5.95 bridal f ant asy magazine 2009 edition


5.95 bridal f ant asy magazine 2009 edition


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10 Bridal Fantasy 2009

Realizing your vision of what you want your wedding to be, starts with a multitude of choices. From

the important “I do” to the colour of your flowers and the style of your gown. Don’t be afraid to create

your own style, your own vision. With the help of your wedding vendors, your event can be spectacular.

Even if your budget is tight, it doesn’t mean luxury and glamour can’t be included. We certainly

learned that this year with our eldest son, Landon’s wedding. The right backdrop, the additional

personal and cultural touches can make your look unified, creative and intimate.

As you take center stage for the event that will celebrate and bring your family & friends together, let

the warmth, love and intensity of your feelings for each other guide your choices and embellish your

celebration with the thing that matters to you most and not what may be on a list or plan.

Part of our mission at Bridal Fantasy has always been to help couples develop a caring, secure, loving

relationship. The positive energy that is created in this type of relationship magnifies in intensity and

carries over into other areas of your life. We have some great contributors; Dr. Brenda Wade (an Oprah

guest), Darren Jacklin, Wayne Lee, Blair & Melissa Dunkley and more just to help you in this area.

Be assured when you truly follow your heart, it will always lead you down the right path.

Celebrate in Love,

Gay Derk

On the Cover

Editor’s Letter

Celebrating Family and Friends

Dress: S2 Bride

Jewelry: Meg Lammers for Bridal Fantasy

Hair: Red Bloom Salon

Makeup: Joanne Black, MAC Cosmetics

Photography: Andrew Peter Bradley Photography

Model: Aisling Slattery, CityTV, Calgary

Flowers: Flower Fusion

Stylists: Mandy Bilous, Heidi Dennis

Bridal Fantasy is published by Derks Formals, a division of Derks Fine Group

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Heidi Dennis,

Associate Editor

Bridal Fantasy Contributors

Mandy Bilous Sereena Schneider

Darrell Derk


Klyment Tan Rina & Anthony Chan Andrew Peter Bradley Curtis Comeau

The Heart of the Wedding

It’s all about ‘over-the-top’ for 2009 weddings. Think Carrie in the movie, Sex and the City… alright, maybe ditching a veil in

exchange for a bird stuck to the side of your head is a little too over-the-top, but her bridal style illustrates that edgy is definitely

where it’s at.

Like the movie tagline urges, feel free to “get Carrie-d away” with roses. Say goodbye to the girly gerbera daisy days, and embrace

dramatic elegance in oversized roses. Perhaps their sophisticated appeal reflects the upward shift for the average age of

newlyweds, now 27 and 29 for women and men respectively. In the world of Haute Couture bridal fashion, oversized roses accent

any focal point on a dress creation. The infamous Canadian designer Ines Di Santo’s latest line includes a ruffled rose on the

shoulder of a one-strap dress.

Straps are back. So are sleeves. From exotic lace halter-style gowns to dainty spaghetti strap detailing, a little extra coverage on

top is the latest answer to the strapless craze.

Accessorizing your gown has gone to Statue of Liberty heights; think very vintage brooches, fabric flowers, over the elbow gloves

and lacy bolero-style jackets. For the first time ever, view Bridal Fantasy’s new high-fashion jewellery line in the fashion section of

this magazine. Headbands are huge. Once again, the rose makes a statement as an asymmetrical flower crown, and chic feather

headbands give your look a 20’s twist.

For men, fashion is just as important. Think jewel-toned accent colors like Carrie’s bridesmaids: ruby red, emerald green and a

deep sapphire blue. These days, men play a larger role in planning the wedding; have your groom-to-be check out our Celebrity

Groom Q & A featuring Joel Gotlib from CTV.

Don’t forget, when it comes to your wedding, the heart of the matter really is your relationship.

Get ready, get set, get married!

2009 Bridal Fantasy 11

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16 Bridal Fantasy 2009

Choosing your wedding gown is one of the

biggest decisions of your whole wedding. You

want it to fit with your theme – tradition, urban,

retro – and you want it to make you feel like a princess.

Look through bridal magazines and online. When you

find a gown you like, rip the picture out of the magazine

or print it. You will want to take these with you to the

bridal shops you are checking out. If you have questions

on the shops you want to shop at, check them out with

the Better Business Bureau.

Full service bridal stores provide you with assistance from start

to finish. Make sure to call your bridal shop beforehand, a lot of

stores are by appointment only. This ensures you get quality,

one-on-one service with your bridal consultant. Bring all of the

pertinent information for your wedding day with you. Your

wedding date, pictures of dresses you like, the overall theme of

your wedding and your wedding dress budget (this should

include any accessories like a headpiece, veil, jewelry, shoes,

undergarments and alterations, to name a few).

A great money-saving idea for your wedding dress is to buy off

the rack. This usually only works if you fit sample sizes (generally

a size 8) but it is a viable option. Talk to your bridal consultant

about any off-the-rack options they may have. Do not order a

dress you haven’t seen or tried on. Many dresses look fabulous

in the catalogue but won’t fit you the same way they fit the

model, or vice-versa.

Opposite Page

Dress Left to Right:

Back Row: Bells & Bows Bridal Centre, Gemini Fashions, Pure Bridal, Pure Bridal

Front Row: Denilore Bridal, Bells and Bows Bridal Centre


who wouldn’t

feel pretty in

this gown?

Dress: #DA8065-1

Available: Gemini Fashions

Jewelry: Bridal Fantasy

Flowers: Kuhlmann’s Floral Boutique

Hair & Makeup: Chocolate Mousse Salon & Spa

2009 Bridal Fantasy 17

A fabulous gown with

feminine touches is key

to the unusual detailing

18 Bridal Fantasy 2009

Dress: Jai #8552

Available: ABC Bridal

Jewelry: Bridal Fantasy

Flowers: la piazza dasee

Hair & Makeup: Mousy Brown’s Salon & Spa

Royal embellishment

glitter on this shiny, sexy silk

satin gown, with it’s figure

enhancing bodice

Smaller bust use a gown

with decadent detailing

of the bodice

Dress: Sottero & Midgley #A3057

Available: Bridal Debut

Jewelry: Bridal Fantasy

Hair & Makeup: Chocolate Mousse Salon & Spa

Dress: #DB108TS

Available: Sposabella

Jewelry: Stylists’ own

Hair & Makeup: Avanti Salon Spa

Dress: Rina de Montella #RB1870

Available: Bells & Bows Bridal Centre

Jewelry: Bridal Fantasy

Flowers: Kuhlmann’s Floral Boutique

Hair & Makeup: Mango Salon & Spa

Don’t settle for a gown either, there are

many different options with various

budgets available. It may take a little longer

to find.

Get an estimate on the costs of alterations

and get a breakdown of what exactly those

alterations will include. You will need to

make an appointment for your alterations;

however, this usually means multiple

appointments to make sure your dress has

the perfect fit.

Before you pay your deposit, make sure you

are 100% clear on the store’s policies

regarding payment options, refunds,

cancellations alterations and pressing. Get

everything in writing and have it signed by

your bridal consultant and you. The contract

Hourglass figure…

then try a sexy

mermaid gown

should have all of the details of the dress,

payment, shipping, any special

requirements, delivery date and any other

extras you have agreed upon. If you can, pay

with your credit card. If any issues do arise,

you then have the credit card company to

back you by withholding payment and

doing their own research into the matter.

When you do find the perfect wedding

gown, you want to make sure everything

else in the process goes smoothly. Follow

our simple tricks and your gown purchase

will be a breeze. The following pages have

beautiful bridal gowns for you to check out,

enjoy! ■



2009 Bridal Fantasy 19

Show you’re a true

romantic with this

luxurious satin set with

crystal and bead detailing

20 Bridal Fantasy 2009

Dress: Dere King #1616

Available: Denilore Bridal

Jewelry: Bridal Fantasy

Flowers: Kuhlmann’s Floral Boutique

Hair & Makeup: Mango Salon & Spa

Dress: Private Addition #751

Available: ABC Bridal

Jewelry: Bridal Fantasy

Hair & Makeup: Mousy Brown’s Salon & Spa

A sophisticated halter

neck is amazing for your

cleavage, especially with

gorgeous accents

Dress: Madison #3526

Available: Wedding World

Jewelry: Bridal Fantasy

Hair & Makeup: Nikolas Syhateb

A crystal, sparkling bodice

on full glossy satin skirt

A mermaid skirt topped at

the end of figure hugging gown

Dress: Rina de Montella

Available: Bells and Bows Bridal Centre

Jewelry: Bridal Fantasy

Flowers: Heather’s Grower Direct

A traditional silhouette

with appliqued flowers

and delicate beadwork

draw your eyes to details

Dress: Rina de Montella #RB2814

Available: Tifany’s Bridal

Jewelry: Bridal Fantasy

Hair & Makeup: Mousy Brown’s Salon & Spa

Hair & Makeup: Mango Salon & Spa 2009 Bridal Fantasy 21

22 Bridal Fantasy 2009

Dress: Golden Brides #4494

Available: Bride International

Jewelry: Bridal Fantasy

Flowers: Heather’s Grower Direct

Hair & Makeup: Avanti Salon Spa

Show off your curves

to the max with exquisite

gathered and draped fabric

in a perfect A-line



The Flaunt line of products will literally let you

do just that, flaunt your curves in your gown. Glam

& Umph give a little extra cleavage and fullness,

while Ahh… guarantees you comfort. Available at

Sheer Fusion, www.sheerfusion.com.

2009 Bridal Fantasy 23




Mother of the Bride/Groom



5916-104 Street

Edmonton, AB



A frosted crystal

bodice tops the look

Dress: Allure #WE8562

Available: Bridal Debut

Jewelry: Bridal Fantasy

Hair & Makeup: Chocolate Mousse Salon & Spa

Dress: La Sposa

Available: Pure Bridal

Jewelry: Bridal Fantasy

Hair & Makeup: Mango Salon & Spa

Combine a full skirt with

ruching on the middle to

draw attention to a small


2009 Bridal Fantasy 25

Dress: Enzoani #Chelsea

Available: Tifany’s Bridal

Jewelry: Bridal Fantasy

Hair & Makeup: Mousy Brown’s Salon & Spa

26 Bridal Fantasy 2009

Frothy and white, this

gown is straight out of a

winter fairy tale

Dress to impress on your day…

in white tulle and lace overlay

Dress: Alfred Angelo #1608J

Available: Wedding World

Flowers: la piazza dasee

Jewelry: Bridal Fantasy

Hair & Makeup: Nikolas Syhateb


That’s right! Veils are back in style and

are in full force. This history of the bridal

veil dates back to ancient Rome, where it

was believed the bride should wear a veil to

hide her from evil spirits during the ‘transitional’

period of daughter to wife. Now, it’s all about

the fashion statement. And brides have more

options than ever. Textured with dots,

embellished with crystal – endless ideas!

A face veil is a short, single layer, usually of

netting. An elbow-length veil is about 2 feet

long. One of the most popular veils is the

fingertip length, particularly with ball gowns. If

you’re looking for a more formal option, a

chapel veil is approximately 7 1/2 feet, while the

cathedral veil is about 10 1/2 feet.

For something cute and modern, try a bubble

(or pouf ) veil, which is usually made of tulle,

gathered at the crown and affixed to a comb. Or

you can try the longer and more dramatic bustle

veil which is gathered at the arch of your back.

A Mantilla veil is worn high around the head

and over the shoulders, and then set in place by

a hidden comb. This veil is a traditional Spanish

style, and is typically sheer with a lace border,

giving you a demure look.

Key note for your veil: they come in a large

range of hues but the veil you choose should

be a shade equal to or lighter than your dress.

Never go darker. An easy way to make sure your

look is great? Choose a veil and dress by the

same designer.

Brides-to-be who are wearing short

dresses can still wear a veil; just be sure it

doesn’t overwhelm the dress. Two ideas: a

chin-length veil in netting or tulle is a

classic look or you can go for a shorter, chic

Jewelry: Diamori

Veil: Bridal Debut

face veil, which usually hits around the

cheekbones. These two options help retain

some tradition and let you show off your

fabulous dress. ■

2009 Bridal Fantasy 29



Think of a Mantilla veil as

Spanish bridal couture. Mantilla

veils originated in Spain and were

made popular by Queen Isabel II in the mid-

1800s. Be Veiled Custom Bridal Veils offers a

large variety of this type of veil along with

many other styles. Check out their lovely

jewelry sets and fabulous pearl and/or

Swarovski crystal hair combs. Visit

www.beveiled.com for more information.

30 Bridal Fantasy 2009

Dress: Pronovias

Available: Pure Bridal

Veil: Bells & Bows Bridal Centre

Hair & Makeup: Avanti Salon Spa




Now this is a super idea for every

bride...the Bridal Mini! Use them when you

do hair trials and make up trials. This prevents

any accidents from happening to your dream gown

and gives you a better idea of how you will look on the

big day. An elegant mix of fun and function.

It’s also a lot of fun to wear at your bachelorette party

or your bridal shower. Your friends can sign it and you

have a wonderful keepsake from that night!

Because the Bridal Mini is designed with a corset back,

it allows for weight gain or loss, and you don’t have to

worry about messing up your hair when you take it


Check out www.bridalmini.com and order yours


32 Bridal Fantasy 2009


It All

You’ve found the perfect dress and it fits

you like a dream. Now you have to pick out

exactly what you are going to wear

underneath. With so many options for your

wedding undergarments it’s hard to figure out

exactly what you need.

The slinky, open back – many shops now carry

self-stick backless bras for this type of dress. The

material this bra is made from sticks directly to

your skin, without the use of any tape or other


The deep ‘V’ halter – a deeply cut bodysuit with

halter straps gives you the support you need

while being sneaky about it. Another bonus –

these bodysuits can also give you waist and

tummy control, perfecting the hourglass look

you want.

Sweetheart and strapless – a seamless, deepcut

strapless bra is made to follow the cut of the

bodice of your dress and ensures no ‘spilling’ out.

Plunging neckline – this is the best place for

stick-on bra cups, they work wonders.

The strapless A-line – a contoured and lightly

padded (if you need it) bra will enhance your

bustline and keep your waist looking fabulous.

Wide-set straps – use a strapless push-up bra

with this neckline.

The low-back, fitted dress – get invisible

support from a strapless bra with re-usable

adhesive cups.

Criss-cross and cut-out – find yourself a threein-one

convertible bra for a smooth finish

Fitted and strapless – a strapless slip with a

built-in bra slims out the body while giving you

the perfect amount of lift.

There are some key points to remember about

your bridal lingerie. White undergarments will

look a lot darker under a white gown. Your best

bet is to go with nude tones, as close to your skin

tone as possible. A lot of hosiery has shapewear

like tummy panels or thigh smoothers. If you

want a more custom fit, get some thigh-high

stockings with shaping panties. Finally, you want

to make sure to test your undergarments before

your wedding. They shouldn’t dig in and you

shouldn’t have to tug at them to make them

comfortable. Get professionally sized to ensure

the best fit. ■



With the new suit simplicity is

the key. Suits are making a

dramatic impact world wide.

You’ll see slimmer silhouettes with quality

fabrics that guarantee you an effortless

polished look..

Available at Derks




Luxury items are becoming

34 Bridal Fantasy 2009

increasingly more popular,

especially when celebrating a

special occasion. This tux carries it all from

velvet jacket to the silk shirt. Dress it up or

dress it down. Impeccable all the way.

Available at Derks



36 Bridal Fantasy 2009

For many brides selecting their wedding dress is the most exciting and

also the most stressful part of the planning process. You may think finding

eco-friendly wedding attire will be that much more stressful but it isn’t! The

trend toward stylish eco fashion is rapidly gaining in popularity and the number

of designers specializing in eco wedding fashion is growing. Look for designers

who use natural silks, hemp and organic cottons in their designs.

Another great alternative is wearing a vintage dress. Why buy new when you can

reuse? There are so many elegant, unique and well preserved vintage dresses on

the market today. Remember you can always have the dress altered to suit your

style. If you like the overall look of the dress but hate the puffy sleeves, talk to a

seamstress to see if the sleeves can be removed. Maybe add a hit of color with a

vibrant corset, beautiful sash, flower or vintage brooch. There are a ton of great

vintage and consignment stores out there, and not only are you keeping it green,

you’re saving money too! ■

Dream Day


When it comes to colour and

fabrication, event planners often take

their cues from latest fashion trends

and translate them to the world of décor. Bridal

trends every year show the hottest colours, style

and textures.

For 2009 we will see a return for lushness that

includes rich fabrics and trims, mixed fruit and

floral arrangements, and laying on tables with

linens, damasks and organzas. Your centre-pieces

should be about the creative use of containers,

flowers and other contents. They can run

lengthwise down a table, taking on amazing

shapes, or soar elegantly above the table.

The best designers will take your standard

wedding reception to the magical level of high

end opera or dramatic theatre production. The

right designer will transform your space so you

feel as if you have entered your own magical

kingdom, on your special day. ■

All Photos by Infused Studios

38 Bridal Fantasy 2009

Jen Tavaroli from Atmosphere Wedding Planning

and Design calls this table “Traditionally Modern”.

Black Summerset linens set an amazing tone for

the décor of this table. The idea for this table is

taking something not conventionally used as a

centerpiece and turning it into a modern piece

with a traditional feel. Large red roses, small red

branches and white pillar candles set into the

black metal tree-like holder create a beautiful

ambience. The tiny red jewels strewn on the

table match perfectly with the red square

charger plates and small red votive holders. The

black napkins with the gold branch-like napkin

rings add a touch of something different to the

table. This look is dark, romantic and inviting to

the eye.

Glamour is the look for this table, done by Tammy Ouellet at

Divine Weddings. A gold satin tablecloth, covered with a white

whisker overlay and gold chair covers start the palette off with

glitz. Keeping the place setting simple with white napkins and

gold napkin rings sitting on top of the menu cards lets the

guests focus on the fabulous centerpiece. A large cylindrical

vase with gold glass rocks, white orchids and a white floating

candle sit atop a large square mirror. Surrounding the vase are

eight square votive holders, also with white candles. The mirror

reflects all the fabulous light and the centerpiece, making the

table stand out without a lot of fuss.

Final Touch Rentals wanted to try something a little different.

Here they did a simple black tablecloth with a gold satin

runner. The round gold plate chargers are a great frame for the

black and white dinnerware, adding an extra hint of

something special. Black napkins are folded into a fun shape

and set atop the plates. Small decorated votive holders set off

the charming centerpiece – a simple vase holding a gold,

black and white floral arrangement with some extra black

branches for added texture. The black chair covers with the

gold satin chair ties complete this appealing look.

Full Wedding Coordination

Day-Of Wedding Coordination

Decor Services

Custom Invitations

and Stationary

Floral Design Services



2009 Bridal Fantasy 39

40 Bridal Fantasy 2009

Elegant Events is the mastermind behind this

deceptively simple, yet extremely classy table

décor. A white tablecloth with a square gold overlay

sets the tone for the understated elegance of this

table. The centerpiece for this table is a large vase a

with gold and red silk floral arrangement and large

black river rocks filling up the empty space. Red rose

petals are added underneath the vase to finish off

the look. The white napkins are folded so the menu

cards can be tucked inside and the black satin chair

covers with gold satin ties tie the look together. The

finishing touch? The black favour boxes with the

clear-heart shape and a gold treat inside.

Karen Leitch from Fresh Look Event Management calls this table

“Impossible Dream”. The approach for this table is modern and

geometric. Black satin for the tablecloth and black napkins are the

perfect starting point. Square gold square chargers with exquisite

detailing contribute to the modern look and geometric theme.

The quote cards (in place of menu cards) are printed on a gold

metallic paper and the pattern used is reflected in the

centerpiece. Square and rectangular shapes are layered with gold

and black patterned paper to create the interesting arrangement.

Each shape holds its own white floral arrangement and glass

votive holders are placed strategically around the centerpiece.

Black satin chair covers frame the table perfectly.

This fabulous table done by Special Event Rentals offers a great

alternative on a solid tablecloth. The base is a black satin full

length tablecloth, and then the overlay is a beautiful black and

white baroque pattern. The napkins – premier red – add a

wonderful splash of colour to the table wrapped around the

square black lacquer charger plates. The centerpiece for this table

is a black pedestal vase with white branches and decorative

crystal attached. Rose petals and candles in simple holders let the

focus stay on the centerpiece. Red satin chair wraps tie the whole

look together.

2009 Bridal Fantasy 41

Talk about bold statements. Wanda Rose from

Special Occasions wanted the centerpiece to be

THE focal point of the table. With a white fulllength

tablecloth and white-tucked organza

overlay (with beaded crystals) the palette for the

table is set – simple, stylish and understated.

Adding a touch of whimsy to the table are the

multiple textures. White orchids, crystals, and white

metal – this is a great example of a

monochromatic colour scheme. The 5 foot tall

white metal crystal tree is covered with crystal

strings, hanging votive holders and orchids, which

embodies the dramatic effect this table was

going for. Orchids are strewn around the roots of

the ‘tree’, large pillar candles and gold votive candle

holders illuminate the crystals hanging from


Kerry Parsons from Bride-On-A-Budget wanted to

do something different for this table. With simple

yet elegant table linens in white satin and black

organza, the backdrop is set for a creative and

stunning centerpiece with the focus on

cranberries! Low glass blocks create a staggered

effect and champagne saucers filled with

cranberries add a very creative touch of red to the

table. White florals and candles surround the

centerpiece making the red of the cranberries

really pop. White napkins are simply laid at the

place settings, with the menu cards placed on top.

Classic white chair covers with gold organza chair

ties finish off the look of this table.

2009 Bridal Fantasy 43

44 Bridal Fantasy 2009

This head table was done by Barbara Day and her

fabulous staff at imaginations and concepts. A black

tablecloth and a white table runner set the perfect

scene for the table of honour. Gold square charger

plates with black napkins and gold square napkin rings

are laid at each place setting. Rose petals, crystals of a

variety of sizes and crystal votive holders decorate the

table, along with square black vases for the ladies of the

wedding party to place their bouquets in. Menus are

rolled and sit at the top of each place setting, along with

a sweet note card (in lieu of a name card) with creative

word for love and marriage on them. The look is finished

off with black satin chair covers and a white sash

draping down the back of them, instead of tied around.

Colour Crazy

W hen

Monochromatic: This scheme is based on

only one colour tint and uses variations made

by changing saturation and brightness. The

result is usually pleasing to the eye.

Contrast: The base colour is supplemented

with a colour on the opposite side of the

wheel. Although vibrant and cheerful, care

should be taken when using contrasting

colours to avoid a jarring look.

Triad: Base colour is supplemented with two

complementary colours. This colour scheme

is often more comfortable on the eyes than

Flowers: Kuhlmann’s Floral Boutique

Head Table Design: imagination and concepts

you’re planning your wedding, one of the hardest decisions can be what

colour or colours are playing the major roles in your wedding. Check out our tips on

how colours work well together so you can get the exact look you want.

the"Contrast" scheme. Triad schemes are

vibrant and full of energy.

Tetrad: This scheme is made by a pair of

colour and their complements. The tetrad

scheme is a very aggressive colour scheme

therefore it is very important to pay close

attention to how the colours relate to

each other.

Analogic: This scheme is made up of the base

colour and its two adjacent colours. It usually

produces an elegant, uniform look. ■

2009 Bridal Fantasy 45

Your Unique Wedding

Each bride has special

touches they want to

add to their wedding

but every bride wants

their wedding day to be

unforgettable – for you

and your guests.

Sometimes it’s hard to

find something truly

unique in the midst of

all the wedding ideas

out there. At BF, we put

together some great

tips to help you make

the most of your special


Destination weddings

are fast becoming a

favourite of today’s

bride. If you’re saying

your I dos’ on the sand,

provide a place for guests to leave their shoes.

Depending on your budget, this area can be a

stand-alone or have an attendant. Put a simple

draped table (in your wedding colours of course)

with a floral arrangement near the entrance with

46 Bridal Fantasy 2009

a sign: “Shoe Valet – join us

on the sand”. Keep some

towels nearby for guests

to wipe their feet when

they want to put their

shoes back on! You can

also webcast your

ceremony to allow the

friends and family who

couldn’t make it in person

to watch the ceremony in

real time.

Ah, your first dance. A

great time for a surprise

like no other! Ditch the

traditional slow dance

and have a choreographed

routine. You can do just

the two of or involve your

bridal party. Or you can

bring in a professional

dance instructor to your reception to teach your

guests a new dance.

Flowers are such an integral part of your

wedding, but who says you have to be

conventional? If you want to make your floral

Photo by Infused Studios

arrangements really stand out, consider using

more unusual blooms. Big, luscious flowers like

cottage roses add a pretty softness without

looking like your typical roses and flowers with

unusually shaped petals or colours can create

different textures to your décor.

To break away from a ‘traditional’ceremony, have

your family and friends seated in a circular pattern

to surround you and your fiancé as you say your

vows. Don’t forget to leave room for the aisle.

Happy planning! ■

Party Places

Your reception site – this is where most couples spend the largest part of their budget. There are

many details to explore but whatever you decide, make sure to book your site as soon as possible.

A lot of the other plans for your wedding day

cannot be booked until you have your site

picked. Your reception location depends on

many things from the style of your wedding to

the number of guests. Don’t book a site that

holds 250 people if you are planning a wedding

of 50.

Make sure you are aware of what is and is not

included in your reception site package. If your

location offers food and/or beverage service ask

about the price per person. Are you able to

bring in your own catering service or

bartenders? What is the rental fee for the room

and is it based on occupancy or just the space?

Does your space allow for handicap access?

If you are going with your reception site’s menu

find out if it is a set thing or if you can make

modifications. Get a written cost breakdown

and what is included, the type of service and

the formality of your wedding i.e.: plated dinner,

buffet, carving station, courses and open bar, to

name a few. Set up a taste test with the catering

department. Will the pricing be guaranteed?

Don’t forget to find out about any additional

taxes or gratuities that could be added onto the

bill. Ask about your options for kids meals,

vegetarian meals, kosher and the costs on

those. A lot of venues offer a discount on kids

meals, so this can be really important. Can you

take any of the leftover food to your gift

opening the next day? Is your wedding cake

included in the cost?

A cost-saving option here is to close the bar

during dinner and offer wine. Re-open the bar

after the meal. Another cost saving idea is to not

leave wine bottles on the table.

Find out how many hours you have the room

booked for. You will also need to check what

any overage fees may be. Get the cancellation,

refund and change of date policies, along with

the deposit amounts all in writing. Get all the

arrangements, any special pricing and any

other items in writing as soon as possible. If

your site contact changes, you want to make

sure the contract you signed is the one you are

getting. ■

2009 Bridal Fantasy 47

weddings :: lifestyle :: creative

creative photography by Anthony & Rina Chan


50 Bridal Fantasy 2009

Petal Pushers

stems of your favourite flowers evokes a certain magic.

As you walk down the aisle, your bouquet takes on its

own qualities of symbolic love, life, and beauty.

Think of your bouquet as the perfect accessory.

“to be overcome by the fragrance of

flowers is a delectable form of defeat”

- beverly nichols

52 Bridal Fantasy 2009

This floral arrangement is great for a

fall colour palette. Large orange

sunflowers are surrounded by small

yellow button flowers and long multicoloured

leafy branches. The bouquet

is tied together with greenery and

yellow wire.

la piazza dasse

Pink and white roses make up this

bouquet. Small purple and green

accents make the flowers pop and

tiny crystals inserted into the roses

add a touch of sparkle.

Kuhlmanns Floral Boutique

These gorgeous fushia flowers are gladiolas – a

beidermeier bouquet (hand wired florets). The large

leaves are wrapped around the stems and pinned in

place with beautiful pink pins to accent the colour.

la piazza dasse

The fantastic colours of this hand-tied bouquet work for

almost any season. White and orange carnations, orange

roses and green Kermit button mums are tied together

with a sheer green and an orange accent ribbon.

Heather’s Grower Direct

53 Bridal Fantasy 2009

2009 Bridal Fantasy 53

54 Bridal Fantasy 2009



You can go green with your entire

wedding plan, or just select sections of it.

The flowers you choose for your wedding

day is a great place to start going green.

When selecting your flowers choose a

florist who specializes in organically grown

flowers or wild flowers. Try to select locally

grown flowers to reduce the emissions

produced while transporting flowers from

far away locales.

Get creative with what's around you. Look

at the local flora in your area. Wild flowers,

berries, wild ferns, grasses and evergreen

branches can make spectacular bouquets

and centerpieces. Daisies which can be

found growing wild make stunningly

simply yet beautiful arrangements,

however, we wouldn’t recommend these

for centerpieces. Daisies have a very strong


If your wedding falls around Halloween

why not have your bridal party carry a

beautiful, whimsical jack-o-lantern? Around

Christmas, a basket of colour coordinated

glass Christmas decoration balls or pine

cones. If fun and light-hearted is the goal,

try a bouquet of colourful lollipops,

pinwheels or long burning sparklers.

Consider incorporating organic fruits,

vegetables and berries into your

centerpieces. Not only are they beautiful to

look at, they also make a tasty treat for your

guests to pick at.

It is not uncommon to see weddings

without flowers. With the increasing

number of individuals with allergies, many

brides are opting for other creative

solutions. Instead of flower bouquets, have

the bridal party carry beautiful purses or

candles. If you’re having a winter wedding,

beautiful faux fur hand muffs are a great

touch. With a little creativity, you could

have a bridal procession your guests will

never forget. ■

Memorable creations for memorable occasions

Choose Western Canada’s top floral designer, Heather Kerr, to make your special

occasion truly memorable with custom-designed floral creations.

Heather is a member of the American Institute of Floral Designers (AFID), and has

her Accreditation in Floral Design, the highest achievement in the floral industry.

She also received the coveted American Academy of Floriculture (AAF) award in

2007 for her outstanding contribution to the floral industry and local community.

Heather helped design two floats for the 2008 Tournament of Roses Parade in

Pasadena, California. Both floats received awards. She has also been invited as

one of the official designers for the Annual White House Easter Egg Roll in 2009.

TEL 780-466-8317 7231 - 101 Avenue Edmonton, AB Canada

TEL 780-988-8588 3811 - 99 Street Edmonton, AB Canada


56 Bridal Fantasy 2009

Dress: Gemini Fashions

Flowers: la piazza dasee




This spring you will be inspired by fresh yellow, green

and white tones which you can co-ordinate your table

centerpieces with as well.

Use foliage with a bit of movement to add a fresh,

natural feel – such as delicate ferns, wispy ivy or waving


For summer big, traditions flowers in gorgeous purples,

pinks, and some fresh golden yellow accents

For a bouquet with a wonderful, wafting smell, try some

fresh cut herbs such as rosemary or mint.

Spicy colours look the best in fall…try adding some

spicy peppers to your table display.

Don’t be afraid to use berries, full leaves, or fruits and

vegetables (small peppers) to add visual interest to your


Winter often finds deep red, rich roses to add warmth to

your colour spectrum and a little Christmas feel.

To feel like the princess bride add some glitter and

sparkle to the flowers or greenery.



As florists continue to come up

with more and more exotic ideas for

incorporating flowers into

weddings, floral prices increase. From

bouquets that look like flower sculptures to

flowers offering the ultimate addition to

décor, the average amount of money that

couples spend on flowers is increasing.

Inspired Market Gardens offers an alternative

to flower debt - fields of u-can-pick flowers.

Heather’s Growers Direct

Brides can mix and match flowers for a

whimsical bouquet, or can choose a

particular colour or flower. If you’re looking

for a large quantity of a certain flower and

color, make sure to order this in May before

planting occurs. If time is of the essence,

brides can also pre-select flowers and have

the bouquets made for them. Visit

www.inspiredgardens.ca for more

information. ■

Flower Tips

Arm – a slightly curved bouquet of long-stemmed

flowers, like roses or calla lilies, held in the crook of

the arm. A loosely tied ribbon or bow usually holds

this bouquet together.

Biedermeier (also know as Victorian) – tight,

concentric circles of a variety of different types of


Cascading (also know as Waterfall) – the bouquet

makes the shape of a loose triangle that is rounded

at the top and falls to a point. The flowers spill

downwards over the bride’s hands.

Free-form – a loose bouquet of garden flowers

with a country feel. This type often features blooms

or greenery peeking out. Spray bouquets are great


Hand-tied – similar to the arm bouquet, this is tied

with ribbon or lace and has a little more flair. It can

also be tied loosely or tightly, whichever you prefer.

Nosegay – usually small, this arrangement

sometimes includes additional ribbon streamers

and/or greenery. A very popular choice for

bridesmaids and flower girls.

Pomander – a ball of flowers suspended from the

wrist by decorative ribbons or strings of beads.

Round – this condensed bouquet holds a large

number of flowers compactly and can also include


Single-stem – while this isn’t technically a

bouquet, the arrangement of one flower (again,

usually a calla lily or rose) is done in the same

manner as an arm bouquet. More than one flower

– tied loosely with no greenery – is considered

another version.

A field of lemon beebalm at

an Inspired Market Gardens

u-pick flower field.

2009 Bridal Fantasy 57

An Alberta Gem: Where Floral Fantasies Come True

Adiamond in the rough? Maybe.

This Alberta gem is definitely a rose

in the wheat fields. Victoria’s Flowers,

on Twentieth street, Didsbury, better known

to locals as Main Street, would fit in better

amongst the boutiques in New York’s West


Gordon Fulton, owner of Victoria’s Flowers,

thrives on creating atmosphere, which is

obvious when you see how he makes use

of his store space. “We don’t just sell

flowers here, we sell emotion” says Fulton,

and if space can influence emotion, you’ll

feel inspired the instant you step foot into

this long, narrow area. Towering embossed

white tin ceilings accented with a waterdamaged

effect, soften the historic 1925

exposed brick walls, which offer a

contrasting backdrop for his flower

creations and other unique gift items.

“Our store at Christmas is a great

representation of how far we’ll go for

brides… we shut down our store for a day

58 Bridal Fantasy 2009

just to decorate. Customers wonder with

anticipation about what we’ll do each year.

My goal is to have customers running

home to set up their tree after they’ve

visited us.” Fulton wants to offer something

that will appeal to everyone; it’s not

uncommon, come the holiday season, to

see an awe-inspired child outside of his

store staring up at old Père Noël.

When it comes to weddings, Fulton’s ability

to turn dreams into reality is most

apparent. “My services include so much

more than wedding flowers. I look at the

whole package, the atmosphere and mood

I can create, and I incorporate my flowers

along with other décor to make it happen.”

He stops at nothing less than ensuring the

reception venue’s bathrooms have fresh

flower arrangements and the right lighting.

At a recent wedding reception, Fulton

showcased a number of Harley Davidson

motorbikes in the hall under spotlights,

and to ensure the wedding scored high on

the entertainment meter, he had the bridal

party make their entrance on the Harleys

through a cloud of smoke.

An aspiring Preston Bailey, Fulton invites

couples with big wedding dreams to take

a short drive and visit his store. Get cozy in

an oversized leather chair next to the

antique fireplace and share your wedding

dreams with someone who will stop at

nothing to make sure they come true. ■

Every bride wants to look her

absolute best on her wedding day.

Don’t underestimate the effect that

wedding induced stress can have on your

skin and body. Your preparation should

begin 6 months before by starting a skin

care regime and working towards your

desired hair color. Plan ahead by booking

all of your appointments well in advance

to avoid any complications. Focus on the

following key areas when beautifying for

your big day.

60 Bridal Fantasy 2009

Hair: Avanti Salon Spa

Makeup: Nikolas Synthab

Jewelry: Bridal Fantasy Jewelry


the Bride

A Guide to Looking Your Best on the Big Day

Face - You’re spending a lot on your

photographs so invest in a high quality facial

to brighten and clarify your skin leaving you

with a radiant glow. Begin a Facial regimen

six months before the wedding, working

with a knowledgeable Esthetician to

develop a skin care plan. Schedule a facial

(without extractions) seven days before the

wedding day. Finally, wearing a broad

spectrum sunscreen every day under your

cosmetics is your best defense against

premature aging and sun damage.

Body - Treat your stressed body to a sugar

scrub treatment, which exfoliates and

hydrates with a relaxing massage. This is a

must for the skin on your shoulders and arms

Hair - You have been pouring over bridal

mags and cutting out your favorite celebrity

red carpet looks, now it’s time to find a

stylist who will make your vision a reality.

Invest in a trial for your hair, which will let

you feel confident about your hair and

avoid any hair disasters on your big day. You

may need more than one trial to find that

perfect look. Bring pictures and your

headpiece with you. If you color your hair,

have your color performed at least one

week before the wedding. Should you wash

your hair before having an updo? No. Hair

that is too clean won’t hold the pins, it may

look great when you leave but won’t have

the staying power you need for a long day.

Wear a button up shirt so your hair won’t be

compromised when you change into your


Makeup - Your look should appear timeless

and your makeup should be flawless. Don’t

forget about your smile, whitening your

teeth will give you confidence on your big


Nails - Even if you are wearing closed toe

shoes for the ceremony, you will be

barefoot for your wedding night, so treat

yourself to a pedicure a few days before

your wedding day. There will be many

pictures of your hands displaying your new

wedding band so have a manicure either

the day before or the morning of your

wedding. Pick out your polish color in

advance so you are not worried about little


Don’t forget to

relax and to

enjoy every

moment; the

day flies by

quickly. The

love you feel

on this day

will make you

the most

Beautiful Bride in

the world.

Avanti Salon & Spa

www.youravanti.com ■




Your wedding day is the one day you want your hair to be the

crowning glory. So, you have to choose a hairstyle that will make the

most of your features. Based on your face shape, we’ve put together

some tips and tricks to help you make the most of your look.

If you are one of those girls with an oval

face (think Kate Hudson) lucky you! This is

the perfect combination of long

and round. A narrow forehead

and wide cheekbones taper

down into a narrow chin. You

can go for any style you like!

Because you have a wellproportioned

face, you can

pretty much have anything you

want. Don’t be afraid to

experiment. Consider adding a few layers to

frame your face but you do want to avoid a

heavy fringe. This will add weight to your


If you have a square face (something like

Minnie Driver) your jaw is as wide as your

forehead, which is broad, and you have an

angular jaw line. Choose a

hairstyle with long wispy

layers, soft curls or waves

because this will detract from

the angular lines of your face.

Try parting your hair on the

side and comb the fringe away

from your face. You should wear

your hair below your chin, in a

rounded style, as this will draw the eye away

from your jaw. Avoid going short or wearing

your hair up. This will emphasize your

angles. Severe cuts like bobs will also do


Have you always thought you had a face

like Sarah Jessica Parker? Then your face

shape is long. Your face is longer than it is

wide, with a high forehead and a long chin.

Go for a fringe as this can help shorten your

face and add volume to give the illusion of

width. Soften your look with

short layers or go for a bob

with a fringe to create more

horizontal lines. Curly styles

will also balance out a long

face. Don’t go for a style with

height at the crown or too

short because this makes your

face look even longer. Stay away

from long, straight, one-length cuts as the

will only make your face look thinner and


For the round faced girls, like Drew

Barrymore, your face is as wide as it is long,

with a soft outline. The distance from your

forehead to chin is about the

same as cheek to cheek. Go

for something with height –

especially from the tops of

your ears. This will lengthen

your face. Sculpted styles

and layers work well. A short

cut with some short fringe

will lengthen your face and

make it look thinner. Avoid a blunt cut

because it will add width to your face and a

centre part will make it look heavier. Full,

long hair or curly styles will bring emphasis

to the roundness of your face.

Think you have a face like Reese

Witherspoon? That would mean

you are a heart-shaped girl.

Your chin tends to be the

focal point of your face. Use

side-swept bangs to draw

attention to your eyes and

cheekbones. Try a browgrazing

fringe with a strong

part and hair that falls at or

below your jaw line. Try to go for long layers

that graze your cheekbones. If you do have

short hair, keep the top layers soft and long.

Avoid short, blunt cut bangs and harsh,

choppy layers because they will put more

emphasis on your chin. ■

2009 Bridal Fantasy 61

Let’s Talk Turkey Tips

• Make sure your turkey is fresh, or if it is frozen, completely


• Remove neck and organs from inside the turkey

• Wash the turkey in cold water

• Put olive oil in bottom of turkey pan

• Put turkey in pan (check before to make sure your turkey fits in

your pan)

• Stuff the turkey

• Baste the turkey with melted butter. (Baste hourly)

• Put salt, pepper, and a small amount of granulated garlic on the


• Cook your turkey 15 minutes per pound at 350 F

• A roaster with a lid is your best bet to cook turkey in

62 Bridal Fantasy 2009



Thanksgiving, Christmas… you’re the newlyweds

and newly elected by your new family to do the next

holiday dinner. You can still sail into preparing a family

feast with ease if you organize your menu and ingredients


With both members of your family working, you need to

keep this meal as effortless as possible but still come up with

a traditional family fare in a polished and simple manner. Not

as hard as it looks! With a little effort and organization, you’ll

pull this off and impress both your new and your existing



Fast fixing tip: For convenience, cook the bacon, onion and celery

mixture for the stuffing, perogies and brussel sprouts in one frying pan

to save on time and clean-up.

• 4 slices diced bacon

• 2 cups diced onion

• 1 cup diced celery

• 10-12 slices bread (cubed)

• 3 eggs

• 1/2 cup melted butter

• 2 tbsp. olive oil

• 1 tbsp. poultry seasoning

• 1 1/2 tsp. salt

• 1 1/2 tsp. Pepper

- Fry bacon, onions, and celery until golden in olive oil

- Add bread, eggs, butter, and poultry seasoning

- Mix well

- Add salt and pepper to taste

Brussels Sprouts

• For convenience, use frozen brussel sprouts as they are cut

• Boil the brussel sprouts

• Add 1 cup (bacon, celery, and onion mixture)

Perogies in Golden Cheddar Mushroom Sauce

• 2 cans cheddar cheese soup

• 2 cans golden mushroom soup

• 2 cans chicken broth

• 1 cup grated cheddar cheese

• 1 cup (bacon, celery, onion mixture)

• 2 pkg. Perogies

• salt, pepper to taste

- Put into a Dutch Oven or large covered

casserole dish, add all ingredients but

perogies and mix well

- Make sure perogies are covered by liquid

- Bake at 325 F for 3 hours

Mushroom Gravy

• Use the drippings left in the roasting pan after removing the turkey

• Add 2 cups sliced button mushrooms (fresh or frozen)

• Cook until mushrooms are cooked

• In a bowl, mix 1 cup cold water and 2 tbsp flour. Make sure there are no lumps

• Add to mixture, cook 5 minutes on medium heat

• Add salt and pepper to taste


2 weeks before:

• Order a fresh turkey

• Make a shopping list

• Order flowers

1 week before:

• Make and freeze your dessert (or ask

one of your relatives to bring dessert)

1 day before:

• Shop for your groceries

• Set the table and decide what serving

platters you will use

• Dice the onions and celery and put into

Ziplock bags

5 hours before:

• Fry onions, celery and bacon

• Preheat the oven

• Make the dressing for turkey

• Stuff the turkey

4 hours before:

• Put the turkey in the oven

• Put together appetizers

3 hours before:

• Peel the potatoes, put into a pot with

cold water and some salt

• Baste the turkey

• Put the perogies on to cook

2 hours before:

• Make the salad and dressing

• Turn on the potatoes

• Baste the turkey

1 hour before:

• Put out the appetizer tray

• Baste the turkey – if it is not brown

enough, take the lid off and if it too

brown, cover it with foil

45 minutes before:

• Cook the brussel sprouts

• Cook the corn

30 minutes before:

• Take the turkey out and put it on a


• Make the gravy

…continued on page 64

2009 Bridal Fantasy 63

64 Bridal Fantasy 2009

…continued from page 63

Pumpkin Banana Cake

• 1 yellow cake mix

• 1 cup canned pumpkin

• 2 bananas

• 1/2 cup sour cream

• 1 tsp. nutmeg

• 1/2 tsp. Cinnamon

- Place cake mix in bowl or mix master

- Add oil and eggs as per instructions.

*Do not add water or milk

- Add pumpkin, bananas, and sour cream

- Mix until smooth

- Add nutmeg and cinnamon

- Cook as per instructions

- Remove from pan when cool

- Place plastic wrap over cake and freeze

Whipped Cream

• Whip a small container of whipping cream

• Add 2 tbsp. brown sugar

• 1 tsp. Vanilla


Hype Jewelry:

Curly Hair: It's best not to fight what

nature gave you. If you have super-curly hair

and it's August, you can flat-iron it straight,

but within an hour those curls will come

back. Play them up and look for styling

products with humidity-fighting

ingredients to help keep frizz at bay.

Befriend the bobby pin. Since you want to

maintain a touchable curl, well-placed pins

mean less product.

Straight Hair: You can't fight your natural

texture -- tight curls may fall by the end of

the ceremony. Either keep curls big and

loose, or go for an updated sleek style like a

low bun to one side to show off your hair's

fabulously smooth texture. If you want to

keep your hair down (without weighing it

down) on your wedding day, amp up your

natural shine.

Fine Hair: If your hair is very fine or thin,

keep the look simple. Wearing it up means

BF Jewelry

Flowers: la plazza dasee

Hair & Makeup: Mousy Browns Salon & Spa

less worry about it going limp. Go for an

updo that's anything but everyday: Think

about adding in twists, loops, baby braids,

and hair accessories. Fine hair should be

slightly dirty for updos -- just-washed hair is

too soft to hold pins.

Thick Hair: Show off lush locks with a

twisted half-updo -- braided and twisted

styles are more formal than simply wearing

your hair down. If you do want to wear it

down, plan for extra time at the salon to first

straighten your thick hair and then curl for

extra control. A dime-size drop of pomade

raked through with your fingertips gives

hair height and texture while preventing


Oily Hair: If your hair is grease-prone, you

might want to think twice about wearing

your hair down. A low-maintenance updo

will keep you from touching your hair. Keep

your roots looking clean and dry all night

with a hair refresher (which gives your hair a

subtle scent, while absorbing oil) or even a

pinch of baby powder -- be sure to pat it in

until you can't see any white.

Long Hair: Whether leaving it down or

pulling it up, you'll have plenty of good

material to work with. A look we love: an

edgy ponytail. It works best with hair that's

shoulder-length or longer and has plenty of

layers cut into it. Comfort is key. If you're

wearing a backless dress and want to wear

your hair down, your hair could stick to your

back. Prevent this with a nongreasy styling


Short Hair: Many brides want long hair for

the soft, romantic look, but hair that's chinlength

can be more effective for some

styles. Short hair can handle precise pin

curls really well (think old-Hollywood style),

but you'll need firm-hold hair spray on


2009 Bridal Fantasy 65





66 Bridal Fantasy 2009

Wedding Gowns


Flower Girl



Special Occasion

Headpieces & Veils

Consumers’ Choice Award for Business

Excellence in the category of “Bridal

Boutique” for six consecutive years




9719 - 63 Avenue, Edmonton



Colored or Chemically Treated Hair: If

you chemically straighten or relax your

strands, your hair is likely fairly fragile and

breakage-prone (same goes for any type of

regular treatment; including coloring).

Choose a style that conceals damage to

increase shine and smooth down your


Jewelry-friendly Hair: Alright – we know

it's not a hair type, but if you do have a

specific accessory that is an absolute mustwear

for you, it should influence your final

hairstyle. Think about how you can best

show off your accessories -- if you have a

great necklace, pull your hair up and keep

your decolletage bare. Luxe earrings call for

a sweeping updo.

Veil Hair: If you want to wear a veil, choose

a hairstyle that works with it. For example,

you can wear it below a chignon or just

above a half-updo. You might even consider

keeping a fabulous style under wraps for

your ceremony, so it's even more dazzling at

your reception. Just be sure your stylist

shows your maid of honor how to remove

your veil without mussing your style.

Fashion Forward Hair: Consider your

gown. Keep in mind that an ultra-modern

faux-hawk would be a bit jarring with a ball

gown. A romantic chiffon sheath calls for a

loose style, up or down; a sleek knotted

updo works with a sexy trumpet silhouette.

Natural Hair: Chances are you typically

wear your hair in a way that's both

comfortable and flattering. Even if it's a basic

ponytail, your hairstylist can help you create

a wedding-worthy version. Be sure to keep

the look fitting to your wedding style: If

you're getting married in a ballroom, look

for pics of twists, buns, and other formal

updos. If you're marrying in a casual,

backyard celebration, look for slightly less

"done" styles like loose half-updos. ■

The Right Colour: Knowing what type of

metal will work with your gown's shade of

white is a good way to begin choosing your

jewelry. A white gown works best with

pearls and platinums as gold can clash. A

diamond-white gown works with gold and

silver (and rose gold, and pearl -- you get

the idea). An ivory gown is a candlelight

shade, a soft, light white, and some

versions even have yellow undertones.

Gold is the best way to highlight the

creamy tint.

Hair & Makeup: Chocolate Mousse Salon & Spa

Jewelry: BF Jewelry

Finishing Touches

Nothing, nothing sets your gorgeous gown off like the perfect

accessories. You are a princess for a day so look the part.

All About the Décolletage: Pairing your

neckline style with the proper adornment

can add character to a gown, or even

highlight a unique feature. For sweetheart

or strapless necklines skip the necklace, and

focus on some great chandelier earrings

instead. Wear clear crystal for a sleek look, or

punch it up with a hint of color. Try using a

meaningful gem like your birthstone, or

pick a color from the flowers in your

bouquet. If you're going for a flirty, fresh

look, include two or three small fresh or silk

flowers in your hair to add a soft, organic

feel. If your dress already has vintage flair,

you could create an interesting contrast by

taking a more modern approach with your

jewels. A v-neck is a style that begs for

décolletage décor. You can opt for a

pendant or choker. A thin chain with a

simple pendant is an elegant way to

accessorize, while pearls exude classic

charm. If you're going for the dare-to-bedecadent

look, a crystal choker with

matching earrings could be the perfect

combo. With a halter (or reverse halter)

dressing up your tresses is a great way to

accessorize a halter gown. Headbands are a

great way to add a little something extra to

your updo. But if headbands aren't quite

your style, try adding some sparkle to your

hair with intricate crystal hairpins. If you've

got a curly mane, five to seven hairpins is

just right, while brides with thinner locks (or

short hair) will get the same shine with two

or three pins.

Personalize It: The most important thing

about picking the perfect trinkets for your

wedding day is that they are a reflection of

you. If you're not comfy wearing big

chandelier earrings, stick to studs. Love the

way you look in a lariat necklace? Go for it! If

you're comfortable in all your accessories,

your wedding day ensemble is guaranteed

to dazzle. ■

2009 Bridal Fantasy 67





You have the ring and you've told your family. The next step many

brides take is to select their attendants. These women (and sometimes

men) will be an integral part of the wedding planning process, and it

is important to choose wisely.

Brides who choose their maids without

forethought often end up with attendants

who are not up to the task, or who are

initially excited, but lose interest in

participating as the big day approaches.

Even worse, brides can lose friends in the

stressful situations that can arise as the

wedding is planned. All the drama is easily

avoided if you select your wedding party

carefully. Here are five tips to help you avoid

inviting conflict down the aisle:

1. Take your time. Immediately after he

proposes may seem like the perfect

moment to ask your friends to stand up for

you, but it’s better to share the news of the

engagement without raising the subject of

Private Collection

Available: Bells & Bows Bridal Centre

Hair & Makeup (From left to right): Mango Salon & Spa,

Avanti Salon & Spa, Chocolate Mousse Salon & Spa

the wedding party. Your emotions will be

running high, so you may wish to wait for

things to settle down before making any

decisions. If someone brings up the topic of

your attendants, let them know you haven’t

made any final decisions yet. While you can

always ask someone to be in your wedding,

it is not an invitation you can take back.

2. Think about your friends' life

situations. Is one of your candidates

already committed to two other weddings

this year? She may be relieved just being

one of your guests. Is another friend

working three jobs to pay off her credit

cards? Maybe now isn't the time to ask her

to buy a pricey dress and a plane ticket. The

…continued on page 71

2009 Bridal Fantasy 69

Dress: Sherri Hill #S03191

Available: Bridal Debut

Hair & Makeup: Chocolate Mousse

Salon & Spa

same consideration should apply to friends,

siblings, or family members with

demanding schedules, and/or small

children. These friends can still be included

in the planning, and can be lifesavers with

tasks like monitoring the guest book, or

handing out programs.

3. Contemplate your maids as a group.

Will everyone get along? It's wise to think

about how they will work together. If two of

your close friends aren't speaking to each

other, don't make yourself crazy by allowing

your wedding to be their opportunity to

confront each other. Instead, ask one to be

a bridesmaid, and invite the other to do a

reading, or participate in another way. The

same goes for feuding relatives, or for ex

co-workers who parted under bad


4. Remember, although being a

bridesmaid is an honour, it is also a job

with responsibilities. If you will need a lot

of help, make sure to select one or two

bridesmaids you can really count on to hold

everything together. Although you love her,

the friend who bailed on her final exams for

college might not be the wisest choice.

5. Lastly, don't let anyone pressure you

to include someone you wouldn't have

Dress: Belsoie

Available: Pure Bridal

Hair & Makeup: Avanti Salon Spa

…continued from page 69

picked on your own. Attendant spots are

not guaranteed to women whose weddings

you were in or to someone your mother or

future mother-in-law would like included.

Your bridesmaids are your pillars of strength

during the wedding planning process, and

you want to be enthusiastic about each of

the wonderful friends who accompany you

down the aisle. Resentment and guilt have

no place at the altar on your wedding day.

As you pick your attendants, follow your

heart, but don't lose your head. Keeping

these points in mind, you will be on your

way to creating an enthusiastic, supportive,

and helpful bridal party. ■

2009 Bridal Fantasy 71

72 Bridal Fantasy 2009

Dress: Alfred Angelo

Available: Denilore Bridal

Hair & Makeup: Mango Salon & Spa

Dress: Venus #943656

Accessories: Denilore Bridal

Hair & Makeup: Mango Salon & Spa

Dress: Tutto Bene #7772

Available: Sposabella

Hair & Makeup: Avanti Salon Spa

Dress: Private Collection #BM515

Available: Sposabella

Hair & Makeup: Avanti Salon Spa

Dress: Aspeed

Available: Gemini Fashion

Hair & Makeup: Avanti Salon Spa

Dress: Belsoie

Available: Pure Bridal

Hair & Makeup: Mango Salon & Spa

Dress: Fiesta

Available: Gemini Fashion

Hair & Makeup: Mango Salon & Spa

Show Stopping Style

Dress: Alfred Angelo #6543

Available: ABC Bridal

Hair & Makeup: Moussy Browns Salon & Spa

2009 Bridal Fantasy 73

Dress: B3570

Available: Bride International

Hair & Makeup: Mango Salon & Spa

Available: Denilore Bridal

Hair & Makeup: Chocolate Mousse Salon & Spa

74 Bridal Fantasy 2009

Dress: Sherri Hill #S02083

Available: Bridal Debut

Hair & Makeup: Avanti Salon Spa

Dress: Bella #943604

Available: Tifany’s Bridal

Hair & Makeup: Mousy Browns Salon & Spa

Dress: Crystal #141IC

Available: Tifany’s Bridal

Hair and Makeup: Mousy Browns Salon & Spa

Dress: Night Scene

Available: Gemini Fashion

Hair & Makeup: Chocolate Mousse Salon & Spa

Dress: Ensonbles #E1886, jacket #E1884

Available: Tifany’s Bridal

Hair & Makeup: Mousy Browns Salon & Spa

Devoting just under a year to planning a wedding,

Landon & Michelle enlisted the help of Bridal Fantasy,

a family business, to bring their fairy tale wedding

dreams to fruition.

With a colour scheme of red, white, black and gold several design teams

(see sidebar) set a fairy tale tone for the celebration that began with a

traditional ceremony at St. Joseph’s Basilica.

Before entering the ballroom at Crown Plaza Chateau Lacombe for dinner

and dancing, the guests found their seats by viewing a large folding

picture frame, with guest’s names and their table numbers listed, and

pictures of the bride & groom.

76 Bridal Fantasy 2009




Once Upon a Time…

Guest book by

McMaster Photography


Bride: Lines & Legends

Brides Jewelry: Bridal Fantasy

Wedding Party: Elysium

Bridal Party

Denilore Bridal


Cakes by Trina


Crowne Plaza Chateau Lacombe


St. Joseph’s Basilica


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Divine Weddings

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Fresh Look Event Management

Special Event Rentals

Special Occasions Event Rentals

Ice Sculpture

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Engagement Portrait & Sign in Book

Paul Walker, McMaster Photography


Twilight Music

Flower Girl

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Kuhlmann’s Market Gardens & Greenhouses


Derks Formals & Menswear



Stampin’ Up


Princess Lingerie

Location Shots

Fort Edmonton Park

Mother’s Gowns

Lilliana’s Boutique

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Father Victor Botari, St. Joseph Basilica


Klyment Tan

Dong Kim


Sobey’s Western Cellars

Table Photo Credit

Rina & Anthony Chan, Infused Studios


Raj Patel, A Love Story Video Production

Navin Patel, A Love Story Video Production

Brian Allen, A Love Story Video Production

Wedding Gowns

Ceremony: Sposabella

Dance: Denilore Bridal

Bridal Party: Denilore Bridal


Charton Hobbs

2009 Bridal Fantasy 77

Raj and Eileen had less than 8 months

to put together their dream day. With

the help of Monica Dhramrait at Suhaag

Weddings they were able to have the Awards

Themed wedding they wanted.

Think red and black for the colour scheme. Red carpet

and nominations for the speeches kept the awards

theme going. The celebration of their love began at the

Bhartiya Cultural Centre of Edmonton – Hindu Temple,

and the reception was held at Delta Edmonton South

Hotel, who also catered the affair.

78 Bridal Fantasy 2009




A Love Story

Hair & Make-up

Bride: Sonia Sajnani (Freelance makeup

Artist), Hair – Avanti (Carrie-Lynn)

Brides Jewelry: - Frontier Jewelry in

Vancouver (Indian Bridal Jewelry)

Wedding Party: In Balance Makeup and

Hennessey Salon for hair

Bridal Party Dresses

Saree World for the Ceremony and

perfectbridal.com for dresses.


Rachel Kaleta


Delta Edmonton South


Bhartiya Cultural Centre of Edmonton –

Hindu Temple


Infinity Event Planning

Wedding Planner

Suhaag Weddings (Monica Dhramrait)

Entertainment (music)

Vijay Masih


La Piazza Dasee


Derks Formals & Menswear

Groom - Custom Vest Dion (available at


Location Shots

Arts Building (University)

Whyte Avenue


Whitley Goodman Photography


Delta Edmonton South Hotel


Vigor Media

Wedding Gown

Tres Chic (West Edmonton Mall)

“To watch us dance is to hear our

hearts speak”

-Hopi Indian Sayng

2009 Bridal Fantasy 79

80 Bridal Fantasy 2009




When it comes to marriage the only thing that matters is that you

choose someone you can relate to and love out of authenticity not out

of expectation.

With roughly half of all marriages ending

in divorce - often bitter - and with both

emotional and financial consequences

for both parties and any children, we

though it was time we gave you some

info and techniques that will help you

and your relationships.

is what it’s

all about

You need to communicate. You need to

plan. You need to be you. Don’t expect

your partner to rescue you or make your

life better. Marriage is a commitment by

both partners to work towards a

common goal. Our Team hopes you put

some of our experts’ tips to good use.


Sparked by Love

DO focus on what you want in your life, not

what you don’t want – remember the law

of attraction. You have the power to create

the relationship, the life, and the love of

your dreams – even if the world around you

seems messed up, don’t lose your focus.

DO imagine that what you dream of is in

your life now, and feel grateful for it

now…and after that think of 10 more

things to be grateful for and then ten more,

always be grateful for your partner or some

aspect of your relationship.

DO have fun. Life is about being happy.

Don’t wait until you have this, or that…Don’t

put off happiness. Live in the Now. Enjoy

Life Now. Those little happy moments add

up big in the happiness quote.

DO seek to discover the truth about the

meaning of your life. The answers are there

if you look for them. Awareness and peace

of mind and soul are high on the vibration’s


DON’T give away your power to people.

Take responsibility for your life. If things

aren’t going as hoped in your life,

re examine your deepest beliefs. Swap

limiting beliefs for empowering ones.

DO watch movies that will make you feel

good and energize you. Listen to music

that fills you with positive emotions. Read

books that empower you. (Control the

input to your brain, and you’ll control your


DON’T watch the news on television. It is

filled with negativity which lowers your

vibrations. (Why is 95% of all news focused

on bad news?) If you want to keep abreast

of current affairs search the internet for

independent, unbiased news. Seek the

truth. Trust your intuition. This will also help

you give you a much more balanced view

of reality. There’s lots of good news out

there if you’re willing to look for it.

DO help other people. Join a group that

helps humanity. Forgiveness, compassion

and understanding are good vibrations. So

share that spirit and spark of energy that

comes from within.

DO use tools and strategies to help you

achieve higher levels of consciousness,

such as meditation, yoga, exercise or simply

a few deep breaths.

DO get a pet! According to Power vs. Force,

a purring cat vibrates at 500 (anything over

200 is Good)…my pet dogs Angus & Perkio

must vibrate at least 800 with their loving

licks and devotion!

2009 Bridal Fantasy 81


Happily Ever After

On the day of the dream wedding, the beautiful bride and handsome groom

share vows to love, honor and cherish. After celebrating in the company of

friends and family and the honeymoon, we ask the question, how do you get

to happily ever after? If your big day is approaching, you’re probably filled with joy,

anticipation, and so much love you can’t stand it. So why is it that happy marriages

seem to elude many couples? Even though statistics say around fifty percent of

marriages won’t make it, it’s not that hard to create a marriage that will stand the test

of time. We’re here to show you how an investment of a little time everyday will pay

off and create your happily ever after.

By: Dr. Brenda Wade

82 Bridal Fantasy 2009

Advice and tips on making

your marriage a life-long affair

The skills for creating a happy marriage

Hi, my name is Dr. Brenda Wade. I’m a

psychologist, television host, author and

speaker, and I want you to know I’m also a

happily married wife and mother. A fairytale

wedding won’t lead to a fairytale marriage,

because real life isn’t make-believe. Along

with my friend Darren Jacklin, mega

manifestor, author and transformation

teacher, we will show you how a good,

satisfying marriage is about day to day

growing your insight, skill and love. And I

promise you, that is easily within your reach.

Marriage is just like any job. There is a

purpose and a skill set that is required along

with steps to practicing the skills.

First, the real purpose of marriage is to assist

one another in growing to your full potential.

You need a high “GQ,” or growth quotient

score. In other words, you just keep growing

so that the score gets higher and higher.

Second, you need insight and skill to

successfully navigate your relationship. Just

like obtaining a driver’s license requires that

you have the basic skills to drive a car, a

marriage requires equally vital skills and

insight in order to flourish. Following is a

brief quiz that will give you an idea of what it

takes to get a license to love.

Do you qualify for a “Love License?” For a

quick glimpse into your marriage and

relationship skills, answer these questions.

1. What were your parents’ patterns (or

blueprint) for love? In other words, what

did you see them do in their relationship?

Was there abandonment, betrayal,

superficial connection, or maybe one or

both of your parents tended toward

controlling or domineering behavior?

If you can’t answer this question in one or

two concise sentences, you have work to

do. Because, guess what my friend, you

will repeat what you learned in

childhood. Or maybe, like so many of us,

you’ll go 180 degrees in the other

direction as you attempt to not be your

mother or your father. Mind you, this is

not blaming or putting anybody’s

parents down. Don’t forget, our parents

could only emulate what they learned

from their parents.

2. What is the most effective way to

communicate in a love relationship? For

example, do you point out whatever my

partner is doing wrong, by saying:

a) “You never come home on time.”

b) “You never listen to me.”

c) “You aren’t meeting my needs.”

Any of the above are wrong, wrong,

wrong. These constitute blaming, making

wrong, and putting down types of

statements. What we want are “I

statements followed by a request.” Here

you would identify your feeling and

without blaming your partner, state what

the issue is. Then you would make a

request. For example, “I feel hurt when it

seems as though you’ve broken an

agreement we have made without

checking with me first. Would you mind

checking with me before you change

agreements we’ve made?”

3. While your partner is speaking, you

should be:

a) Listening for what’s wrong with what

they are saying

b) Preparing a rebuttal in your head

c) Deciding if you agree with what they

are saying or not so you can let them


Again, wrong, wrong, wrong. What we

want is deep listening -- not analysis or

critique. Your goal here is to understand

your partner’s feelings.

4. The purpose of a relationship is:

a) To have someone to have sex with?

b) To have someone to be a


c) To grow in your capacity to receive

and give love?

If you pick anything other than “c”, not that

“a” and ‘b” aren’t great and fun, but I think

it is obvious you missed the boat on this

one since “c” is the deeper purpose. Even

your driver’s license won’t help you if you

only focus on sex and companionship.

5. If you and your mate, find yourself in

heavy water you should:

a) abandon ship

b) start bailing for all you are worth

even if the ship is going down

c) get help

So, how did you do? Is there room to

grow? If you are like most of us, there’s

always room to expand our skills and

awareness. That leads us to a final step.

Third, consciously work to keep growing

and stay on top of your game. Research

shows that those who continually work at

improving their marriage show two-thirds

fewer divorces than those who take a handsoff


Investing time and effort into developing

your marriage does not have to be an

elaborate, expensive or challenging

undertaking. In fact, it should be fun. For

instance, my husband and I make it a point to

read personal growth or relationship books

and share what we’ve learned with each

other every night.

Another great resource are the many

classes, retreats and coaching sessions offered

nation-wide specifically designed to help

couples grow their relationship. It takes a lot

less effort, time and energy to keep your

relationship in good shape than to fix it when

things go wrong. Think of it like a garden—the

most beautiful are those carefully tended to

with weeding, pruning, watering, and

sometimes, extra fertilizer for fruitful results. ■

Dr. Brenda Wade

Dr. Brenda currently appears as an expert on NBC’s Today Show and the Morning Show with Mike and Juliet on Fox. She has appeared

on shows such as Oprah and Good Morning America, and hosted the nationally syndicated Can This Marriage Be Saved. Dr. Brenda

produced and is the host of the national PBS Pledge Special Power Choices. Dr. Brenda is a regular contributor to Essence magazine

and other major publications. She currently hosts Black Renaissance on CW Network, Bay Area. Dr. Brenda hosts exciting live Power

Choices Breakthrough Retreats both nationally and internationally and founded the Power Coaches Program which provides

breakthrough coaching services internationally. Dr. Brenda has also authored 3 books: Power Choices: 7 Signposts on Your Journey to

Wholeness, Joy, Love and Peace, Love Lessons and What Mama Couldn’t Tell Us About Love. For more information on Dr. Brenda and

her work, visit www.docwade.com or www.powerchoicestv.com

2009 Bridal Fantasy 83

Tips for Maintenance

Darren Jacklin offers 25 date night ideas to keep your relationships invigorating.

From the most simple evenings at home to an elaborate surprise getaway,

there is no limit on the ways to express your love.

From my experience, women want to

feel radiance, light and energy in their

lives. So after you are married, it's

critical to keep the romance and yumminess

alive. A simple way to do this is to schedule

date nights and surprises into your calendars,

especially if there are children involved.

1 Guys, try saying this sometime: “You've

got one hour to pack your bags. Don't

ask me where we are going, but we'll be

gone for the weekend. Everything is

taken care of. Just pack your bags, and

leave the rest to me. I'm going to give

you the best weekend you have ever had

in your life so far. “

2 Volunteer for a worthy cause together.

Hand out food at a homeless shelter, go

and visit a senior citizens centre or

children's hospital, organize a fundraiser

for a non-profit, or work at an animal

shelter. You'll spend time with each

other, but you'll also make a difference

and help others.

3 Go to a club and dance all night like you

did when you were single – but this time

dance with each other.

4 Go for a walk at a nearby park together.

Throw some coins in a fountain and

make a wish.

5 Make passionate and playful love and go

all out. Wear sexy lingerie, send each

other naughty text messages

beforehand, light candles, throw rose

petals on and around the bed, use edible

body paints – whatever you must do to

take the romance up a notch. It will be a

night to remember.

6 Get a couple's massage at a spa. Relax

and enjoy each other as you both get

nurtured and taken care of for a few

hours. This is a great way to bond with

your spouse.

84 Bridal Fantasy 2009

7 Be a tourist in your own city, town or

neighborhood. Go to one of the major

sites like the museum, art gallery, park, or

heritage site and take photos. Pretend

you're seeing this place again for the first


8 Go pick a neighborhood and walk down

streets that you have never been down

before until you find a new restaurant or


9 Plan a romantic vacation a year from

now and then drop hints to your spouse

about what you are going to do to them

when you get there.

10 Dress up and go out to a dinner theatre

or comedy club. Afterward, check into a

hotel and let your imagination run wild.

11 Go on a wine tasting.

12 Make out like teenagers on the couch.

13 At your favorite local pub or bar, order a

bottle of wine or champagne and flirt

with each other all night long. If you're

into role playing, you could even take on

different personas for the evening and

act like you've just met. Stay in character

until you get home and then delight in

the benefits of marriage.

14 Go for a day-long hike.

15 Take a dance lesson together.

16 Go on a dinner sunset cruise.

17 Look at an open house, ask the realtor to

give you a bit of time, and then dance

together in the room where your bed

would be.

18 Get decked out and go out for dinner.

19 Have a picnic together in your own living

room or backyard.

20 Turn off the television, radio, computer,

cell phones, take off your wrist watches

and all other distractions, and tell each

other what you appreciate about one

another for at least one hour.

21 Go watch a sunset together.

22 Go to a drive in movie theatre.

23 Bubble bath for two with candles,

champagne and chocolate-dipped


24 Make a finger-foods-only dinner and

feed each other.

25 Create a scavenger hunt around the

house with little dollar store prizes or

messages of love.

Darren Jacklin

Darren Jacklin is called a

Mega Manifestor. Tell

Darren what you really,

really, REALLY want in your

personal or professional life

and he can show you how

to get it! For more than a

decade, Darren Jacklin has

dedicated his life to

discovering the most

advanced principles for producing accelerated

change. A world-class professional speaker, corporate

trainer, and author, he has motivated and inspired

personnel from more than 130 Fortune 500

companies, as well as high school and professional

athletes from more than 36 countries. His goal is to

increase performance and production and to achieve

more rounded, successful lives through a cooperative

environment. Darren is in high demand

internationally and also appears regularly on

television and radio talk shows. For more information

on Darren Jacklin, visit www.IdeaPartyEvents.com



Aha…new love. There is nothing more intoxicating than the

blissful feeling of new love. The future looks bright and

hopeful with this new love in your life. Life has prepared you

for this moment of commitment – right? No! Maybe! If you are

unsure about being ready for this life changing event then read on

and make sure you are prepared for the happily ever-after life.

The happily ever after dream…but, what is really in store for this

newly formed couple? Why is there so much doom and gloom? Well

the stats say that almost half of marriages today will end in divorce.

But does this need to happen to YOU? We say NO!

The top three rules to making a “happily ever after” life.

Rule #1. Have fun! You’re getting married and you are probably

having fun in the relationship. Great, remember this time in your life

together and most importantly keep the fun in the relationship. The

‘fun’ might change as the years go by, but ‘fun’ is a key building block

to a long healthy relationship.

Rule #2. Listen !! We mean really listen. When you are listening find

a way to hold your partner important. Not more important than you,

and not less either. When you hold each other important in any

discussion you are really listening for your partner’s different view

point. It’s really quite amazing what you might hear… even when you

think you’ve heard it all before or you are so sure what they are going

to say or do.

Rule #3. Don’t judge…Evaluate your relationship before marriage

and in your marriage. Evaluating improves your chances for long-term

success. There are three key criteria in particular to assess yourself,

your general preparedness for a long loving and enduring marriage.

These three key evaluation criteria are; 1. you, as an individual – your

traits and skills to handle conflict, related stresses and communication,

2. you and your partner’s abilities to communicate with each other

and 3. the situation in which you and your partner are currently

influenced by, such as family history and significant role-models in

your life. These three factors can predict marital dissatisfaction,

satisfaction or long-term success of your relationship.

So, to help you and your partner, here is an exercise to assess your

compatibility and competency to endure the relationship hurdles:

1. List yours and your partner's five most fun activities – any


2. Discuss how well you know your partner as well as your own likes

and dislikes.

3. Look at how familiar you are with your partner's current lifestressors,

such as finances, job or career, weight and fitness,

passions or interests, relatives and family commitments etc. Shock

or surprise by any of the answers?

4. Understanding the expectations of each other. How accepting of

the situation are you? Are you flexible, willing to adjust and adapt?

If your partner didn’t change, could you live with that?

You can Beat the odds! Blair and I consistently heard from family and

friends “don’t work together if you are married – that will only spell

failure”. Absolutely no one around us had anything good to say about

a husband and wife successfully working together, but here we are

twenty-two years later in marriage and twenty years as business

partners, we are still alive and well and in love!

There is lots of hope for any of you who believe - in yourselves and

each other!

Blair and Melissa have been happily married

for 22 years. Aside from being husband and wife

they also run a business together, Results Now

Inc. a coaching and training company and have

done so for twenty years. Blair and Melissa live in

Edmonton, Alberta with their two beautiful

daughters. If you wish to learn more about Blair

and Melissa’s training, you are welcome to

contact them at 1-888-663-2047 or visit their

business website at www.resultsnowinc.com.

2009 Bridal Fantasy 85

How to stay

Calm, Cool and

Collected while

raising a newborn

By Wayne Lee


Bringing a baby into the world can

bring so much joy, love, connection,

wonderment and can be very rewarding. But

along with the upside it can be very time

consuming, challenging and frustrating. I

now know this because my wife and I just

had our first baby on October 21, 2008. Ivee

is the joy of our life… but she does have her

“moments”. These moments include nonstop

crying and continual fussing without

knowing how to please her. Don’t get me

wrong I love my little girl but it takes a lot of

hard work, support and the right mindset to

raise a newborn. I am offering a few tools

that I found work for my wife and me in

helping deal with the challenges. When it

comes to all of the information and so called

“expert advice” that is out there so many

parents become frustrated and fearful

because they get themselves worked up by

thinking they have to keep up with the latest

trends and advice. I don’t subscribe to this

philosophy. Take what works and use it. The

same is true with my advice. Test it out and

keep what works.

The first step is to create the “adventurous”

mind set. This means to look at the first year

(as well as every year) as an adventure with

ups and downs, surprises including the

structure of daily routines. Declare that you

are excited to be on your journey and that

you can handle anything. Next visualize how

you want to interact with your baby and how

your ideal day looks. I am not proposing that

you will always get a perfect day by thinking

it but you will start to attract more of what

86 Bridal Fantasy 2009

you want. Be grateful for all the smiles,

cuddles and moments you have with your

baby. Being grateful helps you focus on what

is great instead of what is not. When things

do get bad take a deep breath and say “this

too shall pass”. My wife and I are always

excited to see what the next day brings.

Creating a support network is crucial. For

example my wife’s mom has helped out a

tremendous amount and this has allowed us

to get some sleep to recharge as well as get

some work done. Identify people who can

help you out like parents, relatives and close

friends. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

because you will need it. Having support also

frees up some time so your spouse and you

can spend some quality time together. It is

easy to lose the connection if you allow it to

happen. Go out for a romantic dinner. (That

reminds me I better make a reservation).

In order for you and your spouse to get

along and complete the daily routines it is

important to make agreements. These

agreements can include who will clean the

house to who will feed the baby and when

you will take naps. If you don’t make

agreements you are setting yourself up for

disagreements and you are more likely to get

frustrated and argue. Once you set your

agreements you create clearer expectations

and become more accountable. My wife and

I have made an agreement that she will feed

Ivee through the night and I will take the

morning shift. Because of this we are in a

routine that works as well as supporting each


Lastly I think once you have the right

mindset, you have support behind you and

have agreements it is super important to be

flexible. It is great to be prepared, however

you never know exactly how things will turn

out. I mean things will happen that you don’t

expect and being flexible sets you up to

handle anything. For example I was all

excited and looking forward to go to the

Canadian Association of Professional

Speakers national convention in Toronto for 3

days. Everything was set. My wife’s mom Rita

was going to stay and help with Ivee. Two

days before I leave Rita pulls out her back and

to top it off Ivee had the worst night of her

life with continual blood curtiling screams

and cries. The next day we were not sure if

Rita’s back would get better as well as how

Ivee was going to be for the rest of the week

so I cancelled my trip and stayed home to

help. I was disappointed but I also knew that

I was needed and that was first priority. I now

know that there may be other situations like

this in the future so I am prepared. Expect the


“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience

to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without

fear for newer and richer experience”

Eleanor Roosevelt

Many people will tell you how to raise a

baby and what the experience feels like but

the only way to really know is to experience

it yourself. Enjoy the journey because having

a baby is the divine expression of creation.

You will experience ups and downs, highs

and lows and along the way you will learn

what works for you and what doesn’t. Enjoy

every moment.

Bliss After “I Do”

There was a moment, standing amid mountains of boxes and crumpled

up newspapers that both Dave and Kate realized the honeymoon was

definitely over.

The newlyweds who had just returned

from a week of unadulterated bliss

beneath a tropical sun, were still unpacking

in their new apartment. Kate was deciding

the layout of the kitchen, when Dave

announced it was time to go to bed. “What?”

exclaimed Kate, with a heavy box in her

hands, “now?!”

It suddenly occurred to them that they’d

never discussed bed times, or how Dave was

a morning person. Kate by contrast, was a

night owl who loved being up until the wee

hours, reading or working on various

projects. She wanted to finish the kitchen;

they were on a roll.

A discussion ensued, which would have

put Spencer and Heidi (The Hills) to shame,

all about schedules, priorities and, well, sleep


Most couples discover soon after the

wedding flowers have dried and the tuxedos

have been returned that reality inevitably

sets in. Turning the bliss of planning the

biggest event in your life into a long-term,

statistic-defying relationship takes a lot of

work. Any couple will tell you, some days

seem longer than others.

Before tying the knot, consider addressing

the following points, which will help you stay

happily married.

• Be honest with yourself. Are you clear

about why you’re getting married? Are

you using marriage to escape from

something in your life? If you are getting

married to leave home or avoid an

unhappy family situation, you might want

to re-examine why you’re really making

such a big commitment and if it’s for the

right reasons.

• Sure you think you know your partner, but

how well do you really know the person

you’re committing your life to? Past

behavior is a great predictor of future

behavior. Knowing your partner well

enough to have confidence how they’ll

act in the future will certainly give you

peace of mind before you say “I do”. You

don’t have to hire a private investigator to

get the low down, just ask. Make some

time in all of the busyness from the

wedding for just the two of you.

• Make an effort to get to know your

spouse’s family and friends. Your future

together will include a number of new

people. Have you met the important

people in your future spouses’ life? Have

you introduced the people who are most

important to you?

Calgary Counselling Centre offers a Marriage Preparation Course that asks the right

questions, helping you and your spouse start off on the right foot. Marriage doesn’t

necessarily bring you closer together; our Marriage Preparation Program does.

Visit www.calgarycounselling.com/programs/marriage_prep.htm to register.

• Learn to fight smart. If you aspire to be

one of those imaginary couples who say

they don’t fight, try a little reality check

and actually learn how to fight properly.

Understanding your partners’conflict style

and how to deal with conflict when it

occurs will make a huge difference, when

you have differing opinions.

• Are you fitting time in to plan your

marriage amongst all of the wedding

plans? Taking a marriage preparation

course will help you make the transition

from happy couple to happily married

friends and lifelong partners. A good

marriage preparation course will help you

discuss your values and beliefs, so you

understand each other well and have a

solid foundation for the future.

• Have you left time to play? When couples

get stressed, they forget some of the finer

points about what brought them

together. Schedule some play time

scheduled before and after your nuptials.

Weddings are exciting, but marriage

should be when the real excitement kicks in.

For Kate and Dave, learning how to respect

each others’ styles was key to avoiding silly

conflict. They’ve now been happily married –

and sleep compatible – for eighteen years.

Marriage is one of the biggest personal

investments you’ll ever make in your life.

Make sure you’ve researched properly, asked

the right questions and evaluated, and you

will have a happy return on the deal.

2009 Bridal Fantasy 87

By: Boris Derow

88 Bridal Fantasy 2009

We Talk About


…Except Finances

One of the most important conversations and joint plans between any

couple – whether newlywed or 30 years married – is the conversation

of finances. When my wife, Darcia, and I were married a few years ago,

we planned out everything, including our first dance. We picked our song,

what style of dance, and who would instruct and prepare us for it. We knew

exactly how it was going to work out right to the very last note. We wanted it

to be perfect. I would venture to think that we would also like to have our

lives flow just as smoothly as our first dance did. Funny thing is we never really

discussed finances as where we were heading until two years after we were

married. Needless to say, there was plenty to talk about.

It is not that money rules the household,

but it definitely acts as the proverbial oil

for the family mechanism. To have a clear

understanding where one’s partner stands

on the opinion of money is very important.

To have a unified game plan on how to

reach a family’s financial goals and dreams is

tantamount. This article will offer three

simple, yet important, question exercises for

you and your spouse to work on together.

To begin, take two sheets of paper (one

for each spouse) and answer these four


1. What was it like growing up in my

household money-wise?

2. Were my parents spenders/savers?

3. Did they give to charities or support local


4. What did they teach me about money?

This by no means is an exhaustive list, but

it gives a good starting point for talking

about money. Take turns reading each

other’s answers and have an open

discussion about them. You may find that

you will learn something about your soonto-be

spouse that will explain why he/she

handles their financial situation the way

they do.

Another area of discussion is income

making. We live in a society where having a

two-income earning household is

commonplace. This situation obviously

becomes a bit of a challenge when children

enter the picture. Although there are

daycare centers and nanny services readily

available to assist in child rearing, do not

assume that your partner thinks the same

way you do. Once again, take your sheets of

paper that you used from your last exercises

and these answer these next four questions.

After seriously considering your answers,

take turns reading each other’s answers and

discuss them openly.

1. What is my opinion of money? How

much is enough?

2. Does it matter to me who is the “bread

winner” of the family?

3. What if my spouse has the opportunity

for advancement in his/her career but it

means having to relocate to another


4. What type of sacrifice do I expect my

spouse to make should children come

into the picture?

Once again, this is not an exhaustive list

of questions that could be discussed on this

topic. There are books readily available at

any major book store that will offer a more

in-depth look into these areas, and these

are not the only areas that need discussion.

Also, you do not need to be planning a

wedding to do these exercises. It is helpful

for any couple who find themselves having

financial troubles.

One area that is an absolute necessity for

discussion is that of debt, both current and

future. We all have at least one credit card

(Stats Canada lists at least three credit card

debts per person over eighteen). It is never

easy to live with debt looming over your

head and it is certainly not easy admitting

to your spouse that you have debt coming

into the marriage. Credit cards are some of

the worst debts around today because of

their high interest rates and the common

misconception that credit cards give you

“free money”. Rest assured, every penny

borrowed on credit must be paid, plus

interest. Now, I am not saying that credit

cards have no value. They are very helpful,

especially in how our society today

operates. But, you must develop a discipline

in using the card ONLY when you must, and

then paying down the balance every

month if possible. Here are the next

questions fro discussion:

1. How many credit cards do I have?

2. What do I use my credit cards for? Do I

pay them off every month or do I spend

past my capacity and only make the

minimum payments?

3. Does my spouse know how I use credit

and what my spending habits are, or

have I only let him/her know just

enough so he/she won’t ask questions?

4. What if I or my spouse are bringing debt

into the relationship? Do I expect

him/her to take it on as well or will I be

expected to take care of it on my own?

I don’t think I can stress enough how

important it is to really have a good chinwag

with your future life partner about

money. For most of you reading this

magazine, you grandparents were truly the

last generation of savers. Since the

inception of credit cards, North Americans

have steadily declined in their ability to

save. Instant gratification has overtaken the

age old philosophy of “If you can’t afford it,

don’t buy it”. We don’t want the hand-medown

furniture; we want new. We cannot

settle for the old box television; we need

the latest plasma screen on the market. We

may have the nicest car among our friends,

but we’re still living at home on the

basement. We don’t care how much the

shoes cost, just that we have them before

everyone else starts wearing them. And so

on, and so on. Before you make that marital

step, be sure to vocalize your financial

concerns to your future life partner and find

out where the both of you stand.

While it is not necessary, it would be in

your best interest for you and your fiancé to

sit down with a professional financial

advisor/planner/educator to help you with

this whole process. The more you can plan

for your future now, the less headaches you

will have later and you will truly be able to

enjoy a much happier family life.

Remember, open communication is key to

any successful marriage, and open

discussion about finances will give you a

much better foothold on planning your


Enjoy the dance.

Boris Derow

Boris Derow is a

professional financial

educator who has been

helping families regain

control of their lives through

proper investment concepts

and strategies that the

majority of the public didn’t

even know existed. For more

information, call

780-242-5879 or email at bderow15ocpc@wfgmail.ca.


2009 Bridal Fantasy 89

Until Debt Do Us Part

Crash Cash Course

The financial discussions that you have before the

wedding could be even more important than the

wedding itself! Most couples fight and split due to that

little thing called MONEY. If you have not taken the time to

fully figure out how you’re going to manage your cash after

the big day, then you’re in for some rough times.

Are romantic fairy tales dancing through your head, wedding bells

ringing in your ears? While many couples get caught up in the

excitement of planning their wedding, some forget to discuss the

fundamentals of everyday life. Household chores, child rearing, even

who picks up after the dog seems to take a front seat to financial

planning. Often arguments over money lead to separation and even

divorce. So if you haven’t taken the time to open up the lines of

financial communication, make sure to do it soon.

Discussing money is the big scary conversation that most couples

avoid and even dread to have with each other. By now you know your

fiancé emotionally, even spiritually, but what about financially? Are

you fully aware of each other’s spending habits, or debt situation?

We are all expected to be great at managing our money by the time

we are adults, although very few of us are taught the proper and most

effective ways. A limited understanding of money management often

results in feelings of guilt, shame, frustration, and even anger. Some

deal with this by leaving it for their partner to take care of, others just

go shopping and say they will deal with it later. Avoiding the problem

won’t make it go away; it will only get worse. This will eventually

snowball out of control and suck you and your partner in.

Here are some quick questions that will get you started on your

journey to financial freedom as a couple. Write down your answers

separately and discuss them with your partner once you’re both


• If you had the money to do anything in the world, what

would be first thing you would do?

• How do you spend your money each month?

• What have you always wanted but can’t afford?

• Is there something you should be saving for but aren’t?

• Do you like your current love nest or do you want to


• Have you been putting anything off due to money?

(celebrations, trips, gifts, renovations)

• Do you know where your partner spends his/her money?

• What have you noticed about your partner’s spending

that bothers you?

Take the following quiz to see where the two of you stand when it

comes to spending.

90 Bridal Fantasy 2009

Check which applies to… Definitely Ok,

Him/Her that’s me

I always look for the least

expensive gift. ❍ ❍

I can’t resist a bargain.

I don’t feel capable of

❍ ❍

handling my money.

I don’t know exactly how

❍ ❍

much I owe on my credit cards.

I don’t know how much

❍ ❍

money I have in the bank. ❍ ❍

I have a hard time saving. ❍ ❍

I lose valuable items. ❍ ❍

I love having lots of money. ❍ ❍

I love to shop. ❍ ❍

I miss paying my bills on time.

I put off buying because I’m

❍ ❍

sure I can get it cheaper.

I’m afraid I won’t have

❍ ❍

enough money. ❍ ❍

I’m always broke. ❍ ❍

I know my credit rating. ❍ ❍

Now that you’ve gotten a few things out in the open, it’s time to

look deeper into both of your financial histories and explore your

financial situation. Discuss things such as debt load, net worth, and

monthly expenses; after that it’s budget time. A well thought out

budget can not only cut down on squabbles but if planned correctly

allow for extra indulgences that both of you are okay with. Once you

have everything in order and are on the same page, contact a financial

advisor. Advisors have access to great savings tips and can help get

you started in the right direction.

Make a point to write down and review your spending on a regular

basis as a couple. This will help pin point any areas of weakness or

improvement for the two of you. Mostly importantly it will keep you

on track and aid in avoiding overspending.

By keeping your finances in order you can focus on each other and

your new marriage. If you are not comfortable with money

management it’s ok to ask for help. Tell your partner how you feel and

perhaps seek out a simple cash management course to beef up your

knowledge setting you toward marriage bliss.

Jason M. Currey, Senior Financial Consultant

The Healthy Retirement Group Inc.


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Jamaica – Hotel: Jakes

This hotel is mellow, unassuming and exactly what you think a boutique hotel should be.

Unwind at the beach or by the pool. Experience life without structure. The cottages are

private and secluded with outdoor tubs that sit on sea-view decks. Guests and locals mix

for famous Jamaican cuisine like jerk chicken or some great local beer.


Photos by


Curtis Comeau,

Instant Memories

92 Bridal Fantasy 2009

Playa Del Carmen, Yucatan, Mexico – Hotel: Deseo

Charming but resolutely modern, Deseo attempts to keep the

charm of the old fishing villages along the Caribbean coast.

Cocktails, delicious cuisine and the sea breeze in open air

lounges will completely relax you. Once the sun goes down, the

music picks up, and the Deseo Lounge Bar becomes the place to

chill in Playa Del Carmen.

Montreal, Quebec – Hotel: Le Germain

With fashion-forward, minimalistic interiors, this hotel still has a loft feel to it. The hotel is located in the cobblestone streets of Vieux Montreal,

which is heavy with chic boutiques. With amazing historical sites, the hotel is perfectly situated for you to explore some of the most beautiful

areas of Montreal on foot.

London, England – Hotel: Covent

Garden Hotel

This hotel can be found down a narrow side

street in the busy and chic Covent Garden

district in London’s elite west end. It is also

close to the opera house and the theatre

district. Rooms here are decorated in a

classic, antique style with luxurious,

expansive beda and marble and mahogany


Puerto Rico, USA – Hotel: El Convento

(in Old San Juan)

San Juan is a dashing destination in the Caribbean. El

Convento is charmingly Spanish Colonial in architecture and

design. The interiors are Spanish style with mahogany beams,

handmade furniture and Andalusian floor tiles. The

atmosphere is old fashioned but the comforts are modern. It

boasts an upscale night life, Café Bohemio and tapas bar El

Picateo. This is truly the Puerto Rican experience.

2009 Bridal Fantasy 93

Experience the

wedding you deserve

If you’ve always dreamed of getting married on a sun-drenched beach, at an exclusive resort, on a cruise ship bound for adventure…

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Wedding bells and ocean breezes

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An unforgettable experience

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country, and create the perfect package that meets both your

budget and your dreams.

We’ll look after the details

Whether your dream wedding involves all-inclusive packages,

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The peaceful Tuscan landscape is

primarily rolling hills, with vineyards,

olive groves, cypress trees and hilltop

villages all bathed in a soft, amber light. To

many it seems familiar, and rightly so: during

the Renaissance it was often used as the

backdrop for the paintings of the masters.

The rustic Tuscan farmhouse, made of local

stone and set atop a hill flanked by lines of

cypress trees, is a sight unique to Tuscany.

Silent medieval hill towns, with their fortified

castle walls and church steeples visible in the

distance, are a part of the landscape:

Tuscany’s olive groves yield some of Italy’s

finest extra virgin olive oil, but the heart of

the region is in its vineyards, particularly the

Chianti Classico, where you can visit fattorie

(wine estates), to sample and purchase their


It was here Paige and David decided to

crown their love and to say “I do” in March of

2008. A whole year of intense emailing went

by before we first met, which may sound like

a lot, but is actually the average. Through

email, we create relationships with our

couples, one that is more than purely


Paige and David are from Kansas City.

Missouri where they met, became engaged,

and currently live. Upon their arrival in Italy,

we first met them at the charming Castle,

where their wedding was held and where

their 40 guests, from the US and UK stayed

for a week. Paige and David could not

believe their eyes. The Tuscan landscape,

with the narrow country roads leading

through lush vineyards and olive groves was

simply enchanting. During their nuptial

week, we organized interesting tours around

Tuscany, and wine tasting in traditional

regional vineyards. Paige and David were

excited, and their guests were even more so.

The couple decided to have their civil

wedding in the US, but the main celebration,

the religious ceremony, was held in the

Castle’s beautiful little ancient chapel.

The Wedding day. Monday the 17th March 2008

We set up the celebration area, the chapel,

with a variety of flowers. Each pew had a small

floral composition tied together with ribbon.

The many candles on the altar and the petals

96 Bridal Fantasy 2009

along the aisle created a romantic setting.

Paige was beautiful in her dress. She was

wearing a long romantic dress, with a beautiful

embroidering of little pearls. Her hair was

down, with ringlets, which framed her radiant

face perfectly. The make up was delicate and

highlighted her wonderful green eyes.

At 4 pm all the guests were inside the

church waiting for the bride’s entrance. David

was at the altar awaiting her arrival. Paige

arrived treading lightly on a carpet of rose

petals thrown by the little page boy and

flower girl, while a violinist and trumpet

player marked her pace to the altar with the

notes of Purcell.

The ceremony was simple and sweet.

Some guests shed a tear or two, many were

moved, but everyone commented on its

beauty. Aperitifs were served at the bar of

the Castle as the couple took a few more

pictures in the stunning garden of the


Dinner was served in the restaurant of the

castle. The notes of the guitar and the violin

accompanied a joyful but relaxed

atmosphere. Excellent dishes were served,

accompanied by the best Chianti wines. The

flowers and the candles on the tables fit

perfectly with the medieval atmosphere.

Comfortable beds and spacious rooms

welcomed the tired merry-makers and, after

the fact, Weddings in Tuscany knew they had

made another couple very happy. ■

Effortless Escape: First Class

These days travel and weddings go hand in hand. Whether your guests are traveling from afar to be at your wedding, you’re joining the growing

percentage of couples that now opt for a destination wedding, or you’re honeymooning to an exotic escape, travel is somehow involved. To ensure

you and your loved ones travel plans pan out, Bridal Fantasy sought the advice from knowledgeable travel professionals and destination wedding


General Travel Tips

Use your maiden name. Unless you are taking a

delayed honeymoon, there will not be enough

time to change the name on your passport. To

avoid confusion, extra hassle and potential delay,

purchase your airline tickets and visas in your

maiden name so they match your driver’s licence

and official documents. – Marlin Travel

Photocopy all identification documents such as

your passport, credit cards, birth certificate and

drivers’license. Pack these in your luggage, just in

case your carry-on bag gets stolen. – Uniglobe

Geo Travel

In case of temporary lost luggage, pack a few

essentials in your carry-on so that you can be

poolside enjoying a tropical drink in your

bathing suit while you’re waiting for the airline to

bring your bags. A toothbrush and toothpaste

are also recommended so that you can freshen

up upon arrival. – Marlin Travel

Honeymoon Travel Tips

Include a honeymoon gift registry card in your

wedding invitations. This will allow you to off-set

the costs of your honeymoon; receive tours,

excursions, fancy dinners, spending money and

airline/hotel upgrades. You’ll never forget the

torch lit candle light dinner on the beach that

you shared with your new husband all thanks to

your favourite Aunt. – Uniglobe Geo Travel

If possible, try to avoid leaving for your

honeymoon the same day as or morning after

your wedding. Taking a day or two after the

festivities to pack and tie up loose ends will allow

you to embark on your honeymoon feeling

relaxed. – Marlin Travel

Tell the world that you are honeymooners! Tell

everyone – airlines, hotels, cruise lines and

restaurants. Enjoy special treatment and

complimentary gifts. – Marlin Travel

Destination Weddings

Sunset weddings are beautiful; however, in many

tropical destinations the mosquitoes are

heaviest at this time. Mosquito repellent is

recommended for the bridal party and the

guests. – Marlin Travel

Pack your wedding dress and important

accessories in a carry-on luggage item that will

keep your dress wrinkle free and safe; this also

ensures it arrives with you; on time and ready to

wear. – Uniglobe Geo Travel

Plan your destination wedding with a local

destination wedding specialist. They can ensure

that enough space at the resort is pre-booked to

accommodate your guest list, coordinate travel

for all of your guests (this can be challenging),

and be your advocate with the resorts ensuring

promises made are kept. If an emergency should

arise, your destination wedding specialist will be

available to help resolve the issues. In the event

that your wedding needs to be rescheduled due

to flight cancellations or delays, they will be

responsible for contacting guests and your

resort. – Uniglobe Geo Travel

Fans are a great way to keep your guests cooler

during the ceremony. – Marlin Travel ■

2009 Bridal Fantasy 97

Destination Wedding Station

These days it seems like everyone is heading off to somewhere tropical for their

special day and it’s easy to see why. Destination weddings generally cost less

than a traditional wedding and most are all inclusive, providing unlimited food

and beverages for your guests (excluding alcohol of course!). Specialized personnel

help reduce the stress in planning your wedding day and they help to coordinate

the guest list. Last, but certainly not least, a destination wedding provides an

amazing memory for you and all of your guests, who get a vacation along with a

wonderful celebration.

98 Bridal Fantasy 2009

All Photos by

Curtis Comeau,

Instant Memories

One of the greatest things about

destination weddings is that you can

combine it with your honeymoon! You can

tie the knot in Mexico and enjoy the sun and

surf for the week following your wedding or

you can get on board a cruise ship, say your

nuptials at the beginning of your cruise, and

enjoy the rest of your trip as a newly married


Map out your budget—then stick to it.

Destination weddings can be deceptively

more expensive than booking an at-home

location if you aren’t careful and watch any

additional charges that can arise. Are there

elderly grandparents who would have a

difficult time with long-distance travel?

Friends who might not be able to swing a

four-star hotel in Maui? Rather than

inadvertently excluding loved ones from

sharing your big day, explore the various

ways that you can accommodate disparate

needs i.e.: Montreal versus Paris.

Be sure to send a save the date card well in

advance—at least one year, if possible—so

your guests can plan ahead and get the best

deals on airfare and hotel reservations. Scout

out locales and venues. Get brochures, and

also seek recommendations from couples

who have married at a resort or other venue

before you. If possible, visit a resort or other

venue at least once before you book it for

your wedding day.

Hire a wedding coordinator in the

destination where you plan to marry. Give

your coordinator images of bouquets, cakes

and more so they can help you find vendors

that will suit your desired style. If you invite

more than ten guests, negotiate group air

and hotel rates. Look into immunizations if

you're traveling to an exotic location like

Africa or Nicaragua. Talk to your doctor and

your travel agent for a complete list.

Learn the local language if you're going

overseas. Buy or borrow a great digital

camera—you won't have to worry about

damaging film in airport security. If you're

traveling to a fabulous shopping destination,

include a lightweight duffle bag to haul back

all of your new purchases. Pack it inside your

larger suitcase but make sure to check with

your airline about extra baggage charges.

Confirm your passport and/or visa haven't

expired. The last thing you want is to pull out

your passport a week before your trip and

find out it has expired!

If you’re traveling overseas, purchase

foreign currency – most tourist destinations

prefer US dollars. Find out if you can use your

credit cards there as well, and what the

exchange rate will be.

Here are some questions you need to ask

when planning your destination wedding.

Your wedding planner or travel agent should

be able to help with these as well.

• What will we do if it rains (if you're having

an outdoor ceremony)?

• What is the deposit fee? Many resorts and

hotels will require at least 50 percent of the

total cost as a deposit, with the remaining

balance due right before the wedding. Try

to negotiate the lowest possible down

payment when dealing with any vendor.

This minimizes your financial risk in the

case of a cancellation or dispute.

• What is the refund policy? Ask the site

manager to spell out the circumstances

under which you are eligible to receive a

full or partial repayment.

• Are there day fees? These are charges that

some resorts tack on for guests staying at a

different hotel or resort than the one

where your wedding is taking place.

• What's included in the wedding package


• Is there a price-escalation clause? Vendors

will insert this into their contracts to cover

unforeseen expenses. If possible, set a cap

on the expenditures that can fall under this


• Can we arrange a special room rate for our


• Does the venue offer wedding insurance?

This will protect you if the venue goes out

of business.

• What are the due dates for every payment?

You'll need to account for the time it takes

to mail these checks to your wedding


Destination weddings are often more

intimate - involving the couple and a select

handful of friends and family; or the couple

plus enough guests to constitute a bona fide

weeklong family -- or college -- reunion.

Then, the just-marrieds can take a second

week to disappear on their own. The

"reception," if any, is more like a big party and

held when the couple returns home. Is it any

wonder why destination weddings are a

growing trend? ■

2009 Bridal Fantasy 99

100 Bridal Fantasy 2009





You’ve found the perfect guy –

you know that. Now the

challenge is finding the

perfect place to say “I do.”

Photo by:

Kim-Maru Striebel, Maru Photography


Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge

Welcome to the Canadian Rockies.

The Rockies have it all when it comes to

romance. If you’re considering a mountain

backdrop for your big day, perhaps one of the

following Rocky Mountain hidden gems will be

just what you’re dreaming of.

Helicopter Wedding

If you’re looking for adventure and intimacy, a

heli wedding is a great option. From its base at

the Saskatchewan River Crossing, Icefield Heli

Tours can whisk you and your loved ones away to

spectacular settings like the Lake of the Falls, the

continued on page 104

Big Sky


What better

place to take your

wedding vows than


Montana is "The last best place"

for many reasons. The heritage and

traditions of the old west live on

throughout the state. Many claim that the

natural beauty of Montana is unsurpassed in

the Rocky Mountains. Consider tying the

knot at these Montana wedding wonders.

Glacier National Park, the Crown Jewel of

the Continent, has long been a favorite for

those desiring a wedding filled with

spectacular scenery and mountain peaks

that reach to the sun. There are a host of ideal

outdoor locations, such as the popular Apgar

and Fish Creek Amphitheaters, as well as

historic lodges that combine the majesty of

Glacier National Park with a connection to a

bygone era.

Flathead Lake, the largest natural lake in

the western United States, spans almost

thirty miles in length and fifteen miles in

width. Miles of unspoiled lakefront, intimate

lakeside lodges and an immense

concentration of cherry orchards offer both

unique and tranquil settings for a wedding.

For those who wish to combine their

wedding celebration with recreational

activities, the charming and historic town of

Whitefish is the place to be. Known as

Montana’s vacation and recreation capital,

Whitefish has a plethora of year round

activities for your wedding party, including

skiing, snowmobiling, biking, hiking, rafting,

and golfing. Your family and guests will have

no shortage of exciting adventures at their


Spectacular Swan Valley is just minutes

south of the beautiful lakeside village of

Bigfork and tucked in between the Swan

Range, a hikers haven, and the Bob Marshall

Wilderness, over one and a half million acres

of road-less wilderness. It is the ideal spot for

those couples wanting a classic old west

Montana experience.

Yellowstone National Park was America’s

first national park and remains the flagship of

the National Park Service. Rustic wonders are

in no shortage here; the park boasts over ten

thousand thermal features, including geysers

and hot springs. Yellowstone is a wedding

location favorite for those who enjoy the


Putting On The Ritz


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