawn Turner

Joe Turner

Leonard Turner

Karnie H. Tutunjian

Patricia Hiroko Tyner

Thomas E. Tyner

Gregg Underdown

Gary L. Unruh D.M.A.

Alan Uyemura, O.D.

Gary Van Groningen


GIFTS OF $1,000 – $2,499

Randy Van Grouw

Brandon E. Vance, C.P.A.

Stephanie R. Vance

Emilio Vargas Jr.

Marilyn Fugett Vartabedian

Steven M. Vartabedian

Robert E. Vaughan

Andrew Velasquez

Chuck Vencill

Jeff Vertz

Mary Vester-Toews

Charles Visciglio

Kurt Vote

Shelley Vote

Valerie Ann Vuicich

Dave Walish

Cheri Wallace

John Wallace

Lloyd A. Wamhof

Bev Warkentin

Gloria Warner

Robert J. Warner

David Wasemiller

Patti Wasemiller

Gerald E. Waters

Rosemary R. Waters

Richard G. Wathen Jr.

Linda L. Weaver

Michael Wayne Weaver

Steve Weaver

Mike Webber

Joanne Weirick

Joseph B. Weirick

Fred E. Wheeler

Vincent Whelan

Christine Williams

Loretta L. Williams

Ron Williams

Warren L. Williams

William R. Williams

Lee Willis

Mary Willis

Michael Willis

Michele Wills

Ted C. Wills Jr.

James R. Wilson

Laura A. Wilson

Leo Allen Wilson

Michael Wilson

Sandra S. Witte, Ph.D.

Steven L. Wong

Stacy Allison Wood

Tom Wood

David Woody Woodruff

O. James Woodward III

Vernon H. Wynn

William M. Wyrick

Bill Yamamoto

Amparo Yanez

George Yanez

Russell M. Yemoto

Sally T. Yemoto

Li Yun Zhang

Frances C. Ziegler

Stanley M. Ziegler, Ph.D.

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $1,000 to $2,499 during the fiscal year.


GIFTS OF $500 – $999

Marlys Accornero

Paul Steve Accornero

Allen M. Agnew, Ed.D.

Joan N. Ahronian

Richard P. Ahronian

Ron C. Alanis

Pete Albanese

Teri Albanese

Linda K. Alexander

R. Michael Alexander

Khaled S. Alkotob

Janet Elaine Allen

Rick Allen

Daniel I. Aller

Joy Aller

Steve Allison

Tally Allison

Drew W. Anderson

Kim Ellen Anderson

Linda Sue Anderson

Timothy T. Anderson

John Arakelian

Madeline Arakelian

Brian Thomas E. Archer

Lucy Areias

Shirley Jean Armbruster

William S. Armbruster

Cathy Armstrong

Tom Armstrong

Craig Arslanian

Gloria M. Ashford

Jim Ashford

David Inglis Atkinson

Paige Ann Atkinson

Lynda Alice Austin-Snauffer

Carole Avedian

Richard Avedian

Antonio Vitorino Avila

Monalisa Avila

Sumer Avila

Raj Singh Badhesha

Stacey Baker

Benjamin Bakkegard, Ed.D.

Larry Balakian

Frank H. Balekian

Lelan D. Barker

Mark Barrett, M.D.

Kenneth Anthony Basila

Velta Basila

Kenneth Basso

Michele C. Basso

Sandra Bauer

Todd Bauer

Martin Baughman

Daniel Dwain Beair

Randy Beam

Jacqueline L. Beck

Larry D. Beck

Justin Bedwell

Carol M. Beers

Richard Lowell Beers

Rodney Gene Bell

Allen Dale Bennett

Robert J. Bennett

Leland Edwin Bergstrom

Margaret R. Bergstrom

Karen Beringson

Phillip Bernal

Larry Bettencourt

Cynthia C. Binger

Richard D. Binns

Rosie M. Binns

Barbara Bischel

Robert Bischel

George Y. Blair

La Vona J. Blair

David Harris Blayney

Marjatta Outi Havola Bloise

Ronald Gerald Bloise

Harold W. Bochin, Ph.D.

Janet S. Bochin

David Bodine

Lorraine M. Bolen

Larry Bolinger

Andy Bone

Linda Bone

John T. Bonner, M.D.

Thomas Borchardt

Vallorie Jean Borchardt

David P. Borofka

Kevin Shadd Boswell

Kulwinder K. Brar

Rajinder Singh Brar

Guillermo Bravo

Bill Breckenridge

C. William Brewer

Charlotte Marie Brewer

Linda Ruth Brewer

Diana M. Britten

Ken Britten

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $500 to $999 during the fiscal year.

Steve Brock

James C. Bronson Jr.

Michelle Bronson

Kelly Brown

Daryl Bruns

Julie L. Britten Bruns

Michael Feland Budd

Kathryn Allene Buller

Loren D. Buller

Craig Burnett

Jim Burnside

Nancy P. Busch

Stanley H. Busch

Gary Busick

Alan E. Cade Jr.

Erika Calderon

Kerry Caldwell

Michael Caldwell, Ph.D.

Robert Cale

Lawrence A. Calvino

Ron Cameron

Curtis Capps

Helen Caprelian

Marvin John Caprelian

James Mathew Cardella

Arthur G. Carlson

Bart Jason Carlson

Stacy Ann Carlson

Verta E. Carlson

Tricia Carmichael

Gail Carter

Harold Vincent Carter Sr.

Sam Carter

Marie Cassano

Vito Cassano

Annabelle S. Castro

Michael J. Castro

David Cavagnaro, M.D.

Douglas D. Cederquist

Herman F. Cenci

Agnes Chaltraw

Bill E. Chaltraw

Melanie Chandler

Thomas W. Chandler

Truman Chase

Ann J. Chavez

Kenneth R. Chavez

Manuel Chavez

Marilyn Chin

Mark Terrence Chin


GIFTS OF $500 – $999

Gerald A. Chooljian

Tammy Lee Chooljian

Gerald D. Chow

Julia A. Chow

Deborah Ann Christensen

Donald Reed Christensen, D.D.S.

Dennis Ray Claborn

Greg D. Clark

Lawrence Allan Clark

Lee S. Clark

Norman Clark Jr.

Erik Clausen

Sandra L. Clemons

Vincent D. Clemons

Gregg D. Cline

Heidi M. Cline

Mike Cohn

David A. Coleman

Louise Rae Coleman

Patrick L. Condry

Jeanne F. Contel

Dennis Anthony Contrestano

Sheila Kay Contrestano

Joan Conway

Don Cook

Adrian Rubben Cooks

Stephanie Cooks

Bob Cornell

Gustavo Martinez Corona

Norma Quiz Corona

Allan Joseph Corradi

Sally Corradi

Allen Cosyns

Larry Cottrell

Susan Cottrell

Harold E. Coulston Jr., D.M.D.

Mitch Covington

Marlin Crawler

Mark L. Creede

James Critchfield

Kathy Critchfield

Barry K. Crow

Marcia Lee Crow

Christopher P. Cummings

Mona Nyandoro Cummings

Peter Martin Dalena

Ray Darnell

Sharon R. Darnell

Aldo Mario De Rose

Daniel Delgado

Mary Ellen Delgado

Simon Demirjian

Ago Dermenjian

Nayiri Dermenjian

Sabrina Marie Desmond

Scott Morgan Desmond

Evelyn G. Dias

Melvin G. Dias

Charles Diddy, D.D.S.

Marty Dietz

Sheila Dietz

Dorothy J. Dirks

Douglas L. Dirks

Sherry D. Ditirro

Tony I. Ditirro

Gregg D. Dodderidge

Henry Dominguez

Jessica Dominguez

Peggyann Donabed

Katie Donnelly

Robert Brian Donnelly

Elizabeth J. Dooley

Judie A. Dowling

Michael D. Dowling

Mary Downs

Richard Downs

Lynda Draper

Rich Draper

Denise Dritsas

James John Dritsas

Edward R. Duarte

Linda D. Duarte

David C. Dungy

Pamela L. Dungy,Ed.D.

John R. Dunn, Ph.D.

Mary Anna Dunn

Joe L. Dutra

Bud Duttarer

Janet K. Duttarer, Ph.D.

Laurence S. Dutto

Cynthia Simerly Dyck

Harry M. Dyck Jr.

Anita Dyer

Cassandra Irene Dyson

James Eastwood

James A. Edgmon

Roni Edgmon

Suzanne Renee Edmonds-Kimball

Bennie R. Edwards

Caroline Cuadros Edwards

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $500 to $999 during the fiscal year.

Dick Eklund

Dolores T. Elkins

Michael F. Elkins

Laurel Ellison

Janice M. Emerzian, Ed.D.

Jerry Albert Emerzian

Leslie Emerzian

Rosalyn S. Emerzian

David W. Englebright

Janice Junko Englebright

Bud Erickson

Lee Erickson

Marlene A. Erickson

Rosemary Erickson

Babs Eskin

Saul Eskin

Charles Gordon Estabrook

Trish Estabrook

Lorraine Etzler

Alfred B. Evans Jr., Ph.D.

Brent Evans

Carolyn Faye Evans

Debbie Everson-Borofka

Susan Ewell

Diane Lynn Eytcheson

Mark David Eytcheson

Eleanor Falco

Donald Ira Fantz Jr.

Jondi Fantz

Ronald Eugene Fanucchi

Toni Fanucchi

Murray Farber

Betty L. Farsakian

Sam Farsakian

Joan Prentice Fast

Roger Dale Fast

Marilyn J. Fauerbach

Richard L. Fauerbach

Don Fearnside

Joan C. Fearnside

Claude M. Feaver

Patricia Ann Feaver

Robert J. Fena

Valerie Fena

Don Ferguson

Charles Ferreira

Patrick Fiedler

Marsha Fisher

Myron Fisher, M.D.

George A. Flynn


GIFTS OF $500 – $999

Carole Ann Forbes

James Forbes

Larry L. Forbes

Clyde Warren Ford

Melisha A. Ford

Debi Foth

Scott Foth

Elaine Fraser

Steven R. Fraser

Tom Fraser

Tony Frates

Arlene Frese-Troop

Layne C. Fricke

Gary Fry

Karyn D. Fry

Ann L. Fugelsang

Kenneth Fugelsang, Ph.D.

Kathryn E. Funk

Lyn D. Funk

Michael A. Gainer

Pamela D. Gainer

Alfred Galvez

Rosalinda G. Galvez

James Ganson

Jenny Elizabeth Ganson

Ralph P. Garcia

Tommy Garcia

Mary Jean Gardner

Geoffrey Marshall Garratt II

Robin Garratt

Judy L. Geary

Thomas J. Geary

Gary R. Geist

Cynthia F. George

Steven A. Geringer

Susan D. Geringer

Stephen L. German

Gary Gibbs

Gigi G. Gibbs

Douglas A. Gilio, D.D.S.

Leah Gill

Thomas Gill

Dale Gillespie

Rodger Clayton Glaspey

Terry Glaspey

Andre Goddard

Laura Goddard

Charles Goessling III

Marc Gomez

George Gong

Tony Gonsalves

Alfred Gonzalez

Esther Gonzalez

Barbara Ann Goodwin

Edwin C. Goodwin

Garu Michael Graves, C.P.A.

Jennifer Graves

Donald Wayne Gray, C.P.A.

Richard F. Grill

Rosemarie Grill

Nick Grim

Bob Grove

Cynthia M. Grove

Sam Guill

Robert Guillen

Andrew S. Gulley

Richard Haas, Ph.D.

Vivian J. Haas

David M. Hadden, M.D.

Zetta Louise Hadden

David Haddock

Susan B. Haddock

David C. Hammelmann

Gayle S. Hammelmann

Evan W. Hammer

Bill A. Hammerstrom

Karri Malynn Hammerstrom

Armen Hampar

Nora Hampar

Micheal Hanken

Carol Hansen

Herluf Victor Hansen

William Albert Hansen

Mike Haroutunian

James Edward Harper

Robert M. Harper Jr., D.B.A.

Teresa S. Harper

Harriet Ann Harris

James Mayford Harris

Walt D. Harris

Jean K. Hata

Rodney Michael Hata

David M. Hatfield

Donna P. Fujioka Hatfield

Richard E. Haupt

Loren I. Haworth, M.D.

Alvin Kiyomi Hayashi

Rosemary Y. Harada Hayashi

Betsy Hayes

Brad Hayes

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $500 to $999 during the fiscal year.

John Walter Hazel Jr.

Patricia Jane Hazel

Daniel T. Healy

Michelle Anne Heckel

Thomas A. Heckel II

Scott Henderson

Stacy Henderson

Earnestine Hendricks

James Hendricks

Janet Herman

Lynn Marie Herman

Marc Herman

Scott Michael Herman

Johnny Hernandez

Bobbi Herrinton

Richard Herrinton

Helen A. Herzog

Keith Herzog

Jeffrey Edwin Daniel Hightower

Bob J. Hill

Francene Hill

Ronald Calvin Hill

Alan R. Hirasuna

Teri Hirasuna

Howard Kazuhiko Hiyama

Satomi E. Hiyama

John Hogue

Kathleen Mary Hogue

Timothy A. Hollabaugh

Marie Homen

Robert E. Homen

Bill Hoover

George David Hoover

Lynda Jane Hoover

Debra Hopkins

Ricky Lynn Hopkins

Janet Victoria Hovannisian

Ralph Hovannisian Jr.

Martin Hovsepian

Donald Brian Howard

Leslie K. Howard

Christopher Charles Hubbard

Marti Hubbard

Katherine Anne Huebert

Robert James Huebert

Brenna Hughes

Eddie Hughes

Julie Ann Hultgren

William L. Hume

Larry Hunt


GIFTS OF $500 – $999

James Mike Imfeld

Michelle Shelli Imfeld

Wesley M. Imoto

Javier Irigoyen

Daniel O. Jamison, Esq.

Debra S. Jamison

Alfred Janzen

Marietta Janzen

Ross Jenkins

Richard E. Jennings, M.D.

Donald Jensen

Robert M. Jensen

Susan Jeanette Jensen

Charity Johnson

Christopher Stancil Johnson

Clarence Johnson

Dana K. Johnson

Dean S. Johnson

Dorajayne Johnson

Katherine Anne Johnson

Matthew Johnson

Patricia Johnson

Roger Johnson

Joan Elizabeth Jones

Robert A. Jones

Dee Jordan

Bonnie J. Jost

David A. Jost

Cassandra L. Joubert, Sc.D.

Nancy Judd

Isabelle Kabrielian

Ruth B. Kallenberg

John A. Kaprielian

Sharon K. Kaprielian

Emma Chi-Ying Chan Karlen

Kris M. Karlen

Jan S. Kasparian

Oscar Kasparian

Emily Kaufmann

Mark G. Kaufmann, M.D.

Kristi Kayajanian

Debbie Keller

Michael Edward Keller

David E. Kelly

Deborah Marie Kelly

Priscilla Ketscher

Daniel M. Kimball

Phillip D. Kimble

Jeanine King

Mary Ellen King

Roger Bruce King

Wayne King

Mark T. Kinsel

Paula M. Kinsel

Ronald Kirkorian

George Klistoff

Debbie Kobashi

Dorothy Kobashi

Elmer Kobashi

Stan Kobashi

Mary Ann Koligian

Vaughn Koligian Jr.

Barbara Diane Kollmeyer

Willy Dietrich Kollmeyer

Barry Kondo

Karen Kondo

John Kriebs

Dana Su Kruse

Ronald E. Kruse

Lydia J. Kuhn

Jody Ladwig

Paul Ladwig

Donald C. Laines

Ellen J. Laines

Morgan P. Lambert

Nicole Ann Lampe-Nalchajian

Frank Herbert Lang

Peggy Lang

Cathleen A. Larson

Phillip Eugene Larson

Melinda Laval

Judy A. Lea

Dora Elia Leal

Dave Lee

Dave Lennon

Jim Lockwood

Jordan Logoluso

John Peter Loiacono

Kara Loiacono

Christopher Jay Long

Blair Looney

Elizabeth Looney

Jack Loperena

Joanne Loperena

Kathleen Marie Lopes

Eva Lopez

Victor Lopez

Stanley Young Louie, M.D.

Wesley Lovell

Gayle L. Lowe

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $500 to $999 during the fiscal year.

Scott W. Lowe

Bruce Edward Lundberg

Kathleen A. Lundberg

Lohn L. Lutz, D.D.S.

John M. Lyons

Judy A. Lyons

Fred C. Machado

Maxine Machado

Luan Malanca

Steve Malanca

Michael Mallery

Lesa Nanette Margosian

Bob Markland

Heidi L. Markland

Rob Mark Marquez

James E. Marshall, Ph.D.

Robert Marshall-Walker

Jason K. Martin

Jason Ortega Martin

Mike Martin

Anna M. Martinez

Emily Martinez

Jarrod Martinez

Robert Martinez II

Samuel T. Masumoto

Jackline Matosian

Michael Matosian

Jim Mattos

Leslie Mattos

Enrico S. Mazzei

Donna McClung

Michael McConnell

William W. McGowan Jr.

Catherine Ruth McHarry

John McHarry

Joseph Anthony McLean

Lori Denise McLean

Marc McNally

Carol Dee McNeil

Oran G. McNeil

Anamaria Medrano

Carlos Medrano

Richard Melella

Elizabeth H. Mendiguren, Ph.D.

Don Mendrin

Mario Mercado

Rosemary Mercado

Kathleen A. Mesple

Paul P. Mesple

Tim Messer


GIFTS OF $500 – $999

Ted Walter Michel Jr.

Dennis Mikuni

Sharon K. Mikuni, RD

Donald Milburn

Bob Miller

Chris Miller

Elaine Miller

Jim L. C. Miller

Patricia Miller

Scott Miller

Teresa Miller

Kirkor Charles Minasian

Helena Mirelez

Jose Arthur Mirelez Jr., D.D.S.

Alan Mok

Logan H. Molen

Sandra Molen

Dixie Monis

Joe Monis

Carole Sue Monke

Robert H. Monke, Ph.D.

John Moons

Linda Moons

Aram Moradian

Betty A. Moradian

Karen E. Morais

Edward M. Morishima

Cyndra Ruth Morrow

Gary H. Morrow

Jo Ann Mortensen

Larry N. Mortensen

Mary L. Mott, Ed.D.

Betty Mozdir

Tom Mozdir

John E.W. Musson Jr.

Patricia Musson

Lowell Richard Myers

Martha Anne Myers

William Y. Nakatani

David Nalchajian

Deborah Nankivell

Clara Elaine Nash

Matthew Nesper

Kerwin Neufeld

Robert D. Newman

Christy Nichols

Thomas Nichols

Mike S. Nicolson

Bill H. Nilmeier

Connie Nilmeier

Donna Lynn Nowell

Ronald Philip Nowell, D.D.S.

Rick Oaks

Daniel K. O’Brien

Lisa O’Brien

Dale Leonard Oftedal

Anne Keenan Ogden

Paul W. Ogden, Ph.D.

Marion J. Ogorman

Patrick O’Hanlon

June J. Okumoto

Ted Okumoto

Manuel J. Olgin Jr.

Robert H. Oliver, J.D.

Stephanie Y. Oliver

Linda S. Olson

Ralph D. Olson

Mary M. Orton

Stephen Orton

Gordon R. Osborn

Mary Ann Osborn

Kenneth M. Otteson

Sheila M. Otteson

Frank James Oviedo

Warren Robin Paboojian

Bryan R. Pacillas

Darlene B. Padgett

Samuel Clay Pafford

Kim Paganetti

Steven Paganetti

Neil A. Page

Rodney D. Paloutzian, D.D.S.

Shari Paloutzian

Abe Paregian

Margie Paregian

Regina L. Parker

Kathy Parsons

Ronald T. Passmore

Russell E. Patterson

Frank Paxton

Virginia L. Paxton

Dan L. Pearce

Darlene Pedersen

Marvin Pedersen

Richard Ervin Pedersen

Frances A. Pena-Olgin

Ryan Peranick

Monte F. Person, D.D.S.

Alan Frank Peters

Darrin Michael Peters

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $500 to $999 during the fiscal year.

Dennis Peters

Imogene F. Peters

Jack L. Peters

Regina Drew Peters

Samuel Kenneth Peters

Ann K. Phillips

Caralee J. Phillips

Douglas A. Phillips

Patrick J. Phillips, M.D.

Lee Picchi

Nicholas Lee Picchi

Gerald J. Pieroni, D.D.S.

Alan H. Pierrot, M.D.

Judith Pierrot

Dan Pollard

Rick Pospisil, M.D.

Sandra Pospisil

Syd Pratt

Darrel T. Price

Kelly Eugene Price

Janice Anita Primavera

Ronald Primavera

Valentin Quevedo Jr.

Lisa Quinn

Paul E. Quinn, C.P.A.

Lois Raco

Rod Radtke

Valerie Radtke

Helen Ramirez

Doris M. Rayburn

Fred Rayburn

Paul E. W. Read

Ray Redgate

Jeff Reinart

Fred Renaud

Laurie M. Renna

Stephen Michael Renna

James V. Reppert

Frederick A. Richburg, M.D.

Linda Sophie Richburg

Carolyn S. Robertson

Michael J. Robertson

Daniel M. Robinson

Donna Robinson

Kathy A. Robinson

Richard Robinson

Warren Robinson

Roberto Rodriguez

Dave Rogers

Sandy Rogers


GIFTS OF $500 – $999

Bruce Alan Rohde

Christi Rolff

Michelle L. Rontell

Steve P. Rontell

Mary Lee Root

Craig D. Roque

David Garcia Roque

Susan A. Roque

Linda May Rose

Marvin H. Rose

Robert G. Rose

Wendy C. Rose

Donna Rosenstein

Morton G. Rosenstein, M.D.

Jason Roundtree, D.D.S.

Donald E. Roy, M.D.

Deanna Ruby

Mark Ruby

Mark Ruh

Joan Ruth Rycraft, Ph.D.

Agnes Saghatelian-Wilson

Harsh Saigal, M.D.

Sue Saigal

Mark William Saito

Jim K. Sakamoto

Kanae Sakamoto

Melvin Salwasser

Phillip V. Sanchez

Mary Kathy Sankey

Paul F. Sankey

George Santikian

George Sanwo

Glen Sasai

Harold Schaefer

Marie Gale Schaefer

Earl P. Schilling Sr.

Maria I. Schilling

Debbie Schmall

Floyd Schmall

Kenneth A. Schmall

Joan C. Schoettler

Robert P. Schoettler

John H. Scholefield, M.D.

Kristene Scholefield

Judith Ann Scott

Randy Segars

Michael Shaffer

Sharon Shaffer

Jim L. Shamp

Sina M. Shamp

Blake Gregory Shannon

Christine Lynn Shannon

Melinda Shannon

Jerry Shapiro

Lani K. Shearn

Stephen H. Shearn

Linda Jane Shelby

Robert B. Shelby

Amy Elizabeth Sheller

Todd Raymond Sheller

Gia Leigh Picchi Shirley

Kenneth Shirley Jr.

Colleen Short

Wayne Short

Bob Silva

Carolyn Silva

Melvyn L. Silva

Carver Stephen Simmons

Mary Ann Simmons

Gary Sinise

Moira Sinise

William M. Sivick, CPA

Tim Skipper

Charles Randal Small

Julie Ann Small

Nicholas Michael Smirnov

Barbara Smith

Beverly Smith

Donald H. Smith

John Smith

John R. Smith

Kelly Smith

Lorraine Smith

Paul Smith

Mark W. Snauffer

Steve Sommer

I. Fred Sommers

Patricia R. Sommers

Roy D. Spina Jr.

Charles Springsted

Robert Lewis Starr Sr.

Mike Stearns

Charles O. Stephenson Jr.

Roxanne Nury Stephenson

Bradley Mitchell Stevens

Dave Stevens

Ralene Stevens

Dave Stoll

Don Stolz

Christina Elise Storton

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $500 to $999 during the fiscal year.

Keith Alan Storton

Roby Strachan

Curtis Arthur Stubblefield

Shannon Lynn Stubblefield

Berg Sudjian

Elaine Roxie Sudjian

Ranjit Singh Sufi

John E. Supino

Lucille V. Supino

Howard S.G. Swann

Gailerd Dean Swisegood

Carol Tacchino

Donald J. Tacchino

Dennis Takahashi

Joe Talley

Kathy J. Talley

Dorie H. Talob

Roger A. Talob Jr.

Fred Y. Tanimoto

Jackie Tanimoto

Maziu Maziar Tarighi

Jim Taylor

Steven K. Tejeda

John J. Terzian

Lathy Terzian

Bernard TeVelde Jr.

Mike Thibault

Fred Thomas

Veronica M. Thomas

Wm. Lanier Thomas Esq.

Susan Thompson

Timothy L. Thompson Sr.

Ronald J. Thomsen

Tanner Tingey

Barbara C. Tirapelle

Leon Tirapelle

Matthew Phillips Tobin

Harold H. Tokmakian

Laura Jean Toney

Lorin Toney

Eddie N. Torres

Lorraine Torres

Frances G. Towne

Patricia Towne, C.P.A.

Wayne Towne

Paul R. Troop

Nadira Patty Trujillo

Sean Castro Trujillo

Toshimasa Tsuda, M.D.

Bill Tucker


GIFTS OF $500 – $999

Rita Ann Twet

Steve R. Twet

Jeffrey Kenneth Tyzzer

Judith K. Tyzzer

Scott Arthur Underhill

Arleen Beth Urabe

Douglas B. Urabe

John Urabe

Cornelius Van Beek

Nancy S. Van Galder

Robert B. Van Galder, Ed.D.

Gary Van Ryn

Christina Van Vleet

Peter Van Vleet

Vince Van Zee

Robert D. Vandergon

Robin Vandergon

Gordon Vaughan

Charles Vaughn

Elouise Vaughn

Greg Mark Vaughn

Lauri Michele Vaughn

Dennis M. Veeh

Susan Veeh

John Ventresca

Lucianna D. Ventresca

Kevin Vivian

Jill Wagner

Al E. Warkentine, D.D.S.

Dotty Jane Warkentine

Mona Bell Warren

Robert Earl Warren

Christine K. Watkins

Howard K. Watkins

David Andrew Wear

Silvia Wear

Laurel Weber

Peter E. Weber

Carolyn S. Webster

Beverly Mayrose Wells

James M. Wells Jr.

Loren Werth

Tamara Werth

Kathryn Louise Weston

Irwin R. Wetnight Jr.

Emily K. Wheatley

Bud Whitehead

Diana D. Whitehead

Douglas B. Whiteley

Howard J. Wick Jr.

Pamela Wick

Howard R. Wiley

Rochelle Wiley

Jim Wilkins

Suzette G. Wilkins

Thomas C. Williams

Donald M. Wilson, Ph.D.

James W. Wilson

Marilyn Helen Wilson

Mark Wilson

Dennis Wilt

Johnell Wilt

Kerrie L. Wisneski

Marc Vincent Wisneski

James E. Wohlford

Rae E. Wohlford

Brett Laurence Wolfe

Carla Jean Wolfe

Joanne Claire Wood

Steve Allan Wood

Kurt Wyrick

Herky Yamagiwa

George Yamaguchi

Harry Yamaguchi

Myna Lee Yamaguchi

Kooi Lim Yap

Thorisa Thorangkoon Yap

Beverly L. Yatabe

Michael W. Yatabe

Douglas A. Yavanian

Emily L. Yavanian

Nancy S. Youdelman

Brett Zall

Heather Zall

Thomas F. Zimoski

Linda Natali Zylka

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $500 to $999 during the fiscal year.


GIFTS OF $100 – $499

Edward P. Abair

Susan K. Abair

Alexander A. Abela

Jane E. Abela

Daniel Abruzzini

Lisa Aceves

Beverly Jane Achki

Elisa D. Acosta

Ernest Gary Acosta

Alma Flor Ada, Ph.D.

Diane Kay Adair

Thomas G. Adair

Amy Adam

Bradley Cooper Adam

Peter L. Adam

Andrew David Adams

Bitty Yager Adams

Isabel K. Adams

Janet L. Adams

Janet S. Adams

Katherine Lee Adams, Ph.D.

Kenneth Ray Adams

Nathan Adams

Agustin Agraz

Diane Aguilar

Elizabeth Aguilar

Gary Aguilar

Jesse Aguilar

Robert Dugan Aguilar

Semelda Aguilar

Stephanie Aguilar

Judith C. Agundez

Nicholas G. Agundez

Jeffrey Richard Ahronian

Gordon Ah-Tye

Marian H. Ah-Tye

Sonia Akian

Zaven Paul Akian

Kenneth Wayne Akin

Jeffery Albalos

Victoria Albalos

Vic Alberti

Glenn Laroy Albertson

Haydee Alcantara

David Adrian Alderete Jr.

Sue A. Alderete

Bruce Lane Aldrich

Pamela A. Aldrich

Linnea M. Alexander

M. Kursheed Ali, Ph.D.

Andrea Alires

Bradley Thomas Allen

Dennis Allen

Dianne M. Allen

Donald D. Allen

Pamela Allen

Pat Allen

Tom Allen

Carol L. Allison

Robert William Allison

Denise L. Allshouse

Gary Almeda

Theresa Almeda

Mark D. Alson, M.D.

Sindy Alson

Liza Alvarado

Anthony Alvarez

Carol Alvernaz

Robert Alvernaz

Michelle Alves

Jacinta A. Amaral, Ph.D.

Gaylee Miles Amend

Richard Ames

German Amezcua

Maria J. Amezcua

Armando Amoranto

Michele Nicole Amoranto

J. Thomas Amos

Merilee Ann Amos

Carrie Anders

Mark Timothy Anders

Ben F. Andersen

Eric Andersen

Helen Andersen

Jens Andersen

Joan M. Andersen

Yvonne M. Andersen

Barbara J. Anderson

Carol Anderson

Charles Daniel Anderson

James Richard Anderson

Joel D. Anderson

Karen Anderson

Richard Anderson

Scott J. Anderson

Scott R. Anderson

Shawn Eric Anderson

Tracey Lyn Anderson

Virgil Anderson

Karin Marise Anderson-Lloyd

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $100 to $499 during the fiscal year.

Sam Hitoshi Ando

Nick Andrade

Daniel J. Andre

Debbie Andreotti

Anita L. Andresen, Ed.D.

Jacob Christian Andresen

John M. Andrews

Earlene Andrus

Nancy L. Andrus

Richard Andrus

Rodney Hubert Andrus

Sharon K. Angus*

Anonymous Donor(s)

John Gilbert Ansolabehere

G. Franklin Antoyan

Berj K. Apkarian

Dean Bryan Arakelian

Shari Vee Arakelian

Robert A. Arendt

Michael C. Arfsten

George Armenta

Irene Armenta

Magdalena Armistead, MSW

Michael Wayne Armistead

Darla A. Armo

Lee Armstrong

Verna June Arnest

Robert Francis Arroyo

Juan Moncayo Arteaga

Gary Artis

Toshi K. Asahina

Akiyo Ashida

Hisao Ashida

Dick Ashjian

Jacquie Ashjian

Brenda Eve Ashkar

Salim Ashkar

Betty M. Ashley

Charles Ashley

James Warren Ashley

Joann Ashley

John Lee Ashley

Jack Aslanian

Mary M. Aslanian

George Atamian

Maryann Atamian

George Atashkarian

Mary R. Atashkarian

Charles Atkinson

Jasbinder Kaur Atwal


GIFTS OF $100 – $499

Raminder Singh Atwal

Darren Earl Atwood

Pamela Ruth Audino

Richard Joseph Audino

Erin Augusto

Jo-Ann Austin

John F. Austin

Georgiana K. Auyeung

Raymond V. Avedian

Michael Avenatti

Duart John Avila

Michelle Louise Avila

Devin Michael Aviles

Sally L. Ayer, Ph.D.

Todd Michael Ayerza

Valerie Azadian

Michael F. Azera

John Azevedo

Michael P. Azevedo

David Warren Babers

Kathleen Ellen Babigian

Bob Bacome

Linda Sue Bacome

Armen Derian Bacon

Daniel A. Bacon

Roy Bacon

Sabrella L. Bacon

Anthony W. Badali

Barbara Badali

Alexis Bagdasarian

Catherine Bagdasarian

Gary G. Bagdasarian

Jimmy H. Bagdasarian

Alan Leroy Bailey

Deanna S. Bailey

Helen Bailey

Jeanne Bailey

Michael Bailey

Laurel Baird

Dustin R. Baker

Elizabeth Baker

Gilbert Richard Baker

John W. Baker

Marilyn J. Baker

Raymond C. Baker

Levon Baladjanian

Elliott Balch

Rachel Balch

Rodney C. Balch

John Baldauf

Kathy Baldauf

David Balentine

Christina Balesteri

Orlando Duane Ballard

Angela Balliet

Jeffery Balliet

Mary Baloian

Randy Mark Baloian

Janet Bancroft

Kimberly Anne Bannister

Chris Baptista

Valerie Baptista

Don Barbe

Barbara Barber

Mary Jane Barbian

Julie Barbour

Rob Barbour

Eileen Denise Barcellos

Martin B. Barcellos Jr.

Merv James Barcellos

Vivian R. Barcellos

James S. Bargamian

Gloria Ann Garcia Bargas

Ray Bargas

Chris Barker

Pam Jean Barker

Robert A. Barker

Brad Barnes

Coleman Barnes

Diane Michelle Barnes

Dorothy Barnes

Ann Barnett

Donald Ray Barnett

Elizabeth Barnett

Lowell J. Barnett

Bobby A. Barnhart

Herman J. Barretto

Karen P. Barretto

Dave Barrier

Christopher M. Barritt

Dana Amelia Barritt

Krys T. Bart

Peter R. Bartlett, M.D.

Susan Bartlett

Jeanette Christine Barton

Jeff Bashian

Anita Bassett

Dorothy Ruth Bassett

Earle L. Bassett

Leslie Raymond Bassett

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $100 to $499 during the fiscal year.

Steven Leona Bassett

Carolyn Baten

Ronald D. Baten

Stacy Ann Batrich-Smith

Barbara L. Battcher

Lowell C. Battcher

Gagandip Singh Batth

Nolan Bauer

Ross Wayne Bauer

June D. Bauman

Cassandra J. Baumstark

Peter D. Baumstark

Emily Beals

Rajdeep Kaur Beasla

David A. Beatty

James A. Beauchamp

Linda L. Beauchamp

Bob Earl Bebb

Peter Howard Beck

Larry Becker

Ed Beckman

Alice Bedrosian

Ed Bedrosian

Michael Krikor Bedrosian

Debby Bedwell

Terry G. Bedwell

David Beezley

Pamela Beezley

Sue Behme

Jean L. Behrend, Ph.D.

Paul Behringer

Kelli Beingesser

Shauna Belflower

Daniel R. Bell

Deborah K. Bell

Lora-Lee Bell

Patricia A. Bell

Scott Richard Bell

Wendell Bell, Ph.D.

Russ Bellamy

Desa C. Belyea

Richard Thomas Bender

James A. Benelli

Serena M. Benitez

Brian R. Bennett

Charles Aaron Bennett

Jim Bennett

Jim Bennett

Peggy Bennett

Rachel Bennett


GIFTS OF $100 – $499

Terry Bennett

Jacques Benninga, Ph.D.

Suzanne Benninga

Anne R. Benninghoven

Colleen Bentley

Lois Dianne Bentley

Robert David Bentley

Carol A. Bequette

Halina Berberian

Michael Berberian

Zaven P. Berberian

Debra Berg

Scott E. Berg

Josh Bergman

Carol A. Besselievre

Paul E. Besselievre Jr.

Larry Beston

Gary Bethke

Bill Bettencourt

Larry Bettencourt

Louise Ann Bettencourt

Phyllis Joanne Bettencourt

Alex J. Bianchi

Bettie Bianchi

Victor Bianchi

Melinda Bianco

Vincent Louis Bianco

Barbara Bigelow

Mary Jo Biggers

Robert Allen Biggers

Lisa L. Biglione

Randall S. Biglione

Helena Bingham

James E. Bingham

Meredith C. Bingham

Stephen Calvin Bingham

Bryan J. Bird

Michael Birmingham

Susan Gail Birmingham

Kristi Bishop

Toby J. Bishop

Richard Bittikofer

Kathryn Leigh Blackburn

Daniel Kelly Blackerby

Shirley A. Blackerby

Rebecca Blair-Iwasaki

Cathy Blancas

Nicholas Evan Blanchard

Sara Beth Blanchard

Theresa Diane Blanchard

Kristy A. Blanchat

Cathy Lynn Blanchfield

Christopher Robert Blanchfield

David Blanchfield

Bill Blanken

Nancy Blanken

Bertha A. Blas

John P. Blas

Patricia Blattler

Robert Blattler

Robert Blevins

Lavette Dezree Bobbitt

Alexis O’Neill Boeshaar

David K. Boeshaar

Christie Boggs

Dan Boggs

Harriet Boghosian

Joyce Boghosian

Donald L. Boline

Marilyn M. Boline

Gary Bolinger

Joanne C. Bolt

Buck Bonilla

Rhonda Marie Bonilla

Margarete B. Bonner

Richard R. Bonner

H. Vester Boone Jr.

Michael Boone

Betty Jean Boos

Stanley F. Boos

Sharon Booth

Kathleen Ann Borba

Kimberly K. Borba

Jim Boreing

Vicki Boreing

Barbara Boren

Ronald Richard Boris

Virginia R. Boris, Ed.D.

Peter Douglas Bosma

Kathryn Boswell

Thomas W. Boswell

Hazel M. Bourdet

Malcolm Leonard Bourdet

Clara Bousian

Lucia A. Boutte-Osborn

Pamela Bowling-Coronado

Joanne U. Boyajian

Linda Boyle

Julia Braga

Michael Braga

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $100 to $499 during the fiscal year.

Art Brager

Lance Harold Brangham

Tami Lynette Brangham

Lisa Branstetter

Allan Braswell

Heidi Alayne Braswell

Jacquetta Bratton

Whaylin Renard Bratton

Jason Brauerman

Joyce E. Braun

William D. Braun

Andrew David Bravo

Gregory James Brazeal

Jill Hanum Brazeal

George M. Brazil

Dan Bream

Erling A. Breckan Jr.

Karen M. Breckan

David W. Breckenridge

Margaret L. Breckenridge

Thomas E. Breen, Ph.D.

Robert C. Brennan

Bob Brewer

Frank E. Brewer

Yvonne Brewer

Cynthia H. Brickey

Russ Brickey

Shirley A. Brinker

Chrisann Brinlee

Randal Brinlee

Laurie Jean Briones

Timothy Paul Briones

Lenny Azalea Brollier

Mary E. Bronzan

Charles A. Brook

Charles A. Brown Jr.

David F. Brown

David H. Brown

Gary David Brown

Jeff Brown

Judie Brown

Kathleen Brown

Lorri J. Brown

Mark Edward Brown*

Martha Ann Brown

Patrick Buford Brown

Sonya C. Brown

Jonathan James Brummel

David Brunette

Shelley Ann Brunette


GIFTS OF $100 – $499

Jacob Bruno

Jay Bruno

Julie K. Bryant

Robert H. Bryant

Melissa Buchanan

Michael Buchanan

Carlee Buck

Rod Buck

Sandra L. Buck

Diane Buckalew

Martina Buckley

Mary K. Buckley

Fred Buettner

Whitney A. Buford

Brenda Lee Buran

Kevin Burgess

Elba Burkhalter

Kevin John Burkhalter

John Burnett, M.D.

Hubert R. Burns

Richard Burright

Karen L. Busch-Harrison

James Douglas Bushman, Ed.D.

Dennis Roy Busick

Joyce E. Buss

Scott William Buss

Susan R. Buss

Susan E. Buster

Walter L. Buster, Ed.D.

David Frederick Butler

Renee Butler

Wesley Charles Butler

Cecelia Byrd

Ronald Frank Byrd

Frank M. Byrdwell Jr.

Phyllis M. Byrdwell

David Cabezut

Edward Cabral

Carlos Adolfo Cabrera

Nancy Cadenazzi

Robert Clay Cadenazzi

Richard Michael Caglia Jr.

Maja Cahill

Patrick Mele Cahill

Robert M. Caid Jr.

Joe Caillau

Katharine R. Caillau

Scott Cain

Augie David Caldera

Cheryl A. Caldera

Carlos Calderon

Rosa E. Calderon Quevado

Thomas R. Callahan, M.D.

Elizabeth C. Camarena

Janet L. Cameron

Mark Douglas Cameron Sr.

Mary Cameron

Carol E. Campbell

Casey Campbell

Jo Anne Campbell

Joan Taylor Campbell

Kenneth R. Campbell

Santiago A. Campbell Jr.

Timothy K. Campbell

Vincent Canales Jr.

Chrysi Ann Canerday-January

Linda Annette Cano

Robert Cano

Cynthia Cantu

Eddie Cantu

Julie Cantu

Ruby Ann Cantu-Andre

Carolyn Capps

Danny Capps

Barbara Jeanne Capshew

Fred Lee Capshew

Carmen Carbajal

Louis Carbajal

Martha A. Cardell

Frank P. Cardoso

Brian Cardoza, C.S.R.

Giana Cardoza

Sarah E. Cardoza

Stacy Cardoza

Wanda Carey

Tony Carlos

Carl Miles Carlsen

Karla Marie Carlsen

Elizabeth S. Carlson

Grace Carlson

Lawrence Edwin Carlson

Ryan William Carlson

Anita Carlton

Hal S. Carlton

Gino Carlucci

Pandora P. Carlucci

Jennifer Caro

Angelica Carpenter

Maria Carpenter

Richard A. Carpenter

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $100 to $499 during the fiscal year.

Wayne Carpenter

Donald H. Carr

Donald M. Carr

John Louis Carreiro

Ruben Carriedo

Anita Rose Carrion

Daniel Edward Carrion

Patricia June Carriveau

Brian T. Carroll

Jeffrey E. Carroll

Lisa McGuiness Carroll

Sherry Carroll

Beau Carter

Jared William Carter

Jean A. Carter

Mark W. Carter

Robert G. Carter

Sandra Carter

Vickie Melia Caruso Seymour

Donna Lynn Casaccia

James E. Casaccia Jr.

Andrew R. Casado

Michael Casanova

Nina Casanova

Raul Casas

Leonra Beth Case

Morris Lee Case

Patricia A. Case

David Casey

Lucy Casey

Becky Cashion

Jack C. Cashion Jr.

Phillip Castaneda

Mitchell Vincent Casteel

Diana Castillo

Jesus R. Castillo

Clayton N. Castle

Karen L. Castle

Dennis Martin Cates

Catherine Lynn Caton

L. Cattern

Judith Russell Cavaletto

Marlin Cavalla

Olga Cavalla

Marsha Cavallero

Michael J. Cavallero

Louis D. Cavalletto II

Tessa Cavalletto

David P. Cavanaugh

Terri K. Cavanaugh


GIFTS OF $100 – $499

Ronald Eugene Cavella

Shirley Anne Cavella

Jon D. Caywood

Yvette Orlando Caywood

Joe Reyes Ceja

Terry E. Ceja

Daniel R. Cervantes

Loralee Ham Cervantes

Bao Cha

Josephine L. Chahmirian

Kathy Chaisson

David A. Chalmers

Lauren Chalmers

Marie E. Chalmers

Larry Champagne

Carol L. Champion

Carol R. Chandler

Charles W. Chandler

Jack H. Chaney

Olivia Chaney

My Kou Chang

Donald W. Chapin

James A Chapin

Josephine B. Chapin

Barbara H. Chapman, Ph.D.

Carol Chapman

John F. Chapman Jr., M.D.

Larry Chapman

Sally Chapman

Michael James Chappell

Susan Charlebois

William F. Charles

Panna Chaudhari, Ph.D.

Ram Chaudhari

Richard Chavez

Charlene F. Chessum

Jonathan R. Chessum

Alice Y. Chiang

Peter Y. Chiang

Giachino M. Chiaramonte

Shannon Marie Chiaramonte

Agnes Chielpegian

Elliott D. Chielpegian

Frank Chimienti

Dan Chin

Sylvia Chin

Joycilie P. Chittick

Roger D. Chittick, Ph.D.

Jackie Chiu

Adam Cholakian

Delia Cholakian

Matthew Peter Cholakian

Barry L. Chooljian

Carole Chooljian

Sylvia Chooljian

Chiu H. Chow

Gregory Stuart Chow

Katty C. Chow

Shavarsh A. Chrissian, M.D.

Barbara Christensen

Barbara J. Christensen

Emmet H. Christensen

Kent B. Christensen

Lavon Christensen

Norman Leroy Christensen Jr., Ph.D.

Portia Christensen

Robert Allen Christensen

Becky Jo Christensen-Robertson

Debbie J. Christian

Jim Christian

Jerilyn Chuman Maremont

Benny S. Chung

Anna Ciccarelli

Janet W. Claassen

Constance M. Claes

Dale Edward Claes

Betty M. Clark

Diane P. Clark

June Clark

Leslie W. Clark

Natalie Clark

William E. Clark

Linda J. Clarke

Mark R. Clarke

Kimberly Clauss

Richard Clauss

Tom Cleary

Ruth Martzen Clifton

Verne Clifton

Georgann Cline

Harry C. Cline

James Cochrane

Kim L. Cochrane

Barbara Jean Coddington

Alan J. Coelho, Ed.D.

Renee Christine Coelho

Kathy Coit

William Coit

Meri Coite

Curtis A. Cole

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $100 to $499 during the fiscal year.

Jeffrey Cole

Joyce Cole

Nancy M. Cole

Brenda Coles

Cindra Lee Coles

Lewis Ray Coles

Michael Glen Coles

Aaron M. Collier

Craig D. Collins

Donald Collins

Greg Collins

Jeff Collins

Rebecca Lee Collins

Sharon Darlene Collins

Julia Colson

Kimberly Combs

Michael Combs

Louis Conde

Craig R. Constance

Jack E. Constance

Kendra Constance

Amy Contreras

Clifford J. Contreras

Emily Contreras

Lorenzo Contreras

Jim Contrestano

Arleen J. Cook

Daniel M. Cook

Donald G. Cook

George E. Cook

Tara Ashley Cookson

David Cooley

Nathan Coombs

Carolyn Coon, Ph.D.

Donna Gail Cooper

Rick Eugene Cooper

Brian Copner

Stephanie Gaye Copner

Lynn Coppedge

Mark L. Coppedge

Henry P. Corda

Gary Corippo

Carol Cornelius

Gerald Cornelius

Louie Coronado

Carlos Adrian Cortes

Meredith Cortes

Manuel Cortez

Rudy Cortez

Rafi Costanian


GIFTS OF $100 – $499

Sossy K. Costanian

Marianne Coughran

William M. Coughran Sr., Ed.D.

Elizabeth A. Covell

Norman D. Covell

Charles Stanley Cox

Dayna Cox

Don Cox

Gregory Shane Cox

Karen R. Cox

Sylvia E. Cox

Theodore R. Cox

Jared Coy

Evert E. Craft

Priscilla Wright Craft

Russell Craven

Susan Craven

Robin M. Craviotto

Hugh James Crawford

Jerry L. Crawford

Henry D. Creger

Anita Dana Cregger

Gary W. Cregger

Matthew Dale Creighton

John Robert Crepeau

Robin L. Crepeau

Gary G. Crets

Janet Elizabeth Crets

Charles Crittendon

Lynn Crittendon

Ken Crockett

Katherine Crofts

Neil W. Crofts

Elise Cronin

John Cronin

Dean R. Cross

Gerald Cross

Jennifer L. Cross

Lisa Cross

Janey E. Crow

Thomas A. Crow, Ph.D.

Diane E. Crum

Norman E. Crum

David Alan Crume

John Crutchfield

Mary K. Crutchfield

Megan Elizabeth Crutchfield

Alfredo Cuellar, Ph.D.

Anna Marie Cuellar

Benjamin Cuellar, D.S.W.

Julia Cuellar

Kaye Bonner Cummings

Miriam Virginia Cuneo

Peter M. Cuneo

Kenn Cunningham

Rosemary T. Cunningham

Thomas J. Cunningham, Ph.D.

Justin Curti

John A. Curtis

Billie Cushway

Cathleen A. Czechowski

Karl W. Czechowski

Pat Dadigan

Eldon Daetweiler

Joseph Daggett

Jim Daggs

Beverly Mary Ensher Daher

George Lee Daher

Beverly M. Daley

Shawn Daly

Glenda C. Dameron

William A. Dameron

Goldie Daniel

Joseph C. Daniel

Andrey Danilyuk

Lena Danilyuk

Lewis Erwin Dann

Martha C. Dann

Nazareth E. Darakjian, M.D.

Jeffrey D. Darling

Linda Darling

Dede Maureen Darnell

Pamela Teresa Darnell

Ron Darnell

Steven Darnell

Neil Jensen Dau III

Mary Lee See Daugherty

Jody S. Daughtry, Ed.D.

Dusty Daulton

H. Clay Daulton

Deena Renae Davalos

Mark Steven Davidson

Robin Davidson

Howard J. Davies

Judith L. Stewart Davies

Art Davis

Betty Davis

Charlotte Marie Davis

Georgia Davis

Harold Bryan Davis

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $100 to $499 during the fiscal year.

Jeffrey P. Davis

Karen Mae Davis

Lisa M. Davis

Lyle Davis

Scott Alan Davis

Janet Lynn Day

Kristin Marie Day

Michael P. Day

John Paul De Gunya

Lisa De Gunya

Kaye De La Cruz

Robert D. De La Cruz

Pilar I. De La Cruz-Reyes, R.N.

Barbara De Leo

Kenneht C. De Leo

Kendra De Luca

Linda Deck

Rebecca R. Decker

Gwen Deeter

Anthony DeFazio

Marilyn DeFazio

Chris Defreitas

Dennis A. Defreitas

Amy Marie Degraw

Darrick Jay Degraw

Farrokh Dehbozorgi

Erin Deis

Karl Reid Deklotz

Anoush H. Dekmejian

R. Hrair Dekmejian

Lisa M. Deleon

Blanca Esthela Delgado

Dinicio Delgado

Anthony DeLuca

Darryl J. DeLuca

Peter Deluca

Roberta DeLuca

Mary F. Deluccie

Anthony DeMaria

Kathleen Demerdjian

Celeste Demonte

Scott Demoss

Jodi Denatale

William P. Denatale

Gladys Rose Deniz

Kathleen Dennen

Michael Dennen

Jean A. Denning

Stephen Denning

Amy K. DeOrian


GIFTS OF $100 – $499

Bob Der Matoian

Sara Der Matoian

Steve Derenia

Anahis Derian

William Marion Dern, D.D.S, A.P

Paul Joseph DeRuosi

Tanis D. DeRuosi

Elisabeth M. Descombes

Jeffrey W. Descombes

Edward W. Devera

Glen DeVoogd, Ph.D.

Mary Ann Dews

Tom DeYoung

Angela Di Liddo

Frank Di Liddo

Carolyn G. Di Piero

Livio A. Di Piero

Steven Sciacqua Dias

Ronald Diaso

Virginia Diaso

Antonio Diaz

Lucy A. Diaz

Luis Diaz

Mirtha G. Diaz

Porfirio Diaz

Ralph A. Diaz

Marilyn J. DiBuduo

Nat Mauro DiBuduo Jr.

Vince DiCiccio

Jerry D. Dickey

Rick L. Dickhaut

Christine Dickson

Luis Diego

Silvia Margarita Diego, M.D.

Bob Diepersloot

Wilhelmina Diepersloot

Linda D. Dieterle

Michael J. Dieterle

Glen Erwin Dildine

Leslie B. Dildine

Matt Dildine

Craig H. Dill Jr.

Henry E. Dill

Lisa Jo Dill

Wayne Dill

Diana L. Dille

Fred William Dille

Patricia A. Dillon

Beckie L. Diltz

Robert Clay Diltz

Nataliya Dixon

Christopher David Dobbins, D.V.M.

Margaret J. Dobson, MD

Kenneth W. Dodderer

Kristin L. Dodderer

Barbara Dodds

Elizabeth B. Dodds

Pat Dodds

Ronald K. Dodds

Grant Dodson

Michelle A. Dodson

Richard Dennis Dodson

Charlene Doig

Robert S. Doig

Ara G. Dolarian

Maryann Graham Dolarian

Frank R. Domingues III

Tracy L. Domingues

Michael Joseph Donahue

Elizabeth Y. Donaldson

John R. Donaldson

Marcia Donaldson

William (Bill) C. Donaldson

Peter Francis Donohoe

David Donovan

Elizabeth Donovan

Peter J. Dorian

Raffi Dorian

Jeff Dorn

Patrick Dorn

Kenneth Davis Dose

Paige Dose

Brad Doskocil

Jill Doskocil

Donn K. Doss

Marian F Doss

Nolan M. Doss Jr.

William A. Dotson

Barbara Douglas

Daniel K. Douglas

Kathleen A. Douhan

Patrick Kelly Douhan

Heratch O. Doumanian, M.D.

Sonya Doumanian

Crystal Lynn Dower

Charles Dowling

John H. Drew

Lester J. Drew

Bruce Droz

Madeline V. Droz

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $100 to $499 during the fiscal year.

Bob Duarte

Josue Duarte

Shelley A. Dube

Tony Dube

Jane Lorretta DuBois

Ronald William DuBois

Linda M. Dubsick

Joe T. Ducas

Joyce Ducas

Kathy P. Ducas

Mark Anthony Ducas

Kevin Duffy

Kristin Duffy

Deborah L. Dugan

Michael G. Dugan

Jane E. Duncan

Jerry Duncan

Laura Duncan-Kafesjian

Lance Avery Dunn

Linda Anita Dunn

Toni Morales Dupont-Morales, Ph.D.

Evelyn Durgarian

Neale Durgarian Jr.

John W. Duwe

Julie C. Duwe

Kent Duysen

Melissa (Sammie) Duysen

Glenda R. Duyst

Robert Andrew Duyst

Nick M. Dvorak

Douglas R. Eaton Jr.

Sandra E. Eaton

Tensie Eaton

Arlene N. Eberly

Daniel Juan Eberly

Carol A. Edde

Larry Dean Edde

Karen O. Edgar

William H. Edgar

Devonne Glenn Edwards

Jeffrey Stewart Ehmke

E. Marlene Ehrlich

Lyman S. Ehrlich

Ben Eichman

Gloria M. Eichman

Beverly L. Eilefson

John Ehler Eiskamp

Thomas D. Eivins

Brian B. Ekmanian

Ani Eliason


GIFTS OF $100 – $499

David Elkin

Cynthia Joyce Elliott

Tracey A. Elliott

David M. Ellis

Debbie S. Ellis

Robert Eugene Ellis

Roy Ellis

Stella Marie Ellis

Suzanne Marie Ellis

Tim Ellis

Timothy J. Ellison

Christine C. Elms

Kerry Gale Elms

Lance Garrett Elrod

Maria C. Elrod

Ahmad Emami, M.D.

Ali Emamjomeh

Andy Emparan

Larry England

Peggy England

Curtis E. Engle

Margarita M. Engle

Richard Enns

Robert F. Enos

Daryl A. Erdman

Jackson Edward Erdman

Lavon C. Erickson

Maurine Pymm Erickson

Vanessa Erickson

Jon Eriksen

William Gunnar Erlendson

Victor F. Esain

Bruce Esajian

Karen Esajian

Manuel Escandon

David Escobar

Karen Escobar

Sharon T. Esguerra

Freddie Espain

J. R. Espain

Bud Esparza

Frances Esparza

Lupe Esparza

Virgie Esparza

Julio Espino

James Espinola

Jill Espinola

Alphonso Espinosa

Yolanda Espinosa

Mary Jo Esposito

Rickey L. Esposito

Dee Neece Esraelian

Peter Esraelian

Laurie Essepian

Micheal Steven Essepian

Linda A. Estep

Peter L. Estep

Dorleen Etcheverry

John F. Etcheverry

Joseph Ashley Etcheverry

Matthew Mark Etcheverry

Shelly Etcheverry

Sylva Etian

Lillian K. Etmekjian

Glen G. Ewert

Joyce Ezaki-Yamaguchi

John Faccinto

Joyce Faye Fadenrecht

Lillian Faderman, Ph.D.

Lloyd Fagundes

Jerry Fahrney

Patricia Marie Fahrney

Duane C. Failla

Charles A. Fanucchi

Charlotte Fanucchi

Edward L. Fanucchi

Robert Fanucchi

Paul Albert Farajian

Kathleen Fargen

Kenny L. Fargen

C. Michael Farmer

Charles Farnsworth

Rex Farr

Sharon Anne Farr

John A. Farris Jr.

Larry R. Farsakian, D.D.S.

Wendy Farsakian

Deborah Rose Fata

Lyn E. Faunt LeRoy

Linda Favila

Sasan Fayazmanesh, Ph.D.

Kathryn Mary Felten

John R. Feore

Gary K. Ferguson

Barbara J. Fernandes

Art Fernandez

Julia B. Fernandez

Norma Fernandez

Joe Ferreira

Karen Lee Ferreira

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $100 to $499 during the fiscal year.

Nancy L. Ferrick Martin

Ingrid Fessler

Steve Fessler

Charles W. Field

Joan W. Field

Andrea S. Fields

Donna Fields

Jim A. Fields

Robert D. Fields

Stephen A. Fields

Susan Fields

Mary Amelia Fierro

Elizabeth S. Fike

John Taylor Fike

Lester Donald Finster Sr.

Chris Fiorentino

H. D. Fiorentino

Richard W. Fiori

Robert Fire, Ph.D.

Richard Michael Firpo

Sunny Firpo

Donald R. Fischbach

Linda S. Fischbach

David S. Fischer

Susan Fischer

Daniel T. Fiser

Elaine M. Fiser

Anne Elizabeth Fisher

Bart Fisher

Caroline Jean Fisher, Ph.D.

Heidi Fisher

Randall S. Fisher, DPM

Raymond R. Fisher

Ruth Jean Fisher

Sharon M. Fisher

Susan Fisher

Nada Fishman

Robert G. Fishman

Beverly Marie Fitzpatrick

Dennis Fitzpatrick

Jodi Nicole Fitzpatrick

Jim Flake

J Dennis Flammang

Julie Flammang

Jeanne Fleck

Henry W. Fleming

Dawn Flemming

Robert Louis Flemming II

Daniel Flores

Juan M. Flores


GIFTS OF $100 – $499

Katherine A. Flores, M.D.

Dave Folmer

Cindy A. Forbes

Tim Forbes

Christine Forbes-Smith

James E. Forden

Nancy Lee Forden

Barbara Elizabeth Forenti

John Henry Forenti

Nan Forrest

David M. Forstedt

Layla Forstedt

Melanie Gates Fortier

Warren Thomas Fortier

Douglas Nils Foss

Gelia Foss

Jay Alan Fowler

Sally A. Fowler

Bob Fox

Mario Fox

Neal A. Fox

Tracy L. Fox

Joseph Daniel Fraga

Maybelle L. Fraga

Harry C. Frame

Nancy Catherine Frampton

Anne J. Franco

Manuel R. Franco

Nancy E. Frank

Jamie C. Franklin

Lewis Russell Franklin

Melinda Ellen Franklin

nancy E. Franklin

Denise L. Franks

Robert Michael Franks

Carol Harder Fransen

Kenneth John Fransen

Gary A. Franzen

Nicole Franzen

Trudy Lynn Franzen

Derek Frazier

Robert Allen Frediani

Tami L. Frediani

Cathy Fredin

Jon Fredin

Janis Frencer

Richard Paul Frencer

Eric Fries

John Friesen

Marjorie A. Frisch

John H. Frost

Lucy A. Frost

Jim Fry

Catherine M. Frye

Dennis Patrick Frye, C.P.A.

John W. Frye Jr.

Marlene M. Frye

Debra Fryer

Cheri Fulk-Martin

Melanie Fuller

Richard Fuller

Margaret B. Fullerton

Douglas R. Fulmer

Jennifer L. Fulmer

Monica G. Fusich

Louis W. Futrell*

Thomas Gaffery IV

John H. Gallagher

Sally S. Gallagher

Sheila Marie Gallagher-Price

Catherine M. Gallegos

Frank Gallegos

Frank Christopher Gallegos

Greg Galloway

Linda Galloway

Robert F. Gallup, Ph.D.

Raymond Galvan

Francisco Galvez

Maria F. Galvez

Joseph A. Gambini

Mary Ann Gamegan-Richardson

Linda Sue Gandolfo

Ron Gandolfo

Linda Gannaway

Aram Garabedian

Barbara J. Garabedian

Charles Edward Garabedian Jr.

Debra Garabedian

Kay Diane Garabedian

Randal Charles Garabedian

Robert Garabedian

Robert Peter Garabedian

Sue Garabedian

Elaine M. Garan, Ph.D.

Judy Correia Garcia

Kim Garcia

Rich Garcia

Stevan Garcia

Teresa Garcia

Vernie R. Garcia

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $100 to $499 during the fiscal year.

Sandi Garfield

Jill Garibay

Robert E. Garibay

Mitchel Lee Garispe

Roxanne Gail Garispe

James L. Garone Jr.

Tracy Garone

Warren Kenneth Gatrell

Conrad Meredith Gaunt

Leslie Marie Gaunt

Peter Gavrilis

Mike Geis

Andrew Scott Gelb

Richard Joseph Geller

Lorreen L. George

Troy Geringer

Carol Ann Gerking

Christopher Gerking

Lance Gerlach

Peter J. Gessert

Stacey S. Gessert

Amy B. Gettinger

Peter J. Gettinger

Ara Ghazarian

Boyd Gibson

Richard L. Giddens

Janet Elizabeth Gift

Christine Marie Gigantino

Joseph Ralph Gigantino Jr.

Deborah E. Giglio

James Paul Giglio

Kristine Gilbert

Meggie Gilbert

Michael Gilbert

Patricia Jean Gilbert

Ryan Kelly Gilbert

Tama Terese Gilbert

Cameron Grier Gilchrist

Marlys M. Gilchrist

Alexandra Mary Gill

Satwant Singh Gill

Andrea Beth Gilliatt

Alan Dean Gilmore

Dena A. Gilroy

Gary P. Gilroy, D.M.A.

Clare Denise Gist

Jeanne Marie Glaser

Michael H. Glaser

Edward D. Glass

Christopher L. Glaves


GIFTS OF $100 – $499

Marilyn Ruth Glenn

Candra Canning Glerum

Alan M. Goda

Christie K. Goda

Clark Goecker

Melissa Goertzen

Rodney L. Goertzen Jr.

Brian Gogue

Connie Goldsmith

Elsa Goldstone

Joanna C. V. Golshani

Mike Golshani

Alcidia Maria Gomes

Gabriel A. Gomes

Martha Patricia Gomes

Roberto Gomez

Craig Jay Gonzales

Patricia Gonzales

Timothy Gonzales

Andy Gonzalez

Berta Gonzalez, Ed.D

Bonnie Noblitt Gonzalez

J. Francisco Gonzalez

Jorge S. Gonzalez

Karen Gonzalez

Temo Gonzalez

Denise Goodale

Michael E. Goodale

Patrick Dean Goode

Bruce Goodman

Denise I. Goodman

Beverly Ann Goodyear

Don Goodyear

Virgil Goossen

Cathryn H. Gorham

David L. Gorham

Michael J. Gorman

Lyman Gorrell

Patty Gorrell

Michael C.H. Gostanian

Patricia Gostanian

Chris Gothard

Laura Gothard

Glen S. Goto

John Gould

Cherrill A. Gragg

Bernice Ann Graham

Dal D. Graham

David E. Graham

Faine A. Graham

Gaylord O. Graham

Maria G. Graham

Esperanza Granados

Boyd Grant

Alan R. Graumann

Janice Gray

Roger Earl Gray

Denise K. Graziani

Kathleen M. Grazier

Keith R. Grazier, M.D.

Jill T. Green

Randall C. Green

Robert Milton Green

Wendy C. Green

Kenneth Joseph Greenly

Patti J. Greenly

Clare R. Gregorian

Vartan Gregorian

Andrea Lynn Gregory

John Warren Gregory

Marsha Gregory

Robin Lewis Greiner Jr.

Robert Jerome Griffin

Soyla Andrea Griffin

Howard Kenneth Griggs

Ruth Griggs

Tiffany N. Griggs

Alexander Grigorian

Deborah A. Grigorian

Bill Grigsby

Gary Vance Grinstead

Monica Renee Grinstead

Clay Groefsema

Janice L. Groefsema

Michael William Gromis, M.D.

Thomas F. Gross, Ph.D.

Doredda Marie Grossman

Neil J. Grossman

Barbara J. Grotta

Michael P. Groziak, Ph.D.

Monica Nicolau Groziak

Amy L. Gruber

Kimberly A. Gruwell

Shawn E. Gruwell

Richard Guardado

Adrian Guerra

Alyce J. Guest

Edward C. Guillen

Leticia Lara Guillen

Rick Guire

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $100 to $499 during the fiscal year.

Jacqueline Mae Gustafson

Peter C. Gustafson

Marcos Gutierrez

Bonnie Guzman

Luis Guzman

Margarito R. Guzman IV

Roy Guzman

Judith Dianne Gysler

Randolph Louis Gysler

Douglas Edward Haas

Marcia S. Haas

Daniel Harry Habib

Dirk J. Haccou

Judy L. Haccou

L. Thomas Hackett, M.D.

Lisa Hackett

Ralph Hackett

Asadour H. Hadjian

Nvart Hadjian

Sandra K. Haevernick

Timothy K. Haevernick, D.V.M.

Susanne A. Haffner

Carol Hafner

Tye T. Hafner

Monica Lynn Hagar

Cathy A. Hagen

William Haggerty Jr.

David Burton Hagman

Edward V. Hagopian

J. Dennis Hagopian

Julia Ann Hagopian

Michael Hagopian

Mike Haines

Sharon J. Hale

Beverly Hall

Earl Hall

Katy A. Hall

Mark H. Hall

Vicki Ann Hall

Christian Jon Hallaian

Douglas R. Halloran, D.D.S.

Gregory A. Hallquist

Lacinda Ann Halls

Nathaniel Halls

David K. Halstead

Judy Mackay Halstead

Richard L. Halstead

Dorothy M. Weller Halverstadt

Lee W. Halverstadt

Kenneth S. Hamada


GIFTS OF $100 – $499

Samer Hamadeh

Charles J. Hamlin

Michelle L. Hamlin

Laureen G. Hamm

Robert Hamm

Britta Hammer

Leonard Jefferson Hammer

Linda M. Hammer-Brown

George K. Hammond

Mark Hamparzoomian

Anna Hamre, D.M.A.

Kay Ellen Hanamaikai

William M. Hanamaikai

Cheryl A. Hancock

Timothy Hancock

William F. Hancock Jr.

Michael D. Hankins

Tami Hankins

George Edward Hanlin

Clifford Dale Hansen

Craig Hansen

Crowell Hansen

Denise Hansen

Jess V. Hansen

Joan Hansen

John T. Hansen

Judy Hansen

Neil Louis Hansen

Patricia Elizabeth Hansen

Paul Boberg Hansen

Centhy Lee Hansford

Gary D. Hanson

Theresa Hanville

Charles G. Hanzlicek

Dianne S. Hanzlicek

Randy Harada

Toshiko Harada

Dexter Ray Hardcastle, Ph.D.

Marilee Hardcastle

Stephen C. Hardgrave

Donna L. Hardina, Ph.D.

Anna Harguindeguy

Gerald W. Harmon

Judy A. Harmon

Patricia L. Harmon

Thomas Peter Harmon

Janice Marie Harms

Caroline Harnly

Betty Haron

Rodney Charles Haron

Leonard N. Harrington

Susan Elizabeth Harrington-Howard

Debbie L. Harris

Gerard K. Harris

Kenneth K. Harris

Richard Harris

Robert Harris

Sherrill Harris

Darrel Harrison

Denise C. Harrison

Karen Sue Harrison

Paul J. Harrison

Sylvia E. Hart

Mitchell T. Hatai

Michael C. Hatfield

Stella D. Hatfield

Kathy Lynne Haug

Carol J. Haun

Sherry Susan Haupt

Thomas S. Haupt

Gordon Hayashi

Barbara Hayden

William B. Hayden

Jorge B. Haynes

Charlene Hayter

Kenneth Paul Hayter

Verna Healey

Chris L. Healy

Joan C. Heckel

Adrienne Sauro Heckman

Don Heckman

David Gilbert Hedgecock

Rilda Romolia Hedgecock

Al Heers

Richard P. Heimforth

Charles Heinbach

Linda G. Heinbach

Ellen B. Hemink

Lynn D. Hemink, Ph.D.

Michael Todd Hemman

Debra Henderson

Steven D. Henderson

Eileen F. Hennrikus

William L. Hennrikus Jr., M.D.

Betty Lou Henry

Clarissa Henry

Jimmy Lee Henry

Marjorie I. Henry

Mark Bradley Henry

Pat Henry

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $100 to $499 during the fiscal year.

Rochelle Lynn Henslee

Thomas Mark Henslee

Robert Linley Hensley

Raymond Earl Hergenrader

Diane Patricia Herman

Kevin Lee Herman

Linda Sue Herman

Mary T. Herman

Richard J. Herman

Argene Hernandez

David Hernandez

Gary Hernandez

John R. Hernandez

Suzanne Hernandez

Virginia R. Hernandez, Ph.D.

Paul Brian Herrera

Marilyn Herzog

Carleta M. Heumann

Fred G. Heumann

Charles Hiatt

Judith H. Hiatt

Richard S. Hiatt

Sandra K. Hiatt

James Victor Hickman

Kevin Dale Hickman

Maria Lynn Hickman

Mary Kathryn Hickox

Christy V. Hicks

Darren Hicks

Evelynne Louise Hicks

John W. Higgins

Kathryn Higgins

Nick Higgins

Debra Lynn Hightower

J. D. Hightower

Jeffrey Daniel Hightower

Polly Ann Hightower

Nora D. Hiland

Harold Hilker

Clare Hill

Jennifer Leigh Hill

Jim Hill

Joni Hill

Michael Hill

Terry Michael Hill

Nancy Hill-Joroff

David Hillman

Karen Hillman

Robin Pattis Himovitz

Roxanne Summer Hinds


GIFTS OF $100 – $499

JoAnn A. Hinojos

Harriet Carleen Hint

Mart H. Hint

Carol Hinton

Terry Hinton

Joyce Yuriko Hirano

Steven Duane Hirasuna

Melissa J. Hobbs

Marilyn Hodge

Cynthia D. Hodges

Martin Hunt Hodgett

Sabrina Hodgett

Janie Hoff

Joseph Y. Hoff

Jeff Holm

Sheri Holm

Randall D. Holmen

Sharmayne S. Holmen

Carol L. Holmes

John Henry Holmes Jr.

Brad Holsworth

Rhonda Holsworth

Jesse Holt

John R. Hooper

Peggy Lynn Hooper

Daniel Hoover

Butch Hope

Frances Hope

Jackie Lynn Hopelian

Teresa Hopkins

Matthew S. Hopson-Walker

Darryl J. Horowitt

Jeri R. Horwitz

Lee Horwitz

Clint Horyitic

Andrea J. Hostetler

Robin Null Hostetler

Harry Houck

Marguerite Hougasian

Neal Howard

Linda J. Howden

Phillip K. Howden

Ken Hower

Kris Hower

Elinor C. Howie

Avak A. Howsepian, M.D., Ph.D.

Barbara A. Howsepian

Ryan S. Hoyle

Marilyn H. Hsu

Neal Hubbell

Pauline Hubbell

Kathi C. Huddleston

Robert Huddleston

Lloyd Hudson

Marlan D. Huebert

Cynthia Diane Huerta

David William Huerta

Hector Huerta

Sandra Huerta

Kenneth Huey

Geraldine M. Hughes

Gray C. Hughes

Phyllis C. Hughes

Kevin Hull

Melissa Hull

Carolyn T. Hunsaker

Donald B. Hunsaker Jr., Ph.D.

Bette Hunt

Dennis Hunt

Steve E. Hunter

Elizabeth G. Hurley

Judi Huss

Charles R. Hutchinson Jr.

Sharon Hutchinson

Elmer G. Huter Jr.

Lilliana Huter

Floyd H. Hyde

Olivia M. Hyde

Stephen Hyde

Dexter K. Ibara

Diana H. Ibara

Elvira H. Ibarra

Carolyn A. Ikemiya

Chuck Iknoian

Joanne K. Iknoian

Dennis D. Ikuta, D.D.S.

Harvey J. Ilg

Heidi Diane Ilic

Alex M. Imholz

Debbie Imholz

Irby W. Iness

Alice Ipjian

John C. Ipjian

Patricia Marie Isaac

Thomas W. Isaac

Robert Isaacs

Bernice Isaak

Irvin K. Isaak

Joan Z. Ishida

Randolph G. Ishida

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $100 to $499 during the fiscal year.

Donna Ishii

Leslie K. Ishii

Bryon M. Ishkanian

Judith M. Ishkanian

Mary A. Itskoff

Ronald R. Itskoff

Randell Hiromi Iwasaki

Ben Jackson

Brandi Jackson

Carolyn B. Jackson, Ph.D.

Charles E. Jackson

Mary Sue Jackson

Myrna M. Jackson

Thomas Dale Jackson

Diane Elaine Jacobs

Ashley Jacobsen

Debbie Jacobsen

Raymond A. Jacobsen

Ryan Nelson Jacobsen

Cheryl Jacobson-Vitali

Susan M. James

Charles Jamgotchian

Doris Jamgotchian

Ellen Jamra

Lucy E. Janjigian

Jeremy Robert Jansen

Lee Ann Jansen

Marybeth S. Janzen

Michael D. Janzen

Milton E. Janzen

Sally Janzen

Salvador Jaramillo

Donald C. Jarner

Franklin Jefferson

Edward Jenkins

Mary Louise Jenkins

Jacob Jennings

Cathy A. Jensen

Eric Jensen

Mark S. Jensen

Walter Lee Jensen

David Jerome

David Harrison Jerome

Bryan D. Jessup

Edith C. Jessup

Carol D. Jewell

John H. Jewell

Anna Maria Jimenez

Arman Jimenez

Jeannette John


GIFTS OF $100 – $499

Birger L. Johnson, Ph.D.

Brett Johnson

Bruce Bradford Johnson Jr.

Doris Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson

Glenn Ronald Johnson

Heather Johnson

Jacquelyn Faith Johnson

James W. Johnson

Janet C. Johnson

Janet Lorraine Johnson

Jim A. Johnson

Lois R. Johnson

M. Joyce Johnson

Marcus P. Johnson

Margaret Mary Johnson

Mark Johnson

Penni S. Johnson

Robert Arthur Johnson

Rodney Terrell Johnson

Roy A. Johnson

Terry T. Johnson

Tim Johnson

Wayne Johnson

Ann Johnston

Becky Johnston

Douglas D. Johnston

June Johnston

Jim Johnstone

Beverly Jones

Bobbe Jones

Ellis Jones

Jim Jones

Ken Jones

Linda Teruko Jones

Mary Katherine Jones

Stanley F. Jones

Steven Dennis Jones

Diane Della Jordan

Beverly Jorgensen

Don L. Jorgensen

Jennifer Jory

Arcadio S. Jose Jr.

Michael D. Jost

Floyd L. Judd

Sharon Lee Judd

Patricia Jacob Judge

Wayne A. Judge

Curtis W. Jue Jr.

Nancy A. Jue

David B. Juenke

Margaret Juenke

Gayla Anne Jurevich

Dianne Kady

Timothy Norman Kafesjian

Celeese Kai

Wayne Kai

Sharron Kaich

Edwin Francis Kain

Margaret Kain

Daniel E. Kaiserm, Ed.D.

Jessica L. Kaiser

Jeff Kaita

Karl Kaku

Sara Elizabeth Kaku

Sylvia Kalashian

Anne L. Kalen

Jim S. Kalen

Bob Kampf

Christine Marie Kampf

Dallas Wayne Kanagawa

Paula Sumie Kanagawa

David W. Kandarian

Tom Kane

Ronald F. Karabian

Catherine L. Kardach

James Phillip Kardach

Deneb Karentz

Jason M. Karr

Kristen Marie Karr

Kent Jay Karsevar

Alan Kasparian

Teresa Kasparian

Nancy Lea Kast

Kenneth A. Katz

Dennis E. Kaufmann

Hylon G. Kaufmann

Alan K. Kawakami

David R. Kawakami

Deborah A. Kawakami

Marian Christine Kawakami

Kelvin H. Kawano

Norma Kawano

Joseph Alexander Kay Jr.

Joanne Kayian

Jeffri L. Kazarian

Marguerite Kazarian

Ralph Kazarian Jr.

Frederick J. Keast

Brian Keavy

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $100 to $499 during the fiscal year.

Tracey Bowman Keavy

Janet K. Keefe

Robert Michael Keefe, Ph.D.

Katheryn R. Kegel

Loren J. Kegel

Colleen F. Kela

H. Arnold Kela

Armen Keledjian

Patricia Kelker

Jasmine Z. Keller

Martha Kelley

Dennis Kemp

Susan Kemp

Carl B. Kendall

Betsy Kennedy

Michael B. Kennedy

Rhett Kenney

William Kenney

Frank Kerby

Marc Kerkochian

Sheryl Kermoyan

Darlene Mosser Kerner

Michael Kerner

Norma M. Kerner

Dennis Rolland Kerr

Delwin Gordon Ketner

Dorothy M. Ketner

Jacob M. Khushigian

Susan Khushigian

Carol A. Kidder

John W. Kidder

Joyce Elaine Kierejczyk

Robert S. Kierejczyk

Christopher Joel Kihara

Patricia K. Kihara

H. Kimura

Jeffrey W. Kincaid

Holly A. King

Terry King

Kathleen King-Kaze

Jim A. Kinter

Mary Kinter

Jo Anne Lorraine Kipps

Dale L. Kirkpatrick

Vangi K. Kirkpatrick

Alice G. Kirschner

Frederick Kirschner Sr.

Bob Kishi

Linda Kishi

Karen E. Kister *


GIFTS OF $100 – $499

Diana M. Kittredge

Robert E. Kittredge

Angie Klampe

Rick Alan Klampe

Elizabeth P. Knapp

George B. Knapp

Nolan Guy Knapp

Rona Knapp

Bob Knebel

Robert Lee Knous Jr.

Robert J. Koeppel

Suzanne Koeppel

Nancy R. Kolligian

Elizabeth A. Kolombatovic

Igor F. Kolombatovic

Hans Koop

Nancy Kops

Abby Lynn Kosmos

Jim Kosmos

Alex Kouyoumdjian

Aida Kouyoumjian

Shirley A. Kovacs, Ph.D.

Carlene Koval

Christa Ray Koval, Ph.D.

Dina Kozak

Carrell B. Kraft

Marcia Louise Kraft

Rodney S. Kraft, M.D.

Warren J. Kraft

Dorothy A. Kramer

Jacqueline J. Kramer

Kathleen Kramer

Michael Albert Kramer

Arthur Krehbiel

Carol Krehbiel

Pennie A. Kreifels

Rodney D. Kreifels

Jim Krejci

Adrienne Krikorian

Christine Krikorian

Martin H. Krikorian

Sharon Krikorian

Ashkhen Krioghlian

Hagop Krioghlian, C.P.A.

Cedric Mark Krumbein

Nancy Krumbein

Ingrid Kruse

Norman H. Kruse

Timothy J. Kubal, Ph.D.

Nancy A. Kubley

Roberta D. Kuhlman

William B. Kuhlman Jr.

John Kuhner

Kathleen Renee Kuhner

Beverly Kuhtz

Jim Kuhtz Jr.

Ron Kukas

Jean Louise Kulbeth

Joe Kulbeth

Henry Kurkjian

Jackie Kurkjian

Charles Garbis Kurtmen

Lynn Kurumaji

Timothy I. Kurumaji

Claudia Kus

James S. Kus, Ph.D.

Beverly Diane Kuykendall

Neil Luke Kuykendall

James Ernest La Follette

Mary L. La Follette

Ernie Ladendorff

Linda Jeannette Laettner

Claribel Ruth Lagomarsino

Vikrant Lahankar

Chun-Sun Lai, DPM

Mora Lai

Jason Laird

Krystal Lake

Thomas Lake

R. Gary Lambdin

Jim Land

Pamela S. Lane-Garon, Ph.D.

Paul LanFranco

Stephen Lankford

Helen Anne Lanoue

Joe Lara

Lizbeth Lara

Alan Lareau

Peter Larion

Jesus S. Larralde-Muro, Ph.D.

Deanna Marie Larson

Jeff G. Larson

John P. Larson

Joyce D. Larson

Lanny Larson

Randy R. Larson

Zona K. Larson

Rene T. Lastreto II

June B. Lattanzio

Frank B. Laury

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $100 to $499 during the fiscal year.

Lewis Ray Lawson

Esperanza Lazcano-Castillo

Joe Leal

Brendell A. Leas

H. Frederick Leas

Judy H. Leas

Lester H. Leas

Loren LeBaron

Salvador Ledesma

Candace B. Lee

Christina Germaine Lee

Rick Lee

Stephen Lee

Wai S. Lee, M.D.

William B. Lee

Taylor Leech

Carl Lehner

Kurt John Lehnhardt

Nancy A. Lehnhardt

Arleen S. Leischner

Clyde Leischner

Sue Lemaire

Ronald Stephen Lemos

Carey Leon

Joz Leon

Tom Leon

Anna Leslie

Charles Leslie

Deborah June Leslie

Robert V. Levine, Ph.D

Ann Lewis

Anne Lewis

Daniel R. Lewis

Dave Lewis

Dennis C. Lewis

Kendra Noel Lewis

Luanne Lewis

Mark Allen Lewis

Merarl G. Lewis

Valerie Lewis

Michael Licciardello

Linn Anne Licouris

Tom Licouris

Skip Lien

Amy C. Lile

Anderson Lin

Bianca Lin

Fong-Jei Lin

Detlev Lindae, Ph.D.

Mary Louise Lindae, M.D.


GIFTS OF $100 – $499

Rhonda Jo Lindberg

Jeffrey R. Linder

Linda Linder

Jason M. Lindo

Mary Line

Robert Newton Line

Carole A. Linenbach

James R. Linenbach

Connie S. Lingerfelt

Roger Linkey

Kathryn Little

Steven B. Little

Robbie Littrell

John R. Lloyd

Susan K. Lloyd

Doug Lock

Beth Locke

Chuck Locke

Judy Lockhart

Paul Wayne Lockman Jr.

Jessica Lockton

Stefan John Lockton

Pamela A. Loewen

Matt Loftus

Jose Lomeli, Ed.D.

Patricia Mendez Long

Robert F. Long Jr.

Larry J. Loperena

Gaylia Marie Lopez

George Daniel Lopez

Katherine Lopez

Miguel Lopez Jr.

Salvador D. Lopez Sr.

Bob Loquaci

Dora Loquaci

Melvin E. Lord

Steve Losey

Alden W. Loucks

Holly Louen

Mike Louen

Donald Franklin Loukonen

Susan Loukonen

Leonard J. Lovalvo, M.D.

Vera M. Lovalvo

Marsha A. Lovelace

James Lovell

James (Jim) M. Lovett Jr.

John Lowe

Mitzi Ann Lowe, Ph.D.

Nora Lowe

Robert Lowe

Wilbert Lowe

Jacqueline Lowrey

E. Samuel Lubratich

Christopher F. Lucey, Ph.D.

Elizabeth S. Lucido

William S. Lucido

Kathleen Luckin

Michael Kent Luckin

Michael J. Lukens

Catherine Lumsden

Betty G. Lundberg

Kristine M. Lung

Larry Lester Lung

Mary Ellen Lung

Daryl M. Lusher

Wesley W. Lusher

David P. Lusk

Charles L. Lutz, D.D.S.

Michael L. Lutz

Susan Marie Lutz

Elaine Lester Lynn

Ralph J. Lynn

Richard P. Lyoyd

Aaron Mabry

Cynthia MacDonald

Christine Marie Machado

Melvin Joseph Machado

Kenneth Brian Machoian

Linda Macia

Matthew Joseph Macia

Isidra Macias

Mateo R. Macias

Ricardo Macias

Marilyn MacNab

Harry E. Macy

Susan Rae Macy, Ed.D.

Gina Madrigal

Michael J. Madrigal, D.D.S.

Gloria Marian Madsen

Steve Mahlum

John Maier

Brenda Mae Maigaard

Paul Leonard Maigaard

Shirley A. Main

Kalyani Maitra

Santanu C. Maitra

James P. Makofske

Frank Maldonado

Celia M. Maldonado-Arroyo

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $100 to $499 during the fiscal year.

Chris Malme

Rebecca Malmo

Christine T. Maloney

Michael Dennis Maloney

Cam A. Maloy

Sal Henry Mandal

Catherine Manfredo

Mark Ronald Manfredo

Ronald L. Manfredo

Steve Douglas Manfredo

Robert P. Mangasarian

Eugene P. Mangini

Jackie Manselian

Robert S. Manselian

Eugene Robert Manthey

Bernie F. Manzo

Victor Margarian

Dina A. Marine

Anthony P. Marino

Madeline Marino

John L. Marinovich

Nancy L. Marinovich

Carlene Mariucci

Tyler Mariucci

Jim Markarian

Kirsten Lynn Markarian

Scott Markarian

Kathleen Yuri Markovich

Michael J. Markovich

Janice Maroot

Edward Vasken Marouk

Leonard A. Marowitz

Rita Marowitz

Harold Marquez

Virginia E. Marquez

Janet Marsh

Steven M. Marsh

John Marshall

Scott Marshall

Chuck Mart

Anne Martin

Daniel K. Martin

David Christopher Martin

Heather Rachelle Martin

Jared Martin

Joseph E. Martin

Joseph Rudy Martin

Michael Patrick Martin

Richard Martin

Roy S. Martin


GIFTS OF $100 – $499

Yolanda R. Martin

Amelia Martinez

Benito Martinez

Christopher Martinez

Florence E. Martinez

Salvador O. Martinez Jr.

Sara Elizabeth Martinez

Vonnie Witham Martini

Mark A. Martinson

Matt D. Masia

Nancy Kay Masich

Nick D. Masich

Laura A. Mason

Robert Eugene Mason II

Cecilia A. Massetti

Andrew Mastoras

Elena Mastro

Joseph P. Mastro

Brett Mastropoalo

Charlee Mathews Jr.

Gary Mathias

Nitta Mathias

Darlene R. Matoian

George M. Matoian

Julie Matoian

Richard N. Matoian

Kendra Laine Matson

Robert William Matson

Minnie Matsuura

Karen Lynn Matthews

Larry Matthews

Mary L. Maughelli

Amy P. (Piny) Maurer

John L. Maurer

Michael A. Maurer

Daniel B. Maxfield

Diane C. Maxfield

Gloria May

John Mayer

Larry Mayfield

Donald Mayhew Jr.

Glenn E. Mays

Pauline Mays

Carrie Mazanec

Frederic C. Mazanec

Harry M. Mazgedian

Susan Mazgedian

Kari Lynn Mazurek

Matthew John Mazurek

Clemencia Mazuski

John E. Mazuski, M.D., Ph.D

Edward J. Mazzei*

Matthew Mazzei

Gina Mazzeo

Joe Mazzeo

Michael T. Mc Donald

Joanne Frances McAuley

Brandon Wyant McAvoy

Charles W. McBride Jr.

Juanita E. McBride

Randall McBride

Susan McClatchy

Annie McClure

Carole Leanna McCluskey

Jean McCollum

Ron McCollum

John Lawrence McComas

Lisa E. McComas

David C. McCulloch

Mary McCulloch

Dennis McCullough

Clyde C. McCully

Gary Keith McCurry

James D. McDonald

Maxine McDonald

Peter McDonald

Kathryn M. McDougal

Paul Simon McDougal

Chuck G. McGaugh

Robin Renee McGehee

Diane M. McGimsey

Michael McGinnis

David McGlasson

Paula M. McGlasson

Michael R. McGough

Condi McGowan

Eliza McGowan

Nicole McGrath

Annette R. McGuire

Michael McGuire

Dennis E. McKeown

Yvonne Marie McKeown

Leo C. McKinney

Drew McLaughlin

Greg McLaughlin

S. Thomas McLaughlin

Dan McLean

Lindsay McLean

Charles D. McMullen

Lorna S. McWilliams

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $100 to $499 during the fiscal year.

Michael McWilliams

Sue Means

James M. Mechem

Anne Medlock

Ron Gene Medlock

Demetria C. Mehas

Peter G. Mehas, Ed.D.

Henry Meier

Millie Meier

Donna Marie Mekeel

Gary Mekeel

Connie Melikian

James L. Melikian

Zabelle Melkonian

Kathy Melnikov

Paul Melnikov

Bradley Dean Melton

Peter Eugene Melton

Kenneth Allen Meme

Margaret E. Meme

Barbara Ann Mendes

Larry Mendes

Melissa Mendez

Luli Mendez-Beck

Tonya Marie Mendonca-Olivas

Diego Mendoza

Martha R. Mendoza

Salvador Ralph Mendoza

Dale L. Merril, M.D.

Bette L. Merrill

Diane Merrill

Gregory T. Merrill

Peter Meserve

Arpi K. Messerlian

Kennedy Methgen

Diane Metz

Victor Willard Metz

Donna Marie Metzler

Mitchell W. Metzler

Beverly Meyer

Charles Gordon Meyer

Gerald Meyer

Marilyn Meyer-Behringer, Ed.D.

David G. Mgrublian

Margaret A. Mgrublian

Denise M. Michael

Paul Robert Michelini

Aimee Lynn Miculian

Mark Miculian, Ph.D.

Jane Middleton, D.S.W.


GIFTS OF $100 – $499

John Migliazzo

Randolph C. Miles

Roslyn K. Miles

Carol A. Miller

Eddie B. Miller

Erin Kathryn Miller

John Miller

John L. Miller Jr.

Laurie Miller

Scott Miller

William Miller

David Millhouse

Connie Mills

Dorothy Mills

William (Bill) J. Mills

Patience Milrod

Diane Milutinovich

Linda June Miranda

Luis J. Miranda

Juan L. Mireles

Anoush Miridjanian, M.D.

Armand K. Mirijanian

Nadia Mirijanian

Edward Missakian

Colleen A. Mitchell

Gregory G. Miyake

Patricia Sakohira Miyake

John Miles Miyamoto

Judith A. Miyamoto

Marlene M. Miyasaki

Rick R. Miyasaki

Ramyar Moghaddam

Gale Molatore

Richard T. Moller

Wilda K. Moller

Marianne Mollring

Gerald V. Mon Pere, M.D.

Lyla T. Mon Pere

Tom Monahan

Donald E. Moniz

Richard Paul Montejano

Roger Montero

George M. Montgomery

John Montreleone

Jan Mooradian

Tom Mooradian

Diane E. Moore

Jackson Moore

Jerry Lee Moore, M.D.

Julie Renee Moore

Michael C. Moore

Regina B. Moore

Ronald Moore Jr.

Ryan Lowell Moore

Shirley Moore

Richard L. Moors

Jane M. Moosoolian

Alfred R. Morales

Hugo Morales

Javier Morales

Johnny Morales

Traci Morales

David Morford

Bill Morgenstern

Marcia G. Morgenstern

Brad Moris

Angela Marie Moro

Heather N. Morois

Mauricio Morquecho

Anita M. Morris

Art Morris

Dean Richard Morris

Dorothy Green Morris

Jennie Morris

Jennifer Morris

Pamela S. Morris

Randy F. Morris

Ronda Fay Morris

Terry Morris

Timothy Morris

Theresa Ann Morris-Terry

Nye F. Morton

Carolyn J. Moshier

TC Moshier

Jared W. Mosley

Annette Moushigian

John Moushigian

William Moynihan

Peter John Mrkaich

Bob Mugrdechian

Nancy Mugrdechian

Shizue Mukai

Terry Mumby

Daryl T. Mumford

Ernest Reed Munday

Avery Munoz

Rhonda Munoz

Ann M. Munson

Jeffrey O. Munter

Linda R. Munter

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $100 to $499 during the fiscal year.

Alis Muradliyan

Fred Y. Murashima

Carmen S. Murillo

Enrique S. Murillo

Rick Murillo

Kathryn Murphy

Tim T. Murphy

Alan Murray

Brianne Murray

Jo Paulette Murray

Bernadette T. Muscat

Jim J. Muzio

Rhonda L. Myers

Arlene Nachtigall

Gary Ben Nachtigall

Thomas Nagy

Vicie Margaret Nagy

Muniappa Naidu

Henry Shinobu Naito

Michael K. Naito

Christine Najarian

John O. Najarian Jr.

Susie Nakagawa

D. T. Nakashima

Kerop S. Nalbandian

Nisrine Nammour

Dalene R. Nance

Thomas George Nance

Douglas Raymond Nasalroad

Louis Natale

Susan Natale

Helen Nazar

Paul George Nazar

Suren Nazaryan

Frances L. Neagley

Judith C. Neal, Ed.D.

Linda J. Neal

Michael Jack Neal

Marietta R. Neil

Edward E. Nelson, Ph.D.

Elizabeth N. Nelson, Ph.D.

James Alan Neptune

James Netto

Brenda J. Neufeld

Thomas H. Neufeld

Willard A. Neufeld

Stephanie Nevarez

Doris E. Newcomb

Gail Newel, M.D.

Elizabeth B. Newell


GIFTS OF $100 – $499

Robert D. Newell

Terry G. Newell

Vickie Sharlene Newell

Bonnie Ellen Newman

Guy Newman

Jeffery Newman

Susan M. Newman

James T.V. Nguyen

Pamela R. Nguyen

David L. Nichols

Diane Janet Nichols

Linda L. Nichols

Robert W. Nichols

Wanda L. Nichols

Brian Nicholson

Priscilla Nicholson

Anne Elizabeth Nickerson

Edward Carroll Nickerson

Ann Nicolopulos

Craig J. Nicolopulos

Dewinder K. Nijjer

Harvender Singh Nijjer

Ronald W. Nikkel

Sharon Leslie Nikkel

Roxie Nikssarian

Jennifer Audrey Nishikawa

Martin Ichiro Nishikawa

Ben Nishioki

Mark Nishioki

Nancy L. Nishioki

Andrew Noble

Jeff Noble

Keith Lewis Nofield

Christine C. Noguera

Roger Noguera

Margaret A. Nordstrom

Richard D. Nordstrom

Blossom M. Norman

J. D. Northway, M.D.

John Norton

Karl Noyes

Douglas Nunes

Leonard Nunes

Rebecca Anne Nunes

Dianne S. Nury

Theresa M. Nute

Phillip Nuzzo

Gilbert L. Nye

Julie A. Nye

Brian Aroyle Oakes

Monica M. Oakes

Amy T. Oba-Spence

Isaac Obel-Jorgensen

Bill O’Brien

Kenneth R. O’Brien, M.D.

Ray J. Ocanto

Robert Ochoa

Sherri L. Ochoa

Sylvia M. Ochoa-Guzman

Cynthia Ann O’Connor

Ron Odell

Larry N. O’Dell

Raymon E. O’Dell

Allen Odian

Erika Grell Odian

James O’Donnell

Terry L. Ogden

Eileen M. Ogle

Mary Ellen Ogle

William H. Ogle II

Michael E. O’Hare

Leslie Ann Ohashi

Amanda Oldham

Jerry Oldham

John L. Olivas

Mitchell Olivas

A. E. Oliver

Alice Oliver

Andrea Kay Oliver

Jeff Oliver

Pauletta F. Oliver

Roger Oliver

Beatrice A. Olsen

Gretchen L. Olsen

Kevin D. Olsen

Kurt Donald Olsen

Catherine Olson

Elaine M. Olson

Stephen A. Olson

Aribilola S. Omolayo, Ph.D.

Mary Ebun Omolayo

Howard K. Ono, Ph.D.

Steve Ornelas

Alex Orosco

Paul O’Rourke

Peg O’Rourke

Robert Heredia Orozco Jr.

Shirley A. Orr

David L. Orth

Shelley Lea Orth

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $100 to $499 during the fiscal year.

Frank C. Orvis

James C. Orvis

Marian Beth Orvis

Marjorie S. Orvis

Ernest Peter Osborn

Gary W. Osteen

Eric Osterling

Megan Osterling

John Kenneth Ostrom

Jeremy Oswald

Marlene Oswald

Donna Oswell

George Edward Oswell

Dick Otani

Stephen Haro Ottemoeller

Terri Ottemoeller

Karen M. Otto Oulton

David Barr Oulton

Deanna Rachelle Ounesavath

Mariam Ovanessoff

Stephen A. Ovanessoff

Barbara A. Owen, Ph.D.

Robert W. Owen

Edward Hiromi Oyama

Gabriella K. Oyama

Kay Paboojian Jr.

Melinda Paboojian

Paul K. Paboojian

Rosemary Paboojian

Alena Marie Pacheco

Brian Pacheco

Carole K. Dodds Paden

Richard A. Paden

Adriana Rose Padilla, M.D.

William J. Padilla Sr.

Elaine Paisley

John Paiva

Annabeth Palacios

Robert Palacios

Kim A. Palacioz

Anthony V. Palermo

Clinton Palmer

Richard Pandukht

Vartouhy Pandukht

Cynthia Ellen Panelli

Michael Panelli

Nick Pantaleo

Deena Papagni

Demetrio G. Papagni

Kenneth Papi


GIFTS OF $100 – $499

Peggy Papi

Michael L. Pappas

Kelly D. Paramo

Nicholas Paramo

Mike Pardo

Keri Lyn Parish

Scott Parish

Mike Parke

Doug Parker

Michael Parker

Ruth Mae Parker

Timothy S. Parker

Curt Jack Parkinson

Susan M. Parkinson

Karen Parnagian

Michael Dean Parrent

Jean E. Parsons

Larry J. Parsons

Vic Pascoe

John B. Passerello

Sheldon Patinkin

Phillip J. Patino

Shirley Patino

Kelley Marie Patrick

Lawrence George Patten

Donna L. Patterson

Eleanor R. Patton

Joann Louise Patton

Steven Henry Patton

Jeffrey Edwin Paul

Mary W. Paul

Natalie Paulus

Annette M. Paxton

Juanita S. Payne

William M. Payne

Brenda Peckinpah

Janet M. Peevyhouse

R. Dennis Peevyhouse

Brian W. Pelham

Debra A. Pelham

Tim Pellissier

David Pena Jr.

Rosalinda Pena

Rosendo Pena Jr.

Carol Penner

David Wayne Penner

Willie People

Sue Ellen Peoples

Tom Pepper

Jim Percy

Marie Percy

Arthur Perez

Augie Perez

Augustine Perez

Edward Victor Perez

Ermelinda S. Perez

Joe Perez Jr.

Joseph J. Perez Jr.

Rosemary Perez

Lupe Perico Jr.

Wesley Perine Jr.

Joseph Perna

Patricia Perna

Paula Perrin

Ben Franklin Perry

Daphne Perry

John Perry

Linda Perry

Michael Duane Perry

Brenda Lee Perry-Reed

Lee F. Pesola

Renate Pesqueira

Victor Eugene Pesqueira

Gladys K. Peters

Lyle Peters

Michael Peters

Ronald Peters

Sharon Peters

Stephanie Kay Peters

Owen B. Petersen

Pat Petersen

Terri M. Peters-Garabedian

Charles A. Peterson

Darrall Peterson

Janice Lynn Peterson, Ph.D.

Joan E. Peterson

Rita Peterson

Valerie B. Peterson

Robert Walker Pethoud

Sylvia B. Pethoud

Paula G. Petithomme

Robert Louis Petithomme Jr.

Jeri Petropulos

Tim Petropulos

George Petrutis

Judith Petrutis

M A Petty

Bob Pewitt

Yvonne Pewitt

Kathy Lynne Phelan

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $100 to $499 during the fiscal year.

Mark S. Phelan

Michael Robb Phenicie

Lawrence S. Phillips

Pauline Rae Phillips

Timothy John Phillips

Donna R. Pickel

Larry Pickens

Delores Pierce

George Pierce

Paul Edward Pierce

C. Phillip Pigott

Marty Pigott

Cris A. Pilegard

Carol Marie Pilling

George P. Pilling

Edward Pimentel

Judy Pimentel

Rico Pinedo

Helder Porfirio Pinheiro

Mark A. Pinheiro

Tangee Gae Pinheiro

Richard L. Pinkerton

Cary W. Pino

Alan E. Pintacura

Clarian R. Pintacura

Gertrude F. Piper

Herbert N. Piper

Dolores Pires

Louis F. Pisciottoli

Aaron John Pisk

Harold G. Pitchford

Lyda L. Pitman

Raymond E. Pittman

Wanda M. Pittman

Susan Raub Plamondon

Kristi Pletz

Michael Pletz

Rebecca Plevin

Beau Thomas Plumlee

Jeff Plunk

Mike Poindexter

Maryclaire Polacek

Steven W. Polacek

Donald A. Poladian, D.C.

Sina Simons Poladian

Julie Polvado

Todd Polvado

Lucia Ponce

Alexander Ponomarov

Vera Ponomarov


GIFTS OF $100 – $499

Charles S. Poochigian

Deborah Poochigian

Dolores S. Porter

Ray Porter

Joan T. Poss

Stanley H. Poss, Ph.D.

Brian Potter

Marla Poulsen-Reisman

Kyle Kenneth Powe

Michael D. Powell

Earl J. Powers

Shirley J. Powers

Anthony Prado

Richard L. Pratt

Barbara J. Preciado

Ronald R. Preciado

Michele Prestegard

Harold M. Price, Ph.D.

Joseph Stephen Price

Michael Travis Price

Miriam Price

Donald Mendes Priest

Valerie Landresse Priest

Vince Prince

Daryl William Prout

Victoria Prout

John E. Pucheu

Kay L. Pucheu

Susan S. Pucheu

William C. Pucheu

Thomas Anthony Purcell

Melinda Pure

Makhan Singh Purewal

Nariinder Purewal

Anson Pursell

Brandon A. Pursell Sr.

Carol J. Putnam

R.L. Chip Putnam

David F. Quadro, Ph.D.

Martha Quadro

Cordie Randolph Qualle

Deborah Qualle

Lee Ann Quatrano

Ralph Quatrano

Dee (Dolores) Quatraro

Frank Quatraro

Carol Ann Queen

Valentin Quevado Jr.

Patrick H. Quigley

Susan Quigley

Charles L. Quinlan, D.D.S.

Kristen Quinlan

William Randy Quiram

Gloria Quiroz

Janine Quisenberry

Alvin J. Quist

Marydell Quist

Janice E. Quistad

Matt Rackerby

Cynthia Radoumis

Erma Radtke

Roger O. Radtke

Richard Ragsdale

Dennis Gerard Ralston

Nancy Ralston

Elvia Susana Ramirez

Lupe Vincent Ramirez

Shirley Ramirez

Gary L. Raper

Cathenia M. Rasmussen

Judy Rasmussen

Virgil E. Rasmussen

Paul Ratchford

Cynthia A. Ratekin

Leonard H. Ratekin

Robert H. Rath

Laurae Raths

Bobbie D. Ratzlaff

Diane B. Ratzlaff

Cheryl Raven-Swanson

Murleen Ray

Bernice Irene Raymond

Leonard Raymond

Claudia A. Reddin

Michael P. Reddin

Judith Anne Redding

Charles A. Reding

Donna Reding

Carol J. Reed

Carol L. Reed

Cecil D. Reed

Chris Reed

Colette Jean Reed

Gary E. Reed

John Reed

John L. Reed

Margaret Deane Reed

Michelle Reed

Gloria Jean Regier

Randy Regier

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $100 to $499 during the fiscal year.

John Frederick Rehfeldt Jr.

Lisa Ann Rehfeldt

Kathleen Anne Reid, Ph.D.

Barbara M. Reifel

William K. Reifel

Julie Reinhardt

Richard John Reinhardt

Troy Dean Reis

Fred M. Reiser Jr.

Kevin Reisz

Charles L. Renberg

Gregory John Renna

A. Matthew Renney

Blair Allen Renwick

Dorothy Renzi

Brian Retton

Anne Reuland

John Edward Rex

Gil Reyes

Helen Reyes

Christopher S. Reynolds

James Francis Reynolds

Bree Rhodes

Renee Theresa Rianda

Nellie M. Ribeiro

Teri Ann Ricchiuti

Kathleen Ann Ricci

Malcolm V. Ricci

Phillip Allen Rice

Elizabeth L. Richardson

Eugene J. Richardson

Sam Jay Richardson

Thom Richardson

Gloria J. Richey

Mark Henry Richey

Brent Ridgeway

Myrna S. Ridgeway

Kathleen M. Riedel

Robert S. Riedel

Jim E. Riedenauer

Laurie Loperena Riedenauer

William A. Riedlinger

Kent Riemer

Karen L. Riggs

Kevin Riggs

Rudy Rios

Judith S. Risley

Robert Clyde Risley

Carol Julia Blazine Rittore

William Rittore


GIFTS OF $100 – $499

Bertha Anne Rivera

Henry Rivera Jr.

Nicholas Roache

Cicely E. Roberts

Norma Roberts

Wayne L. Roberts

David Robertson

Donald Wayne Robertson

Kathrine Mae Robertson

Carolyn A. Robinson

James Christopher Robinson

Joseph Martin Robinson

Tom Robinson

Gale Theresa Rocha

James Rocha

Lionel Rocha

Roland A. Rodman

Suzanne M. Rodman

Armando O. Rodriguez

Betty Rodriguez

Fernando Rodriguez

Jaime P. Rodriguez

Kandis Kay Rodriguez

Lynne Rodriguez

Patricia Rodriguez

Roger Rodriguez

Sally A. Rodriguez

Steven Daniel Rodriguez

Velma Rodriguez

Kirsten V. Roering

Robert Rogers

Robert Harry Rogers

Wanda Lee Rogers

Aaron Roggow

Lol Roggow

Denny Rold

Linda Lee Rollin

Rich Rollin

Michael J. Rolph

Trina Rolph

Gabriel Romero

John R. Roque

Richard Luis Rosales

Glen E. Rosander

Sharon Rosander

David D. Rose

Robert Rose

Sarah E. Rose

Timothy Michael Ross, Ph.D.

Brian G. Rossen

Heather Rossen

George W. Roth

Barbara J. Roullard

Janet L. Rowan, CPA

John Rowan

James Rowland

Donald E. Roy, M.D.

Jeff Rubbo

Esequiel L. Rubio

Mercy Cecelia Rubio

Michele M. Ruby

Richard A. Ruby

Jim Rucks

Lori Rucks

Bob Rudolph

Nancy C. Rudolph

Diane Lynn McDaniel Ruether

Ronald A. Ruether

Encarnacion Ruiz

Frederick Bryce Ruiz

Pablita Robledo Ruiz

Mary Jane Runyon

Mark Gordon Ruof

Christopher Michael Rusca

Nelson D. Russell

Virginia E. Ruth

Paul J. Rutigliano

Carole J. Ryan

Carolyn K. Ryan

Patrick A. Ryan

William P. Ryan, P.E.

Mary Arsala Sadlek

Robert J. Sadlek

Ann H. Sadler

Terry O. Sadler

Christine E. Sahatdjian

William A. Sahatdjian

Peter F. Said

Charles Sailor

Shirley Sailor

Arthur Sakoda

Lori Sakoda

Abel Salais Sr.

Elizabeth Salais

Beverly Salles

John G. Salles

Lois Johnson Salmon

Bruce Jack Salmonson

Lou Ann Salmonson

Greg Salomon

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $100 to $499 during the fiscal year.

Laura A. Salomon

Vida Samiian, Ph.D.

Phillip Loren Sample

Sharlene Sample

Alex Sanchez

Jessica Sanchez

Margaret Sandberg

Roger J. Sandberg

Everett Michael Sandoval

Lydia Sandoval

Gurminder Singh Sangha

P.K. Sangha

Eveylyn Sanoian

Davella Santiago

George Luis Santiago

Sarah Santini

Dennis C. Sargent

Kathy L. Sargent

Edward Sarkisian Jr.

Jacqueline Ann Sarkisian

Sam Sarkisian Jr.

Ruben Sarkissian

Lan Amy Saruwatari

Arthur Sasaki

Grace N. Sasaki

Jeanne D. Sasaki

Noboru Sasaki

Ray K. Sasaki

Dayna Saunders

Oliver Lee Saunders

Catherine Sausman

Edward D. Sausman

Diann Maxine Savage

Mike Savage

Jason E. Savard

Fred H. Sawaske

Gwynn Anne Sawyer Ostrom

Barbara L. Schaad

Steve D. Schaad

Donald Schafer

Helen M. Schafer

Kristen Schalck

Craig M. Scharton

Deborah S. Schechter

Paul Schechter

Edward Scheff

Larry D. Scheidt

Lillian Scheidt

Richard J. Scheidt

Rick J. Scheidt


GIFTS OF $100 – $499

Meta Schettler, Ph.D.

Dawn R. Schieler

Tim Schiller

David Schirle

Steve Schmale

Judith A. Schmall

Ronald H. Schmall

Christine T. Schmidt

Jan Schmidt

Robert Earle Schmidt

Shirley Sparkes Schmidt

Wesley Schmidt

Ross L. Schmiedt

Susan M. Schmiedt

Byron Schnetz

Janet Schnetz

Barbara Clarice Schnoor

Jack W. Schnoor

Greg Schob

Janet Schoenfeld

Scott E. Schoenfeld

Lisa Schoof

Kathleen Schroeder

Mark Schroeder

Justin Schroer

Joanne W. Schroll

Douglas V. Schultz

Sandra Ann Blahut Schultz

Edith H. Schumacher

Norman W. Schumacher

Ann Schwabecher

Edward Schwabecher

Bill Schwemmer

Yvonne Schwemmer

Denise Christine Sciandra

Salvatore Sciandra

Larry D. Scortt

Pamela Scortt

Kym Patrick Scott

Lori Lynn Scott

Meredith J. Scott

Paul Scott

Peter Scott

Shane Scott

Sharon O. Scott

Susan Scott

William D. Scott

William Harold Scott

Nick Seals

Richard Seegers

Sondra M. Seegers

Johnny Seeman

Greg Seidel

Penny Seidman

Scott Seidman

Curt Seifert

Joan Selland

Vern Selland

Robert J. Sellers Sr.

Christine N. Sells

Millard Sells

Kenneth R. Semrick

Patricia Ann Semrick

Mi-Suk Seo

George D. Sepetjian

Victor Sepulveda

John Sequeira

Sherrie Sequeira

Joshua Serrano

Robert Serrano

Colleen Sethre

William Sethre

Clinton Alan Sevener, M.D.

Gladys Tiwanak Sevener

Lauren Sewell

Randy Sewell

Harold L. Seymour

Kathryn Ann Shahbazian

Randy Shahbazian, M.D.

Shawn C. Shambaugh

Teresa Marie Shambaugh

Dennis E. Shamlian, D.D.S.

Rita Shamlian

June A. Shamshoian

Daniel Lee Shannon

Tami L. Shannon

John A. Shapazian

Larry J. Sharette

Judith C. Sharp

Nancy Sharp

Robert Daniel Sharp

John A. Shaw

Judy A. Shaw

Robert L. Shaw

Steven Ray Shaw

Deborah Sheely

James P. Sheely

Ted Sheely

Anna Shekoyan

James E. Shekoyan

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $100 to $499 during the fiscal year.

Thomas A. Shekoyan

Allen R. Shelby

Toni Walton Shelby

Joseph E. Shelton

James H. Shepard

Celsa Shewan

Elizabeth Shields

John Shields

John Shields

Maurice S. Shimonishi

Christine Shimono

Leslie Shirakawa

Diana A. Shirin

Mildred Shirin

Richard Shirin

Dean Shiroyama

Jane M. Shook

Robert Shook

Joseph Daniel Shoults

Keith H. Shreve

Rosemary Shreve

Charles James Shuler

Sharon Elaine Shuler

Suzanne Sidensol

Elizabeth Sierra

Richard Sierra

Laura Morgan Silberman

Ricardo Silberman

Jess G. Silva

David Everett Silveira

Robin Suzanne Silveira

Margaret Simms

Armon Simonian

David E. Simonian*

Edward H. Simonian

Jim Simonian

Nanette Ann Simonian

Virginia Simonian

James W. Simpson

Joyce Patricia Simpson

Stanley S. Simpson Jr.

Wendy S. Simpson

Jasbir Singh

Jeffrey Single

David D. Sinner

Abby Sipes

Floyd L. Sisk

Kimberly Jean Sisk

Barbara L. Sissom

Ronald L. Sissom


GIFTS OF $100 – $499

Georgia Kendall Sisson

Marjorie D. Sittner

Ronald Sittner

Jennifer Sitton

Jim Skidmore

Susan Skidmore

Darren Thomas Slakey

Lonnie C. Sloan

Louis M. Smaldino

Shirley L. Smaldino

Joseph Smihula

Amy Smith

Arirang J. Smith Jr.

Benere C. Smith

Carol P. Smith

David H. Smith, Ph.D.

Freddie H. Smith

Greg Allen Smith

H. Dan Smith, Ed.D.

Henry W. Smith

Jacqueline K. Smith

Joan M. Smith

Les Smith

Mark T. Smith

Marsha Lynne Smith

Mike Smith

Nancy A. Smith

Pamela Denee Smith

Peggy Smith

Robert Smith

Rolein A. Smith

Ronald D. Smith

Sally Smith

Shara Smith

Terrance J. Smith

Terri Lynn Smith

Timothy Jay Smith

Todd Smith

Travis Smith

William Arthur Smith

Yong Son Smith

Mary Frances Smith-Reynolds

Laurie A. Smotherman

Thomas B. Smotherman

April Smothers

Jimmie R. Smothers

Holly P. Smyth

Sydney J. Smyth

Joe Soghomonian

Diane Solari

Philip R. Solari

Annabelle Soligian

Mark Somma, Ph.D.

Carole Sordi

Douglas J. Sordi

John Douglas Sordi

Michael Soria

Edward L. Sornigian

Alan T. Sortor, M.D.

Wanda J. Sortor

Juli Ann Sosa

Susana Lucia Sosa

Camilo C. Soto Jr.

Kathryn E. Soto

James Benton Souders

Joan C. Souders

Harold Ray Southwick

Corbin Matthew Souza

Elise Janele Souza

Lori Souza

Phil Souza

Robert L. Souza

William Spacher

Matthew Todd Spangler

Coleen R. Sparkman

James Sparkman

Steven Spate

Steve Speilman

Patrick Franklin Speir

William Speir

Colin Robert Spence

Daniel P. Spencer

Sharon Louise Spencer

William A. Spencer Jr.

Brian Matthew Sperling

Melissa Ann Sperling

Melanie Spieglmyre

Lorie Spielman

Stephen S. Spielman

Mirta Spitzer

Todd M. Spitzer

Steve Spriggs

David J. Sprott

Mary Ellen Sprott

Benjamin Alexander Spurgeon

Tia Spurgeon

Kamaljit Singh Sran

Anita Lucille Staeheli

Christopher Staeheli

Barbara Marie Stafford

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $100 to $499 during the fiscal year.

William Stafford

John W. Stahl

Charlie Stairs

Angelo F. Stalis

Barbara Stalis

Bessie Stalis

Carol Stark

Rodney L. Stark

Patricia A. Starkweather

Robert Leland Starkweather

Kevin A. Statham

Russel David Statham

Denny Stavros, Ph.D.

Margo Stavros, Ph.D.

Blaine Steele

Maxine Steele

Robert Steele

Sheri Lee Steele

Todd Steele

Athanasios D. Stefanopoulos

Pagona Stefanopoulos

Leslie A. Steffen

Cheryl L. Stegmaier

Steven Stegmaier

Marilyn L. Steinberg

Mark D. Steinberg, Ph.D.

Ed Steinbuch

Miriam Steinbuch

Anna Steinert

Johnnie Steinert

Gary Steinhardt

Janet Gaile Steitz

Dave Edward Steller

Wendy H. Steller

William Henry Stenger

Barbara Jean Stepanian

Mariam W. Stepanian

Bella Stepanians

Victor G. Stepanians

Gregory R. Stephens

Roberta Stephens

Kyle T. Stephenson

Terri Stephenson

Peter S. Stetsko

Craig A. Stevens

Johanna Stevens

Mark Stevens

Albert Stewart

Anne Stewart

Bill Stewart


GIFTS OF $100 – $499

Diane Stewart

Tim Stewart

Elbert Stills

Margaret E. Stills

Russell Stivers

Ruth Stoffel

Jim Stormont

Aileene T. Stout

Robert B. Stout

Susan Stout

Terry Stout

Cathryn Gail Stovall

Kenneth Allen Stovall

Drake Strader

Terri Strader

Steve Strand

Kent Lee Stratford, M.S., LMFT

David Stringfield

Kay Stringfield

Deborah Strosnider

Kenneth Daniel Strosnider

Rebecca Stuart

Walter H. Stuart, Ph.D.

Cindy Hansen Studdert

David Donald Studdert

Everett Wilson Stude Jr., Ed.D.

Ronald Edward Stumpf

John Sturdivan

Edward Clifton Sturgeon

Vonny Rae Sturgeon

Carl R. Stutzman, Ed.D.

Mary J. Stutzman

Leuma Sua

Carol R. Suggs

Charles E. Suggs

John A. Suhr

Barbara A. Sullivan

Ayako Alma Sunamoto

Kenichi Sunamoto

Eric Klein Sunderland

Vimy Sundrani

Lawrence R. Sutherland

Lola M. Sutherland

Gary L. Sutherlin

Jeanette Marie Sutherlin

Coleman Sutton

Taylor Allen Swain

Chris Swalwell

Yolanda Swalwell

Cynthia M. Swanson

Fred Swanson

Kenneth J. Swanson

Monica Patrice Swanson

James J. Sweeney

John R. Swertfager

Kelly G. Swertfager

Betsy E. Swift

Elizabeth E. Swift

Ray S. Swift

Keri Swobe

Scott Swobe

H. Michael Synn, M.D.

Rosie Mora Synn

Yoshiko Takahashi

Alice Takeda

Laurie Y. Takeda

Richard Takeda

Watson Takeda

David Talley

Michelle Talley

Liane M. Tamiyasu Lemos

Wayne A. Tanaka

Cathy Tanner

Michael (Mike) Jaynes Tanner

Amy Judith Tanner-Pellissier

Dorothy M. Tate

Jerry Carlton Tate

Charles J. Tateosian

Mary C. Tateosian

Janell Lorraine Tatsumura

Allen R. Taylor

Anthony Taylor

Betty Taylor

Debora Darlene Taylor

Deborah Mae Taylor

Frank S. Taylor

Gary A. Taylor

Jack Taylor

Kim Taylor

Lynn A. Taylor

Morva Taylor

Patricia June Taylor

Rowena J. Taylor, RN

Samuel J. Taylor

Tony H. Taylor

William Taylor

Caroline Tchapadarian

Khatchig Ellias Tchapadarian

Annette T. Tebbe

William C. Tebbe

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $100 to $499 during the fiscal year.

Helen G. Teichman

Don Telaro

Betsy Temple

Janella Teran

Anthony Todd Teresi

Abraham Terian, Ph.D.

Sara M. Terian, Ph.D.

Brian Terrizzi

Stephanie Terrizzi

Paul Terry

Joyce Terzian

Margaret J. Tesone

Ronald M. Tesone

Robert Thao

Yua Thao

Ann M. Thaxter

Jim Thaxter

Linda S. Thayer

Norma Delcia Therkelson

Norman Therkelson

Jeanclaude Rene Thezier

Toni Thezier

Cynthia Louise Thomas

Debbie Thomas

Kent Thomas

Sharon L. Thomas

Flo Thomasian Snyder

Anthony Joseph Thompson

Debbbie Thompson

Diane Thompson

Herschel E. Thompson

Jason Andrew Thompson

Jean M. Thompson

Laura Eileen Thompson

Matthew Henry Thompson

Paul Christopher Thompson

Sydney J. Thompson

William Thompson

Machiko A. Thomson

Peter McCallum Thomson

Donald G. Thorndyke Jr.

Alan R. Thorne

Teresa Lynn Thorne

Bruce S. Thornton, Ph.D.

Jacalyn G. Thornton

Lucia Marie Thornton

Rodney E. Thornton

Barbara Taylor Threlkeld

Geraldine Carroll Thuesen

Janice Tidyman


GIFTS OF $100 – $499

Phyllis Anne Tidyman

Laurie W. Tidyman-Jones

Timothy A. Tidyman-Jones

Laddawan Tilden

Thomas V. Tilden

Carlene T. Tinker

John N. Tinker

Isaias Trankie Tiscareno

Amanda Tjahjadi

Amy R. Tobin

Richard J. Tobin

John T. Todd

Mark Randall Tognazzini

Susan Tognazzini

Michael Toler

Lewis A. Tomkins*

Megan Toms

Alexa H. Toncheff

Christine Tonello

Paul A. Tonello

Anna Tookoian

Steven Michael Toon

Teresa J. Toon

Chris Tormey

Gia Tormey

Karnig Torosian

Mary S. Torosian

Deborah Ann Torres

Gloria Torres

Robert Torres

Russell Torres

Eulalia Torres-Avalos

John K. Torrico

Lonna K. Torrico

Randy S. Tosi

Linda Toussant-Leonard

David W. Tow

Lisa R. Tow

Susan M. Tracz, Ph.D.

John D. Trawick

Mary H. Trawick

Antonia Trejo

Carolyn D. Triplett

Dan Triplett

Jeannie Trippel

Ricky A. Trippel

David Trisko

Kristen Trisko

Robert E. Trombetta, D.D.S.

Barbara Truckenbrod

Kent Alan Truckenbrod

Kathryn Truett

Christopher Y. Tse

Kuo-Cheng Tseng, Ph.D.

Shu-Mei Tseng

Anthony Tucker

David Tucker

Debbie R. Tucker

Laurie Tucker

Sam S. Tucker

Jerry Tullis

Barbara Turecky

Dennie Lee Turner II

Traci Elliott Turner

Joanne Tweed

Robert M. Tweed

Sandra K. Twinam

Robert S. Tysko

Robert David Uldall

Samuel F. Urrutia

Donna Utsunomiya

Thomas M. Utsunomiya

Adrienne Uyeda

Lori Uyemura

Robert J. Uyemura

Robert Scott Uyesaka

Debra Valentines

Dirk H. Van Der Elst, Ph.D.

Cindy Van Elderen

Leonard Van Elderen

Lucille G. Van Ornam

Robert Van Ornam

Courtney Van Patten

Andrew H. Van Tuyl

Becky Jo Van Wyk

Robert B. Van Wyk

Sharon K. Van Wyk

Ellis Vance

Beth Ann Vancil

Grace Vander Moren

William Vander Moren

Corry Vanderham

Jane Vanderham

Bao Vang

Rob VanGrouw

Wimpie VanGrouw

Leroi Anthony Vannucchi

Donald Guy Vanwyk

Daniel T. Vargas

Virginia Ann Vargas

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $100 to $499 during the fiscal year.

Barbara K. Varley

Barbara Rose Vartan

Robert V. Vartan

David Vartanian

Gary Paul Vartanian

Paul F. Vartanian

Louis Vasconi

Cheryl M. Vasques

Caroline Vasquez

Jeremy Vasquez

Lupe Vasquez

Teresa Vasquez

Amy I. Vaughan

Peggi J. Vaughn-Dotta

Randy C. Vaughn-Dotta

David J. Veale, Ph.D.

Adrian J. Velasquez

Robert Vencill

Lynette Renee Ventura

Todd Ventura

Gail Leslie Verbano

William H. Verbano

Toni Verburg

Linda L. Vidmar

Thomas A. Vidmar

Byron Jon Viets

Dennis Villane

Josi Villane

Christina Sue Villarreal

Christina M. Villines

Michael Neel Villines

James Martin Vincent

Kelly Suzanne Vincent

Bernard Vinovrski

Thomas Peter Vitali

Diana D. Vizzard

William J. Vizzard

Corrine Vogel

Roger Vogel

Jim Vogt

Edward C. Vostrak

John R. Waayers

Eve Wada

George T. Wada Jr.

Chad Wadsworth

Bill Wagenhalls

Ann Wagner

Debi Wagner

Dennis D. Wagner

Cheryl L. Wahl


GIFTS OF $100 – $499

Walter Timothy Wahl

Alfred Graham Wahlberg

Claudia K. Wahlberg

Bev Wahlenmaier

Gregory Dale Waite

Jennifer Waite

Marie Waits

Donald Wakida

Geraldine S. Wakida

Connie A. Waldron

Del Walker

Gary Walker

Lonna Walker

Robert Walker

Heather Walkingstick

Linda Wall

Mark Alan Wall

Anterious Waller

Corinne Wallet

George Wallet

David Allen Walls

Kimberly L. Walls

Matthew Walsh

Susan E. Walsh, Ed.D.

James Walton

Mauriel Walton

Anthony Benjamin Walz

Maria Walz

Pamela P. Wample

Robert L. Wample, Ph.D.

Helen Wampler

Marvin B. Wampler

Jesse Y. Wang, Ph.D.

Jeremy E. Ward

Chuck Ware

John N. Warmerdam

Mindy S. Warmerdam

Bud Warner

Gary M. Warner

Chaprice Danielle Warren

Mark Emery Warren

Roxanne Marie Warren

Martha Francie Washburn

Rick Washburn

Daniel Lee Waterhouse

Marguerita M. Waters, LCSW

James E. Watson

Lesley D. Watson

Melody T. Watson

Randy F. Watson

Stephen A. Watters

Greg E. Weaver

Juli Lyn Weaver

Nancy Ann Weaver

Pamela S. Weaver

Scott A. Weaver

Douglas Webb

Jeff Weber

Kathryn Christine Raus Weber

Ralph W. Weber

Theresa Weber

Robert Ade Weibel

John H. Weidinger Jr.

Michael Weil

Karl L. Weiler

Sally Joann Weisbecker

Wayne A. Weisbecker

Lori Ellen Welch

Randy Welch

Bruce Wells

John W. Wells

David Welter

Henry Pete Welton III

Patrice Page Welton

Ted A. Wendt

Eric P. Wenrick

Melanie R. Wenrick, Ph.D.

Leslie F. Weppler

Michael Ann Weppler

Bette A. Pappa Weseman

Troy Weser

Cynthia Lanette West

Dave West

Debby West

Renee M. Westa-Lusk

Deborah L. Westly

Rollan Johan Westly

Bob Weststeyn

Diane Weyant

James A. Weyant

Barbara A. Wheeler

Norman Wheeler

Matthew Gustav Whetton

Robynne Lee Whetton

Coby White

Eileen White

Emelia White

Julia L. White

O. C. White Jr.

Robert G. White

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $100 to $499 during the fiscal year.

Christopher Michael Whiteside

Katherine Malone Whiteside

Phyllis Ann Whitfield

April Diane Whittemore

Cheryl Ann Whittle

Marilyn J. Wibbenhorst

Anne Heliotis Wick

Cecilia Lower Wictor

Claudine Wiedman

Ronald Wiedman

Anna K. Wielicki

Tomasz R. Wielicki, Ph.D.

Gary E. Wiens

Ruth Wiens

H.E. Wiggins

Deborah Wilbur

Arthur D. Wilcox

Jack Wilcox, Ph.D.

Sharon Lynn Wilcox

Lawrence Russell Wilder, Ed.D.

Shirley D. Wilder, CMT

Paul L. Wiley

Shirley Ann Wiley

Marilyn L. Wilhelm

Michael L. Wilhelm

Kinnith Dale Wilkinson Jr.

Melissa Wilkinson

Jeffrey B. Willers

Lawrence Morgan Willey

Sandra A. Willey

Carolyn M. Willhoit

Gary Michael Willhoit

Adrian Williams

Aubry K. Williams

Dave Williams

David Williams

Mark Robert Williams

Renea M. Williams

Russell Louis Williams

Sara K. Williams

Paul G. Williamson

Emily Willingham

Hugh Warrington Willoughby

Susan Willoughby

Nate Wills

Erik Wilson

Greg Wilson

Hugh “Butch” Wilson

Kelly Marcia Wilson

Martha J. Wilson


GIFTS OF $100 – $499

Scott Winsor

Walter Winter

Donald Wise, Ph.D.

Luz Marina Wise

Doug Wisecarver

Susan Wisecarver

Fred Wittwer

Kenneth Thomas Wittwer

Kristina Lynn Wittwer, CPA

Jerry K. Wofford

Guy A. Wollenman

Joanie E. Wollenman

Necia H. Wollenman

Thomas J. Wollenman

Athol W. Wong

Douglas Wong, M.D.

Gilford Wong, M.D.

Jared Wong

Kristopher T. Wong

Norman Randolph Wong

Rhea L. Wong, M.D., PH.D

Sheila Sau Kay Wong

Gerald C. Wood

Sue Wood

Mary E. Woodcock

Jerry Woods

John E. Woods Jr.

Scott Howard Woods

Lisa Woolf

Kathryn Elizabeth Woolsey

Wade Douglas Woolsey

Barbara Sue Worrel

Kenneth R. Worrel

Jane A. Worsley

Kevin Eliot Wren

Susan R. Wren

David Wright

David Alan Wright

Linda Wright

William F. Wright

Phoebe Wu

James P. Wulf

Marjorie N. Wulf

Roger William Wyant

David V. Wyatt

Pamela Joy Wyatt

Chester A. Wyche

Sharon Wyche

Craig Wylie

Gee Xiong

Vicky Xiong-Lor

Kent T. Yamaguchi, M.D.

Ada Yamamoto

George Yamamoto

Richard P. Yanes

Diane Yanez

Jean Mihoko Yang

Chamroeun Yann

Karen E. Yelton-Curtis

Donald Richard Yerian

Shirley A. Yerian

Kwok Kam Yeung

Rosita Yeung

Michael Raymond Ylarregui

Donna Yoho

Brian F. Young

Claudia S. Young

Randall S. Young

William Henry Young

Richard J. Yrulegui

Archie Zakarian

Kathleen Kazarian Zakarian

Bert Zamanigian

Susanne Zane

John Dana Zaninovich

Madeline Elizabeth Zanoni

Nathan A. Zanoni Jr.

Mary Zavala

John Chiu Keung Zee

Jack B. Zeldis

Michael J. Zender, Ph.D.

Nyla J. Zender

Larry George Ziegler

Bonnie Zimmerman

Gene G. Zimmerman

Marilyn R. Zitterkopf

Linda Jo Zoerb

Wallace R. Zoerb Jr.

Mary Zoryan

Nubar Zoryan

Carol D. Zucker

Keith E. Zucker

Carrie Krikorian Zulewski

Stan Zulewski

*Denotes the individual is deceased.

Individuals who have supported Fresno State with

gifts of $100 to $499 during the fiscal year.


Organizations that have supported Fresno State

with gifts during the fiscal year.


Anonymous Donor(s)

1-5 Property Services Inc.

3 Guys Playin’ The Blues

A & E Television Networks

A & K Janitorial Services

A Book Barn

A G T Appraisal Company

A to Z Muffler

A. Teichert & Son Inc.

A.G. Edwards & Sons Inc.

AATAK Towing

Academy Manufacturing &

Machine Works

Ace Fire Protection


Actagro, LLC

Administrative Solutions Inc.


The Advance Group

Ag Lenders Society of California

Ag West Distributing

AGC of California Inc.

Agee Construction

Agr, Alpha Sigma Chapter

AgraQuest Inc.

Agri Crop Insurance Agency LLC

Agri Pest Management Service

Agri Valley Irrigation Inc.

Agrimar Corp

Agroplasma Inc.

Allan Company

Allan Family LLC

Allbright Cotton

Allied Electric

Allied Grape Growers

Allied Linoleum and Carpet

Allright Diversified Services Inc

Almared Inc.

Alves Electric

American Ambulance

American Campus Communities

American Pistachio Growers

American Vineyard Foundation

American Warehouse Company

American West Aviation

AmeriPride Uniform Service

Andersen and Eckenrod Insurance


Andrew Farms


Anlin Industries

Anthem Blue Cross of California

Antiques Ltd

Aon Risk Services Inc.

The Ararat Foundation

Armenian General Benevolent Union

Armenian Missionary Association

Arrow Electric Motor Service Inc.

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

Ashwood Construction Inc.

Associated Students of

California State University

Astone Agency


Avakian Custom Homes

Avance Medical Associates Inc.

Azera, Borba & Jorgensen

B & D Dairy

B & R Cold Storage

Baird Agency

Baker, Manock & Jensen

Baker, Peterson & Franklin, CPA, LLP

Bank of America

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Bank of the West

Baradat, Edwards & Paboojian, LLP

Barcellos Ranch Inc

Barnes & Noble

Barthuli & Associates

BASF Corporation

Bassett Cricket Ranch

Batth Dehydrator

Bayer Corporation

Bayer CropScience

Bayer CropScience AG

BCT Consulting Inc.

Bedrosian Building Supply

Beef Packers Inc.

Belmont Nursery

Bennett Frost Personnel Services

Best Buy Company Inc.

Bestec Security Systems

BFC Properties

BG’s Refrigeration

Stan Bien & Associates

Big Green Zucchini Real Estate

Big W Sales

Bill Pfeif & Associates

Billingsley Main St Grill Inc.

B-K Lighting Inc.

Black Coral LLC

Blackstone Auto Specialties

Blackwell Farming Company

Blair, Church & Flynn Engineers

BMI Mechanical Inc.

BMY Construction Group Inc.

BNB Farms

Bobby Salazar’s

The Boeing Company

Bolen, Fransen LLP

Boling Associates

Bonadelle Homes Inc.

Bonham’s & Butterfields

Bonner Family Foundation


Boos & Associates A Professional Corp.

Borba Agribusiness Services Inc.

Borba Agribusiness Services Inc.

J.G. Boswell Company

Bowles Farming Company Inc.

Brandt Farms

Brass Balls Farming

Bratton Masonry Inc

Bridge Store Inc.

Briscoe Family Foundation

Britz/Baird Crop Insurance Agency

Britz-Simplot Grower Solutions, LLC.

Brooks Ranch Supply

Brown’s Dairy Hanford

BSK Associates

Bug-Man Farms

Bulldog Energy

Burns & Whitaker

The Business Journal

Busseto Foods Inc.

Butch’s Auto Parts Inc.

Butler Inc.

CA Commercial Land Sales Inc.

Cadillac Ranch

Cal Fresno Land Inc

Cal Tech Installations

Cal West Rain Inc.

Cal-Agro Seed Inc.

Calaveras Materials

CalCPA Institute

Calif Industrial Rubber Company

Calif-Fresno Investment Company

California Ag Leadership Foundation

California Bank & Trust

California Building Materials

California Business for

Education Excellence

California Business Machines


Organizations that have supported Fresno State

with gifts during the fiscal year.


California Community Foundation

California Dairies Inc.

California Embroidery

California Faculty Association

California Fruit Basket

California Grape & Tree Fruit League

California Healthcare Foundation

California Home Medical

California League of Food Processors

California State University, Fresno

Women’s Association

California Women for Agriculture

Calpine Containers Inc.

Cal-Tech Professional Installations

Campos Brothers Farms


Carson Smith Farming Company Inc.

Castaneda Engineering Inc.

Castanos & Associates

CBC Surveys


Cecelia Packing Corporation

Cedar Plaza Inc.

Cen Cal Electric Inc.

Center for Communication Skills

Central CA Joni and Friends

Central Cal Transportation

Central California Blood Center

Central California Electronics Inc.

Central Ca Implement Company

Central Valley Business Incubator

Central Valley Chemical Safety Day

Central Valley Children’s Partnership Inc.

Central Valley Community Bank

Central Valley Electric

Century 21 - C Watson

Certain Teed Corporation



Chandler Farms

Charles McMurray Company

Charlesbridge Publishing

Chemical Waste Mgmt

Cheyenne Light, Fuel and Power


Chicago Title Company

Children’s Hospital Central California

Childrens Hospital Orthopaedics

China Peak

Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino


Citizens Business Bank

Citri-Care Inc.

Citrus Research Board

Ciummo & Associates

Clarity Insurance Services

Clawson Honda

Clovis Insurance Agency

Clovis Polycon

Clovis Unified School District

Coalinga Hardware

Coalinga Valley Health Clinics Inc.

Coarsegold Market

Cobb Investment Company

Cocola Broadcasting Companies, LLC

Cohen Communications

Coleman Farming Company LLC

The Coleman Foundation Inc.

Coles Insurance Services Inc.

College Community

Congregational Church

Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization


Comerica Bank

Commercial Tire Sales

Community Medical Centers-Clovis

Community Regional Medical Center

Conestoga-Rovers & Associates,Inc.

Consolidated Metal Fab

Construction Developers Inc.

Construction Employers’ Association

Core Business Interiors

Cornwell & Sample LLP

Corsaro Enterprises Inc.

Cosyns Farms

Cove Ranch Management

Cover’s Dehydrator Walnut Hulling

& Drying

Craftsman Homes

The Credit Card Guys

Crop Production Services Inc.

Cross Land Surveying Inc.

Crossroads Agricultural Consulting

Crossway Baptist Church

Curtimade Dairy Inc.

Custom AG Formulators Inc.

Cyndi Pools & Spas

D L Backhoe Service

D. Glynn Davies-JPA

Scholarship Foundation

Dairyland Lab

Dale Blickenstaff Attorney At Law

Dalena-Benik & Associates

Dan Drake Enterprises, LLC

Dan Freitas Electric Inc.

Dantel Inc.

Darden Architects Inc.

Data Consultants

Daughters of Vartan

DAVAL Building Maintance

Davis Commodities

DE Benedetto Ag

DeBenedetto Farms Inc.

Dedekian, George, Small & Markarian

Defreitas Farms Inc.

Deloitte & Touche

Delray Tire and Retreading Inc.

Denham Resources

Dennis Bethel & Associates Inc.

Derco Associates Inc.

Derrel’s Mini-Storage Inc.

Dervishian Brothers

Development Company

Design Packaging

DeYoung Properties

Di Cicco’s Italian Restaurant - Barstow

DiBuduo & DeFendis Insurance Brokers

DiBuduo Fruit Company

DiBuduo Land Management

Diedrich Ag Spray

Frank C. Diener Foundation

Dietary Directions Inc.

Directfile Holdings Group

Diversified Benefit Services Inc.

Dixon & Associates

Dodge & Cox

Dole Fresh Vegetables Inc.

Dow Agro Sciences

Dowling, Aaron & Keeler Inc.

DPS Telecom

Duckworth Environmental Services Inc.

Dunavant Enterprises Inc.


Durham Construction

Dykstra KR4U Inc.

E & M Ag Service Inc.

E T S Laboraties

East Fresno Kiwanis Foundation

Ecolab Inc.

Economy Stock Feed

Company Incorporated

Eddie L. Adams Scholarship

Fund Foundation


Organizations that have supported Fresno State

with gifts during the fiscal year.


Educational Employees Credit Union

Edventure Partners

Edward S. and Eleanore M. Aslanian

Family Foundation

Edwards & Lien Inc.

Eezer Products

Elaine’s Animal Inn

Electric Laboratories

Electric Motor Shop Inc.

Eliminator Manufacturing Inc.

Elliott Investments Inc.

Emerzian Cabinets

Empresas Del Bosque Inc.

Ensign Safety and Health Advisory

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Entertainment Industry Foundation

Env Surplus Insurance Services Inc.

Errotabere Ranches

Evans & Son Inc.

Excelsior Metals

Executive Auto Sales

Eye-Q Vision Care

F & T Farms

F&J Schott Trucking Inc.

Facility Designs Inc.

Fagundes Dairy

Families for Effective Autism Treatment

Family Tree Farms Inc.

Famous Software LLC

Fansler Foundation

Farm Credit West

The Farmer’s Wife Country Antiques

Farmex Land Inc.

Farrar Straus & Giroux

Fashion Furniture Inc.

Fazio Marketing Inc.

Federal Land Bank Association

of Kingsburg, FLCA

Fermin Campos Farms Inc.

FernOak Farms

Fibber McGee’s

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

FieldTurf USA Inc.

First American Title Company

Fisher Bros Farming Inc.

Fitzpatrick Professional Accountancy

Five Points Ranch Inc.

Flat World Knowledge Inc.

Floyd Skeren & Kelly, LLP

Fluegel Cattle

FLW Outdoors

FMC Corporation

Ford Ranches

Fordel Inc.

Foster Farms Dairy

Foster Poultry Farms

Foster’s Freeze

Foundation of Rotary Club of

North Fresno

Frank A. Logoluso Farms

Frank Thomas School Faculty Fund

Freeman Investments Inc.

Fresno Ag Hardware

Fresno Auto Dealers Auction

The Fresno Bee

Fresno Chapter Association of

Black Social Workers

Fresno Community Chorus

Fresno Convention & Visitors Bureau

Fresno County Bar Association

Fresno County Democratic

Women’s Club

Fresno County Farm Bureau

Fresno County Federal Credit Union

Fresno County Retired Teachers-CRTA

Fresno Distributing

Fresno Equipment Company

Fresno Fab-Tech Inc.

Fresno First Bank

The Fresno Grizzlies Community Fund

Fresno Heart and Surgical Hospital

Fresno Host Lions Club

Fresno Infinity

Fresno Lexus

Fresno Lincoln Mercury

Fresno Regional Foundation

Fresno River Park Rotary

Fresno Roofing Company Inc.

Fresno Teachers Association

Fresno Valves & Castings Inc.

Fresno Women’s Medical Group

FresnoLearns, LLC

Fresno-Madera Production

Credit Association

Fruit Harvest Farm Labor

FSU Marching Band Half Time Club

Fugman & Fugman

Fulton Street Project

Fun Cars

Future Ford of Clovis

G & C Mellor Farms

G & J Truck Sales

G. L. Bruno Associates

G-2 Farms

Gabe Dias Farming Enterprises

Gallo Center for the Arts

E & J Gallo Winery

Ganduglia Trucking

Gar & Esther Tootelian Charitable


Gar Tootelian Inc.

The Garabedian Group

The Bertha and John Garabedian

Charitable Foundation

Garavello Investment LLC

Garcia Medical Corporation

Garry Packing Inc.

Gay Central Valley

Gemperle Enterprises

General Dillingham Produce

Genoa Construction Inc.

George Bros Inc.

The George Ignatius Foundation

George P. Johnson

Experience Marketing

Georgia-Pacific Corporation

Gerrit Visser and Sons Dairy

Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation

Giersch & Associates Inc.

Gilbert Farms

Ginder Development

Gleim-Crown Pump Inc.

GME Foundation

GO Farming Company

Goosebottom Books

Gowan Company LLC

Gowan Seed Company

Grabe, Schapanksy, Moss, Julian,

Asselin, D.D.S.

Granite Construction Incorporated

Granville Management Inc.

Graybar Electric Company Inc.

Greg’s Bookkeeping and Tax

Groger Distributing Company

Group Warehouses Inc.

Growers Crop Consulting

Growers Farm Management

Grundfos Pumps

Manufacturing Corporation

GSF Properties Inc.

Guarantee Real Estate

Guardian Industries Corporation

Guardian Industries Inc.


Organizations that have supported Fresno State

with gifts during the fiscal year.


Guerriero Fruit Company

Gulf Sierra Marketing Inc.

Gunner & Andros Investments

Gusto Vineyards

H. Markus & Company

H.A.L.O. Inc.

Hachette Book Group USA

Hallaian Homes


Halopoff & Sons Inc.

Hanna, Brophy, MacLean,

McAleer & Jensen

Hansen Ranches

Harris & Associates

Harris Construction Company

Harris Manufacturing

The Harry & Ovsanna Chitjian

Family Foundation

Harry M. Ermoian Foundation

Hedrick’s Chevrolet

R. Stephen and Dorothy M.

Heinrichs Foundation

Heintz Business Management Inc.

Helena Chemical Company

Helon and Manfredo

Henderson Construction

Henry Holt Book for Young Readers

Hensel Phelps Construction Company

Herb Bauer Sporting Goods

Herman Farms Inc.

Hewitson Farms

Hills, Renaut, Homen and Hughes

HM Holloway Inc.

The HMC Group

Holt Lumber Company

Horstmann Financial &

Insurance Services Inc.

Houghton Mifflin


Huber Farms

Humphreys Bros Insurance

Huter Farms


Ideal Saw


Image Homes Inc.

Independent Electric Supply

Indianola ASB Account

Inheritance Management

Inland Insurance Inc.

Inland Star Distribution Centers

In-N-Out Burger Foundation

Innovative Ag Services LLC

Iranin Cultural Society of Fresno

Ironclad Industries

ISK Biosciences Corporation

Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno

Island Waterpark

Ivancovich Farms

J & J Ranch

J & L Irrigation Company Inc.

J & T Properties

J D T Enterprises

J M Lord Inc.

J P Lamborn Company

J&D FoodServices

J.D. Heiskell & Company Inc.

J.N.D. Thomas Company Inc.

J. Noble Real Estate Inc.

J.D. Hamilton & Associates

Jack’s Butane Service

Jackson & Associates

Jacobsen Farm, R A & K K

Jacobsen Trailer

James G. Parker Insurance Associates

Janzen, Tamberi & Wong

JBT FoodTech

Jeff Atmajian Music Inc.

Jeffrey Scott Advertising Inc.

Jim’s Supply Company Inc.

Joe Robinson Concrete

The Richard and Althea Johanson

Family Foundation

Johanson Transportation Service

John DeGroot & Son

John Sikkema Construction Inc.

Johnson Air

Johnson’s Auto Repair

Jones Helsley PC

Josten’s Inc.

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente Med Center-Fresno

Kaku & Mersino, LLP

Kandarian Inc.

Kane/Miller Book Publishers

Kaweah Delta District Hospital

Kay Auto Distributors

Kay Bee Farms

Keenan Farms Inc.

The Keith Family Foundation

Kela Farms

Keller & Wegley

Kellogg DDS Dental Corporation

Kenneth D. Schmidt & Associates

Kettleman Hills Fruit

Keystone Fruit Brokerage


Kiddie Kare Schools

Kimura Trucking Company

Kings Community Action Organization

Kings County Farm Bureau

Kings Electric Supply

Kings River Packing Company

Kingsburg Apple Packers

Kitahara-Pontiac, Buick, GMC

Kizirian Farms

Knights of Vartan Yeprad Lodge # 9

Kobashi Farms

Kochergen Farms

KPMG Foundation

Krazan & Associates Inc.

Kubo Orthodontic Group

Kuckenbecker Tractor Company

La Raza Lawyers Association

Laird Manufacturing

Lamanuzzi & Pantaleo

Lance-Kashian & Company

Landmark Irrigation Inc.

Lane Blue Enterprises

Lansdowne Inc.

Law Offices of Gerald Lee Tahajian Inc.

Lawrence-Nye-Andersen Associates

Le Grand Construction

League of California Cities

Ledson Winery & Vineyard

Leon S. Peters Foundation Inc.

Lerner Publications Company

Levi’s Iron & Metal

Lewis C. Nelson and Sons Inc.

Lexicon Laser Services

Lithia Dodge of Fresno #170

Live Oak Farms

Lockheed Martin Corporation

Loftus Farms

Lou H. Miyamoto & Son Inc.

Lovelace Enterprises

Lozano Smith, Attorneys At Law

Lucky Bail Bonds

Luna Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant

Lundy Park Self Storage

Lutheran Community Foundation

Lyles Construction Group

Lyles Mechanical Company


Organizations that have supported Fresno State

with gifts during the fiscal year.



MacDonald Family Foundation

Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group

Madera Community Hospital

Madera County Arts Council

Circle Gallery

Madera Ford Mercury

Madera Pumps Inc.

Madera Vintners Association

Magill Law Offices

Mana Financial

Manco Abbott Inc.

Marko Zaninovich Inc.

Mark’s Truck & Tractor

Marootian Farms

Martens Chevrolet

Martin & Just LLP

Martin Brothers Farm

Martin’s Flowers Inc.

Mary Roach Insurance Agency Inc.

Massie Farms

Mateo’s Restaurant


Maverick Marketing

Maxco Supply Inc.

Mazzei-Franconi Company, LLC

McCall’s Nurseries Inc.

McCarthy Building Companies Inc.


Wayte & Carruth

McCutcheon Enterprises

McGuire Insurance Agency

The Meat Market

The Medicine Chest

Medicine Shoppe

Melikian Farms Inc.

Mellema Dairy and Cattle

Me-N-Ed’s Pizzerias

Mental Health Systems Inc.

Merced County Farm Bureau

Meridian Nut Growers

Merk Farms Inc.

Merrill Lynch

MetLife Ag Investments

Metzler Family Farms Inc.

Mid Valley Distributors

Mid Valley Services

Midland Tractor Company

Mid-Valley Packaging & Supply


Miles, Sears & Eanni

MJR Associates

Monterey Ag Resources

Monterey Pacific Inc.

Moore Grider & Company

Moore Twining Associates Inc.

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Gift Inc.

Morse Yardumian and Wittwer, LLP

Mow-N-Edge Corporation

Muratore Farms

Murphy Bank

Music Teachers Association-

Fresno County

Musick Trucking

N.A.A.S.R. Inc.

National Association of Women in

Construction Fresno Chapter

National Raisin Company

Network Innovation Associates

New England Sheet Metal

New Horizon Physical Therapy

New Image Pool Interiors

Nichino America Inc.

Nikkel Iron Works Inc.

Nina’s Bakery

Noell Agnew & Morse, LLP

Nolte Sheet Metal Inc.

Nor Cal Chapter of S.I.O.R.

Norman Wright Equipment Company

North Fresno Foods

Northrop Grumman

Northstar Management Inc.

Nurmi Insurance Services

Oberti Enterprises

Occu-Med Ltd.

Office Depot

Ohanian Drywall Inc.

OK Produce

Okubo Farms

Oliver Search Consulting

Olson Wagner Construction

Olzack Health Care Consulting

Omni Women’s Health

Optimal Rehab Abilities

Orange County Wine Society

Orange Julius

Oswald Associates

P A Enterprises Inc.

P M Services Inc.

P R G Farms

Pacific Central Management

Pacific Choice Brands

Pacific Gas & Electric Company

Pacific Southwest Container

Palace Meat Company

Palomate Packing Company Inc.

Paoli & Odell Inc.

Pape Material Handling

Pappy’s Fine Foods

Paramount Citrus Association

Paramount Farms


Pardini’s Inc.

PARSA Community Foundation

Patton Air Conditioning

Paul Evert’s RV Country

PBID Partners of Downtown Fresno

Peak Broadcasting Fresno


Pearson Realty

Pedretti Ranches

Penny Newman Grain Company


Percussive Arts Society Inc.

PG&E Corporation Foundation

Pharmacy Resolutions

Philanthropic Ventures Foundation

Phillimore Consulting, LLC

William David & Mary Walker

Phillips Foundation

Picayune Rancheria/Chukchansi Indians

Pickett & Sons Construction Inc.

Pier 39

Pine, Pedroncelli & Aguilar Inc.

Pioneer Equipment Company

Pitigliano Farms

Pizza Factory

Pizza Pirate Restaurant

Pl Kappa Alpha Iota Beta Chapter

Plan Financial

Planada Dairy

The Plotkin Group

Ponderosa Telephone

Porterville Citrus Inc.

Powers-Ginsburg Sunshine Club

PPG Industries Foundation

PPG Industries Inc.

P-R Farms Inc.


Premier Valley Bank

Price, Paige & Company


The Principal Financial Group


Organizations that have supported Fresno State

with gifts during the fiscal year.


Producers Dairy Foods Inc.

Professional Engineers in California

Professional Design Consultants

Provost & Pritchard Engineering

Group Inc.

Prudential Financial Ag Investments

Puma Construction & Restoration

Pump Products Inc.

Quality Dairy Distributing

Quinlan, Kershaw & Fanucchi

Quinn Company

Quiring Corporation

R & R Automotive

R H Kiggins Construction Inc.

R. F. MacDonald Company


Radin Foundation

Rain & Hail Insurance Service

Rain and Hail Insurance Service, L.L.C.

Raisin Bargaining Association

Ralph Ermoian Foundation

Rand Machine Works

Random House Children’s Books

Rast Produce Company

Raven Ranches LLC

RBB Architects Inc.

RBF Consulting

RCO Ag Credit Inc.

Realty Concepts Ltd.

Rebensdorf Vineyards Inc.

Red Carpet Car Wash

RehabCare Group Inc.

Resources for Independence

Central Valley

RHA Inc.

Rhodes Inc.

Ribeiro Ranch

Rich Farms

Richard’s Chevrolet, Pontiac & Buick

Ridge Electric

Ritchie Transport J & L

Riverbend Golf Course

Riverview Farms

RJO Produce Marketing

RMA Company Inc

Rocca Ranches

Rock’n J K Farms

Rod Aluisi Real Estate

Rod DeLuca Construction

Roeser Accountancy Corporation

Roger Dunn Golf

Rogers Helicopters Inc.

Roll International

Roman Catholic Diocese of Fresno

Ron Fanucci Farming

Ron Rodgers Painting Inc.

Ronald McDonald House Charities

Ross Construction

The Rotary Club of Fresno

Royal Buick-Olds Pontiac

Royal Car Care

Royal Madera Vineyards

Ruan Transportation

Ruiz Food Products Inc.

Rural Community Insurance Company

Ruschhaupt’s Asphalt

Rush Advertising Specialties

RZ Management Company Inc.

S.A. Camp Pump Company

S. Sakata Farms

S.I.M. Architects Inc.

S.J. Amoroso Construction Company Inc.

Sadler Office Supply

Saf-T-Cab Inc.

Saint Agnes Medical Center

The Saladino Family Foundation

Saladino’s Inc.

Salgo-Noren Foundation Inc.

Salinas Nursery

Sal’s Mexican Restaurant

Samarin Farms

Sam’s Italian Deli & Market

San Joaquin Accident &

Medical Group Inc.

San Joaquin Brokerage Inc.

San Joaquin Chemicals Inc.

San Joaquin Distributors

San Joaquin Farm Bureau Foundation

San Joaquin Fig

San Joaquin Glass Company

San Joaquin River Parkway

San Joaquin Valley Chapter - YPO

San Joaquin Valley

Rehabilitation Hospital

San Joaquin Valley Winemakers

San Luis Obispo County Farm Bureau

Sanger Nursery & Hardware

Sante Health System

Sarabian Farms

Save Mart Supermarkets

The SBS Group

Scalia Bros & Sons

Scalia Inc.

SCE Engineers

Schneider Electric

Scholastic Inc.

Schroeder Chiropractic

Schultz Ranch Inc.

Schutz Farms

Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving

Scroggs Consulting, LLC

Security First Bank

SEE Plumbing

Seibert Oil

Select Business Systems

Select Staffing Inc.

Selma Auto Mall

Selma Triple X Fraternity

Semper Truck Lines Inc.

The Sence Foundation

Serenity Feneral Services

Service Supply System

The Setton Foundation

Shamrock Consultants

Sherwood Lehman Massucco Inc.

Shimamoto Farms

Shoe Shak


The Shore Family

Sierra Dairy Testing

Sierra Forest Products

Sierra Pacific Orthopaedic Center

Education & Research

Sigma Chi Alumni Chapter of Fresno

Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Silva-Pacific Inc.

Silver Creek Almond Company Inc.

Silver Oak Cellars

Simone Fruit Company Inc.

Sinai Temple/Sinai Akiba Academy

S-K Ranch

Smilanick Air Condition

Smith & Bryant Inc.

Smith Boman & Associates

Smith Farms

Smittcamp Family Foundation

Smurfit Stone Corporation

Snowden Enterprises Inc.

Society of Childrens Book Writers

Society of Hispanic

Professional Engineers Inc.

Solano Community Foundation

Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.


Organizations that have supported Fresno State

with gifts during the fiscal year.


Sorenson Communications Inc.

Souza Hay Sales

Spano Enterprises

Specialized Packaging Inc.

Specialty Foods

Spencer Enterprises Inc.

Square Peg Concerts

St. Paul Newman Center

Stammer, McKnight, Barnum & Bailey

Standard Truck & Trailer Sales Inc.

Starrh & Starrh Cotton Growers

Starwest Partners

State Center Credit Union

State Farm Mutual Automobile

Insurance Company

Steam Cleaners Inc.

Steamatic of Fresno

Stoughton Davidson Accountancy

Strategic Mechanical Inc.

Stickland Floor Covering

Subco Inc.

Sun Valley Packing

Sun West

Sunland Insurance Services

Sun-Maid Growers of California

Sunnyside Delicatessen

Sunset Waste Paper


Sushi “n” Pop

Swanson-Fahrney Ford Sales

Swiggs-Fresno, LP

The Swinerton Inc.

SWS Pathway to PCA

Syngenta Crop Protection Inc.

T. G. Schmeiser Co. Inc.

Table Mountain Casino & Bingo

Table Mountain Rancheria

Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino

Tacos Marquitos

Tahoe Joe’s

Tanimura & Antle Inc.

Target Corporation

Taylor Bros Inc.

Taylor Teter Partnership LLP

TCM Investments LP

Technicon Engineering Services Inc.

Teen Choices/Mac Shaw

Telfeyan Evangelical Fund Inc.

Terrio Therapy - Fitness Inc.

Tessenderlo Kerley Inc.

TFS Investments, LLC

E.M. Tharp Inc.

Thielen IdeaCorp

Thomas A. Kooyumjian

Family Foundation

Thomas Matthew Nichols Company

Thomason Tractor Company

Thomco Insurance

Thompson Insurance Agency Inc.

Three Two Music Publishing

TK Hensleit Company

Tommy Rock Landscaping

Top O’ The Morn Farms

Tornino’s Banquets

Torosian & Walter LLP

Tos Farms Inc.

Tree Fruit Farms

Treesource Citrus Nursery

Treson Ag Inc.

Trinity Fruit Sales

Triple X Fraternity - Capitol Chapter

Trust-All Roofing

TSE Brakes Inc.

Tulare County Farm Bureau

Turlock Community Theatre

Turner Construction Company

Turner Security System’s

Tylar Property Mgmt

Ultra Gro Plant Food

Union Bank

Union Bank of California Foundation

United Phospurus Inc.

United Security Bank

United Way California Capital Region

Urrutia Ranch

Valent Biosciences Corporation

Valent USA Corporation

Valley Business Bank

Valley Business Conference

Valley Controls Inc.

Valley Express Inc.

Valley Iron Inc.

Valley Land & Investment

Valley Orthopedic Company

Valley Restoration & Construction

Valley Small Business Development

Valley Steel Construction

Valley Terrazo Company

Valley Trenching Inc.

Valley Truck Parts

Valley Wide Beverage Company

Valley Yellow Pages

VanBeurden Insurance Services Inc.

Vanguard Charitable

Endowment Program

The Vernal Group

Vie-Del Company

Paul and Kathy Vincent Foundation

Vino Farms, LLC

Vulcan Construction & Maintenance Inc.

Vulcan Materials Company

Wakefield & Hopper Inc.

Wallace and Associates

Wal-Mart #2985

Walter & Wilhelm Law Group

Walter Clark & Associates

Warnors Center for the Performing Arts

Waste Management Inc.

The Water Agency Inc.

The Waterford Foundation

The Watering Trough

Wathen Castanos Inc.

Wathen Family Trust

Wawona Frozen Foods

Weather Tec Corporation

Wells Fargo Bank

West Coast Land Surveying

West Fresno Health Care Coalition Inc.

Westbase Farms

Westbridge Agricultural Products

J. Westcott Plumbing Inc.

Westside Produce

Whitie’s Pet Shop Inc.

Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

Wholesale Equipment of Fresno

Wickstrom Jersey Farms Inc.

Wilbur-Ellis Company

Wildwood Pools

Wileman Bros & Elliott

William Cole Vineyards, LLC

William J. Koenig Inc.

WIlls Enterprises

Wilson Ag

Wilson Construction

The Wine Group Inc.

Wine Press Vineyards

Wineland Consulting, LLC

Winton’s Vista Pharmacy

Woolf Enterprises

Yellow Book

Yergat Packing Company

Yergat Paul Yergat

Yolo Insurance


Organizations that have supported Fresno State

with gifts during the fiscal year.


Yosemite Land Bank

Yost and Webb

Youth Leadership Institute

Zena’s Medical Spa, RNC

Zenith Insurance Company

Zim Industries

Zimmerman Farms Inc.

Zuber Team Real Estate

Zucchini Toast



Alexander A. Abela

Jane E. Abela

Guillermo Acosta

Amy Adam

Peter L. Adam

Kimberley A. Affonso

Richard A. Affonso

Agustin Agraz

Maria Aguila

Gamaliel Guzman Aguilar

Irene L. Aguilar

Irma Alcantar

Jaime Alcantar

Gary Almeda

Theresa Almeda

Michelle Alves

Tami Ambler

Carrie Anders

Mark Timothy Anders

John C. Anderson

Maria T. Anderson

Gary D. Andreasian

Judy L. Andreasian

Debbie Andreotti

Kevin Appert

Marcia Appert

Jose I. Archuleta

Margarita Archuleta

Dick Ashjian

Jacquie Ashjian

Ana C. Avila

Jose A. Avila

Gabina Salgado Avina

Roy Bacon

Sabrella L. Bacon

Anthony W. Badali

Barbara Badali

Glenn H. Baker Jr.

Patricia L. Baker

Deborah (Debbi) J. Ball

Jon N. Ball

Herman J. Barretto

Karen P. Barretto

Ester Barroga

Carolyn Baten

Ronald D. Baten

Gary Michael Battles

Marian P. Battles

Eric Bell

Jacques Benninga, Ph.D.

Suzanne Benninga

Mary Kathleen Benotti

Roy Benotti

Diana M. Benson

Robert J. Benson

John Bertoldi

Pamela Bertoldi

John Blackburn

Pamela K. Blackburn

Leslie K. Blagg

Mike Blagg

Cathy Blancas

Kristy A. Blanchat

Bertha A. Blas

John P. Blas

Elizabeth Bledsoe

Christie Boggs

Dan Boggs

Claudette Sue Boudreaux

Dennis Kirk Boudreaux

Sheilah J. Bowman-Tucker

Linda Boyle

Julia Braga

Michael Braga

Bina Brar

Jasbir S. Brar

Stephen Brumwell

Tami Brumwell

Colleen A. Burroughs

Namar D. Burton

Eduardo Cabrera

Robert Cale

Anna S. Cardwell

Chris A. Cardwell

Donald K. Cariaga

Marylou Cariaga

Michael Casanova

Nina Casanova

Yvonne K. Cashion

Miguel Castaneda

Joe Reyes Ceja

Terry E. Ceja

Martha Cervantes

Kathy Chaisson

Barbara M. Chalmers

Diane Chambers

Ronald D. Chambers

Honora H. Chapman, Ph.D.

Rosa Chavez

Gerald D. Chow

Parents of Fresno State students who have

supported Fresno State with gifts during the fiscal


Julia A. Chow

Paul E. Cline

Susan D. Cline

Jacqueline Coffland

Ron Colburn

Darryl Coleman

Jack Alan Collins

Mellissa G. Collins

Kimberly Combs

Michael Combs

Cheryl D. Copeland

Keith Copeland

Elise Cronin

John Cronin

Dean R. Cross

Jennifer L. Cross

Diane E. Crum

Norman E. Crum

Betty S. Daniels

James H. Daniels

Norman L. Daniels

Tamera L. Daniels

Pamela Teresa Darnell

Steven Darnell

Alan B. Deal

Barbara A. Deal

Tressa Deason

Anthony Diaz Jr.

Antonio Diaz

Gloria Diaz

Lucy A. Diaz

Mary L. Diaz

Mirtha G. Diaz

Porfirio Diaz

Ralph A. Diaz

Sara Diaz

Sherry D. Ditirro

Tony I. Ditirro

Carol L. Dominguez

Juana Dominguez

Jose Donato

Teresa Donato

David Donovan

Elizabeth Donovan

Brad Doskocil

Jill Doskocil

Barbara Douglas

Daniel K. Douglas

Nan L. Dow

Ronald L. Dow



Bruce Geof Dragomanovich

Cheryl Dragomanovich

Edward R. Duarte

Linda D. Duarte

Deborah L. Dugan

Michael G. Dugan

Christopher S. Dyer

Linda K. Dyer

Lawrence Earl

Loli Earl

Scott T. Edwards

Tami L. Edwards

Cheryl Eldred

Richard J. Eldred Jr.

Angela C. Ellis

David M. Ellis

Debbie S. Ellis

Lance Garrett Elrod

Maria C. Elrod

William Gunnar Erlendson

Luis F. Escalante

Saidene Escalante

Sam Esquivel

Laurie Essepian

Micheal Steven Essepian

Maria C. Etheredge

Richard A. Etheredge

Isilda Fagundes

Jerry Fagundes

Maryjane J. Fagundes

Ronald Eugene Fanucchi

Toni Fanucchi

Deborah J. Farrell

Joe D. Ferrera

Robin S. Ferrera

Arden C. Fetterhoff

Stephen H. Fetterhoff

Andrea S. Fields

Jim A. Fields

Fred Sanchez Figueroa

Linda A. Figueroa

Donna Finch

Lawrence B. Finch

Margaret Flanagan

Blanca Flores

Exiquio Flores Jr.

Irma Flores

Maria Flores

David A. Flores-Workman

Felicia A. Flores-Workman

Lynn Foerster

Ofelia Fonseca

Gwendolyn Jean Foster

Richard John Foster

Debi Foth

Scott Foth

Jamie C. Franklin

Melinda Ellen Franklin

Cathy Fredin

Jon Fredin

Christine Froehlich

Paul E. Froehlich

Mark Frontella

Alfonso Gallardo

Candy S. Gallardo

Charles Gallardo

Rick Gambril

Teri Gambril

Luis Garcia

Maria Garcia

Misael Garcia

Mitchel Lee Garispe

Roxanne Gail Garispe

Josee Gaudreault

Janet George

Paul George

Peter J. Gessert

Stacey S. Gessert

Bob Alan Giampaoli

Jeanne Minor Giampaoli

Beatriz Gil

Manard L. Giles

Ruth B. Giles

Mary T. Ginsburg

Wayne M. Ginsburg

Eloise Golden

Patrick A. Golden, M.D.

Roberto Gomez

Silvia Gomez

Simona Gomez Benavides

Aaron A. Gonzales

Carol A. Gonzales

Martina Gonzalez

Silvia E. Gonzalez De Tinajero

Barbara A. Gordon

William N. Gordon

Linda K. Gottermeyer

Geraldine Gray

Harold J. Gray

Randall C. Green

Parents of Fresno State students who have

supported Fresno State with gifts during the fiscal


Wendy C. Green

Suzan Griffin

Thomas E. Griffin, M.D.

Bill C. Grossman

Denette M. Grossman

Paula Groves-Coleman

Don Guadagni

Mary Guadagni

Ben Guenther

Kathy Guenther

Elizabeth Guzman

Francisco A. Guzman

John Joseph Guzman Jr.

Maria G.M. Guzman

Marie E. Guzman

Dirk J. Haccou

Judy L. Haccou

Dena Hachman

Cathy A. Hagen

Katy A. Hall

Laura J. Hall

Mark H. Hall

Robert Hall

Laureen G. Hamm

Robert Hamm

Patricia L. Harmon

Thomas Peter Harmon

Felix Haro

Sandra A. Haro

Christine Harris

Debbie L. Harris

Robert Harris

Michael C. Hatfield

Stella D. Hatfield

Dana Heald

Patricia M. Heald

Jeffrey B. Hebel

Nancy M. Hebel

June Hernandez

Luis Hernandez

Silvia B. Herrera

Aaron Highstreet

Tina Highstreet

Dan A. Hoag

Susan E. Hoag

Dawn L. Hoffman

Jon A. Hoffman

Brad Holsworth

Rhonda Holsworth

Kathy A. Honda



Bill Hoover

Teresa Hopkins

Harvey Hopper

Mary Ann Hopper

Karla Hoskins

Linda J. Howden

Phillip K. Howden

Carolyn L. Hoyles

Michael R. Hoyles

Katherine Anne Huebert

Robert James Huebert

Cynthia Diane Huerta

David William Huerta

Jeffrey H. Hunt

Rebecca J. Hunt

Floyd H. Hyde

Olivia M. Hyde

Joong-Bin Im

James Mike Imfeld

Michelle Shelli Imfeld

Alex M. Imholz

Debbie Imholz

Kirk L. Irwin

Teresa K. Irwin

Bruce E. Jackson

John L. Jackson

Karla K. Jackson

S. Kim Jackson

Jerry Jenkins

Marsha M. Jenkins

Cynthia Johnson

Freda Johnson

Gary D. Johnson

Judy Johnson

Steven C. Johnston

Tracy L. Johnston

Richard Jones

Anne L. Kalen

Jim S. Kalen

Katheryn R. Kegel

Loren J. Kegel

Richard Keit

Charlotte G. Kendrick

David E. Kendrick

Mary C. Kennedy

Harry Kenney

Janice Ketchell

Carol A. Kidder

John W. Kidder

Kevin M. Knight

Olga Pompu Knight

Pamela Marie Knight

Robert A. Knight

Fae Kokke

William Kokke

Pennie A. Kreifels

Rodney D. Kreifels

Joe Kuhach

Raye Kuhach

Edwin P. Lacuesta

Susan B. Lacuesta

Bess V. Laliberte

John P. Larios

Pamela Kaye Larios

Gayle J. Larson

Hanz Lawas

Kim Lawas

Larry W. Le May

Valerie M. Le May

Candace B. Lee

Cynthia Lee

Debi L. Lee

Norman V. Lee

Stephen Craig Lee

Stephen Lee

Gigi M. Leiby

William J. Leiby

Dawn LeMasters

J. Kevin LeMasters

Angelica Leon

Natividad Leon

Cynthia L. Leonardo

Joseph M. Leonardo

Anna Leslie

Charlie Leslie

LaVonne C. Lewis

William J. Lewis

Anderson Lin

Bianca Lin

Deborah Joy Little

Thomas M. Little

Beth Locke

Chuck Locke

Debbie A. Luis

Henry M. Luis

Susan Luna

Michael L. Lutz

Susan Marie Lutz

Barry William Maas

Peggy Maas

Parents of Fresno State students who have

supported Fresno State with gifts during the fiscal


Edwin Mach

Jane M. Mach

Isidra Macias

Ricardo Macias

Marcie T. Mackey

Terry A. Mackey

Alfredo C. Magallanes

Guillermina C. Magallanes

Jose C. Magallanes

Ruth S. Magallanes

Catalina Magana

Carmela Maldonado

Harmail Mann

Nimmi Mann

Diane Maraccini

Mickie Marchetti

Winifred Marchetti

Dina A. Marine

Lori Martin

Norma Patricia Martin

Amelia Martinez

Benito Martinez

Susan M. Martino

Mark A. Martinson

Greg Mastrantuono

Daniel B. Maxfield

Diane C. Maxfield

Lela Mayfohrt

Marty Mayfohrt

Randall McBride

Brady McClintock

Robert McClintock

Denise McCombs-Esquivel

Kevin M. McGowen

Vicky A. McGowen

Annette R. McGuire

Michael McGuire

Karen McLaughlin

Ken McLaughlin

Lorna S. McWilliams

Michael McWilliams

Ampelia P. Medina

Everardo Medina

Marc Meilleur

Pat Melendy

Thomas D. Melendy

Adela Mendez

Lillis Miguel

Carol A. Miller

Daniel D. Miller



Eddie B. Miller

John Miller

Laurie Miller

Margaret Miller

Nicole Mills

Patrick Mills

Anthony Moles

Manina L. Moles

Jennifer Morris

Timothy Morris

Doug A. Mosier

Leslie B. Mosier

Jean N. Mulligan

Paul R. Mulligan

Aaron Mullins

Ginger Mullins

Avery Munoz

Rachel R. Munoz

Rhonda Munoz

Carmen S. Murillo

Enrique S. Murillo

Natalie J. Murrell

Marci A. Nabors

Scott Nabors

Laura Lee Newell

James T.V. Nguyen

Pamela R. Nguyen

Cathy Nilsen

Leif Nilsen

Anthony L. Noia

Suzanne Noia

Roxanne Norton

Tim Norton

Miguel Nunez

Paula Nunez

Enriqueta Ochoa

Carol A. Oman

Christopher L. Oman

Ann Orcutt

Alice Ortiz

Hector Ortiz

Joe A. Ortiz

Lena Ortiz

Maria Ortiz

Luzmaria Osterback

Juanita Owens

Melinda Paboojian

Paul K. Paboojian

John Paiva

Kim A. Palacioz

Carrie L. Patino

Hugo P. Patino

Debra Pellouso

John Pellouso

Elizabeth Perez

Estella Perez

Martin Perez

Nathan Perez

Brenda Lee Perry-Reed

Owen B. Petersen

Pat Petersen

Ann K. Phillips

Patrick J. Phillips, M.D.

Laurie L. Pinheiro

Lawrence F. Pinheiro

Susan Raub Plamondon

Lynn Posey

Leah M. Pratt

Steve L. Pratt

Henry Pretzer

Mary Spaulding Pretzer

Carol Price

Teri M. Prieto

Beverly A. Pyron

Raymond Pyron

Andrea I. Rahn

Bryan Lee Rahn

Victor Ramirez

Felix Ramos

Maria Ramos

Mary E. Ramos

Cynthia A. Ratekin

Leonard H. Ratekin

Bobbie D. Ratzlaff

Diane B. Ratzlaff

John Reed

Michelle Reed

Margaret Rendon

Rudy J. Rendon

Nellie M. Ribeiro

Betsy Rivera

Christina Rixey

Sanford J. Rixey

Robin M. Roberts

Sylvia Roberts

Bradley L. Robertson

Mary E. Robertson

Roland A. Rodman

Suzanne M. Rodman

Carlos J. Rodriguez

Parents of Fresno State students who have

supported Fresno State with gifts during the fiscal


Kandis Kay Rodriguez

Rebecca A. Rodriguez

Steven Daniel Rodriguez

Zona Roland

Glenda Ross

Michael Ross

Ronald Lee Rudolph

Sharon A. Rudolph

Michael Runge

Misako N. Runge

Mary Jane Runyon

Mary Arsala Sadlek

Robert J. Sadlek

Janina I. Sager

Roger A. Sager

Abel Salais Sr.

Elizabeth Salais

George Samuelian

Rose Marie Samuelian

Maria Sanchez

Roberto Sandoval

Mary Kathy Sankey

Paul F. Sankey

Anita Santellan

Ruben Diaz Santellan

Dennis C. Sargent

Kathy L. Sargent

Kristen Schalck

Marshall Scherr

Dawn R. Schieler

Christine T. Schmidt

Linda Schmidt

Robert E. Schmidt

Donna Schrack

Douglas V. Schultz

Sandra Ann Blahut Schultz

Robin Schumacher

Susan J. Scramstad

Tim D. Scramstad

Richard Seegers

Sondra M. Seegers

Johnny Seeman

Jerry Shapiro

Judy Shaubach

Diane Shaw

Bonnie Ann Simonian

David E. Simonian*

Dennis L. Simonian

Julie M. Smeltzer

Korey Smeltzer



Cyndee Smith

Garrett L. Smith

Lori E. Smith

Lori Smith

Shara Smith

Steve Smith

Frances A. Squire

Carolyn E. Steele

Catherine L. Steele-Smith

Bradley Mitchell Stevens

Ralene Stevens

Christie Stone

Nicholas E. Stone

Leuma Sua

Debra K. Sumpter

Gary S. Sumpter

Janet M. Sunderland

Steven K. Sunderland

Chris Swalwell

Yolanda Swalwell

Laurie Y. Takeda

Watson Takeda

Robert Thao

Dian Thompson

Miles Thompson

Molly Thompson

Machiko A. Thomson

Peter McCallum Thomson

Silveiro Tinajero

Maria Tinoco

Patricia Tipton

Richard Tipton

Marion P. Tocchio

Octavio J. Tocchio, Ph.D.

Christine Tonello

Paul A. Tonello

Silvia Anita Topete

Charlene Torkelson

Maria Torres

Rick Torres

Teresa Torres

Maryanne Tovar

Jeanette Travis

Scott Travis

John D. Trawick

Mary H. Trawick

Debbie R. Tucker

Joseph F. Tucker

Sam S. Tucker

Don E. Turpin

Verna Mae Turpin

Lynn M. Ursiny

Debra Valentines

Fred E. Valenzano

Robyn Valenzano

Kim Valladao

Roger Todd Valladao

Ezra Van Gelder

Leila Van Gelder

Lori M. Veerkamp

Beverly J. Venable

Martha Alicia Villa De Garcia

Kevin G. Vogelsang

Patty A. Vogelsang

Gary Walker

Lonna Walker

Charles W. Walter

Patty L. Walter

Ann Walters

Wayne R. Walters

Keith E. Warwick

Patty G. Warwick

Pamela S. Weaver

Edwin Doyle Webb

Phyllis M. Webb

Jeff Weber

Theresa Weber

Bruce Wells

David Welter

Debby West

Howard J. Wick Jr.

Pamela Wick

Deborah Wilbur

Aubry K. Williams

Renea M. Williams

Edward J. Wilson

Vanessa B. Witzig

David Kenneth Wolfe

Laurel I. Wolfe

Sue Wolford

Ching Huey Wong

Yiu Lim Wong

Chester A. Wyche

Sharon Wyche

Lisa A. Xavier

Michael L. Xavier

Jim D. Yancey

Norley O. Yancey

Diane Yanez

Karen L. Yehl

Parents of Fresno State students who have

supported Fresno State with gifts during the fiscal


Milton F. Younkin

Susie Younkin

Dakin K. Yray

Kathy J. Yray

Linda Jo Zoerb

Wallace R. Zoerb Jr.

Carol D. Zucker

Keith E. Zucker



Katherine Lee Adams, Ph.D.

Lois A. Adams

Deborah S. Adishian-Astone

Jean S. Ainger

Linnea M. Alexander

Fabiola Alvarez

Anonymous Donor(s)

Shirley Jean Armbruster

Charles V. Arokiasamy, Ph.D.

Roberta R. Asahina, Ph.D.

Saeed Attar, Ph.D.

Darren Earl Atwood

Darnell Austin

Antonio Avalos-Huerta

Sally L. Ayer, Ph.D.

Helen Bailey

Karen Jane Bak

Janet Bancroft

Mary Anna D. Barakzai, Ed.D.

Nan Elaine Barker

Coleman Barnes

Dorothy Barnes

Paul Beare, Ph.D.

Jefferson Raymond Beavers

Trisha Becker

Tina Beddall

Jean L. Behrend, Ph.D.

Sharon E. Benes, Ph.D.

Jacques Benninga, Ph.D.

Anne R. Benninghoven

Richard D. Berrett, Ph.D.

Diane Blair

Hal W. Bochin, Ph.D.

Carol Jean Fry Bohlin, Ph.D.

Roy M. Bohlin, Ph.D.

Benjamin Boone

Virginia R. Boris, Ed.D.

Michelle Marie Bowen

Charles D. Boyer, Ph.D.

Lorri J. Brown

Sharon Brown-Welty, Ed.D.

Jennifer L. Burgess

Michael Caldwell, Ph.D.

Karen Therese Carey, Ph.D.

Angelica Carpenter

Priscilla M. Chaffe-Stengel, Ph.D.

Lauren Chalmers

Honora H. Chapman, Ph.D.

Robin T. Chiero, Ph.D.

Gretchen H. Choate

Susan M. Christensen

R. Kent Clark

Carolyn Coon, Ph.D.

William Covino, Ph.D.

Lloyd A. Crask

Alfredo Cuellar, Ph.D.

Benjamin Cuellar, D.S.W.

Mona Nyandoro Cummings

William Harold Dailey Jr.

Mathew H. Darling

Jody S. Daughtry, Ed.D.

Joanne Deaver

Glen DeVoogd, Ph.D.

Diana L. Dille

Walter Antrim Dodd, Ph.D.

Tom T. Doyel, Ph.D.

William M. Dragoo

Toni Dupont-Morales, Ph.D.

Ronald G. Durham

Janet K. Duttarer, Ph.D.

Wymond Walter Eckhardt Jr., Ed.D.

David Gray Engle, Ph.D.

Richard L. Enns

Joyce C. Ester

Sasan Fayazmanesh, Ph.D.

Chris Fiorentino

Robert Fire, Ph.D.

Richard Michael Firpo

Jeanne Fleck

Corinne Elise Flores

Nancy Catherine Frampton

Donald B. Freed, Ph.D.

Dennis Patrick Frye, C.P.A.

Marlene M. Frye

Monica G. Fusich

Thomas Gaffery IV

Mary L. Galvan

Joseph R. Gandler, Ph.D.

Elaine M. Garan, Ph.D.

Betty Garcia, Ph.D., LCS

Michael Joe Giovannetti, Ed.D.

Jacquelyn Krista Glasener

Donnie R. Golden

Melissa Golden, Ph.D.

Alcidia Maria Gomes

Berta Gonzalez, Ed.D.

Luz Elva Gonzalez, Ph.D.

Helda Nyata Goto

Joy J. Goto, Ph.D.

Virginia G. Guerrero

Faculty and staff who have supported Fresno State

with gifts during the fiscal year.

Leopoldo Gutierrez

Richard Haas, Ph.D.

Susanne A. Haffner

Lucia B. Hammar, Ph.D.

Anna Hamre, D.M.A.

Douglas C. Hansen

Susan Elaine Hansen

Donna L. Hardina, Ph.D.

Robert M. Harper Jr., D.B.A.

Robert W. Hecht

Donald Henriques, Ph.D.

Amelia Hernandez

Virginia R. Hernandez, Ph.D.

Cristina Herrera, Ph.D.

J. Daniel Herring

Christy V. Hicks

Anthony S. Hill

Roxanne Summer Hinds

Pei-Chun Ho, Ph.D.

Cynthia D. Hodges

Andrew E. Hoff, Ph.D.

David William Huerta

Edward L. Hull

Donald B. Hunsaker Jr., Ph.D.

Carolyn B. Jackson, Ph.D.

Ellen Jamra

Lee Ann Jansen

Matthew Ari Jendian, Ph.D.

Michael Jenkins, Ph.D.

Terry T. Johnson

Helene Joseph-Weil

Cassandra L. Joubert, Sc.D.

Ellen Junn, Ph.D.

Kent Jay Karsevar

Loretta Kensinger, Ph.D.

Mark J. Keppler, J.D.

Daniel M. Kimball

Shirley A. Kovacs, Ph.D.

John Kriebs

Timothy J. Kubal, Ph.D.

James S. Kus, Ph.D.

Ross T. Labaugh

Paul Ladwig

Pamela S. Lane-Garon, Ph.D.

Jesus S. Larralde-Muro, Ph.D.

Lanny Larson

Tammy L. Lau

Jack Odell Lawson

Judy A. Lea

Arleen S. Leischner



David L. Lennon

Stephen D. Lewis, Ph.D.

Terry S. Lewis

Robert Newton Line

John R. Lloyd

Jose Lomeli, Ed.D.

Karl E. Longley, Sc.D.

Maria A. Lopes, Ph.D.

Mitzi Ann Lowe, Ph.D.

Christopher F. Lucey, Ph.D.

Dana Zupanovich Lucka

Michael J. Lukens

Mateo R. Macias

Susan Rae Macy, Ed.D.

Satya D. Mahanty, Ph.D.

Kalyani Maitra

Santanu C. Maitra

Lupe Maldonado

Rebecca Malmo

Ronald L. Marhenke, Ph.D.

Tyler Mariucci

James E. Marshall, Ph.D.

Larry Matthews

Christine Ann Maul, Ph.D.

Matthew John Mazurek

Cecelia L. McAllister

Maxine McDonald

Peter McDonald

Wanda McIntosh

Dan McLean

Lisa McReynolds

Jane Middleton, D.S.W.

Terry C. Miller

Marlene M. Miyasaki

Julie Renee Moore

Jane M. Moosoolian

Bernadette T. Muscat

Kimberly Ann Naffziger

James M. Nau

Judith C. Neal, Ed.D.

Tracy Newel

Nancy K. Nisbett, Ed.D.

Emily A. Nusbaum, Ph.D.

Sherri L. Ochoa

Paul W. Ogden, Ph.D.

Patrick C. Ogle

Manuel J. Olgin Jr.

Paul M. Oliaro, Ph.D.

Aribilola S. Omolayo, Ph.D.

Howard K. Ono, Ph.D.

Shirley A. Orr

Christine E. Ortiz, Ph.D.

Barbara A. Owen, Ph.D.

Robert S. Palacio, Ph.D.

Arthur Allen Parham, Ph.D.

Phillip J. Patino

Frances A. Pena-Olgin

William W. Peng, Ph.D.

Alexis Martin Perez

Augustine Perez

Caty Perez

Bill Perry

Eric Christopher Person, Ph.D.

Janice Lynn Peterson, Ph.D.

Anne S. Petrovich, Ph.D.

Vera Ponomarov

Joseph Stephen Price

Donald Mendes Priest

Janine Quisenberry

Laura J. Rabago

Carol S. Rankin

Sindi Raya-McGuire

Claudia A. Reddin

Kathleen Anne Reid, Ph.D.

Fred M. Reiser Jr.

Leticia Reyna Cano

Peter Erle Robertson

Lorna M. Saiz

Heather Shannon Salsberry

Vida Samiian, Ph.D.

Maria Sanchez, Ph.D.

Ramon Sanchez, Ph.D.

David L. Schecter, Ph.D.

Meta Schettler, Ph.D.

Susan Foin Schlievert, Ed.D.

Sarah Megan Schmidt

Frederick E. Schreiber, Ph.D.

Lillian Diana Sewell

Harold L. Seymour

Todd Raymond Sheller

Marilyn R. Shelton, Ph.D.

Dolores R. Siegel

Caroline Ramirez Simis, D.B.A.

Peter Simis, D.B.A.

Diane K. Simonson

Tim Skipper

David H. Smith, Ph.D.

H. Dan Smith, Ed.D.

Peter N. Smits, Ph.D.

Rafael Solis, Ph.D.

Faculty and staff who have supported Fresno State

with gifts during the fiscal year.

Mark Somma, Ph.D.

Ira Joseph Sorensen, Ph.D.

Steve Spriggs

Russel David Statham

Elizabeth Mary Steinke

Jennifer Stemwedel

Donald N. Stengel, Ph.D.

Kent Lee Stratford

Monica Patrice Swanson

Jose Sy, Ph.D.

Yoshiko Takahashi, Ph.D.

Janell Lorraine Tatsumura

Cynthia Teniente-Matson

Victor M. Torres, Ph.D.

Lonna K. Torrico

Susan M. Tracz, Ph.D.

Kuo-Cheng Tseng, Ph.D.

David A. Tyckoson

Ronald P. Unruh, Ph.D.

Thomas A. Uribes

Julie Anne Vance

Susan M. Vaquilar

Bernard Vinovrski

John R. Waayers

Mike Watney

Robert Charles Weil

Kyle N. Weir, Psy.D.

John D. Welty, Ed.D.

Melanie R. Wenrick, Ph.D.

Anna K. Wielicki

Tomasz R. Wielicki, Ph.D.

Christine Wilhite

Nate Wills

Deidra E. Wilson

James R. Wilson

Terry R. Winant, Ph.D.

Donald Wise, Ph.D.

Sandra S. Witte, Ph.D.

Elizabeth Vera Woodward

Jane L. Yamaguchi, Ph.D.

Lenore W. Yousef, Ph.D.

Mohamed A. Yousef, Ph.D.

John D. Zelezny, J.D.

Lynnette C. Zelezny, Ph.D.

James Arnold Zion

Marilyn R. Zitterkopf

David Frank Zoldoske, Ed.D.


Queenie Agopian*

Harriett G. Aloojian*

John Arakelian

Madeline Arakelian

Patricia A. Arellano*

Barbara L. Armer*

Juan Moncayo Arteaga

Andy Balakian*

Penny Barberian*

Helen D. Barnett*

Jean Ann Tahajian Bartholomew*

William N. Beck*

Robert Benevides

Donald L. Beringson*

Kelly J. Black*

Adriana Bo*

Martha Bopp*

Roy W. Bradbury, M.D.*

Scott Gerald Bradford*

Alan D. Button*

Angela Byrns

Glenn H. Carlson*

Gavina Cordova Ceja*

Frank D. Cella

Melvin S. Cellini*

Tom Chan*

Rosalee Chooljian*

Josephine Cocola*

Morris Cocola*

Jason Cuellar*

Carla Jo Dakin*

Ralph Donohue*

Lynn Eilefson*

Richard Elbrecht*

Thomas W. Ellis

Sirun Esajian*

Whitney A. Fisher*

Julie Marie Fitzpatrick*

William E. Forbes*

Raymond Franco*

Philip Frasher*

Diane Fritz*

Gelacia H. Fuentes*

Al Garcia*

David L. Gardner*

Arnold H. Gazarian, D.D.S.

Eddie Gordon*

Alfred Alan Green

Robin Lewis Greiner, Jr.

Madeline Hall

Elmer Harrelson*

R. Stephen Heinrichs

Joan C. Henderson-Sparks, Ph.D.*

Russell S. Howland*

Laurence Hanson*

Clifford James Hathaway*

Thomas D. Hayhurst*

Roy L. Isom*

Norman Lewis Jaco*

John P. Jacobson*

Rhea Kay Jansen*

Althea R. Johanson*

Albert Kabrielian*

Jacqueline Kaloostian*

Justin Kamimoto

Edna Keosheyan*

Bernice Arlene Kerkochian*

Mary Katherine King*

Frieda Klein*

Victor E. Kral

Jeffrey W. Kramer*

Brian Philip Kurtela

Dorothy Oerting Lareau

Barbara Larion*

Donald G. Larson

Jean Ray Laury*

June Evelyn Lewis*

Jared Lindo

Jason M. Lindo

Ken Lynn Manock*

John H. Martin*

Ernesto A. Martinez*

Rosamond Mason*

Emiko Matsumura*

Matthew Mazzei

Robin Renee McGehee

Max McGinnis*

Andrew McIntosh

Pinky McShane*

Armen Michaelian

Alice Michigian

Aram Michigian

William Howard Millard*

Nancy R. Miller*

Woody Miller

Norman D. Moglia*

Dayle H. Molen*

Suzanne Monroe

Christina Montoya Pittman*

Tom Oliver*

Fresno State has received gifts in honor of or in

memory of the individuals or companies listed


Casey A. Olson

Stephen P. Ortega

John H. Otomo*

John Pashayan*

Alice Peters*

Cathenia M. Rasmussen

Virgil E. Rasmussen

Nathan Ray*

Stewart Ritchie*

Kay Wylie Robertson

Richard A. Rogers*

Donald Lorell Root*

Lee A. Rossiter

Edwin J. Rousek*

Janet Saghatelian*

Ellen Ruth Sanders*

Julia Scott

Merry D. Scott*

Walter Sepetjian*

Crosby Shapazian*

Richard Shirinian*

Chasin Simmons

Rashida Simpson

Ethel Lilian Smith*

Muriel V. Smittcamp*

Elizabeth M. Sparks*

Richard K. Sparks*

Phyllis J. St. John*

Christopher Steggall*

Carl L. Stetson*

Sylvester P. Tacchino*

Genevieve Tatoian*

Ricky Tejeda*

Clayton Tidyman*

George H. Tilley*

Donald L. Totoian*

Bimbo Walker*

John D. Welty

Margaret W. Whitten*

James H. Winter*

Charles T. Wright*

Allison Zulewski


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