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Vol. II No. 100 (260) Keeping You Posted With The Politics Of Philadelphia July 14, 2011


Daily Record

Best Of

The Worst….

FED UP WITH ALL SIDES, voters still think President Barack Obama best of

a bad lot when it comes to the economy, a new poll finds. See story page 3.


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The Philadelphia Public Record Calendar

Jul. 14-

Michael Meehan and Republican

City Committee hosts fundraiser

for Karen Brown for Mayor at

Vesper Club, 223 S. Sydenham

St., 5:30-7:30 p.m. Tickets $250.

Jul. 15-

Councilwoman Jannie L. Blackwell

celebrates her birthday with

14th annual Celebration and

Health Fair for Homeless on City

Hall’s Dilworth Plaza, 12 m.-3


Jul. 15-

Councilman Curtis Jones celebrates

his birthday with White

Linen Party at Centennial Café,

4700 States Dr., Fairmount Pk., 8-

11 p.m. Donation $50. For info

(267) 912-1420 or email SamanthaJoyWilliams@gmail.com.

Jul. 15, 16-

Arts Bank Theatre hosts Classic

Concert entertainment. $20.

Hosted by Miss Black Penna. For

info (267) 281-3521,

Jul. 16-

G.O.P. Republican Motorcycle

Riding Club launches 1sr annual

Memorial Motorcycle Ride honnoring

20th annivdfsasy of passing

of Mayor Frank L. Rizzo. All

invited. Meet at Holy Sepulche

Cementery, Cheltenham ave. and

Easton Rd.

Jul. 19-

Fundraiser for Council candidate

David Oh at McGillin’s Ale

House, 1310 Drury St., 6-8. Free

buffet, open bar. Contribution

$50. Cash or money order. No

Corporate checks.




www.capitalautoauctions.com To Register & To Bid





Voters Blame Bush Over Obama 2 To 1 For Financial Mess

American voters disapprove 56-

38% of the way President Barack

Obama is handling the economy,

but by 45-38% they trust the President

more than congressional Republicans

to handle the economy,

according to a Quinnipiac University

poll released today.

The country is in a recession, 71%

of American voters say, but by 54-

27% they blame former President

George W. Bush more than President


The President gets a 47-46% job-approval

rating, unchanged from the

Jun. 9 survey by the independent

Quinnipiac University. That tops a

64-28% disapproval for Democrats

in Congress and a 65-26% disapproval

for Republicans.

Obama outscores congressional Republicans

on several points in the

deficit-reduction battle:

Voters will blame Republicans over

Obama 48-34% if the debt limit is

not raised;

Voters say 67- 25% that an agreement

to raise the debt ceiling should

include tax hikes for the wealthy

and corporations, not just spending


Voters say 45-37% that Obama’s

proposals to raise revenues are

“closing loopholes,” rather than “tax


But voters say 57-30% that

Obama’s proposals will impact the

middle class, not just the wealthy.

“The American people aren’t very

happy about their leaders, but President

Barack Obama is viewed as

the best of the worst, especially

when it comes to the economy,” said

Peter A. Brown, assistant director of

the Quinnipiac University Polling


“Americans overwhelmingly disapprove

of President Obama’s handling

of the economy, but by 2-1

they pin the blame on former President

George W. Bush rather than

Obama, who is now more than 60%

through his term of office.”

“Given this public view, it might be

reasonable to expect that President’s

reelection campaign will be, as it

was in 2008, running against the

former President, in addition to the

actual GOP nominee,” said Brown.

“The key voting bloc, independents,

say 49-24% that Bush is more responsible

for the economy than


By a 62-32% margin, American voters

say it’s more important to reduce

unemployment than to reduce the

federal budget deficit. But they say

49-43% it’s more important to reduce

unemployment than to reduce

government spending.

While 71% of voters say they like

the President personally, they dislike

most of his policies 48-45%.

When it comes to Obama’s job approval,

his base remains intact. Democrats

give him a thumbs up

81-11%, while disapproval is 83-

13% among Republicans and 53-

40% among independent voters.

Obama gets a 50-41% approval rating

among women, but men disapprove


During Jul. 5-11, Quinnipiac University

surveyed 2,311 registered

voters with a margin of error of +/-

2 percentage points. Live interviewers

call land lines and cell phones.

The Quinnipiac University Poll, directed

by Douglas Schwartz, Ph.D.,

conducts public-opinion surveys in

Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey,

Connecticut, Florida, Ohio, Virginia

and the nation as a public

service and for research.


Controller Finds 7 Big Weaknesses In City’s Financial Statements

City Controller Alan Butkovitz

today released the findings from his

audit of the City’s Fiscal Year 2010

Comprehensive Annual Financial

Report that included seven separate

conditions resulting in a material

weakness over the City’s ability to

properly report its finances.

A material weakness is determined

to exist when there is a “reasonable

possibility” that the process used to

prepare a financial report will not

prevent or detect and correct mistakes

in the report on a timely basis.

“Our Office is required by auditing

standards to report material weaknesses

so that management can take

corrective action and ensure investors

and bond rating agencies of

timely, accurate, and reliable financial

information for making informed

decisions,” said Butkovitz.

The seven conditions contained in

the material weakness include the


• continued staff turnover and reductions

in the city’s Finance Office,

compromising the process necessary

for preparing an accurate CAFR;

• poor procedures to ensure accurate

reporting of city receivables;

• lack of procedures for preparing

the deposits and investments

footnote, which led to numerous

misclassified or omitted deposit

and investment accounts;

• insufficient procedures to make

certain the City’s Water Fund is

accurately reported;

• failure to obtain timely financial

statements from component units

included in the CAFR;

• inadequate accountability over departmental

custodial accounts; and

• failure to automate the year-end

closing process for the city’s Aviation

Fund to decrease the risk for

financial statement errors.

According to Butkovitz, over the

past decade, the Accounting Bureau’s

staff size has been reduced

from 64 positions in fiscal year

2000 to 45 in fiscal year 2010,

which is a 30% reduction.

“As a result, top managers are now

being forced to prepare significant

sections of the CAFR, eliminating

their independent review of CAFR

work that would normally be performed

by subordinates – and in

turn reviewed by them in their supervisory

role,” said Butkovitz.

“Consequently there was, and still

remains, an increased risk of errors

in financial reporting.”

“During the course of this audit my

staff found $1.1 billion in errors

which were ultimately corrected by

the City,” said Butkovitz. “While I

understand the budget constraints facing

all city departments, it is imperative

for the Finance Office to have the

appropriate number of staff to ensure

that the financial statements and information

presented are accurate.”

Along with the material weakness,

another finding included the Dept.

of Human Services’ ongoing failure

to submit quarterly reports of expenditures

for reimbursements

within the required 45 days of the

end of reach quarter. For all of fiscal

2010, DHS had been consistently

late in submission of the reports.

“With the city experiencing fiscal

constraints, timely reporting of Act

148 reimbursement invoices would

have improved the City’s cash flows,”

said Butkovitz. “I strongly urge DHS

to comply with Act 148 and submit

their reports for reimbursement

within the mandated 45 days.”

The Controller’s other concerns

from the audit report include:

• The city’s lack of a comprehensive

capital asset system.

• Inadequate inventory procedures

for all city real property.

• Continuing concerns with the operation

of the Basis 2 Water

Billing System.

• The failure to revise the city’s

Standard Accounting Procedures

to reflect various automated processing

applications and practices

currently in use.

• Non-compliance with Act 148 reporting


To view a copy of the Fiscal Year 10

Audit Report on Internal Control and

on Compliance and Other Matters

pertaining to the City’s CAFR, please

visit the City Controller’s website at



Stack, Farnese Announce Funding For USO Program To Benefit Soldiers’


BRINGING HOME bacon to USO – from left are Lt. Col. Tyrone Twyman; Joe Brooks, Liberty USO

president and COO; State Sens. Larry Farnese and Mike Stack; and Col. Michael Konzman, deputy commander

of 55th Heavy Brigade Combat Team.

FROM LEFT, Sens. Stack and Farnese speak to Col. Konzman and USO’s Brooks, discussing work of

Liberty USO.


State Sens. Mike Stack (D-Northeast)

and Larry Farnese (D-S.

Phila.) joined the Pennsylvania National

Guard yesterday to announce

that significant state dollars will be

made available to provide meals

and comfort to military personnel

and their families who pass through

the Liberty USO Center at the

Philadelphia International Airport.

Stack and Farnese presented a

$100,000 State grant to the United

Service Organizations of Pennsylvania

and Southern New Jersey

(Liberty USO) at a news conference

at the Pennsylvania National Guard

Armory in Northeast Philadelphia.

The funds will be used to provide

meals and morale-boosting programs

to 65,000 soldiers and their

families at the center.

Occupying 5,000 square feet on the

tarmac level of airport Terminal A,

the Liberty USO Center offers servicemen

and women and their families

around-the-clock access to

complimentary meals, Internet,

showers, laundry, bunks, a library,

game room and a home theater.

“Liberty USO understands that our

military and their loved ones need

an ongoing support system, and the

center at the airport provides that

needed support,” Stack said. “The

smallest comforts, like a hearty

meal, a comfortable place to rest, or

an opportunity to relax with family

and friends can bring a little normalcy

to an often chaotic life as a

military family.”

“The military is the noblest of professions,

and while we should express

our gratitude for their service,

we must also take care of them and

their families,” Farnese said. “Liberty

USO provides an amazing service

and is truly a blessing to our

service members and their loved

ones. I’m honored to help provide

state funding that will allow this

center to continue its mission.”

Liberty USO has been serving the

needs of the active duty, National

Guard and reserve military personnel

and their families throughout

Pennsylvania for more than 60

years. “It would be impossible for

the Liberty USO to meet the needs

of our military and their families

without the support of Sen. Stack

and Sen. Farnese,” said Joe Brooks,

president and COO for the USO of

Pennsylvania and Southern New

Jersey. “Through this grant we can

continue to deliver our innovative

morale, comfort and care programs.”

The grant was provided through the

Dept. of Community & Economic


Mayor Confirms: School Dist. Got On Same Page With Him

The Mayor’s Office has certified that Nutter and the

Philadelphia School District have been sharing information

fully for the past month.

On Jun. 5, 2011, Mayor Michael A. Nutter sent a letter

to the School Reform Commission, the governing body

of the School District of Philadelphia, to express concern

over fiscal and programmatic accountability District-wide

and expressed areas of concern. In his letter,

the Mayor requested additional information to promote

transparency and continued collaboration. On Jun. 9,

Nutter, SRC Chairman Robert Archie, and Pennsylvania

Secretary of Education Ron Tomalis signed a Memorandum

of Understanding to formalize the request for

improved information sharing and coordination among

the City, Commonwealth and Philadelphia School District.

On Jun. 15, the SRC and Philadelphia School District

complied with the request for information.


Nutter To Pitch Debt-Limit Deal To Seniors…

This afternoon, Mayor Nutter will visit the Philadelphia Senior Center to meet with seniors. He will make a statement

and take questions regarding the debate in Washington around raising the debt limit and reducing the nation’s


The Philadelphia Senior Center is located at 509 S. Broad Street (Broad & Lombard Streets). He is expected

there at 1 p.m.

…And Start The Evening Slinging Verse With Youths

At day’s end, the Mayor will host a City Hall Youth Poetry Night from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. with the members

of the Philly Youth Poetry Movement, a nonprofit organization committed to helping the youth of Philadelphia

discover the power of their voices through spoken word, literacy and progressive workshop facilitation.

During the evening, the poets will perform original work. Members of the group have been selected to participate

in the 2011 Brave New Voices International Youth Poetry Slam, which showcases young poets. The conference

will take place beginning on Jul. 20 in San Francisco, Cal.

His Honor will be joined by Gary Steuer, director of the Office of Arts, Culture & the Creative Economy.

During the evening, Mayor Nutter will make an announcement regarding the Brave New Voices members.

The word will go down in City Hall, in the Mayor’s Reception Room, Room 202.


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