lyrics lyrics - Anthony Antoine

lyrics lyrics - Anthony Antoine


Lyrics written by Anthony Antoine - Produced by Jimmy George and Anthony Antoine

Verse 1

In your eyes, there’s such desire

And although I may look away

I feel the fire

It teaches me

I’m here to learn

Not to pull back from your flame

Even though your flame may burn OOh

Bridge 1

You’re killin’ me, undressin’ me

Revealin’ all that I can be

Exposing my true feelings suppressed within’

You’re controlin’ me, takin’ hold of me

You make me all that I can be

The origin of adrenaline

So intoxicatin’

So masculine


Undress me with your eyes

See deep inside of me

And don’t let me deny

My sexuality

Undress me with your love

Reveal the love within

And take away the pain

Of thinkin’ this is sin

C l o s e t s O n F i r e


Verse 2

With your love

I can believe

That all is gonna be okay

With you beside me baby

Naked in your love

My soul is bare

A sweet redemptive place to go

If only you could keep me there

Bridge 2

Won’t you take me to the place

Where of the pain there is no trace

Where I am free to explore all the love within me

A place that you may know well

A place where we do ask, we do tell

Where denying what you feel an obsenity


Bathe me in your love my soul is bare

No longer wanna be on the down low

I can see it in your eyes

A place to live my life up high


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