The Post Graduate Programme in Management 2012

The Post Graduate Programme in Management 2012

The Post Graduate Programme in Management 2012-2013

You are at an inflection point in your career. Your

decision to pursue a programme in Management is

an important one, and demonstrates your desire to

transform yourself. Quite apart from the obvious

impetus in terms of career progression and success,

this is the first step in your evolution into a business


ISB alumni over the years have often remarked that

their year at the school was truly such a

transformational one. That is because our Learning

Goals for the PGP focus on Critical and Integrative

Thinking, Working in Teams, Ethical Responsibility,

Global Awareness, and Effective Communication.

Through an intense year of academic, nonacademic

and experiential interventions, we attempt

to effect a lasting impact on our students’ thought

and action.

Over a typical year, the school attracts leaders and

experts across a wide range of disciplines –

industry, government, academia, social sector,

sports and art. They, together with the ISB’s own

faculty, alumni and the student body, make the

school an intellectually charged environment. As

you actively learn, do things differently, and reflect

in this melting pot of ideas, you will feel the

boundaries of your own thinking expand. Along the

way, you will also be challenged by your fellow

students, who come from all over India and around

the world, to do your best. The ISB is a great place

to examine your beliefs while strengthening your

core values, to learn to have faith in your abilities,

to find the courage to take risks, and more

importantly, to make a difference to society along

the way.

I thank you for your interest in our programme, and

wish you all the best.

Ajit Rangnekar


Starting from ground zero, the

strong foundation in finance,

through an amazing curriculum

and faculty, provided the

impetus for a career shift to

investment banking. But most

importantly, ISB helped me

develop a perspective of good

and responsible business.

Varun Lal

Class of 2005

ISB opened my eyes to a whole

new way of thinking about

business, beyond my industry

and functional specialisation.

What a combination: some of

the best teachers I have seen,

world-class academic

infrastructure and a batch of

340+ bright minds that made

learning so much more fun.

Truly worth every minute of the

year I spent at ISB!

Shankar Prasad,

Class of 2006

Don’t go under. Ride the winds of

change. Face every challenge with a

flexibility that allows you to spring

back. Do not get timed out by

advanced global practices. Do not get

derailed by new emerging

technologies. Refuse to buckle under

the challenge of a new system. Turn

your back to the twilight…and face the

dawn of a brand new day. Because

destiny belongs to the few who reinvent

themselves and weather the storm. The

human spirit must triumph.

Apart from the core courses, the

concentration areas for

specialisation at Mohali will

include marketing, finance,

strategy & leadership,

entrepreneurship, healthcare

and manufacturing.

Do the difficult things while they are easy

and do the great things while they are small.

A journey of a thousand miles must begin

with a single step.

Lao Tzu

The Post Graduate Programme in Management 2012 -2013


ISB’s Post Graduate

Programme in Management is

unique in that it provides the

equivalent of a typical two year

MBA programme in just one

year. It is designed to be

challenging, comprehensive

and global in scope. In 2008,

ISB became the youngest

institution to be ranked among

the Top 20, in the Global

B-School Rankings by the

Financial Times, London, and

since then has been ranked

consistently among the top

B-schools globally.


The programme fosters an

ability to think across disciplinary

boundaries. It emphasises

holistic learning and provides

the keen mind multiple learning

opportunities through interaction

with a power faculty, peers and

business leaders. Analysis and

reflection is the way to go ahead

at ISB.


Students graduating from ISB

take on leadership roles in

various industries.The PGP

curriculum is reviewed every year

for its theoretical intensity and its

practical relevance.

The one year programme starts

with orientation and pre-term

courses and the rest of the

academic year is divided into

eight terms of six weeks each.

The first four terms cover the core

courses which lay the foundation

for the advanced elective courses

that come later. A wide array of

over eighty electives is on offer.

There are eight concentration

areas in this programme –

Marketing, Analytical Finance,

Strategy & Leadership,

Entrepreneurship, Operations,

Information Technology

Management, Healthcare and


The elective course offerings will

be as follows:


Marketing, Finance, Strategy &

Leadership, Operations,

Information Technology and



Marketing, Finance, Strategy &

Leadership, Healthcare,

Manufacturing and Entrepreneurship.


In order to encourage crosslearning

and increase

networking across the campuses,

there would be a campus

exchange programme during

Term 3 and 4. Through a

transparent process, students

would be encouraged to spend

a maximum of two terms in the

other campus on a 1:1 basis.

Students will also have an option

to move between campuses

during elective terms based on

the specialisations they opt for.






Programme highlights




On joining, all students go

through a LDP which inculcates a

spirit of team play and

leadership through a series of

lectures, discussions, workshops

and group practice sessions. The

programme also facilitates the

development of essential skills

like effective listening and

communication, presentation,

team building, assertiveness and

problem solving. These soft skills

are essential to effective





This programme helps students

identify an entrepreneurial

opportunity and prepare a

business plan besides

familiarising them with the

process and practice of new

venture creation. It equips them

with conceptual frameworks for

evaluating techno-commercial

attractiveness for investment and

launching a new venture.



This is an unique method that

allows student teams to work with

industry partners on real-world

business issues. It provides an

opportunity to gain new

perspectives on business and

major global issues.




ISB has exchange programmes

with 36 schools globally. The

programme gives students an

opportunity to study for one to

two terms at a leading B-school

outside India. Visiting students of

over 17 countries add to the

diversity and peer learning

experience of the campus.

Students are selected through a

bidding mechanism linked with

the elective course bidding

system. The tuition fee is part of

the ISB fee. The student has to

pay travel & living expenses.



Students may wish to explore

areas in business management

that are well beyond the

curriculum. As an organisation

that promotes lateral thinking

and thought leadership, ISB

encourages you to do this,

working together under the

guidance of faculty or visiting


Professional Clubs

An integral part of the learning and

cultural environment at ISB are the

Student Clubs which are a diverse pool

of ideas and perspectives. Formed by

functional interest areas, and driven by

the students themselves, the clubs serve

to multiply exposure and learning

opportunities. Outlined here are the

various student groups (class of 2011)

and their successes at ISB and beyond.


Consulting is one of the most

vibrant professional clubs at ISB.

With over 445 members last

year, many of who bring with

them a wealth of consulting

experience from across the

globe, the group offers huge

learning opportunities.


Finance is a high-interest area at

ISB, and the Finance Club is one

of the most active clubs on

campus. Diverse and

experienced, the group

constantly works towards

increasing domain awareness

through club-hosted discussions,

seminars, events and industry




The students at the General

Management Club work to equip

themselves for corporate roles in

an organisation by exploring

opportunities in leadership,

senior and mid-management

roles, corporate planning and

strategy. The club actively invites

and interacts with the industry

through sessions with

distinguished speakers, events

and projects.



The Sales and Marketing Club

draws some of the most exciting

people at ISB. With members

coming from functional areas,

cultural backgrounds and

industries as diverse as FMCG

and IT, the club offers a

multitude of learning

opportunities related to Sales

and Marketing functions. The

club provides a great training

ground for those coming from or

interested in getting into

Marketing or Sales.



ISB has a significant number of

technology professionals,

making the Technology Club rich

in experience and ideas. The

club has been the driving force

behind some very high profile

events like the CIO Conclave,

the ISB Leadership Summit, and

the International Symposium on

Information Systems, giving

students ample opportunities to

work closely with industry leaders

and gain some unique insights.



Some of the other clubs that are

rapidly gaining momentum at

ISB are Media Club, Healthcare

Club, Real Estate Club, Retail

Club, Energy, Manufacturing

and Operations Club (EMO),

Women in Business Club, etc.

These areas are increasingly

occupying centre stage in the

global business scenario and the

clubs provide ideal platforms

from which interested students

can launch their careers in these



Choosing ISB was a leap of

faith. I came with a western

orientation and will leave soon,

with a global perspective

focusing on emerging

economies. India is heading

towards the centre of the world

and I was there.

Piero Guizetti,

Class of 2007

ISB attracts some of the best

recruiters in the world. The

Career Advancement Services

(CAS) facilitates excellent

placements. A team of dedicated

and trained professionals

provides career counselling and

domain expertise. A separate

team is responsible for building

and maintaining relationships

with recruiters. It initiates the

process of matching available

positions in industry with the

talent available from the student

pool at ISB. The placement

process followed at ISB is a

rolling one. It commences with a

series of pre-placement talks by

recruiters followed by job

postings. The rolling placement

process process starts start in October with

international placements and

continues continues till till the end of the

course. co c urse.


CAS CA C S will wi w ll help in mining the

opportunity op o port rt rtun unit i y landscape l and

providing pr prov o idin ing g you yo with necessary

inputs to o further fu f rt r your career

aspirations. as aspi p rations. The T team works

collectively co collectively ly with w you right

through th thro rough the year y to help you

take ta t ke an informed info fo for decision for

the th t e career of your choice.


As you start with your first term,

the Learning and Development

(L&D) team at CAS will organize

one on one interaction with its inhouse

team of industry experts.

Detailed resume review

workshops are lined up in the

following terms. As the

placement season nears,

exhaustive mock interviews are

conducted by an in-house panel

consisting of industry specialists

for the roles that you are looking

for. All through the year, L&D

conducts the Horizon Speaker

Series and Gurukul Series, where

industry veterans spend time with

students on campus, giving them

an opportunity to discuss their

careers and also gain practical

insights of the industry at an

individual level.


Many of the students joining ISB

aspire for a career shift. They can

shift functions, like when a

person moves form a technical

role to a managerial role in the

same industry, or shift industries,

like moving from the IT industry

to banking. The multidiscipline

exposure at the campus opens

up a wide array of opportunities

to be explored during



Every year we meet our

students’ expectations.

2011 was our best year yet

– 310 companies made

661 offers to the students,

many of which were senior

management positions,

both nationally and


On an average, the

students made twice their

salary pre-ISB. There was a

35% increase in

international offers, with

83 offers being made by

73 companies, from 19

cities across the globe

including Middle-East,

Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa

and North America.


Functions 80% Mean CTC

Business Research 1650004

Consulting 1855050

Finance 1645464

General management / Strategic Planning 1719650

Operations 1935367

Sales & Marketing 1709879

Technology 1763582


3M India Limited,

Accenture, Aditya Birla

Group, Amazon, Ambit,

Analysis Mason, Apollo

Hospitals, Artaaj, Arthur D

Little, AstraZeneca,

A.T.Kearney, Axis Bank,

BCG, Bharti Airtel, Biocon,

Booz & Company, Cargill,

Cisco, Citibank, Cognizant,

Colgate-Palmolive, Credit

Suisse, DBS, Deloitte,

Deutsche Bank, DRL,

Ericsson, E&Y, Facebook,

Genpact, GlaxoSmithKline,

Google, Godrej Properties,

Goldman Sachs, HDFC


Media, Infosys, IBM India,

(All figures in INR)

ICICI Bank, ITC, Johnson &

Johnson, Lufthansa,

Luxottica, Lodha Group,

L&T, KPMG, Make My Trip,

McKinsey, Microsoft,

Nokia, Nomura, Novartis,

Oliver Wyman, Parthenon

Group, Pepsi Foods,

People Group, Pfizer,

Philips, PWC, PRTM, Royal

Bank of Scotland, RPG,

Schneider, Siemens,

Shapoorji Pallonji, Solar

Semiconductors, STAR TV,

SUN-Apollo, Sun Edison,

TCS, Tolaram Group,

Gallup, Value Budget

Housing Corp, Yahoo,

YES Bank, ZS Associates


There will be a single admissions process to both the

Hyderabad and the Mohali campus. Applicants

would be required to indicate their preference of

campus in the online application. The admissions

process does not take the campus preference into

consideration while evaluating the application and

therefore will have no impact on the selection

process. The campus allotment decision will be taken

up after we prepare the final list of admits. While we

will try our best to accommodate your choice of

campus to the extent possible, ISB reserves the right

to allot campus in order to maintain class parity

between the two campuses and such allotment are

also subject to the number of seats available at the

respective campuses.

ISB aims to bring together people from a wide

variety of backgrounds, nationalities, education and

experience, which adds to a varied learning

experience. The common denominators are

leadership qualities, ability to work in a team,

superior academic credentials and display of

consistent intellectual prowess. Excellent written and

verbal communication skills are essential.

To be eligible, you must have:

• A bachelor's degree in any discipline.

• Two years of full-time post qualification work

experience. Exceptional candidates with less than

two years of experience would be considered for

deferred admissions.

• GMAT score. Scores of the last five years are


• TOEFL/ IELTS score is required only if the

language of instruction during undergraduate

education was not English.

Admissions will evaluate all applications on the

above basis. Shortlisted candidates will be

interviewed as a part of the selection process.


Preference is given to students who have

demonstrated leadership qualities in their work or

academic life. This is assessed primarily through

recommendations or references included in the

application. Students must include recommendations

from their workplace, preferably from their direct

supervisor. While most applicants may not have had

a chance to demonstrate leadership skills at the

public level, initiatives at work or in their personal life

will help the committee assess the candidate's



The ISB believes that student diversity is a very

important element of an international education.

Applicants are encouraged to describe their

backgrounds and provide details about what and

how they can contribute to the student community.

Diversity can be in the form of educational

background, work experience, nationality or

personal experiences and goals.


The programme is rigorous, and since its duration

makes it even more challenging, candidates must

have convincing academic records. Our evaluation

therefore, considers the student's undergraduate

performance. However, there is no cut-off score.

Likewise, we also assess analytical ability based on

GMAT. Here again, we do not have a cut-off GMAT

score. While a good GMAT score helps, an average

score can be compensated for by achievements in

other areas.


The ISB prefers applicants with substantial work

experience (minimum two years). The diverse

professional experience of students contributes to

the rich and stimulating learning in the ISB

programme. We are specifically interested in how


Cycle 1 September 15, 2011

Cycle 2 November 30, 2011

International Passport Holders January 15, 2012


Particulars Amount (Approx)

Single person Family

Academic fee


admission fee

Tuition fee



2,00,000 4,255 2,00,000 4,255

16,50,000 35,106 16,50,000 35,106

1,60,000 3,404 2,65,000 5,638

* Note: As advised by the Counsel of the School, Service Tax is

not applicable on the fees charged for the PGP programme. This

view is not accepted by the Service Tax Authorities. The matter is

under adjudication and should the decision go against the

School, the School reserves the right to collect the Service Tax

amount from the students in addition to the fees. The present rate

of Service Tax (inclusive of cess) is 10.3%.

they have contributed to their organization or added

value to their professional roles. Successful

applicants must demonstrate managerial and

leadership potential, maturity, drive and focus.


It is mandatory for all students and their dependents

living on campus to have medical insurance. The ISB

will arrange to purchase a group medical insurance

for all students and their dependents. The premium

of this will have to be paid by all students in addition

to the other fees at the time of registration. The

premium is approximately in the range of INR 1,300

to 4,000 depending on the age of the insured - these

amounts are approximate and are subject to change.


The ISB, in conjunction with several companies,

offers scholarships to deserving candidates. 80 to

100 students receive a scholarship ranging from

Rs.3 lakhs to Rs.10 lakhs at the time of admission.

The scholarships are both need and merit based.

To know more about the same, please visit


The ISB has arrangements with leading banks to

provide loans upto 100% of the tution fee at a

concessional rate. These loans are customized for

the students of ISB and usually do not require any

collateral. Only the personal guarantee of the

parents will suffice.


Please also budget for some miscellaneous

expenses which may vary depending on your needs

and preferences (like schooling for children,

sightseeing etc.)


If you wish to participate in the exchange

programme, certain expenses have to be borne by

the student depending upon the travelling and

accommodation costs incurred. It may vary from

USD 6,000 to USD 10,000 (approx.) depending

upon the school you have been admitted to.


1) USD amounts are approximate and are likely to

change depending on the exchange rate. 2) The

School realises its fee in Indian Rupees. There are

options available to make payments in foreign

currency also; in which case the amount realised

must be equivalent to the amounts fixed in INR.

Service Tax, if any, will be charged extra. 3) It is

mandatory to live on the campus. 4) Tuition fees

cover course packs provided but certain courses

require mandatory text books over and above the

study material supplied by ISB. 5) Every student is

required to have a laptop. The details of the

specifications will be made available on the new

admit website. 6) There are different meal plans

available. You can chose the same once you are on

campus. The family residential facilities have

kitchens for people who would like to cook. 7)

Alumni membership fees is Rs.7000. Rs.3000 is the

one time fee payable to ISB by the students of use

of ISB LRC & RC after graduation.


This brochure is only for the purpose of providing information to the reader on

the ISB’s PGP Programme. ISB reserves the right to change and modify these

details at any time. The Brochure does not result in any binding contract

between the ISB and the reader.

ISB gave me the skill sets and the confidence to effectively convert & scale up

the leadership skills of my military days to the higher echelons of the

corporate world. It catapulted me from techno-managerial positions to

business leadership roles and finally from being an employee to being an


If you have aspirations but are not sure how to find wings for them, do

yourself a favour and step into ISB. The experience is guaranteed to transform

you and give your aspirations an expression you would not have otherwise


Vijay Raghavan,

Class of 2003

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