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Rips Into Pointe - Local History Archives

Rips Into Pointe - Local History Archives

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II'l hi 2 2 & 2 $ & 2J j & $2 51 3 3,233 .tJ as 3'0"#( ;)tt.O:4 eo 3 $ $ J noop VICTIM:-In lieu of stret,chers, bodies of tile more \han 200' ~ood ~ctlma' are brought out bangm~ from bamboo ?Oles in Colombia, wnere a sudden avalanche ot water from theCombelAa river Wiped out three villages. Priest gives the blessing , as the &'rim parade . passes " by At Ib asu.. ' 43 YEARSAGO A~D TODAY-Thought:! of ~resldent and ~rl. Eisenhower go ba;k to ~3 ean ~o to their weddm?, time ~.e~t) as they smile (right) on their .3rd wedding anniVersary !t the hite Hoose. PresIdent Ell!eiihower said a successful . marrlalre Irets hailPier, u the yeLrS 20 by. ': r 'I ~ I. \ • .j I, I • "WHERE D'YA THINK YOU'RE TAKING US,!" - It's the el)d of the Hne for t';"o haughty ostriches, one of whom .stretches fro~ the cage to get tough with a workman at London, where the birds ar.rived from Atrica aboard 0 the ship Chindwara. Part of a group or animals captured in Kenya and Uganda by John Seago, th~ ostriches w11lbe displayed in a Britis!' :CO. AWARD WINNER ~ Mrs. Daniel Pollng, president or the American Mothers' Committee and wife of t.he , noted minister, presents a citation to New York Judge B. BnmueJ DIFalco, , member of the Board of the Modcss Family Life Institute, for the foundation'. .ponsorshlp of the Wednesday night radio show, Family Living '69. The award was made to t.he Ilhow for \promoun, a better understandlnr of lJl_tlP!£!I_ oC -*- ---.-~fam1l1 JlvlnI.' -- • "--T----.,.... ' . ! HIT A-HEAD-Hit hat ot the summer season is the Jaunty young boater, brlghUy berIbboned' and worn squarely atop the head. This version, by Mr. John Jr., is done In pampas straw with a wovenedge grosgrain ribbon trim In two shades of pInk. , . ,~.:."L~';.,>

Suburbia lOday THE MAGAZINE OF PLEASANT PLACES "ohn Pike ERNEST v: HEYN Editor-In-Chit! PAUL HOFFMAN MAilION LoWNDES Editon DELMAR LIPP Mantlging Editor In This Issue •.• 1&, Have served M~Sent.nce" '-and "I'm MoviDg Back T9 Tbt City," says Jerome Weidman, the man who has kept a generation of Americans laughing-and thinking-in such boob as The Enemy Camp, What's lit It For Me?, and The Hom That C0i41J Whink "Dixit." Mr. Weidman bas had his fill of country life, and is getUngout. Read his story and see wbdher this, time. you think hets ript Marln.s For The MIlUona The recent ttemendousrise in the popularity of boating as a sport haS resulted in a furious scramble to provide adequate mooring facilities for the miUions of pleasure craft taking to the water 'this summer. Cast off with us this month aDd tour the country's waterways, from Flamingo, Florida, to Seattle, Wash. iogton, and examine the marina-that modem dockside marvel designed and built for those wbo enjoy living abt. COOl,.Exquisite ... BeI•. Here are saJads-lipt, crisp, green; and varied-to brighten the outlook for all mid-July cooks. Crab Louis and GardeD Court Salad are hearty enough dishes to provide a ref~g maincoune; molded Pineapplc-ebeese Salad, Empress Salad, and Cucumber Mold could be deliciously cbilly IUDCbeon t1eats. What?Uve 'n A Round House? Before you quickly reply, "Not OIl your life,!' have a look at the ODe we found. Aootber in our Unusual Suburban Home series, t1iC Round House at Sausalito was built by a young couple who. Iilc.e to entertain, who have a 1arse art collection, who enjoy lDa,gnifi. cent views, and who have found that for them, "gOing in circles" is the best way to 80. Our cover artist this month is no stranger to the water, having grown up in a sea-sige suburb outside of Boston. He now lives in Woodstock, New yOrk, with' his wife Zellab and their 5011, Peter. He is a member of the National Academy of I)csign, has been a town Senior Councilman for seven years, has just completed his 25th one-man show, and was named Woodstock's "Citizen of the Year" for 1959. LEONARD S. DAVIDOW PlibliJher . SUBURBIA TODAY is distributed natiolUllly with newspapers in .!elected suburban communi(ie.,. Editorial oftkes at 6() East 56th 5(., New York 22, N. Y. Advertising offices at 405 Park Ave., New. York 22, N. Y. Business offices at 153 North Michipn Ave.,ChicalO I, III. Patrick O'Rourke, Advertising DIrector. Jlmes L. ThomPlOft, Advertising Manaaer. Morton Frank, Director of Pub. liwr Relations. Contents Copyright 1959 by Suburbia Publishing Corporation, 153 N. Michipn Ave., ChicalO I, III. 1 Dnail from the Orpheus FQunlain, by Carl Milks who ~l~d thJign CrtI1fb~k. Cranbrook -Suburban "The way to learn about art," said a very honest critic "is to Iookand live with it." Around Birmingham and Bloomfield HiJI~ the fortunate neighbors of the Cranbrook Jns(itulions can look and live with the beautiful balance and simplicity of Saarinen's buildings, the sweep of landscaped ga~dens an.d the magic of Carl Milles' watery world of nymphs and dolphl~s. TYPically, Cranbrook started in 1918 as a Meeting House, put up bYI~ f?Unders, GcorgeBooth and. Ellen Scripps Booth, to serve the community s needs, and those needs a,'c still being served now that the Booth's cultural and educational foundation has become internationally famous. Art center and educational foundation. yes-and also summer day camp, su?,mer drama scho;ol in. the Greek Theatre for the young people of the nelghbor~, I,ocal. musIc and drama center, beautiful park, open to alT. The commURlty s pnde-and also the community's joy. Po:'ico of EUtl Saarinen',f Acodemy of Art buildilll, with Milles'sculptures, Europa and founl(~in, in tM forqrouNl. Suburbia ToJ(IY. luly 1959 ChristChurch, Cronbrook-built by Mr. and MrI. G~ Booth. Good. h~ AssocitJIe:s, architects. _Three hundred landscaped acres in Bloomfield Hills -' an Institute of Science and an Academy of Art- Christ Church and three second~ schools- all this is Cranbrook, internationally famous, locally beloved. Art Center .i,,! ,.~ ;1. .J NEWfrom Good Seasons !. ..~ J~ i~' Cheese~Gar1ic Salad Dressing Mix '/.,'. Full of real cheese iavor, the dressing you make with Chene. GarlK: .Mix is subdc, never Sbup. For it bas the mellow tang oI'6ne blue chene, propaly -sed. The light touch g( ~og.bu~ garlic. Freshly made, of course! No liar ~ (rom standing dullS the sperlding IJaYOr of IlJis dmsing. s.Jads are crisper, briprn! Next rime you're shopping, get Good Seasons DC'W

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