Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr.

Father of the Modern Bourbon Industry


Although the early days of bourbon making in

Kentucky are often recounted with legends and lore,

Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr., left an undisputed and

invaluable legacy for America’s favorite spirit.

One of Kentucky’s original Bourbon aristocrats, Taylor was an industry

leader who greatly advanced the quality of Kentucky Bourbon and

safeguarded the Bourbon label from bogus producers. Called the "father of

the modern bourbon industry," Taylor started and/or owned seven different

distilleries throughout his career, the most successful being the O.F.C. and

Carlisle distilleries, the forerunners of today’s Buffalo Trace Distillery.


Taylor was orphaned at an early age and sent to

New Orleans to live with his uncle Zachary Taylor.

He then returned to Kentucky where he was

adopted and raised by another uncle. In 1869,

Taylor purchased a small distillery on the banks of

the Kentucky River and named it O.F.C. , derived

from the traditional distilling method he adopted

using "Old Fashioned Copper".

Taylor implemented a number of groundbreaking improvements to his

distillery that earned him the reputation of being a bourbon visionary.

One of his innovations was the use of copper fermentation vats for the

wooden tubs - a unique technique for his time. He also bought new

grinding machinery, massive column copper stills, and constructed the

nation’s first climate-controlled aging warehouses. His capital investment

and overriding attention to detail demonstrated his commitment to

producing whiskey of unparalleled quality. The name O.F.C. because of

became synonymous with quality whiskey and innovation.

About the Whiskey

This spicy and full-bodied Rye Whiskey is uniquely made from just rye and

malted barley. It pays tribute to the classic American whiskey style and the

passage of the Bottled in Bond Act of 1897, in which E. H. Taylor Jr. was

instrumental in passing. This act safeguarded consumers from bogus

whiskeys being labeled with misleading terms and posing as quality drinks.

Still regulated today, any whiskey labeled “Bottled In Bond” must meet

certain requirements, including:

� Distilled by one distiller during the same season

� Aged no less than 4 years in a U.S. Bonded warehouse


� Bottled at 100 proof

About the Whiskey

� Straight Rye Whiskey

� Small Batch

� Bottled in Bond

� 5 th release in the E.H. Taylor series

� 100 proof

� Limited Availability

Tasting Notes

On the nose, this whiskey is full of dried

fruit, black pepper, and a touch of fresh

dill. A small sip brings an array of

flavors both sweet and savory with a

terrific balance of dark spices and subtle

caramel overtones. The finish is

especially pleasing with an oaky dryness

that lingers just long enough.

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