October 2011 Issue - Costa Calida Chronicle


October 2011 Issue - Costa Calida Chronicle

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Faith’s New American Leg

At last the long-awaited prosthetic leg, made

especially in America for Faith at the Easy

Horse Care Rescue Centre, has arrived.

Kate and Solvi Jensen, who have worked

tirelessly to sponsor and support us and many

of the animals since the start of the centre,

are both pictured here alongside Faith proudly

modelling her new leg.

Because Faith’s

operation was

the fi rst of its

kind in Spain,

nobody had

any experience

or ideas of

how to create

an effective

prosthetic leg for a horse. Faith’s prosthetic

legs following her return from Barcelona

were made in Spain and, although these

gave her the support she needed, they often

caused rubs on the stump and kept breaking

structurally, some only lasting 2-3 weeks,

simply because it was all experimental and

hadn’t been done before.

We knew we had to do more to help Faith,

so we contacted Dwayne Mara in Louisiana,

America who designs and makes Molly the

Pony’s prosthetic leg. It took Dwayne 5

legs to get the design right for Molly, fi nally

developing the latest which can bend at the

knee and allows Molly to walk with ease and

Page 30

even to trot.

This is Faith with her fi rst leg made by

Dwayne. It was thought better to start her

off with a straight leg, which is what she has

been used to up until now. This leg will always

be used as a travelling leg as it has a lot of

support. The second leg, which will allow her

to use her knee again, is being made now

and we are expecting it in 3-4 weeks time.

Each leg costs €1500, a very special price as

Dwayne charges us nothing for his time.

Faith is very happy with her new leg and

bares weight on it, which is very important

so that her healthy front leg isn’t taking all of

her weight, as horses carry 85% of their total

weight on their front legs.

Faith, and all of us here at the rescue centre,

would like to say a big thank you to all of you

out there who have made all of this possible

for Faith as, without your support, she would

have lost her fi ght for life. Faith now spends

her days walking around the yard with best

friend Cookie and loves to meet all of her


Safe at the Centre

Many readers contacted the Easy Horse Care

Rescue Centre following the initial article

of the horses kept in horrendous conditions

by the gypsies in San Luis. Tethered and

starving, Blanca the white mare was reported

to the rescue centre and, upon arrival,

volunteers further discovered Mimosa kept in

a fi lthy, cage-like enclosure and two donkeys

in complete darkness; all with no food or

water and extremely malnourished. The local

police that were called out immediately had

no interest and ordered the volunteers to

leave, however Spanish local TV arrived at the

scene the next day to televise the situation

on its evening news broadcast. This media

coverage encouraged the gypsies to negotiate

a fi nancial settlement for the animals, which

are all now safely here at the centre. This is

all thanks to the support from readers, as

well as kind donations. The previous article

received a great response and many people

have contacted EHCRC for updates.

M i m o s a ,

when found,

was starving

and kept in

a fi lthy cage.

The EHCRC relies

only on charitable

donations. We

are open to the public all year round every

day 1-4pm. On Sundays and Wednesdays

we have guided tours, where visitors can

meet our horses and donkeys and hear their

stories. Visitors can also enjoy a light lunch

or light refreshments available in the café

garden, and all proceeds go towards the

support of the centre. For more information

visit our website www.easyhorsecare.net or

call Sue on 652 021 980.

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