October 2011 Issue - Costa Calida Chronicle


October 2011 Issue - Costa Calida Chronicle

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by Drew Ryder

Hello and welcome to a new column here in

the Costa Calida Chronicle. In this column

I shall be looking at different `alternative

or complementary therapies´, with the

object of making them easier to understand

and why they could be of great benefi t to


Firstly I would like to explain that calling

these therapies `alternative´ or

`complementary´ can be argued as

misrepresentation. To explain; orthodox,

or modern medicine as it is known, has

its roots in these therapies, and whereas

alternative or complementary therapies

have their roots steeped in history and

traditional folklore spanning every culture

and country, (for example, refl exology

goes back to 2500-2330 B.C. to Egyptian

times with a pictographic evidence in the

tomb of Ankmahor at Saqqara), modern

medicine does not. Rather, it has evolved

as a science and has become somewhat

mechanical, looking at life as purely a

chemical phenomenon.

The human body has become to be

regarded as a machine made up of a

complex collection of parts. Whilst noone

can deny that modern medicine and

the modern technology that accompanies

it has many benefi ts, it comes at a price.

That is to say, the human element is often

lost. The human body is far more than just

a collection of working parts; it is a highly

sophisticated organism instilled with the

essential dimensions of body, mind and

spirit. Most modern doctors are not always

trained to recognize problems beyond the

physical, whereas most therapists recognise

that physical imbalance seldom occurs in


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This raises the question, “What then is

the answer?”

Simply put, the answer is to use

‘alternative or complementary’

therapies in conjunction with modern

science and medicine. Alternative and

complementary therapies are safe, natural

forms of treatment and as the aim with both

alternative and orthodox medicine is to cure

disease and be of assistance to the human

race, the most positive prognosis would be

that both recognise their place in health

care and to work together for the benefi t of

all. To quote a World health Organisation’s

report: “For too long, traditional systems of

medicine and `modern´ medicine have gone

their separate ways in mutual antipathy. Yet

are their goals not identical – to improve the

health of mankind and thereby the quality of

life? Only the blinkered mind would assume

that each has nothing to do with the other.”

On that note I would like to introduce

you to Refl exology.

Refl exology is a gentle art; a fascinating

science and an extremely effective form

of therapeutic foot massage. Not to

be confused with basic foot massage,

refl exology uses a specifi c pressure

technique that works on precise points on

the feet know as refl ex points. The feet

represent a microcosm of the body; that

is to say, they mirror the body and the

workings of the body. This means that the

whole of the body can be accessed. For

example, the skeletal system, glands and

organs etc., and Refl exology is therefore a

non-invasive therapy.

The body’s own healing potential is

phenomenal; using a fi rm pressure that is

applied to relevant refl ex areas using both

fi nger and thumb techniques, physiological

changes take place within the body

stimulating this potential. The simplicity of

Refl exology belies its effectiveness.

Refl exology does not discriminate; there

are no boundaries or limitations. People of

any age, whether old or young, can obtain

very positive benefi ts through Refl exology

treatments. For example, older people

with stiff joints and circulatory problems

can benefi t greatly. Indeed, older people

with no specifi c complaint can benefi t from

a couple of courses of treatment per year

to keep bodily functions toned and in good

shape. It is a safe and effective treatment

for all ages and ailments and works well

alongside modern medicine.

Refl exology can be used for a number of

symptoms such as constant headaches,

sinusitis, joint pain, moods swings, fatigue,

stress, and constipation to name but a few.

In next month’s article I shall explain how

it works.

In the meantime if you require any further

information, or would like to book a

treatment please call Drew on 968978876

or 660326194 to arrange a confi dential


This article has been written and compiled

by Body and Mind Therapist, Drew Ryder

BSc. Psychol Hons, IIHHT, MICHT, ThAT

He also holds Diplomas in Aromatherapy,

Swedish Massage, Anatomy and Physiology,

Refl exology, Indian Head Massage and

a Post Graduate Certifi cate in Hopi Ear

Candling. He is also a Reiki Healer level 2

and is currently working towards his Masters

Certifi cate. Drew is available for private

consultations on 968978876 or 660326194.

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