Buckley, Menzie and McMurray Families - Niagara Falls, Ontario ...


Buckley, Menzie and McMurray Families - Niagara Falls, Ontario ...


Grace Menzie McMurray now in her seventies, Eugene Menzie her youngest McMurray son, her

Buckley daughter-in-law Lillian and their two children, Mary Louise (Molly) and Jane Waldon

managed to compromise though Grace was as independent as always. She refused day help when

she broke her hip and the girls got along without a dog. She had been presented with a life

membership to the Woman’s Missionary Society by the Hamilton Presbytery. She enjoyed visits

for her cousin Maud Parkhurst, ‘aunt Maud, to the family, a Menzie still living in Wampsville in

the Onieda area, and continued to invite church friends such as the Reverend Barber’s widow to

Sunday dinner until her death in October 1952, a

month after her oldest granddaughter Mary

Louise’s wedding. It was a mild fall that year and

in her last days holding a late summer rose in her

hand she sat in the front sun room of the old house

which her husband had built for her all those years

ago when she was hardly older than a girl. She

spoke of those Sundays when she and Will

walked from their house over cow paths out to the

Menzie house still in the country then to visit her

mother after whom her newly married

granddaughter was named. That she had had Will

buried with the Menzies revealed much about her

and she was buried with him there beside the

Menzie monument she had proudly designed.

Norman, Menzie, Etta and Will McMurray

Norman, Menzie, Etta and Will

When her oldest son Norman died years later in

Etobicoke where he was serving as Associate

Pastor of Humber Valley United Church an

elderly Chinese gentleman appeared at the service. He was a doctor from Montreal and had seen

the Obituary of the Reverend McMurray in the Globe and Mail and felt obligated to attend and

pay his respects as Norman’s father William John had taught his father English at St. Andrews

Church Sunday School in Niagara Falls. Norman’s youngest son Ian earlier had met Ed Chung

another son of one of the Sunday School students and they had become close friends over the

years. Norman, his wife Grace Smeaton, and oldest son Norman Jr. are buried in Fairview,

Section 2. Ian lives with his family in California.

In Memory of my father-in-law Menzie McMurray With thanks to Gerry Sweezey, staff Fairview Cemetery Office,

my sister-in-law Gail Woodruff, Audrea Frizell, granddaughter of George Eli Buckley, Eric Stuart who bequeathed

the Hamilton photo albums to me, and most of all to my mother-in-law Lillian Buckley McMurray who saved the

McMurray and Buckley photo albums and bequeathed them to Jane and I with other Buckley artifacts.

Derek McDermott, husband of Jane Waldon McMurray. September 23, 2008