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Rips Into Pointe - Local History Archives

Rips Into Pointe - Local History Archives

~ ~ , '. , NEW1'ORT

~ ~ , '. , NEW1'ORT BEACH-From a w""'14nd to a boatman's parad;se so /ux"rious some gu"" ha.'. stoy.d tied "P at doehid. for twe/.'. years.. More and More Marinas T'ME was', when a son was born, his father rushed right out and enrolled him at Harvard. These days -and we have this on good authority-the thing to do on the day your son is born is to run right down to the local yacht basin and place his name on the waiting list for a berth for the boat he will one. day have. Chances. are 'hat there will be adequate facilities for the boating millions by the time your son needs it. As it is, there are almost three million Americans who want boats of their own this summer, but ",:on't be gcuing them because there aren't enough moorings to be had. ~ three million or so who already OWn sloops, canoes, houseboats, and cabin cruisers are swamping all available facilities' at the choice dockside marvels that line our waterways from coast to coast-the multi-milliOn-dollar marinas. ' What 's a Marina? And what, exactly, is. a marina? It is, we are told, a' "boat basin with facilit.ies for berthing, securing, and servicing of all types of recreational craft, as 6 Suh"r/iiu Toduy, }"ly 1959 well as providing. adequate supplies, provisions, storage, and fueling facilities." This is the "textbook" definition, which only hints at the great variety of goods and services available to the weary skipper who puts in at one 'of them. Today's marina is practically a suburb on its own, laid out and fully equipped to satisfy the least wish of those who like to live afloat. A complete marina, [959 version, furnishes not only well-planned slips, launching ramps, winter stor- . agc, marine railways, marine repair and supply shops, and auto pllrlcing space, but boats for chaner, firstaid stations, auto rental service, restaurants, showers, brOkerage offices, clUbhouses, swimming pools and other recreational facilities, complete shOpping center, waterway travel bureaus, and boatcls (marine motels). In addition, from the moment you tie up. here arc some of the atller features of a marina that are becoming almost commonplace. There are marinas that have classes in sailor's English for that landlubber guest of yours. At some, you need only pick up the phone in that conveniently located booth up the pier and find baby sitters, hairdressers, barbers, tailors. photographers. as well as pick-up boys to handle

BY ELIZABETH CATLIN 3,000,000 visiting skippers will tie up. this summer at these wonders of ~e waterways-for everything '.fr~m gas and -moorings to; laundry service and baby 'sitters laundry, groceries, and mail; and, for the weary businessman who can't bear to let away from it.alla dockside secretary! If you're bUDIlY, at certain marinas you may have a five

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