October 2011 Issue - Costa Calida Chronicle


October 2011 Issue - Costa Calida Chronicle

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Hi Shannon here again and I am going to

tell you about our trip to Sierra Nevada. It

was amazing! The scenery was beautiful.

There were ski slopes, clothes shops, pubs,

bars and lots more to look at. I bought a

small key-ring of a girl holding skis saying

‘Demon days’ and I bought Mum one with

Hello, Connor here with

more exciting news

from Los Almagros for

you! I know Nathan

and Shannon have

mentioned our holiday

with Brian and Maureen

and mentioned the trip

up Sierra Nevada, so I

thought I would tell you

in detail the actual drive

there. We did a lot of

stuff while we were

away, but the journey

there was very eventful.

We went to a camp site called Los Lomas

and it was not too far from the mountain

that we went up, but we thought by looking

at the map and checking on the GPS that it

would take us about 4 hours to get there,

even going the scenic route that Brian had

found for us. We packed up and set off. We

Hi everyone, Nathan here again and I am

going to tell you about one of the many

exciting things we did over the holidays.

We went away in our caravan and tents to

Sierra Ne vada and we went with Brian and

Maureen.. otherwise called Grumps and

Nana Mo! They have their own caravan.

They were a great help because as we

Page 10

her initial on it and a map of the area. We

checked the price for a cable car trip up

the snowy mountains and as it was rather

cheap for the 7 of us we decided to go. I

am 13 years old now and they classed me

as an adult! Brian said I must be a Young

irresponsible adult! We trekked up to the

cable cars and they chugged away.

It was amazing to see all the snow. Nathan

did not believe it was snow until he stood in

it and his feet got cold! I put some snow

down Dad’s back so he chased me, caught

me, picked me up and dropped me in the

snow. It was freezing! We met two men

from Mexico who asked us if we would take

their photograph for them and we had a bit

of a chat with them about the snow and the

sun being there at the same time. After

we had numbed our fi ngers and soaked our

clothes with snow, we descended down the

mountain again for a well earned ice cream

each. It was awesome to sit so high on a

went in the front

because as Brian

said we would be

going slower than

him and he could

keep an eye on

us to make sure

we did not get

lost! Funny!

After driving for

about an hour we

started to climb

and soon the

car overheated.

We had to stop

at the side of the road to allow the car to

cool down and for Dad to fi nd out what was

wrong and fi x it! Brian and Maureen were

nowhere to be seen and we wondered if

they had got lost! The car cooled down and

Dad discovered that it had a leaking hose

which he could replace anyway. Mum was

drove past all the great views and wonderful

scenery, up all the steep hills and down

again, our car kept over heating! We had

to keep stopping and Grumps and Nana Mo

kept an eye on us and the traffi c while Dad

replaced the hoses and fi lled up with water

again! It took us ages to get to the camp

site, 8 hours instead of 4 hours! We just

made it before the car lost all its water again

and we managed to set up camp then Dad

and Brian went in search of car parts so that

Dad could fi x the car ready for our drive up

to the top of Sierra Nevada – leaving the

two caravans on the camp site. There was

a basketball pitch on the site so Connor and

I went to play and met up with some other

children from Spain, France and England.

We all played together, it was great fun.

Dad came to join us so we could have equal

numbers. The next day we went up to

the top of Sierra Nevada. We went up in

the cable cars and chair lifts. At the top we

found snow and had snowball fi ghts! We

were all in shorts and Tee shirts. It was

chair swinging away in the gentle breeze

surveying all the scenery. At the base of the

mountain it was so warm that we quickly

dried off so we could sit and have our picnic

in comfort. An amazing day altogether.

concerned that maybe Brian and Maureen

had broken down as well and were stuck.

However, it was not long before we saw

them coming up the road towards us. The

funny thing was that they had stopped for a

cup of coffee because Maureen needed one

and still caught us up! It is always good to

laugh! After we fi lled our car with water

again and had a bit of lunch we set off once

more. Unfortunately we overheated all the

way there and we even wondered if we

would ever reach Los Lomas. Dad was really

cool, he managed to fi x the car and keep it

safe right up until the camp site entrance..

it lost all its water at the gate so we had to

coast into our parking bay. We made it and

Dad and Brian went into the town to buy

some spare parts so we could drive home

at the end of the holiday. We did that fi ne.

funny but great fun. I had never been in

a cable car or a chair lift before and it was

awesome. The views from the top were

really good. We did a load of other stuff

with Brian and Maureen, but there is not

room here and I think Shannon and Connor

are going to tell you about those anyway.

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