VIP newsletter February07.indd - VIP-Booking

VIP newsletter February07.indd - VIP-Booking


McGowan’s Musings:

So here we are on the second Newsletter

of the year, which is about the time we all

get, or have just got over the flu, or heavy

colds, or just plain northern winter blues!

Anyone else out there with the same complaints?

I suppose all of you in the South

are thinking ‘well, if you want to avoid the

sun for a couple of months that’s up to you,

we’re OK!’. Well you may be right, thoughts

of relocation do go through my mind, but

Berlin in the snow last weekend had its

charms, and a Film Festival, and Brighton’s

OK I suppose – you see, optimism already,

spring must be on the way!

We may be looking forward to a new season,

but the touring schedules for 2007 remind

me of those scenes in old black and

white films that use flickering newspaper

headlines to indicate that the storyline is

going back in time. We may just as well

be in 1977 with major tours coming up for

The Who, Genesis, The Police, and perhaps

Roxy Music, also in the US David Lee Roth

is to reunite with Van Halen and a one off

Rage Against the Machine reformation has

helped sell out California’s Coachella Festival.

The bills being announced for the major

European Festivals are peppered with,

shall we say long established, names, such

as, Iggy & The Stooges, Human League,

The Beastie Boys, Pearl Jam and Metallica.

Still, who am I to knock the inestimable

value of years in the business!

VIP- News



Allan McGowan

For a long time I wondered what happened

to Al Gore, after being denied what many

would claim to be his rightful democratic

appointment to the US presidency after

some questionable Miami shenanigans, he

appeared to retreat from public life, only

to re-emerge as a champion for the future

of our planet. In this edition we report on

his plans for a series of major concerts to

heighten awareness of the enormous environmental

problems facing us all. Now,

what would have happened differently if

he had become President... Somewhere in

a parallel universe, somebody knows.

Right, whilst you’re mulling that over, I’ll

communicate with my colleague Herr Manfred

Tari to check that his contribution to

this issue is prepared, and yes, as he has just

replied in the affirmative, here is the News!


The VIP-Booking European Live Entertainment Book

Advertising in the VIP Book will make you visible to 10.000 business

professionals all over Europe. You will find no better place to expose your

company to the whole European Live Entertainment Industry.



– Fib Heineken

Announce Acts

Allan McGowan

The first round of artists have been

confirmed for the thirteenth annual

year of Spain’s Benicassim Festival.

From the US, old hands Iggy & the

Stooges will join UK acts Arctic Monkeys,

The Human League and The

Magic Numbers. From Sweden The

Hives, and funk band !!!, will line up

with Brazil’s Cansei de Ser Sexy These

eight names form part of a line-up that

is just now beginning to take shape

– watch this space!

The Hives performs at Benicassim 07


VIP- News - Fe b r u a r y 2 0 0 7


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Managing Director:

Ronni Didriksen

General Manager:

Peter Briggs

Writer and editorial:

Allan McGowan


Manfred Tari

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Peter Briggs

or +44 870 755 0092


Pekaye Graphics, Phuket – Thailand

A Request from Steve Harley

Allan McGowan

Steve Harley has previously contributed

an artist’s point of view to VIP-News. Apart

from his recording, performance and radio

work he is an Ambassador for the Mines

Advisory Group, an organisation well

worth supporting. We are happy to pass

on this message from Steve and encourage

your contributions and donations!

Hello, dear boy/girl/friend/acquaintance/

business associate/Family.

Please help me to help save a village. I’m

off to Death Valley soon to raise awareness

of the landmine problems still suffered in

countless villages of the far east.

I’ve been in the thick of it, in Cambodia a

few years ago (many of you helped my

cause then) and I’ve seen it, close up, in

full body armour. They need the landmines

cleared. Clearance will allow them, hun-

dreds of thousands of decent, innocent

people, the dignity of simple employment;

they need power lines fixed, water wells

repaired and much training to stimulate

their pitiful economies. They need agricul-

tural land made safe so farmers can grow

crops again; survivors need their dignity

and children need schools; fishermen need

to fish from the river banks again and shep-

herds are desperate to tend their sheep in

safe meadows.They need the landmines


I did it before, so I can do it again: that is,

ask you for your support (you must know


Steve Harley

I’d never beg.....!). I want to raise all the

funds I can to help this cause, and to do

so I will attempt to cycle 350 miles across

the barren, inhospitable terrain of Death

Valley on the Nevada/California border.

Listen, you can’t even get a mobile phone

signal there; a week without contact with

any of you - imagine. Just how inhospita-

ble can it get! No mobile - that’s primitive,

practically penal. Think of my suffering.....

and maybe then you’ll support me. I will

ride, as in Cambodia, on the back of a tan-

dem, pilot-ed by my old friend Tom Dickin-

son. Tom is a retired Detective Chief Super

(Fraud Squad) and still as fit as a flea, so I

warn you, we’re going to cover every mile

our ageing extremities can manage. May-

be we’ll cover the lot!

Please take a look at the link below, and

consider supporting me on my great ad-

venture, for the sake of the poor hordes

living in peril and poverty thanks to the

millions of little, invisible Khmer Rouge

“leaving presents”.

I take my responsibility as a Mines Advi-

sory Group (MAG) Ambassador seriously,

as you knew I would. It’s a privilege and an



Your donation will go straight to the MAG

“Death Valley” sponsorship account. And

you will be making a lot of people very hap-

py, no matter what amount you donate.

My own website

includes a 2,000-word piece I wrote on the

Cambodia trek for the Mail On Sunday mag-

azine, which will give you a feel of the actual

problems faced in much of south-east Asia.



urgently. Your donation will go towards

training local men and women (many

themselves limbless from landmine ex-

plosions) to become de-miners.

Please help me to help save a village.

With the usual good thoughts, as ever,



VIP- News - Fe b r u a r y 2 0 0 7


Allan McGowan

Well if spring is on the way then it must

be time for ILMC, and yes, look, here it is

already in view, again at the Royal Garden

Hotel, Kensington, London, March 9-11.

This is the 19th edition of this now truly

venerable event, and considering that at-

tendants have to be recommended in or-

der to register, the continuing growth of

the Conference is both a pleasant surprise

to the organisers, and a telling indication

of the condition of the international live in-

dustry. With a couple of weeks to go regis-

tration is at an all time high, and a cap may

have to be put upon proceedings in order

to maintain elbow room in the Conference

meeting rooms and bars.

One telling indication of the progress that

the ILMC has monitored, and it’s fair to say,

contributed to, over the years, is the sub-ti-

tle to this year’s regular ‘Emerging Markets’

panel; ‘Merging Markets’ is a recognition of

just how much progress has been made in

the industry in Eastern Europe, India, and

many other territories. Many of the new


Allan McGowan

The VIP team were in Cannes in January,

hoping for sun and blue skies as often pre-

viously experienced during Midem, how-

ever we were disappointed and grey skies,

rain and cold was the order of the days.

As to the event itself, this longest estab-

lished of all the music trade markets has

made a valiant attempt to broaden its

appeal beyond its traditional record and

music publishing attendance. VIP were

media partners in the live oriented aspect

of proceedings, and we were certainly

encouraged by the quality of the panels,

ably moderated by Stuart Worthington

and Peter Jenner of the MMF, and by the

attendance. It was good to hear Harvey

Goldsmith contributing to the discussion

on branding and sponsorship. Many well

known faces from the live business, includ-

ing Personality of The Year, Claude Nobs

were present at the ‘live’ lunch on Tuesday,

indicating that our sector of the business is

delegates that have added to the ILMC

numbers are from these new areas of op-


As usual the ILMC will be themed, this

year the Royal Garden Hotel will take on

the aspects of a 1930’s ‘Speakeasy’, and all

things gangster and mafia will apply to the

social events and the conference guide. In

contrast to the ‘jokey’ graft and corruption

side of the Conference the overall serious

theme of ILMC 19 is to be ‘transparency’;

it seems that more and more of the del-

egates have made the point that as a now

mature and truly professional industry,

more honesty and openness should be

applied to dealings at all levels in order

to bring more clarity to the business. This

point of view will be brought to bear on

the whole raft of subjects covered in the

wide-ranging Agenda. At VIP we are very

much in agreement with this approach,

and the acquisition, provision and sharing

of clear information is the basis of all VIP


prepared to give Midem a chance to build

relationships and to contribute to the fur-

ther networking of the industry.

According to press releases, 9,481 partici-

pants, 4,605 companies, including 2,376

exhibiting companies from 91 countries

attended the event. “The increase in the

number and variety of companies exhibit-

ing this year illustrates MIDEM’s continuing


New additions to ILMC 19 will be an exten-

sion of the showcase programme, with

hosted events taking place on the two

nights prior to the event, Wednesday March

7 and Thursday the 8th and on the open-

ing Friday night. It will also be interesting

to see how the two Conference themes

are applied by the players in the first ever

‘World Texas Hold ‘em Poker Tourney’. The

casino will also feature blackjack and rou-

lette tables with all proceeds going to this

year’s Nikos Fund charity, Oxfam.

For more information see:

importance to the wider music industry,”

commented Dominique Leguern, MIDEM

Director. “Our goal is to bring all the com-

ponents of the music industry value chain

to MIDEM so that professionals from all

sectors can meet, discuss and define the

future of the industry.”

The Royal Garden Hotel Lobby

MIDEM 2008 will be held from 27-31 January

2008, Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France

Midem 2007


VIP- News - Fe b r u a r y 2 0 0 7

Agency Moves

– Andrew Leighton Pope to The Agency Group

Allan McGowan

The last couple of months have seen more

of a personnel shake up in the London

Agency world than has been seen for

many a year. David Levy from ITB, Solo-

mon Parker and Nick Cave from Concorde

have all left to join the London office of the

newly formed international division of the

William Morris Agency headed by Ed Bick-

nell. Russel Warby and Adele Slater have

also joined from The Agency, which has

restored its ranks somewhat with the ad-

dition of Andrew Leighton Pope. VIP-News

spoke to Andrew about his career and his

move from the Leighton-Pope Organisa-

tion set up by his father Carl.

VIP-News: When did you start in the family

business, and had you considered taking

up any other profession?

Andrew: I started working with Carl 22 years

ago at a company called Bonaire. Previous

to that I worked at Heathrow learning about

and eventually running an import/export


VIP-News: Did your ‘training’ in the busi-

ness derive from on the job experience and

how much were you taught by your Father

and others, or was it a matter of listening,

learning and getting on with it?

Andrew: My ‘training’ was very much sitting

at the feet of the father. Once I was trusted

with a band(Sledgehammer-UK Metal circa

1986) I learnt a quick lesson having con-

firmed my first two dates of the college tour

to be told ‘to buy a fxxxing map’ due to the

fact I’d booked them to appear on Friday in

Southampton (Southern England) and Glas-

gow (mid Scotland) on Saturday. After that I

listened and learnt and basically ended up

inheriting acts like Huey Lewis, Jeff Healey,

Saga, Bonnie Tyler etc.

VIP-News: Are there a couple of outstand-

ing memories, experiences etc of your

time at LPO that you’d like to mention?

Andrew: As anyone who has been involved

with us over the years knows we have made

sure we had a good time. There was very

much an extended family feel with promot-

ers, managers etc. People genuinely enjoyed

coming into the office especially if they were

lucky and it was someone’s birthday when

we closed down and ate cakes for 30 min-

utes. One of the most amazing feelings was

when Bryan (Adams) played Wembley Sta-

dium in 1996 I think there were 60000 peo-

ple there and Carl and I were in the Royal

Box. A few years before we were at The Mar-

quee club watching a spotty Canadian and


Andrew Leighton-Pope

Carl told me we would go far with this art-

ist. On the steps of the Royal Box he turned

to me and said ‘I told you so’. On a point of

how fleeting fame can be I was watching

Never Mind the Buzzcocks (UK TV music quiz

programme) this week and a guy called Cal

came on in the identity parade from Worlds

Apart. It was only 8 or 9 years ago we played

around 16 Zenith’s with them in front of over

200,000 girls who treated them like a cross

between The Beatles and Take That.

VIP-News: What led you to make the deci-

sion to move, and how was this decision

received at LPO? What acts will you take

with you?

Andrew: Carl has decided to take things

easier in the future. He is not getting any

younger and was not interested in expand-

ing LPO. He will carry on working with Bryan

Adams, Michael Buble and Keith Urban as

all 3 acts are very close to his heart.

Andrew: After some thoughts and meetings

I decided that I would like to talk to Neil War-

nock about opportunities at The Agency

Group. It became apparent very quickly that

we were mutually beneficial so we shook

hands there and then. Carl is delighted and

feels this is the next logical step for me. I will

be taking my full roster as it stands.

VIP-News: How do you see the current

state of the business?

Andrew: I think each year it seems to be get-

ting better and better. Between Metal acts,

Guitar acts having No.1 singles and old farts

never stopping playing it is fantastic!

VIP-News: What are your aspirations for

the future at The Agency Group, and are

there any particular projects that you’d

like to mention?

Andrew: I want to improve my position in

the business and have a good time at the

same time .I already have friends at TAG

over the world so can’t wait to be working

with them. The plan is for Neil and myself

to work together on his roster and new



VIP- News - Fe b r u a r y 2 0 0 7

Gore’s Live Earth Concerts

Allan McGowan

On Thursday February 16 at a press confer-

ence in Los Angeles on Thursday, Al Gore

the former US vice president announced

plans to team up with Kevin Wall, producer

of Live 8 in 2005, producer-rapper Phar-

rell Williams and actress Cameron Diaz to

launch Live Earth, a 24-hour worldwide

concert on July 7 to bring attention to the

potentially disastrous global warming situ-

ation that our world is facing. “We have to

get the message of urgency and hope out,”

Mr Gore said. “The climate crisis will only

be stopped by an unprecedented and sus-

tained global movement.”

Faith Hill will perform at Live Earth

An ETEP Update

Manfred Tari

Although the first available summary only

indicates the trends, the booking proce-

dures for the European Talent Exchange

Program (ETEP) are progressing well. VIP-

News asks project manager Ruud Berends

for some first comments on the ongoing


VIP-News: “Are you satisfied with the cur-

rent ETEP situation?”

Ruud Berends: “Results from the 1st selection

meeting were promising and I expect a very

good year, but it is still wait and see. Festivals

book their bands from the top down, so I ex-

pect to know more around April. I am hopeful


A possible problem I anticipate is that the

ETEP festivals will decide to book European

acts from neighbouring countries, as this

The team hopes to bring together more

than 100 of the world’s top musical acts, in

much the way Geldof did for Live Aid and

Willie Nelson did for Farm Aid. Some of the

performers scheduled to perform at Live

Earth include Red Hot Chili Peppers, Snoop

Dogg, Black Eyed Peas, Foo Fighters and

Faith Hill.

Gore, whose global warming film An In-

convenient Truth is up for two Oscars an-

nounced plans for eight concerts, with

Johannesburg, London, Shanghai and

Sydney among the host cities. Three other

concerts will take place in the US, Brazil and

Japan, with the cities still to be decided.

There will supposedly also be a concert in

Antarctica, (wouldn’t this have a marked

environmental impact? – Ed)

London show

Other artists confirmed for the Live Earth

concerts include Bon Jovi, Kelly Clarkson,

Sheryl Crow, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Snoop

Dogg, Lenny Kravitz and the Foo Fight-

ers. British performers will include Keane,

Snow Patrol, Duran Duran, Bloc Party and

Paolo Nutini. Brit Award winners Muse

year’s financial support through ETEP is lower

per booking as we have no EU funding. Lets

hope we can adjust that with new EU funding

from 2008 onwards.”

VIP-News: “Do you foresee an increase in

the number of participating festivals?”

Berends: “Yes, it is our aim and goal to ex-

pand the program and have the right festivals

in all EU countries join ETEP. Also it would be

interesting to add some crucial festivals in

other parts of the world to the ETEP system.”

VIP-News: “Please tell us about the situa-

tion with Southern European festivals.”

Berends: “I am pretty happy for now with the

ETEP festivals in the Southern countries. There

is always something to wish for but at this


also hope to take part - but will have to

consider changing their schedule as they

already have a gig lined up in Ireland on

that date. The London show is due to be

held at Wembley Stadium, Bloc Party said

on their official website. It coincides with

the second anniversary of the terrorist at-

tacks, which killed 52 people on the capi-

tal’s transport network. Show spokesman

Yusef Robb told BBC Radio Five Live: “We

think think it’s an auspicious date. We want

to fill Londoners with hope on that date.”

Story from BBC NEWS:

It is proposed that the events will be host-

ed on the BBC in the UK, the entire NBC

network in the US (NBC primetime, CNBC,

USA, Bravo & Telemundo), Fuji & NHK TV

in Japan, MTV International are apparently

offering full support and global broad-

band coverage will be through the MSN

network. There will be a further announce-

ment in the UK on March 15, and there will

be more details released at this time.

Al Gore

point we are not able to expand as we have

no budget left for that.”

More than 125 bookings are already in

place with acts including The View (UK),

Goose (B), Magic Numbers (UK), Oh No Ono

(DK) and Peter, Bjorn and John (SW).

Oh no ono will play ETEP shows


VIP- News - Fe b r u a r y 2 0 0 7


Metallica to Play

Rock Werchter

– Again!

Allan McGowan

Metallica were the very first metal band

to play Belgium’s Turnhout Werchter Fes-

tival in 1993. Since that first memorable

concert, they have become the festival

goers’ most requested act,. And this close

relationship is mutual, it seems that Me-

tallica just loves Rock Werchter. They are

currently working on their ninth studio

album. They have just finished up some

weeks of pre-production and in early

March, they start recording with top pro-

ducer Rick Rubin. In June, the band will

be taking a small break to tour Europe for

about three weeks. During this ‘holiday’,

they will be playing Europe’s finest festi-

vals, including – to quote their website –

‘the festival we’ve played 19 times in July

that starts with a W.” They exaggerate a

little, but on Sunday July 1, Metallica will

play Rock Werchter for the fifth time.

Also confirmed for this year’s festival are

Pearl Jam, Muse, The Chemical Brothers,

Faithless, Björk, Marilyn Manson, Arctic

Monkeys, Incubus, Beastie Boys, The Kooks,

Bloc Party, My Chemical Romance and Mas-

todon. More names to follow soon.



VIP- News - Fe b r u a r y 2 0 0 7



Allan McGowan

Austin, Texas - February 13, 2007 - In 2006

the Los Angeles Times declared,”Bands

from all corners of the globe make SXSW

a singularly internationalmusic moment.”

South by Southwest (SXSW) Music Festi-

val has received 1731band applications

from international artists for 2007, repre-

senting 23% ofthe total applicants. The

largest group of applicants comes from

Europe(972), followed by Canada (365),

and the Pacific (316). Seventy-eight acts-

from a diverse list of countries ranging

from South Africa to South Koreahave also

applied. SXSW expects that one quarter

of this year’s performingartists will come

from outside of the United States.

SXSW Creative Director Brent Grulke

explains the increased number of in-

ternational applications: “SXSW is in the

flattering position to be avenue that inter-

national artists have found a useful part of

their promotional strategy. When people

consider showcasing at SXSW, all they have

to do is look at the incredible range of tal-

ent presented in prior years to have a sense

of the company they will be associated

with and the potentialopportunity SXSW

showcases represent.”

Brent Grulke from SXSW

International acts have found, time after

time, that a SXSW showcase has provided

the essential buzz at a critical time in their

US career development. The UK, which

sends more bands to Austin than any oth-

er foreign territory, has seen the magic

work repeatedly for the careers of artists

such as Artic Monkeys, James Blunt, Jamie

Cullum, Franz Ferdinand, David Grey and

KT Tunstall.

This year, an impressive group of 145 UK

artists are poised to take full advantage

of the “SXSW effect” including Paolo

Nutini; Gruff Rhys; The Good, The Bad

and the Queen; Amy Winehouse; Mika;

and Lilly Allen.

“You only need to stand on a corner of Sixth

Street during SXSW to appreciate why mu-

sicians from across the globe migrate to

Austin during the four day festival,” says

Crispin Parry, London Underground, Cre-

ative Director British Music at SXSW. “It

is one of the premier music experiences in

the world and playing a showcase at SXSW

can be the golden ticket for international

acts, creating the ‘buzz’ that is essential for

breaking into the US music scene.”

Canada makes its biggest splash ever

at SXSW 2007 with 108 invited acts. The

Dears, Metric and Broken Social Scene all

picked up critical momentum in the US

following their SXSW appearances. While

the brightest lights of Montreal’s anglo-

phone scene may be well known to SXSW

audiences, this year’s impressive number

of Quebeçois participants will also in-

clude francophone bands that represent

the scene’s newest cutting edge. Gour-

met Délice is the owner of Montreal pro-

duction company Bonsound: “One very

exciting aspect of this showcase for us is

the fact that we’re presenting three French

singing bands (Malajube, Les Breastfeed-

ers and Call Me Poupée). This will be a true

test both for both the bands and us. We’ll

be able to get direct feedback from the dif-

ferent labels, promoters, distributors and

media coming from around the globe who

attend SXSW year after year in order to dis-

cover the next big thing.”


Another record-breaking showing is due

from Australia and New Zealand who will

be sending 42 bands to Austin this year.

Leading the pack is a band with a solid

international reputation, the Hoodoo Gu-

rus, who appreciate the heat that SXSW

has generated for such acts as Jon Butler

and Xavier Rudd. “There’s no better place

in the world for a band with such a great

live reputation and history to reintroduce

themselves than at SXSW,” says manager

Michael McMartin. “It allows the Gurus

to play in a great music city, to avid music

fans amidst an atmosphere that brings out

the best in bands and fans alike.”

These three largest international con-

tingencies will share the SXSW spotlight

with bands from 35 other countries rang-

ing from Argentina to Uzbekistan. Na-

tional Public Radio described SXSW as “...

a multi-national, multi-media blow-out

turning the capitol of Texas into the inter-

national hub of everything cool for a few

days in March....” It’s clear in 2007 that the

world agrees.

South by Southwest Music Conference

and Festival, the annual music industry

gathering in Austin, Texas takes place

March 14 - 18, 2007. To register to attend

or for more information, go to:

South by Southwest Music and Media

Conference is sponsored by Miller Lite,

Verizon Wireless, IFC (Independent Film

Channel), The Austin Chronicle, and

Blender Magazine.



VIP- News - Fe b r u a r y 2 0 0 7

CTS Eventim yet again reports

record breaking figures

Manfred Tari

In a preliminary business report for the

past business year 2006 the Company

delivered the best business results since

its IPO (Initial Public Offering) on February

1st 2000. The reasons are according

to CTS Eventim were booming online

sales, several successful tours, the world

cup 2006 and acquisitions in Switzerland

and Russia.

CTS Eventim managed to increase all

key figure results and in March will announce

a proposal for the distribution

of a dividend. Last year the turnover

increased by about 33.9 percent from

256.2 million Euros in the business year

2005 to 343 million Euro, the Earnings

before Interests, Taxes, Depreciation and

Amortisation (EBITDA) rose 38.9 percent

from 37.5 million Euro to 52 million Euro.

As Earnings before Interests, Taxes (EBIT)

the company declared 45.7 million Euro

an increase of 39.6% on the 32.7 million

Euro in the year before.

The ticketing division gained a turnover

of 99.3 million Euro, an increase of 54.5%

on the 64.3 million Euro in the year before.

The EBITDA in this segment are 36.7

million Euros, EBIT-results were reported

at 31 million Euro, a gain of 60.8% com-

The 14,950 Euro Ticket!

Manfred Tari

Anyone who complains about high ticket

prices should take a look at this bargain

on offer from The Music Networx

GmbH which offers a specialist arrangement

constructed for a particularly discerning

sector of the audience.

It is full service package including VIP

treatment for wannabee rock stars. For

only 14,950 Euros including VAT, the

deal provides a five-day trip to Cologne

during which participants get to meet,

rehearse and play 5 songs each with

a backing band of musicians such as

Spencer Davies, Jon Miles, Bobby Kimball,

Miller Anderson, Paul Thompson

and Ollie Marland.

The event starts on May 16 and ends on

the 21st, during which time takers will

be provided with a limo shuttle service,


pared to 19.3 million the year before. The

number of tickets sold online increased

from 3.5 million to 5.3 million tickets, a

plus of about 45.7%.

In the segment Live Entertainment the

turnover rose from 194.6 to 247.3 million

Euros. The EBITDA increased by 10.7%

from 13.9 to 15.4 million Euros. As EBIT

the company reported 14.7 million Euros,

as compared to:13.5 million Euros

in 2005. For CTS Eventim this is the third

year in a row where the company has

been able to continue to improve and to

grow. The profit results in this segment

are affected by investments of 3.5 million

Euros undertaken to develop new


Klaus-Peter Schulenburg - CEO of CTS Eventim AG

lunch, dinner and gourmet catering,

accommodation in a 5 star hotel, rehearsal

sessions, musical coaching and

will play a gig.

If you are interest in taking part in this

extravaganza the promoter kindly asks

for a 50 percent deposit payment upfront.

If you still do not believe that this

offer is meant to be taken seriously, then

please check:

Join Bobby Kimball in a duet


VIP- News - Fe b r u a r y 2 0 0 7

And the Winner is... LEA

Manfred Tari

This was only the second time that the

Live Entertainment Award (LEA) has been

handed out but nevertheless it has already

become an institution. Yes, it needs to be

acknowledged that there is an inflation of

award shows these days, but in Germany

at least the LEA seems to fill a gap.

Relative to the overall number of partici-

pants the celebrity count was reasonably

high. TV presenter and musician Götz Als-

mann was the moderating host of the

event, popular TV presenters, at least in

Germany, Nina Ruge and Bettina Tietjen,

as well as the former Miss Germany Verona

Pooth delivered laudations while the cur-

rent Miss Germany Nelly Marie Bojahr pre-

sented the awards to the winners of the


Verono Pooth makes everyone smile at LEA 2007

At the beginning of the show Götz Als-

mann observed that for this award show

the live music business community which

occasionally gives the impression of be-

ing a basin full of sharks, appeared more

like an aquarium of ornamental fishes. The

show then continued and turned out to be

a quite funny and entertaining celebration

for those who spend their daily lives be-

hind the stage as the spin-doctors of the

live music business.

Alsmann moderated the LEA for the sec-

ond time and without any doubt he did a

marvellous job. His announcements and

comments helped to take away some of

the ponderousness that can occasionally

overwhelm staid award shows. When Ve-

rona Pooth and Bettina Tiedjen mentioned

that they forgot to bring their bras Alsmann

quipped that he had forgotten to bring his

jockstrap. He was the one who provided the

mood for relaxed conditions that contribut-

ed a pleasing atmosphere to the festivities.

But before reporting on the categories it

has to be noted that something more than

just the honouring of concert business

insiders that makes the LEA a valid occa-

sion. Jens Michow, managing director of

the company that runs the LEA and also

president of the IDKV, has managed to

make the LEA an integrating instrument

to unite the business community as well

as the live music lobbying organisations


Michow mentioned in his speech during

the ceremony that Michael Russ, the presi-

dent of the VDKD (Association of the Ger-

man Concert Directorates) was present

and that his organisation had become

a stake holder in the company that runs

the LEA. This alone is a remarkable fact,

proving that after many years of political

differences and distances both organisa-

tions have moved closer to each other.

In recognition of this it was no surprise

that most of the main players in the Ger-

man concert business attended the LEA.

Michow explained that this fact had also

caused him some headache and sleep-

less nights regarding the diplomacy of ar-

ranging the appropriate seating order. He

had to accommodate heavy weights such

as Marcel Avram, Karsten Jahnke, Folkert

Koopmanns Marek Lieberberg and Peter

Schwenkow just to name a few. All in all

there were more than 550 guests attend-

ing the ceremony located in the Liegemen

Bauten in Hamburg.

The Fliegende Bauten is an event tent lo-

cated near to the Reeperbahn. As part of

the show the live acts Tina Dico, The 13 1⁄2

half lives of Captain Bluebear, The Ukulele

Orchestra of Great Britain, Revolverheld

and Udo Jürgens appeared on stage.

Carl Leighton-Pope presented the award for Best

Promoter at LEA 2007


Udo Lindenberg, Fritz Rau and Peter Maffay at LEA 2007

The majority of the speeches by those

receiving awards created the impression

of an extra version of Thanks Giving Day.

Most of them took the chance to say thanks

to all of those who helped and supported

them to gain success, except one. Marek

Lieberberg was not pleased with the deci-

sion of the jury in the category Best Fes-

tival. As soon as Dieter Gorny, the former

boss of Viva TV and the presenter of this

category declared the SonneMondSterne-

Festival as the winner, Lieberberg stood

up and left. On his way out he met Gorny

and told him that he totally disagreed

with this jury decision. Later Carl Leighton

Pope, the presenter for the category Best

Promoter for which Lieberberg was actu-

ally declared winner, commented, “Elvis

has left the building”. The day after Lieber-

berg released a press release criticising the

jury for their choice and refusing the Best

Promoter award.

The awards themselves look like an over

sized golden ticket with a perforated cor-


Leighton Pope made one of the best lau-

dations speculating on why the other

nominees in the category “Best Pro-

moter” couldn’t win. Carlos Fleischmann,

of Creative Talent he said, was from his

point of view too young to win in this cat-

egory, Thomas Spindler of Trinity Concerts

couldn’t win as he did not know him and

that Dieter Semmelmann of Semmel Con-

certs couldn’t win as he would even take

deposit fees for shows by the “most hon-

estly dead Richard Wagner.”

Verona Pooth as a gorgeous beauty gam-

bled with the image that good looking la-

dies might be not be the most clever while

pretending that she was not able to prop-

erly read out the text that was given to

her. Michow furthermore cheered up the


VIP- News - Fe b r u a r y 2 0 0 7

crowd when he made an almost Freudian

slip when substituting the word ‘prosti-

tute’ for ‘prosperity’.

Werner Kirsamer of Künstlermedia who

won in the category Best artist agency

made an unexpected appearance. Kir-

samer works in the very German world

of “Schlager” and “Volksmusik.” He lost

sympathy when he said that he is proud

to be German, appearing to express this

in a way very close to the dictum and in

the same manner often adopted by right

wing politicians and extremists. Finally

Fritz Rau contradicted this remark by Kir-

samer when he said that he felt proud to

be a European citizen. Many people were

grateful to Rau for made this statement

and this was certainly not the only reason

why the legendary promoter of course

received standing ovations from all in the


The honouring of Fritz Rau for his life-

time achievement was without any doubt

the highlight of the festivities. When Rau

reached the stage the first thing he said

was that he was going to bite off the ear of

those who mention the term “shark basin”

in relation to the concert business. Rau is a

true humanist and one more time proved

himself a perfect elder statesman for the

German concert business when he said to

audience that he was the “accomplished

presence” while the other attendees were

“the future.” He furthermore referred to

Europe and said that it would take “Blood,

Sweat and Tears” in the efforts to build up

the future. With this serious advice the

award show ended, leaving the conclusion

to be drawn that the LEA has become a very

worthwhile event that fills a gap for the rec-

ognition of this part of the music business.

The LEA 2007 therefore was a perfect stage

and, bearing Rau in mind, indicating that

this business could be proud of playing a

very vital role in bringing people together

and therefore contributing useful benefits

for the development of a society.

The winners of the LEA 2007 are:

Best Location: Olympiapark Munich.

Best None Music Event: African Circus with

“Africa, Africa”.

Best Artist Agency: Künstlermedia.

Best Newcomer Support: newcomerme- for Newcomer TV.

Best Club-Tour: Revolverheld by Extratours

& FKP Scorpio.


Best Artist Management: Freddy Burger

Management for Udo Jürgens.

Best Hall-Arena Tour: Peter Rieger

Konzertagentur for the George Michael

tour “25 Live”.

Best Cooperation: Management Tokio Ho-

tel / BRAVO / Universal Music.

Price of the Jury: Gürzenich-Orchester Co-

logne for their program “GoLive” instant

recordings of concerts sold after the show.

Best En-Suite-Show: FKP Scorpio for the

musical “Die 13 1/2 Leben des Käpt’n


Best Festival: KGV Event for SonneMond-


Best One Off Show: DEAG Classics for Anna

Netrebko, Placido Domingo & Roland Villa-

zon in Berlin.

Best Promoter: Marek Lieberberg


Livetime Achievement: Fritz Rau.

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