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Rips Into Pointe - Local History Archives

Rips Into Pointe - Local History Archives

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I , , ,'----l:---, -, " ,--,--;--.,., ~_._ "ete FourtHn Society News .' I G R 0 55 E POI NT ENE W S \: • Thursday. July', 1959 f Gathered : - from , All of the POlntes / . From Another. Pointe of 'View Garden,Par(y . Mrs. Frank Eugene Hagan, Jr~'/~ys,. G~e8t8 • J To Aid Convent' V.elv Brltannm (Coatiaueafro. Pqe 13) opened her home for luncheon. Guests were members of the newly-appointed Garden Center board. Among the: gu~ts were Mrs .. Gordpn Rap'p, Mrs. Donald $tevenson, ,Mrs. C. Bayard Johnson, ~rs. Meredith S. Randall, Mrs. Merlin Cudlip, Mrs., Wood Williams and'Mrs. J. Crawford Frost. R.union Parti •• • A lTeatreunion went on-over the week.end in hon9r af the H.Kennedy Nickells, Jr. of Perrysburg, O. The Nickells were her, to visit her parents, theRo~rt Me- Keans, of Ridge road, who entertained for them Saturday night. . Here fr()m Evanston, III., to see 'the honored couple Were Mr. and Mrs. John R. Lee, wile ,.,'e a c~ktail party Sunday evening at the Touraine road home of her parents, •.he Harry W.Kerrs. '_ . Another of 1\lrs. Nickell's fOrnler classmates who came with her husband for the gay' week-end. was Mrs. Frederick W. Campbell, Jr., and, Dr. Campbell, of Toronto. - The Nickells will be mO"ing shortly fromPerrys. .burg to Darien, Conn., and this week. end was, a final . rood bye to friends in this area. Old Friend. Take Pot Luck >iI' Out at. the Scott' Daughertys .in ,Marter .road on Saturday there was another reunion of old friends at-a pot luck supper. The'Daughertys will be moving soon to a new home in Cloverly road. Mrs. William Townsend (Linda Carden) here .from Ohio and Mrs. William Hossler (Jill Schneider), of Niagara ~ans, N. Y., were fishing widows, both their husbands up in the northern streams' while they attend; ed the party. ' .' . The Howard Pattp.rsons wer~ there. They are staying this summer with her parents, the Sherod Scotts, be. fore returning to Boston. Down from Ossawa, Canada, were the newlywed William Farquhars (Anne Mc- Knight) where they are living for two months before • moving to a new home in Kerby road. ,., , • • • • • ..----. The patio ~d rardens surrounding Sf: Ann's Convent on Boston houievard will be, the SCFM of the second in a series of ,s u m mer lun~heon.s and ben'efit card parties on July 15 at 12:30 o'clock, to aid' the Dominican Sisters of the Sick: ~Oo/' .' _ This mid-summer party liven by the Auxliary, will alSo b,e a fat:ewell.; to Sister Mary PatricIa, OP., the; local superior of the convenL for six years. Under her guidance the eleven sistersllave greatly extended,their work for the community'~sick ~r. .... ,: , 'Chairmcm of are Mrs. Jerry ,'r. FJanigali and Mrs. MiChael, 'J. Swift have planned an old fashioned picnic theme for the l,uncheon.,\ 'Reservations ~re being taken by Mrs.J. William LavIgne, Mrs, George Jaglowicz;~Mrs. Flanigan, Mrs. Edward V. ott, Mrs. Swift and Mrs. WHliam ~iseJ.' . " _ Others as,isting with arrangements are Mrs, Albert F. Boening, Mrs, L, V. Ansel, Mrs .. H a r 0 I d G r 0 if, Mrs, Charles McCabe, Miss Irene Ryan and Mrs. Edward Charron. The July hostesses are Detroiters who exten~ a special Invitation to the Grosse-Pomte membel'lJhip and their ftlends to attend the benefit. CAR ~IATS STOLEN Betty Vingi of 1555 Anita, informed Woods police on Monday, June 29, that an un. known person stole two floor mats from her car, while the vehicle Wll$ parked in front of her house. " KATHLEEN HUTCHINSON, daughter of Tony Hutchinsons, of Beaconsfield road, was married Saturday morning in St. Paul's on the lakeshore to Mr. Hagan, son of the senior Hagans, 'of Neff road. ' ~ .,' _._-- REPORTS THEEI' Don Little of 3884 Harvard, Detroit, Informed Park police on Saturday, July 4, that ~WO hubcaps were stolen from his car while it was parked on WaybW'll, between Jefferson and H~mpton~, WAllO 0- PIER(E , . "I lit CIIII.i •.• ...... ..,. \ If people could only realize how much fault is found with them for finding fault with others.. J It's just as difficult for some people to keep a promise as it is for others to save money. ~ ", ,~' , Guests ..'began, arriving for the William Moore JOYs'holi. day party last ThU~d~ al. For special appointments during those days, co II TU 5.9065 , Parking In rear is more convenient. "I Hagan-Hutchinson Vows Exc;hanged :~~3~le~efO~i~~~a~aneven~:: A Reception at the Whittier FoNowed Saturday in time to see Queen Eliz~- Wedding in St. Paul's on th~ lakeshore; Pair beth and Philip sail by in the To Live in Grosse POinte W,~ods SI. Clair River aboard their yal:ht, Britannia.; • , Chantilly lace was Kathleen Hutchinson's choice for The oloys' hilltop home has her wedding gown when she spoke her vows Saturday a fine view of the river and in St.. Paul's on the lakeshore to Frank Eugene Hagen, Jr. gue~ts wl!r!! invited to choose The bride is the daughter a lime when the royal yacht ' h' of passed a given line, The ,vin. of the Tony Hutc .msons, ner, with a time of'1:27, was Beaconsfield avenue, and Mrs, Ledyard Mitchell, Jr. Mr. Hagan is the son of the Candles in paper ha'gs', lit senior Hagans, of Neff toad. the tanbark stepS, leading to . Her bridal gown was b.aJlerthe water and torches bright- ina length designe~ wIth. a ened the gardens and terrace. lace. bodice and a skirt of Silk Dinner was served from a bu!. organza. Pearls accented the fet table decked in Fourth at sweetheart neckline and ~he July colors. Small flags and headband which held her. fmred, white and blue flowers gerUp veil of illusion. She car. centered the, small tables. An l'ied. gardenias and stephano. Aml~rican flag. and the Union tis. he Jack flews together to mark . Judy. Hutchinson \vas r the royal visit. \ sister's maid of honor and the Here from out of town for the JoyS party wel'e the Cyrus Fultons and the Will i a m Diehls, of Lancaster, O. The quartet chartered a boat for a trip through Georgian Bay after the stop for thE: Joys' party. , A three pIece combO played for dancing and .Mrs. Joy re- \:eIved her guests in an Italian short white satin drells with copper lined pearls, bol\ght in Rome last year. ' Pointe Theater To Give A'wards Grosse Pointe Community Theater will hold its annual dinner dance with presenta" lion of awards and inaugura. tion of new officers at the Hunt Club on Saturday, July 11. .. Retiring president Robert Koebel. will turn over the gavel to Dr. Donald White, 5015 LanrlOO, who Vlill preside over the theater's activities for the 1959~60 season. Vice-president Is Mrs. Donald Giro

1nursd.y, July', 1959. Woman's Page • • • Harts' Bid. Friends To Special Movie Couple Will Giv~ Dinner at.\ DAC Preceding Private Screening of "North by Northwest" in Studio This Thursday Evening , "Just the fun of a summer j Detroit Athletic Club's beau- .. party" insp!red ~e H.erbert .W. tiful' Pontchal'train Room will . ; . Har.ts of wmdmill. POinte dnve be the scene .of the preceding I to plan a lete for some 40 dinner which the Harts have friends. And the Harts cud- scheduled' for 6:30 o'clock. . geled their brains to make it ., . "something different" came u . Among the guests they ve Inwith the idea of havina a pd~ Vlted are Mr. and Mrs: Homer vate screening of a motion pic- We~ls, the Sam Kellers ~nd ture, preceded by a dinner th.elr g u est and long-tune party . fnend, lamed screen star Leo . CariJIo, who will arr~ve early It em happened suddenly- Thursday; tlhe Eugene. Garga. MI'S. Hart haf camped on the ros the William E Slaughters the teleph?ne. this week taking th~ Oscar Olsons,' the .EugenJ ca!e of ll~vl~ahons and de- Casarolls the Keller Nissleys, taIls I r > , \' 'r T

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