lyrics lyrics - Anthony Antoine

lyrics lyrics - Anthony Antoine


Lyrics by Anthony Antoine - Produced by Anthony Antoine and Jimmy George

*no homophobia, no down low – played backward*


How to tell if your man is on the down low

Girls listen closely so you’ll know

You ask cause you feel its your right to know

How to tell if your man is on the down low

How to tell if your man is on the down low

Inquiring minds they wanna know

Tell em Anthony Antoine told you so

How to tell if your man is on the down low

Verse 1

Listen closely ‘cause I’m gonna list all the signs

Even the ones not so obvious easy to find

Gots to be clever read between the lines

It ain’t my topic just a sign of the times

Sign one the basics always hold true

If your man looks better than you

Spends more time in the mirror than you

Just might be a sign for you boo

Sign two I’m gonna break it down truth be told

If a man never married and he forty years old

Has a roommate no kids and he forty years old

Lawd, here we go

Get yourself a gay friend to peep him out

Gay man gaydar is better no doubt

If you find out the truth don’t scream and shout

Just check yourself and put his lyin’ ass out


C l o s e t s O n F i r e


Verse 2

Don’t be fool just because a brotha goes to church

There’s a whole bunch of DL brothas up in church

Suspect the least obvious that’s how it works

Advice take it or leave it for what its worth

And another thing you must peep out his crew

If any of them are catty with you

A little too chummy or just don’t like you

Might be another sign for you boo

If you gonna do the damn thing do it

How you gonna be a detective and then can’t prove it

Follow him twenty-four seven gotta catch him do

Go ahead and lose your mind in order to prove it

If he too into Janet or Beyonce

Too many hours at the gym or makes a mean flambé

Can’t pass the pillow test after he wakes up

‘Cause what straight man wears make-up