lyrics lyrics - Anthony Antoine

lyrics lyrics - Anthony Antoine

SA NCTIFY (to make free from sin; to purify or make holy)

Lyrics by The Adodi Muse - Produced by Anthony Antoine

*this is the original written poem with an added verse from an unrecorded song

D/M/A How long do we have to be together?

D How long do we have to be together for our

unions to be sanctified?

A Are Britney’s 36 –

M ahem

A – 48 hours long enough?

D If I’m married by America,

M spend a week doing the publicity/honeymoon


A then have the marriage annulled

All is that long enough?

A To be fair, their union was purified,

made holy by millions of FOX viewers

sending their blessings via remote control.

D I want my marriage guaranteed stain-resistant

with a prize package

and corporate sponsorship too.

All Do millions of dollars

M make a week long enough?

A Is the third time

D sixth time

M twelfth time you get married

All as holy as the first?

D (Since I can’t get married legally even once.)

D Does it take Liz’s and Eva’s and Zsa Zsa’s and

Mickey’s and J-Lo’s …

M Liz’s and Eva’s and Zsa Zsa’s and Mickey’s and

J-Lo’s …

C l o s e t s O n F i r e


A Liz’s and Eva’s and Zsa Zsa’s and Mickey’s and


innumerable attempts?

A/M (What do you call your second husband’s


from his third marriage?)

Verse from Unrecorded Song

“No You Didn’t (Marry Her)”

Trying to understand where you’re coming from

How could I be so blind and you be so dumb

You were living in two worlds – leading a double life

Now I’m supposed to understand you got a wife

It was just yesterday you were lying in my bed

I believed every lie – I believed every word that you

said Was it that you and me both were living in denial

Cause soon as walked your ass out my door – you

walked your ass down the aisle

M Does the preponderance of prenuptial


protect the marriage

All or the divorce?

A “I love you and i want to spend the rest of my

life with you,

but just in case ….”

D Or is my one union, after ten years with the

same partner,


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