Saint Cecilia Parish - St. Cecilia Roman Catholic Church

Saint Cecilia Parish - St. Cecilia Roman Catholic Church

Saint Cecilia Parish - St. Cecilia Roman Catholic Church


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Saint Cecilia Parish

Rev. Sigmund Peplowski,


Rev. Daniel O’Mullane

Rev. Marcin Michalowski

Parochial Vicars

Rev. James Bono

Weekend Assistant

Deacon Paul Willson

Seminarian Gabriel Barrera

Mrs. Janet Maulbeck

Business Administrator

Mr. Lyle Leeson,

Director of Music

Mr. James Clancy,

Director of Faith Formation

Mrs. Ann Mitchell,


Parish Secretary

Tanya Nellen

90 Church Street

Rockaway, New Jersey 07866

Parish Office: 973-627-0313 internet: www.st-cecilia.org FAX: 973-627-4811

To Contact: Fr. Zig, Ext. 12 or speplowski@optonline.net

Fr. Daniel Ext. 11 or rev.dpo@gmail.com Fr. Marcin Ext. 15 or martmich1983@gmail.com

Convent: 973-627-6533 School: 973-627-6003 CCD Office: 973-627-0313 Ext. 17


A Pre-Baptismal Class is held the third Tuesday of each

month at 7:00 pm in the parish office. To register for the

class, please call 973-627-0313 . The next class is Tuesday,

December 18, 2012. Both parents are encouraged to attend

the class before the birth of the baby. The Sacrament of

Baptism is administered weekly at the 12:15 pm Mass,

and a Baptismal Ceremony at 1:30 pm. To schedule a Baptism

please call Fr. Marcin at 973-627-0313 Ext. 15


Arrangements are to be made at least ONE YEAR in advance.

The date should not be set until the priest has been



Urgent calls will be attended to at any time of the day or

night. If there is anyone at home or in the hospital who

cannot get to Mass and the Sacraments because of illness

or old age, please inform one of the priests or call the

Parish Office.



Saturday: 4:30 pm, 7:00 pm

Sunday: 8:00 am, 9:15 am,

10:45 am and 12:15 pm

5:00 pm (Vietnamese)


8:00 am and 7:30 pm

Weekday Schedule:

Monday - Friday

8:00 am


8:00 am followed by Novena


Saturdays 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm and

6:15 pm—6:45 pm

Monday 7—8pm

Any time by appointment

Holy Hour:

Monday: 7-8pm

(Sacrament of Penance Available)


Damiano Servidio

Carol McGotty



AND OUR LADY OF FATIMA: Saturday morning after the

8:00 AM Mass.

BIBLE STUDY: Father Daniel 973-627-0313 x 11

Every Monday evening at 7:30 PM in Parish Office and

Tuesday mornings at 9:30 AM in Hayes Hall.


7:45 PM in Hayes Hall

ROSARY PRAYER GROUP: Mon.—Sat., 7:40 am


7:00 pm—Church

HOLY HOUR: Every Monday from 7—8 pm)

(Sacrament of Penance Available)

RCIA: Sundays 11:30 –1:30 pm in the Parish Office

Dn. Paul Willson 973-627-7656


Monday-Thursday 9:00 am—5:00 pm

Friday/Saturday 9:00 am—3:00 pm

CLOSED FOR LUNCH: 12:45 pm—1:30 pm

Page 2 January 6, 2013 The Epiphany of the Lord




MONDAY— January 7, Saint Raymond of Penyafort, Priest

8:00 am The Pope’s Intentions.

TUESDAY— January 8,

8:00 am The Holy Souls in Purgatory

WEDNESDAY– January 9,

8:00 am Rose Toia

THURSDAY, January 10,

8:00 am Vocations

FRIDAY- January 11,

8:00 am Ruth & Peter Reynolds r/b Mary Reynolds

SATURDAY—January 12,

8:00 am Patrick O’Mullane

SUNDAY, January 13, The Baptism of the Lord

4:30 pm Mildred Di Guiseppi r/b Ann Glasnes

Anthony Lombardi r/b Pat Klebes

7:00 pm The People of the Parish

8:00 am The Pope’s Intentions

9:15 am Fr. Jean-Claude St. Martin

10:45 am Sr. Marie Elise r/b Srs of St. Cecilia

Robert Kopet r/b Eileen & Steven Saladino

12:15 pm The People of the Parish


Stephanie Eckweiler


Gregory Rossi

January 12th—1:30 pm

Betty Golden, Olga DeMarco, Kate Darlington,

John Brinkman Jr., Linda Kirby, Jake

Michael Miraldi, Scott Bornemann, Rosemary

Woodring, Emily Fischer, William T. Cousins,

Sharon Augenti, Sean Nolan, Peg Norman,

Paul Moscoso, Eileen Sutherland, Maryann

Hughes, Charles Passarella, Dian Hamadyk, Jeffrey Jerz,

Peggy Eileen Miars, Ray Kennedy, Richard Corcoran,

Adam Rosowicz, Lorraine Gerber, Madison Rose Leslie, Kelly

Harty, Norman Rodriquez, Demetrius Barbee, Lucille Bardi,

and Frances Finn.

Week Ending: DECEMBER 23, 2012

Collection—Checks $ 8,747.00

Collection—Cash 4,505.00

ParishPay Electronic Debit 1,242.83

TOTAL Weekly Collection $14,494.83


Collection—Checks $21,439.00

Collection—Cash 6,938.00

Christmas Parish Pay $ 965.00

TOTAL: $29,342.00


Here are the readings for next Sunday

Isaiah 42:1-4, 6-7 Psalms 29:1a, 23ac-4,3b,9b-10

Acts 10:34-38 Luke 3:15-16, 21-22


Have you thought about automating your giving?

No more writing checks!

You decide the amount & the frequency.

Sign up today for automatic contributions to

St. Cecilia’s.

Go to the Parish Pay link at st-cecilia.org

or call 866-727-4741.

The people of St. Cecilia Parish are asked to pray

for the following people serving our country in

the armed services:

2nd Lt. Kelley E. Robbins, Pvt USMC, Diego

Usma, Major Glenn E. Martinez, Sgt. Brian

Whalen, General Raymond Odierno, Capt. Anthony Odierno,

Cpl. Kong V. Nguyen, Cpl. Jim Van Valen, LCPL Anthony

Eresman, Sgt. Paul J. Willson, PFC Cano Janeth, Sgt.

Bob Autrey, Col. William Paliwada, Sgt 1st Class (E7) Sam

Colon, PFC Marylyn Rivera-Sachez, Cpl. Edward C. Thompson,

PFC Mellissa Corbo, Major Kevin M. Nash, Lt. Amy

Cronin, Lt. Col. John L. Medeiros, Jr., Sgt. Daniel Healy, Marine

Keith Leitner, Sgt. Spencer Lopez, PFC Taryn Kemp,

Jeffrey Braunhausen, E7 Joseph Grimsey, LTC Brian Bosworth,

Bill Maloney, Greg Bloete, Gian Carlo Bruzzese, Spc.

Christopher Little, PFC Brittany Martindell, Capt. Adam T.

Lusardi, T4 Matthew Fitzgerald, SA Justin C. White, Matthew

& Daniel Rosica, Mark Leonard, Sr. Armn. Ashley Valetta,

Sgt. John Wisnofsky, Cpl. T.J. Finn, Sean Killeen 1st

Class Airman, Sgt. Kristopher Faber, Capt. Vincent Presto,

and Airman First Class William Kussler . We ask God the

Father of us all, through the intercession of St. Michael the

Archangel, to protect all the men and women in our Armed

Forces, to bless them in their efforts toward bringing peace and

justice to our world. May they be brought back safely to those

they love.

580-St. Cecilia

Page 3

January 6, 2013 The Epiphany of the Lord



The Rosary Society will have a

Pancake Breakfast

on Sunday, January 13, 2013

after the

8AM, 9:15AM and 10:45AM Masses.

St. Cecilia School Gertrude Hawk Candy Bar Sale

Please help Support St. Cecilia School, and purchase a

Chocolate bar for only 1.00 each!!!!!

All proceeds of the sale will benefit

St. Cecilia’s students.

January 5 4:30 Mass

January 6 9:15, 10:45, and 12:15 Masses

January 12 4:30 Mass

January 13 9:15, 10:45 and 12:15 Masses


Once again the members of St. Cecilia’s

Church have generously supported Birthright

during the Advent season. The coffers

have been empty but now they have been

replenished by your ongoing love. You are

in our prayers as we help God’s smallest

children. The Birthright Volunteers!

Our current volunteer is resigning after many years and we

are looking for her replacement for next December. If you can

be a new coordinator for this worthy work, please call the

parish office at 973-627-0313.


Father Zig has purchased the following

needed liturgical items for use in divine

worship: cope (white color), cope (red

color), chasable (purple color) and an

altar cloth. The price for the cope is $250,

the chasable is $200 and the altar cloth is

$250. Your donation in memory of a

loved one or as an expression of thanksgiving

to God for blessings received is

very much appreciated. Should you like

additional information please contact

Father Zig. May God bless you for the

generosity you show Christ’s Church

National Vocation Awareness Week

January 13-19, 2013. The planning kits are

available for download through a grant from the

Bishop Britt Vocation Fund and the USA Council

of Serra International.

The planning kit includes: liturgy planning

guide, music suggestions, homily guide, general

intercessions, prayer service, bulletin announcements,

etc. Kits are free (click here), but please

consider a donation to the Bishop Britt Vocation


Do you have gifts to purchase for


Including birthdays, anniversaries,

baby on the way, graduation, “thank you”…

Please consider purchasing gift cards (Scrips) from St. Cecilia

School. Local retailers sell gift cards to the school at a discount,

you purchase the card for face value and the school

keeps the difference as revenue. You earn money for our

school without spending a single additional penny. Many

popular retailers like Visa, American Express, Starbucks,

The Gap, Home Depot, Target, Walmart, Dunkin Donuts,

Toys R Us, Shell and Sunoco participate in the Scrip program

and offer the same gift certificates you would buy at the store.

For a list of gift cards please visit:


All orders are processed on Mondays at 10 am and will be

ready for pickup on Thursday.

If you have any questions regarding the Scrip program, please

do not hesitate to call Lisa Armonaitis 973-627-0313 X13 or email

at larmonaitis@mac.com.


January 15— Regular Meeting

11:00 am—Set Up

12:00 pm—Meeting Begins


January 8—Mt. Airy

Cost $20.00

Call Naomi 973-625-0819


Please help to support the many programs

of Catholic Charities by donating

clothing, shoes and household

items by placing them in the donation

box located in the Church parking

lot at St. Cecilia Church.

Thank you for your support.

580-St. Cecilia

Page 4

January 6, 2013 The Epiphany of the Lord


6 th a priest will be making “First Friday” visits to those who are

homebound. The visits will be made by a priest who will distribute

Holy Communion. He will also be available for the sacraments

of penance and anointing of the sick. Please call the

parish office at 973.627.0422 to register your name for this

monthly visit by a priest.


Special Event


Dr. Peter Kreeft: Apologetics and the New Evangelization

Dr. Kreeft will present on the necessity of apologetics as

the foundational tool for the New Evangelization. Catholic

apologetics presents a rational basis for the Catholic

faith and defends the faith against objections and misrepresentations.

$10.00 per person. Please go to the website

to purchase your tickets.

Madison, Friday, January 11, 2013 from 7:00-9:00 p.m.


St. Clare’s Hospital in Denville and Dover are in need of

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist. Applicants will need to

have completed a diocesan or parish level training program. Please

bring proof to authenticate this training, If you would like to serve

in this ministry, please call the

Spiritual Services Office.

Denville 973-625-6520

Dover: 973-989-3056


350 Bernardsville Road, Mendham, NJ 07945-2923


Spring 2013: January 7 – May 7

Theology and Philosophy Courses

Th 102 Sacred Scripture

Wednesdays 12:45 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Sister Theresa Kelly, FMA

Th 205 Mystery of God

Tuesdays 9:00 a.m. – 11:45 a.m.

Sister Theresa Kelly, FMA

Th 207 Mary and the Scriptures

Wednesdays 9:00 a.m. – 11:45 a.m.

Sister Theresa Kelly, FMA

Ph 203 Philosophy of the Human Person

Tuesdays & Fridays 1:00 a.m. – 2:15 p.m.

Sr. Gabrielle Nguyen, SCC

Assumption College for Sisters welcomes lay people to register

for theology and philosophy courses for credit or audit and

any other course for audit. For information about all courses

offered this semester contact Sister Gerardine.

$465/course for credit $235/course for audit

Registration and/or information contact

Sr. Gerardine Tantsits, SCC

973-543-6528, ext. 228 deanregistrar@acs350.org

Runners and Volunteers for National Pro-Life Relay

Runners, prospective runners and volunteers are invited to

join a team from St. Cecilia’s Parish, Rockaway exploring the

possibility of participating in New Jersey legs of the first relay

and fundraiser across the U.S. in support of the Pro-Life movement.

This is an historic and mammoth spiritual exercise. On

February 13, the relay will simultaneously start on the East and

West Coasts, from the Brooklyn Bridge and the Golden Gate

Bridge. After 40 Days and 1,103 legs of about 5K each, the relay

from both coasts is expected to conclude at the Sioux Falls (SD)

Cathedral on Palm Sunday, March 24. That’s a combined distance

of 4,089 miles.

The route will wind prayerfully past various abortion facilities.

Pro-life supporters from St. Cecilia’s are considering forming

a “chapter” of Life Runners that would pick up some of the

New Jersey legs. The St. Cecilia team will complete at least one

leg of the entire relay. The team will also look at completing the

initial leg from the Brooklyn Bridge. The only requirement is

your enthusiasm and support of the Pro-Life movement. A decision

on St. Cecilia’s participation will be made soon based on

interest, practical and other considerations.

To Consider Joining, Contact: St. Cecilia’s Life Runners

Phone: (973) 664-9460 E-Mail: stcecilianjlife@yahoo.com

March For Life—Knight of Columbus

The Rose Sale held on December 15 & 16 proceeds will be

going to sponsor the bus to Washington DC on Friday,

January 25th. The bus will leave from the Gardner Field

Park and Ride at 6AM and will return about 9PM. As in

previous years, there is no charge for the bus, however,

riders are requested to bring $6.20 for the DC Metro.

Seats are limited to first come, first served basis and may

be reserved by call Jim Rizos at 973-627-2596 or via email

at j.rizos@verizon.net.

This will mark the 40th anniversary of the passage of the

Roe vs. Wade Law which made abortion legal. Since 1973

there have been more than 50 million abortions performed

in the United States alone. This is a real war, a war on the

infant in the womb who cannot defend itself.

580-St. Cecilia

Page 5

January 6, 2013 The Epiphany of the Lord

Monday, January 7

4:30 pm CYO Basketball (Gym)

7:30 pm Bible Study (Parish Office)

7:00 pm Knight of Columbus Officers Meeting

(Parish Office)

Tuesday, January 8

9:30 am Bible Study (Halesy Hall)

4:30 pm CYO Basketball (Gym)

7:45 pm Charismatic Prayer Group )Hayes Hall)

Wednesday, January 9

4:30 pm CYO Basketball (Gym)

Thursday, January 10

9:30 am Mommy Bible Study (Parish Office)

4:30 pm CYO Basketball (Gym)

7:00 pm Year or Faith (Hayes Hall)

Friday, January 11

4:30 pm CYO Basketball (Gym)

Saturday January 12

8:00 am CYO Basketball (Gym)

9:00 am Men’s Society (Hayes Hall)

Sunday January 13

8:00 am Rosary Society Pancake Breakfast

(Hayes Hall)

9:15 am Children’s Liturgy of the Word

10:15 am Choir Practice

11:45 am RCIA

5:30 pm Family Rosary

(Suchon Hall-Sacred Heart)





Thank you to the parishioners and

school families who have been supportive

of our Gift Card sales..

If more people participate, I cannot even imagine how

much more we could help the School

without any added cost to the buyer.

Once you start using the cards, you will realize

the benefits too.

For your convenience, gift cards are sold

at the Parish Office and school offices during

normal working hours.

The following are available all of the time,

for immediate sales:






Help support Catholic Charities

in the Diocese of Paterson

We accept cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, boats, motorcycles,

ATVs, RVs, trailers and airplanes.

Funds from donated vehicles support Catholic Charities

Programs and Services serving those who are poor or in

need across Morris, Passaic and Sussex Counties

CALL: 855- 670- 4483 (give)

Or click on the car donation banner at


Ask Congress to Protect Your Tax Deduction for Charitable


The Catholic Bishops of New Jersey are asking parishioners

to help preserve Tax Deductions for Charitable Giving by

contacting their members of Congress. The tax deduction

for charitable contributions is important for our parishes,

Catholic Charities and all non-profit organizations.

For almost 100 years the federal income tax code has allowed

tax deductions for contributions to charities. This tax

policy has successfully encouraged charitable giving, especially

during times of economic recovery and when charitable

resources are under great stress.

Currently, Congress is considering proposals that would

eliminate, reduce or cap tax deductions for charitable donations.

Any negative action against tax deductions for charitable

giving would significantly hurt the ability of Catholic

Charities and other non-profit organizations to serve the

most vulnerable in our society.

To make it easy to contact members of Congress, the New

Jersey Catholic Conference has established an automated

alert system that is available at:


Please use the alert system on the Catholic Conference website

to ask your Congressional representatives to preserve

the IRS tax deduction for Charitable Giving. Also please

consider joining our Action E-list so that we can keep you

apprised of updates for this and other important issues.

580-St. Cecilia

Page 6 January 6, 2013 The Epiphany of the Lord

Dear Parishioners,

As we come to celebrate “the Lord’s Day” we commemorate the 12 th Day of Christmas and

the Feast of the Epiphany (Theophany). In the Western Church we focus upon the visit of the

Magi to the Christ Child as recorded in the Gospel of Matthew 2:1-12. We hear the words,

“They were overjoyed at seeing the star, and on entering the house they saw the child with Mary his mother.

They prostrated themselves and did him homage. Then they opened their treasures and offered him gifts of gold, frankincense

and myrrh.” The Magi worshipped the Lord and had given gifts to him. These gestures are liturgical and indications to us of the

worship due God who came to save us in Jesus His Only Begotten Son.

Worshipping God with our gifts and primarily with our lives is a perfect segway into next Sunday’s commemoration of

“National Vocations Awareness Week.” The Lord continues to call people into a life of selfless service within the Church.

Young men and women are called to serve as priests, religious sisters and brothers to assist the Lord in the holy work of up

building the Church. These chosen ones, like the Magi, are invited to give homage to God by offering the gift of themselves for

ministry. Recently Bishop Serratelli shared some statistics with the priests that indicated a majority of Catholic young people

have thought about a religious vocation but that no one ever asked them about it or encouraged them. The young people, said

Bishop, are positive regarding service as a cleric or religious. It seems that God is calling young people but we are not doing

enough to encourage them in answering the call. Next week’s commemoration is an important one and I hope to talk about it

more with you then!

This first Sunday in the new civil year 2013 is the start of a busy month and year ahead. One item that I hope to have definite

information on is the upcoming pilgrimage to Poland which Father Peter Glabik and I are cosponsoring. We hope to depart on

Sunday, September 29 th for a “YEAR OF FAITH PILGRIMAGE TO POLAND: Land of Our Lady and the Saints”. I hope to

announce in next Sunday’s bulletin a meeting date for all those interested in going with us to the places associated with Blessed

John Paul II, Saint Maximillian Kolbe, Saint Faustina and so much more. A fantastic pilgrimage is being planned with visits to

religious sites but also to the cultural and historical ones as well. This will be a YEAR OF FAITH trip which you will not want to


I received a call from the Director of Catholic Charities in the Diocese of Paterson thanking us for the generous response of our

parish to the Hurricane Sandy Collection which totaled $20,780. Yes, Saint Cecilia’s is a generous people! I want to also thank

you once again for supporting the recent Men’s Society fish & chip dinner. Your attendance at this fund raiser is a sign of appreciation

and affirmation for what the society does for our parish. Thank you!

Next Sunday is the Solemnity of the Baptism of Our Lord and a closure of the Christmas season. The crèche and

trees will be taken down during this week. However, the outdoor nativity will remain in place until the 40 th and

final day of the Christmas mystery, February 2 nd . On this day we celebrate the Feast of Our Lord’s Presentation

(Entrance) in the Temple. We are following a tradition still observed in Rome which was introduced by Blessed

John Paul II.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


January 5

JOHN NEUMANN was born in bohemia on March 20, 1811. since he had a great desire to dedicate himself fo

the American missions, he came to the United Statesas a cleric and was ordained in new York in 1836 by

Bishop Dubois.

In 1840, he entered the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (Redemptorists). He labored in Ohio, Pennsylvania

dna Maryland. In 1852, he was consecrated Bishop of Philadelphia. There he worked hard for the

establishment of Parish schools and for the erection of many parishes, especially national parishes for the numerous

immigrants. He was also the first Bishop of the United States to prescribe the Forty Hours of Devotion

in his diocese.

Bishop Neumann did on January 5, 1860, and can canonized on june 19, 1977, by Pope Paul VI.

PRAYER: God, Light and Shepard of souls, You established Blessed John as Bishop in Your church to feed Your flock by his word and form it

by his example. Help us through his intercession to keep the Faith he taught by his word and follow the way he showed by his example. Amen

Taken from, Lives of the Saints, Catholic Booking Publishing Company, 1999 New Jersey

580-St. Cecilia

Saint Cecilia Parish

Rev. Sigmund A Peplowski, Pastor

90 Church Street

Rockaway, New Jersey 07866

580-St. Cecilia

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