The emergence ofpottery in Mrica during the tenth millennium cal BC: newevidence 905

from Ounjougou (Mali)

E. Huysecom, M. Rasse, L. Lespez, K. Neumann, A. Fahmy, A. Ballouche, S. Ozainne,

M. Maggetti, Ch. Tribolo & S. Soriano

The archaeology ofWestern Sahara: results ofenvironmental and archaeological 918


Nick Brooks, Joanne Clarke, Salvatore Garfi & Anne Pitie

Ochre and hide-working at a Natufian burial place 935

Lame Dubreuil & Leore Grosman

Floor sequences in Neolithic Makri, Greece: micromorphology reveals cycles of 955


Panagiotis Karkanas & Nikos Efstratiou

Mass cannibalism in the Linear Pottery Culture at Herxheim (Palatinate, Germany) 968

Bruno Boulestin, Andtea Zeeb-Lanz, Christian Jeunesse, Fabian Haack,

Rose-Marie Arbogast & Anthony Denaire

Sourcing African ivory in Chalcolithic Portugal 983

Thomas X. Schuhmacher, Joao Luís Cardoso & Arun Banerjee

Rooting for pigfruit: pig feeding in Neolithic and Iron Age Britain compared 998

Julie Hamilton, Roben E.M. Hedges & Mark Robinson

Development of metallurgy in Eurasia 1012

Benjamin W Roberts, Christopher P. Thornton & Vincent C. Pigott

From sheep to (sorne) horses: 4500 years ofherd structure at the pastoralist 1023

settlement of Begash (south-eastern Kazakhstan)

Michae! Ftachetti & Norben Benecke

Conflicting evidence? Weapons and ske!etons in the Bronze Age ofsouth-east Iberia 1038

Gonzalo Aranda-Jiménez, SandIa Montón-Subías & Silvia Jiménez-Brobeil

For Gods or men? A reappraisal ofthe function ofEuropean Bronze Age shie!ds 1052

Barry Molloy

The ornamental trousers from Sampula (Xinjiang, China): their origins 1065

and biography

Mayke Wagner, Wang Bo, Paye! Tarasoy, Sidse! Maria Westh-Hansen,

Elisabeth Volling & Jonas Heller

Aristophanes and stable isotopes: ataste fOI freshwater fish in Classical Thebes (Greece)? 1076

E.Yika, V. Arayantinos & M.P. Richards

re-v 60/


Pre-Columbian geometric earthworks in the upper Purús: a complex society in 1084

western Amazonia

Martti Parssinen, Denise Schaan & Alceu Ranzi

New light on the Anglo-Saxon succession: two cemeteries and their dates

CM. Hills & T.C O'Connell



High prestige Royal Purple dyed textiles from the Bronze Age royal tomb at 1109

Qatna, Syria

Matthew A. James, Nicole Reifarth, AnnaJ. Mukherjee, Matthew P. Crump, Paul J. Cates,

Peter Sandor, Francesca Robertson, Peter Pfalzner & Richard P. Evershed

Isotopes and individuals: diet and mobility among the medieval Bishops ofWhithorn 1119

Cundula Müldner, Janer Monrgomery, Cordon Cook, Rob Ellam, Andrew Cledhill &

Chris Lowe

Landscapes of death: GIS modelling of a dated sequence of prehistoric cemeteries 1134

in Vastmanland, Sweden

Daniel Lowenborg


The Acropolis and its new museum

N. James

A briefhistory ofTAG

Bisserka Gaydarska

Sex, symmetry and silliness in the bifacial world

Brian Hayden & Suzanne Villeneuve

Symmetry is sexy: reply to Hodgson's 'Symmetry and humans'

Robert P. Burriss






Review articles

Rescuing and publishing archaeology in Uppland, Sweden OLE GR0N reviewing 1176

Stenaldern i Uppland: uppdragsarkeologi och eftertanke. Niklas Sreinback

Att na den andra sidan: om begravning och ritual i Uppland. Michel Norelid

Hus och bebyggelse i Uppland: delar av flrhistoriska sammanhang. Hans Gothberg

Land och samhiille iflriindring: Uppliindska bygder i ett langtidsperspektiv.

Eva Hjarthner-Holdar, Hlken Ranheden & Anton Seiler

Mellan himmel och jord: Ryssgiirdet, en guldskimrande bronsealdersmiljo i centrala Uppland.

Eva Hjarthner-Holdar, Thomas Eriksson & Anna Ostling

Mellan hay och skog: Hogmossen, en stenaldersmiljo vid en skimrande strand i Norra

Uppland Nielas Bjorck & Eva Hjarthner-Holdar

Early Eurasia: pattern and process among pastoralists ADAM T. SMITH 1179

The prehistory o/the Silk Road E.E. Kuzmina, edited by Victor H. Mair

Pastoralist landscapes and social interaction in Bronze Age Eurasia. Michael D. Frachetti

New light on early Insular monasteries ToMÁs Ó CARRAGÁI 1182

Excavations at St Ethernans monastery, Isle ofMay, Fife. Heather F. James & Peter Yeoman

Inchmarnock: an Early Historic island monastery and its archaeologicallandscape.

Christopher Lowe

Harnessing the tides: the Early Medieval tide milis at Nendrum monastery, Strangford Loch.

Thomas McErlean & Norman Crothers

Portmahomack: monastery ofthe Piets. Martin Carver

Under the same sky: two British settlements in early colonial Australia 1186


Port Essington: the historical archaeology ofa north Australian nineteenth-century military

outpost. Jim Allen

The same under a di./ferent sky? A country estate in nineteenth-century New South Wales.

Graham Connah

Book reviews

G.L. Dusseldorp. A view to a kill: investigating Middle Palaeolithic subsistence using an 1189

Optimal Foraging perspective. Ro PINHAS¡

J. Desmond Clark, Elizabeth J. Agrilla, Diana C. Crader, Alison Galloway, Elena AA 1190

Garcea, Diane Gifford-Gonzalez (general editor), David N. Hall, Andrew B. Smith &

Martin A.J. Williams. Adrar Bous: archaeology ofa Central Saharan granitic ring complex


Y.B. Tsetlin. The centre ofthe Russian plain in the Neolithic age: decoration ofclay vessels 1191

and methods fOr the periodization ofcultures. PAVEL DOLUKHANOV

István Zalai-Gaál, unter Mitarbeit von Kitti Kühler und Anett Osztás. Zur Herkunft des 1193

Schiidelkults im Neolithikum des Karpatenbeckens. ALASDAlR WHITILE

Klaus Ebbesen. Danskejtettestuer. MAGDALENA MIDGLEY 1194

S. Celestino, N. Rafel & X.-L. Armada (ed.). Contacto cultural entre el Mediterráneo y el 1196

Atlántico (siglos XII-VIII ane): la precolonización a debate. Go ZALO RUIZ ZAPATERO

Dirk Brandherm with Salvador Rovira Llorens. Las espadas del Bronce Final en la 1197

Península Ibérica y Baleares. NÚRlA RAfEL

lE. Curtis & N. Tallis (ed.). The Balawat Gates ofAshurnasirpal 11. FRANCES REYNOLOS 1198

WG. Cavanagh, C. Gallou & M. Georgiadis (ed.). Sparta and Laconia:from prehistory 1199

to pre-modern. DANIEL R. STEWART

Antoon Cornelis Mienrjes. Paesaggi pastorali: studio ethnoarcheologico sulpastoralismo in 1200

Sardegna. MARco RENDELI

P. Allsworth-Jones. Pre-Columbianfamaica. JOSÉ R. OLIVER 1202

D. Troy Case & Christopher Carro The Scioto Hopewell and their neighbors: 1203

bioarchaeological documentation and cultural understanding. GEORGE R. MILNER

Christopher Evans with Duncan Mackay & Leo Webley Borderlands: the archaeology of 1204

the Addenbrookes Environs, South Cambridge. STI]N ARNOLOUSSEN

David S. Neal & Stephen R. Cosh. Roman mosaics ofBritain. Volume IlL south-east 1205


Andreas Fischer mit Beitrag von Markus Peter. Vorsicht Glas! Die romischen 1207

Glasmanufakturen von Kaiseraugst. DANIEL KELLER

Richard Hingley. The recovery o/Roman Britain 1586-1906: a colony so fertile. 1208


Martin Carver, Catherine Hills & Jonathan Scheschkewitz. Wasperton: aRoman, British 1209

andAnglo-Saxon community in central England. CHRISTOPHER SCULL

Eva S. Thate. Monuments and minds: monument re-use in Scandinavia in the second 1211

halfo/thefirst millennium AD. JULIE LUND

Mats Roslund (translated by Alan Crozier). Guests in the house: cultural transmission 1212

between Slavs and Scandinavians 900 to 1300AD. TORSTEN KEMPKE

Christopher Gerrard with Mick Aston. The Shapwick Project, Somerset: a rurallandscape 1213

explored. EMMA BENTZ

Arthur MacGregor. Curiosity andEnlightenment: collectors and collections ftom the 1214

sixteenth to the nineteenth century. ROBERT MCCOMBE

New Book Chronicle 1216

Madeleine Hummler

Index 1227

On the website (http://antiquity.ac.uk)

Project Gallery December 2009

Recent excavations at Kalambo Falls, Zambia

Lawrence Barham, Geoff Duller, Andy Plater, Stephen Tooth & Simon Turner

Interaction between humans and megafauna depicted in Australian rock art?


Meet for lunch in Tierra del Fuego: a new ethnoarchaeological project

Ivan Briz, Myrian Álvarez, Débora Zurro & Jorge Caro

Mid-Holocene occupations at al-Basatln in Wadi Ziqlab, northern Jordan

Kevin Gibbs, Seiji Kadowaki & E.B. Banning

A possible Early Neolithic amputation at Buthiers-Boulancourt (Seine-et-Marne),


Cécile Buquet-Marcon, Philippe Charlier & Analck Samzun

The Neolithic ofthe Mehran Plain: an introduction

H. Darabi & H. Fazeli

Chalcolithie caves discovered east ofthe River Jordan

Jaimie L. Lovell

Kul Tapeh: an early Bronze Age site in north-western lean

Akbar Abedi, Behrooz Omrani & Nasir Eskandari

Hinterland and site catchment studies at Histria on the Black Sea coast, Romania

Octavian Bounegru, Gheorghe Romanescu, Alexianu Marius, lulia Dumitrache &

lonut Vasiliniuc

The hunt for Laodicea: a Greek temple in Nahavand, Iran

Mehdi Rahbar & Sajjad Alibaigi

George Horsfield, conservation and the British School ofArchaeology in Jerusalem

Amara Thornton

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