w a r e n e s s 2012 summer camps - Wilderness Awareness School


w a r e n e s s 2012 summer camps - Wilderness Awareness School

Since 1995, our summer day camps have provided nature adventures for

children. They work together in small groups gaining nature awareness

and experiential knowledge of plants, mammals, tracking, birds and

survival. Through storytelling and engaging nature activities, tangible and

intangible skills are woven into each of our camps, which nurture students'

connection to the earth and build skills that will serve them for a lifetime.

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“My son emerges from camp with his heart full, and he's brimming with

observations and stories from nature...” –Kim Scanlon

Overnight camps give students exciting camping experiences while learning in-depth skills of survival and nature awareness. They are

filled with outdoor adventures for all experience levels in the forested foothills of the Cascade Mountains.

Survival Skills Overnight

(Ages 11-14)

This five-night camp is focused on learning

wilderness survival skills basics while

practicing them daily. Students will have

opportunities to practice fire making, knifesafety

and carving, shelter construction, and

primitive cooking, and may choose to create

their own fire kit and spoon or bowl to take

home! Students will have the opportunity to

sleep in shelters they have constructed and

will bring home amazing stories.

W i l d e r n e s s A W A r e n e s s


Seattle • Bellevue • KirKland • Carnation • olympia • duvall • idaho




Day Camps .

Overnight Camps .

Scout Awareness Overnight

(Ages 11-14)

five-night camp devoted to developing

A the keen awareness of the ancient scouts

of many cultures whose abilities seemed like

magic. Through adventures with camouflage,

"bird language" (to discover the movement

of predators), wildlife and human tracking,

stealthy movement, and uses of wild edible

plants, we begin to enter the world of the

scout. Participants in this camp will likely

never see nature the same way again!

• Best Nature Camp

• Best Summer Day Camp

• Best Overnight Camp

(Ages 4-12)

(Ages 11-17)

Advanced Survival Overnight

(Ages 14-17)

This five-night advanced camp takes the

skills taught in our other overnights to

a new level. The first days are spent in base

camp preparing tools and practicing survival

skills. In the second portion of the camp, we

move away from base camp, put our skills to

the test, and learn to provide for our needs

of shelter and food from nature. Previous

experience with our camps is encouraged

though not required.

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schedule details on back

Teen Wolf Tracking (Ages 13-18)

Join us in the wild backcountry of Idaho as we search for tracks and

sign of the elusive wolf and other amazing wildlife! As teens on

this adventure explore the rivers, forests, and mountains guided by

our most experienced instructors, opportunities for wildlife watching


The beginning week is for new trackers as well as returning students

who are primarily interested in the variety of adventures to be had in

the Idaho backcountry. The advanced week is for returning students

to Idaho who are seeking a more focused study of wildlife tracking

and are ready to push themselves to hone their skills in these areas.

Participants can be picked up in Boise, ID, and driven by van to our


Teen Advanced Wolf Tracking Day Camps (Ages 13-18) (Ages 10-12)

These camps build on knowledge gained at our beginner Day Camps,

and require at least 1 week of prior camp experience with us; can be

taken earlier the same summer!

Scout Awareness Day Camp focuses on using our

senses to the fullest, as did the ancient “scouts” of many cultures who

were able to travel for days without supplies. We will gain knowledge

of plants as food and medicine; tracking to gather details of animals’

lives without ever seeing them; and “bird language” to allow us to

move silently and become more aware of predators.

Survival Skills Day Camp is an extremely hands-on camp

that includes the wilderness living skills of fire making, wilderness

craft and tool making. Possible experiences include fire making

practice (both with and without matches), principles of shelter

building, and open-fire cooking. Outdoor knife safety is also covered

at this exciting Advanced Day Camp.




OR register by phone at 425-788-1301

summer CAmps 2012 sChedule

dAy CAmps Ages 6-12, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Seattle Seward Park

June 25-29

July 9-13

July 16-20 (adv. camp too!†)

July 23-27

August 6-10

August 13-17

August 20-24

Carnation Tolt-MacDonald Park

July 16-20

August 13-17

August 20-24

Olympia Priest Point Park

July 30-August 3

hAlf-dAy CAmps Ages 4-6, 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.


June 25-29

July 16-20

August 6-10


July 16-20

July 23-27

July 30-Aug 3

Aug 6-10

Bellevue Cougar Mtn. Park

June 25-29 (adv. camp too!†)

July 9-13

July 16-20

July 23-27 (adv. camp too!†)

July 30-Aug 3 (adv. camp too!†)

August 6-10

August 13-17

Kirkland St. Edward Park

June 25-29

July 9-13 (adv. camp too!†)

July 30-Aug 3 (adv. camp too!†)

August 6-10

August 13-17 (adv. camp too!†)


June 25-29

July 9-13

Wild sprOuts Oxbow Farm, Carnation (15 min. from Redmond)

July 16-20 Ages 4-6 10am-2pm

July 30-Aug 3 Ages 4-6 10am-2pm

Aug 6-10 Ages 7-12 9am-3pm

Aug 13-17 Ages 4-6 10am-2pm

AdvAnCed dAy CAmps † Ages 10-12, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

June 25-29 Scout Awareness Bellevue

July 9-13 Survival Skills Duvall

July 9-13 Scout Awareness Kirkland

July 16-20 Scout Awareness Seattle

July 23-27 Scout Awareness Bellevue

July 30-Aug 3 Scout Awareness Bellevue

July 30-Aug 3 Scout Awareness Kirkland

Aug. 13-17 Scout Awareness Kirkland

Overnight CAmps & teen Adventures

July 21-28 Wolf Tracking (Basic/Adv.) Idaho; Ages 13-18

July 15-20 Survival Skills Duvall; Ages 11-14

July 22-27 Survival Skills Duvall; Ages 11-14

July 29-Aug 3 Survival Skills Duvall; Ages 11-14

Aug 12-17 Survival Skills Duvall; Ages 11-14

July 22-27 Advanced Survival Duvall; Ages 14-17

Aug 5-10 Advanced Survival Duvall; Ages 14-17

Aug 5-10 Scout Awareness Duvall; Ages 11-14

Aug 12-17 Advanced Scout Duvall; Ages 14-17


Wild Sprouts Farm & Forest Camp: $165-$315/week

Half-Day Camps: $165/week

Day Camps and Advanced Day Camps: $315/week.

Overnight Camps: $675/week, includes organic food & camping.

Expeditions: $895/week, includes organic food, and camping.

After Care is available at select camps. See our website for more details.

Deposit, Refund and Transfer Policy: See our website for details.

Note: All camps include a free t-shirt, field guide, and pocket notebook!

Scholarships are available!

Wilderness Awareness School is a division of the Awareness Society, a not-for-profit organization,

recognized as Federal Tax Exempt Organization under I.R.S. code section 501(c)(3). We do not discriminate

on the basis of race, color, religion, age, sex, disability, national or ethnic origin, or sexual orientation. We

are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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