Community Foundation of Greater Flint 2010 Annual Report

Community Foundation of Greater Flint 2010 Annual Report

Community Foundation of Greater Flint 2010 Annual Report


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Your Gifts Are MAkinG our Mission Possible<br />

Thank you for supporting the <strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Flint</strong>.<br />

You help us fulfill our mission <strong>of</strong> building a strong community<br />

by engaging people in philanthropy and developing the community’s<br />

permanent endowment — now and for generations to come. Your gifts<br />

are making our mission possible. Thank you!<br />

inside<br />

2 New Funds<br />

4 Legacy Society<br />

6 Impact Stories<br />

14 <strong>Flint</strong> Women and Girls Fund<br />

15 Giving Stories<br />

21 Types <strong>of</strong> Funds<br />

22 <strong>Community</strong> Funds<br />

23 Youth Grantmakers<br />

24 Census <strong>2010</strong><br />

25 Donor Recognition<br />

31 Grantmaking Guide<br />

32 Financial Statement<br />

<strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Flint</strong><br />

500 S. Saginaw Street, Suite 200<br />

<strong>Flint</strong>, MI 48502<br />

(810) 767-8270<br />

www.cfgf.org<br />

dear friends<br />

Did you ever wonder what the difference between possible<br />

and impossible is? Of course, there are the laws <strong>of</strong> physics,<br />

but beyond that it just seems to be a matter <strong>of</strong> will.<br />

Is there the personal or collective will to make something<br />

happen...or not?<br />

So much <strong>of</strong> what happens in life is not inevitable.<br />

It is because <strong>of</strong> will … because somebody or a group<br />

<strong>of</strong> somebodies “willed” something into existence.<br />

This annual report is a beautiful depiction <strong>of</strong> the kind<br />

<strong>of</strong> will that is transforming our community, day in<br />

and day out. We are sharing a few stories that depict<br />

a much broader pattern <strong>of</strong> what is happening in our<br />

community … from folks in neighborhoods like those<br />

involved in our Neighborhoods Small Grants Program,<br />

to large, complex systems like the GISD’s “SKIP to a<br />

Great Start.” People, with the help <strong>of</strong> the resources<br />

made available by donors <strong>of</strong> the <strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong>,<br />

are “willing” a better community into existence.<br />

For sure, our community faces monumental challenges.<br />

However, as long as people like Kathryn Lobban, Cornelia<br />

Norton, Bill and Pam Costabile, Frances Price, Bill<br />

and Kitty Moeller and Kim and Ginger Virkler continue<br />

to give gifts that are structured to be here forever (is<br />

it coincidental that it’s called “a will”?), we’ll have what<br />

it takes to meet those challenges face to face and make<br />

progress, no matter how staggering the odds at any<br />

one point in time.<br />

That’s why we’ve chosen the theme “Mission Possible.”<br />

Our daily experience <strong>of</strong> the generosity <strong>of</strong> area residents<br />

and the commitment and expertise <strong>of</strong> area nonpr<strong>of</strong>its<br />

tackling the toughest issues convince us that, indeed,<br />

our mission <strong>of</strong> building a strong community by engaging<br />

people in philanthropy is possible. Thanks for<br />

“willing” it so!<br />

For good. For ever.<br />

Kathi Horton, President<br />

Sherri Stephens, Board <strong>of</strong> Trustees Chair<br />


<strong>2010</strong> new funds<br />

Our mission is possible when generous individuals include the<br />

<strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong> as a key partner in their charitable giving<br />

plans. We are grateful to local philanthropists who created their<br />

own legacy in <strong>2010</strong> by establishing a charitable fund through the<br />

<strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Flint</strong>.<br />


<strong>Community</strong> HoSPiCe <strong>Foundation</strong> Fund<br />

Established by the Board <strong>of</strong> Directors <strong>of</strong> the former<br />

Avalon Hospice, this Fund will support end-<strong>of</strong>-life<br />

education programs, events and projects to families<br />

<strong>of</strong> individuals experiencing chronic illness or end-<strong>of</strong>life<br />

transition.<br />

S. Jean Simi Fund For tHe artS<br />

When Jean Simi retired after 28 years <strong>of</strong> service at<br />

the Charles Stewart Mott <strong>Foundation</strong>, a donor advised<br />

fund was established in her honor. The Fund provides<br />

support for the arts to include music, theater and the<br />

performing and visual arts, with a focus on the youth<br />

<strong>of</strong> <strong>Flint</strong> and Genesee County.<br />


PHiliP J. and Sally J. Braun Fund<br />

For tHe <strong>Flint</strong> Cultural Center<br />

Phil Braun gave so much during his lifetime, and upon<br />

his death he continued that tradition by earmarking<br />

gifts to his favorite charitable organizations through<br />

a Charitable Remainder Trust. Phil’s legacy is a “for<br />

good, forever” story that shows us all how to support<br />

the causes we care about – today and for generations<br />

to come. This Fund provides general operating support<br />

for the <strong>Flint</strong> Cultural Center Corporation.<br />

2<br />

PHiliP J. Braun Fund<br />

The <strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Flint</strong> is grateful<br />

for this Fund which supports our general operations.<br />

Sally J. Braun youtH Fund<br />

Phil was a community leader who volunteered his<br />

time, talent and treasure to many civic organizations.<br />

This Fund, which is named in honor <strong>of</strong> his wife,<br />

supports the programs and services <strong>of</strong> Big Brothers<br />

Big Sisters <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Flint</strong>.<br />

FluSHinG CHriStian outreaCH Center Fund<br />

An anonymous donor established this Fund to support<br />

the operations <strong>of</strong> the Flushing Christian Outreach<br />

Center. The Center connects people with the resources<br />

they need – food, clothing, information and referral.<br />

latture Family Fund<br />

Fay Latture wanted to do something special upon her<br />

retirement as superintendent <strong>of</strong> Clio Area Schools.<br />

Prior to her retirement party, Fay and her husband,<br />

Terry, created a Fund at the <strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong><br />

to support student educational field trips. She asked<br />

that retirement gifts be made to the Fund, creating<br />

a lasting legacy for future generations.<br />

KatHryn Faner loBBan Fund<br />

During her 100 years <strong>of</strong> life, Kathryn loved <strong>Flint</strong> and<br />

was one <strong>of</strong> its strongest boosters. She enjoyed a<br />

teaching career at <strong>Flint</strong> <strong>Community</strong> Schools, instructing<br />

children in the arts — music, speech, drama and<br />

literature. The community’s children will benefit from<br />

her bequest that supports the <strong>Flint</strong> Institute <strong>of</strong> Music.<br />

William H. PiPer Fund For tHe<br />

<strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong><br />

Bill Piper is known by <strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong> staff<br />

and others as “Mr. Hugs.” When you meet with Bill,<br />

hugs are guaranteed. We’re sharing a big hug with<br />

Bill this year for establishing a Fund that benefits the<br />

<strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong>’s general operations.<br />

PHiliP W. and t. ardele SHaltz Fund<br />

As a new trustee to the <strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong>,<br />

Ardele Shaltz wanted to support our mission<br />

by establishing a charitable Fund to support general<br />

operations. Thank you, Ardele and Phil, for leading<br />

by example.<br />

Gloria maCartHur Vanduyne Fund<br />

For Very SPeCial artS<br />

VSA-Michigan honored Gloria VanDuyne on her<br />

birthday with a surprise celebration to announce the<br />

Fund established in her honor. The Fund provides<br />

support for arts programs for children and adults with<br />

disabilities through VSA Michigan - Genesee County.<br />


PHiliP J. and Sally J. Braun Fund<br />

For mental HealtH<br />

Phil and Sally recognized the importance <strong>of</strong> quality<br />

care for individuals and families facing mental health<br />

challenges. This Fund supports community needs<br />

in the area <strong>of</strong> mental health.<br />

Cornelia H. norton Fund<br />

Cornelia taught mathematics at <strong>Flint</strong> Central High<br />

School for 41 years and enjoyed meeting up with former<br />

students in retirement. Upon her death, Cornelia left<br />

a bequest that established a charitable Fund at the<br />

<strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong>. This Fund will provide tutoring<br />

services for underprivileged children in our community.<br />

Kim and GinGer VirKler <strong>Community</strong> trailS Fund<br />

Kim Virkler knew that upon his retirement, his colleagues<br />

at Plante Moran would throw a going away party.<br />

Before the event, Kim and his wife, Ginger, established<br />

this Fund so that retirement gifts could support the<br />

cause they care about. This Fund supports the development<br />

and maintenance <strong>of</strong> trails and paths in the<br />

South Lakes region.<br />

To learn more about establishing a charitable fund at the<br />

<strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong>, call us at 810.767.8270<br />

or visit our website at www.cfgf.org<br />


legacy society<br />

Those who include the <strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Flint</strong> (CFGF)<br />

in a will, trust or other planned gift are invited to join the<br />

Legacy Society. Legacy Society membership recognizes this special<br />

form <strong>of</strong> philanthropy and gives you the opportunity to join with<br />

other philanthropists who care about strengthening our community.<br />

4<br />

William and Kathryn Moeller<br />

Kitty is a former chair and current member <strong>of</strong> the<br />

<strong>Flint</strong> Women and Girls Fund Advisory Committee.<br />

When she and husband Bill were reviewing their<br />

estate plan, they made a decision to include a bequest<br />

to support the <strong>Flint</strong> Women and Girls Fund.<br />

Kim and Ginger Virkler<br />

Kim’s long-term service on the Fenton <strong>Community</strong><br />

Fund Advisory Committee convinced him <strong>of</strong> the<br />

importance <strong>of</strong> building the community’s endowment.<br />

Together with wife Ginger, the Virklers named the<br />

<strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong> as a designated beneficiary<br />

<strong>of</strong> their Individual Retirement Account (IRA). The Fund<br />

supports trail development in the South Lakes region.<br />

Frances Price<br />

A retired nurse and resident <strong>of</strong><br />

Flushing, Frances has a giving spirit that<br />

has touched many lives in our community.<br />

She decided to create a lasting legacy<br />

that will benefit the Flushing <strong>Community</strong><br />

Fund through a charitable gift annuity at<br />

the <strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong>.<br />

William and Pamela Costabile<br />

Bill and Pam named the <strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong><br />

as a beneficiary <strong>of</strong> their trust to support three<br />

causes they care about in perpetuity — Big<br />

Brothers/Big Sisters <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Flint</strong>, Whaley<br />

Children’s Center and Zonta. Pam is a long-time<br />

member <strong>of</strong> Zonta Club <strong>of</strong> <strong>Flint</strong> 1.<br />

Legacy Society Members<br />

Kathryn Ruth Adamson<br />

Dr. Joseph and Carol Batdorf<br />

James and Dorothea Bolton<br />

Herbert and Dorothy Booth<br />

Philip and Sally Braun<br />

Robert and Bessie Breeden<br />

Caleb Calkins<br />

Jim and Kathy Cheek<br />

G. Allen and Adabeth Cook<br />

William and Pamela Costabile<br />

Wallace Eaton<br />

Alan Ferrari<br />

Raymond Finley<br />

Gary and Kathleen Haggart<br />

Jack and Lily Hamady<br />

Willie and Wanda Harden<br />

Mark and Kathi Horton<br />

Joel and Mary Ittigson<br />

Roy Lahring<br />

Ivan and Dorothy MacArthur<br />

Patrick J. and Terese M. McGuire<br />

William and Kathryn Moeller<br />

Lawrence E. and Valaria Moon<br />

M. Harry and Wanda Piper<br />

William and Joyce Piper<br />

Nicholas and Donna Popa<br />

Frances Price<br />

James Ricker<br />

Philip W. and T. Ardele Shaltz<br />

James Somers<br />

Dr. Jack and Virginia Thompson<br />

Dr. Allen F. Turcke<br />

Kim and Ginger Virkler<br />

In Memory <strong>of</strong> George Allen and Adabeth Cook<br />

Legacy Society members George Allen “Al” and<br />

Adabeth Cook were married nearly 70 years when<br />

they both passed away in <strong>2010</strong>. George worked as<br />

an accountant for AC Spark Plug for 36 years. The<br />

couple enjoyed travel, especially taking train trips<br />

throughout North America with their family. Both<br />

cared deeply about our community.<br />

The Cooks created a charitable gift annuity,<br />

naming the <strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong> as beneficiary.<br />

Upon their death, the G. Allen and Adabeth<br />

Cook Fund was established to support general<br />

operations <strong>of</strong> the <strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong>.<br />


Mission:<br />


When parents, children and teachers play together, they learn<br />

together. Early intervention programs like SKIP to a Great Start<br />

Parent-Child Playgroups foster academic success.<br />

SKIP is a program <strong>of</strong> the Genesee Intermediate School District<br />

(GISD). The <strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong> was an early supporter<br />

<strong>of</strong> the initiative, awarding a $20,000 grant to buy books for<br />

SKIP playgroups located in 21 local school districts.<br />

“Playgroups give parents and children the opportunity to learn<br />

together while playing, interacting and having fun,” said Gloria<br />

Bourdon, Director <strong>of</strong> Health, Safety and Nutrition at GISD.<br />

“Hundreds <strong>of</strong> parents and children have been impacted by the<br />

SKIP program and we’re starting to realize academic results.”<br />

Bourdon noted that an analysis shows that student performance on<br />

the MEAP tests in reading, English and math is directly correlated<br />

to the number <strong>of</strong> contact hours experienced in home visits and<br />

playgroups.<br />

“As the number <strong>of</strong> program contacts with parents and children<br />

increased through home visits and playgroups, so did the MEAP<br />

scores <strong>of</strong> children,” Bourdon said.<br />

Health and nutrition is also stressed during playgroup activity, as<br />

well as during home visits. Children need to be healthy to be ready<br />

to learn in kindergarten, Bourdon said. For this to happen, children<br />

need healthy role models through their parents.<br />

Successful Kids = Involved Parents (SKIP) has built a successful<br />

network <strong>of</strong> support for pre-school children through services that<br />

support children and their parents.<br />

Parent Delana Kidd, right, and son Antuan interact<br />

with parent educator Tanya Everette<br />

fAst fActs<br />

SKIP Program Established 2000<br />

CFGF Grantmaking Investment over nine years $191,900<br />


Mission:<br />

PrOvIDInG baSIC,<br />

aFFOrDabLe heaLTh<br />

Care TO FamILIeS<br />


Being out <strong>of</strong> work is tough enough. Being a diabetic<br />

without means to pay for insulin can mean the<br />

difference between life and death.<br />

Enter the Genesee Health Plan (GHP), a nationallyrecognized<br />

nonpr<strong>of</strong>it health plan that provides over<br />

25,000 members with doctor visits, cancer screenings,<br />

prescription drugs, X-rays and more.<br />

“We save lives every day,” said Linda Hamacher, President<br />

and Chief Executive Officer. “Many <strong>of</strong> our members<br />

are really sick with diabetes, cancer and heart<br />

disease. Others are able to avoid serious ailments by<br />

working with our staff on preventive care issues and<br />

learning how to lead healthier lives. In both respects,<br />

we are providing life-saving coverage for the uninsured<br />

in our community, and that ultimately benefits everyone<br />

in Genesee County,”<br />

In 2005, the <strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong> partnered with<br />

the Charles Stewart Mott <strong>Foundation</strong> and the Ruth<br />

Mott <strong>Foundation</strong> to provide funding for an infrastructure<br />

to create a quality health plan for low income<br />

individuals in our community. The infusion <strong>of</strong> capital<br />

dollars helped leverage other federal and state funding.<br />

“Because <strong>of</strong> the grantmaking, we were able to expand<br />

services and design an amazing disease management<br />

tracking system so we know that our patient’s health<br />

is improving,” Hamacher said.<br />

• Since 2005, emergency room visits by people<br />

enrolled in the plan are down 51 percent<br />

• Mammograms and preventive screenings for<br />

women have quadrupled.<br />

• Healthy behaviors such as exercise and a healthy<br />

diet have improved by 57 percent<br />

• About 89 percent <strong>of</strong> diabetes patients have<br />

improved their self-management.<br />

• The number <strong>of</strong> uninsured children is down<br />

by 25 percent.<br />

GHP is the central location in this community where<br />

people find out how to get help with their health care.<br />

“We connect people with the help they need to live<br />

longer and more productive lives,” Hamacher said.<br />

GHP Board oF direCtorS (back row, from left) Rick Wyles, Michael Jaggi, D.O., Trissa Torres, M.D., Kevin Murphy, Linda Hamacher,<br />

Joseph Leonard, R.PH.; (sitting, from left) Barbara L. Kornblau, JD, OTR/L, Daniel Dulin, PSY.D., Jean Conyers, John McKeller, Nancy Haywood.<br />

fAst fActs<br />

Genesee Health Plan Established 2005<br />

CFGF Grantmaking Investment over 6 years: $238,095<br />


Mission:<br />

nOnPrOFITS mOve<br />

FrOm GOOD TO GreaT<br />

Area nonpr<strong>of</strong>it leaders have strengthened their<br />

organization’s mission, learned new skills and<br />

benefitted from technology enhancements through<br />

the BEST Project. BEST stands for Building<br />

Excellence, Sustainability and Trust in the Nonpr<strong>of</strong>it<br />

Sector. The project has been funded by the<br />

<strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong>, the Charles Stewart Mott<br />

<strong>Foundation</strong>, Ruth Mott <strong>Foundation</strong> and United Way<br />

<strong>of</strong> Genesee County since its formation in 2003.<br />

Leadership coaching, board development, staff training<br />

and access to a consulting pool for special projects<br />

have helped nonpr<strong>of</strong>it leaders look at their organizations<br />

in a new way. The project is one <strong>of</strong> the <strong>Community</strong><br />

<strong>Foundation</strong>’s largest grantmaking investments.<br />

“After only one session with my leadership coach,<br />

I could tell that I would benefit from this opportunity,”<br />

said Mona Sahouri, Executive Director <strong>of</strong> the Arab<br />

American Heritage Council. “The economic situation<br />

in Genesee County has created an increased demand<br />

for services. Organizations will not be able to step up<br />

to the plate if we don’t develop the leadership.”<br />

Evaluation <strong>of</strong> BEST shows that nonpr<strong>of</strong>it leaders<br />

have cited leadership gains including:<br />

• Staff leaders’ ability to think and act<br />

strategically<br />

• Board engagement has increased from<br />

40% to 80%<br />

• Individuals have dropped <strong>of</strong>f boards in ways<br />

that have made the board stronger<br />

• Better alignment <strong>of</strong> program goals,<br />

communicating mission and vision and<br />

conducting effective planning<br />

“The ongoing investment in the BEST Project has<br />

enabled us to serve more than 70 Genesee County<br />

nonpr<strong>of</strong>its,” said Jennifer Acree, Director <strong>of</strong> Programs.<br />

“Participating agencies show marked improvement<br />

in key leadership and management areas and have<br />

changed the way they think about the future <strong>of</strong><br />

their organizations.”<br />

Area nonpr<strong>of</strong>it leaders gather in the lobby <strong>of</strong> The Durant in downtown <strong>Flint</strong>.<br />

fAst fActs<br />

BEST Established 2003<br />

CFGF Grantmaking Investment over 9 years: $700,000<br />


Mission:<br />

CreaTInG POSITIve ChanGe<br />

One bLOCk aT a TIme<br />

Neighbors fondly remember Ann Hester as a go-getter who<br />

cared deeply about her neighborhood and block club — the<br />

Odette, Witherbee, Iroquois Restoration Association. Ann<br />

served as block club president for many years. She was also<br />

instrumental in building a flower garden on a vacant lot at<br />

the corner <strong>of</strong> Mason and Odette Streets.<br />

When Ann passed away <strong>of</strong> cancer two years ago, the flower<br />

garden floundered. “We wanted to honor her memory and<br />

make a memorial garden for Ann,” said Dennis Jackson,<br />

block club member.<br />

To accomplish this, Jackson applied for a small grant through<br />

the Neighborhoods Small Grants Program (NSGP) program<br />

<strong>of</strong> the <strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong>. The raised flower bed is now<br />

a beautiful tribute to Ann Hester’s memory.<br />

The NSGP was established in 1993 through a grant by the<br />

Charles Stewart Mott <strong>Foundation</strong>. Nearly $175,000 in small<br />

grants have been made to support a number <strong>of</strong> projects that<br />

bring communities together to create positive change. Some<br />

examples include:<br />

• Welcome packets developed by the Washington<br />

Neighborhood Association<br />

• Neighborhood watch signage, lights and radios<br />

for the University Park Homeowners Association<br />

• Park maintenance, benches and signage for<br />

Stockton Center at Spring Grove.<br />

When neighbors come together to beautify their homes,<br />

blocks and neighborhoods, they find common ground and<br />

build relationships. Now that’s positive change!<br />

Preparing the memorial garden in memory <strong>of</strong> Ann Hester are Dennis Jackson, Dorothy Tippins, and Cora and Alex Pitts<br />

fAst fActs<br />

Neighborhoods Small Grants Program Established 1993<br />

CFGF Grantmaking Investment over 13 years: $174,720<br />


14<br />

A Fresh Look at Women<br />

and Girls Issues<br />

Throughout history women have demonstrated<br />

amazing strength and tenacity in overcoming<br />

challenges and working to better their lives and<br />

those <strong>of</strong> their families. Today in Genesee County,<br />

many women and girls find it hard to achieve their<br />

full potential because they are struggling to meet<br />

their most basic needs.<br />

The Status <strong>of</strong> Women and Girls in Genesee County,<br />

a research report published by the <strong>Flint</strong> Women<br />

and Girls Fund <strong>of</strong> the <strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong><br />

<strong>of</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Flint</strong>, examines the issues facing women<br />

and girls in our community. The report focuses<br />

on three primary areas affecting women and girls<br />

in Genesee County: economic security, health<br />

and well-being, and education.<br />

fAst fActs<br />

The <strong>Flint</strong> Women and Girls Fund Advisory Committee<br />

seeks to shine a light on these issues and encourages<br />

you and others to become involved in developing a<br />

call to action.<br />

What can you do? Here are a few ideas to inspire<br />

your thinking:<br />

• Educate yourself. Visit www.cfgf.org and click on<br />

the Women and Girls Fund link. Read the report<br />

and the “Voices <strong>of</strong> Women” narratives posted<br />

online.<br />

• Educate others. Request a presentation be made<br />

to your civic or church group by calling the<br />

<strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong> at 767-8270.<br />

• Make a gift. The <strong>Flint</strong> Women and Girls Fund<br />

makes grants to organizations serving women<br />

and girls.<br />

The purpose <strong>of</strong> the<br />

<strong>Flint</strong> Women and Girls<br />

Fund is to encourage<br />

the advancement and<br />

full participation<br />

<strong>of</strong> women and girls<br />

in society by<br />

promoting the removal<br />

<strong>of</strong> barriers to their<br />

economic, educational,<br />

physical, emotional,<br />

social, artistic,<br />

and personal growth.<br />

FWGF Established: 1985<br />

Grants: 42<br />

CFGF Grantmaking Investment over 17 years: $178,106<br />

Manal and Ghassan Saab<br />

Well-Deserved Recognition<br />

for Local Philanthropists<br />

Ghassan and Manal Saab <strong>of</strong> Fenton are the<br />

recipients <strong>of</strong> the <strong>2010</strong> Russell G. Mawby Award<br />

for Philanthropy. Nominated by the <strong>Community</strong><br />

<strong>Foundation</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Flint</strong>, the Saabs are the first<br />

Genesee County residents, and the first immigrants,<br />

to receive the Mawby Award, Michigan’s most<br />

prestigious philanthropy award.<br />

For the Saabs, philanthropy is a personal commitment<br />

born <strong>of</strong> a value system that believes in “giving<br />

back and paying forward.” Through the Ghassan<br />

and Manal Saab <strong>Foundation</strong>, the Saabs have<br />

made grants to strengthen organizations including<br />

the United Way <strong>of</strong> Genesee County, Crim Fitness<br />

<strong>Foundation</strong>, The <strong>Flint</strong> Rotary Charitable <strong>Foundation</strong>,<br />

<strong>Flint</strong> Children’s Museum, Tall Pine Council-Boy<br />

Scouts <strong>of</strong> America, Catholic Charities <strong>of</strong> Shiawassee<br />

and Genesee Counties, American Arab Heritage<br />

Council, Arab American National Museum in<br />

Dearborn, <strong>Flint</strong> Institute <strong>of</strong> Music, <strong>Flint</strong> Institute<br />

<strong>of</strong> Arts, the Center for Arab American Philanthropy<br />

and University <strong>of</strong> Michigan-<strong>Flint</strong>.<br />

“For years Ghassan and Manal have contributed<br />

generous gifts that have made an important difference<br />

in the lives <strong>of</strong> many, many people,” said Kathi<br />

Horton, CFGF President. “They give not only<br />

<strong>of</strong> their financial resources but also <strong>of</strong> their time<br />

and talents. They give in ways that have lasting<br />

impact for those who are alive today, and also<br />

for generations yet to come.”<br />

The Mawby Award was established in 1995 upon<br />

the retirement <strong>of</strong> Dr. Russell G. Mawby from the<br />

Chairmanship and Chief Executive Officer positions<br />

at the W.K. Kellogg <strong>Foundation</strong>. This award honors<br />

the work and philosophy <strong>of</strong> Dr. Mawby and is<br />

awarded annually by the Council <strong>of</strong> Michigan<br />

<strong>Foundation</strong>s and Michigan Nonpr<strong>of</strong>it Association.<br />


16<br />

Opening Doors for Youth and the Arts<br />

Jean Simi was in the audience when the <strong>Flint</strong> Youth<br />

Theatre premiered The Seventh Dream in April 1996.<br />

The play, which was scripted from the writings <strong>of</strong> 679<br />

<strong>Flint</strong>-area ninth grade students and performed by a<br />

group <strong>of</strong> student actors from the city’s high schools,<br />

so impressed her that she brought it to the attention<br />

<strong>of</strong> her boss, Bill White, the president and CEO <strong>of</strong><br />

the Charles Stewart Mott <strong>Foundation</strong>. With support<br />

from Mott, the play was restaged and ultimately<br />

was performed before the U.S. Congress.<br />

“From that time forward, Jean made it her mission<br />

to bring talented young people — and the organizations<br />

and individuals who gave them the opportunity to<br />

develop those talents — to our attention,” said White,<br />

who in <strong>2010</strong>, created the S. Jean Simi Fund for the Arts<br />

at the <strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Flint</strong> to honor<br />

her 28 years <strong>of</strong> service as Executive Assistant and<br />

Corporate Assistant Secretary for the <strong>Foundation</strong>.<br />

Discovering programs that help draw out and showcase<br />

the artistic talents <strong>of</strong> students who might otherwise not<br />

have the chance to develop these skills is a source<br />

<strong>of</strong> great satisfaction for Ms. Simi, who plans to advise<br />

grants from the Fund to seed arts activities for underserved<br />

children and young people.<br />

“It’s such a pleasure to see the confidence that a<br />

successful arts experience can give to a child or<br />

teenager,” said Ms. Simi. “I hope this Fund will help<br />

encourage those experiences for years to come.”<br />

Jean Simi<br />

Honorary contributions are a thoughtful way to<br />

acknowledge a birthday, anniversary or retirement.<br />

A Gift that Keeps Giving<br />

On a warm July evening, guests were mingling on<br />

Randee Pieper’s patio in Flushing, enjoying refreshments<br />

and anticipating the arrival <strong>of</strong> the birthday girl —<br />

Gloria VanDuyne. It was Gloria’s birthday and her<br />

family and friends had a surprise in store for the local<br />

businesswoman, art lover and philanthropist.<br />

A few months prior, Randee and VSA-Michigan Director<br />

Lora Frankel wanted to do something special to honor<br />

Gloria, a supporter <strong>of</strong> VSA’s arts programs in Genesee<br />

County schools. A Fund was established in her honor,<br />

and friends and family were invited to contribute to the<br />

Fund in lieu <strong>of</strong> gifts.<br />

Greeted by a chorus <strong>of</strong> “Surprise!” and “Happy<br />

Birthday,” Gloria listened as Randee told the story<br />

<strong>of</strong> her experiences with VSA-Michigan, a statewide<br />

organization dedicated to bringing art and music<br />

to youth with disabilities. The retired Clio Area Schools<br />

special education teacher mentioned that through<br />

Gloria’s support, hundreds <strong>of</strong> children with disabilities<br />

were introduced to the arts in her classroom.<br />

“I hope you know the impact you have made<br />

on the lives <strong>of</strong> very special children from all corners<br />

<strong>of</strong> Genesee County,” commented Kathi Horton,<br />

<strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong> President. “So in honor<br />

<strong>of</strong> your commitment and leadership to Very Special<br />

Arts in Genesee County, I am pleased to announce<br />

the establishment <strong>of</strong> the Gloria MacArthur VanDuyne<br />

Fund for Very Special Arts!”<br />

The endowment will provide opportunities for individuals<br />

with disabilities in Genesee County to participate<br />

in, learn through, excel in and enjoy the arts.<br />

Gloria VanDuyne<br />


18<br />

Fay and Terry Latture<br />

Establish a Fund in Lieu <strong>of</strong> Gifts<br />

If you’ve lived in the Clio area even for a short time,<br />

chances are you’ve met Fay and Terry Latture, lifelong<br />

residents whose lives have centered around supporting<br />

their community. Fay worked as an education administrator<br />

for 36 years, is a member <strong>of</strong> the Clio Area <strong>Community</strong><br />

Fund Advisory Committee and the Clio Area Education<br />

<strong>Foundation</strong>. Terry, a Delphi Corporation retiree, has been<br />

actively involved with the Clio Youth Sports Complex and<br />

several hunting and fishing organizations.<br />

When Fay retired from her position as Clio Area Schools<br />

Superintendent, she and Terry made a decision that would<br />

ensure their ability to give back to the community well into<br />

the future by establishing the Latture Family Fund <strong>of</strong> the<br />

<strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Flint</strong>. The couple feels<br />

strongly about the need to give back, and finds the <strong>Community</strong><br />

<strong>Foundation</strong> an excellent vehicle to do that in a meaningful<br />

and lasting way.<br />

“We asked people to contribute to the Fund in lieu <strong>of</strong><br />

presents,” says Fay.<br />

Not surprisingly, having been involved with education<br />

throughout their lives, Fay and Terry have designated the<br />

Fund to support student educational field trips for Clio-area<br />

students.<br />

“Field trips allow kids to experience things first hand, which<br />

is a great way to help them learn,” says Fay. “We have a lot<br />

to do in Michigan that is relatively close-by, including visits<br />

to the state capitol, Greenfield Village, museums, theatres<br />

and other cultural organizations.<br />

“I think benevolence is really important,” Fay continues.<br />

“I feel very blessed that if you give through the <strong>Foundation</strong>,<br />

it keeps on giving.”<br />

Kathryn Faner Lobban<br />

Cornelia Norton<br />

A Legacy <strong>of</strong> Helping Others<br />

When two retired educators passed away in <strong>2010</strong>, the community became one <strong>of</strong> their beneficiaries.<br />

Their personal missions to leave a lasting legacy were outlined in their wills.<br />

Kathryn Faner Lobban spent her career in the <strong>Flint</strong> Public Schools, teaching music, speech, drama and<br />

children’s literature to elementary students. She rose through the ranks and served as principal at three<br />

elementary schools, a big accomplishment for a woman in the 1940s. She loved <strong>Flint</strong>, her students, and<br />

was an active member <strong>of</strong> First Presbyterian Church and the St. Cecilia Society <strong>of</strong> <strong>Flint</strong> Institute <strong>of</strong> Music<br />

(FIM). The Kathryn Faner Lobban Fund will benefit the <strong>Flint</strong> Institute <strong>of</strong> Music.<br />

“Kathryn led the way for women throughout her life, initially by being the first woman to receive a degree<br />

from the Michigan State University Music School, and then later as a principal in the <strong>Flint</strong> Schools,” said<br />

Paul Torre, FIM President and CEO. “She cared deeply for children and their music education and dedicated<br />

her life for them.”<br />

Cornelia (Corry) Norton pursued her higher education at <strong>Flint</strong> Junior College, later transferring to the<br />

University <strong>of</strong> Michigan’s Ann Arbor campus. She earned a teaching degree and began a 41-year career<br />

as a mathematics teacher and department supervisor at <strong>Flint</strong> Central High School. She loved travel,<br />

especially to Europe, and spent one year teaching at an American military base in Germany.<br />

She was proud to be a <strong>Flint</strong> resident and generously supported the community through gifts to the<br />

<strong>Flint</strong> Institute <strong>of</strong> Music, the <strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong> and the <strong>Flint</strong> Cultural Center Corporation. The Cornelia<br />

Norton Fund provides tutoring services for underprivileged children in our community.<br />


Mission:<br />

heLPInG OTherS<br />

COPe WITh LOSS<br />

Children create memory boats at Camp Copneconic<br />

with grief counselor and camp volunteer Michelle Templeton.<br />

20<br />

<strong>Community</strong> Hospice <strong>Foundation</strong> Fund<br />

At dusk on the shores <strong>of</strong> Lake Copneconic in Fenton,<br />

children attending Camp Brave Hearts prepare to launch<br />

a boat, handcrafted earlier in the day during craft time.<br />

One by one, with feet balanced in the sand, they are invited<br />

to come forward and say something about their lost loved<br />

one. A candle is lit and the boat is sent <strong>of</strong>f in the Memory<br />

Boat Launch ceremony.<br />

That’s one <strong>of</strong> the highlights <strong>of</strong> Camp Brave Hearts, a grief<br />

support weekend provided by Genesys Hospice. Over 60<br />

children and adults participate in the annual camp held<br />

each year at Camp Copneconic. Group discussions, craft<br />

time and fun activities keep participants busy all weekend.<br />

In this serene, natural environment, children are able to<br />

connect with each other, share their stories and learn that<br />

they are not alone in their grief. Children ages 6-18 who<br />

have experienced the loss <strong>of</strong> a parent, grandparent or<br />

friend are invited to attend Camp Brave Hearts.<br />

“The older kids will tell us that they didn’t realize how much<br />

they needed this experience,” said Hank Messing, Camp<br />

Brave Hearts Coordinator. “Some say they didn’t want to<br />

come, but they’re glad they did.”<br />

Camp Brave Hearts is an example <strong>of</strong> the type <strong>of</strong> program<br />

to be funded by the newly established <strong>Community</strong> Hospice<br />

<strong>Foundation</strong> Fund at the <strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong>.<br />

“It’s always a good feeling leaving here and knowing we<br />

made a difference,” Messing added.<br />

leGaCy SoCiety<br />

Legacy Society members have helped secure the future<br />

<strong>of</strong> Genesee County by naming the <strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong><br />

the beneficiary <strong>of</strong> a bequest or planned gift.<br />

Fund minimum: none<br />

deSiGnated Fund<br />

Establishing a designated Fund is a simple and efficient<br />

way to support your favorite nonpr<strong>of</strong>it organization.<br />

Fund minimum: $10,000<br />

deSiGnated orGanization Fund<br />

Designated Funds, established by nonpr<strong>of</strong>it organizations,<br />

provide income to support their operations.<br />

Fund minimum: $50,000<br />

donor adViSed Fund<br />

Advised funds allow donors to remain actively engaged<br />

by recommending eligible recipients for grants.<br />

Fund minimum: $10,000<br />

Field oF intereSt Fund<br />

By establishing a field <strong>of</strong> interest fund, you can earmark<br />

your gift to address needs in an important area <strong>of</strong> community<br />

life – the arts or the environment, for example – even<br />

as needs may change over time.<br />

Fund minimum: $10,000<br />

fund options<br />

are you ready to advance our mission in Genesee County? establish<br />

a Fund? Leave a bequest? help others in need? We <strong>of</strong>fer a variety<br />

<strong>of</strong> giving tools to help you achieve your charitable goals.<br />

SCHolarSHiP Fund<br />

Scholarship funds provide scholarships for educational<br />

purposes based on specific guidelines suggested by<br />

the donor.<br />

Fund minimum: $50,000<br />

unreStriCted named Fund<br />

These funds provide the <strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong> with<br />

the most flexibility to address a broad range <strong>of</strong> charitable<br />

causes while remaining responsive to community needs.<br />

Fund minimum: $7,500<br />

memorial and Honorary GiFtS<br />

Memorial contributions <strong>of</strong>fer a permanent way to remember<br />

friends and relatives, while honorary contributions are<br />

a thoughtful way to acknowledge a birthday, anniversary<br />

or other special occasion.<br />

GiVe to an exiStinG Fund<br />

Many <strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong> Funds are open to gifts from<br />

others who share the same charitable interests. To view a<br />

list <strong>of</strong> Funds, visit our website at www.cfgf.org.<br />


22<br />

fAst fActs<br />

Encouraging Homegrown Philanthropy<br />

Five communities have established endowed “<strong>Community</strong><br />

Funds” through the <strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong> to provide a<br />

permanent source <strong>of</strong> funding for projects that enhance<br />

quality <strong>of</strong> life. The Clio, Davison, Fenton, Flushing and<br />

Grand Blanc <strong>Community</strong> Funds are guided by local advisory<br />

committees. Volunteers review grant proposals, identify<br />

emerging community needs, and design ways to build<br />

the endowment.<br />

Understanding unmet needs <strong>of</strong> the community was the<br />

focus for the Grand Blanc and Fenton <strong>Community</strong> Funds<br />

this year. The Hometown <strong>Community</strong> Conversations<br />

project was designed to deepen the advisory committees’<br />

understanding <strong>of</strong> community needs. Over 80 individuals<br />

including donors, business leaders, youth, government<br />

<strong>of</strong>ficials and representatives from civic groups, faith-based<br />

and educational institutions participated.<br />

Focus groups were held to inform the Advisory Committees’<br />

work in three areas: grantmaking, asset development and<br />

community leadership. Through the process we learned:<br />

• There is a lack <strong>of</strong> awareness about the <strong>Community</strong><br />

Fund, including its process for grantmaking or the<br />

guidelines for requesting a grant<br />

• Donors are seeking more opportunities to give<br />

• The Fund could play a role in bringing together<br />

government entities and citizens around a particular<br />

need or project<br />

In Fenton, the most commonly-discussed unmet need<br />

included economic development, downtown revitalization,<br />

and creating entertainment and employment opportunities<br />

for youth.<br />

Unmet needs in Grand Blanc centered on cooperation<br />

between city and township government, economic development,<br />

creating entertainment and employment opportunities<br />

for youth, and providing for the needs <strong>of</strong> people who<br />

are suffering economic hardship.<br />

<strong>Community</strong> Funds encourage homegrown philanthropy,<br />

engaging each generation <strong>of</strong> residents in making a<br />

difference that will continue far into the future.<br />

Number <strong>of</strong> Grants Advised by all <strong>Community</strong> Funds since 1991: 204<br />

Grantmaking Investment over 22 years: $635,769<br />

YACers prepare for a volunteer<br />

assignment with the CRIM Festival <strong>of</strong> Races.<br />

Understanding Needs <strong>of</strong> Youth<br />

For nearly 20 years the <strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong> has been<br />

working with groups <strong>of</strong> area high school students interested<br />

in making a difference. The Youth Advisory Committees<br />

(YACs) are comprised <strong>of</strong> students from across Genesee<br />

County. They meet regularly, review grant proposals<br />

and community service opportunities, and learn about<br />

giving back.<br />

This year the YACs conducted a youth needs survey,<br />

a best practice promoted by the Council <strong>of</strong> Michigan<br />

<strong>Foundation</strong>s. YACers distributed the survey link using<br />

Facebook and other online social networking sites.<br />

Paper surveys were distributed at school and other<br />

social gatherings where youth were present.<br />

Of the 288 survey responses, the top 3 overall issues<br />

<strong>of</strong> concern for area youth were:<br />

1. Alcohol and substance abuse<br />

2. Teen pregnancy and<br />

3. Family and personal problems<br />

What’s the best way to help youth struggling with these<br />

issues?<br />

1. More programs to help youth<br />

2. More education and awareness about the<br />

consequences <strong>of</strong> dangerous decisions<br />

3. More counseling and therapy for youth.<br />

Finally, the youth identified the ability to talk to their<br />

parents as the most positive influence in their life.<br />

Religious involvement also ranked near the top.<br />

“This data is important because it will help our committee<br />

members when it comes to making grants and when we<br />

look for volunteer opportunities,” said Kelsey Maxwell,<br />

Chair <strong>of</strong> the Countywide YAC. “It also opened our eyes<br />

to some <strong>of</strong> the real issues facing youth in our community.”<br />

fAst fActs<br />

Number <strong>of</strong> Grants Advised by Youth since 1992: 348<br />

Grantmaking Dollars Invested over 19 years: $930,064<br />


24<br />

Complete Count in <strong>2010</strong> Census<br />

For every community in America, the U.S. Census count<br />

represents power and money – power through adequate<br />

congressional representation and money from $400 billion<br />

in state and federal funding for hospitals, roads, schools<br />

and more. In fact, Genesee County stands to lose about<br />

$1,000 a year for each person missed by the Census.<br />

As a key partner in Census <strong>2010</strong>, the <strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong><br />

took a leadership role in bringing together individuals,<br />

organizations and churches that could help spread the<br />

word. The message was simple: “We can’t afford to give<br />

up federal dollars that will improve our quality <strong>of</strong> life. When<br />

we’re not counted, we all lose.”<br />

The goal was to improve the mail response rate from the<br />

2000 Census when the City <strong>of</strong> <strong>Flint</strong> was undercounted by<br />

an estimated 40 percent. Monthly meetings were held at<br />

the <strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong> beginning in 2009, ramping<br />

up for the mail-in survey sent in April <strong>2010</strong>.<br />

census <strong>2010</strong><br />

here’s a sampling<br />

<strong>of</strong> the communities<br />

that lost and gained<br />

population in the<br />

<strong>2010</strong> Census.<br />

A variety <strong>of</strong> outreach methods were used to engage the<br />

community in the importance <strong>of</strong> completing the mail-in<br />

survey. Information was shared at meetings, in church<br />

bulletins and through door-to-door campaigns in areas<br />

identified as “hard to count.” Media outreach, special<br />

events and billboards also helped promote the message.<br />

Results are impressive. The mail-in response rate for<br />

Genesee County is 81% and 74% in <strong>Flint</strong>, up from 71%<br />

and 61% respectively in 2000. The County response<br />

rate is well above the 72% national response rate.<br />

“Census data are used for legislative and congressional<br />

redistricting, as well as to determine funding for hospitals,<br />

schools, job training centers, senior centers, roads and<br />

more,” said Lawrence Moon, co-chair <strong>of</strong> the Genesee<br />

County Complete Count Committee. “These improvements<br />

will have a significant impact on the lives <strong>of</strong> everyone in<br />

our community.”<br />

TOP FIVE<br />

2000<br />


<strong>2010</strong><br />


Linden 2,861 3,991 39.5%<br />

Goodrich Village 1,353 1,860 37.5%<br />

Grand Blanc Township 29,827 37,508 25.8%<br />

Mundy Township 12,191 15,082 23.7%<br />

Fenton Township 12,968 15,552 19.9%<br />


2000<br />


<strong>2010</strong><br />


<strong>Flint</strong> 124,943 102,434 -18.0%<br />

Thetford Township 8,277 7,049 -14.8%<br />

Genesee Township 24,125 21,581 -10.5%<br />

Mt. Morris Township 23,725 21,501 -9.4%<br />

Davison 5,536 5,173 -6.6%<br />

We are always thankful to<br />

our donors who help make<br />

the <strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong>’s<br />

mission possible.<br />

1985 XC Team<br />

A & A Management<br />

Jack Abernathy<br />

Howard B. and Nina Dodge<br />

Abrams Philanthropic Fund<br />

Judy A. Achey<br />

Gary and Kay Adair<br />

Angie Adamec<br />

Cecilia Adams<br />

June A. Adams<br />

Marlene Addlestone<br />

AHS 70’s Decade Reunion Committee<br />

Janis Akers<br />

Louis and Marilyn Alarie<br />

Mark S. Albright<br />

Allen Funeral Home<br />

Doris Allen<br />

Susan Allen<br />

Chris A. Allingham<br />

American Legion Post 158<br />

Bruce and Carrie Ammons<br />

Honorable and Mrs. Peter Anastor<br />

James and Jen Anderson<br />

William and Margaret Anderson<br />

Bill and Peggy Anderson<br />

Anna Paulina <strong>Foundation</strong><br />

Amy Anstett<br />

David and Jean Anthony<br />

Applegate Chevrolet<br />

Sandra Applegate<br />

Michelle Armock<br />

Andrew and Sharon Armstrong<br />

Jack and Jill Arnold<br />

Peter and Patricia Ashurk<strong>of</strong>f<br />

Atherton <strong>Community</strong> Schools<br />

Candace Babock<br />

Richard and Sally Bagnall<br />

Baker College <strong>of</strong> <strong>Flint</strong><br />

Carroll G. Baker, Sr. and<br />

Kimberly Roberson<br />

Juanita Baker<br />

Brian and Mary Beth Balaze<br />

E. Ballard<br />

Robert Bancr<strong>of</strong>t<br />

Bank <strong>of</strong> America<br />

David and Nancy Barbour<br />

Tim and Stacy Barden<br />

Kirk and Pamela Barkel<br />

David J. Barkey<br />

Barry and Catherine Barnes<br />

Judith Barrett<br />

Brian D. Bates<br />

Stafford and Barbara Baumgardner<br />

John and Nadine Baxter<br />

Duncan and Dana Marie Beagle<br />

Mary Jane Bean<br />

Ruth Beardsley<br />

Don and Carol Beck<br />

Dr. and Mrs. William D. Beck<br />

David and Annette Beckwith<br />

<strong>2010</strong> donors<br />

Neil Bedell<br />

Timothy S. Beers<br />

Dr. and Mrs. Tom and Linda Belford<br />

Kathy Belill<br />

G. Marilyn Bell<br />

Bellairs Family A Michigan Co-Partnership<br />

Karen M. Bengtson<br />

Dr. Seth Bernard and Family<br />

Cindy Berry<br />

Rick and Diane Berry<br />

Regina Betz<br />

Bob and Jennifer Bieri<br />

Arthur and Beverly Bigelow<br />

Vicki Bigelow<br />

Jane Bingham<br />

Amy L. Black<br />

Clifford and Sharon Black<br />

Donna J. Black<br />

Jody Blackburn<br />

Mavis Blacque<br />

Erin Blankenship<br />

Sheree W. Blazejewski<br />

James and Mari Ann Bleau<br />

Lou and Debra Blessing<br />

Mrs. Robert Bloomer<br />

Larry and Linda Bloomfield<br />

Jack and Alice Blosser<br />

Dianne and John Boerger<br />

David and Mary Boike<br />

Bill and Karen Boike<br />

Greg and Sharon Bois<br />

Karen J. Boomer<br />

Betty and Bernard Borden<br />

Arlene Borland<br />

Earl and Janice Borradaile<br />

Pat and Jodi Botz<br />

Michael and Deborah Bourke<br />

Matt and Rachel Bowerman<br />

Mrs. Harold Boyse<br />

Kenneth and Kathryn Brady<br />

Timothy and Margaret Branigin<br />

Philip J. Braun Charitable<br />

Remainder Unitrust<br />

Philip J. Braun Trust<br />

Sally J. Braun Charitable<br />

Remainder Unitrust<br />

Virginia Braun<br />

Toni Bravender<br />

Robert Breeden<br />

Charles Bridges, III<br />

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Briggs<br />

John and Loretta Brissaud<br />

Gloria Brock<br />

James and Joyce Brock<br />

Rebecca Brooks<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Brooks<br />

Ralph Robert Brown<br />

Tracy Brown<br />

Eleanor Brownell<br />

Linda Brownfield<br />

Norman Bryant<br />

Jim Bryll<br />

Howard and Virginia Bueche<br />

Stephanie Buetow<br />

Nancy and Thomas Burcar<br />

Scott and Karen Burdick<br />

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Burek<br />

Burget’s - Darrel, Millie, Ruth,<br />

Martha, Bryce, and Dale<br />

Jim and Mary Burkart<br />

Laurel Burns<br />

Jonathan and Barbara Burroughs<br />

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Burton<br />

Dana Bush<br />

Brian Butts<br />

Denise and Thomas Butts<br />

Heather Allen Byard<br />

Weston C. and Diana S. Bye<br />

Lisa Byrne<br />

The Callis Project<br />

Linda Campbell<br />

Ron and Naomi Campbell<br />

Violet Campbell<br />

Donald Canada<br />

Dr. and Mrs. James Cantwil<br />

David Carey<br />

Carman-Ainsworth Board <strong>of</strong> Education<br />

Terry and Dorothy Carnahan<br />

Lamar and Lolita Carson<br />

Lolita Cummings Carson<br />

The Cassar Family<br />

Steven Cassar<br />

Judith Cawhorn<br />

Mike and Lee Ann Chaffee<br />

John Chahbazi - Innovative Wellness, PC<br />

Marda Chahbazi<br />

John R. Chapleski<br />

Michael and Barbara Charboneau<br />

Charity Motors<br />

John Cherry and Pamela Faris<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Childs<br />

John and Linda Chinonis<br />

Elwood and Patricia Chipman<br />

Mary Christian<br />

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Churchill<br />

Budd Cicciarelli<br />

Edward and Elizabeth Ciesielski<br />

Teresa Ciesielski<br />

John and Connie Cislo<br />

Floyd and Brenda Clack<br />

Melba R. Clapp<br />

Paula Clarambeau<br />

Rochelle Clayton<br />

Clio Area Educational<br />

<strong>Foundation</strong><br />

Clio Chrysler Dodge Jeep<br />

Donald C. Lutz, D.P.M.<br />

Scott C<strong>of</strong>fey<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. C<strong>of</strong>field<br />

James and Amy Cogswell<br />


James and Desoline Cokley<br />

James and Ellen Cokley<br />

William and Marites Cokley<br />

Roger and Dorothy Colby<br />

Mary Coleman<br />

Roger Coleman<br />

Bethany Collins<br />

Fred and Carolyn Collins<br />

Rudolph and Deborah Collins<br />

<strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Flint</strong><br />

<strong>Community</strong> Hospice <strong>Foundation</strong><br />

Erin Conklin<br />

Carl M. Conner<br />

William and Susan Conway<br />

Gary Cook<br />

Heather Cook<br />

Cooley, Moulton & Smith, LLP<br />

Debbie Cooper<br />

Traci Corchado<br />

David and Susanne Corless<br />

Mark Corless<br />

Mary Corless<br />

Cornelia H. Norton Revocable Trust<br />

William and Pamela Costabile<br />

Jolene Costello<br />

Robert and Catherine Couch<br />

Council <strong>of</strong> Michigan <strong>Foundation</strong>s<br />

Tim Courtney<br />

Dennis and Susan Cox<br />

Samuel and Euraina Cox<br />

Matt and Sharon Cramer<br />

Richard and Judith Cramer<br />

Marty and Linda Crane<br />

Michael and Jennifer Crane<br />

Thomas and Kim Crane<br />

Harlow and Sally Crawford<br />

Angela and Aaron Creguer<br />

William Crick<br />

Robert and Joanna Cronin<br />

Harry D. and Suzanne Crouch<br />

Jim and Anne Cummins<br />

Jeffrey and Julia Cuppernoll<br />

Thomas and Kim Curran<br />

Current Surfaces, Inc.<br />

Cdr. and Mrs. Lawrence Cywin<br />

Dan and Ann Czmer<br />

D.F.T. Consultants, LLC.<br />

Nicholas Daddario<br />

Midge Dahle<br />

Donald and Katherine Dahlstrom<br />

Dales Natural Foods<br />

Josephine Daly<br />

Susan Damone<br />

Pamela M. Daoust<br />

Carrie Darling<br />

Paul and Jeane Darnton<br />

J. Michael Darscheid<br />

Ishwar and Shakuntla Dass<br />

Peter and Linda Daunt<br />

Constance G. Davidson<br />

6<br />

Larry Davidson<br />

Marsha Davis<br />

Nancy Davis<br />

Anna Dawes<br />

Dawson Kure Family<br />

Elaine DeCou<br />

Rita Delecki<br />

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.<br />

Gene and Jan Dennis<br />

Estate <strong>of</strong> Helen Dennis<br />

Thomas Derocher<br />

Bob and Deb Dery<br />

Rita Des Armier<br />

Gina DeShong<br />

Rob DeSimpelare<br />

Stephany Diana<br />

Norman and Helen Dickenson<br />

Mike and Linda Dickinson<br />

Scott and Sheila Dill<br />

Jim and Janey Dillard<br />

John F. Dillon<br />

Timothy Dillon<br />

Richard and Patricia Dinger<br />

James and Sandra Dmoch<br />

Dave and Mary Doherty<br />

Kathleen A. Doherty<br />

Jean Domorsky<br />

David and Karen Dorr<br />

Dallas C. Dort<br />

Etta Dotson<br />

Howard and Nedra Downing<br />

Roger Downing<br />

Jim Doyle<br />

Deborah Drabek<br />

James H. and Alla K. Drummond<br />

Gordon and Peggy Dryer<br />

Bruce and Beth Dryer<br />

Kenneth R. Duetsch II<br />

Patricia Duffy<br />

Dr. Brian and Stacey Dugas<br />

Patricia Duguid<br />

James Dundas<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Dunn<br />

Brenda Duplanty<br />

Sharon Durkee<br />

Ronald and Peggy Dzierzawski<br />

Ann Marie Dzurka<br />

E.M.H.A. - <strong>Flint</strong> Jr. Generals<br />

Greg and Karen Eason<br />

Wallace Eaton<br />

Dick and Judy Ebbott<br />

Julie and Brian Ebert<br />

Pat Edwards<br />

Susan Elder<br />

Duanita Elford<br />

The Elkins Agency, Inc.<br />

John Elmer<br />

Dennis Elston<br />

Robert Emerson<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Louis S. Emmert, Jr.<br />

Mark Eneix<br />

Jack and Clarice Engelhart<br />

Dolores Ennis<br />

George and Valsa Erinjeri<br />

Esurance Insurance Service, Inc.<br />

Alice Evans<br />

Bruce and Mary Fairweather<br />

Eugene and Adeline Falerios<br />

Family Care Plus Physical Therapy and<br />

Wellness, L.L.C.<br />

Michael and M. Charlene Farella<br />

Kathy Feaster<br />

Fenton <strong>Community</strong> and Cultural Center<br />

Alan Ferrari<br />

Suzanne L. Feurt<br />

Jared Field<br />

David and Vida Fisher<br />

Kelly Fisher<br />

Herbert Fitzer<br />

Dr. and Mrs. Melvin Flamenbaum<br />

Joanne Flanigan<br />

Thomas and Gail Flanigan<br />

<strong>Flint</strong> Institute <strong>of</strong> Arts<br />

<strong>Flint</strong> Rotary Charitable <strong>Foundation</strong><br />

Jim and Jean Florence<br />

Pamela Flores-Alvarado<br />

Flushing High School Alumni<br />

Association Inc.<br />

Jean Craig Flynn<br />

Kurt and Lori Foley<br />

Jane Fonger<br />

Mike and Cheryl Foote<br />

Audrey Forbush<br />

Stanley Ford<br />

Kim Forystek<br />

Nancy Lee Fox<br />

Robert and Ann Fraile<br />

Charles and Lora Frankel<br />

Patricia Frantom<br />

Denise Frappier<br />

A. Marie Frazee<br />

Catherine Frederick<br />

Friends <strong>of</strong> Coach Raffin Reunion<br />

Committee<br />

Friends <strong>of</strong> Crossroads Village Carousel<br />

Joanne and Bob Fuller<br />

Dennis Fuller<br />

Falding B. Gadola<br />

Cindy and Don Gansen<br />

Hector Garcia<br />

Cyndi Garfield<br />

Dr. and Mrs. Scott A. Garner<br />

Eric Gasper<br />

Debbie Gasser<br />

Roger and Donna Gedcke<br />

Gretchen and Ge<strong>of</strong>frey Geisz<br />

Genesee Ceramic Tile Distributors Inc.<br />

Genesee Integrated Group Practice, P.C.<br />

Genesee Valley Rotary Club<br />

Genesys Regional Medical Center<br />

Janice Gensel<br />

Roy and Carol George<br />

Bill George<br />

Dave and Diana Gibbons<br />

S. Gibson<br />

Marjorie Giertz-Alarie<br />

Terry and Teresa Gilson<br />

Elizabeth A. Glanville<br />

Susan Goering<br />

Doris Goetz<br />

Debra Golden-Steinman and<br />

Harold Steinman<br />

Peter and Hanna Goodstein<br />

Goodwill Industries <strong>of</strong> Mid-Michigan, Inc.<br />

Berenice Kirk Gordon<br />

David Gordon and Suzy Wienckowski<br />

Ed and Brenda Gordon<br />

Richard Gordon<br />

Nancy Gorzenski<br />

Kelley Goulish<br />

Timothy Goyette<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Hank Graff<br />

Chris Graff<br />

Colleen Grath<strong>of</strong>f<br />

George and Peggy Gray<br />

Kenneth and Elizabeth Green<br />

Mae D. Green and Victor Green<br />

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Greenlees<br />

Melvin and Anne Gregory<br />

Larry Gregory<br />

Adrienne Griffith<br />

Barbara V. Grinke<br />

Thomas and Jane Groombridge<br />

Charles and Cynthia Groulx<br />

Robert L. Grubbs<br />

Kimberly Guest<br />

Frances Gumpper<br />

Kamal and Shashi Gupta<br />

Jesse and Priscilla Gutierrez<br />

Lisa and Kevin Haas<br />

Sue and George Hackney<br />

Brandi Hahn<br />

Robert and Karen Hahn<br />

Dean and Joan Haley<br />

William and Carol Haley<br />

John Hall<br />

Laura Hall<br />

Robert and Phyllis Hall<br />

Laura Hallenbeck<br />

Ken and Joyce Halter<br />

Dave and Lucy Ham<br />

Richard and Robin Ham<br />

Robert and Elaine Hamel<br />

Donna Dodds Hamm<br />

John Hamm<br />

Suzanne Hammond<br />

Henry and Nancy Hanflik<br />

Douglas and Teresa Hansen<br />

Willie and Wanda Harden<br />

Stewart and Anne Harman<br />

Alan and Laura Harnisch<br />

Dan and Carole Harrett<br />

Stephen and Marilyn Harrington<br />

Helen B. Harris<br />

Diana Harsch<br />

David Harshfield<br />

Alice and Clifford Hart<br />

Gary and Brenda Hartley<br />

John Hartmus<br />

Jan and John Hartranft<br />

Don and Michelle Hatch<br />

Linda and Gregory Hathaway<br />

Robert and Rachael Haviland<br />

Peggy Haw Jury<br />

Lucille Hawkins<br />

Robert and Kathleen Hayes<br />

Barbara Hayes<br />

HealthPlus <strong>of</strong> Michigan<br />

David and Janet Heck<br />

Gerald A. and Christine Heck<br />

Rosanne and Stephen Heddy<br />

John J. Hemingway<br />

Eva N. Hempel<br />

Annetta Hendrickson<br />

Jerry A. Hendrix II<br />

Ed and Donna Henneke<br />

Paul Henry<br />

Tracy Henry<br />

Jeffrey and Mary Jo Herbig<br />

Keith and Connie Heslinger<br />

Davina High<br />

Bruce and Susan Hildenbrand<br />

Audrey Hill<br />

Connie Hill<br />

David and Doris Hill<br />

Louise Hill<br />

Walter Hill<br />

Ted and Pat Himelhoch<br />

Richard and Judith Hinterman<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hogg<br />

Peggy and Ray Holcomb<br />

Timothy W. and Barbara J. Holcomb<br />

Bradley and Deborah Holloway<br />

Betsy Homsher<br />

Martha B. Hopkins<br />

Mark and Kathi Horton<br />

Ron and Mary Hosner<br />

Charles and Alice Hounam<br />

Marla Houser<br />

Sharon Houser<br />

Donna and Bill Howarth<br />

Beverly M. Howe<br />

Ben and Karen Howells<br />

Kimberley Hubble<br />

Dorothy Hughes<br />

Barry and Nancy Hull<br />

Almeda Hunter<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hurand<br />

Lynne Hurand<br />

Barb and Charlie Hyde<br />

Jerry Hyslop<br />

Kay Iddins<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Iden<br />

Gregorio and Alicia Imperial<br />

Mary Ittigson<br />

Judith Ivan<br />

Mark and Judy Jacobson<br />

Gregory Jacoby<br />

Fulchand and Bindu Jain<br />

Danielle Jaklin<br />

Charlie and Jan Janke<br />

Paul and Vicki Jankowski<br />

Richard and Nancy Jankowski<br />

Jeff Smith Memorial Fund<br />

Peter Jensen<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Jessop<br />

Rob Jewell<br />

Jewish <strong>Community</strong> Federation <strong>of</strong> Cleveland<br />

John and Sally Goggins Family <strong>Foundation</strong><br />

Arthur and Barbara Johnson<br />

Jane M. Johnson<br />

Jaqueline Johnson<br />

Jerry Johnson<br />

Ronald and Heather Johnson<br />

Ronald and Gloria Johnson<br />

Scott and Sandra Johnson<br />

Shirley W. Johnson<br />

Kristina Johnston<br />

James R. Jones<br />

Lester L. and Nancy J. Jones<br />

Patricia Jones<br />

Sandy Jones<br />

Sylvester Jones, Jr.<br />

Nate and Marilyn Jonker<br />

JP Morgan Chase <strong>Foundation</strong><br />

Junior League <strong>of</strong> <strong>Flint</strong><br />

Kenneth Jurica<br />

Sally Kagerer<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Karau<br />

Christine Kautz<br />

Wendy Kean<br />

Brian Keech<br />

Chuck and Lori Keefer<br />

Rob and Sara Keen<br />

Ron and Lisa Keen<br />

Ron and Mary Keen<br />

Hal and Jeanette Keim<br />

Steven D. Keim<br />

Dean Keipert<br />

Lorraine Keller<br />

Norb and Carole Keller<br />

Doug and Laura Kelly<br />

Glen and Diana Kelly<br />

Suzanne Kelly<br />

William Kelly<br />

Sue Kenkel<br />

Harriet and Watson Kenworthy<br />

Eileen Kerr<br />

Mary Ann Ketels<br />

Judith Kieffer<br />

Tae and Young Kim<br />

Daniel and Elizabeth Kirksey<br />

Marjorie Kirn<br />

Debora Kittel<br />

Grace Kleinpell Trust<br />

Nancy Kleinpell<br />

Wayne and Nancy Knecht<br />

Timothy and Linda Knecht<br />

Marie Knight<br />

Michael and Erren Knight<br />

Teresa Knight and Josephine Knight<br />

Jan Knisely-Simons<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Koch<br />

Edward and Bridget Koledo<br />

Larry Kondel<br />

Constance Kontyko<br />

Marty and Jenifer Kontyko<br />

Jim and Peggy Kovas<br />

Richard H. and Ann Kraft<br />

DeAnn Krapohl<br />

Jimmy and Marsha Krause<br />

Robert Krueger<br />

Amy Krug<br />

Donald and Delores Lada<br />

John and Sherry LaFave<br />

Roy Lahring<br />

Chris and Dave Lamb<br />

John and Linda Lamb<br />

Patricia Lamb<br />

Laurie Lambing<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Lambrecht<br />

Stephen and Kimberly Landaal<br />

Virginia Landaal<br />

Steve D. and Theresa J. Landis<br />

Gary and Mary Langdon<br />

John Lanyi<br />

Lynn Larkin<br />

Terry and Fay Latture<br />

Ted and Andi Lau<br />

Jannora Lauderdale<br />


Annette Laureto<br />

Law Offices <strong>of</strong> Henry M. Hanflik, P.C.<br />

Clinton and Kassandra Lawhorne<br />

David and Dolores Lawson<br />

Jerry and Marilyn Laycock<br />

Mary Lazar<br />

Randy and Linda Leach<br />

Dora K. Leadley<br />

Ronda LeBrasseur<br />

Ted and Ann LeClair<br />

Don and Judy Lee<br />

Timothy Lee<br />

Thomas and Lisa Leman<br />

Dr. and Mrs. L.L. LeMieux, Jr.<br />

Anthony and Judith Leonardo<br />

Lewis and Knopf, CPA’s, PC<br />

Andrew and Joelle Lewis<br />

Billie Lewis<br />

Jeff Lewis<br />

Ken and Sharon Lewis<br />

Mrs. Nina M. Lewis<br />

Dennis and Bonnie Leyder<br />

Snow Li<br />

Stan and Angie Liberty<br />

Tom and Kay Lillie<br />

Michael and Rita Lindemann<br />

Linden <strong>Community</strong> Educational <strong>Foundation</strong><br />

Roger and Helen Linn<br />

Steven and Martha Linn<br />

Little Joe’s<br />

Bernard Little<br />

Evelyn L. Liversedge<br />

Kathryn Faner Lobban Trust<br />

Kourtney Lobsinger<br />

Vicky and Ned Lockwood<br />

Fredrick and Stella Loeb Charitable Trust<br />

Dahna and John Loeding<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Logan<br />

Rick Lorentzen<br />

James Lorenz<br />

James Loria<br />

Jeffrey Loria<br />

Laurie Losey<br />

Glenn Loughridge<br />

Mary Love<br />

Bill Lowande<br />

Lori Lueckeman<br />

Victor Lukasavitz<br />

Donald and Rosinda Lukens<br />

James and Linda Lum<br />

Ed and Ronniedee Lumm<br />

Frans and Vickie Luoma<br />

Richard and Carol Lutgens<br />

Mike Lytle<br />

Renaldo and Darlene Macciomei<br />

John and Carolyn MacKenzie<br />

Barbara and Bruce Mackey<br />

Robert Mackey<br />

Michael R. Madden<br />

Irene and Philip Mahar<br />

8<br />

Gabriela Mannor<br />

Phillip and Constance Manring<br />

John and Sandra Mantini<br />

Lynn Markland<br />

Betty and Don Marsh<br />

Robert and Sharon Marsh<br />

Lucille Martel<br />

Vi and Don Martin<br />

Robert and Mary Lou Martin<br />

Carol Masse<br />

MasterCard Worldwide<br />

Robert Matsko<br />

Ronald Maygar<br />

Olivia Maynard<br />

Louise and Bernard McAra<br />

Craig and Heidi McAra<br />

Michael McAra and Zuzana Kaplanova<br />

Anne and Patrick McAvinchey<br />

Joyce McCain<br />

Georgia T. McCall<br />

Jeff and Mary Ann McChesney<br />

Julie McCredie<br />

David and Cheri McGlone<br />

Patrick J. and Terese M. McGuire<br />

Kelly McMahan<br />

Gerry McMahon<br />

James and Valerie McNiff<br />

Cynthia and Kim McPheeters<br />

Don and Jean McPherson<br />

John McWilliams<br />

Kay and Michael Melet<br />

Kathleen and Richard Merrill<br />

Juan E. Mestas<br />

Dr. Robert and Beth Michels<br />

MITCA<br />

D. Elaine Michutka<br />

Midrose Realty L.L.C. - Doug Bacon<br />

Mark Mikolajczak<br />

Rachel Milkowski<br />

Robert Milkowski<br />

Roger and Carol Milkowski<br />

Annette Miller<br />

Christopher Miller<br />

Dr. and Mrs. David L. Miller<br />

Vivian Miller<br />

David and Donna Millhouse<br />

Helen G. Millhouse<br />

Sharon Miner<br />

Stephanie Mink<br />

Lou Miramonti<br />

Mary Miron<br />

Brian Miserlian<br />

Richard and Carol Mitsdarfer<br />

William and Kathryn Moeller<br />

Karilynn Molter<br />

Leon Mondou<br />

Aaron C. Mondowney<br />

Jo Anne G. Mondowney<br />

Charles Montgomery<br />

Laura Montle<br />

Michael and Patricia Montpas<br />

Lawrence E. Moon Funeral Home<br />

Christina Mooney<br />

Pamela Moorman<br />

Mark Mora<br />

Samuel Morello<br />

Julia A. Morford<br />

Alan and Sheila Morgan<br />

Sheila and Alan Morgan<br />

William and Susan Morgan<br />

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Morgridge, Sr.<br />

Gregory and Debbie Moriarty<br />

Marlene J. Morris<br />

Jeffery and Ann Moss<br />

Gwenda Motley<br />

Charles Stewart Mott <strong>Community</strong> College<br />

Charles Stewart Mott <strong>Foundation</strong><br />

Maryanne Mott<br />

Susan Moulton<br />

Guy and Linda Moxam<br />

Mary Mueller and Colleen McInerney<br />

Fred and Carol Muhl<br />

Dr. Bobby and Nita Mukkamala<br />

Sam Muller<br />

Michael J. Murphy<br />

Rose B. Murphy<br />

Sandra Murphy<br />

Thomas and Carol Murray<br />

Felicia Naimark<br />

Fred and Betty Nardi, Jr.<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Nash<br />

Patrick Naswell and Kerece Domerese<br />

Allison Natzke<br />

Kevin and Lisa Naughton<br />

Sharon Naughton<br />

Tom and Lynn Neelands<br />

Yvette S. Nelem<br />

The Honorable and Mrs. Allen J. Nelson<br />

Ted and Jennie Nelson<br />

Andrew Nester<br />

David and Mary Ann Newbill<br />

Carol Newland<br />

Mary T. Newman<br />

Nichols Barber Shop<br />

Dennis and Karen Nichols<br />

Kristen Nickerson<br />

Julia and John Nielsen<br />

John and Judith Nieman<br />

Dr. Linda Nierman<br />

Kim Niles<br />

Kathleen Nordquist and Robert Mayer<br />

Marcia S. Noyle-Loje<br />

Mary Nurmi<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Jan C. Nyland<br />

Melissa O’Bryan<br />

Patrick O’Callaghan<br />

Scott and Lisa Odette<br />

Eleanor M. Odom<br />

Carol Ohlmacher<br />

John and Diana Oliver<br />

Richard Olliver<br />

Paul and Mihui Olsen<br />

Charles Olson<br />

Kay L. O’Malia<br />

Sylvia Oper<br />

Patrick and Loretta O’Reilly<br />

John Ortega<br />

David and Sue Osborn<br />

Cathy Burkart Oscarson<br />

Ken Osmun<br />

Bernice M. Owens<br />

Mary and James Packer<br />

Rhonda Padilla<br />

Joseph and Diane Paglino<br />

Connie Palmer<br />

Howard and Evelyn Palmer<br />

Patrick and Janice Palmer<br />

Angelo Pan<strong>of</strong>f<br />

Carole Pappas<br />

Elizabeth Parker<br />

Louise Parker<br />

Patric A. Parker<br />

Roberta Dodge Patt<br />

Paul and Connie Peabody<br />

Norbert Pearson<br />

Arlene R. Pena<br />

Jeanne Pepper and Thomas Herman<br />

R. Clay and Laura Perkins<br />

Lloyd and Judy Petersen<br />

Becky and Dave Pettengill<br />

Thomas Pettit<br />

Brian and Sheila Petty<br />

Gwendolyn Phillips<br />

Helen Philpott<br />

Timothy Phipps<br />

Nancy Pickard<br />

Stanley and Elizabeth Piechnik<br />

David and Randee Pieper<br />

Piper Realty Company<br />

Amy Piper<br />

Judy Piper<br />

M. Harry and Wanda Piper<br />

Randolph Piper<br />

Robert Piper<br />

W. Archibald and Susan Piper<br />

William Piper<br />

Judith A. Plamondon and<br />

Dennis W. Ringlein<br />

Danyelle Pleasant<br />

Geraldine Pleasant<br />

Stanley and Louise Podolsky<br />

Gerald and Lorna Prescott<br />

Frances J. Price<br />

ProClean<br />

Ted and Joyce Pullum<br />

Juliann Pumphrey<br />

Tim and Barb Purman<br />

Michelle Pyrett<br />

Quality Living Systems<br />

Management Corporation<br />

Dale E. and Lorena M. Quasius<br />

William L. Quinn<br />

Dr. Paul and Sandra Racine<br />

Dr. Frank G. Radtke, D.D.S., P.C.<br />

Erika Raffin<br />

Jeanne Raffin<br />

Juliana Raffin<br />

Paul and Nancy Raffin<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Raiss<br />

John Randall<br />

Philip and Leslie Randall<br />

Mark and Sally Ranville<br />

Kathy Rasmussen<br />

Bethany Rayl<br />

Ronald R. and Nancy J. Reed<br />

Barbara Reehl<br />

Kathy Refice<br />

Sally Reigle<br />

Dan and Vicki Renick<br />

Dorothy and Vern Reynolds<br />

Darlene and Charles Richards<br />

Libby Richards<br />

Jane Richardson<br />

Vicki Richert<br />

Barbara Richey<br />

Karen Ann Ricketts<br />

Larry and Sue Ridge<br />

Jane L. Riegle<br />

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Riegle, Jr.<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Riha<br />

Riverside Animal Clinic, P.C.<br />

John Robins<br />

Mrs. Jana Robinson<br />

Robert and Helen Robison<br />

Donald and Diane Rockwell<br />

Alan and Sally Rohde<br />

Ronald Rolak<br />

Elmer Rose<br />

Carol Ross<br />

Mary Alice Ross<br />

Rotary Club <strong>of</strong> <strong>Flint</strong><br />

Rotary Club <strong>of</strong> Grand Blanc<br />

Kim Rouvelin<br />

Ellen Rowe<br />

Dee Rubright<br />

Chris Rundles<br />

E.J. Rundles<br />

Janice Rundles<br />

Jeff Rundles<br />

RunMichigan<br />

Ghassan and Manal Saab<br />

Ghassan and Manal Saab <strong>Foundation</strong><br />

Ramona Sain<br />

Saline Area Schools<br />

Martha Salyers<br />

Robert and Donna Sanborn<br />

Anthoy Santi<br />

David and Julie Santi<br />

Duane and Lori Santi<br />

Janice and Joseph Santi<br />

Sally Santi<br />

Ryann R. Sather<br />

Jim and Betty Saule<br />

Richard and Katherine Saunders<br />

Harold and Mildred Sauser<br />

Alex and Sharon Sawyer<br />

Luke and Susan Saylor<br />

Timothy and Melissa Scarberry<br />

Richard Scharchburg<br />

Brandi Schmidt<br />

Norman and Linda Schmidt<br />

Kathleen Schollar<br />

Grayce M. Scholt<br />

Brent and Anne Schomaker<br />

Dr. and Mrs. Byron Schoolfield<br />

William Schott<br />

Paul and Phyllis Schroeder<br />

Howard and Tammy Schultz<br />

Mark and Kay Schwartz<br />

James and Louanne Schweitzer<br />

Gladys L. Scott<br />

Stephen and Jill Scott<br />

Josephine Seamon<br />

Charna and Leo Seide<br />

Scott and Donna Selesky<br />

Suzanne Selig<br />

Rick and Denise Selley<br />

Robert and Marcia Selley<br />

Jeffrey Serra<br />

Lois Serra<br />

Clarence and Arteka Sevillian<br />

Thomas and Kimberly Shade<br />

Philip W. and T. Ardele Shaltz<br />

Howard and Rita Shand<br />

R. and Chandrika Shantaram<br />

Steven and Dawn Shapiro<br />

Nancy Sharai<br />

Ruth Sharpe<br />

Wayne and Julie Sharrah<br />

Robert and Sonya Shaughnessy<br />

Betty M. Shaw<br />

Bob and Betty Shaw<br />

Jean Shaw<br />

Richard and Shirley Shaw<br />

John and Sue Shaw<br />

Alma Shelley<br />

Dr. James O. Shelley<br />

Christopher and Hillary Shemes<br />

Charles and Marjorie Sheridan<br />

Jan Shimoda<br />

Beverly Shomsky<br />

Forrest and Delores Shook<br />

Karen Shook<br />

Tom and Sharon Shpakow<br />

Robert and Rebecca Sibilsky<br />

Robin Silardi<br />

John and Emily Siler<br />

Thomas and Sharon Silvis<br />

Jean Simi<br />

Roger and Patty Simmonds<br />

Michael Simms<br />

Mark and Kelly Sinclair<br />

Steve and Donna Sivosky<br />

Richard and Susanne Siwek<br />

George and Kathy Skaff<br />

Dick and Kim Skaff<br />

Woodrow Skaff<br />

Terry and Norma Skoglund<br />

John and Rose Skolnik<br />

Donald and Cheryl Skornicka<br />

Timothy and Mary Joan Skuta<br />

Leonard Sly<br />

Adelaide Smith<br />

Anna Smith<br />

Ernestine Smith<br />

Gerald and Virginia Smith<br />

Gregory Smith<br />

Lynne Smith<br />

Philip Smith<br />

Vivian J. Smith<br />

Sandra Smithey<br />

Jud and Pat Smythe<br />

Jennifer Snyder<br />

Scott and Jill Sobol<br />

Mike and Sue Sobol<br />

Jane Somers<br />

Kim and Kathy Spalsbury<br />

Jim and Patt Spangler<br />

Spartan Stores<br />

Fletcher Spears<br />

Karen Spears<br />

Douglas and Linda Speck<br />

Gordon Spencer<br />

SS. Charles and Helena Church<br />

The Stack Family<br />

Gerald and Kathleen Stadler<br />

Harold and Dorothy Stahly<br />

Marel L. Staisil<br />

Bob Stallcup<br />

Rebecca Stanbaugh<br />


Vicki Steele<br />

Keith and Mary Steelman<br />

Tim and Kelly Stein<br />

David and Bethany Steinberg<br />

Harold Steinman<br />

Robert and Christine Steinmann<br />

Family <strong>Foundation</strong><br />

Scott Stensaas and Juliet Minard<br />

Sherri Stephens<br />

Jack and Gay Stevens<br />

Sally Stevens<br />

Rachelle Stewart<br />

Samuel D. Stewart IV<br />

Vlenatha Stewart<br />

Stone Chiropractic Center, P.C.<br />

Jeff and Sharon Stone<br />

Paula Stone<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stone<br />

Tom Stone<br />

Timothy Stone<br />

Maxine G. Storey<br />

Nancy Straffon<br />

Helene Streich<br />

Bonnie L. Streit<br />

Sandra Strnad<br />

Dr. Roger Sullivan<br />

Randy and Carla Summers<br />

Harry E. Sutphen<br />

Harvey A. Swanebeck<br />

Lynne A. Taft<br />

Maureen Taliaferro<br />

Lori A. Tallman<br />

Connie Tambling<br />

Lindsay Rundles Tatum<br />

Brenda Lee Taylor<br />

Ernelle Taylor<br />

Jay and Kay Taylor<br />

Dick and Kathy Taylor<br />

Sue Taylor<br />

Dilip V. Tendulkar<br />

Scott Terry<br />

Craig T. Terryah, Jr.<br />

Michael and Jennifer Tews<br />

Hemant and Usha Thawani<br />

Christopher and Joyce Theodor<strong>of</strong>f<br />

James and Marilyn Theolet<br />

Al Therron and Shirley Jory<br />

Joyce and F. William Thewalt<br />

Jerry and Joann Thielen<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Thoma, Jr.<br />

Sandra Thomas<br />

David and Deborah Thompson<br />

Dr. Jack W. Thompson Charitable<br />

Lead Annuity Trust<br />

Linda Thompson<br />

Mark Q. Thornton<br />

Terry Tibbitts<br />

Mark Timyan<br />

William Tipper<br />

Beverly Tippett<br />

30<br />

Susan Tippett<br />

Providence Sleep Center<br />

Kirk and Mary Todd<br />

Betsy and James Tomblinson<br />

Richard and Carole Tompkins<br />

Paul and Davin Torre<br />

Mike and Mary Trahan<br />

Mary Ann Tremaine<br />

Gregory Tribble<br />

Josie Tribble<br />

Ronald and Gale Tribble<br />

James and Marilyn Truesdell<br />

Paula J. Truss<br />

Pamala Tubbs<br />

John Tucker<br />

Milton E. Tucker<br />

Yvonne Tucker<br />

Patricia Tuer<br />

Dr. Allen F. Turcke<br />

Celia M. Turner<br />

John and Vickie Turner<br />

Martin Tyckoski and Roslyn Weedman<br />

William and Stacey Tyckoski<br />

Andria and Chris Tykocki<br />

Gerald and Brenda Tyler<br />

University <strong>of</strong> Michigan-<strong>Flint</strong><br />

Alexander and Ann Marie Van Duyne<br />

Dr. and Mrs. F. W. VanDuyne<br />

Paul and Nina Van Gilder<br />

Deb Van Kuiken<br />

Sally Doe Van Roeyen<br />

Dr. L. and Mrs. Van Winkle<br />

Doug and Linda Vance<br />

Michael and Nancy Vance<br />

Bill and Abby Vanderbilt<br />

Peter Vandriessche<br />

Margaret VanHoose<br />

Robert and Cynthia VanRenterghem<br />

Melissa Varner<br />

Kenneth and Diana Vavra<br />

Murugusundaram Veeramani<br />

Kelli Jo Verran<br />

Carolyn Vierkorn<br />

Mrs. Laura Vieu<br />

Kim and Ginger Virkler<br />

Linda Visnaw<br />

Mark and Jane Vogel<br />

Margaret Voland<br />

Paul and Kathleen Volk<br />

Larry and Kay Volz<br />

Susan Brown Vore<br />

James and Barbara Vukovich<br />

Wachovia Wells Fargo <strong>Foundation</strong><br />

Catherine and Bryan Wagoner<br />

Richard and Rosalind Wakefield<br />

Wallace E. Howe Trust<br />

Michael Wallace<br />

Shirley and Albert Wallace<br />

Corrine Walworth<br />

Kevin Walworth<br />

James and Carol Waner<br />

Barbara Ward<br />

William Ward<br />

Patrick Wardell<br />

Richard and Corinne Warmbold<br />

Daniel and Anna Warner<br />

Nancy Warner<br />

Stephen Warner and Mary Westerby<br />

Harold Marks and Janet Warren<br />

Katherine Waxweiler<br />

Weaver Family Dentistry PC<br />

Dr. Howard E. Weaver<br />

Suzanne Webb<br />

Michael and Amy Weber<br />

Drew and Jean Ann Webster<br />

Charles and Judith Weeks<br />

Elizabeth J. Weigant<br />

Doug Weiland<br />

Paul and Jan Wenstrom<br />

Gary and Marguerite Wescott<br />

Dennis and Donna West<br />

James and Ruth Wheat<br />

Scott Whipple<br />

Norma White<br />

Ridgway and Shannon White<br />

Thomas White<br />

William White<br />

Dennis Whitehead<br />

Jim and Jean Whitinger<br />

Lynne and Gary Whitmire<br />

Kimberly Whitmore<br />

Junis Wildfong<br />

Sarah Willey-Reamer<br />

Curtis and Alisa Williams<br />

Donna Williams<br />

Jim and Linda Williams<br />

Kevin and D’Arcy Williams<br />

Marian Wills<br />

Marlene Wilson<br />

Roberta Wilson<br />

Larry and Kathryn Wiltse<br />

Jack and Joan Wiltz<br />

Kathleen Wind<br />

Jerry and Ronnee Winegarden<br />

Gloria and Victor Winiarski<br />

Christopher and Elizabeth Wise<br />

Andrew and Margaret Wise<br />

Dale Wolfgram<br />

Karen Woods<br />

Ronda Woods<br />

John and Cyndi Woollam<br />

Barbara Worthington<br />

Timothy Worthington<br />

Charles and Diane Wright<br />

Marian E. Wright<br />

Ronald Wright<br />

Amy Wykes<br />

Matthew Wyneken and Kristina Hansen<br />

Darla Wynn<br />

John and Amy Wynne<br />

Melissa Wyrwicki<br />

Ravi and Anitha Yalamanchi<br />

Peggy J. Yates<br />

Yeo & Yeo, P.C.<br />

Dean T. Yeotis<br />

Honorable and Mrs. Thomas Yeotis<br />

April Yorks<br />

Darryl R. Young<br />

Wendy Young<br />

Ypsilanti School Athletics<br />

Lisa Yuhn<br />

Dennis Zawol<br />

Kelly Zelenak<br />

Donald and Barbara Zelenka<br />

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.<br />

Competitive Grant Eligibility<br />

CFGF makes most discretionary grants to organizations<br />

which are classified as publicly supported charities in the<br />

Internal Revenue Service Code, Section 170(b)(1)(A) and<br />

includes schools and universities, churches, synagogues<br />

and mosques, and governmental entities. Under certain<br />

circumstances, grants may be made to private charities,<br />

supporting organizations and non-charities.<br />

Organizations applying for competitive grants must give<br />

evidence <strong>of</strong> non-discrimination in hiring and providing<br />

services.<br />

grantmaking<br />

Grantmaking Guidelines<br />

each year the <strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Flint</strong> (CFGF) awards<br />

grants for charitable purposes through a competitive grantmaking<br />

process. applications for discretionary grants must a) align with<br />

the strategic priorities <strong>of</strong> the CFGF board <strong>of</strong> Trustees, or b)<br />

align with the purpose <strong>of</strong> CFGF’s various Field <strong>of</strong> Interest Funds<br />

which focus on a specific interest. In <strong>2010</strong>, CFGF’s strategic<br />

intent focused on encouraging systemic solutions to entrenched<br />

problems and building a stronger sense <strong>of</strong> community.<br />

<strong>2010</strong> grant History by fund<br />

Designated to<br />

Nonpr<strong>of</strong>it Organizations<br />

$1,731,049 (119 Grants)<br />

Donor Advised<br />

$490,983 (81 Grants)<br />

Supporting Organizations<br />

$758,449 (5 Grants)<br />

<strong>2010</strong> grantmaking by interest area<br />

Health and<br />

Human Services<br />

$788,912<br />

Unrestricted<br />

$160,457 (48 Grants)<br />

Scholarships<br />

$166,766 (152 Grants)<br />

Field <strong>of</strong> Interest<br />

$593,485 (89 Grants)<br />

<strong>Community</strong><br />

Development<br />

$406,164<br />

Other<br />

$125,333<br />

Youth<br />

$140,013<br />

Education<br />

$201,812<br />

Arts & Culture<br />

$2,235,956<br />

Learn More<br />

Contact the <strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong><br />

with questions or to review the grant<br />

application process, policies and procedures.<br />

You may also visit the Grants<br />

section at www.cfgf.org.<br />


financials<br />

2<br />

Combined STATemenT oF ACTiViTieS And CHAnGeS in neT ASSeTS<br />

Year ended December 31, <strong>2010</strong><br />

ReVenUeS, GAinS and oTHeR SUPPoRT<br />

Gifts, pledges and grants $ 5,052,351<br />

Investment income 2,677,654<br />

Net realized and unrealized gain/(loss) 9,216,800<br />

Other (11,791)<br />

Total revenues, gains and other support 16,935,014<br />

eXPenSeS<br />

Grants and direct fund expenses 4,187,096<br />

Programs and grants administration 459,893<br />

Investment consulting fees 126,294<br />

Supporting services 998,133<br />

Total expenses 5,771,416<br />

increase in net assets 11,163,598<br />

net assets at beginning <strong>of</strong> year 124,405,898<br />

Funds held on behalf <strong>of</strong><br />

nonpr<strong>of</strong>it endowments reclassified 58,609<br />

neT ASSeTS AT end oF yeAR $ 135,628,105<br />

Combined STATemenT oF FinAnCiAL PoSiTion<br />

December 31, <strong>2010</strong><br />

ASSeTS<br />

Cash and cash equivalents $ 1,409,007<br />

Pledges and other receivables 171,028<br />

Prepaid expenses 79,745<br />

Property and equipment, net 465,383<br />

Investments 136,348,793<br />

Total Assets $ 138,473,956<br />

LiAbiLiTieS<br />

Grants payable $ 333,234<br />

Accounts payable and accrued expenses 194,293<br />

Liability to life beneficiaries <strong>of</strong> planned gifts 162,545<br />

Funds held on behalf <strong>of</strong> nonpr<strong>of</strong>it endowments 2,155,779<br />

Total Liabilities 2,845,851<br />

neT ASSeTS<br />

Unrestricted<br />

Undesignated 3,042,453<br />

Board-designated 10,202,100<br />

Aggregate deficiency (189,134)<br />

Temporarily restricted 42,968,112<br />

Permanently restricted 79,604,574<br />

Total net assets 135,628,105<br />

ToTAL LiAbiLiTieS And neT ASSeTS $ 138,473,956<br />

1<br />

3<br />

1. Brian Bates, Program<br />

Assistant; Kelli Glomski,<br />

Accountant; doug B.<br />

Vance, <strong>Community</strong> Volunteer<br />

& Retired Educator<br />

2. Shannon White, Board<br />

Secretary, Architect and<br />

Owner, Funchitecture,<br />

LLC; Sherry laFave,<br />

Manager <strong>of</strong> Fund and<br />

Gift Administration; ira a.<br />

rutherford, Consultant/<br />

Educator<br />

3. Stephen arellano,<br />

Arellano and Associates,<br />

LLC; timothy H. Knecht,<br />

Board Vice Chair, Attorney,<br />

Cline, Cline & Griffin;<br />

lynn larkin, Senior<br />

Program Officer<br />

6<br />

2<br />

4. Janice l. Gensel,<br />

Consultant, Mary Kay<br />

Cosmetics; Kathi Horton,<br />

President<br />

5. nancy J. Hanflik,<br />

Business Manager, Law<br />

Offices <strong>of</strong> Henry Hanflik,<br />

PC; Bobby B. mukkamala,<br />

Physician; mary ittigson,<br />

Vice President, Finance<br />

and Administration<br />

6. t. ardele Shaltz,<br />

<strong>Community</strong> Volunteer;<br />

lawrence e. moon, Past<br />

Chair<strong>of</strong> Board, President,<br />

Lawrence E. Moon Funeral<br />

Home; Susan l. tippett,<br />

<strong>Community</strong> Volunteer &<br />

Consultant;<br />

Mission Possible<br />

We had a little fun with this year’s<br />

photo shoot. Can you find the people who<br />

are making the <strong>Community</strong> <strong>Foundation</strong>’s<br />

mission possible?<br />

7. lori a. tallman,<br />

Attorney, Lori A. Tallman,<br />

P.L.C.; daniel J. C<strong>of</strong>field,<br />

Board Treasurer, Executive<br />

Vice President and<br />

CFO – Retired, Hurley<br />

Medical Center; mary<br />

Jo Herbig, Director <strong>of</strong><br />

Communications; Sherri<br />

e. Stephens, Board Chair,<br />

President/Financial<br />

Advisor, Stephens Wealth<br />

Management Group<br />

8. Sandra murphy, Director<br />

<strong>of</strong> Donor Services;<br />

Samuel J. Cox, Owner,<br />

McDonald’s Restaurants;<br />

ann marie Van duyne,<br />

Vice President, Philanthropic<br />

Services<br />

4<br />

7<br />

not pictured<br />

an-me Chung<br />

Program Officer<br />

C.S. Mott <strong>Foundation</strong><br />

F. James Cummins<br />

President<br />

Baker College Systems<br />

troy S. Farah<br />

Partner<br />

West Second Street<br />

Associates<br />

Jennifer Farrington<br />

Program Officer<br />

Wanda Harden<br />

Public Relations<br />

Coordinator<br />

<strong>Flint</strong> Public Library<br />

8<br />

Stanley r. liberty<br />

President<br />

Kettering University<br />

5<br />

david lossing<br />

Director <strong>of</strong> Government<br />

Relations, University<br />

<strong>of</strong> Michigan – <strong>Flint</strong><br />

Mayor, City <strong>of</strong> Linden<br />

Karen Williams Weaver<br />

<strong>Community</strong> Volunteer

500 S. Saginaw Street, Suite 200<br />

<strong>Flint</strong>, MI 48502<br />

cfGf Mission<br />

The CommuniTy FoundaTion oF GreaTer FlinT serves The Common Good in Genesee CounTy<br />

– buildinG a sTronG CommuniTy by enGaGinG people in philanThropy and developinG The<br />

CommuniTy’s permanenT endowmenT – now and For GeneraTions To Come.<br />

Interested in learning more? Use your mobile device to scan this QR Code,<br />

visit our website at www.cfgf.org, or Join Us on Facebook.<br />

Non-pr<strong>of</strong>it Org.<br />

US postage<br />

PAID<br />

<strong>Flint</strong>, MI<br />

Permit #223

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