Romanian Association of Drilling Contractors ( ACFR )

Romanian Association of Drilling Contractors ( ACFR )

Romanian Association of Drilling Contractors ( ACFR )


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<strong>Romanian</strong> <strong>Association</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Drilling</strong><br />

<strong>Contractors</strong> ( <strong>ACFR</strong> )<br />



Address: Bd. Mircea Voda, Nr. 44,<br />

Bloc M17, Scara 1, Etaj 4<br />

Sector 3, Cod Postal 030669<br />

Phone: (+40) 213 207 828<br />

Phone/Fax: (+40) 213 187 817<br />

E-mail: <strong>of</strong>fice@acfr.ro; executiv@acfr.ro;<br />

cooperare@acfr.ro; acfr_1994@yahoo.com<br />

Website: www.acfr.ro

Dear Sirs,<br />

Future Partners<br />

It is a great pleasure to present you the services and the<br />

achievements <strong>of</strong> the <strong>Romanian</strong> <strong>Association</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Drilling</strong><br />

<strong>Contractors</strong> (A.C.F.R.).<br />

<strong>Romanian</strong> <strong>Association</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Drilling</strong> <strong>Contractors</strong> (A.C.F.R.), a<br />

pr<strong>of</strong>essional organization, includes in present 64<br />

Companies which carry out drilling, completion and<br />

workover operations for Oil, Gas and Water wells, also<br />

geological research activities for useful (exploitable)<br />

rocks as well as connected services for Oil, Gas and<br />

Water fields.<br />

The <strong>Romanian</strong> <strong>Drilling</strong> Companies have a big tradition in<br />

drilling activity. For instance in 1861 the first <strong>Romanian</strong><br />

well was drilled at a depth <strong>of</strong> 150 m, using wooden rods<br />

and auger type bits.

Romania is mentioned in “The Science <strong>of</strong> Petroleum -<br />

English Encyclopedia 1938” as being the first country in<br />

the world with an <strong>of</strong>ficially registered production <strong>of</strong> 275<br />

tones crude oil, achieved in 1857, and in 1856 the lamp<br />

oil (kerosene) was for the first time produced in Ploiesti,<br />

to be used for street and home lighting in Bucharest.<br />

The maximum depth reached in Romania is 7025 meters and the greatest footage is 2,547,917 m,<br />

achieved in 1984.<br />

<strong>Romanian</strong> drilling rigs and specialists have operated in more than 25 countries throughout the<br />

world.<br />

We work quickly and efficiently, using up to date technologies and techniques.<br />

We have the reliable drilling companies and our highly qualified personnel are committed to<br />

successfully completing contracts.<br />

Our companies are focused on reaching the new European HSEQ standards.<br />

By choosing our services you can be sure you have made the best choice, for a mutual benefit <strong>of</strong><br />

the partners.<br />

Mihail Smarandescu<br />


Our <strong>Association</strong> is a member <strong>of</strong> the International<br />

<strong>Association</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Drilling</strong> <strong>Contractors</strong> (I.A.D.C.) and Society<br />

<strong>of</strong> Petroleum Engineers (SPE-<strong>Romanian</strong> Branch). Our<br />

<strong>Association</strong> comprises 25 contractors which carry out<br />

drilling works, workover for oil, gas and underground<br />

waters and another 39 companies which provide associated<br />

services in the oil and water fields.<br />

<strong>Romanian</strong> <strong>Association</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Drilling</strong><br />

<strong>Contractors</strong><br />

A significant number <strong>of</strong> members - companies from the <strong>Association</strong> (Additiv Forex, Aqua Drill, ASA<br />

Holding, Bascov, Buzau, Craiova, Dafora, <strong>Drilling</strong> Co. Buzau, Foradex, Formin, Foserco, Hametner,<br />

Hidraulic, Nabors, Petroconstruct, Ploiesti, Prodac, Ramnicu Valcea, Romfor, Rompetrol <strong>Drilling</strong>, Targu<br />

Mures, Tacrom, Tehnotop, Videle, Zadareni) – carry out drilling, completion and workover works for oil<br />

and gas wells, shallow and deep water wells for drinkable and industrial water, also geothermal water<br />

wells, most <strong>of</strong> them come completely equipped.<br />

The drilling rigs for oil and gas are driven by DH (diesel with hydraulic torque converters), EC (electric<br />

SCR – conversion system fed from network) and DEC (diesel electric SCR – conversion system), equipped<br />

with BOP, measurement and control devices, mud logging units, etc.<br />

Other Members - companies <strong>of</strong> the <strong>Association</strong> are able to perform geological and geophysical<br />

prospecting services, especially seismic (Prospectiuni), geophysical logging (Atlas GIP; Georex);<br />

cementing jobs and special operations (Rompetrol Well Services); directional drilling works and control<br />

<strong>of</strong> the well; performance <strong>of</strong> the borehole routes (Atlas GIP, DDS - Directional <strong>Drilling</strong> Service); repair<br />

and maintenance <strong>of</strong> diesel engines, generators, drilling equipment, tools and accessories and materials for<br />

oil industry (Cameron, Confind, Despa, Grup Petromecanic, Petal, Phoenix-Unio, Rig Service, RO-Niro,<br />

Service Faur, Silcotub-Tenaris, UPET, Uztel, Weatherford, Workshop & Transport Base -,,BAT”); nondestructive<br />

inspections - SONOSCOP type, and repair <strong>of</strong> casing and tubing (IOT Dosco, Tubex, Tuboscop<br />

Vetco); perform <strong>of</strong> air electrical lines, pipelines for low, medium and high

pressures (Condmag, Energopetrol, Georom Electric Consulting, ICPE – Actel, Videle); chemicals,<br />

additives and services for drilling mud (Chimforex Pleasa, Fitpol, Mud-Data-Rom); supply <strong>of</strong> oil<br />

equipment and tools (Dosco Petro-Services, Loosbrock); geothermal heat/cold pumps (ASA Holding);<br />

manufacture stationary and self-propelled drilling rigs (UPET Targoviste), the transportable rigs and<br />

other equipment, including production oil and gas equipment, consultance, training and other<br />

activities (B.A.T. Bascov, B.A.T. Targoviste, Central, Chircu Prod-Impex, Edata, Euro System, Geea<br />

International Forwarders, Petroleum Club, Resources Project Group, S.I.P.G. - Campina).<br />

Drawing up technical and economic studies, and engineering well design for drilling (Expert Serv.<br />

Ploiesti), completion and work-over works connected with research and well stimulation jobs<br />

(projects/contracts).<br />

The <strong>Romanian</strong> <strong>Association</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Drilling</strong> <strong>Contractors</strong> (A.C.F.R.) attends domestic and international<br />

fairs, technical - scientific meetings and congresses concerning drilling activity.<br />

The <strong>Association</strong> is represented by it’s Executive Director, Mr. Dan Vasilescu, in the Committee <strong>of</strong> ISO<br />

Standardization - TC67/SC5 ( casing, tubing, drill pipe, drill collars ).

<strong>ACFR</strong> cooperates closely with the Society <strong>of</strong> Petroleum and Gas Engineers - Campina<br />

and the University for Oil and Gas - Ploiesti, Romania, in domains where their scientific<br />

research is applicable for oil and gas drilling activities.<br />

At present, several members - companies <strong>of</strong><br />

<strong>ACFR</strong> are developing their activities in the<br />

exploitation <strong>of</strong> oil and gas from the marginal<br />

fields <strong>of</strong> Romania.

The <strong>Romanian</strong> <strong>Drilling</strong> Companies, members <strong>of</strong> <strong>ACFR</strong>, are ready to<br />

provide, at any time and all over the world, the following services:<br />

• <strong>Drilling</strong>, completion, testing works and work-over works for oil<br />

and gas wells, geothermal water wells and water wells.<br />

• <strong>Drilling</strong> and completion <strong>of</strong> salt wells and <strong>of</strong><br />

CO2 wells.<br />

• Control and steering <strong>of</strong> the well paths.

S.C. Foraj Sonde Bascov<br />

Perform the following operations: drilling works and<br />

workover for oil and gas wells, surface works, access roads<br />

and agricultural restoration.<br />

The company has a fleet <strong>of</strong> 12 complete drilling<br />

rigs able to drill at maximum depths from 2000 m<br />

to 7000 m and mudlogging units type Diafor 2000<br />

and SMART LEVEL 2.<br />

Branch <strong>of</strong> S.C. Foraj Sonde Craiova from Bega Group.<br />

S.C. Foraj Sonde S.A. Buzau<br />

Perform the following operations: drilling works,<br />

completion, workover and repairs for hidrocarbons<br />

wells, having in supply drilling rigs able to drill till<br />

at maximum depths <strong>of</strong> 5000 m.<br />

The company also perform wells surface works (platforms, roads, strenthening<br />

ground, environment protection, agricultural restoration, etc.).

A lifetime drilling company<br />

S.C.Foraj Sonde S.A. Craiova<br />

Member <strong>of</strong> Bega Group.<br />

Perform the following operations: drilling works,<br />

workover and repairs for oil and gas wells, surface works,<br />

access roads and agricultural restoration.<br />

The company has a fleet <strong>of</strong> 6 complete drilling rigs able to drill at<br />

maximum depths from 2500 m to 7000 m and mudlogging units<br />

type Diafor 2000 and SMART LEVEL 2.<br />

S.C. DAFORA S.A. - Medias<br />

- Sucursala foraj -<br />

Perform the following operations: drilling works,<br />

completion, workover and repairs for oil and gas wells.<br />

The company have in supply 16 complete drilling rigs able to<br />

drill at maximum depths from 1200 m to 7000 m and<br />

mudlogging units type Geoservice.<br />

The company develop abroad activities in Africa and France.

S.C. FORADEX S.A. Bucuresti<br />

Perform the following operations: drilling works,<br />

completion, workover and repairs for oil, gas, carbon<br />

dioxide and salt and underground water (drinkable,<br />

industrial, geothermal and mineral water) wells.<br />

• Geological works for explore and exploitation <strong>of</strong> decorativ rocks (marble, limestone);<br />

The company have in supply 12 complete drilling rigs able to drill at maximum depths<br />

from 1200 m to 5000 m for oil, carbon dioxide, salt and geothermal water wells as well<br />

as 4 mudlogging units.<br />

For the underground water (drinkable, industrial, geothermal and mineral water) drilling,<br />

the company have in supply 20 drilling rigs able to drill at maximum depths from<br />

90 m to 600 m.<br />

The company develop abroad activities in Africa, Kazakhstan and Bulgaria.<br />

S.C. FOSERCO S.A. Targu Ocna<br />

Member <strong>of</strong> Weatherford Group.<br />

Perform the following operations: drilling<br />

works, completion, workover and repairs<br />

for oil, gas and underground water wells.<br />

The company have in supply 17 complete drilling rigs able to drill at<br />

maximum depths from 1200 m to 6000 m and also mudlogging units.<br />

For the underground water drilling, the company have in supply<br />

drilling rigs able to drill at maximum depth <strong>of</strong> 150 m.<br />

The company develop also abroad activities in Kazakhstan.


Moinesti<br />

Perform the following operations: drilling works, completion,<br />

workover and repairs for oil and gas wells, having in supply<br />

complete drilling rigs able to drill till at maximum depths <strong>of</strong><br />

2800 m.<br />

The company also perform wells surface<br />

works (platforms, roads, strenthening<br />

ground, environment protection,<br />

agricultural restoration, etc.).<br />

S.C. Foraj Sonde S.A. Ploiesti<br />

Perform the following operations: drilling works,<br />

completion, workover and repairs for oil and gas as<br />

well as wells surface works (platforms, roads,<br />

strenthening ground, environment protection,<br />

agricultural restoration, etc.).<br />

The company have in supply complete drilling rigs able to drill till at<br />

maximum depths <strong>of</strong> 7000 m as well as mudlogging units.

S.C. Foraj Sonde Ramnicu Valcea<br />

Perform the following operations: drilling works,<br />

completion, workover and repairs for oil and gas as well as<br />

wells surface works (platforms, roads, strenthening<br />

ground, agricultural restoration, including<br />

electric lines, etc.).<br />

The company have in supply complete drilling rigs<br />

able to drill till at maximum depths <strong>of</strong> 6000 m and<br />

mudlogging units.<br />

S.C. ROMFOR S.A.<br />

Boldesti - Scaieni<br />

Perform the following operations: drilling works, completion,<br />

workover and repairs for hidrocarbons wells, having in supply<br />

complete drilling rigs able to drill at maximum depths from 1200 m<br />

to 6000 m and mudlogging units.<br />

Branch <strong>of</strong> S.C. Foraj Sonde Craiova from Bega Group.<br />

The company develop also abroad activities in Africa.


<strong>Drilling</strong> Branch - Bucuresti<br />

Perform the following operations: drilling works, completion,<br />

workover and repairs for hidrocarbons wells in Romania and in<br />

foreign countries, having in supply adequate drilling rigs.<br />

S.C. Foraj Sonde S.A.<br />

Targu Mures<br />

Perform the following operations: drilling works, completion, workover<br />

and repairs for hidrocarbons wells, having in supply 11 drilling rigs (one<br />

with top-drive) able to drill till at maximum depths <strong>of</strong> 6000 m.<br />

The company also perform wells surface works (platforms, roads,<br />

strenthening ground, environment protection, agricultural restoration, etc.).

S.C. Foraj Sonde S.A.<br />

Videle<br />

Perform the following operations: drilling works, completion,<br />

workover and repairs for hidrocarbons wells, having in supply<br />

drilling rigs able to drill till at maximum depths <strong>of</strong> 2300 m.<br />

The company also perform wells surface works<br />

(platforms, roads, strenthening ground, environment<br />

protection, agricultural restoration, etc.).<br />

S.C. Foraj Sonde Zadareni<br />

Branch <strong>of</strong> S.C. Foraj Sonde<br />

Craiova from Bega Group.<br />

Perform the following operations:<br />

drilling works, workover and repairs for oil and gas<br />

wells as well as wells surface works (platforms, roads,<br />

strenthening ground, environment protection,<br />

agricultural restoration, etc.).<br />

The company have in supply 7 complete drilling rigs<br />

able to drill at maximum depths from 1200 m to 7000 m.

Companies which carry out drilling <strong>of</strong> shallow and deep wells, for underground<br />

waters (drinkable, industrial, mineral and geothermal), including underground<br />


(<strong>Drilling</strong> for hydrocarbons and underground waters)<br />

FORMIN - Caransebes<br />

(Underground waters drilling and underground crosses)<br />

ADDITIV FOREX - Caransebes<br />

(Underground waters drilling and underground crosses)<br />


(<strong>Drilling</strong> for hydrocarbons and underground waters)<br />

AQUA DRILL - Pitesti - Arges<br />

(Underground water drilling)<br />

crosses and for the “heat-cold pump”<br />

HAMETNER - Ploiesti<br />

(Underground waters drilling and underground crosses)<br />


(<strong>Drilling</strong> for hydrocarbons and underground waters)<br />

FORADEX - Bucuresti<br />

(<strong>Drilling</strong> for hydrocarbons and underground waters)<br />

PRODAC - Bucuresti<br />

(Underground water drilling)<br />

ASA HOLDING - Bucuresti<br />

(<strong>Drilling</strong> for the “heat - cold pump”)<br />

FORAJ SONDE VIDELE - Teleorman<br />

(<strong>Drilling</strong> for hydrocarbons and underground waters)

F - 400

F - 320

F - 200

F - 125

F - 100

T - 50



learn to see beyond the appearances<br />

Located in Ploiesti, the economic, cultural and social center <strong>of</strong> Prahova county,<br />

the Petroleum-Gas University has become the intellectual core <strong>of</strong> the city.<br />

Its evolution has pursued the scientific,<br />

economic and social changes, trying<br />

continually to <strong>of</strong>fer its students the best<br />

opportunities to learn and grow to meet<br />

the demands <strong>of</strong> their future.<br />

The University was founded in Bucharest in 1948, under the name <strong>of</strong> Petroleum and Gas Institute<br />

(PGI) and it had at the time two faculties: the <strong>Drilling</strong>-Production Faculty (later on named the<br />

Faculty <strong>of</strong> Reservoir Engineering and at present the Faculty <strong>of</strong> Petroleum Engineering) and the<br />

Faculty <strong>of</strong> Petroleum Refining (later on named the Faculty <strong>of</strong> Petroleum and Gas Processing and<br />

Chemistry and at present the Faculty <strong>of</strong> Petroleum Refining and Petrochemistry).<br />

In 1950, the following faculties were added: the Faculty <strong>of</strong> Oil Machines and Equipment (later on<br />

named the Faculty <strong>of</strong> Technological Equipment, and at present, to better express the field <strong>of</strong> activity<br />

and its specialties, the Faculty <strong>of</strong> Mechanical and Electrical Engineering), the Faculty <strong>of</strong> Economics<br />

and Organization <strong>of</strong> Petroleum Industry (it functioned until 1968) and the Faculty <strong>of</strong> Petroleum and<br />

Gas Deposits Geology (later on named the Faculty <strong>of</strong> Geology due to extending the field <strong>of</strong> activity<br />

after the transfer, in 1957, <strong>of</strong> the Faculty <strong>of</strong> Geology from the Geology and Mining Institute <strong>of</strong><br />

Bucharest). In 1957, because <strong>of</strong> these structural modifications, the PGI changed its name into the<br />

Petroleum, Gas and Geology Institute (PGGI) <strong>of</strong> Bucharest.<br />

Between 1967 and 1974, the PGGI <strong>of</strong> Bucharest was transferred to Ploiesti under the name <strong>of</strong> the<br />

Petroleum and Gas Institute (PGI) except for the Faculty <strong>of</strong> Geology, which became part <strong>of</strong> the<br />

University <strong>of</strong> Bucharest in 1974.

The society's development is mainly determined by the performance <strong>of</strong> its educational process as this<br />

process leads to the training <strong>of</strong> specialists.<br />

A highly efficient academic system presupposes an existing high level <strong>of</strong> scientific research, based on a<br />

research-teaching synergy and expert trainers in the teaching and research process. Research and<br />

development (R&D) represents a first step towards world recognition <strong>of</strong> the Petroleum-Gas University<br />

<strong>of</strong> Ploiesti (PGU). The teaching staff from the PGU strives for a quality-based research work. Their<br />

research work goes in two main directions, the development <strong>of</strong> traditional fields/specializations <strong>of</strong> our<br />

University, on the one hand, and the foundation <strong>of</strong> newly created specializations, on the other.<br />

In the academic year 2009 - 20010, the University has over 9000 domestic<br />

and foreign students and over 750 teaching positions ( pr<strong>of</strong>essors, associate<br />

pr<strong>of</strong>essors, lecturers, assistant lecturers, tutors).

Mr. Andrew Costin<br />

- Presidet <strong>of</strong> Petroleum Club<br />

<strong>of</strong> Romania and General<br />

Director <strong>of</strong> Petroleum<br />

Industry Review -<br />

In November 2001 a group <strong>of</strong> businessmen from the oil industry has considered necessary and welcome<br />

to create a national private organization that was set up as a forum for all those involved in this field.<br />

Decided to name it Petroleum Club - a large denomination used by similar organizations in Western<br />

Europe and North America. After eight years <strong>of</strong> activity, the member’s structure reflects the special interest<br />

<strong>of</strong> all those involved in the activities and initiatives <strong>of</strong> Petroleum Club <strong>of</strong> Romania (PCOR).<br />

PCOR is a non-governmental and non-pr<strong>of</strong>its association designed to establish an ideal communication<br />

for those who work in oil and gas industry and wish to cultivate and develop relationships with their peers<br />

at the highest level. The club allows those involved in the industry to explore new opportunities and new<br />

ways <strong>of</strong> dialogue with the <strong>Romanian</strong> authorities and international organizations.<br />

The members <strong>of</strong> Petroleum Club are The <strong>Romanian</strong> <strong>Association</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Drilling</strong> <strong>Contractors</strong> – <strong>ACFR</strong> which<br />

has 64 member companies from the petroleum area, including the connected services and also prominent<br />

representatives <strong>of</strong> oil, gas, energy industry and specific machine-buildings, but also members <strong>of</strong> the<br />

governmental structures, the Academy, in financial, consulting, lawyers, etc.<br />

Shortly, Petroleum Club <strong>of</strong> Romania represents:<br />

- suitable platform for development cooperation <strong>of</strong> the companies from the sector <strong>of</strong> oil, gas and energy, by<br />

providing information and expanding business opportunities at all levels;<br />

- a powerful lobby <strong>of</strong> the industry, characterized by dynamism and competence, which protects the oil<br />

industry in Romania;<br />

- a creative environment, dedicated to success and promotion <strong>of</strong> interests and initiatives in the industry;<br />

- a social opportunity for all pr<strong>of</strong>essionals from oil, gas and energy industry.<br />

The club regular organizes events that allow meeting with business partners and colleagues in the<br />

manner <strong>of</strong> formal, and also informal, identify important topics, invite guests to mark and create a<br />

supportive environment and debates.

Geological and Geophysical Service Provider-PROSPECTIUNI S.A.-has an<br />

outstanding unit <strong>of</strong> geological research for mineral resources both onshore and<br />

<strong>of</strong>fshore - on the Black Sea Continental Platform.<br />

With more than 50 years <strong>of</strong> experience in this field, the Company has<br />

redounded hydrocarbon deposits, coal deposits, metallic minerals, industrial<br />

rocks, salt, underground water.<br />

Geophysical and geological services for hydrocarbon survey:<br />

• 2D & 3D Seismic Modeling and Design<br />

On use MESA s<strong>of</strong>tware for 3D design and Planing. A detailed<br />

geological and geophysical the parameters <strong>of</strong> acquisition geometry<br />

in order to solve the geological objective.<br />

• 2D & 3D Seismic Data Acquisition Services<br />

There are five fully crews for 2D and 3D seismic data acquisition<br />

- All survey works are carried out with up-to-date equipment including Total<br />

Station Leica TC 805, TC 705 and GPS-RTK 530.<br />

- Seismic drilling works are performed with portable drilling rigs and rigs<br />

mounted on trucks, caterpillars, buggies.<br />

- Digital recording systems: •I/O System II and Image System and • Sercel 388<br />

- Shooting system - SHOTPRO Pelton with GPS incorporated.<br />

- To ensure a permanent check <strong>of</strong> data quality using SUN Platform<br />

with ProMAX S<strong>of</strong>tware (Landmark)<br />

- 6000 channels are available for 2D and/or 3D seismic works.<br />

- Vibroseis AHV- IV- 362.

•Seismic Data Procesing<br />

The latest specialized s<strong>of</strong>tware used is ProMAX, version 1998.6<br />

a product developed by Landmark<br />

- IBM`s 32 node (64 - CPU) eScreen Linux Cluster 1350,<br />

Net App`s FAS 270 date storage fiber.<br />

- Silicon Graphycs Origin 32oo.<br />

The s<strong>of</strong>tware package covers all possible<br />

seismic application, including the most<br />

recent methods, utilizing many interactive tools.<br />

•Seismic Data Interpretation<br />

PROSPECTIUNI Co. has a rich experience<br />

in different fields related to hydrocarbon survey,<br />

including outcorp data mapping, seismic data<br />

interpretation, basin analyses, tectonic and stratigraphic<br />

studies, new-field wildcat well projects.<br />

•Services<br />

- 2D and 3D modeling and design,<br />

seismic data acquisition, seismic<br />

data processing and interpretation;<br />

- Seismo-stratigraphic basin analyses;<br />

- Hydrocarbon potential evaluation studies;<br />

- Sedimentology, lithostratigraphic, and<br />

tectonic studies;<br />

- New-field wildcat well projects.

Geological and Geophysical services for mineral resources and underground water<br />

• Geological Prospecting<br />

- Geological prospecting in sedimentary, igneous<br />

and metamorphic rocks, mining works and shallow<br />

drillings for all minerals;<br />

- Geological raw data processing and interpretation,<br />

geological studies and syntheses, resource estimation;<br />

- Geo-economic expertise and technical consulting;<br />

- Technical-economic documentation for exploration<br />

and exploitation licenses obtaining.<br />

•Geochemical Prospecting<br />

- Pedo, litho, bio and hydro-geochemical prospecting<br />

for base metals, cooper, gold-silver;<br />

- Geochemical prospecting for hydrocarbons and<br />

geothermal water;<br />

- Geochemical raw data processing and interpretation;<br />

- Environmental geochemical studies..<br />

•Hydro-geological Prospecting<br />

- Surface research hydro-geological drilling and electrical measurements are to<br />

identify underground, drinking, industrial, mineral and thermal water;<br />

- Hydro-geological and piezometrical drilling for hydro-geological parameters<br />

determination, using tests for aquifers on production parameters;<br />

- Outlining and estimation <strong>of</strong> drinking, industrial, mineral and thermal water<br />

resources, drawing up programs for exploitation.<br />

•Geotehnical Prospecting<br />

- Surface research, light mining works and drilling outlining and assesing ores,<br />

non-ferrous and industrial rocks deposit;<br />

- Studies on landslide and other actual dynamic processes;<br />

- Drawing up programs for terrain stabilization and preventing landslide;<br />

- Prospecting, exploration and exploitation programs for industrial and<br />

ornamental rocks.<br />

•Geophysical Prospecting<br />

- Gravity measurements;<br />

- Magnetic prospecting;<br />

- Magneto-telluric prospecting;<br />

- Electric and electromagnetic prospecting;<br />

- Geophysical raw data processing.<br />

•Geological Analyses Laboratory<br />

-Chemical analyses;<br />

- Petro-physical determinations;<br />

- Mineralogical and Petrografical;<br />

- Paleontological determinations;<br />

- Geochronological Analyses (Rb-Sr)

Branch <strong>of</strong> Weatherford


1. <strong>Drilling</strong> parameters give continuous wellsite monitoring <strong>of</strong> Date & Time; Hole depth, Bit depth, Hook position and ROP;<br />

Rotary table RPM; Pit volumes – individual, active and total (for 3 pits); Hookload and weight on bit; Pump strokes (for 2<br />

pumps);<br />

Pump volume; Total Annular and Pipe Volume; Temperature In and Out; “D” and “Dc” Exponent.<br />

2.Gas – Chromatography:<br />

Continuous qualitative hydrocarbon analyses from C1 to nC4 and also parasite gases such as H2, CO2, using mud trap;<br />

Quantitative and qualitative content <strong>of</strong> hydrocarbons (C1 to nC4) in mud samples using a vacuum method (V.M.S.);<br />

Theoretical estimation <strong>of</strong> potential and gas saturation <strong>of</strong> the formation;<br />

Lag – time method for accurate interpretation ;<br />

Connection / Trip gas.<br />

3.Geological Laboratory:<br />

Sample collection and processing at prescribed intervals;<br />

Zoom microscope;<br />

Sample description / chemical and geological analysis;<br />

Shale density determination;<br />

Quantitative fluorescence techniques.<br />


Directional drilling survey Directional drilling services Rent drilling equipment<br />

Single Shot Griffith downhole motors for oriented drilling Griffith downhole motors<br />

Magnetic Monoshot Steering Tool Rotary Swivel<br />

Magnetic Multishot Non magnetic Drillcollar<br />


Georex Group<br />

Integrated Expertise in the Service <strong>of</strong> the Petroleum Industry<br />

Over 35 years experience in geosciences GEOREX <strong>of</strong>fers studies assistance in geology, geophysics, geochemistry and reservoir<br />

engineering. Our team is composed <strong>of</strong> highly qualified engineers and technicians and provides our customers with high quality<br />

efficient and personalized services.<br />

GEOREX carry on its activity in range <strong>of</strong> products and services through our<br />


FORM.<br />

GEOREX ASSISTANCE TECHNIQUE provides to the petroleum industry different<br />

services to the exploration and development projects<br />

• Geoscience studies<br />

• Site operations<br />

• Geological analysis laboratory<br />

GEONUMERIC is specialized in high quality data management - digitizing<br />

(scanning and vectorizing) - transcription and processing services to the oil and<br />

gas industry.<br />

GEO-FORM in association with its partners GEO FORUM develops a series <strong>of</strong><br />

training seminars in its Paris based facility or an Client site on geology<br />

geophysics and assistance in s<strong>of</strong>tware acquisition.


Assistance in data loading, reconciliation and validation using the industry s<strong>of</strong>tware, at basin or prospect scale, for qualitative aspects.<br />

Seismic management<br />

Data administration<br />

Navigation QC and matching<br />

Corporate & Studies databases<br />

Interpretation retrieval & update<br />

Standard Representation Process<br />

Time to depth conversion<br />

Cartographic management<br />

Data administration and QC<br />

Regional geodetic standard set up<br />

Corporate & Studies databases<br />

System interoperability<br />

Final map production<br />

Connectivity between applications and GIS<br />

LAS Reconstruction<br />

Rasterization and Vectorizing<br />

LAS formatting<br />

QC validation<br />

Composite Log construction<br />

Well management<br />

Data administration and QC<br />

Corporate & studies databases<br />

Core, pressure, production data analysis<br />

Interpretation retrieval & update<br />

Repeatable Data Processing Workflow<br />

Connectivity between application and GIS<br />


Map reconstruction<br />

Geo-Rastering<br />

Data layering<br />

Data reconciliation<br />

Geological 3D block construction<br />

Geomatics<br />

Audit, cartography and geodesy<br />

Remote sensing and satellite imagery<br />

Digital terrain modeling<br />

GIS and CAD database design<br />

SEG-Y Reconstruction<br />

Image processing, Black &White, color<br />

SEG-Y format<br />

Georeferencing - Trace header<br />

Post-stack processing<br />

3 D block reconstruction and cleaning

A lifetime drilling company<br />

S.C.Foraj Sonde S.A. Craiova<br />

Member <strong>of</strong> Bega Group.<br />

With over 10.000 wells, depths between 400 and 7.000 meters all over the<br />

world and 50 years <strong>of</strong> tradition within the crude oil field, we have been<br />

appointed by important global oil companies as the most efficient and<br />

trustworthy business partner.<br />

The <strong>Drilling</strong> Divison <strong>of</strong> Bega Grup, FORAJ SONDE CRAIOVA includes one big Oil<br />

<strong>Drilling</strong> Company, constituted by the merging in 2008 <strong>of</strong> Craiova <strong>Drilling</strong> Company with three<br />

other important drilling companies: Bascov <strong>Drilling</strong> Company, Valcea <strong>Drilling</strong> Company and<br />

Zadareni <strong>Drilling</strong> Company.<br />

The company’s 50 years <strong>of</strong> history almost merge with the history <strong>of</strong> modern drilling in<br />

Romania. Following a succession <strong>of</strong> growth and development, FORAJ SONDE CRAIOVA<br />

has evolved into an international contractor providing services in 23 countries for some <strong>of</strong> the<br />

world's most recognized operators, performing drilling activities in the European Community,<br />

as well as almost everywhere around the drilling globe: Russia, Algeria, India, Greece, Kuwait,<br />

Jordan, Ecuador, Cuba, Iraq, Venezuela.<br />

Our impressive pr<strong>of</strong>essional background (50 years) and the strong experience (around 10.000<br />

wells with depths between 400 and 7.000 meters) within the crude oil field recommended us as<br />

one <strong>of</strong> the most serious business partners in this field. Our success over this entire lifetime is<br />

due to our constant efforts aimed at developing our assets by efficient policy, competent<br />

selection and good management.


Principal Domain <strong>of</strong> Activity:<br />

Continuing a tradition <strong>of</strong> over 95 years, involved in providing a full range <strong>of</strong> equipments and services in drilling,<br />

orientated to meet consumer demands, , Foraj Sonde SA Targu-Mures-TMDRILL, executes: .<br />

-conventional and directional drilling to put in evidence deposit <strong>of</strong> hydrocarbons, as well as recovery <strong>of</strong> these;<br />

-flowing tests in drilling wells;<br />

-Workover operations;<br />

-Rigging up and down;<br />

-Road access and site facilities<br />

-Typical transports<br />

-Repairs <strong>of</strong> drilling tools and typical equipments<br />

Offers:<br />

-continuous investigation <strong>of</strong> bore hole using MLU Cabin<br />

- wells design consultancy and design;<br />

-solutions and assistance to maintain relogice properties <strong>of</strong> drilling fluid using specific equipment;<br />

- solutions and assistance to protect ecosystems in areas <strong>of</strong> activity using floculation units;<br />

--Management consulting and market management.<br />

Owned:<br />

- a fleet consisting <strong>of</strong> 11 drilling rigs type: F320, F200, F125, F100, TDA 160 mobile,<br />

MR7000XS and MR8000 semimobile with top drive able to drill up to 6000m;<br />

-shale sakers type SWACO , BREND;<br />

-high speed centrifugi Swaco 514 si 418;<br />

-Floculation Units;<br />

-investigation cabs type MLU;<br />

-instrumentation type Martin Decker, Wagner ;<br />

-Fleet <strong>of</strong> heavy, light, oversize transport vehicles.

S.C. Foraj Sonde S.A. Videle<br />

The main field <strong>of</strong> activity <strong>of</strong> our society is drilling and putting on<br />

production wells. The background <strong>of</strong> over 2 billion meters drilled<br />

recommends it as one <strong>of</strong> the most experienced societies in low and medium<br />

depth drilling, at a maximum depth <strong>of</strong> 2200 meters. Regarding its equipment, FSV<br />

owns for rigs which weigh 70 metric tons (T50) and one rig which weighs 100 metric<br />

tons (F100).<br />

Having a vast experience and the necessary equipment, FSV may perform highly complex water supply<br />

works, starting with wells execution, regardless <strong>of</strong> their structure and depth and finishing with supply<br />

and distribution networks execution.<br />

Using a new technology, FSV performs internal plastics insulation <strong>of</strong> new or regenerated metallic<br />

pipes, in a very large range <strong>of</strong> diameters between 2 and 20 inches. The pipelines obtained in this<br />

manner are destined mainly to corrosive and/or abrasive fluid transport under pressure.<br />

Yet, they are suited for water supply or gas transport too. FSV may also perform<br />

pipeline assembly, upon request. The pipelines using internal insulated metal<br />

pipes have a longer life, as shown by the fact that no problem with leaks or<br />

fissuration occurred until the present day in their exploitation. The assembly <strong>of</strong><br />

the pipelines sections is made using a special rubber sealing or a plastic nipple<br />

joint, both <strong>of</strong> this elements being provided with the internal insulated pipes.<br />

Using research results, FSV built up oil stocking and separation facilities. The design <strong>of</strong> these grounds<br />

it is ingenious and it was efficient in the case <strong>of</strong> Cosoaia oil-field exploitation. Also, in the research<br />

compartment <strong>of</strong> our society was realized a prototype <strong>of</strong> an oil extraction rig from depleted oil fields.<br />

This rig doesn’t employ bottom pumps, extraction pipes and pumping rods but only a textile belt<br />

operated from the surface, where the oil and the deposit water are collected. The results achieved so far<br />

are particularly hopeful.<br />

Putting to good use the legal approval <strong>of</strong> the waste dumping in very deep layers <strong>of</strong> soil method, FSV<br />

builds up complex equipments consisting <strong>of</strong> surface rigs and oil wells meant for this purpose.The<br />

scientific support <strong>of</strong> the concerned issue is given by the cooperation with a group <strong>of</strong> university<br />

pr<strong>of</strong>essors having experience in this activity. This method is used in the case <strong>of</strong> Cosoaia oil-field<br />

exploitation for dumping wasted water resulted in oil separation.

Field <strong>of</strong> activity<br />

Supervisors for guidance<br />

Motivated engineers, with experience.<br />

HAMETNER Company<br />

HAMETNER drilling company is privately owned and performs services for oil and gas industry.<br />

Our innovative solutions and the ability in finding alternatives when problems occur during the<br />

drilling works was a major factor in the relationships with our customers.<br />

Services<br />

A. <strong>Drilling</strong> for water, heat pumps, consolidations, geological research<br />

Features 5 different size drilling rigs.<br />

B. <strong>Drilling</strong> for oil and gas wells<br />

Tracking the directional drilling program assisted by a computer based on an operating<br />

system with an integrated s<strong>of</strong>tware, monitoring and management plan plotting.<br />

In the project <strong>of</strong> the drilling hole, the bottom whole (DD-Tools) is designed according to the<br />

hole trends and the mechanical loading. The hydraulic program has to optimize the<br />

advancement <strong>of</strong> the bit and hydraulic engine.<br />

<strong>Drilling</strong> Tools<br />

Recently have been made nonmagnetic drill-colars,<br />

crooked reductions and adjustable angle reductions,<br />

high quality.<br />

Bottom engines<br />

Are available all sizes <strong>of</strong> BICO Flex Drill Series, P 150, P 150 XL, P 360 and bottom engine in tandem with<br />

stabilizers. Provides a wide range <strong>of</strong> torques, the fluid flow and the speed <strong>of</strong> advancement rate, order for the<br />

requirements <strong>of</strong> the operators.

Member EGEC – European Geothermal Energy Council<br />

Member IGSHPA – Intl Ground Source Heat Pump <strong>Association</strong><br />

Member <strong>ACFR</strong> – <strong>Romanian</strong> <strong>Drilling</strong> <strong>Contractors</strong> <strong>Association</strong><br />

Member AMCHAM – American Chamber <strong>of</strong> Commerce in Romania<br />



� Heating, ventilation, cooling reversible systems<br />

� Residential, commercial and industrial applications<br />

� Renewable source <strong>of</strong> thermal energy<br />

� 50 – 70% energy and financial savings<br />

� No maintenance needed; no air, water and soil<br />

pollution<br />

� ASA – Over 85% <strong>of</strong> the <strong>Romanian</strong> market<br />

� Qualified and certified specialists by IGSHPA – SUA<br />

� HVAC components from USA (heat pumps, PEHD<br />

pipes)<br />

� Medium and high deep drillings<br />

� Dealer for FRASTE (Italy) drilling<br />

equipments<br />

� National and international certifications

Established in the year 1993 under the name <strong>of</strong> Additiv Forex SRL Caransebes, S.C.”ADDITIV FOREX SRL”<br />

CARANSEBES, has the main activity object, research in the prospecting phases and exploitation <strong>of</strong> pay-ore,<br />

discovering, in this period, solid and liquid pay ore deposits.<br />

Considering the activity it had been developing since its establishment to present, S.C.”ADDITIV FOREX SRL”<br />

CARANSEBES <strong>of</strong>fers a theoretical and practical experience in this field.<br />

Member <strong>of</strong> <strong>ACFR</strong> (<strong>Drilling</strong> <strong>Contractors</strong> <strong>Association</strong> in Romania) and a member <strong>of</strong> IADC (International<br />

<strong>Association</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Drilling</strong> <strong>Contractors</strong> ) .<br />

The company’s commercial activity has had an increasing evolution since 1993 when the turnover progressively<br />

increased. There also increased the number <strong>of</strong> equipments reaching in 2006 to 8 geological equipments, generators,<br />

compressors, built-on pump etc<br />

The total number <strong>of</strong> employees has also increased in the same period.<br />

S.C.”ADDITIV FOREX SRL” Caransebes is one <strong>of</strong> the economical companies from the south-west<br />

part <strong>of</strong> the country with a complex potential regarding the design, execution and documentation <strong>of</strong> geological<br />

work, <strong>of</strong> research represented by surface, underground ore works, and by geological and hydrogeological drillings.<br />

the company has lately identified and diversified its activity in the field <strong>of</strong> works design for obtaining the<br />

research and exploitation permits and licenses for any type <strong>of</strong> pay-ore.<br />

In the year 2005 ADDITIV FOREX has started producing the first <strong>Romanian</strong> equipment “TOP DRIVE ”<br />

under the name <strong>of</strong> MINIMOTO that can drill between 0 and 100 meters


Directional <strong>Drilling</strong> Service Gmbh (S.R.L.) is an independent self supported service company to the<br />

oil and gas industry. DDS has provided an accurate and reliable service for more than a decade.<br />

Services:<br />

Well Planning - The Computer - Aided Directional and Survey program is an integrated s<strong>of</strong>tware<br />

system for planning, monitoring and platting a directional drilling plan. The Bottom -Hole-Assembly<br />

(DD-Tools) program assist in designing bottom-hole assemblies by predicting BHA built/ drop<br />

tendencies and mechanical loading. The <strong>Drilling</strong> Torque and Drag program furnishes a complete<br />

analysis <strong>of</strong> torque and axial loading on the drill-string in directional and or horizontal wells.<br />

<strong>Drilling</strong> Tools - Recently manufactured high quality Non Magnetic Drill Collars, Bentsubs and<br />

Crossover subs.<br />

Directional Supervisors - An enthusiastic team <strong>of</strong> motivated and experienced engineers.<br />

Mud Motors - All sizes <strong>of</strong> BICO Flex Drill Series P 150, P 150 XL, P 360 and Tandem Stabilized<br />

Steerable Motors are available, slick as well as straight.<br />

Survey service - MAGNETIC SYSTEMS including MWD, Single Shot and Multishot Instruments,<br />

Steering Tools and Electronic Multishot.




Services for oil, gas and water wells include:<br />

�Cementing<br />

�Stimulation<br />

�Sand Control<br />

�Testing<br />

�Slickline<br />

�Casing Running<br />

�Nitrogen Operations<br />

�Rental Tools<br />

Equipment is used in:<br />

�Cementing surface, intermediate and production strings <strong>of</strong> casing<br />

�Squeeze cementing<br />

�Plugging back with cement to shut <strong>of</strong>f bottom-hole water and for<br />

sidetracking purposes<br />

�Plugging-<strong>of</strong>f crevices, cavities, leaks and “thirsty” formations that cause<br />

lost circulation<br />

�Chemical Stimulation<br />

�Nitrogen Treatments<br />

�Pressure pumping to:<br />

�Test casing, connections and pipelines<br />

�Kill wild wells<br />

�Establish circulation around casing or stuck<br />

drill pipe<br />

�Determine location <strong>of</strong> leaks in split casing<br />

�Open and Cased Hole Testing<br />

�Slickline Services<br />

�Casing and Liner Running<br />

�Equipment Rentals<br />

�Tools Rental<br />

�Consolidating loose sand formations (Gravel -<br />

Pack)<br />

CEMENT<br />


· Control <strong>of</strong> blow up phenomena<br />

Cameron perform, among other things: blowout preventers,<br />

christmas trees, casing heads, subsurface sucker rod pumps,<br />

parallel gate valves, flanged or threaded ends, with threaded or<br />

weld neck companion flanges.

Starting from (31st <strong>of</strong> May, 1991, with 100% private capital) its earliest<br />

day, “CONFIND” proposed to itself as a key goal to bring into the<br />

<strong>Romanian</strong> industrial environment the most recent trends <strong>of</strong> the uniquely<br />

and complex universe <strong>of</strong> the production <strong>of</strong> machinery, installations and<br />

parts meant to satisfy the requirements <strong>of</strong> a modern economy.<br />

The pr<strong>of</strong>essionalism <strong>of</strong> the company’s specialists, the wide range <strong>of</strong> products comparable to that<br />

<strong>of</strong> the competitors in terms <strong>of</strong> prices and tariffs, but superior in terms <strong>of</strong> quality, with right-ontime<br />

delivery terms, in addition to the low-price policy, have propelled CONFIND high up in the<br />

line <strong>of</strong> business, both at home and abroad.<br />

Handling and Fishing Tools for <strong>Drilling</strong> Rigs, Oil and Gas Wells, Spares

Separators facilities, special plants, oil fields equipment, tanks, oil fuels modules

Containerized modules - complete accommodation containers for camps ( bedrooms, toilettes,<br />

studies, meeting halls, snack-bar, dinning rooms ), steel structured buildings assembled at site.

RO -NIRO Company - Medias<br />

RO-NIRO carry out complete encampments for the camp-work’s organization afferent to the drilling rigs:<br />

• Bedroom Container: beds, cushions, table, chairs, 2 boards, complete linen, hangers, heating convector;<br />

• Eating-room Container: 3 tables, 12 chairs, furniture, fridge, hangers;<br />

• Club Container: similar with the Eating-room Container and T.V.;<br />

• Office Container: 2 desks, boards, chairs, fridge, c<strong>of</strong>fee-maker, hangers, electrical convector;<br />

• Lavatory Container: douche cabin, washstands, mirrors, stands, towel support,<br />

hangers, electrical boiler for worm water, electrical convector;<br />

• Supervisor container: two rooms (<strong>of</strong>fice + bedroom) + bathroom (douche, WC,<br />

washstand, electrical boiler), bed, cushion, night stand, complete linen, desk, chair,<br />

paper shelf;<br />

• Displaceable ecological WC Cabin: WC, water tank, washstand with foot pedal.<br />

Optional, the containers can be endow with air-condition.

RIG Service Company - Constanta (Port)<br />

Was set up in November, 2001, following a SNP Petrom’s decision <strong>of</strong> externalize<br />

the mechanic-energetic activity from seaside and the board <strong>of</strong> the drilling &<br />

production platforms from the Black Sea and abroad. The company has took over<br />

750 specialists able to:<br />

• operate, maintain and repair the equipments from the board <strong>of</strong> the drilling &<br />

production platforms;<br />

• move jack-up platforms;<br />

• operate, maintain the equipments <strong>of</strong> the station which shows the gasoline,<br />

exports the oil and gases from Terminal Midia;<br />

• NDT laboratory, ultrasonic nondestructive control, control with penetrating<br />

liquids and magnetic particles;<br />

• PRAM verifications; recurrently verifications <strong>of</strong> the electrical protections<br />

from the energetic systems <strong>of</strong> the ships and platforms;<br />

• stall tests, valves and vents<br />

verification (till 150 bars and<br />

150 mm diameter);<br />

• merchandise and persons<br />


UZTEL S.A. is one <strong>of</strong> the leading oilfield equipment<br />

manufacturers, providing as well the after-sales<br />

services. It has productions capacities and well-skilled<br />

personnel specialized in the field <strong>of</strong> the oil & gas<br />

equipment manufacturing and repairs.<br />

UZTEL’s quality system is certified by<br />

AEROQ and Germanischer Lloid.<br />

Entitling Uztel as a technological<br />

entity with a high degree <strong>of</strong><br />

independence, integration and multiple<br />

production capacities.<br />

The Company has an integrated production, with in-house<br />

design abilities applying high technology to conform with<br />

the API specification or the other standards.<br />

The Company has QA and QI departments, that benefit<br />

for modern labs, assuring the conformity with<br />

international standard ISO 9001 and API 6A, 6D, 10D,<br />


PETAL S.A. Commercial Company was founded in 1949 and has an experience <strong>of</strong><br />

more than 20 years in oil equipment processing, valves, industrial valves and over 30 years <strong>of</strong><br />

experience in the processing <strong>of</strong> metallurgical equipment.<br />

Our company is one <strong>of</strong> the best-known oil-plant units and oil field equipment for<br />

various geographical climate and environmental conditions, equipment items and spare parts<br />

made for the petroleum and pit gas drilling and extraction, industrial Christmas trees, geological<br />

equipment items, spare parts manufactured for metallurgical capital repairs.<br />

At present our company manufactures a rich set <strong>of</strong> products:<br />


► Cementing and fracturing units;<br />

► Wellheads and christmas trees for gas and oil;<br />

► Valves and chokes for neutral and low corrosive media (crude<br />

oil and other oil goods, bore-hole fluids, water and gases);<br />

► Spare parts for cementing units and mud pumps.

SERVICE FAUR Company - Bucharest<br />

Was set up in 1997, when was assumed the activity <strong>of</strong><br />

technical assistance and service with the endowments<br />

and the specialists from the FAUR Company.<br />

The object <strong>of</strong> activity:<br />

a) Production activities, capital and current<br />

reparations, mounting and putting in service,<br />

technical assistance and service for:<br />

• Diesel engines, electrical engines, power energy<br />

groups and components;<br />

• rolling material: locomotives, carriages, machines<br />

which support the railway;<br />

• trams, undergrounds and components;<br />

• bogies and components;<br />

• compressors for air, natural gases, etc., and<br />

components;<br />

• aggregates and thermal & electrical equipments.<br />

b) Technical consulting, designing, mediating contracts for industrial equipments;<br />

c) Marketing with spare parts, industrial components;<br />

d) Import - export industrial equipments, rough material, materials, assembly.

PHOENIX UNIO Company - Satu Mare<br />

It is a branch, in Romania, <strong>of</strong> TAURUS EMERGE with the experience during more than 50<br />

years <strong>of</strong> manufacture in: High Pressure and Special Hoses for the Oil Industry, Hydraulic<br />

Hoses, Conveyor Belts, Standard and Specialized Rubber Sheet and Matting, etc.<br />

Among the main Products manufacturing <strong>of</strong> the company are:<br />

Type B<br />

Type A<br />

The difference between this and the basic type A is that the<br />

construction contains a laminated glassfibre or steel<br />

stiffening helix. These assure resistance to external stresses<br />

and axial loads.<br />

Type C<br />

Basic type. Beside pressure tight lining, the high strength<br />

steel cable reinforcements and cover are used only, no other<br />

special constructional element. No vacuum, external<br />

pressure or axial load are allowed to apply during operation.<br />

The cover can be normal, flame resistant or externally<br />

armoured with interlock stainless steel wrap.<br />

This type is either a variation <strong>of</strong> type A, or a combination <strong>of</strong> A and B<br />

types. Internal stainless steel stripwound tube is added to the<br />

construction to withstand the effect <strong>of</strong> gaseous mediums or to transport<br />

gas. This design withstands external pressure and axial loads.

CHIMFOREX Company<br />

Member <strong>of</strong> Bega Group.<br />

S.C.CHIMFOREX S.A. is a private owned <strong>Romanian</strong> company<br />

that <strong>of</strong>fers products for many branches <strong>of</strong> the industry like oil<br />

industry, metalurgy, constructions.<br />

The company was founded in 1951 with the declared purpose <strong>of</strong> providing additives for<br />

preparing the drilling fluids and for supporting the operations in the oil field industry.<br />

After the privatization the company became part <strong>of</strong> the BEGA GROUP and started to develop<br />

rapidly due to the quality and the wide range <strong>of</strong> its products.<br />

CHIMFOREX is specialized in preparing additives for drilling fluids and obtaining quartz<br />

sands, having in its portfolio products and services like:<br />

• Packing <strong>of</strong> oil layers<br />

• Preparing and conditioning drilling fluids<br />

• Filtering systems<br />

• Mixtures for foundries<br />

• Ranked quartz<br />

• Clay ground<br />

• Activated bentonite<br />

• Sodium humat<br />

• Ground limestone<br />

• Foundry quartz sand<br />

• Blasting quartz sand<br />

• Adhesive sand

FITPOL Company<br />

• Manufacture <strong>of</strong> drilling materials, mud and drilling fluids;<br />

• Additives for preparation and conditioning <strong>of</strong> drilling fluids;<br />

• Different liquid detergents used for cleaning casings, drilling pipes<br />

and drilling rigs – dirty with drilling mud and/ or oil residues or<br />

another kind <strong>of</strong> residues;<br />

• Materials for hydraulic fracturing and gravel packing operations;<br />

• Technical assistance for mud preparation/treatment on location;<br />

• Mud analyses;<br />

• Manufacturing <strong>of</strong> machines and specific equipment.


• <strong>Drilling</strong> fluids screen shakers with hydraulic<br />

adjustment ( screen surface 2.8 m 2 )<br />

• Solids centrifugal separator<br />

• Mobile blender unit ( skid )<br />

Motion<br />

• G-Force = 7,0 G’s nominal<br />

• Drive system: 2 pc. Martin,<br />

High G, Screen vibrator, 1,7 kW.<br />

• Centrifugal pump ( pumping unit )<br />

• Desilter - Desanter Centrifugal Block<br />

• 500, 1000, 1500, 3000 l/min. flow rate pumps<br />

• Preparation and<br />

accidizing unit<br />

• <strong>Drilling</strong> fluids slush pump<br />

• Recycling Unit ( 350, 1200, 2000 flow capacity )

Equipment<br />

Solid Control Equipment and Accessories<br />

• Shakers<br />

• Desanders<br />

• Desilters<br />

• Centrifugal pumps<br />

• Agitators<br />

• Degassers<br />

• Vacuum Degassers<br />

• Mud Guns<br />

• Butterfly valves<br />

• Mud cleaners<br />

Mud System

IOT - DOSCO Company - Tg. Jiu<br />

Main activity area:<br />

- Renting and reconditioning tubes materials (drill pipes, tool joint subs,<br />

kellys - square and hexagonal -, heavy weight drill pipes, drill collars, etc.);<br />

- The renting <strong>of</strong> milling tools and stabilizers;<br />

- Manufacturing and repairing <strong>of</strong> fishing tools;<br />

The company, with its own workshops,<br />

equipments and installations, carry out, among<br />

other things:<br />

- splinter process, controls and tests for tube<br />

materials, non-destructive control for drill pipes,<br />

stalls for hydraulic tests, installations for<br />

phosphoring <strong>of</strong> tubular materials, installations for checking the sizes and<br />

hardness (ap. Brinell) for tubular materials and for store all the categories <strong>of</strong><br />

tubular materials, after the resistance's degrees and the protect for the<br />


Oilfield<br />

Services<br />

Process & Power<br />

Plant Services<br />

TENARIS Silcotub Company - Zalau<br />

Pipeline<br />

Services<br />

Industrial &<br />

Automotive Services<br />

The company “mother” was set up in 1930 in Italy - Dalmine;<br />

from 2001 the company name is “Tenaris” and in 2004 was set up<br />

a branch to Silcotub - Zalau, having as main objects <strong>of</strong> activity:<br />

• tubular products and accessories for the oil and gas industry;<br />

• precision cold drawn pipes for the auto-moto industry;<br />

• components for auto-moto industry (airbag) and hydraulically<br />

cylinders.<br />

The company “mother” has<br />

production units in 4 continents<br />

and a network <strong>of</strong> services and<br />

distribution centers in above<br />

20 countries, which <strong>of</strong>fers<br />

specialty services in situ. It is<br />

quote on bourse in: New York,<br />

Buenos Aires, Italy and<br />


TUBOSCOPE Company - Romania<br />

Main activity <strong>of</strong> Tuboscope Romania is NDT (Non-Destructive) inspection<br />

<strong>of</strong> tubular material used for drilling <strong>of</strong> wells as well as for oil and gas<br />

production; NDT inspection <strong>of</strong> tools and equipment used for drilling and<br />

production.<br />

Tuboscope Romania owns 5 mobile units, from wich 4 are used for NDT<br />

controlling <strong>of</strong> tubing ( transversal flaws and wall thickness for all the lenght<br />

<strong>of</strong> the pipe ), and one unit is used for NDT inspection <strong>of</strong> tubular material<br />

required for drilling operations ( including thread inspection, wall thickness,<br />

shoulder re-facing).<br />

Our staff is certified for NDT inspection, for 2nd and 3rd level.

Manufacturing and repairing <strong>of</strong> tools and equipment for drilling activity

Non-destructive control <strong>of</strong> drill-pipes and repair operations.<br />


TUBEX and Tuboscop-Vetco )<br />




The design, the production, the repairing and the marketing <strong>of</strong> subensembles, components <strong>of</strong> petroleum<br />

equipment; tools, devices and various checkers; the eploitation, the maintenance and the repairing <strong>of</strong> means<br />

<strong>of</strong> transportation; the recovery, the reconditioning and renting <strong>of</strong> tubular material: internal and international<br />

transport <strong>of</strong> goods.<br />

The company’s services are requested at national level.<br />

The prices and rates used for our products and services are negotiables with our partners.

Gas Industry<br />

Special services for Oil &<br />

Repairing, verifying and renting drill strings (drill pipes, kellys, drill collars, HW drill<br />

pipes, subs, mechanical coring devices etc.);<br />

Repairing, verifying and renting IBOP’s (hydraulic preventers, mechanical preventers,<br />

other components, manifolds etc.);<br />

Repairing special equipments for oil & gas industry (tools, rig floors, mud pumps,<br />

hydraulic head , rotary tables, assemblies for preparing and circulating mud);<br />

Verifying casings (at our headquarters and in drilling site);<br />

Repairing valves, eruption heads, manifolds etc;<br />

Making metallic components;<br />

Non destructive inspection (Ultrasonic(UT), magnetic powder(MPI), Liquid penetrant);<br />

We are certified under SR EN ISO 9001:2001 ;SR EN ISO 14001:2005 and also we have TÜV & ISCIR authorizations for<br />


Electric-energy works and pipeline activity<br />

• Electric energy transmission and distribution systems above and below<br />

110 kV in over - and under- ground networks.<br />

• Drives and power lighting systems and automation (either electrically,<br />

electrical-hydraulically or electronically fowered) within regular or special<br />

environments.<br />

• Cathodic protection systems <strong>of</strong> land or underground metal structures.<br />

• Design and erection <strong>of</strong> either polyethylene or steel pipeline networks for water<br />

and gas transmission and distribution.<br />

• Lightning protection systems.<br />

• Remote and Physical or Hertzian communication systems.<br />

• The above works are completed according to<br />

current standards and rules and incorporate an<br />

execution warranty <strong>of</strong>fer. Our companies are at<br />

liberty to <strong>of</strong>fer at their customers post-warranty<br />

contracts.<br />


ICPE ACTEL’s 55years <strong>of</strong> continuous research activity and progress consolidated our position<br />

as the leader in electrical drives in Romania. Moreover, ICPE ACTEL is today an important<br />

producer <strong>of</strong> complex electrical drives equipment.<br />

Since 1999, ICPE ACTEL S.A. becomes a privately - owned company.<br />

The products that bear ICPE ACTEL S.A. brand combine the power electronic components advantages (special<br />

circuits boards, microprocessors) with numerical control techniques for industrial processes, based on modern data<br />

acquisition systems and PLC, towards them <strong>of</strong>fer in diverse palette into different fields: power generation and<br />

electrical distribution, terrestrial and marine drilling, telecommunication, industries (metallurgical, chemical,<br />

etc.)terrestrial transport (auto, railway) and shipping, agriculture, etc.<br />

Main products:<br />

• RUN - Digital Universal rectifiers<br />

• EAMC - DC Motors Electric Drives<br />

• EMAS - Asynchronous Motors Electric Drives<br />

• SRATN - Static Excitation Equipment<br />

• SDACRN - <strong>Drilling</strong> Electric drives<br />

• SNTA - Uninterruptible AC Power Supply<br />

Service:<br />

• Research<br />

• Design<br />

• Consulting<br />

• Technical assistance at mounting and<br />

commissioning<br />

• Service for and after guarantee period<br />

• Customer’s personnel training<br />

• EAEC - DC Current Sources for Electrochemical<br />

Applications<br />

• MAR - Mains Supply Feeding Module<br />

• EPCC - Equipment for Cathodic Protection against<br />

Corrosion<br />

• VTA - AC Variable Voltage Regulators<br />

• VTC - DC Variable Voltage regulators<br />

• XTR - Temperature Transducer Module<br />

Technical equipment Technologies:<br />

• Design and manufacturing computing<br />

technologies CAD, CAM<br />

• Mechanical processing<br />

• Printed circuit board section<br />

• Assembling<br />

• Equipment test

CONDMAG Company<br />

Is a specialized contracting company for gas, oil, crude oil, water and other fluids main<br />

pipelines and related technological facilities, having more than 50 years onshore experience.<br />

Condmag is a private joint-stock company, which provides<br />

turnkey solutions for designing, pipelines construction, gas<br />

and oil processing construction and installation <strong>of</strong> related<br />

technological facilities, non-destructive test performed in our<br />

own accredited laboratory, etc.<br />

For the <strong>Romanian</strong> national oil products transmission system,<br />

CONDMAG installed about 1000 km <strong>of</strong> pipelines, ranging<br />

from 12 in to 20 in diameter.<br />

Pr<strong>of</strong>ile:<br />

• Pipeline construction;<br />

• Installation and equipment assembling for gas treatments;<br />

• Anticorrosion coating <strong>of</strong> pipes;<br />

• Design, etc.<br />

• Manufacturing and mounting pipe line with inside<br />

plastic separations for corrosive fluids (registered<br />

mark) - Manufacturer: Foraj Sonde Videle.

Our product range is the following:<br />

Is a private company, set up in 1995, reputed manufacturer and seller <strong>of</strong><br />

various steel products, made <strong>of</strong> cold drawn carbon steel wire and stainless steel.<br />

Our manufacturing facility is well equipped with modern facilities, operated by a staff <strong>of</strong> 60 well-trained employees.<br />

- Steel fibers for disperse concrete reinforcement flat, undulated and hooked steel<br />

fibers. APPLICATIONS: industrial floors, tunnel lining, airport runways,<br />

highway payment, precast concrete, shortcrete, parkings, anti-seismic buildings.<br />

- Cylindrical cut wire steel for Shot Blasting Cold drawn steel bright wire. Size range<br />

(diameter): 0.3 - 2.0 mm. APPLICATIONS: surface cleaning (shot blasting).<br />

- Spherical conditioned cut wire steel for Shot Peening, spherical conditioned steel cut wire in different rounding<br />

degrees: G1, G2, G3. Diameter range: 0.3 - 1.0 mm. APPLICATION: surface hardening (shot peening).<br />

- Ecological steel shot for hunting - Steel shot - non-toxic alternative to lead. The shot is ground<br />

to a smooth finish and then a light coating <strong>of</strong> rust preventive lubricant is applied. Shot sizes:<br />

2.03; 5.08 mm. APPLICATION: mainly water birds hunting.<br />

- Steel wool - Steel wool made <strong>of</strong> cold drawn steel wire diameter 3.1 mm with low carbon content.. APPLICATION<br />

furniture industry cleaning, polishing and repair wood and metal.<br />

- Chopped steel wool. APPLICATION: brake pads.<br />

All these products are made from cold drawn steel wire and stalnless steel wire.

Our company is a highly specialized freight forwarder and multimodal transport company with many transport<br />

operations performed successfully and pr<strong>of</strong>essionally since 1997 up to the present moment.<br />


GEEA International Forwarders can <strong>of</strong>fer weekly, complete door to door containerized services due to a good<br />

cooperation with major shipping lines operating all over the world (China, India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Iran, Iraq,<br />

Europe, Africa, North & South America, Canada)<br />


In the shipping field GEEA International Forwarders is experienced and able <strong>of</strong> handling various types <strong>of</strong> cargoes,<br />

whether break bulk, bagged, equipment’s, heavy lifts or rolling stocks.<br />


- Internal and International project forwarding, Brokerage and Chartering<br />

- Loading and discharging operations on and from the transport means, quality / quantity control, representation in<br />

front <strong>of</strong> PortAuthorities, consultancy<br />

- All kinds <strong>of</strong> marine / cargo surveys<br />

We executed many shipments from Constanta Port to almost any destination worldwide including freight forwarding<br />

for Caspian Sea, Red Sea, Gulf Zone and other sensible areas. We have around the clock supervision and we can trace<br />

the movements <strong>of</strong> all your cargo.<br />

We are specialized in project cargo movement and during our 10 years <strong>of</strong> activity we have covered a wide<br />

geographical range starting with Far East– China, India, Gulf Zone – Iran, Iraq, Syria, CIS countries – Ukraine,<br />

Kazakhstan, Africa- Libya, Europe. Between 2002 - 2003 we have organized several shipments <strong>of</strong> oil drilling rigs in<br />

Gulf area under the UN program Oil for Food and with this occasion we’ve established very good connections in that<br />

area in order to be able to complete some very complex multimodal shipments. Constanta – Aqaba, Umm Quasr,<br />

Jebel Ali - by vessel and transbordation on trucks and low beds to final destination Bashra, Kirkuk.<br />


GEEA International Forwarders can <strong>of</strong>fer:<br />

- Complete door-to-door internal and international services<br />

- Obtaining necessary authorizations for special transports<br />

- Escorts for over sized cargo with specialized personnel, route studies for complex transports<br />

- Special assistance for under passing electrical / telephone cable networks<br />

- Loading / discharging with special cranes, storage<br />





Any transport organization insures its success by collaboration with the Customs Office. Our operations department<br />

has developed special capabilities for clearing and forwarding <strong>of</strong> local and in transit cargoes ensuring that all steps <strong>of</strong><br />

the delivery are supervised.<br />

We have very capable specialists able to solve all Customs related documentary problems that may appear, but we are<br />

trying to avoid all those problems by <strong>of</strong>fering around the clock consultancy to all <strong>of</strong> our customers both in Customs<br />

related issues but also in commercial or transport documents.


- Bucharest Branch<br />

Weatherford International Ltd. delivers your clients, for their wells, following<br />

products and services: drilling, evaluation, completion, production and<br />

intervention.<br />


- <strong>Drilling</strong> Services: - Directional <strong>Drilling</strong>, Measurement-While-<br />

<strong>Drilling</strong> (MWD), Logging-While <strong>Drilling</strong> (LWD), Controlled<br />

Pressure <strong>Drilling</strong> (CPD), <strong>Drilling</strong> With Casing (DWC), <strong>Drilling</strong><br />

With Liners (DWL);<br />

- Well Construction: - Tubular Running Services, Cementation,<br />

Liner Hangers, Expandable Solids;<br />

- <strong>Drilling</strong> Tools: - Proprietary <strong>Drilling</strong> Products, Rentals.<br />


- Wireline: - Open-Hole and Cased-Hole Wireline and Slickline,<br />

Geoscience, Core Management Services;<br />


- Completion Tools, Sand Screens, Expandable Screens,<br />

Intelligent Completion;<br />


- Artificial Lift: - Progressing Cavity Pumping, Reciprocating<br />

Rod Lift, Gas Lift, Hydraulic Lift, Electric Submersible<br />

Pumping, Lift Optimization;<br />

- Stimulation & Chemicals: - Fracturing Services, Production<br />

Chemicals;<br />

- Pipeline & Specialty Services;<br />


- Re-entry & Fishing: - Casing Exit, Fishing, Thru-Tubing.

LOOSBROCK Romania Company - Ploiesti<br />

Loosbrock provides services, a wide range <strong>of</strong><br />

services needed for drilling and pumping oil – from<br />

components to products and from consulting<br />

services to on-the-spot solutions.<br />

One <strong>of</strong> the most important things for us and for our customers is quality and quality is<br />

our promise – a measurable promise; because quality is based on facts, it is about true<br />

quality. Theses things are proved by our years <strong>of</strong> experience, our continuous process <strong>of</strong><br />

innovation in service, know-how, products, solutions… this make us ensure you that we<br />

always work at the highest level.<br />

What we can say about our experience in that<br />

Loosbrock Europe Trade & Supply has a solid track<br />

record <strong>of</strong> many years in delivering drilling systems<br />

and equipment for the oil industry worldwide. We all<br />

are a team, a well-oiled machine that in continuously<br />

being fed with new data.


R P G<br />

Resources Project Group<br />

We execute consultancy and representation services for foreign companies interested in activities such as: business developing in Romania,<br />

leasing <strong>of</strong> gold, oil/ natural gas drilling perimeters, facilitation <strong>of</strong> opening new branches and subsidiaries, etc.<br />

The company is one <strong>of</strong> the market leaders in supplying at export spare parts for oil and gas drilling industry having strong contractual<br />

relationships with specialized companies all over the world.<br />

For several years we are providing spare parts for the drilling rigs manufactured by the two specialized companies in Romania (UPETROM-<br />

1 MAI and UPET), companies that develop works from the Gulf Area – Iraq, Jordan, Syria, South America- Brasilia, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador to<br />

Far East countries such as China, Vietnam.<br />

Also, we deliver spare parts and equipments to companies operating in C.I.S area: Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan,<br />

Kalmukia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan.<br />

“RESOURCES Project Group” is a limited liability company registered at the Trade Register Office near Bucharest<br />

Court <strong>of</strong> Justice under no. J40/2822/ 1998, fiscal registration code – 9513530, having as main object <strong>of</strong> activity:<br />

business management and consultancy.<br />

The range <strong>of</strong> activities is much wider including import – export operations, consultancy for Customs Clearance and<br />

Insurance and we are always very flexible in reorganizing our activities in case new opportunities arise.<br />

RESOURCES PROJECT GROUP LTD. is the main shareholder <strong>of</strong> GEEA INTERNATIONAL FORWARDERS LTD., market leader<br />

in the drilling equipments and heavy lifts transportation both in Romania and Europe and also very appreciated on the international level.<br />

Thus, the interrelation between the two companies has determined in time, with commune efforts the cooperation <strong>of</strong> RESOURCES<br />

PROJECT GROUP Ltd. for equipments delivery with companies all over the world that acquisitioned <strong>Romanian</strong> drilling rigs <strong>of</strong> which transport was<br />

carried out by GEEA INTERNATIONAL FORWARDERS Ltd. and the other way round, GEEA arranging transportation for all the drilling<br />

equipments producers that provided RESOURCES with spare parts.<br />


· Well stimulation and production for water reservoirs (<br />

geothermal, mineral, industrial and drinkable ).<br />

· Waterpro<strong>of</strong>ing processes and fixing underground<br />

blockages.<br />

·After drilling, our team and equipment returns<br />

the location to its agricultural or woodland state.<br />

· Road and railroad infrastructure<br />

strengthening.<br />

· Prospecting and production works for minerals<br />

and useful ( exploitable ) rocks.

• Drawing up technical and economic studies, and engineering well designs for drilling, completion<br />

and work-over works connected with research and well stimulation jobs (projects/contracts).<br />

• Special means <strong>of</strong> transportation according<br />

to the oil and gas activity (undertaken).<br />

• Projects and execution <strong>of</strong> work associated with drilling<br />

activity: platforms, roads, electric lines, etc.

Our groups <strong>of</strong> specialists cooperating<br />

with Technological Centers in Romania<br />

and abroad, represent a high degree <strong>of</strong><br />

pr<strong>of</strong>essional knowledge and experience.<br />

Therefor, the company has access to the<br />

latest documentation and discoveries<br />

regarding drilling activity.

A.C.F.R.’s <strong>Romanian</strong> specialists carry out<br />

geological surveys, drilling and work-over in:<br />

Egypt, Jordan, Iran, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria,<br />

Ecuador, Venezuela, Greece, India, Syria, Congo,<br />

Kuwait, Kazakhstan, Sudan, and elsewhere.


• drilled, completed and tested wells maintained in good conditions,<br />

• water wells drilled with the latest technology,<br />

• works and services for the Oil and Gas Industry completed on time, real partners in<br />

which you can trust for drilling, completion, testing and work-over activity and related<br />

works.<br />

THEN CALL <strong>ACFR</strong>!<br />


� <strong>Drilling</strong>, completion, testing and workover works for oil, gas<br />

and underground water (geothermal, mineral, drinkable)<br />

wells;<br />

� <strong>Drilling</strong> and completion <strong>of</strong> salt and CO2 wells;<br />

� Providing geological and geophysical prospecting services<br />

(seismic, especially);<br />

� Borehole, geophysical investigation (open hole and casing<br />

hole: production logging, casing inspection, cement quality,<br />

reservoir monitoring), mud logging units, direction drilling<br />

services-survey, log analysis and perforating services;<br />

� Cementing, testing, stimulation, etc. jobs, for oil, gas and<br />

underground water wells;<br />

� Waterpro<strong>of</strong> processes and draining, in wells;<br />

� Control <strong>of</strong> blow up phenomena;<br />

� Manufacturing and repairing <strong>of</strong> 15 – 220 tf workover and<br />

drilling rigs, stationary and selfpropelled, equipment and<br />

tools necessary for drilling or workover activity;<br />

� Non-destructive control <strong>of</strong> drill pipes and repair operations<br />

through workshops;<br />

� Production <strong>of</strong> mud materials for drilling fluids, preparation<br />

and maintenance <strong>of</strong> those, treatement <strong>of</strong> residues;<br />

� Services and surveier for directional wells;<br />

� Manufacturing handlings and fishing tools for drilling rigs,<br />

oil and gas wells;<br />

� Manufacturing production equipment, separators, oil fields<br />

equipment, tanks, oil fuels modules;<br />

� Manufacturing complete accommodation containers for<br />

camps (bedrooms, toilettes, <strong>of</strong>fices, meeting halls , snackbars,<br />

canteens), steel structured buildings and assembled at<br />

site;<br />

� Surface works at location (platforms, roads, strengthening<br />

ground, mud pits, cellar, etc.);<br />

� Mounting <strong>of</strong> electric lines for low and high tension, including<br />

110 kV, electric drives equipment based on power electronic<br />

and microelectronic, low and high currents sources, D.C. and<br />

A.C. variators;<br />

� Mounting <strong>of</strong> pipe lines for gas and fluids (oil, water) – low<br />

and high pressure inclusive underground cross;<br />

� Manufacturing and mounting pipe line, internal plastic<br />

coatiges, for corosive fluids (registered mark);<br />

� Repairs for Diesel motors (25-1500 hp);<br />

� Repairs for excavating machines, bulldozers, cranes and<br />

earthworking machinery;<br />

� Special means <strong>of</strong> transportation regarding the oil and gas<br />

activity (by track, train and vessel);<br />

� Drawing up technical and economical studies and<br />

engineering well designs drilling, completion and workover<br />

works connected as regard the research and well stimulation<br />

jobs, including projects for other associated drilling activities<br />

such us (platforms, roads, electric lines, etc.);<br />

� Prospecting and production works <strong>of</strong> minerals and useful<br />

rocks;<br />

� Manufacturing oil field equipment (cementing units,<br />

wellhead and christmas trees, valves and chokes and their<br />

spare parts);<br />

� Manufacture <strong>of</strong> goods from metallic wire: steel fibers, steel<br />

shot, steel wool and powder, for shot peening and coldhammering;<br />

� Renting and repairing tubes material (pipes), repairing<br />

threaded joints and making non-destructive control;<br />

� Alternative energy area trough using heat from earth, named<br />

“the heat-cold pump” system;<br />

� Manufacturing flexible pipe hoses for drilling Rotary, etc.;<br />

Operating, maintenancing and repairing for equipment <strong>of</strong><br />

drilling and production from platforms boar


DE FORAJ DIN ROMANIA – <strong>ACFR</strong><br />







* GRUP BEGA Ion Croitoru<br />

1 Foraj Craiova Ilie Antonie<br />

2 Punct de lucru Bascov Ovidiu Bucur<br />

3 Punct de lucru Rm. Valcea Ion Gavrila<br />

4 Punct de lucru Zadareni Liviu Baisanu<br />

5 GRUP DAFORA Teodor Orzan<br />

6 <strong>Drilling</strong> Co.- Buzau Sandu Constantin<br />

7 Foradex Bucuresti Mihail Smarandescu<br />

8 Foraj Sonde Buzau Stelian Iamandache<br />

9 Foraj Sonde Ploiesti Vasile Fratila<br />

10 Foraj Sonde Targu Mures Vasile Aron<br />

11 Foraj Sonde Videle Viorel Belc<br />

12 Foserco Tg. Ocna Iulian Zidaru<br />

13 Hidraulic Moinesti Radu Apostu<br />

14 Nabors <strong>Drilling</strong> International Ploiesti John Killam Murphy<br />

15 Petroconstruct Christos Asimis<br />

16 Romfor Scaieni Naita Marcu<br />

17 Rompetrol <strong>Drilling</strong> Gheorghe Georgescu<br />

18 Tacrom <strong>Drilling</strong> - Ploiesti Hering Norbert<br />

19 Tehnotop Group - Craiova Christescu Gheorghe - Gabriel<br />


20 Additiv Forex – Caransebes Adrian Tanasescu<br />

21 Aqua Drill Services – Pitesti Catalin Daus<br />

22 ASA Holding – Bucuresti Alexandru Aposteanu<br />

23 Atlas G.I.P. Ploiesti Flaviu Iosif Pop<br />

24 BAT Bascov Adrian Pantea<br />

25 BAT Targoviste Nicolae Mihalachioiu<br />

26 Cameron Romania Marina Ruxandu<br />

27 Central - Medias Dorin Banea<br />

28 Chimforex – Pleasa Ecaterina Popescu<br />

29 Chircu Prod-Impex - Bucuresti Corneliu Chircu<br />

30 Condmag – Brasov Alexandru Tatar<br />

31 Confind – Campina Ioan Simion<br />

32 DDS–Directional <strong>Drilling</strong> Serv. - Ploiesti Andra Mezei<br />

33 Despa - Targoviste Stefan Coceasu<br />

34 Dosco Petro Services – Bucuresti Vitalian Danciu<br />

35 Edata - Bucuresti Cornel Vintila<br />

36 Energopetrol – Campina Mircea Celescu<br />

37 Euro System - Medias Ioan Dancea<br />

38 Expert Serv. - Ploiesti Gheorghe Apopei<br />

39 Fitpol – Bucuresti Alexandru Fiti<br />

40 Formin – Caransebes Vasile Albulescu<br />

41 Geea International Forwarders - Bucuresti Dragos Boranda<br />

42 Georex Group – France Yannis Bassias<br />

43 Georom Electric Consulting Cristian Florea<br />

44 Grup Petromecanic - Moinesti Gabriel Eugen Bocanescu<br />

45 Hametner – Ploiesti Bruno Ernst Hametner<br />

46 ICPE - Actel - Bucuresti Ion Potarniche<br />

47 IOT-Independent Oil Tools Constantin Purcarea<br />

48 Mud – Data – Rom – Ploiesti Herman Blazer<br />

49 Petal - Husi Ion Vasilca<br />

50 Petroleum Club Andrew Costin<br />

51 Phoenix - Unio - Satu Mare Iuliu Plosca<br />

52 Prodac - Bucuresti Jean Gheorghiu<br />

53 Resources Project Group-Bucuresti Elena Stana<br />

54 Rig Service Florin Carstocea<br />

55 Rompetrol Well Service (Petros) - Ploiesti Vasile Barbu<br />

56 RO-Niro - Medias Nicolae Rosca<br />

57 S.I.P.G.- Filiala Campina Ioan Filipas<br />

58 Service Faur – Bucuresti Vasile Nicodim<br />

59 Silcotub - Zalau - Tenaris Dinu Sereanu<br />

60 Tubex - Bucuresti Sebastian Nita<br />

61 Tuboscop Vetco Adrian Negut<br />

62 UPET – Targoviste Dan Popescu<br />

63 UZTEL - Ploiesti Ion Dinu<br />

64 Weatherford Gabriel Pruna<br />

NOTE: The foreign companies (USA Germany, Holland, France, Hungary, Norway, Argentina, Canada)<br />

with branches in Romania, members <strong>of</strong> RADC, are from items: 14, 18, 26, 32, 34, 42, 45, 47, 48, 51, 59, 61, 64<br />



Mihail Smarandescu President<br />

Dan Vasilescu Executive Director<br />

MEMBRI DE ONOARE AI <strong>ACFR</strong><br />

(<strong>ACFR</strong>’s HONORARY MEMBERS):<br />

* The National Agency <strong>of</strong> Mineral Resources - Romania<br />

President - Dr. Eng. Ec. Gelu Agafiel Maracineanu<br />

* The Chamber <strong>of</strong> Commerce and Industry <strong>of</strong> Romania<br />

Vice-President - Eng. Doru Simovici and<br />

General Director <strong>of</strong> – Romexpo Company<br />

* The Petroleum and Gas University <strong>of</strong> Ploiesti - Romania<br />

Rector - Pr<strong>of</strong>. Univ. Dr. Eng. Vlad Ulmanu<br />

* The Society <strong>of</strong> Petroleum and Gas Engineers - Romania<br />

President - Dr. Eng. Gheorghe Buliga<br />

* The Society <strong>of</strong> Petroleum and Gas Engineers - Romania<br />

Vice-President - Eng. Ioan Filipas<br />

* The Petroleum Club <strong>Association</strong> - Romania<br />

President – Andrew Costin<br />

* The Geology and Mineralogy Institute - The University from Köln - Germany<br />

Pr<strong>of</strong>essor – Dr. Eng. Roseline H. Weiss<br />

* The Ministry <strong>of</strong> Economy –Energetic Politics Department - Romania<br />

Deputy General Director - Eng. Cornel Condrea<br />

* The Ministry for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, Commerce and<br />

Businesses Environment - Romania<br />

General Director - Dr. Eng. Radu Zaharia<br />

* The Ministry for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, Commerce and<br />

Businesses Environment - Romania<br />

Director - Eng. Nicolas Nicoara<br />

* The Ministry for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, Commerce and<br />

Businesses Environment - Romania<br />

Deputy General Director - Eng. Ion Grigore<br />

* The <strong>Romanian</strong> Standards <strong>Association</strong> - ASRO<br />

General Director - Mircea Martis<br />

* PDVSA - Venezuela<br />

Consultant -Geophisicist Alam Lembang<br />

* GEOPET Company - Ecuador<br />

General Director – Radu Mihail<br />

* The Tuboscop Vetco Company from Celle - Germany<br />

Manager Operations – Dipl. Eng. Herbert Wilking<br />

* The Prospectiuni Company - Romania<br />

Director Operations - Eng. Marius Milea<br />

* The <strong>Romanian</strong> <strong>Association</strong> <strong>of</strong> Hydrogeologist<br />

Geologist - Dumitru Niculescu

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