Natural volcaNic power - Panaceo

Natural volcaNic power - Panaceo

More power, every day!


volcaNic power

the stoNe of life

How the pure PMA © -

zeolite was formed:

Millions of years ago, liquid magma

poured into the ocean, bringing it

to boiling point and bonding with

the saline sea water. This process

brought forth the natural volcanic

mineral zeolite-klinoptilolite, also

referred to as the Stone of Life. Its

innumerable tiny channels and cavities

contain more than 30 precious

minerals such as calcium, magnesium,

sodium and potassium.

With Panaceo micro-activation

(PMA © -technology), both the contact

surface of the particle and their

negative surface charge are multiplied,

extending the surface of the

activated zeolite to 1,000m 2 per


Detox effect. New strength. New energy.

Natural zeolite-klinoptilolite

Unique crystal structure

This turquoise-green volcanic mineral is the basis for Panaceo

Basic, a natural medical device. Its extraordinary effects

and properties have been studied by Panaceo scientists in

cooperation with international universities over several

years. The unique PMA © -technology contributes to improving

the outstanding bio-physical properties of this volcanic

mineral even further by optimising the zeolite crystal structure.

Medical experts and studies have observed the positive

effects of natural substance PMA © -zeolite over many years

and have confirmed the following benefits:

› Increased personal performance as workload of liver,

kidney and gastrointestinal tract is lightened

› Regulation of acid/alkaline balance

› Support for detoxifying organs

› Strengthened immune defence

› Protection against free radicals

Natural cell protection

high time

for a cleaNout!

Spray agents: pesticides

Industrial emissions

The human body is exposed to an ever-higher amount

of harmful substances: environmental toxins, harmful

substances in our food and increased UV-radiation

work their damage on a daily basis - all in addition to

a stressful, hectic lifestyle. The consequences: decreased

performance, increased susceptibility to infections

and premature signs of ageing.

In short: it’s time for a cleanout. Panaceo is a highly

effective solution to support this process. The pure

PMA©-zeolite works like blotting paper in the gas-

Car exhaust fumes

Unhealthy diet

Let PANACEO Basic cleanse and strengthen your body.

trointestinal tract, binding free radicals and energydepleting

toxins. These substances are then eliminated

from the body in a natural process via the gastrointestinal

tract. At the same time, the body is provided with

natural magnesium and calcium and the formation of

free radicals is reduced by up to 50 percent.

In this way, Panaceo Basic lightens the workload of the

detoxifying organs such as liver, kidneys and intestine,

thus increasing vitality levels and overall well-being.

Now is the time to eNsure

a healthy future

Improve your energy levels, health and well-being.

This natural medical device works like a magnet in the gastrointestinal

tract, effectively binding free radicals and energy-depleting toxins. At the

same time, the immune system is strengthened, helping you perform better

at work and during your daily routine.

As the natural PMA © -zeolite cleanses and supports the body, you will have

more energy left over for regeneration and recovery.

source of streNgth aNd

fouNtaiN of youth


Panaceo Basic is ideal for bringing about a natural support

and cleansing process for the body on a daily basis,

contributing to a stronger immune system, faster convalescence,

higher energy levels, improved quality of life and

vitality as well as natural anti-ageing processes.

This is how it works:

Panaceo Basic works like a filter in the gastrointestinal tract,

binding energy-depleting toxins such as heavy metals (lead,

mercury, cadmium, caesium) and metabolic toxins such as ammonium

and eliminating them from the body in a natural manner.

At the same time, the body is provided with natural magnesium

and calcium.

Furthermore, Panaceo is able to reduce the new formation of free

radicals by up to 50%. In this way, Panaceo Basic is able to lighten the

workload of the detoxifying organs such as liver, kidney and intestine in

a natural manner, increasing vitality and overall well-being. At the same

time, the body’s self-healing powers are supported and the immune system

is strengthened, increasing personal performance for your work life and everyday

routine in an entirely natural manner. Panaceo Basic does not enter the

bloodstream and is fully excreted in the stool, laden with toxins, after a period of

24 hours.

Basic Capsules

Content: 180 capsules

1 capsule contains: Amount:

activated zeolite 369mg

activated dolomite

(of which calcium 15.6mg;

magnesium 8.4mg)


Capsule: cellulose 90mg

Increase your personal performance by

lightening the workload of the liver, kidneys

and gastro-intestinal tract.

Basic Powder

Content: 400g / 200g

100g powder contain: Amount:

activated zeolite 90g

activated dolomite 10g

(of which calcium 4.6g;

magnesium 2.1g)

Consult the enclosed product information leaflet, your physician or pharmacist

for information on the effects and possible side effects of this medical product.

paNactive – eveN more

of Nature’s power!

PANACTIvE – the perfect partner for PANACEO.

Panactive is an absolute premium product line that fulfils the highest Panaceo

quality standards. All Panactive products contain 100% natural ingredients –

without free-flow agents, technical fillers or preservatives. Even the capsules

are made exclusively from plant fibre. Panaceo stands for the highest

possible level of efficiency and naturalness. The Panactive product

line was developed to make use of the optimised physical state that

Panaceo brings about for the absorption of minerals and vitamins.

When taken in conjunction with Panaceo Basic, the effect of

the precious minerals and vitamins contained in the Panactive

products is compounded. Panaceo relieves the body and

reduces the formation of harmful free radicals in a purely

natural manner. The intestinal flora is cleansed, the workload

of the liver and kidneys is significantly lightened.

The liver is once again able to dedicate itself to its main

tasks – regulating the sugar, fat and protein metabolism.

The supportive tissue is relieved and cleansed, as PMA©zeolite

binds toxins and harmful substances in the intestine.

These substances are then fully excreted in the stool.

As toxins are eliminated, the body is able to optimise its mineral-absorption

processes. All minerals and vitamins that Panactive

provides the body with are now particularly efficient.

PANACTIvE product line


Content: 80 capsules

Improves memory and concentration.

Promotes mental wellbeing.

Helps to maintain a good

memory far into old age.


Content: 80 capsules

Known for its anti-inflammatory

properties since ancient times.

The physicians of the caliphs already

used natural incense to

successfully treat inflammatory


PANACTIvE product line


Content: 80 capsules

Natural cell protection substances

acerola and OPC grape seed extract.

Reduces tiredness and exhaustion.

Anti-oxidative effect. Strengthens the

functions of the immune system; protects

genetic DNA, proteins and lipids

from oxidative damage.


Content: 80 capsules

Increases libido in men and women.

Our natural organic Maca also improves

physical and mental well-being

and works as an aphrodisiac. Increases

libido independent of hormone levels.


Content: 80 capsules

Natural magnesium and natural calcium

from the corals of the primal sea. Prevents

muscular cramps, natural anti-stress remedy.

Important for strong bones and teeth.

Increases the body’s energy levels and performance.

Has also yielded positive results in

treating migraines and headaches.


Content: 80 capsules

Strengthens the immune system and

supports the liver and gall function.

Helps reduce inflammations and free

radicals. Has strong antioxidative properties.


Content: 80 capsules

Promotes weight loss. Scientifically

proven and officially recognised effect

(EFSA – European Food Safety Authority):

reduction of bodyweight and

normalisation of blood-cholesterol



Content: 80 capsules

Supports blood-cleansing and urinary

tract performance. Traditional medicine

has made use of nettles for centuries

to treat kidney and bladder disorders,

infections of the urinary tract and

prostate problems.


Content: 80 capsules

The ultimate wake-up call. Scientifically

proven and officially recognised effect (EFSA

– European Food Safety Authority): increased

alertness and concentration, improved stamina

and performance.

Olive leaf

Content: 80 capsules

Do your bit to lower your heart attack risk.

Scientifically proven and officially recognised

effect (EFSA – European Food Safety Authority):

natural olive leaf extract protects blood

lipids from oxidative damage. Blood lipids are

considered a serious risk factor for heart attacks.

awakeN your body’s self-healiNg powers

What experts say about PANACEO

“PMA © -zeolite is able to remove toxins

from our body and release essential

minerals at the same time.

Zeolite intervenes in our body's processes

and regulates them, similar to an autopilot.

I have been taking 6-10g of zeolite in the mornings

and evenings for over ten years and have not had an

infection since. At the age of 86, I feel mentally and

physically fit, thanks to zeolite."

Panaceo International Active

Mineral Production GmbH

Finkensteinerstr. 5

9585 Villach-Gödersdorf


T: +43/(0)4257/290 64

F: +43/(0)4257/290 64-19




for your safety:

Panaceo Basic is an approved medical device acc. to EU directive 93/42

• Certified quality management system EN ISO 13485

TÜV Rheinland Group




“From the very start, my experiences have been

impressive: fast recovery times after work or

physical exercise, harmonious digestion processes

and no bloating or wind. The scientific

background of Panaceo explains these highly

beneficial effects. In today’s nutritional labyrinth, a more

health-conscious lifestyle is motivated by positive experiences,

not just knowledge of the facts. I have come to appreciate Panaceo

products as faithful companions in every situation.”

New ideas for

medicine, health

and sport.


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