Commercial Masonry Catalogue - Atlas Block

Commercial Masonry Catalogue - Atlas Block

Commercial Masonry Catalogue - Atlas Block


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COmmerCial maSONrY prOduCtS<br />

Strength and beauty in every block.

Our Green Commitment<br />

Build green with planet-friendly products.<br />

Like you, all of us at <strong>Atlas</strong> <strong>Block</strong> are committed to a cleaner, healthier world.<br />

That’s why we have chosen to incorporate sustainable construction innovations<br />

into all of our products. For everything from foundations and facades to beautiful<br />

outdoor living spaces, we have green concrete solutions for every project.<br />

Every one of our products contain recycled material; we’re proud to be<br />

the first company in our industry to make that kind of commitment to the<br />

environment. Every product incorporates up to 36% eco-friendly Poraver®<br />

post-consumer recycled glass, which is LEED®-friendly and an ideal choice<br />

for sustainable construction.<br />

Recycled glass that’s breaking barriers.<br />

Did you know that certain types of coloured glass can’t be recycled to make new<br />

glass products? That means that even if you put them in your blue bin, they end<br />

up as landfill.<br />

Until now.<br />

Here’s how it works<br />

Using patented Poraver®<br />

technology, discarded<br />

glass is collected<br />

from municipal blue<br />

bin programs.<br />

<strong>Atlas</strong> <strong>Block</strong>. We’re building a stronger, more beautiful world, one block, brick<br />

and paving stone at a time.<br />

LEED.<strong>Atlas</strong><strong>Block</strong>.com<br />

The glass is ground into<br />

a fine powder, which<br />

is then refined into<br />

lightweight pellets.<br />

When the pellets are<br />

mixed into concrete,<br />

they lessen the impact<br />

on our natural<br />

resources – without<br />

sacrificing strength or<br />

product integrity.<br />

Left: Architectural <strong>Block</strong> - Gray. Top middle: Century Stone - Old Quebec Blend. Top right: AB Jumbo Junior - Earth Range.<br />

Inspired<br />

by nature<br />


Architectural <strong>Block</strong> - Charcoal, Dolomite White.<br />

Explore...<br />

Our Green Commitment ............................ 2- 3<br />

Architectural <strong>Block</strong> ...............................6- 15<br />

Brick and Stone Veneer ...........................16- 27<br />

PCR <strong>Block</strong> ......................................28- 31<br />

Standard and Lightweight <strong>Block</strong> ....................32- 33<br />

Fencing ........................................34- 37<br />

Landscaping ....................................38- 41<br />

Our Guarantee ......................................42<br />

Visit atlasblock.com throughout the<br />

season for exciting new product information.<br />

Above: Architectural <strong>Block</strong> - Starbucks, Huron Range. Middle left: Century Stone - Pewter.<br />

Middle right: AB Lite Stones - Smoke Blend. Right: PCR <strong>Block</strong>.<br />


Architectural <strong>Block</strong> - Gray, Buff, Charcoal.<br />

Architectural <strong>Block</strong><br />

The choice of green builders.<br />

When you want to leave interior or exterior load bearing and veneer walls<br />

exposed, Architectural <strong>Block</strong> is a durable, attractive option that can<br />

provide visual contrast and make your project look great.<br />

Every block contains post-consumer and post-industrial recycled<br />

materials, making Architectural <strong>Block</strong> – like all <strong>Atlas</strong> <strong>Block</strong> products –<br />

an earth-friendly option that’s ideal for projects working to achieve<br />

LEED® certification.<br />

Architectural <strong>Block</strong> provides a finished look in a wide variety of<br />

commercial and institutional applications, from schools and<br />

hospitals to condos and retail spaces.<br />

It’s style that makes a statement.<br />


Above all: Architectural <strong>Block</strong> - Gray.<br />

Form and function<br />

Above all: Architectural <strong>Block</strong> - Sandstone, Goldenrod.<br />


Top left: Architectural <strong>Block</strong> - Charcoal. Bottom left: Architectural <strong>Block</strong> - Gray, Buff, Charcoal.<br />

Bottom right: Architectural <strong>Block</strong> - Charcoal. Opposite page: Architectural <strong>Block</strong> - Goldenrod, Gray, Charcoal.<br />

Design with<br />

texture<br />


SmOOth FaCe Split FaCe<br />

Architectural <strong>Block</strong> Style Options<br />

Maximum appeal at minimum expense.<br />

Designed to resemble hand-hewn stone and other stylish surfaces,<br />

Architectural <strong>Block</strong> comes in smooth-face and split-face textures and a<br />

wide range of colours. The variety of style options makes it easy to get<br />

creative and build visually appealing structures and facades that go<br />

beyond mere function into unique, elegant form.<br />

All units come in 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 inch configurations and corner units.<br />

Full Face Split<br />

Full Face Smooth<br />

Split ledge<br />

Smooth ledge<br />

2-rib Split Face 3-rib Split Face<br />

4-rib Split Face<br />

Single Vertical Score double Vertical Score triple Vertical Score<br />

6-rib Split Face<br />

Top left: Architectural <strong>Block</strong> - Starbucks, Huron Range.<br />

Top right: Architectural <strong>Block</strong> - Charcoal, Dolomite White.<br />

Opposite page: Architectural <strong>Block</strong> - Buff.<br />


COlOur palette<br />

Architectural <strong>Block</strong> Colour Palette<br />

autumn range<br />

Opposite page: Architectural <strong>Block</strong> - Gray, Golden Rod.<br />

Buff<br />

dolomite White Goldenrod Gray<br />

Charcoal<br />

Charcoal range<br />

highland red<br />

Kelsey’s Blend moonstone<br />

rawhide Victorian White<br />

Wheat Sandstone<br />

From vivid reds to muted grays, Architectural <strong>Block</strong> has the colours to match<br />

your vision. Custom colours are also available.<br />


Century Stone - Slate.<br />

Stone and Brick Veneer<br />

The face of elegance.<br />

Inspired by the colours and textures of nature, <strong>Atlas</strong> <strong>Block</strong>’s Stone<br />

and Brick veneers add drama and sophistication to any structure.<br />

From schools and commercial buildings to homes and condos,<br />

they help create a distinctive style with lots of character.<br />


Natural charm<br />

Left: Century Stone premiere brick - Westminster, Century Stone - Slate.<br />

Bottom right: Century Stone - Muskoka Blend.<br />

Opposite page: Century Stone - Laurentian Blend.<br />


A perfect finish<br />

Above all: Century Stone - Pewter.<br />

Opposite page: Century Stone - Old Quebec Blend.<br />


FiNiSh ChOiCeS SiZe OptiONS<br />

Century Stone and Brick<br />

Naturally beautiful.<br />

Add a sense of heritage and natural beauty to your project with our elegant<br />

Century Stone and Brick veneer. Four different stone heights and three<br />

finishes make it easy to create a custom look. You can emphasize specific<br />

areas by using more or less of a certain size for a dramatic, textured<br />

appearance. Use a single finish for a traditional look, or mix and match<br />

from each of the finishes for a completely unique result.<br />

Classic face offers sharp, contemporary lines.<br />

Tumbled finish gives a natural, weathered appearance.<br />

Rock-face finish achieves a traditional, hand-chiseled look.<br />

Classic Face<br />

3” stone<br />

6” stone<br />

9” stone<br />

12” stone<br />

Brick sizes also available<br />

tumbled Finish<br />

rock-face Finish<br />

Top left: Century Stone premiere brick - Kingston Blend,<br />

Century Stone - Slate.<br />

Top right: Century Stone - Laurentian Blend.<br />

Bottom left: Century Stone - Princeton.<br />

Opposite page: Century Stone premiere brick - Kingston Blend,<br />

Century Stone - Slate.<br />


COlOur palette<br />

Century Stone Colour Palette<br />

Kingston Blend laurentian Blend<br />

Baja Beachwood<br />

mojave maple<br />

Sandstone Sahara<br />

Westminster Snow White<br />

Opposite page: Century Stone - Slate.<br />

muskoka Blend Old Quebec Blend<br />

Brownstone harvest tan<br />

princeton pewter<br />

Smokestone Slate<br />

muskoka Blend Old Quebec Blend<br />

Our traditional palette includes over a dozen beautiful colours, all inspired by nature.<br />

(Westminster and Snow White available in Brick only).<br />


COlOur palette SiZe OptiONS<br />

Sentinel Stone<br />

Smooth, weathered sophistication.<br />

With its smooth face, tumbled edges, and soft, natural colours, Sentinel Stone offers<br />

a naturally aged, weathered appearance that’s full of character and individuality.<br />

A range of sizes allows you to customize your look and texture from symmetrical<br />

and measured to dramatically random. Designed to complement our other<br />

Brick & Stone veneers and our Landscaping product line, it’s an ideal way to<br />

make your project distinctive and beautiful.<br />

4” x 8” stone 4” x 12” stone 8” x 12” stone 8” x 16” stone<br />

Old Quebec Blend laurentian Blend<br />

antique Bronze Beachwood<br />

pewter<br />

Above all: Sentinel Stone - Laurentian Blend.<br />

Opposite page: Sentinel Stone - Pewter.<br />


PCR <strong>Block</strong><br />

PCR <strong>Block</strong> <br />

36% recycled material. 100% innovative.<br />

All of our products contain post-consumer recycled materials and<br />

post-industrial supplementary cementing materials, but PCR <strong>Block</strong><br />

is our green powerhouse. With 36% recycled content by value and<br />

20% by volume, it is the greenest block on the market. For builders<br />

looking to achieve LEED® credits, using PCR <strong>Block</strong> with Poraver® can<br />

make a significant contribution.<br />

All units meet CSA standards and CCMPA technical specifications.<br />


Build green<br />


Standard Concrete <strong>Block</strong><br />

Solid.<br />

A versatile best-seller, our Standard Concrete <strong>Block</strong> is ideal for<br />

foundations and walls in all types of buildings, including industrial,<br />

institutional and commercial structures.<br />

Standard <strong>Block</strong> has a fire rating, and offers excellent thermal and<br />

sound properties.<br />

Lightweight <strong>Block</strong><br />

Easier to lift.<br />

<strong>Atlas</strong> <strong>Block</strong>’s Lightweight <strong>Block</strong> offers great quality that’s easier to work<br />

with. Lighter to carry than regular concrete block, they have an even<br />

higher fire rating than our Standard <strong>Block</strong>, and offer superior thermal<br />

properties. Plus, a smooth interior finish makes them easy to paint.<br />

All units meet CSA standards and CCMPA technical specifications.<br />


Ab Fence - Pewter.<br />

Fencing<br />

Sophisticated. Solid. Secure.<br />

<strong>Atlas</strong> <strong>Block</strong>’s AB Fence makes a statement. It coordinates beautifully with<br />

our landscaping and veneer products, making it an ideal option for secure<br />

fencing and sound-barrier applications. Use it to separate residential<br />

areas from road or industrial noise, beautify commercial containment<br />

applications, and enhance security.<br />

With all the charm of natural stone, four block sizes and a variety of<br />

available colours, AB Fence offers tremendous versatility. It can even<br />

be combined with wrought iron for added aesthetic appeal.<br />


Inspiring spaces<br />

Left: AB Fence - custom color. Top right: AB Fence - Mahogany. Bottom: AB Fence - Beachwood.<br />

Opposite page: AB Fence - Mahogany.<br />


Europa Pavers - Pewter with Desert Sand detail.<br />

Landscaping<br />

Products that make the outdoors outstanding.<br />

<strong>Atlas</strong> <strong>Block</strong> has a wide variety of Landscaping products that are suitable<br />

for your commercial projects. Retaining walls, slabs, interlocking pavers<br />

and curbing all complement one another to create attractive, durable,<br />

environmentally responsible outdoor living spaces.<br />

Engineered for any and all site requirements, we’ve got the products<br />

you need to meet any design scenario. Product colours complement<br />

our Fencing products and Stone and Brick veneer lines for a consistent,<br />

polished, highly professional final product.<br />


Endless<br />

possibilities<br />

Top left: AB Collection - Mahogany. Top right: Naples Collection - Antique Bronze.<br />

Bottom left: AB Collection - Earth Range. Bottom right: Europa Pavers - Pewter, Cinnamon Shale.<br />

Opposite page: Top left: AB Europa Collection - Antique Bronze, Talia Stone - Pewter.<br />

Top right: Europa Pavers, and AB Europa Collection - Terra Monaco. Bottom: AB Collection - Mahogany.<br />


42<br />

We’re building a stronger,<br />

more beautiful world,<br />

one block, brick and<br />

paving stone at a time.<br />

FeNCiNG laNdSCapeS CONCrete BlOCK<br />

Our Guarantee<br />

<strong>Atlas</strong> <strong>Block</strong> Co. Limited provides a lifetime guarantee on the structural<br />

integrity of its manufactured products, for both residential or commercial<br />

use, to the original purchaser of the product. Should any product installed<br />

according to our guidelines break, crack, or be otherwise damaged, <strong>Atlas</strong> <strong>Block</strong><br />

will replace it with proof of purchase. We cannot guarantee the colour match<br />

of replacement units. This guarantee does not extend to replacement labour.<br />

Note: Many de-icing compounds can cause deterioration in concrete products. As such,<br />

this lifetime guarantee does not extend to product damage arising from the use of these<br />

and other corrosive materials. To ensure you will be able to enjoy your <strong>Atlas</strong> <strong>Block</strong> project<br />

for a lifetime, we recommend that you refrain from using magnesium salts and apply<br />

de-icing compounds in moderation.<br />

Visit our website at atlasblock.com<br />

Note: While every effort has been made to reproduce colours accurately, final colour selections should be made from actual samples.<br />

Building a<br />

beautiful world<br />

Top left: Architectural <strong>Block</strong> - Sandstone, Goldenrod. Top right: Lightweight <strong>Block</strong>.<br />

Bottom left: Century Stone - Harvest Tan. Bottom middle: AB Europa Collection - Cinnamon Shale, Terra Monaco.<br />

Bottom right: Europa Pavers - Antique Bronze, Century Stone - Laurentian Blend.

head OFFiCe<br />

<strong>Atlas</strong> <strong>Block</strong> Co. Limited<br />

15288 Highway 12<br />

P.O. Box 670, Midland<br />

Ontario, Canada, L4R 4P4<br />

t 705 534 7219<br />

1 800 461 4380<br />

F 705 534 4125<br />

ONtariO<br />

<strong>Atlas</strong> <strong>Block</strong> Co. Limited<br />

600 Laclie Street, Orillia<br />

Ontario, Canada, L3V 6H3<br />

t 705 326 3543<br />

1 800 461 0208<br />

F 705 326 3865<br />

<strong>Atlas</strong> <strong>Block</strong> Co. Limited<br />

2108 Floss Road 4 East, Hillsdale<br />

Ontario, Canada, L0L 1V0<br />

<strong>Atlas</strong> <strong>Block</strong> (Brockville) Ltd.<br />

3007 County Road 29<br />

P.O. Box 141, Brockville<br />

Ontario, Canada, K6V 5V2<br />

t 613 342 9815<br />

1 800 665 0888 (ON & USA)<br />

1 800 363 3363 (QC)<br />

F 613 342 3606<br />

uSa<br />

Landmasters Group Inc.<br />

5607 Business Avenue, Cicero<br />

New York, USA, 13039<br />

t 315 452 1908<br />

1 800 458 1908<br />

F 1 800 456 8309<br />

atlasblock.com<br />

Dealer Stamp:<br />


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