lyrics lyrics - Anthony Antoine

lyrics lyrics - Anthony Antoine


Lyrics by Anthony Antoine - Produced by Syd

Intro Talk

Lawd jezus again, it’s the remix – hit em with it

Verse 1

Step up in the spot as always me and my crew

I scope the club to find a little somethin’ to slip

in to Your trick is peepin’ me while they standin’

next to you (I can’t help it) somebody tell me

what a brotha to do (I’m hot) fresh off the grill I

made my own deal Whole new level of keepin’

it real Not just a snack, more like a five star full

course meal (I’m gonna bring it) – somethin’

somethin’ that y’all can feel


(One) won’t stop until I’m done

(Two) put the un un un in you

(And three) Sizzle deep so deep you never

forget me Fire on the dance floor, all eyes on


(Four) I couldn’t be givin’ it more

(And more) I floss like I been famous since ‘94

New keys to the mansion, keys to the truck

What, y’all know wassup!

C l o s e t s O n F i r e



(Fire) Tracks are burnin’ heads are turnin’ now

you feel me now you want me

But none of y’all can’t touch me

Ain’t even concerned

(Fire) Whoa it’s burnin’ burnin’ baby and No

(And no we don’t need no water)

We don’t want no water let the mother mother

burn baby burn

Verse 2

Good gracious ass is bodacious

Drop it like its hot, I gotta call it bootylacious

I wanna taste it baby, taste it baby please

Trick bout to bring a n***a to his knees and

Best believe in, no deceiving

Bust a move on you so good that soon with me

you’ll be leavin Conception is a challenge for

your mind to conceive in Bout it, bout it baby,

you can trust and believe in


(One) won’t stop until I’m done

(Two) put the un un un in you


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