October 2011 Issue - Costa Calida Chronicle


October 2011 Issue - Costa Calida Chronicle

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This summer seems to have been longer

than ever, and most of our volunteers

have hopefully enjoyed a well deserved

summer break - a special thanks therefore

for Zone 2, who have continued to work

throughout the holiday season. Zone 2

look after the busiest sector of Camposol

A; from the entrance up to the commercial

sector. The Commercial Sector has always

been a priority, but now we have a ‘tren’.

We welcome the train and hope that it

continues, but the route of the train is only

in the region of Zone 2 on Camposol A side

of the motorway, so those same volunteers

have continued to follow its path, collecting

empty cans and crisp packets thrown aside

by the happy holidaymakers enjoying

the journey. A very special thanks to all!

Thanks also to Pauline, who runs our

weekly Friday Book Club, which I know is

appreciated as an English Library by many

on Camposol, but which is also the main

source of income for our volunteer group.

We now have permission from the new

council to continue, although at the time of

writing, we still await the offi cial paperwork

authorisation. Thanks to Tatiana, in the

new offi ce of Pepe Gomez, open every

morning in the new social centre on

sector B, who was so helpful in obtaining

a renewal of our license. For those of

you who don’t yet know, Tatiana speaks

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excellent English, and is a link between

Camposol and the new council. I am

awaiting a meeting, hopefully very soon,

to discuss how we can continue to work

together to make Camposol a better place.

Although not much physical work has been

carried out, we have still made hay whilst

the sun shines. I was happy to report that

we are in a healthy position with approx

4,000€ in our bank account - so, why do

we need any more? So far we have agreed

expenditure of almost 1,000€ on extending

the gravel garden opposite the Health

Centre, work which will start as soon as

the weather cools down. We have also

agreed to spend another 1,000€ on work

in the Memorial Garden and surrounding

parkland. We have agreed to spend 500€

on the BBQ area at the rear of Camposol

A. We have spent more than 700€ on new

equipment to help maintain the garden

areas, plus the regular miscellaneous

expenses - this month alone we have

spent 15€ on bin bags! Soon it will be

caterpillar season, and we won’t have any

money left to deal with them! I am hoping

for help from the council, but we are also

planning more fund-raising events, just in

case! Please support as much as you can.

On Wednesday October 26 th starting at

3.30pm we will enjoy another Fashion Show

at Sensol Golf, sponsored by Glitzy Bitz.

This event was so popular last year that

we had to turn people away, so this year

admission will be by ticket only. Tickets

will be available soon from Glitzy Bitz

and the Friday Book Club, so buy yours

soon, as they are bound to sell out fast.

On November 5th, Bonfi re Night, we

are hoping to host an afternoon in the park;

a recruitment drive in which we invite

everyone to come along and help us to weed

the Memorial Garden to prepare it for

the traditional Service of Remembrance

to be held there on November 11th. We

hope that as many people as possible will

gather in the park at 3.30 on Bonfi re night

to put in an hours work to help our cause,

then stay a little longer to enjoy drinks

and traditional Bonfi re Night snacks,

and discover how good it makes you feel !

Hope to see you there!

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