Nasir Iqbal Malik - WWF - Pakistan

Nasir Iqbal Malik - WWF - Pakistan

WWF 'Climate Savers' Roundtable with US Business CEOs, Nytorv Square, COP15, Copenhagen, Denmark

WWF - Canon / Richard Stonehouse


From failure in Copenhagen to a

Real Climate Deal

Christian Teriete

Today the biggest challenge of our time is climate change, and public support to protect the planet from

dangerous climate change has never been greater than in the past few months.

People around the world including many businesses and governments want to deal with this challenge in the best

possible way. However, WWF sees a lot of uncertainty to achieve this goal.

Ahead of the Copenhagen Climate Conference in December, there were huge expectations that countries could

finally overcome the deadlock that had stalled international negotiations for years. Millions of people around the

world participated in activities by WWF and other NGOs to express their demands for a fair, ambitious and

binding New Climate Treaty.

WWF - Pakistan Natura October 2009

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