12 ESSER Roadshows around the world - ESSER by Honeywell


12 ESSER Roadshows around the world - ESSER by Honeywell

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communications solution

at the patient's bed

A new equipment combination

integrates telecommunication, light

calls, and the use of IP networks




around the


Middle East,

Sweden, and


The connection is

on the way…

Clear message with the new

audio system in the central

railway station of Munich

Perfect acoustics and full control!

A perfect concert experience – just as is a fast

and safe evacuation – is all about acoustics!

In the event of a fire, ESSER’s VARIODYN ® D1

with trend-setting voice alarm directs all con-

certgoers safely to the exit.

Learn more about the efficient evacuation of

buildings at www.esser-systems.com

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Dear Reader,

“Where would we be today, if somebody had said to

Columbus: ‘Christopher, stay here. Wait with your discovery

trip, until our most important problems are solved – war

and famine, poverty and crime, environmental pollution

and illnesses, illiteracy and racism?’” – said Bill Gates

aptly for us to think about.

There is no perfection or standstill – this is what I lear-

ned during my years of experience in medical technolo-

gy, where I was responsible at first for product manage-

ment and later for the marketing communications field in

different companies. We are continuously challenged by

the most different changes of economic, cultural or social

nature. Now the question is: How do we proceed in this


The challenges that I have been facing in my new position

at Novar since January of this year are demanding as well

as exciting. We have established important goals for our-

selves: grow in a healthy way, offer the best solutions, stay

innovative and competent and be a reliable partner to our

customers. How do we achieve all these? With an experi-

enced, well established team that excels in professional

competence, stability, and personal engagement. I am glad

to present to you a first outlook for the current year with

this new “life&safety” publication.

By the repositioning of the Ackermann Group toward In-

telligent Life Care, the innovative FlexES fire alarm system

and the loop control technology for voice alarms, we have

set important milestones for the future – in a national and

international respect.

The expansion of the portfolio in all product lines conform

to our positioning as a comprehensive supplier. By this,

we could accomplish additional important reference pro-

jects such as the central railway station in Munich and the

airport in Kiev.


We are also represented in the most important trade fairs

in 2012 just like every year: Ackermann's Care Manage-

ment System gained substantial interest in the “Care for

the elderly” fair in Hannover. This edition includes a report

from the “FeuerTRUTZ” congress in Nuremberg with a

summary of the presentation of Marc Boebé, who explains

the security used at retirement and care homes. In Frank-

furt, you can have a look at the new patient handset

at the “Light+Building”

fair and learn about

the possibility of the

migration of currently

unique, proprietary

equipment and system

solutions into the IT

and telecommunica-

tions world. In the se-

cond half of the year,

we will look forward

to seeing you at the

“Security” and “Me-

dica” fairs, and at

a clear exchange

of ideas about the

things that drive your

daily business.

We have thus great

plans ahead of us. Let

us approach the new challenges and exciting projects

with a pioneering spirit and proven impetus. I look forward

to our cooperation!

Sabine Duddeck,

Marketing Communications Leader


Short notes!

Exhibitions & Roadshows

New publications

Cyclatom Cherbourg/France May 23-24, 2012

Expoprotection Paris/France December 4-7, 2012

conhIT Berlin April 24-26, 2012

Medica and Planerforum Düsseldorf November 14-17, 2012

Roadshow Deutschland Germany October/November 2012

Roadshow Frankreich France June and September 2012

Hopital Expo Paris/France May 22-25, 2012

Hopitech Amiens/France October 3-5, 2012

Light+Building Frankfurt/Main April 15-20, 2012

Security Essen September 25-28, 2012

Roadshow Netherlands May 2012

MIPS Moscow/Russia April 24-27, 2012

Securex Poznan/Poland April 23-26, 2012

EXPO Security Bukarest/Romania September 26-29, 2012

EXPO Security Tunis/Tunesia June 13-16, 2012

Fire Alarm Systems Catalog, German

(version: December 2011; valid from January 2012), Article no. 054580

Fire Alarm Systems Catalog, English incl. FlexES English

(combined catalogue) Article no. 054581

FlexES Control Catalog, German

(March 2012) Article no. 054592

Voice Alarm Systems Catalog, German

(version: February/March 2012; valid from April 2012), Article no. 05460

Product Information on Emergency Power Supplies 2 HE (German + English)

Article no. 795967 and 795967.G0

Product Information SMC – IP

Article no. D800401 (German) and D800401.G0 (English)

PI IPH – Wall module

Article no. D800400 (German) and D800400.G0 (English)

Care Data Management Brochure

Article no. D800405 (German) and D800405.G0 (English)

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Short notes! 04

Exhibitions & Roadshows

New publications

Novar GmbH expands

business management 15

FeuerTRUTZ 2012

Fire and flames in Nuremburg 16

Universal communications

solution at the patient's bed 19


ESSER Roadshows around the world 06

Two strong brands with

cutting-edge design 09

The connection is on the way… 10

New product in the range:

Detached display and operator unit 14


Amok alarms 20

IHK awards

to Novar GmbH 22

4 5

ESSER Roadshows

around the


The ESSER Roadshow received a very positive response for the presentation of the fire alarm technology in

the Middle East, in the Nordic countries and in South America. The FlexES Control and the IQ8Quad Fire Alarm

Series were here in focus.

The flexible and practical concept supports installers,

expert advisors, professionals, system integrators and

end users precisely where they drive their businesses.

The success concept proved to be correct repeatedly in

the event series held in the United Arab Emirates, in the

Sultanate of Oman and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

in October. In Doha (Quatar), Dubai and Abu Dhabi, 138

interested and expert listeners had the opportunity for

a detailed assessment of the ESSER fire alarm techno-

logy. The ESSER tour continued then in November 2011

in Riad. A total of 252 decisions

makers participated and they

followed the introduction to the

innovative product portfolio of

the market leader in fire alarm

technology with high interest.

The roadshow concept already

proved to be successful in cool

Sweden and in tropical Bra-

zil, too. The recipe for success

Middle East,

Sweden, and Brazil

attracted a large audience there, too, with presentations

and professional lectures during the ESSER roadshow –

the second time in these countries. The Swedish venues

took place in Malmö, Uppsala and Göteborg with an

audience of 70 people. In Brazil, the tour went on and in-

spired the visitors in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo.

Guests in the largest country of South America included

a total of 195 decision makers and they followed the pre-

sentation of the innovative ESSER product portfolio with

great enthusiasm.

Manuel Pelazas, International Sales Support ESSER by Honeywell,

presents the IQ8Quad smoke detector to clients in Doha (Qatar)

Practice-related demonstration through realistic

evacuation scenarios

The success of the roadshow was definitely comple-

mented by the professional presentation of the latest fire

alarm technology by Manuel Pelazas from International

Sales Support. The focus was on this region and on the

multi-sensor technology with the IQ8Quad product family –

especially the O²T-, OTblue- and OTG smoke detectors – as

well as on the latest milestone in the development of techni-

cal fire protection: the fire alarm centre FlexES control.

Manuel Pelazas made an impression during the presen-

tation of the IQ8Quad detector with integrated alarm sys-

tem first of all through the realistic demonstration of an eva-

cuation scenario with a traditional alarm sounder against

the case of an emergency with an additional voice alarm

system. The expert visitors were particularly convinced by

6 7

ESSER Roadshows

around the


the efficiency of the product. Reduced installation costs, low

requirement for external network modules and, not least,

the low maintenance requirement also played an important

role. The expert audience also paid special attention to

the product benefits of the

IQ8Wireless product line,

the wireless connection of

automatic fire detectors, the

MCPs (Manual Call Point),

and the alarm sender. The

feedback from the profes-

sionals was exceptional:

in the final surveys and in

the personal discussions

they praised the compe-

tence and practicality of the

presentations and confir-

med that in the future they

will benefit in their design

and project works from the

ESSER product solutions as well as from the communica-

tion of the current “state of technology”. ■

Ackermann and ESSER on the

Light+Building 2012 fair

strong brands

with cutting-edge design

Light+Building 2012, the world's leading trade fair for architecture and technology takes

place April 15-20 in Frankfurt/Main as an innovation platform with a cross-system offer on

lighting, electricity, house and building automation and software in the construction industry.

This year, almost 200,000 visitors are expected from all around the world. The innovative pro-

ducts of the traditional brands Ackermann and ESSER from the Novar House will be presen-

ted in Hall 11.1 at the Honeywell stand no. C50. The comprehensive product range allows the

implementation of a tailor-made and reliable overall concept for almost all objects without

neglecting the design aspects.

The FlexES fire alarm system and the loop con-

trol technology for voice alarms allow for a com-

prehensive approach to modern technology to

be taken and enable the confirmation of the

claim to be a reliable partner for experts and

designers in the field of building security. The

requirements for architecture-relevant systems

are met, too. Ackermann enables, in the field of

care communication, the migration of currently

unique, proprietary equipment and provides

system solutions with open interfaces to the IT

and telecommunications world. The user gains

high additional benefits from this. At the same

time, the requirements of the highest safety

standards are met and economic efficiency is

ensured. A new patient handset combines, as a

multi-functional terminal device for patient calls,

the telephone function as well as the room con-

trol at the Point of Care. ■

8 9

Clear message with the new

audio system in the central

railway station of Munich

Who has not yet experienced it? At the time of leaving the train, a message is heard through

the audio system saying where the connecting train departs from. Very often the voice is too

soft to understand the details. Bad acoustics, background noise, hall or other interference

frequently limit the clear reception of important information and, therefore, the ability to react

accordingly. Therefore, under certain circumstances you wait alongside the wrong track for

the connecting train – and the day quickly passes by.

Such a situation cannot occur any more at the

central railway station in Munich. A professio-

nal audio system was commissioned here in

August 2011 by Dr. Andreas Scheuer, Secre-

tary of State in the Federal Ministry for Trans-

port, Construction and City Development, and

Günther Pichler, Chairman of the Bayern

Region at DB Station&Service AG, so the age

of “Hi-Fi” had arrived to the central

railway station in Munich.

The in-

stalled VARIODYN ® D1

system contains in its com-

plete version 74 digital output

modules (DOM), 128 digital

power amplifiers (2XD250),

23 emergency power sup-

plies and 12 universal inter-

face modules, enabling train

dispatch by means of preset

audio files; the train attendant

can simply play the adequa-

te voice message by the pressing a button on

the platform. To inform the passengers, the in-

stalled components were split into a total of 32

call zones or loudspeaker groups. The PAMMI

software was introduced here in connection with

two DCS15 digital call stations and two touch

screens for live announcements in the Mf. signal

control center. Two DCSF-12 digital fire briga-

de call stations enable the making of voice an-

nouncements by action forces in cases of emer-

gency. The new central equipment room, being

the center of the whole system, hosts 27 switch

cabinets and enables the making of clear voice

announcements in the whole traffic area.

Obviously, high quality announcements shall be

ensured in all areas of the railway station; this

is not an easy task if we consider the arrange-

ment of the numerous additional office rooms:

In the Eastern section of the main hall, several

catering establishments and smaller shops are

located on the ground and first floors. Addition-

ally, there is an extensive shopping mall in the

basement floor of the central railway station. A

hotel was built in the southern part of the buil-

ding. In an emergency situation,

everybody – without exception –

present in the central railway

station must receive the important information.

Fire brigade announcements

have the highest priority

The connection of the voice announcement

system to the existing fire alarm system is still in

the planning stage. The connection of the two

systems enables a completely automatic eva-

cuation of the central railway station, although

complete automation is not desired in an

10 11

emergency because of the complex evacuati-

on of the area. The automatic interface here is

reprogrammed to semi-automatic operation, so

that the operators in the 3S center of the central

railway station of Munich receive the release of

the fire alarm system played or spoken through

the fire brigade intercom in a discrete fire zone

by pressing the adequate flashing voice button

of the intercom. The 3S central operator can eit-

her speak live to the fire zone or play the pre-

recorded evacuation message.

The fire brigade intercom in the fire alarm con-

trol center operated in parallel has the same

functionality, although with a higher priority, so

that the fire brigade can always make priority

announcements in case of doubt.

Perfect cooperation

Several constructional features had to be con-

sidered during the expensive installation: high

ceiling constructions, large glass surfaces and

echo-generating elements set special challen-

ges for the installer (the glass hall, for example,

exhibits an RT60 reverberation time of approx.

5 seconds). TELBA GmbH, contracted for the in-

stallation project, have been using the fire alarm

technology and voice alarm system of the re-

nowned ESSER brand successfully, as the part-

ner company of Novar GmbH for years, which

ensured the smooth installation of the complex

technology. The implementation of the installa-

tion additionally required professional electro-

acoustic design and a detailed implementation

plan for the voice alarm system. This deman-

ding task was undertaken by AudioCoustic

GbR with headquarters in Ottobrunn. To cover

the areas of the

acoustically challenging

transverse and longi-

tudinal platforms and the connected service

hall, the loudspeakers from the Intellivox series

DC280 and V90 were planned and installed by

Duran Audio GmbH.

The new audio system meets the requirements

of the current standards and regulations as

a voice alarm system according to DIN VDE

0833-4 in combination with the passenger infor-

mation system. This installation is the first of its

kind in a large railway station in Germany. The

VARIODYN ® D1 voice alarm system, which is

scalable and network-ready for any imaginable

project, was one of the first systems to receive

EN54-16 approval from the VdS institution.

It is one of the few systems on the market with

this special quality attribute, with a CPD cer-

tificate also available. The customers of the

German Railway are thereby provided with an

excellent speech intelligibility for voice messa-

ges. The new equipment has a high resiliency,

too. By the application of these high require-

ments on a voice alarm system, the safety of the

passengers is also ensured. After the commis-

sioning of the system, the number of high power

loudspeakers has increased to 1500, and the

total length of the installed cables exceeds 80



Marc Boebé, Key Account Manager of the

Neuss-based manufacturer of the installed ES-

SER technology, also charged with the task of

providing direct support

to the German Railway in

technology issues, is very

happy about the success-

ful cooperation related to

the implementation of the

project: “The example of

the central railway station

in Munich shows that high

quality products in them-

selves are not sufficient;

the important difference is

made here first of all by the

cooperation between the participants as well

as the service quality.” Jan Kasperlik, expert

designer of AudioCoustic responsible for the

electro-acoustic design and the implementa-

tion plans adds: “The VARIODYN ® D1 system

using high quality Duran loudspeakers enables

optimal signal processing and user-dependent

operations and failure management, differentia-

ting between applications relevant to safety and

those relevant to passenger information.”

Holm Friedrich, client representative of DB

Station&Service AG, Sourthern region, tells us

about the current status of the project imple-

mentation: “I am certain that, since the comple-

tion of the complex project, the central railway

station in Munich is the railway station in Ger-

many with the best audio system and provides

the best intelligibility for voice announcements.

In particular, if we consider the transverse and

longitudinal platforms of the main hall with their

special electro-acoustic features, excellent

results were achieved here.” Andreas Arndt,

Project Manager of TELBA GmbH that was con-

tracted for the installation works, finally summa-

rises as follows: “It is comforting to find that the

high quality products of an innovative company

guarantee a smooth implementation in the con-

text of a complex technology.” ■

Audit of the Deutschen Bahn

AG completed with success

In the 2/2011 issue of our customer news-

letter, we reported that ESSER was qualified

as a Q1 supplier to Deutsche Bahn AG. The

enterprise has been operating a strong se-

lection process of its suppliers for years. The

trained auditors regularly reveal all aspects

of a modern process management. Every

two years, a QM Audit verifies whether the

required quality specifications are met. The

implementation of the QM handbook is cont-

rolled thoroughly in all stations from distributi-

on to production and dispatch.

A new audit by the Deutschen Bahn AG was

performed in our administrative facilities in

Neuss in January. The results in terms of the

quality capability for the product range of

fire alarm and voice announcement systems

confirmed again the maintenance of a high

quality standard. This is why our company re-

mains one of the preferred DB suppliers. This

reward is a valuable reference in the industry,

since the standards of the DB AG are among

the highest in the country.

Engineer Marc Boebé

Key Account Manager

Germany, Switzerland

12 13

New product in the range

Detached display and operator unit

A detached operator unit of the latest generation of touch

panels has become recently available as a comfortable

solution for the decentralised operation of the FlexES fire

alarm control center. This innovation is the most suitab-

le for controlling within a network; all operation activities

and system statuses can be managed from a single cen-

tral location in an essernet ® network with multiple fire

alarm control centers.

The user interface design is similar to that of the FlexES

controller and enables intuitive and fast operation. The

touch panel with its black polished aluminum frame cor-

responds to a 16: 9 widescreen format with WVGA

resolution. The different access levels with their as-

signed authorization codes enable a user-dependent

hierarchic control. The operator unit can be used up

to 1,000 m away from the fire alarm control center.

This provides great flexibility in the operations- and

display-related information distribution in the facility.

It is suitable for wall-mounted and flush-mounted in-

stallation, too. The user interface is available in Ger-

man, English, Cyrillic, and French and the language

may be selected even during operations. The imple-

mentation of further languages is under way. ■

Novar GmbH expands

business management

Novar GmbH expands its business management at the Neuss headquarters. After Marcus

Ostländer (51) was appointed managing director of Novar GmbH effective from September 1,

2011 and took responsibility for the Intelligent Life Care business unit, he invited Martin

Bemba (44) and Klaus Hirzel (45) to the management of Honeywell-owned Novar GmbH.

In his new position, Martin Bemba will be responsible for the global business of the

ESSER brand product lines in the future. He has a university degree in electrical en-

gineering and acquired the MBA and DBA degrees at Argosy University in the US.

He has 24 years of experience in the fields of safety technology and in the recent

years he has been successfully coordinating the product and communications strat-

egy as the Marketing Director of ESSER/Ackermann EMEAI.

Klaus Hirzel assumes in his new position responsibility for the ESSER fire alarm

systems and voice alarm systems in Germany, Switzerland, and Luxemburg. He has

a university degree in electrical engineering and has 18 years of professional expe-

rience in safety engineering. He has been working for our company since 2001, and

has been active as an operations manager in these countries in recent years.

Marcus Ostländer has comprehensive and long-standing experience in medical

technology. After finishing his studies in telecommunications in 1988, he was em-

ployed internationally in different leading positions in medical technology. Before his

change to Honeywell, he was responsible at Switzerland-based Roche Diagnostics

for IT solutions in the fields of diagnostic laboratories and Point-of-Care diagnostics.

With his international experience in the fields of sales and marketing in medical tech-

nology and his technical background knowledge, Mr. Ostländer will contribute to the

focusing and further development of Intelligent Life Care and the integration of the

Ackermann and Envitec brands in the Honeywell Concern.

The expanded business management provides the basis to reinforce the current mar-

ket position of our company, to drive a stronger internationalisation of our activities,

and to generate additional growth. ■

14 15

Security systems in retirement and care homes

Fire and flames in Nuremburg

Possibilities of effective alarm and

evacuation systems

This year's FeuerTRUTZ 2012 trade fair was held for the

second time with a substantially more comprehensive set

of 150 exhibitors. In the framework of the congresses run

in parallel, enlightening topics of preventive fire protec-

tion, Marc Boebé (Key Account Manager for Germany

and Switzerland) presented safety systems that are in

retirement and care homes. The presentation that is repro-

duced here in the form of extracts, provides background

information about the logical planning of fire alarm sys-

tems in appropriate buildings with special consideration

to the limited mobility of the residents.

According to the projections of the Federal Bueau of Sta-

tistics, the number of Germany's inhabitants will be 17 mil-

lion less than today by the year 2060. Every third inhabitant

by contrast will be above 65 by then, and every seventh

above 80. This process of change within the framework of

the demographic transition poses one of the most impor-

tant socio-political challenges. The strong expansion of

the elderly population will promote the construction of re-

tirement and care homes. In this context, the safety tech-

nology design will gain increasing significance, especial-

ly for professional fire alarm systems. All design activities

shall consider as of primary importance the people and

the possibility to rescue them in cases of emergency. It is

exactly retirement and care homes where special aspects

shall be considered because of the limited mobility of the

patients living there.

According to the Hospice Foundation, about 50 people

die in the 12,000 care homes of

Germany due to fire on a yearly

basis – “Lives that otherwise could

have been saved.” This was the

background for the establishment

of the German Disability Discrimi-

nation Act (BGG), among others.

According to section 1: “The aim

of this act is to abolish and pre-

vent disadvantaging handicap-

ped people and to ensure with

equal rights the participation of

handicapped people in life in so-

ciety and to enable them to lead

a self-determined life at the same

time to take into account special



In order to meet these require-

ments, a Working Committee established the DIN 18040

standard consisting of two parts. Part 1 deals explicitly

with “accessible public places” and refers to alarms

and evacuation as well as emergency exits and escape

routes. Part 2 deals with the “residential areas”. Regar-

ding alarms and evacuation, it is important to consider

here the fact that people who live in the named buil-

dings have limited or no hearing or sight capabilities. In

order to reach these sensory disabled people, the alarm

system shall operate on the “dual-sensory principle” if

possible. This means that communication shall always

address two independent senses at the same time. For

example: Horn (acoustic) plus flashing light (optical).

A vibration alarm is available for the deaf or the hearing

impaired that can be integrated e.g. into cushions (during

sleep) or wristwatches.

Soft start instead of shock reactions

Another important aspect for elderly persons in need of

nursing is avoiding panic; in this respect it can be impera-

tive that a given alarm signal does not harm the resident

directly with full volume. The shock caused by the sudden

alarm signal may lead to unnecessary delays. The Soft

Start mode provides remedy here for fire detectors and

transmitters: The slowly increasing volume prevents shock

reactions at the first warning sound and allows a con-

scious perception of the current situation, prevents panic

reactions and eases self-rescue and evacuation. Such a

"caring" alarm system is especially essential in hospitals

and care homes or perhaps for heart patients.

Fire detectors with voice functionality

Multi-functional fire detectors ensure that people in the

building receive a fast, distinct and effective warning that

eases self-rescue by means of clear instructions. The

EN 54-3 European Standard in its extended version diffe-

rentiates between acoustic signal transmitters for sound

output and acoustic voice signal transmitters with warning

signals and dedicated voice announcers. The reason for

the higher requirements is the recognition that people are

more attentive in cases of alarm if the warning sound is

accompanied by a clear and distinct voice announce-

ment. The IQ8Quad fire detector and the IQ8Alarm alarm

signal transmitter provide voice announcements together

with the warning signal.

Connection to other systems

Systems that are perfectly adapted to each other enable

the optimization of work processes and reduce expen-

ditures. Solutions are already available today to connect

different systems like fire alarm systems and voice alarm

systems with communication systems like nurse calls in

an intelligent way and rely on existing infrastructures.

Responsibility begins with planning

In order to increase safety in retirement and care homes,

all responsible persons in the scope of the valid provisions

shall consider beforehand the extent to which professional

measures could be taken into account already in the plan-

ning phase for optimal fire protection, voice alarm systems

and evacuation during the given installations. This is becau-

se every second counts and can be vital in case of a fire! ■

16 17

The future is fl exible

A new era of fi re detection technology

The new FlexES fi re detection system uniquely combines the

advantages of an innovative system with high fl exibility and

optimized services. Today and tomorrow.

Novar GmbH a Honeywell Company · Dieselstraße 2, 41469 Neuss, Germany

Tel.: +49 2137 17-0 (Administration) · Tel.: +49 2137 17-600 (Customer Service Center)

Fax: +49 2137 17-286 · www.esser-systems.com · info@esser-systems.com

© 2010 Honeywell International Inc. All rights reserved.

The new integrated patient handset

(iPH) from Ackermann is highly

functional and can be installed with

minimum effort. It combines telephony,

light calls, TV and room control

functions in an intuitive, easy-to-use

device. The robust design (IP 54) and

service friendly construction makes

the iPH optimal for applications in the

clinical environment.

Hybrid solution that is

flexible to use

The iPH can be used in any patient

room regardless of the current installation

situation. The Smart wall

module (WM) is used for connection

and has an optional connection

with discharge technique. This

A new equipment combination integrates telecommunication,

light calls, and the use of IP networks


communications solution

at the patient's bed

enables the use of compliant light calls according to

DIN VDE 0834 and the provision of value-added services

via telecommunication infrastructures (DSL) or

Ethernet LAN networks. An additional integrated

Ethernet interface provides new possibilities for

example for a Multimedia Bedside solution.

Minimally invasive modernization

The WM Smart allows the use of most

existing telephone and network

cables as well as SIP compatible

telephone sets. This is why

the new Ackermann solution

is ideal for modernization

projects. The iPH and WM

Smart provide substantial

added value at the patient's

bedside. ■



Amok alarms

Since the Amok runs in Winnenden and Erfurt, the topic of

Amok runs has gained a distinguished status in the field of

safety technology. Technical solutions are requested from

different fields in order to be able to provide a better pro-

tection in such situations in the future. In this context, the

question emerges as to which directives and standards

these technical solutions should conform to. How would

this look like in practice? Are the new standards required

in all cases or are perhaps Amok cases already covered

by existing standards? Wolfgang Unger, Product Manager

for voice alarm systems, makes the following statement in

relation to these questions:

Such an existing standard could be the EN 60849 standard

for “electro-acoustic emergency alarm systems”. The con-

dition for using the standard in the Amok case is whether

the case is included in the direct or indirect scope of the

standard and whether it is in harmony with the purposes of

the standard. An extract from the description:

Scope and purpose of the EN 60849 standard

“This International Standard applies to sound reinforce-

ment and distribution systems to be used to effect a rapid

and orderly mobilization of occupants in an indoor or out-

door area in an emergency situation. This standard ap-

plies to systems using tone signals and to systems with

voice announcements for emergency purposes.

Note 1: The use of the system for normal sound reinforce-

ment and distribution systems purposes under non-hazar-

dous circumstances is not excluded.

Note 2: It is recommended that the system, when used

for emergency purposes, should form part of a comple-

te facility (equipment, operating procedures and training

programs) for the control of emergencies.

Note 3: Sound systems for emergency purposes may be

subject to approval by the relevant authorities.

The purpose of this standard is to specify the performance

requirements for sound systems that are primarily inten-

ded to broadcast information for the protection of lives

within one or more specified areas in an emergency. The

standard gives the characteristics and methods of the

tests that are necessary for the specification of the sys-

tem.” (Source: EN 60849:1998, page 4)

If we use this definition of the standard for an Amok case,

the following situation emerges: If persons inside or out-

side a building are alarmed by a voice message because

of an Amok situation, it is clearly an emergency situation.

Audio amplifiers and audio distributor systems are used

for the output of the voice messages. Thereby, the Amok

case belongs to the scope of application of the EN 60849


Further criteria that support the use of the EN 60849

standard in an Amok case:

• The standard gives the characteristics and the methods

of test necessary for the specification of the alarm system.

The emergency and rescue plans to regulate how endan-

gered persons should behave in an emergency situati-

on shall be developed object-specific depending on the

construction of the building, the number and mobility of

the persons present in the building or similar parameters.

These are not part of the standard and are not in contra-

diction to the application of EN 60849.

• The purpose of the EN 60849 standard is to specify

the performance requirements for sound systems that are

intended to broadcast information for the protection of

lives within one or more specified areas in an emergency.

An Amok run definitely is an emergency situation. The au-

dio system communicates the information necessary for

the protection of human life within the preset areas. As a

result, the purpose of the standard is in harmony with the

application for Amok situations.

This means that an “electro-acoustic emergency warning

system” according to EN 60849 can be used for standard-

compliant alarming in an Amok situation.

This raises the question of how to assess with regard to

the standard when a voice alarm system according to DIN

VDE 0833-4 is to be used in addition to an Amok alarm


• According to DIN VDE 0833-4:2007-09, chapter, the voice alarm system may be used for other

purposes in “non-fire alarm operation mode”. Thus, an ap-

plication with an Amok alarm system is not contradictory.

• The technical requirements of DIN VDE 0833-4 are

identical on a number of points with those of EN 60849,

sometimes they even go further: For example, both stan-

dards impose the same requirements on the systems with

regard to speech intelligibility and audio volume, but for

emergency current backup time the requirements of DIN

0833-4 are higher. Therefore, emergency backup opera-

tion of 24 hours plus 30 minutes alarming shall be provi-

ded for an equipment according to EN 60849, while for

an equipment according to DIN VDE 0833-4 emergency

backup operation of 30 hours plus 30 minutes alarming

are required.

With regard to emergency and rescue planning, however,

a series of critical situations shall be considered: What

should be the reaction, for example, if during an Amok

alarm a fire is detected? How to react to the possible situ-

ation, when an Amok runner uses incendiary devices and


The procedures for such emergency situations cannot be

described universally in a standard that defines technical

requirements for a system. Procedures, which can be dif-

ferent for each object and in dependence on the local cir-

cumstances, shall be considered with special care. A pre-

requisite for the successful application of the concept is

basically a reasonable emergency and rescue planning,

adapted to the object in question.

These procedures of emergency and rescue planning

can be supported in a reasonable manner by alar-

ming procedures with automatic voice announce-

ments or microphone announcements according to

EN 60849 or VDE 0833-4.

Engineer/Businessman Wolfgang Unger

Product Manager, Voice Alarm Systems

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