Commercial Masonry Catalogue - Atlas Block

Commercial Masonry Catalogue - Atlas Block

COmmerCial maSONrY prOduCtS

Strength and beauty in every block.

Our Green Commitment

Build green with planet-friendly products.

Like you, all of us at Atlas Block are committed to a cleaner, healthier world.

That’s why we have chosen to incorporate sustainable construction innovations

into all of our products. For everything from foundations and facades to beautiful

outdoor living spaces, we have green concrete solutions for every project.

Every one of our products contain recycled material; we’re proud to be

the first company in our industry to make that kind of commitment to the

environment. Every product incorporates up to 36% eco-friendly Poraver®

post-consumer recycled glass, which is LEED®-friendly and an ideal choice

for sustainable construction.

Recycled glass that’s breaking barriers.

Did you know that certain types of coloured glass can’t be recycled to make new

glass products? That means that even if you put them in your blue bin, they end

up as landfill.

Until now.

Here’s how it works

Using patented Poraver®

technology, discarded

glass is collected

from municipal blue

bin programs.

Atlas Block. We’re building a stronger, more beautiful world, one block, brick

and paving stone at a time.

The glass is ground into

a fine powder, which

is then refined into

lightweight pellets.

When the pellets are

mixed into concrete,

they lessen the impact

on our natural

resources – without

sacrificing strength or

product integrity.

Left: Architectural Block - Gray. Top middle: Century Stone - Old Quebec Blend. Top right: AB Jumbo Junior - Earth Range.


by nature


Architectural Block - Charcoal, Dolomite White.


Our Green Commitment ............................ 2- 3

Architectural Block ...............................6- 15

Brick and Stone Veneer ...........................16- 27

PCR Block ......................................28- 31

Standard and Lightweight Block ....................32- 33

Fencing ........................................34- 37

Landscaping ....................................38- 41

Our Guarantee ......................................42

Visit throughout the

season for exciting new product information.

Above: Architectural Block - Starbucks, Huron Range. Middle left: Century Stone - Pewter.

Middle right: AB Lite Stones - Smoke Blend. Right: PCR Block.


Architectural Block - Gray, Buff, Charcoal.

Architectural Block

The choice of green builders.

When you want to leave interior or exterior load bearing and veneer walls

exposed, Architectural Block is a durable, attractive option that can

provide visual contrast and make your project look great.

Every block contains post-consumer and post-industrial recycled

materials, making Architectural Block – like all Atlas Block products –

an earth-friendly option that’s ideal for projects working to achieve

LEED® certification.

Architectural Block provides a finished look in a wide variety of

commercial and institutional applications, from schools and

hospitals to condos and retail spaces.

It’s style that makes a statement.


Above all: Architectural Block - Gray.

Form and function

Above all: Architectural Block - Sandstone, Goldenrod.


Top left: Architectural Block - Charcoal. Bottom left: Architectural Block - Gray, Buff, Charcoal.

Bottom right: Architectural Block - Charcoal. Opposite page: Architectural Block - Goldenrod, Gray, Charcoal.

Design with



SmOOth FaCe Split FaCe

Architectural Block Style Options

Maximum appeal at minimum expense.

Designed to resemble hand-hewn stone and other stylish surfaces,

Architectural Block comes in smooth-face and split-face textures and a

wide range of colours. The variety of style options makes it easy to get

creative and build visually appealing structures and facades that go

beyond mere function into unique, elegant form.

All units come in 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 inch configurations and corner units.

Full Face Split

Full Face Smooth

Split ledge

Smooth ledge

2-rib Split Face 3-rib Split Face

4-rib Split Face

Single Vertical Score double Vertical Score triple Vertical Score

6-rib Split Face

Top left: Architectural Block - Starbucks, Huron Range.

Top right: Architectural Block - Charcoal, Dolomite White.

Opposite page: Architectural Block - Buff.


COlOur palette

Architectural Block Colour Palette

autumn range

Opposite page: Architectural Block - Gray, Golden Rod.


dolomite White Goldenrod Gray


Charcoal range

highland red

Kelsey’s Blend moonstone

rawhide Victorian White

Wheat Sandstone

From vivid reds to muted grays, Architectural Block has the colours to match

your vision. Custom colours are also available.


Century Stone - Slate.

Stone and Brick Veneer

The face of elegance.

Inspired by the colours and textures of nature, Atlas Block’s Stone

and Brick veneers add drama and sophistication to any structure.

From schools and commercial buildings to homes and condos,

they help create a distinctive style with lots of character.


Natural charm

Left: Century Stone premiere brick - Westminster, Century Stone - Slate.

Bottom right: Century Stone - Muskoka Blend.

Opposite page: Century Stone - Laurentian Blend.


A perfect finish

Above all: Century Stone - Pewter.

Opposite page: Century Stone - Old Quebec Blend.


FiNiSh ChOiCeS SiZe OptiONS

Century Stone and Brick

Naturally beautiful.

Add a sense of heritage and natural beauty to your project with our elegant

Century Stone and Brick veneer. Four different stone heights and three

finishes make it easy to create a custom look. You can emphasize specific

areas by using more or less of a certain size for a dramatic, textured

appearance. Use a single finish for a traditional look, or mix and match

from each of the finishes for a completely unique result.

Classic face offers sharp, contemporary lines.

Tumbled finish gives a natural, weathered appearance.

Rock-face finish achieves a traditional, hand-chiseled look.

Classic Face

3” stone

6” stone

9” stone

12” stone

Brick sizes also available

tumbled Finish

rock-face Finish

Top left: Century Stone premiere brick - Kingston Blend,

Century Stone - Slate.

Top right: Century Stone - Laurentian Blend.

Bottom left: Century Stone - Princeton.

Opposite page: Century Stone premiere brick - Kingston Blend,

Century Stone - Slate.


COlOur palette

Century Stone Colour Palette

Kingston Blend laurentian Blend

Baja Beachwood

mojave maple

Sandstone Sahara

Westminster Snow White

Opposite page: Century Stone - Slate.

muskoka Blend Old Quebec Blend

Brownstone harvest tan

princeton pewter

Smokestone Slate

muskoka Blend Old Quebec Blend

Our traditional palette includes over a dozen beautiful colours, all inspired by nature.

(Westminster and Snow White available in Brick only).


COlOur palette SiZe OptiONS

Sentinel Stone

Smooth, weathered sophistication.

With its smooth face, tumbled edges, and soft, natural colours, Sentinel Stone offers

a naturally aged, weathered appearance that’s full of character and individuality.

A range of sizes allows you to customize your look and texture from symmetrical

and measured to dramatically random. Designed to complement our other

Brick & Stone veneers and our Landscaping product line, it’s an ideal way to

make your project distinctive and beautiful.

4” x 8” stone 4” x 12” stone 8” x 12” stone 8” x 16” stone

Old Quebec Blend laurentian Blend

antique Bronze Beachwood


Above all: Sentinel Stone - Laurentian Blend.

Opposite page: Sentinel Stone - Pewter.


PCR Block

PCR Block

36% recycled material. 100% innovative.

All of our products contain post-consumer recycled materials and

post-industrial supplementary cementing materials, but PCR Block

is our green powerhouse. With 36% recycled content by value and

20% by volume, it is the greenest block on the market. For builders

looking to achieve LEED® credits, using PCR Block with Poraver® can

make a significant contribution.

All units meet CSA standards and CCMPA technical specifications.


Build green


Standard Concrete Block


A versatile best-seller, our Standard Concrete Block is ideal for

foundations and walls in all types of buildings, including industrial,

institutional and commercial structures.

Standard Block has a fire rating, and offers excellent thermal and

sound properties.

Lightweight Block

Easier to lift.

Atlas Block’s Lightweight Block offers great quality that’s easier to work

with. Lighter to carry than regular concrete block, they have an even

higher fire rating than our Standard Block, and offer superior thermal

properties. Plus, a smooth interior finish makes them easy to paint.

All units meet CSA standards and CCMPA technical specifications.


Ab Fence - Pewter.


Sophisticated. Solid. Secure.

Atlas Block’s AB Fence makes a statement. It coordinates beautifully with

our landscaping and veneer products, making it an ideal option for secure

fencing and sound-barrier applications. Use it to separate residential

areas from road or industrial noise, beautify commercial containment

applications, and enhance security.

With all the charm of natural stone, four block sizes and a variety of

available colours, AB Fence offers tremendous versatility. It can even

be combined with wrought iron for added aesthetic appeal.


Inspiring spaces

Left: AB Fence - custom color. Top right: AB Fence - Mahogany. Bottom: AB Fence - Beachwood.

Opposite page: AB Fence - Mahogany.


Europa Pavers - Pewter with Desert Sand detail.


Products that make the outdoors outstanding.

Atlas Block has a wide variety of Landscaping products that are suitable

for your commercial projects. Retaining walls, slabs, interlocking pavers

and curbing all complement one another to create attractive, durable,

environmentally responsible outdoor living spaces.

Engineered for any and all site requirements, we’ve got the products

you need to meet any design scenario. Product colours complement

our Fencing products and Stone and Brick veneer lines for a consistent,

polished, highly professional final product.




Top left: AB Collection - Mahogany. Top right: Naples Collection - Antique Bronze.

Bottom left: AB Collection - Earth Range. Bottom right: Europa Pavers - Pewter, Cinnamon Shale.

Opposite page: Top left: AB Europa Collection - Antique Bronze, Talia Stone - Pewter.

Top right: Europa Pavers, and AB Europa Collection - Terra Monaco. Bottom: AB Collection - Mahogany.



We’re building a stronger,

more beautiful world,

one block, brick and

paving stone at a time.


Our Guarantee

Atlas Block Co. Limited provides a lifetime guarantee on the structural

integrity of its manufactured products, for both residential or commercial

use, to the original purchaser of the product. Should any product installed

according to our guidelines break, crack, or be otherwise damaged, Atlas Block

will replace it with proof of purchase. We cannot guarantee the colour match

of replacement units. This guarantee does not extend to replacement labour.

Note: Many de-icing compounds can cause deterioration in concrete products. As such,

this lifetime guarantee does not extend to product damage arising from the use of these

and other corrosive materials. To ensure you will be able to enjoy your Atlas Block project

for a lifetime, we recommend that you refrain from using magnesium salts and apply

de-icing compounds in moderation.

Visit our website at

Note: While every effort has been made to reproduce colours accurately, final colour selections should be made from actual samples.

Building a

beautiful world

Top left: Architectural Block - Sandstone, Goldenrod. Top right: Lightweight Block.

Bottom left: Century Stone - Harvest Tan. Bottom middle: AB Europa Collection - Cinnamon Shale, Terra Monaco.

Bottom right: Europa Pavers - Antique Bronze, Century Stone - Laurentian Blend.

head OFFiCe

Atlas Block Co. Limited

15288 Highway 12

P.O. Box 670, Midland

Ontario, Canada, L4R 4P4

t 705 534 7219

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F 705 534 4125


Atlas Block Co. Limited

600 Laclie Street, Orillia

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1 800 461 0208

F 705 326 3865

Atlas Block Co. Limited

2108 Floss Road 4 East, Hillsdale

Ontario, Canada, L0L 1V0

Atlas Block (Brockville) Ltd.

3007 County Road 29

P.O. Box 141, Brockville

Ontario, Canada, K6V 5V2

t 613 342 9815

1 800 665 0888 (ON & USA)

1 800 363 3363 (QC)

F 613 342 3606


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5607 Business Avenue, Cicero

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