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IUSSI circular 2012

IUSSI circular 2012

Student travel grants

Student travel grants Revenues from Insectes Sociaux have now been transferred by Springer. The financial subcommittee of the International Union (Koos Boomsma, Mike Breed, Heike Feldhaar) decided to allocate 30.000 $ of this money to the sections in good standing with an emphasis on student travel grants for conferences of which our section will receive 5.000 $ to be spend this year. To be eligible for a travel grants, students have to be members of the Central European Section. Only PhD-students or students (Master / Bachelor) can apply. Students should have an accepted contribution at the respective conference (poster or talk) and need to be presenting author. Thus each student needs to have her/his own contribution to be eligible for funding; it will not be possible that two travel grants are awarded for the same presentation. Funding is limited to a maximum of 50% of the total travel costs (including conference fees). The application itself consists of a letter of motivation by the student, a short CV (including publication list), a list of the travel costs and the abstract for the contribution. The application should be send to Heike Feldhaar ( as a single pdf-file. The decision will be taken within three weeks by a committee consisting of Jan Oettler, Susanne Foitzik, Balint Marko, Volker Witte and Heike Feldhaar. For the upcoming European IUSSI meeting in Italy, the deadline for application will be 1 month before the end of early registration. Capitation fee The capitation fees will stay the same as last year. However as in the last general assembly of our section it was decided to change to collect the fees on a biannual basis starting from 2012 onwards, the amount has doubled but the fees will cover 2012 and 2013: Please transfer your capitiation fee for 2012 to the following bank account (latest deadline 1 st of March 2012: � Members from ‘Western’ European Countries, US 50,- € � Members from ‘Eastern’ European Countries 10,- € � Students, Unemployed 10,- € For bank details please contact Heike Feldhaar. Invitation to submit review articles to Insectes Sociaux

We are eager to publish more review articles in Insectes Sociaux. Our long-term aim for the future is to have at least one review article per issue. So if you have a review manuscript ready about any aspect of arthropod sociality, consider submitting it to Insectes Sociaux. If you have an idea for a suitable and timely review article that you have not yet written, please contact our associate editor Michiel Dijkstra ( in advance to avoid overlap with other review manuscripts in preparation. The length of review articles should not exceed 10 printed pages (including references) in the usual Insectes Sociaux format, i.e. roughly 65,000 characters including spaces. The editorial and refereeing process is the same for reviews as for other articles, with one exception: as a small token of our appreciation, the corresponding author will receive 200 € per accepted review article. New books Bourke AFG (2011) Principles of Social Evolution. Oxford University Press ISBN 978-0-19- 923116-4 Schmid-Hempel P (2011) Evolutionary Parasitology: The Integrated Study of Infections, Immunology, Ecology, and Genetics. Oxford University Press ISBN 978-0199229499 Polidori C. (Ed.) Predation in the Hymenoptera. An Evolutionary Perspective. Research Signpost ISBN 978-81-7895-530-8 With best wishes for 2012 Heike Feldhaar

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